World Report, 2 June 2019

I wrote in the March News and Prophecy Blog that the Israeli elections were headed to a virtual tie and it was very unlikely that any party would be able to form a governing coalition.  This view has now been confirmed with a new election being called in Israel for 17 September 2019.   

This time around the situation is even more complex because Netanyahu has offended most of the moderates in Israel including those inside the Likud.  Much can happen during the next three months and it is possible that Likud could split with the moderates leaving to form a governing coalition with the Blue and White, leaving a rump Likud in the Extremist camp.

Likud is becoming more deeply divided

The expected scenario is that this time around Likud loses the election and Netanyahu falls, then Likud with new leadership joins a Blue and White government possibly splitting Likud moderates and hard liners.   

The Labor party is holding a leadership race in a month’s time and a new leader would place Labor in a position to unite with the Blue and White party [the present leader is not running for reelection].  Meretz could also join a Labor Blue and White joint list if it forms.

The peace oriented parties are moving towards unity in an effort to defeat Likud in the September elections and it is conceivable that if Likud does split the Likud moderates could join a Blue and White coalition to form a commanding majority in a new government.

Ultimately we know that a peace making government will be formed and a peace deal will be agreed only to suddenly collapse (1 Thess 5:3).

This September’s elections could well open the way for the Western Establishment Peace Initiative to be presented by President Trump, bringing a peace deal as soon as late 2020, with the Hour of Trial to begin very quickly thereafter.  See the “Coming World Events” category for detailed articles.   

A Middle East Peace donors conference has been called for June 25-28 to put together the financing for the US Peace Initiative, meanwhile Israel is standing by to attack Gaza to destroy the militias there, and that conflict is expected to spread to include Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

War clouds are darkening the Middle East as the Syrian army advances against the Idlib terrorists.  The offensive which began in May is focusing on demolishing the extremists defensive line, and will soon be in a position to flood into the Al Qaeda heartland. 

Already rumors of chemical attacks have begun and in future a chemical attack by the terrorists which the US could blame on Syria and use as a reason for a powerful strike on Syria could be coming. 

Watch for:

  • An Israeli take out of the armed Gaza militias,
  • Leadership changes in the Palestinian Authority,
  • The unambiguous defeat of the Hamas Military Wing, other  Gaza militias, Hezbollah and regime change in Syria and Iran, as well as,
  • The formation of a new government in Israel no longer held hostage by the Israeli Extreme Right. 

This conflict is essential to reset regional realities to enable a Middle East Peace agreement.

Last  month’s EU elections resulted in losses for the main parties and a fragmentation of the EU political bodies, which reduces the possibility of any further EU political integration.  At the same time new elections have been called for Austria and there is potential for new elections in Italy, Germany and France. 

There is a definite possibility of changes in Europe which will bring forth a plan for a European federal political union outside of the EU trading block in the very near future. 

Please visit the Daily News blogs for regular updates, also visit the Coming World Events articles for an overview of prophetic events in our time.


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