World Report 1 Jun 2020

05:00: The Justice Department has put the brakes on president Trump’s hopes of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization [it is really an unorganized movement] as a precedent, by announcing that they will investigate to see if any organization is involved in the violence.

World Report 1 Jun 2020

American president Donald Trump has managed to offend the entire world with his irrational economic and trade policies, his lack of cooperation on the Covid epidemic and his aggressive confrontational attitude. 

Now after conning many with his “America First” slogan the epidemic is being used to strip away all legal rights from the British and American people under the banner of the greater good of the nation.  Certainly Donald Trump has dictatorial ambitions and although these things are very scary they are only a small fore-taste of the vastly more terrible things looming in the immediate future. Indeed the present combination of disease, shortages, economic distress, an outbreak of violence, the stripping away of all citizen legal rights and the seizure of power is a graphic warning, a very mild foretaste of what is coming during the great tribulation. 

Trump is using the Hegelian Dialectic technique to generate a crisis and manipulate the people into demanding and accepting his proposed solution, however in this case Almighty God is about to withdraw his blessings and protection and allow the nation to fall into a much deeper collapse than even Trump and his backers ever envisioned.

There is some method in the madness as the Trump administration uses the crisis to strip citizens of all legal rights and usurp the power to declare anyone they do not agree with; a terrorist entity and suppress them.

Floyd’s killer Chauvin is well known for far right racist brutality and has killed multiple times before while in uniform however the post demonstration riots appear to be driven by armed white vigilantes coming in from outside various communities.  This is the same method that foreign intelligence agencies used to ignite the insurgency in Syria; sending in teams to attack both sides of a peaceful demonstration.

In this case the administration is using the violence to blame Antifa and illegally designate the anti white supremacist group Antifa as a terrorist organization [US law does not allow the government to designate domestic groups as terrorists].  One wonders why Trump is blaming this anti extremist umbrella organization when the only ones with an interest in this kind of violence are the far right fascist types which support Trump.

These riots have all the earmarks of the 1933 Reichstag fire to justify Trump’s seizure of authority to declare any individual or organization that he wants as terrorist and subject to repression by his administration without legal recourse.

Also at this time Donald is falling in the polls and Biden and the Democrats have a good chance of winning in NovemberRemember that regardless of the November outcome, presidents do not take office until January.

The possibility of losing means that Trump must act to fulfill his agenda as quickly as possible.  

The Israeli far right folks see the same possibility for a Trump loss and are working to take advantage of what they see as the present but quite possibly fading opportunity, to advance annexation plans, beginning on July first or as soon as possible after that. 

The Palestinians and Gazans also see the passing of Trump as ending the threat of annexation and are moving to demonstrate in mass and to use every means possible to forestall Israeli annexation plans. 

Very obviously the Palestinians and their backers in Gaza, Syria and Iran are on a collision course with Israel which appears to be coming to a head this summer.  

The government has warned the IDF to prepare for an outbreak of violence and a large call up of reservists is expected before the annexation process begins.  Demonstrations are planned to begin on June 6 the anniversary of the Six Day War, however Covid might cause delays.

Depending on the length of time needed for this looming war and the achievement of a peace agreement, the tribulation could very likely begin as soon as late this year as indicated by at least three major prophecies, if not this year then next year.

Once the Time of Jacob’s Trouble does begin, during the 42 month great tribulation these same early warning events of disease, shortages, economic distress, loss of citizens legal rights, violence and the seizing of dictatorial power; will take place with exponentially increased severity.  In addition the immediate future will bring shortages and extreme hunger and complete collapse of the heath care system and economy, accompanied by natural disasters like major earthquakes; so that as many as 200,000,000 Americans will die.

The key signs that the great tribulation is at hand are:

  1. A resetting of Middle East realities and a genuine Middle East peace agreement (1 Thess 5:3)
  2. A miracle worker being set up in the Vatican,whether the present man is empowered or is replaced by a new person remains to be seen
  3. At this same tine God will withdraw his blessings and protection from the Judaeo Anglo Saxon peoples
  4. This impressive new Roman Pontiff will immediately endorse a New Federal Europe
  5. The appearance of God’s two prophets
  6. The final warning to today’s Spiritual Ekklesia after which 
  7. A small number will believe the warnings and obey God
  8. While this Roman Pontiff visits the Middle East and during that trip visits the Tempe Mount 
  9. Then certain Jewish Settler extremists will sabotage the peace agreement
  10. Triggering a massive Palestinian uprising and an invasion from the surrounding nations (except Egypt)
  11. Resulting in a terrible bloodbath which will bring intervention from the New Federal Europe to occupy Jerusalem and the Jewish State in the name of stopping the terrible bloodletting

From the point that violence initially breaks out, terrible calamities will befall the Judaeo Anglo Saxon peoples for 42 months until Messiah the Christ comes.  

Earthquakes will continue to increase with the potential for short lulls presaging much larger events in the coming tribulation.


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