Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning

Why America is withdrawing from Syria

In coordination with the American Five Point Plan presented by Bolton in Turkey, the Kurds have submitted a proposal to Moscow and Syria, that would allow the Syrian government to restore its overall sovereignty over the vast area of Syria taken over by the Kurds. In return, the Kurds want the Syrian government to grant them a degree of autonomy, allowing them to continue their experiment in self-governance.   

Turkish President Erdogan is planning to visit Moscow on January 23 to discuss the deal for a 20 mile wide buffer between Turkey and the Kurds with Russian President Putin.  

After final agreement by Turkey, Russia and Syria with the Kurds on the pullout of Kurdish militias from a border buffer zone in exchange for Kurdish autonomy, US ground troops will pull out of Syria.

The deal has been agreed in principle as a way to solve the problems of the Kurds with Turkey and Syria and the details of just who will be part of the international peacekeeping force are under negotiation.

It is essential to withdraw the bulk of US forces from Syria to reinforce the three main US bases in Western Iraq: Tallil Air Base at Nasiriyah in the south, Ayn al-Assad in Anbar and K1 near Kirkuk, because Iranian backed Shia militia are waiting to attack the US Iraqi bases once open war erupts in the region.

Update March 8:  The US pull back from Syria has been delayed; to compensate the US has airlifted reinforcements from America and Europe to build up a large force in Iraq.

The largest of the Iranian controlled Shia militia is the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi under the command of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi of Iranian descent. The PMU is a highly-trained, well-armed force of 150,000 men battle hardened against the Islamic State, which militia is three times the size of the national Iraqi army.

The large Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) aka the Hashd Al-Sha’abi militia is standing by to attack the American bases in Iraq once open hostilities begin.    


Syria has no choice except to mount an offensive to eradicate the terrorist jihadists in Idlib province since most of them are from central Asia.  Russia cannot afford to let them escape to create havoc in Chechnya and central Asia.

At this point all sides are jockeying for position ahead of an inevitable Middle East war.  During the week ending on Jan 18, the jihadist-led Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an alliance led by Syria’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate took administrative control of Idlib province from the Turkish backed militias, as well as adjacent chunks of the Aleppo and Hama provinces.  The moves to secure defensible boundaries come ahead of the planned Syrian Russian operation to eradicate these terrorists.

Upon arriving in Tel Aviv recently, John Bolton immediately issued a surprise warning against a Syrian chemical attack during the looming Idlib offensive.

Since last August TheshiningLight has been reporting on preparations for a false flag chemical attack by rebels, to be blamed on Syria during the coming battle. The attack may be blamed on Syria and used as a casus belli for an American attack to destroy Syrian air defenses ahead of an Israel operation against Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Gaza and the subsequent fall of the Assad regime to Turkish backed militias.

Tass reported:  On Oct 17, 2018 that “20 containers with 10 liters of chlorine each” from the northwestern Syrian city of Maarrat al-Nu’man, situated about 30 kilometers south of Idlib, were unloaded in the settlements of Kafr Nabl and al-Hawash, and are set to stage provocative acts.

According to the Russian spokesman  Konashenkov “local residents reported to the Russian Reconciliation Center that a group of White Helmets searched for residents who would like to take part in staged video footage in exchange for food,” .

“Just yesterday [Oct 26, 2018], residents of Aleppo province received information about the training for the next such action by militants. To carry it out, members of the White Helmets organization with professional video equipment arrived in the Azaz, Marea and al-Rai settlements; containers with toxic substances were also delivered, presumably it was chlorine,” the Russian spokesman went on to say.

“Russian military experts are closely monitoring the situation. Six special radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles have been deployed to Russian posts in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarized zone in Idlib province. The combat units of these machines will regularly assess the radiation, chemical and biological situation.”

His comments came a couple of days after Lt. General Vladimir Savchenko, the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, said Western-backed White Helmets have already started the filming process for staging a false flag chemical attack in Aleppo in northwestern Syria.

If a chemical attack happens, just ask: Why would Syria, on the very brink of complete victory, do such a thing and invite her own destruction? The White Helmets are a British intelligence asset working under the cover of a compassionate organization. 

In the aftermath of a heavy US Coalition strike on Syria, Israel is intent on crushing Hezbollah and the Iranian backed militias in Syria which would bring a response against both Israel and the United States bases in the region, leading to a probable US Coalition bombardment of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

With the destruction of these Iranian backed forces, the Turkish backed militias will be in a position to invade the Assad power base of Latakia province from the north and overthrow the regime.  



The US is moving its forces in Afghanistan to protect bases close to Iran so as to be at the ready to bomb northern Iran.  For this reason the pull out of US forces from Afghanistan is on hold until after the coming collision with Iran. 

Former Afghan prime minister, warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar on Saturday announced that he will join in the run in the country’s presidential elections which were scheduled for April 20 and have been pushed back to July 20. 

Hekmatyar served as prime minister in the mujahideen government which took over after defeating the Russians with US backing, later he defected to help the Taliban take over the country.

In September 2016, the new US backed Afghan government signed a peace agreement with Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e Islam faction.  Hekmatyar’s  platform is to make peace with the Taliban so the US can go home.

After the elections and Iran war, peace talks with the Taliban are expected to result in an American pull out from Afghanistan. 


The Pompeo Mideast tour “is laying the groundwork for a Middle East Strategic Alliance.”  Pompeo is visiting all six Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait) as well as Egypt and Jordan.

The US is seeking to group these same countries (GCC+2) under an umbrella organisation dubbed “The Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)”.  The details have already been worked out in talks through most of 2018. 

The new alliance is against Iran first, and is also intended to supply peacekeepers for a buffer zone to separate Turkey and the Kurd’s, and to provide peacekeepers to guarantee the Mideast Trump peace initiative.

The End Game 

The purpose of these moves and the looming Middle East war is to reset regional realities, the capstone of which will be an agreement on a Middle East peace deal.  The ultimate goal is for a new Middle East which can be controlled by the United States through American economic control allowing the removal of expensive US military forces.

A New Federal Europe

In parallel with Middle East events there is a plan to remove the US and Britain from European entanglement to create an Anglo Saxon military economic alliance, and a separate New Federal Europe as a counterbalance between East and West. 


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