Walter Veith on Bible Translations

Walter Veith is an Adventist lecturer and while I do not agree with much Adventist teaching this is a good series on the History of Bible Translations. 

In the second lecture he presents some of the major differences between the Textus Recptus and today’s modern mistranslations, of which the NKJV is by far the worst; yet he also makes some mistakes in his explanations do to his SDA perspective.

For example his take on Isaiah 7, which I have explained here.  He also completely misunderstands 1 John 5:7 pushing the false doctrine of the Trinity.  See my explanation of 1 John 5:7 here

Longtime readers at this site have been grounded on the foundation of the Word of God, therefore listen very carefully and learn about the gross errors of the modern mistranslations of the Bible, and also practice discerning between his assumptions and the truth.

I use the KJV because the NKJV has over one thousand deliberate errors, which have the overall effect of deceiving people into an ecumenical Evangelical / Catholic perspective.  The NKJV is NOT the Word of God; it is a perversion of the Word of God.

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