Hi everyone I just want to remind you all that our body’s are the temple of God, These new vaccines alter your rdna and I think are an abomination and illegal human experimentation. keep yourself pure just say no to becoming a guinea pig GMO human because God will provide a way for us so stand strong.


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  1. Right David! For what it is worth my exact thought.

  2. I need to know about this site, what’s about the truth and the job ahead.
    Somebody with the same knowledge, humility and zeal can continue the work.

  3. It was intended that this work was to help gods 2 prophets. Continue the work? do you mean warning the cog that they are lukewarm for the sabbath allowing members to eat out and exchange money during it and then condemning anyone whom points it out? unfortunately there will only be so many warnings and I know of no-one saying these things James has been saying for over 10y.

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