Why Gods people refuse the vaccine

Are vaccines full of nano razorblades? and do you trust a system that wont allow you to even talk about it without getting attacked banned or canceled? [Note I did not make this video]

Hi everyone I just want to remind you all that our body’s are the temple of God, These new vaccines alter your mrna  and I think that’s an abomination and illegal human experimentation. keep yourself pure just say no to becoming a guinea pig GMO human because God will provide a way for his people [Rev 12:14] so stand strong.

You have read your bible? let not cattle of diverse kind gather, let not woolen and linen mingled garments apon you, do not sow fields of mingled seed so how is your mrna of so little conscience? these  commandments are still in effect and not some situational abnormality these are the basics of gods coming kingdom.

Some are saying it wont change your dna this is just word games propaganda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messenger_RNA   and there is still the consideration of potentially damaging your dna, You can read about all the horrible diseases associated with that. I’m sure there is an army of people who are gonna say that wont happen and also that they don’t know what will happen in a year or two and that you should believe both their statements without question or your a nut.

over 1 billion people have been vaccinated I wish no ill but what will happen to the health of these people after taking this poison in the long term? What happens when a real pandemic comes that’s not just like a bad flu season with vaccinated people having potentially compromised immune systems?

I have heard that the insurance companies wont insure them and that doctors wont treat people with vaccine side effects for fear of losing their jobs.

So long as you can say no or resist you have a choice

Big pharma will just change its name and stay in business without consequences like it has always done and you will pay the price so don’t trust them.




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  1. Right David! For what it is worth my exact thought.

  2. I need to know about this site, what’s about the truth and the job ahead.
    Somebody with the same knowledge, humility and zeal can continue the work.

  3. It was intended that this work was to help gods 2 prophets. Continue the work? do you mean warning the cog that they are lukewarm for the sabbath allowing members to eat out and exchange money during it and then condemning anyone whom points it out? unfortunately there will only be so many warnings and I know of no-one saying these things James has been saying for over 10y.

  4. I have looked,over the years to see if there was anyone teaching the truth and found nothing. James was the only one that was teaching the things God was showing me. The ones that read from James’s work knows he was the Watchmen of this day.My wife and I do miss him! David I pray you had a wonderful Sabbath.We did and pray all did.

  5. Hi David,
    All the holy days are set until 2024 and some of those days aren’t clear as to what day the new moon is observed. Do u have anyway of following that like your dad did? Apparently he knew someone somewhere that gave him that information. I know the other cog groups out there don’t keep the same days as your dad did. Any information would be great if possible.

  6. I look online for information sites like http://www.renewedmoon.com will give you a good idea of when it should be visible in Israel, As for reliable reports Im still looking for more sources.

  7. Good to know you are on this site, I say THE SHINING LIGHT, someone faithfully has to go on in this work.

  8. hi David, hope you doing ok. I miss your dad’s post. You know Biden is trying to force us into taking covid shot on my job or be terminated. I need my job more than ever because my husband passed away and now I’m own my own. It’s very scary what our government is doing to us all. Please pray that God will give me the strength in these difficult times to go on and make the right choice concerning my job. I truly am terrified to take the covid shot but I need my job, what do I do? I may not have a choice.

  9. Is your job worth your health? I think there’s a reason this is being pushed on the people so hard Gods word says 1/3 will die from disease in the tribulation the USA has around 400 mil and it may be that this vaccine will play a part in it and its just not worth becoming a lab rat mutant for big pharma for fear of a 0.1% chance of death.
    You do have a choice just say no, I pray God will protect his people until its time to go.

  10. Janice,I do understand you are worried. So is the most of the country, but if you are doing God’s will for his people he will not forsake you. My Wife and I are 68 years old we will not get the vix . We choose to put our fate in the one that made us. May the God of our Lord stand with you and us all in this time of trouble.

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