US – Turkey – Russia Strike Deal to Demolish Islamic State

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Today the US Vice president Biden announced a deal with Turkey to demolish the Islamic state. The sides reached the deal after extensive Turkish Russian talks and US Russian talks and was finally announced by Biden and Erdogan after US Turkish talks based on the  results from the other negotiations. 

Biden came out naming both the Islamic State and the Kurdish PKK as the mutual enemies of the US and Turkey, and Turkish participation in the offensive against the Islamic State will earn them a free hand to also destroy the PKK.  

The deal includes a Kurdish withdrawal to the east of the Euphrates and a disentanglement of the US backed Kurdish forces from the PKK, in exchange for Turkey’s active participation in a US Russia offensive against the Islamic State. 

In return the US backed Kurds will get Russian and Turkish support for an autonomous region east of the Euphrates in Syria. 

Today US Vice President Joe Biden said during a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara that Syrian Kurdish forces will lose US support if they don’t withdraw to the east bank of the Euphrates and disentangle from the PKK. “We have made it absolutely clear…that they must go back across the river. They cannot, will not and under no circumstances get American support if they do not keep that commitment. Period,” he said. 

Just before US VP Joe Biden landed in  Ankara this morning a broad US Coalition and Turkish operation against the Islamic State in the western Syria Turkey border region began.  

The Turkish air force and artillery began pounding ISIS strongholds in the northern Syrian town of Jarablus just across the Syrian border to clear the way for a ground forces incursion. Tuesday night, Ankara announced the mission to “completely cleanse Islamic State terrorists from its border region with Syria,” preceding the operation by evacuating the Turkish town of Karkamis opposite Jarablus.

At 11:00 local time this morning, columns of Turkish armor including tanks, armored personnel carriers, mobile artillery vehicles and troops started crossing the Syrian border near the city of Jarablus. The offensive began “Operation Euphrates Shield” aimed at liberating the city from ISIS.  

The broad deal between Russia, Turkey and the US Coalition spells the destruction of the Islamic State and an autonomous Kurdish homeland in eastern Syria. 

It is important to note that Syria was not involved in the negotiations and did not agree to the deal which is beimg forced on them. 

Once the ISIL is destroyed the issue of Syria will take center stage and Russia may decide to back Assad against the US backed insurgents seeing that they have already taken away a large part of Syria.


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