So after some thought I decided I will be going to white rock to put dads ashes in the ocean, We talked about a day trip there for years and never went.

My plans are to study this work and take things one day at a time, James wrote for hours everyday and I was mistaken when I said there were many more posts Im new to using this blog.

James would tell me how he wanted his sites up during the tribulation to help people.

Im not gonna lie I could really use some help if you would like to help with the funeral cost or send support I bank at rbc under spookyfox33@hotmail.com also is my paypal [auto deposit is set up now]

Please send something to our post office box at

David Malm Po box 967 London Station B PO London ON N6A 5K1                          Thanks everyone


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  1. Does anyone know of a site like this one??

  2. Hi Shane! Abib of God. This is the website the brethren are looking for. Go there and find YOUR lamp. Abib of God will teach YOU how to fill your lamp with oil. It will teach YOU how to follow the Lamb where ever He goes.
    Peace be with you

  3. I have never really commented here, but I’ve been following James’ work since he had the old site. I am very sorry for your loss and I will pray for your family. God bless.

  4. Does anyone know what has happened to David.

  5. I’ve moved to Ontario new po box on the donate page

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