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  1. Hey James,
    your time line doesn’t add up, you state ( Timeline

    In his seventh year king Ahaseurus, disposed to hold the Jews in favor due to the influence of Queen Esther and Mordecai sent Ezra to rebuild the city Jerusalem and restore true religion in 457 B.C.) than you state ( Then in the 12th year of King Ahasurus 452 B.C. Haman incensed by the favours granted to the Jews and angry that Mordecai refused to bow to him sought to destroy all the Jews and the Jews were saved by King Ahaseurus through the intervention of Mordecai and Esther.)
    How could Esther have had influence on the king in 457 B.C. when she hasn’t been made a queen until 452 B.C.?

    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this.

    Esther married the king in 460 B.C. this was covered in “The Marriage of Esther” talk. Then in his seventh year 457 He sent Ezra and in his twelfth year, Esther already the kings wife interceded against the prime minister Haman. This talk was about Ezra not specifically about Esther or Purim so I did not include the marriage date of Esther and that probably threw you. I have added the marriage date to the transcript in brackets.

    It is a common mistake to put the clash with Haman too close to the marriage date and that has prevented people from understanding the Esther connection to the decrees to send Ezra and later Nehemiah to Jerusalem. This has led to great confusion about the history of the period and I can tell you that it took months of hard work and research to finally understand all of this material which has never been correctly explained before.

    Id you saw today’s post and are working back, it would be better to start with the first article and work forward since each transcription provides information which is important to the following articles, like starting with a foundation and building more and more. James

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