TheShiningLight Programs

Welcome to the TheShiningLight program!

These talks will be about twenty minutes and are being recorded for radio.  For now they are being posted with a cover picture at YouTube and embedded here. This is my first effort [Jan 13, 2020] and may lack polish but that will come with practice.  Click “Watch” beside the titles to access a program.  

Even though you may access the talks at this site you can help with our rankings by clicking the Bible icon at the top of the video and then clicking Follow. Also click Like at YouTube and Face Book.

This page will feature the most recent chats. All archived programs will be available by clicking the Series links above the list of recent programs.   

Click “Watch” to access a program and click Download Audio if you want to download it into your computer.  

Within a few days transcripts will be posted as articles at the site, in the new Transcript category. The transcripts for each series will be compiled and made available for free download when each series is completed.

The plan is to post programs each Friday, Pacific Time North America so that folks in the Asia Pacific region and around the world can listen on the Sabbath day, in most cases transcripts will be added on Sunday. 


TheShiningLight Copyright Notice: All written and audio material provided for download may be freely shared with others, played before audiences or posted on websites; as long as there are no changes in content and credit and a link to TheShiningLight site is provided. 

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