The Imminent War, Mideast Peace and Great Tribulation

The latest polls indicate that the March 2 election will be a repeat of the previous two polls.  The most likely outcome is a slight Blue and White advantage of a seat or two with the Likud having an advantage in forming a coalition.

Although there are many possible scenarios including an outbreak of war with Gaza postponing the election, it is also possible that the elections will take place on schedule, which could make the period of coalition building critical.

Netanyahu has now promised to annex all settlements after he forms a government.  If he is given a mandate to try forming a government it means that Hamas could well take steps to resist. 

The joint US Israeli air defense exercise Juniper Cobra will have all available missile defenses in place in the coming days and in addition large numbers of American troops are in route to Europe and the Middle East for “exercises.” Even with the defense system deployed, thousands of missiles inflicting heavy damage and potentially thousands of Israeli casualties are expected. Recently 64 US servicemen were diagnosed with concussions caused by only  a handful of Iranian missile explosions. 

A major regional Mideast war is expected to break out this spring.  This war will be very costly and bloody and it will reset the public mood in the region towards peace as well as reset the regional realities towards a genuine dialogue for peace.

The peace will collapse almost as soon as it is agreed [1 Thess 5:3), and the tribulation will begin at Jerusalem when a miracle working leader from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount (Mat 24:15).

The 42 month of tribulation could very easily begin in the winter of 2020-2021 or soon thereafter.   

Francis could be empowered to do miracles or it could be some new person but whoever he will be,  when you see a man in the Vatican empowered to do miracles, endorse a New Federal Europe and schedule a trip to Israel while a peace is being achieved, you will know that the tribulation will begin when he goes to the Temple Mount.

See the articles in our Coming Soon category, especially the oldest article on the Immediate Future.

Be prepared by turning to live by every Word of God with a whole heart. 

I am currently in the midst of a series of recorded weekly programs on the history of Israel “From Sinai to Jesus.” A new program “From Hezekiah to Babylon” is scheduled for publication Thursday morning.

This series goes quickly through that history and explains at least 12 prophecies which have already been fulfilled.  I have never seen any COG elder or group go through this history and explain these already fulfilled prophecies.  This list of fulfilled prophecies is meant to encourage the brethren that God is indeed in control and that everything will work out according to God’s will. See the transcripts here.  

Around thirteen programs are planned in this series.

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