The future of the shinginglight

Hey everyone this has been a trying time for us all. webhosting expires in 2022 and I’m just surviving so please dl what is of value off this website as I cannot afford to renew. My dad worked so hard for years and taught me so much  bless all those who seek the truth I hope to see you in the place of safety my friends.


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  1. David, How much would it cost for a year to pay for the Shining Light to stay on if you would not mind saying.

  2. We wanted his sites up during the tribulation so we use an overseas server
    Recurring Amount
    €10223.62 EUR
    Billing Cycle
    Next Due Date
    7th May 2022

  3. how much in dollar

  4. About 12000 us that’s for 3 years

  5. Yes Davic I seen that.That is way more than our small group can handle. We sure hate to see the Shining Light go away but that could be a blessing. It might be GOD’S WAY of showing his people how to survive and grow on ourselves. Thank you David. We love you and James. We will hopefully will see you in the Place of safety. May God be with us all.

  6. I don’t think its a blessing, We wanted the site up for the tribulation for those who stay behind to read and reflect.
    There is a lot James wrote and I think it has a lot of value but I can only do so much and rely Gods will being done.
    I’m not gonna ask anyone to give outside their means.
    Thank you those that have helped this work.

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