The Coming US / Russia Confrontation and Rise of the New Europe

A deal for joint action by the US Coalition, Turkey, Russia and Iran against the Islamic State is in the works. 

Russian heavy Tupolev 22M3 bombers,  Sukhoi-34 tactical bombers and escort fighters  have now begun attacking the Islamic State across Syria from the new Russian airbase at Naji Iran in  what the Russian Defense Ministry calls “concentrated airstrikes” in preparation for the complete destruction of organized Islamic Extremism.

 S-400 and S-300 air defense missiles have been deployed at the new Russian air base just completed at Noji, 50 km from the western Iranian town of Hamedan (Biblical Shushan). 

Construction work on the Noji air base began in the second week of July. Joint Russian-Iranian engineering teams extended the existing landing strips to accommodate the heavy Tupolev 22M3 bombers and Sukhoi-34 escort fighters and built maintenance workshops and living quarters for the Russian air and ground crews. 

Iraq and the US Coalition are ramping up their anti ISIL activities in a drive to liberate Mosul and extirpate the ISIL from Iraq by the end of the year.  While precise timetables depend on the amount of force applied and the resilience of the enemy, organized Islamic extremism should be demolished by early next year.  Then the really serious crisis will come as the new US president and Russia try to deal with the Syria situation. 

In the US the Neocons are pushing hard for a confrontation with Russia to bring in their long planned New World Order. 

The plan is to create a major nuclear confrontation with Russia, panicking the world and particularly Europeans into accepting a New World Order involving a three part balance of powers, with a New Europe rising up as a counterbalance between East and West to maintain world peace; the planned NWO would also include a new International Monetary System. 

This plan is nothing new except that now, instead of a “balance of powers” INSIDE Europe, Europe itself is to be united to be part of a worldwide balance of powers. 

Of course the plan is for the Anglo Judeo American  Establishment to control the New Europe and the West as well, giving them control of the “balance”. 

After the Islamic State is eradicated in the coming months, the focus will return Syria and Israel is expected to go to war with Gaza and Hezbollah as an American proxy to bring down the Assad regime for the US backed rebels.  Meanwhile if necessary the US Coalition will protect Israel by demolishing the Revolutionary Guard in Iran bringing regime change to Iran as well. 

The American move into Ukraine on the Russian border and then America seizing control of the Middle East would put Russia’s back to the wall.  

If the situation were reversed it would amount to Russia taking over Mexico and Canada. 

The United States has begun transferring  some 50 to 70 B61 tactical gravity nuclear bombs stored in underground bunkers at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and transporting them to US bases in Romania.  

That will put the weapons within a few minutes flying time from Crimea right on the Ukraine border and is clearly a major provocation against Russia.   Meanwhile Ukraine’s president is already threatening military mobilization and martial law as the buildup to confrontation marches on.  

This has explosive implications for Russia since it will not only directly threaten Russia with an unstoppable nuclear strike, it will also embolden Ukraine in its attacks on Crimea and its own Russian speaking population. 

It is planned that an impressive pope will appear on the scene with the “balance of powers” plan for world peace and will call for a New Europe.  This plan is going to succeed, however the Judeo Anglo American Establishment will not be able to control the New Europe, which will replace the Judeo Anglo American Establishment and we shall fall into great tribulation. 

Efforts are well advanced in  religious circles for the advent of the super-pope who will be accepted as the ultimate moral authority [regardless of organization] by most of mankind.

An Interfaith gathering is to be held in Jerusalem Sep 4 – 11.  The Prayer Service is designed to focus on world peace by adherents of the Monotheistic Religions so that a “Spiritual Synergy” can be created in world religions to accept the soon coming miracle working pope as a great peacemaker and the world’s ultimate moral authority. This man will appear on the scene as a great peacemaker with his plans to resolve the threat to human existence by proposing a New Europe as a counterbalance between East and West.   That presupposes that we are on the brink of a major confrontation between East and West which will make the nations amenable to such a plan..

The last US president who provoked Russia was John Kennedy when he put nuclear weapons into Turkey and Russia responded by putting such weapons in Cuba.  The coming crisis will dwarf that one, involving the whole Middle East and Europe, and by closing key shipping lanes like the Persian Gulf will affect the whole world.    

With Russian bases in both Syria and Iran and the recent US backed coup in Ukraine, everything is being set up for a well planned confrontation between the US / NATO and Russia to panic Europeans into accepting a papal peace plan setting up a New Europe as a peace keeping counterbalance between East and West.

A carefully planned crisis will bring a New European superpower into almost instant existence between East and West, which will become a military superpower by taking over NATO and the vast quantity of American weapons [including nuclear weapons] stored in Europe. 

The removal of up to 70 additional nuclear weapons from Turkey and adding them to Europe further enhances the potential power of the now quickly rising prophesied end time New Europe called Babylon the Great.  

Brethren, for over nine years I have been ridiculed by COG people for warning of the coming regional Mideast war and world crisis which will give rise to Babylon the Great.  Now the fulfillment is rapidly arriving.


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