Stand up and be counted

I have been hearing some rather disturbing teachings from the COG.

Remember that God does not want us to sear our conscience if you don’t think the vaccine is ethical then its wrong to take it regardless of what’s in it so don’t give in to situational ethics.

We may lose our jobs freedoms ect but the 1 thing they can’t take from you is a clear conscience by staying true to your beliefs.

Its better to keep the feast alone than to keep it with people who tell you differently then this.


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  1. Afternoon David
    Hope you doing well. The COG groups give their congregation a personal choice as to take it or not. I can’t even get a religious exemption because it’s a personal choice. It shouldn’t be a personal choice in my opinion but to each it’s own. I’m probably gonna lose my job because I don’t trust government nor vaccines and if I do take the poison it would be only to keep my job as to I’m the soul provider in my household. I know God will provide but I have nowhere to go if I get throwed out. We are living in scary times and only gonna get worse.

  2. I’m at the point that there’s just no way I am gonna let these jerks win no way, not even if they could convince me its not an abomination that plays around with things that these people don’t have the wisdom to mess with.
    Mark my words you will never please these vaccine pushers they only want total control and dominance over your life and will not stop their campaign of fear till they achieve total control.

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