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Pre Trib Events Quickly Taking Shape June 13, 2017

The Islamic State is now staggering on its last legs and Israel has begun doing everything they can to provoke war with Gaza .  See News Blog June 2017 for more.    The Israeli provocation of Gaza is growing in direct relation to the progress in finalizing the Trump Peace Initiative and progress against the Islamic State.  

The Israeli Labor Party is holding its leadership convention on July fourth and President Trump is to hold a news conference on the Islamic State in two weeks.  Meanwhile the Trump Peace Initiative is expected soon.  This comes as the Islamic State may not last much longer in Iraq / Syria.  

As the Trump Middle East peace initiative progresses towards its final form, the Netanyahu far right extremist government coalition is in jeopardy as well.  

These threads which I have been writing about in detail for nine years are now beginning to occur, and it is entirely conceivable that the abomination will be set up in the Vatican and the tribulation will begin as soon as late 2018, or a year or two thereafter.

  1. The present Israeli far right extremist government must be changed by a coalition reshuffle or an election,
  2. The end of the Islamic State,  
  3. The Initiative to begin a genuine dialogue for peace, 
  4. A long planned war on Gaza escalating to include the destruction of Hezbollah and regime change in Iran,
  5. Events are building in Europe 

If the extremists in the coalition will not back the Peace Initiative, Netanyahu will likely call an election to try for a stronger mandate and delay any peace talks.  At the same time he plans to invade Gaza to present himself as Mr. Security and if he looses he will have defeated the Gaza militias before he must leave office.  He like Mrs. May in Britain may not get what he wants from an election and a peace making government may be chosen by the electorate.  

If an election is called instead of a coalition reshuffle, the election must come within four months by law.  A genuine dialogue for peace and a peace agreement is coming coming soon.  After which the great tribulation will immediately begin with the occupation of Jerusalem.  See the Tribulation category for more.

In Europe

In France the new president Macron has won overwhelming parliamentary support and is in a big hurry to push forward his vision of a central Franco German core around which other European countries who desire unity in a Federal Europe can  coalesce.  

The September 24 German elections will be very important in the progress of creating a New Europe.


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  1. James, Thank God, things are really happening and unlike the previous times we can see clearer and understand better. Thank you for allowing God to use you as an instrument to further His purpose. Studying God’s word has never been interesting as now with much emphasis on (Matthew 4 : 4) “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God “. We should try and remind ourselves every morning of this scripture for the start of the day, know God’s word and obey, fellow Christians. Wishing you speedy healing James.

  2. Nadie ha explicado mejor que usted esta secuencia profetica Sr David James Malm. Es algo que muy pocas personas comprenden. La mayoria entran en uuna serie de calculos y fechas que terminan confundiendo mas a las personas. Siga adelante!

    No one has explained better than you this prophetic sequence Mr. James David Malm. It is something that very few people understand. Most enter a series of calculations and dates that end up confusing people more. Move on!

    Sir, if anything is true, remember that it is God who gave the understanding of HIS Word, and it is God who opens the minds of the readers according to their zeal for him.

  3. Algo que yo veo como un suceso importante fue lo ocurrido el 7 de junio de 1628 cuando el parlamento britanico se enfrento al Rey Carlos I, y fue aprobada la peticion de los derechos humanos que garantizaban los derechos de los ciudadanos britanicos y despues se fue extendiendo a las demas naciones del mundo. podria ser?

    Something that I see as an important event was what happened on June 7, 1628 when the British Parliament faced King Charles I, and the petition for human rights that guaranteed the rights of the British citizens was approved and then spread To the other nations of the world. could be?

    Thus began the quarrels with parliament which led to religious liberty in Britain and later in America. James

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