Pakistan, Afghanistan; Begin Pivot Away from the US to China / India

Prophecy is being fulfilled in central Asia as president Trump seeks a fig leaf from the Taliban to carry out the Viet-Nam solution:  Declare victory and get out. 

The US backed and extremely corrupt Afghan government, like South Viet-Nam cannot long survive without America and the Pakistan backed Taliban will probably resume governing the country before long, as the cut off of funding brings the US backed Afghan puppets down.  Then needing a non American backer, Afghanistan dominated by Pakistan as her natural back yard, will turn to China and India which process is already beginning with the election of Imran Khan as Pakistani PM.

In 2011 the U.S. accused the US created Pskistani al-Qaeda, parts of which were hosted in Afghanistan, of bombing the World Trade Center.  The Taliban government offered the U.S. to extradite al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden to an Islamic country to be judged under Islamic law. The U.S. rejected that and launched an attack on the Afghan Taliban government.  

Recently Imran Khan backed by the Pakistani military won the prime ministerial elections on the Pakistani military’s position platform of anti-corruption, social programs, achieving peace with India and with the Taliban in the region and pivoting away from America towards China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Pakistan had already joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization along with India and the incoming Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan has campaigned for years against the U.S. war on Afghanistan. He very much prefers an alliance with China over any U.S. rapprochement and has already reached out to India:  “If India’s leadership is ready, we are ready to improve ties with India. If you step forward one step, we will take two steps forward.”

In Afghanistan after a year of another useless surge, designed to allow a claim of victory enabling a withdrawal; the Trump administration has decided to initiate the end game withdrawal, and has pulled back from most active operations and begin negotiations with the Taliban for a fig leaf deal under which to withdraw.

The shift to prioritize initial American talks with the Taliban over what has proved a futile “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” war [which was really American owned] stems from a realization by both Afghan and American officials that the Afghanistan situation is not sustainable with the US supply lines facing a cut off by Pakistan.

In February the Taliban declared their position in a public Letter of the Islamic Emirate to the American people (pdf). The five page letter offered talks promising that they will never stop until American withdrawal, 

“Afghans have continued to burn for the last four decades in the fire of [foreign] imposed wars. They are longing for peace and a just system but they will never tire from their just cause of defending their creed, country and nation against the invading forces of your war­mongering government because they have rendered all the previous and present historic sacrifices to safeguard their religious values and national sovereignty. If they make a deal on [giving up] their sovereignty now, it would be unforgettable infidelity with their proud history and ancestors.”

The urgent US talks with the Taliban are about organizing an orderly American withdrawal from Afghanistan before Pakistan turns towards China and India, having already joined the SCO; and the US supply lines to Afghanistan through Pakistan are completely cut off.

The Taliban delegation makes it clear to the Americans that peace can only be restored to Afghanistan when all foreign forces are withdrawn.

The Taliban are ready to accept a peaceful retreat of the U.S. forces. That is their only offer. They will have to agree to keep foreign Islamist fighters out of their country as part of the deal, a matter which would also be expected by China and India.

With the U.S. already cutting aid to Pakistan, they realize that they have no choice but to accept a deal and withdraw from Afghanistan before Pakistan completely pivots to China and out of the American orbit, placing the US supply lines in extreme jeopardy.

There is no staying in Afghanistan. An orderly  retreat is the only issue the U.S. can negotiate. It is not a question of “if” but of “when” a deal allowing the US to save face and withdraw from Afghanistan is finalized. 

See also “Trump and Central Asia.”

Daniel wrote that 

Daniel 11:44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north [Asia] shall trouble him [the leaders of the now rising New Federal Europe]: therefore he shall go forth [Europe will attack Asia] with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

After two years of great prosperity the leaders of the New Europe will be distraught by the coming together of Asia [already beginning to develop as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization] and will attack the Asian nations in the third year.

Asia will counterattack, severely damaging Europe; and  the rulers of the North will move to Jerusalem where their remaining forces are located.

Asia will counterattack, severely damaging Europe; and  the rulers of European entity, along with the final religious son of perdition will move to Jerusalem where their remaining forces are located.

11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

After this the resurrection of the faithful dead will take place and the marriage of the Lamb in heaven (Rev 15), and during that few days period the seven last plagues will be poured out and the armies of Asia will come down to a staging area at Har Megiddo [Armageddon] before attacking Jerusalem. 

Then Messiah the Christ will come WITH the resurrected godly faithful, to remove Satan to his prison and destroy wickedness from off the earth. 

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