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Nehemiah 9 – 13

Nehemiah 9 A fast was called for the second day after the Feast of the Eighth Day and there was a great repentance, fasting and mourning over sin, because of the words of the law [Deuteronomy] that were read to the people during the Feast of Tabernacles and the Feast of the Eighth Day. Nehemiah […]

Daniel 12

Just before the man of sin is set up working miracles in the Vatican there will be war in heaven; as Satan realizing his time is now ending rises up to attack God and is cast down.  Then being defeated, Satan will set up his man of sin, the final miracle working abomination, and the […]

Daniel 11: Part 2

Daniel 11  Part Two Although only a few were with Antiochus Epiphanes at first, by deceit and flattery he crept into power and prospered. He invaded Palestine and Egypt.  Rawlinson, pages 255-256, says, “Threatened with war by the ministers of Ptolemy Philometor [now king of the south (Egypt-Palestine)], who claimed Coele-Syria and Palestine as the […]

The Coming of Christ

Melchizedek the Creator and High Priest of God the Father, gave up his Godhood to be made flesh as Jesus Christ and was sacrificed for the repented sins of humanity (See the Hebrews study).  He was then accepted by God the Father and restored back to his original God-ship, having successfully completed his mission he […]

The Great Europe vs Asia War

The New Federal Europe Attacks Asia Today America is planning for a existential conflict with Asia and the Asian nations are coalescing through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Current as of Nov 2017 Member States: Kazakhstan. China. Kyrgyzstan. Russia. Tajikistan. Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan. Observer States: Afghanistan. Belarus, Iran. Mongolia.  Dialogue Partners: Armenia, Azurbijan, Cambodia, Nepal. Turkey. […]

Ezekiel 45 – 46

Ezekiel 45 The land around Jerusalem will be divided between the priests and sanctuary; the Levites, the ruler and the city.  After Christ comes Jerusalem will be a city for the temple workers, government workers and those supporting the pilgrim worshipers.  The city will have no other industry or permanent inhabitants.  The prince’s land: Besides providing […]

Ezekiel 4 – 5

Background Israel:  Britain [Ephraim] and America [Manasseh]-The first English settlement on the American seaboard was at Jamestown when 104 men with no women landed and tried to make a go of it.  This was not part of any major English immigration but a small group seeking a place of refuge for themselves. The second “colony” […]

Ezra 1 – 6

Ezra Introduction The Book of Ezra was originally combined with the Book of Nehemiah in a single book of Ezra / Nehemiah.  The two books became separated in the early centuries of the Christian era. In the restoration from the Babylonian captivity, three successive leaderships carried out three different missions; The First Part of the book of […]

The Sacrificial System

Most parents love and want success for their children,  They do their very best to teach those things that they believe will bring success for their children.  Godly parents also work very hard to teach their children the principles and habits that will bring success for their children on the spiritual plain.  God the Father […]

The Temple

Brethren, the physical Tabernacle and Temple were much more than physical structures, they are instructional allegories of spiritual reality, and even beyond that they are prophetic for eternity and The Feast of the Eighth Day. Somewhere in the vastness of time itself God built his spiritual heavenly Temple which was to be his personal Palace […]

Jeremiah 6 – 7

Jeremiah 6 God commanded Jeremiah to blast the trumpet of warning by crying aloud and sparing not; for the time of the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar was almost at hand.  In this latter day our fall is also at hand, and the warning to repent or be corrected is going out to the brotherhood.  […]

Isaiah 58 – 59

Isaiah 58 The job of God’s faithful is to set a godly example and to teach others true godliness, beginning with the brethren teaching their own families and the elders teaching all of the brethren and the general public.   Isaiah 58:1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my […]

The Bride Revealed

The members of the collective spiritual espoused bride of Christ are those people who are zealous to live by EVERY WORD of GOD; always teaching others to do likewise. Miracles and fulfilled predictions are not proof of godliness or of being a messenger from God. God’s messengers often foretell events and do perform miracles by […]