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30 Sep:    Breaking 06:00 PDT-   i24News reports that the IDF has cut off all access to the Bedouin town of Khan al-Ahmar in preparation for its planned demolition.  The move is opposed by almost the entire world and is apt to bring a strong reaction in Palestine.

Your Health-  Much modern fruit should be left off the menu!

NATO-   As tensions continue to build between NATO and Russia; Norway and Iceland will host the NATO Trident Juncture 18 exercise, involving 40,000 participants, 130 aircraft and 70 vessels from more than 30 nations.

Netanyahu to the UNGA-   In May we exposed the site of Iran’s secret atomic archive. It’s right here in the Shuabad Distrcit of Tehran. Today I’m revealing the site of a second facility: Iran’s secret atomic warehouse. It’s right here, in the Turkuzahbad Distrcit of Tehran. Just three miles away. Let me show you exactly what the secret atomic warehouse looks like. Here it is. You see, like the atomic archive it’s another innocent-looking compound.

Yes, the warehouse in Tehran exists. But it is neither secret, nor does it hold anything radioactive or of current relevance:…  According to US intelligence officials, knowledge of the facility is nothing new to the Americans.
“We have known about this facility for some time, and it’s full of file cabinets and paper, not aluminum tubes for centrifuges, and second, so far as anyone knows, there is nothing in it that would allow Iran to break out of the JCPOA any faster than it otherwise could,” an American official said.

Another US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States is aware of the facility Netanyahu announced and described it as a “warehouse” used to store “records and archives.”  The IAEA also knows of the archive and its harmless content.  Even the Israeli media is getting tired of Netanyahu’s attempts to deceptive comments on Iran.

Mideast War-   Instead of leaving Syria as Putin has announced several times in the past Russia has now delivered the S-300 and enhanced Electronic Warfare systems,  and batteries of the new, short-range, Pechora M2 anti-missile system to Syria. Also known as Neva S-125, this air defense system was upgraded in the last two years for intercepting low-flying aircraft, cruise missiles and combat helicopters, which manage to bypass the S-300 and S-400 missile.

These systems will be manned by Russians until Syrians can be trained, which places Russia in direct confrontation with Israel and the US if war breaks out.  If such a confrontation occurs watch for Russia to respond asymmetrically in Ukraine or Georgia or both.  See our June 2016 article here.

Hamas leaders head to Cairo to try and revive peace talks after revving up demonstrations again, in hopes of pressuring Israel to negotiate.  Israel is preparing for further escalation and a military operation.  Watch for any Israeli action in Gaza to spread to Syria, Hezbollah and Iran.


29 Sep:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


28 Sep:   Mideast War-   Israeli live fire kills six Gazans as 20,000 demonstrate.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed Friday that Russia has already delivered air defense systems to Syria.  “The S-300 is already being delivered to Syria,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.


27 Sep:   Mideast War-   Netanyahu agrees to Palestinian State  under Israeli security control as basis for Trump peace initiative.  In exchange Israel will have full in US support during the coming regional war.  Trump announces that his peace plan will be published in 2 to 4 months, in other words after the coming conflict. 

Gaza and West Bank could erupt soon with the Palestinian Authority about to cancel all funding to Gaza due to US Israeli pressure.  The US and Israel have been defunding the PA for months in an effort to push Gaza and the West Bank to this point even cancelling funding for hospitals.

Iran announces they will no longer tolerate Israeli attacks on their assets inside Syria.

Trump challenges the world in UNGA speech, blames OPEC for high oil prices instead of his energy sanctions on Iran.  John Bolton spews threats against Iran in New York.

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Trump-   As if he has not made enough enemies Donald Trump threatens and bullies the best friend and ally the US has on earth – Canada.  

British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump met in New York on Wednesday and discussed a “big and ambitious” trade deal after Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.


25 Sep:  By the Calendar that God gave to Moses the first day [a high holy day] of the seven day Feast of Tabernacles begins at sunset this evening. 

Economics and Prophecy-  A prophetic earthquake came today when the foreign ministers of China, Russia, Germany, the UK and France agreed to “assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business with Iran” including its oil exports.   The financial tool — known as a “special purpose vehicle” — would allow for legitimate financial transfers between Europe and other nations bypassing the US dollar

This tool is to be in place in the coming weeks and while it is designed to facilitate trade with Iran around the approaching Nov 5 Trump economic sanctions on Iran, it will allow any and all countries to trade with Europe outside of the US dollar. 

The measure will likely accelerate any Trump plans for regime change in Iran rather than help that nation; and Britain, now facing a very hard Brexit may take a decision to ally with the US rather than Europe in future. 

A mechanism will shortly be in place for a future abandonment of the Petrodollar in favor of an alliance between the now rising New Federal Europe and the nations of Psalm 83; which alliance will replace the US Petrodollar bringing the dollar dependent nations into economic collapse as I have warned for years. See our Prophecy Articles especially the Prophesied Events for the Immediate Future article.

UNGA-  The UN General Assembly gathering begins today.

Mideast war-   Netanyahu is traveling to New York to speak at the UNGA meet and confer with world’s leaders and US president Trump.  The Israeli Security Cabinet approves further attacks on Syria in spite of the recent incident with Russia. 

NATO to hold air force exercise in Ukraine next month.


24 Sep:   Brixet-   EU rejects British departure plan and is now demanding a payment of 2.7 billion Euros over tax fraud.

Afghanistan-  Another Afghan base about to fall.

Mideast War-   Mideast War-   In response to the downing of a Russian plane Russia will deliver advanced S-300 air defense systems to Syria within two weeks.  Russia will also jam satellite navigation, on-board radars and communication systems of Israeli combat aircraft, which attack Syrian territory.  Israel will not be able to defeat the widespread Russian electronic measures without American intervention or the wholesale bombing of Russian forces.

Iran warns US and Israel of a tough response for the US support of terrorists attacking that nation.

Turkish backed militias accept ceasefire plan, some extremists reject the plan while others have not yet announced a decision. 

Giuliani admits Trump out for regime change in Iran.


23 Sep:   Gaza-   Ceasefire talks with Israel collapse violence to increase.  Gaza weekly demonstrations are getting rowdier, and more and more fire kites and balloons are falling on Israel.  The Gaza front is also expected to heat up in the near future.   

Mideast War-   Russia reveals that radar track logs [see video] indicate that Israel misled them about the location of their attack on Syria and that Israeli warplanes used the Russian aircraft as a “human shield.”  Russia is holding Israel fully responsible for the downing of a Russian aircraft.  Russia is distressed by Israeli attempts to evade responsibility but will not go beyond warning Israel to clean up its act and closing Syrian coastal air space to Israeli warplanes.

Terrorist attacks on Iran by the US Backed MEK, Kurds and yesterdays attack in Ahvaz are setting the stage for a diplomatic confrontation at the UCGA confab which begins on Tuesday.  the “diplomatic” mud slinging is likely top only heighten regional tensions. 

Israel has given the residents of a Bedouin village until 1 Oct to evacuate before they are forcibly evicted from their village.  The whole world is up in arms over the Israeli plans and the criminal complaints against the Israeli “war crime” against Khan al-Ahmar village at the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Abbas is expected to speak out at the UNGA and the Israeli move, possibly sometime in October, is expected to bring a serious West Bank uprising. 

Afghanistan-  While the exact date hasn’t been set yet, Afghan and Russian officials have confirmed that they will be co-chairing a series of new talks with the Taliban in Moscow. The US objects to the Moscow talks but there is little they can do as Afghanistan shifts away from America towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Asia.  If Russia achieves a peace deal Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Stan countries will return firmly into the Russian orbit, while all America has to discuss is the orderly removal of its forces.  See Pakistan Afghanistan pivot away from US.


22 Sep:   Major Terror Attack on Iran by US backed militia-  Iranian media report that at least 29 members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed and 90 injured by gunmen who attacked a military parade in the oil city of Ahvaz on Saturday.  Four terrorists clad in Iranian army uniforms rode in on motorbikes and sprayed IRPG Guardsmen marching along the parade before being shot dead. Iranian Foreign Minister Muhamed Javad Zarif accused “regional elements” supported by the US for the attack, and vowed Iran would strike back swiftly and resolutely. 

Iranian Brig. Gen Abolfazi Shekarchi said the attackers were trained and equipped by two Persian Gulf states linked to the United States and the Mossad.” Half of the 29 victims were members of the elite Revolutionary Guards.  

A claim by Islamic Sate has been ruled out and the claims of an Arab group, Ahvaz National Resistance in Iranian Khuzestan are all but certain.   Khuzestan is an Arab populated state bordering Iraq which contains most of Iran’s oil,  the US has been supporting the terrorist rebellion rebellion there for years because the region is key to overthrowing the Iranian regime.   America has upped its support of the listed terrorist organization due to her accusations that Iran is supporting the Houthis in Yemen. 


20 Sep:   High Holy Day-   According to the Biblical Calendar that God gave to Moses; the Fast of Atonement begins at sunset tonight and lasts until sunset Friday evening.  Be sure to prepare for the Sabbath today.  A Blessed Fast of Repentance [Atonement] followed by a Wonderful Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

Mideast War-  The Israeli air strikes on Latakia which resulting in the downing of a Russian plane are having repercussions.  Russia has just declared air space over Syria out to Cyprus as closed due to a snap week long military exercise.   The declaration effectively bars Israel from striking Syria from the sea as is her custom.  Fearing that Russia will now stop Israeli aerial attacks in Syria, Israel is sending today to Moscow a delegation, headed by the commander of the Israeli Air Force to present Israel’s case to Moscow but the end result may be a permanent Russian block of further Israeli air strikes on Syria, which strikes have been tolerated until now. 

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday demanded Israel open an investigation into the downing of a Russian surveillance plane over Syria by Syrian air defense operators on Monday night in a deadly strike the Kremlin has blamed on the Jewish state.also saying that “new information” on the incident would “emerge soon.”  

After the failure of ceasefire and reconciliation talks Hamas orders ramp up of Gaza protest demonstrations.


18 Sep:   Mideast War-   The Russian Defense Ministry announced that a military Il-20 spy plane went off the radars during last nights attacks on Latakia and Homs province in Syria. An intense search and rescue operation is underway for the vanished Illyushin and the 15 Russian service personnel aboard.

In a strong call Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman, that 15 Russian military service people had died because of Israel’s “irresponsible actions.” The Kremlin spokesman reported that the episode was under study and an appropriate Russian response would be forthcoming.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman that Israel gave Russia just one minute’s warning of the planned operation, not long enough to get the Russian military plane to safety and accused the Israeli jets of “using the Russian plane as cover, exposing it to fire from Syrian air defense fire while attacking targets in the area 

Trump’s Trade War-   China announces that they will impose countermeasures after the US President added more tariffs on Chinese goods yesterday and threatened more at the beginning of January.


17 Sep:  Mideast War-   Extensive Israeli missile strikes on Syria’s Latakia.  Violent demonstrations on the Gaza border for the fourth straight day.  The attacks on weapons deliveries by ship to Hezbollah via Latakia were preceded by a warning Sunday from Netanyahu that Israel would not shrink back from preemptive attacks.

Update-  Russia and Turkey have agreed to evacuate the Turkish backed militias to the Syria Turkish border and establish a 12 mi wide separation zone between those militias and the foreign militias to be targeted in Idlib.  All heavy weapons are to be withdrawn from the zone by October 15, 2018. which zone would be policed by Turkish and Russian forces; who would act as a blocking force to prevent the escape of the Islamic extremists. 

Today’s Russian Turkish summit is expected to reach an agreement for the Turkish sponsored militias to withdraw from central Idlib to the Turkish border region.   The movement is being demanded by Turkey, and Putin is expected to agree because it removes the most effective fighting force from the area of Idlib containing the foreign terrorists who are the chief target of the looming offensive in Idlib. 

This deal is a win win since it will reduce the number of fighters resisting the Syrian Russian offensive by half to 15,000; and allow Turkey to consolidate its grip on Turkey’s border with Syria and block any infiltration into Turkey by Syrian Kurd’s. 

This agreement and the relocation process could delay the onslaught on Idlib for up to six weeks or more, possibly allowing Russia to forestall a Trump “October Surprise” to influence the US November midterm elections.  Without a “rally round the flag” incident, Democrats could do well in November. 

There are 30,000 fighters in the central and southern areas of Idlib, half are loyal to Turkey and nearly 15,000 of them are “foreign terrorists.” Around 600 of them are from European countries, some 6,000 from Chechnya and Russian Caucasus and some 7,000 from Central Asia, mostly Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and China.  Russia must deal with these extremists for its own long term security. 

  • Once the offensive comes a fake chemical incident by the Islamist’s is expected to trigger a major US Allied attack on Syria. 
  • An Israeli election call may be coming as early as late October,followed by war with the Gaza militias, Hezbollah and the Iranian backed militias in Syria. 
  • These two threads could easily escalate to a war on Iran.   
  • A serious confrontation with Russia could easily destabilize Europe opening the way for the rise of a New Federal Europe.  See our many articles on this subject.  


16 Sep:   Israel-   One person killed in Gush Etzion stabbing attack.  The victim chased and shot at his attacker possibly saving others.  The perpetrator was wounded and arrested.

Pakistan-  After Trump cuts $800 million in aid to Pakistan, Pakistan turns to support Iran against US sanctions coming on Nov 2.  Trump lost his leverage by acting on Pakistan before the Iran issue was settled.

Mideast War-   Improving Syrian air defenses shot down several Israeli missiles attacking Damascus airport during the night, as several others hit their targets destroying a munitions dump in a massive explosion. 

Russian Turkish leaders to meet in Sochi Monday.  They will compare notes on the Turkish buildup to prevent terrorists infiltrating Turkish controlled areas during the coming Syrian Idlib offensive, and plans for safe civilian corridors.  Once all preparations are in order an aerial bombardment of the foreign terrorists in Idlib is expected.


15 Sep:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


14 Sep:   Europe-   Europe making big moves in Africa.

Gaza-   Israel bombs Gaza site.  Gaza militias to expand demonstrations in coming weeks. Israel fired on 13,000 protesters at the Gaza border today killing at least three including two boys aged 12 and 14.

Mideast War-   September US vs Iran showdown at the UN.

Idlib Al Qaeda associated terrorists are blocking evacuation corridors and refusing to let civilians go.   These folks have routinely terrorized civilians and used them as human shields through the seven year conflict. 

US-  Hurricane Florence closes in on Carolina with category 2 winds and category 5 rain.


13 Sep:   Mideast Peace-   Greenblatt announces that the Trump Peace Initiative will NOT be presented at the UNGA this month.

Afghanistan-   Taliban prepare for negotiations on US withdrawal.  High on the agenda is the subject of prisoner releases

Mideast War-   The Russian air force has interrupted its attacks on terrorists in Idlib and turned to pounding the last remnants of the Islamic State, now gathering at their Syrian Desert retreat of Badiya Al-Sham on the Syrian-Iraqi border. 

The Russian move is in parallel with an American campaign waged jointly by the American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Kurdish militias, with US air support, against the IS held town of Hajin (pop: 60,000) east of the River Euphrates. 

The move will  postpone the Idlib offensive at least until after the annual UNGA conference beginning on 18 Sep which will allow the sides to express their positions on the situation.

Turkish troops are pouring into Idlib border region including the Turkish occupied buffer zone inside Syria to attack the PKK and to protect the Turkish backed militias from any spillover of the approaching Syrian Russian campaign in Idlib. 

A total of 23,000 troops were in place by Thursday night and the Turkish high command is sending “very large” consignments of heavy weapons into Idlib for arming the pro-Turkish militias. Heavy artillery, mortars, and anti-tank and anti-air missiles are being sent to the Turkish proxies in Idlib.

Syrian army units advance against Al Nusrah Front [Al Qaeda] forces in Homs province killing many.

Turkey launches major military operation against the Kurdish PKK.

US forces have launched an exercise from Djibouti, focusing on countering a Iranian attempt to block the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea’s Straits of Bab al-Mandeb, 

There are 4,500 US troops in the 13th Marine Expeditionary Strike Group  Essex,  accompanied by the Anchorage amphibious transport dock and the Rushmore dock landing ship.  The Pocket Carrier Essex is also carrying Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 211, made up of the new F-35B stealth war planes.  Stealth warplanes have also been deployed to land bases in the Persian Gulf area. 

Economics-   Russia, Iran and Syria agree to conduct business between them in local currencies instead of American dollars. The same rule would apply to banking transactions. 

The three countries also agreed to freeze the US out of the expected lucrative rebuilding projects in Syria.  All wars are basically economic and the massive destruction in Syria is intended to provide the US with a huge economic boost with massive rebuilding projects at the expense of international doners.  This move to deny the US the fruits of their proxy war in Syria is yet one more motivation for US moves in the region.

Britain-   Two accused Russians give press conference.


12 Sep:   A Blessed Feast of Trumpets for All God’s Faithful!


11 Sep:   High Holy Days-  According to the Biblical Calendar which God gave to Moses Yom Teruah the Feast of Trumpets will begin when the sun sets this evening.   

Afghanistan-   Government positions continue to fall to the Taliban.  Four provinces are in danger of falling.

America sees itself as above the law, resisting loudly after the International criminal Court is tasked with investigating American war crimes in Afghanistan.

USA-   Mandatory evacuations in the Carolina’s as monster category five Hurricane Florence to hit on Thursday.  

Russia/Ukraine-  Rumors abound that Ukraine is planning a blitz of the autonomous Russian speaking Donbas region in spring. 

Mideast War-  Sporadic bombing of identified terrorist targets in Idlib may go on for a lengthy period as talks among various parties for some kind of solution continue.  See today’s Situation Report on the Middle East.  A summit between Russia, Turkey, Germany and France is currently being organized to take place in Istanbul in the coming weeks.


10 Sep:   USA-  At this time a Category 4 and growing, Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the Carolina’s hard late Wednesday or Thursday.

Pakistan-   Pakistan is still hosting 3 million refugees from the US backed government in Afghanistan.  

Abkhazia-  The Prime Minister of Abkhazia Gennady Gaguliya died in a traffic accident on Saturday evening.

Mideast War-   Turkey is sending 20,000 men from the Free Syrian Army militia into areas of Idlib controlled by Turkish proxies; Turkey has also committed itself to fight the Syrian Army if it advances beyond the Al Qaeda area into the Turkish militia controlled areas of Idlib.

Trump seeks more allies to participate in bombing of Syria for chemical use; Germany in negotiations. over entering the conflict are putting the fragile government coalition in jeopardy 

Bombing of Idlib continued Sunday.  This softening up bombing could take some time.

Because of the presence of several thousand Uighur Islamists from Xinjiang, who are members of the banned Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), Al Qaeda’s branch in China; several thousand Chinese troops are on standby to take part in the Idlib operation.

The Trump administration is expected to announce Monday that it will close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington over its “failure to start meaningful negotiations with Israel.” Administration officials told the Wall Street Journal Sunday night that National Security Adviser John Bolton would make the announcement and say that “The US will always stand by our friend and ally, Israel.” He will also announce sanctions against International Criminal Court (ICC) officials over any attempt to investigate either the US or Israel – up to and including sanctions on funding.  

US officials claim that Syrian President Bashar Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas in Idlib, further building the propaganda for a false flag chemical incident as a fake provocation for a major US attack on Syria. 

Washington is planning massive economic sanctions on Russia, Iran and China, and possible air strikes on Syrian and Iranian assets in Syria.

Any US air attacks on Syria could trigger a major regional war, or a strike might be measured and limited, not necessarily triggering the long expected major regional war involving Israel.

The Israeli regional war could possibly come very quickly or it might still be delayed for some time yet.  It is even possible that if the US strikes are limited and a Russian Syrian final victory is achieved over Islamic Extremists; a large number of Russians could return home before the expected major regional war does take place.

The Russian, Chinese and Mongolian armies are fielding 300,000 troops in eastern Siberia on Tuesday for the military exercise Vostok-2018. Taking part are 36,000 military vehicles, 1,000 warplanes and 80 warships. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Sunday: “Imagine, 36,000 military vehicles moving at the the same time: tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles – and all of this, of course, in conditions as close to a combat situation as possible.” 

The exercise is a muscle flexing against the US puppet coup government in Ukraine, but is also a big move towards fulfilling prophecy and building a major Asian military alliance.  In due time this force will greatly enlarge; and as American influence collapses, major powers like India and South Asia, as well as Korea and Japan will join this alliance. 

The now rising New Federal Europe is predicted to dominate the Middle East and take economic superiority from the Americans, becoming extremely prosperous for over two years; then feeling threatened they will attack Asia only to have Asian armies counterattack and rush into Europe and the Middle East (Dan 11:40-45, Ezek 38-39).  Asian forces totaling 200,000,000 (Rev 9:16) are described although this should not be misconstrued as one single army, but several different armies headed to different regions.


9 Sep:   Venezuela-   US efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan government after destroying their economy.  America interferes in the internal politics of other governments far more than any other nation.

Mideast War-   US State Department Travel Warning for Syria which admits in the third paragraph that the Idlib Islamic extremists have chemical weapons.

Decorated veteran Virginia state senator Richard Black being smeared by US Administration for warning of fake chemical attack in Syria.  Such an attack appears to be in the process of being set up as an “October Surprise” to justify a heavy US bombing of Syria, making Trump appear “presidential” and rallying Republicans before the Nov 6 midterm elections.

Trump may again delay his Mideast Peace initiative and use his Sep 25 UNGA speach to vilify Iran instead.

The American backed Kurdish terrorist group in Iran the PDKI, has resumed attacks in Iran.  Iran has responded by striking their base in Iraq.

UN talks with Russia and Syria are scheduled in Geneva for September 14.  The subject is the establishment of safe corridors for civilians to leave the battle zone. Meanwhile Russia has been proceeding with growing air strikes against clear military targets in the Al Qaeda area of Idlib province, launching 60 strikes on Sabbath [Saturday].  Airstrikes are likely to continue for some time before the actual ground operation.

Islamist extremists meet with the “White Helmets” [a British Military Intelligence asset] yesterday and agreed to be ready to release eight [click the video off and then back on to hear] canisters of chlorine by Sunday.   That does not mean that an attack is coming Sunday, only that they are ready.

The White House is claiming that Syria is about to launch a chemical attack, however there is absolutely no reason for them to do so with Syria’s complete victory now certain.  The only ones who could benefit from an incident bringing an American aerial bombardment on Syria, are the anti Assad militias, Israel and the Republican Party at the Nov midterms.

USA-  The US cuts $25 million in funding for aid to six Palestinian Authority-run hospitals in Jerusalem.  


8 Sep:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


7 Sep:   Israel-  Polls indicate that if elections were held now Netanyahu’s Likud would win big, but at the expense of his far right coalition partners.  That scenario could lead to a national unity government with the Zionist Union to negotiate the Trump Peace Initiative..

Mideast War-   The Idib battle appears to have been delayed by a UN proposal which will be discussed with Russia, Iran and Turkey next week.  The proposal calls for an additional grace period to allow more civilians to evacuate before the operation.  

Large Friday demonstrations in Gaza after Israel bombs group in retaliation for a fire balloon.   Israel later bombs two more sites in Gaza.

Israel warns Hezbollah  that they are ready for substantial attacks on Iranian assets inside Syria  [possibly in coordination with the planned American attacks], saying that if Hezbollah takes any countermeasures in response to attacks on Iranian militias, both Hezbollah and Lebanon will be attacked. 

Israel is expecting war as soon as during the September Fall Festivals, but events could take longer to unfold. 

As the Turkish and Russian presidents arrived in Tehran this morning Russia bombed positions of the jihadist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham [Al Qaeda])\ alliance, as well as of the Islamic extremist group Ahrar al-Sham.  After their post summit press conference the UNSC is to meet on the subject of Idlib.   The US official  charged with the region, James Jeffrey said a US response to a Russian assault [to destroy the Islamic terrorists in Idlib] would involve “all of our tools.”   Jeffery’s main concern is Turkey and the US Turkish backed Free Syrian Army militias  [see yesterday’s news].

The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran meet in Tehran today; the object is to finalize a deal to destroy the Islamic extremists [especially the 13,000 from Russia and central Asia, see yesterday’s news item] in Idlib province, while avoiding any Syrian Russian action against the Turkish US backed Free Syrian Army militias on the Turkish border.

At some point during the operation an extremist staged chemical incident could bring on a heavy US strike on Syria.  

A major Israeli war is approaching on the Hamas Military Wing in Gaza and on Hezbollah, opening the way for the Turkish US backed militias to remove Assad is coming; but might not come until after the remaining Islamic Extremists are destroyed by Russia and Syria. 


6 Sep:   Korea-  Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will also meet in Pyongyang on Sept. 18-20 for a third summit and discuss “practical measures” toward denuclearization.  White House and State Department officials are reiterating that they have no current interest in making a deal with North Korea that would involve a peace declaration ending the Korean War.

Mideast War-   Russia is adamant on an operation in Idlib because there are 30,000 Islamic jihadist fighters in the province, nearly 15,000 of them “foreign terrorists.” Around 600 of them are from European countries, some 6,000 from Chechnya and Russian Caucasus and some 7,000 from Central Asia, mostly Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and China.  Russia must deal with these extremists for its own long term security.  There are also another 30,000 members of the US/Turkey backed Free Syrian Army militias.  The Free Syrian Army is an umbrella group of several different militias.

James Jeffrey, the new US Representative for the US Israeli war plans for the Middle East arrived in Ankara on Sept. 5 doing his best to repair US relations with Turkey in order to advance their mutual interests in Syria.  Jeffrey’s mission is to work out a ceasefire and accommodation between Turkey and the Kurds and resolve the Brunson matter.  

Jeffrey was chosen as Trump’s emissary because of his long experience as US ambassador to Ankara, during which he developed warm personal relations with Erdogan.  Jeffrey’s first act was to ease US sanctions pressure on the Turkish lira

Saudi Arabia will hold military exercises with American and Allied forces in Saudi next week, in coordination with the US Egyptian Allied  exercise “Bright Star 2018,” at Mohamed Naguib Base, west of Alexandria, in addition to maritime exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.

Gaza-  The Al-Quds Arabic newspaper reports that Hamas has authorized a return to launching incendiary balloons from Gaza after the number dropped significantly recently.  The move is due to the end of contacts with Israel and the failure to achieve a long-term cease fire, as well as the collapse of reconciliation talks with the Palestinian Authority.  A deal with the Hamas Political Wing has been stymied by demands from the Hamas Military Wing.

Syria-  French Chief of the Defense Staff Francois Lecointre said on Thursday that his forces were prepared to carry out strikes on Syrian targets if chemical weapons are used in an expected government offensive to liberate the northern province of Idlib, according to Reuters.  Lecointre said, “We are ready to strike if chemical weapons were used again. They can be carried out at national level but it’s in our interest to do it with as many partners as possible.”

Tuesday’s Russian air strikes and shelling have sent civilians fleeing in mass to Turkey while Russian drones carried out numerous intelligence gathering flights yesterday and today.


5 Sep:   Mideast War-  Turkey is moving strong troop formations to the Idlib border region.  Their mission is to secure Turkey and the Turkish backed militias in Syria’s Idlib from any spill over of fighting and from fleeing Islamic Extremists.  While the US and Israel are ready for war on Syria it is likely that they will wait until most of the Islamic extremists are demolished before intervening. 

The Russian backed Syrian offensive could take weeks to destroy the remaining radical Islamists, which would then place the Turkish Western backed militias along with the Kurds as the sole opposition  to Assad:  That would be the logical time for US intervention in response to a fake chemical attack to take out much of the Syrian military and an Israel operation against Hezbollah, allowing the Western Turkish backed militias to remove the Assad regime. 

The UN special representative for Syria warns that the Islamic extremist militia there is capable of producing weaponized chlorine and Russia reports it has evidence of plans for chemical provocations by jihadists. 

Turkey-  Trump sanctions on Turkey, in spite of Turkey’s cooperation in supporting the Western backed militias; are pushing Turkey to work for reconciliation with Germany and Europe  Turkey is also  reaching out to Greece

Once the Islamic extremists are destroyed and the Western Turkish backed militias take center stage in Syria, Turkey will have an immense influence in Syria.  Turkey is prophesied to once again lead the Middle East’s Islamic nations [except Egypt] and also to be allied with the now rising New federal Europe.

Britain-  Almost on cue with the crisis building with Russia in Syria, the British accuse two Russians of Skripal attack.  The police claim that the Russians were comrades of Skripal who attacked because he was a traitor, but PM May insists that Russian leaders ordered the attack.  

Israel-   Paraguay reverses decision to move embassy to Jerusalem, Netanyahu has a tantrum and closes Israeli embassy in Paraguay.


4 Sep:   Mideast War-   Trump warns Syria of US Allied intervention if chemical weapons used, thus setting the stage for a fake incident and a subsequent major US strike on Syria.   While such a US attack could ignite a regional war,  the strikes could also be limited to a few days of bombing and the regional war might still be delayed for some time. 

Israel now admits the IDF attacked approximately 200 targets in Syria with over 800 missiles since 2017. 

Israel is now ramping up its attacks inside Syria.  Today Israel bombed Syrian sites in Tartus and Iranian backed militias between Masyaf and Wadi al-Uyoun near Hama city.  Several air launched Israeli missiles were shot down by Syrian air defenses.


Rejecting American warnings Russia began pounding Idlib early this morning, after a 22-day pause to build up forces around the enclave.  It is now clear that the Russian “exercise” in the region was a cover for the operational build up, as Russia began relentlessly pounding the extremist militias in Idlib today.  In the early morning hours Russian warplanes carried out about 30 raids on about 16 Islamic extremist areas in western Idlib, the mountains of Latakia province, and the Sahl al-Ghab plain.  Story and map.

As the Russian bombardment of Idlib began, Israeli forces launched their third war rehearsal on the Syrian Lebanon border in a month.  These exercises are to cover a large Israeli build up, as well as to practice a war on Hezbollah, Syria and Iranian backed militias.

A massive American military buildup is to be completed this week and an exercise of US allied forces is to begin on 8 Sep in coordination with the Israeli exercise.   Israel and the US allies are preparing for the possibility of war beginning during the Fall Festival season beginning on 9 September [Rabbinic date, the Biblical date is a few days later; see the Holy Day dates page] to 1 October.  See the August News for more on the Middle East military buildup


3 Sep:   Mideast War-  8 Syrians and Iranians were killed when unidentified planes attacked a Syrian-Iranian military convoy near Al-Tanf, the main US base in eastern Syria which sits on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border Sunday. The convoy was entering Syria from Iraq. 


2 Sep:   Ukraine-   Peace talks between the American imposed government in Kiev and the Russian speaking eastern provinces have collapsed after the assassination of the president of Donesk in a long standing Ukraine string of assassinations of Russian speaking leaders in the breakaway regions.  Large crowds attended the funeral of president Alexander Zakharchenko, 42, who was murdered in a bomb attack at a cafe in Donetsk. 

If Russia is forced to back down in Syria, could they respond in Ukraine either politically or militarily?

Israel-  The Zionist Union party is facing a split with at least 8 MKs contemplating forming a new party and inviting a senior military or political figure to lead the new party.  Former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is in the running and is popular enough to pose a serious challenge to Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has postponed his deadline for the Haredi draft law until after the Festivals and the start of the Winter Knesset session on Oct 15.  The Knesset must sit and pass an election law for there to be early elections and they will not be sitting until 15 Oct anyway, so this changes very little.  In fact if President Trump launches his Peace Initiative at the UNGA in September as expected, Israel could call an election seeking a new mandate to deal with that issue regardless of the Haredi issue..

Mideast War-  Large explosions rocked the Syrian Mezzeh airbase near Damascus early Sunday morning. It has now been confirmed that two people are dead and eleven injured in an Israeli missile attack.

The USS Newport News nuclear submarine joined the US allied armada in the Mediterranean Saturday; armed with MARK 48 torpedoes designed to sink large vessels, Harpoon anti-ship and ground cruise missiles, and Tomahawk cruise missiles, accompanied by the USS Sullivans destroyer with 56 Tomahawks on board.  Meanwhile B-1B strategic bombers carrying air-to-ground AGM-158 JASSM cruise missiles have arrived at the Qatari Al Udeid Air Base.  See the August News for more on the Middle East military buildup

Ambassador James Jeffrey, the State Department’s recently appointed special representative for Syria, and Joel Rayburn, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department will visit Israel, Jordan and Turkey over the next four days to discuss the looming major confrontation in Syria. 


1 Sep:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

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