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News Prophecy Blog; Oct 2018

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Right now there are three possible scenarios for the coming months: 

  1. The Israeli cabinet is unable to resolve its crisis and elections are set for spring 2019 with a general Middle East war in the interim, followed by a genuine peace dialogue after new governments are set in place. Note that there is no way to know how long peace talks might take and the tribulation could begin in late 2019 or take until late 2020 or later to begin. 
  2. Israel resolves or shelves its crisis and elections take place on the scheduled date in November 2019; with a general Middle East war in the interim, followed by a genuine peace dialogue after governments are set in place.

Note that there is no way to know how long peace talks might take however a Middle East peace in late 2020 [which would bring the tribulation near the end of 2020] could get Trump reelected!

  1. Some unanticipated new development.


20 Oct:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


19 Oct:   Arabia-   Israeli Washington lobbyists smear smear Khashoggi in attempt to save bloody prince MbS. 

Saudi elimination of rivals is common in the region but MbS made a big mistake in attempting the deed inside Turkey, maybe not realizing the quality of Turkish surveillance and that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan would use the Khashoggi murder to gain influence and leadership in the Islamic world at Saudi expense.

In a deft move Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) counters the accusations against him by arranging for the arrest of 18 Saudi’s for the Khashoggi killing and has himself appointed to revamp the Saudi Intelligence Service

It is being reported that Jarred Kushner is behind these events which may serve to actually aid MbS in the murky world of Saudi royal power struggles.  In the US there is now a call for an investigation into the Trump family working with the crown prince to aid MbS in advancing, by eliminating his enemies and sidelining those opposing the coming war on Iran.

It is true that Trump and Kushner are owned by the Israelis through certain Jewish billionaires.  In Trump’s election it was US and Russian Jewish billionaires intervening on behalf of Israel with huge donations that tipped the scales.  If Kushner did indeed give a hit list to MbS did it come from the Mossad?   

USA-   US National Security Adviser John Bolton will meet with President Vladimir Putin when he visits Moscow on Monday and Tuesday. He will also see Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. Bolton this week announced plans to begin travel on Oct. 20 to Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

Arabia-  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has neither heard audio nor read a transcript related to the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, said Thursday. She denied the ABC New report, citing Turkish officials, that Pompeo had listened to an audio recording of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. 

In addition to the Mattis situation this Khashoggi horror is delaying the preparations for taking down the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  

Mideast War-   German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in Istanbul on October 27 to discuss the situation in Syria especially Idlib, a Turkish spokesperson said Friday.

Russia delivers additional S-300 air defense systems to Syria, this time the most advanced version.

In view of the ongoing negotiations and heavy Israeli deployments, Hamas to restrain today’s Gaza demonstrations  and  leaders call for non violence for today.


18 Oct:  Turkey Rising-  Turkey this week signed an agreement with Kuwait. The document “for strengthening military cooperation between the two countries” was signed by Kuwait’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning, Brig. Gen, Mohammed Al-Kandar, and Turkey’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Gen. Emut Yildor.

Turkey, already has a deal with Qatar and maintains 35,000 troops with sophisticated equipment at a base in Qatar near the big American Al-Udeid Air Base.

Mideast War-   Israel gives Gaza one last chance and begins large buildup on the Gaza border. Israel is adopting a new policy, which will take effect immediately. Palestinian protesters will have to remain farther away from the border – otherwise soldiers will open fire – and there will be a heavy response to any further incendiary balloons and kites.   For its part Hamas has warned that that any further strikes by IDF in the Strip would trigger “an immediate and decisive response.” 

Israel masses tanks, artillery, infantry troops and engineering vehicles on the Gaza border in preparation for invasion if there is no calm tomorrow..

Israel maintains siege of Bedouin village slated for demolition as International Court warns the population transfer may be a war crime.  Such activities by occupying powers was made a war crime because of Nazi relocation’s of Jews and others in WW2.

Economics-  Venezuela’s vice president for the economy announced on Wednesday that the country will stop using the dollar for international transactions in favor of the euro. Last week it was reported that China sold off $3 billion in US dollar bonds. In recent months, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq have all ditched the dollar in bilateral trade with each other. Meanwhile, the European Union scrapped its use of the dollar when trading with Iran in order to circumvent US sanctions. This is all is part of a larger trend of countries dropping the dollar in response to US President Donald Trump’s policies.  See also “ Trump makes huge mistake” below.

Egypt-   Egypt stopped importing gas this year and is expected to become a major regional gas exporter when its recently discovered offshore gas fields are developed. (Haaretz+).  The expanded Suez Canal and the huge Egyptian gas reserves make Egypt a plum for the New Federal Europe (Dan 11:42-43). 

USA-   Trump sides with the Saudi crown prince to gain regime change in Iran, when he could gain the same goal without the bloody prince MbS. 

Turkey, who’s president Erdogan is trying to restore Turkish leadership in  the Islamic world; is making harsh demands of the Saudi crown prince, including billions to hush the recording of the Khashoggi killing.  Because of the ongoing negotiations Turkey is at this time refusing to release the tape to anyone.  They have prince MbS in an extremely vulnerable position and Turkey is pushing for all they can get in both money and compromise on Turkish Islamic leadership. 

God’s Word tells us that Turkey will yet lead the Islamic nations of the Middle East [except Egypt] including the Arab States, in an alliance with the rising New Federal Europe (Psalms 83).


17 Oct:   Russia-   At least nineteen people were killed at a college in the city of Kerch in eastern Crimea, by an unidentified explosive device and gun fire. 

USA-   Trump makes a huge mistake in trying to save relations with the Saudi crown prince in the Jamal Khashoggi case.   Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi intelligence agent [with a cover trade as a journalist to allow freedom of movement] who became very close to president Erdogan in Turkey.  He was working with the Turks and a faction of Saudi Intelligence in an internal Saudi power struggle against the Crown Prince. 

The New York Times Wednesday cited Turkey as identifying four associates of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) as being present at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul during the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi after Oct. 2.

A fifth man suspected of taking part in the journalist’s alleged murder was identified by Turkey as a forensic doctor who holds a senior position in the Saudi Interior Ministry and medical establishment.  According to reports, recordings indicate that his torture consisted of being dismembered while still alive by agents of the Prince. 

It is customary for host nations to bug foreign missions and Turkey has recordings of the dismemberment session, copies of which have now been requested by the United States..

Trump should be assisting the Saudi king to remove the crown prince who is running the kingdom from behind the throne, not trying to save MbS.  By supporting the bloody prince Donald is alienating both the Saudi Establishment and the Turks. 

After the coming Mideast war prince MbS could well fall when the Trump peace deal collapses as the tribulation begins.  Then due to Trump’s support for the bloody prince, the prince’s fall would break apart America’s relationship with the Arabs and bring the Petrodollar down as the Arabs join with Turkey and Europe.  Trump defends his support of the prince in terms of trade and financial advantage, which is thoughtless and myopic since supporting the king would still maintain and even improve the relationship.  See our News Prophecy Articles for more on the collapse of the Petrodollar.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is being pushed out of Trump’s inner circle amid rumors that he will be fired before long.  Mattis supports NATO which Trump wants to leave, among other issues.  The Mattis issue is delaying Trump’s military plans and a Trump military October Surprise now seems unlikely before the US midterm elections.

Mideast War-   A missile from Gaza hit a home in  Beersheba and a second landed in the sea beside Tel Aviv today.  Netanyahu is holding extensive meetings with army and security chiefs.  Israel strikes 20 sites across the strip.  Hamas and Islamic Jihad disavow any responsibility for the missiles and will continue to seek a long term cease fire with Israel.  The missiles appear to have been fired by a faction resisting the peace talks. 

Israel could attack Gaza at any time, however the present situation could also continue for months.  Israel would like to delay any major Gaza operation until next spring or at least until after national municipal elections are held on October 22 with later possible run offs.  


16 Oct:   Israel-   Jacob Weinroth, Netanyahu’s defense lawyer in the corruption investigations has died.

Mideast War-    Yesterday Hamas Military Wing rejected Israeli warnings, this morning incendiary balloons ignited fires near Kiryat Gat, Beersheba, Lod and Or Haner this morning as Lieberman conferred with top military leaders and warned the Gaza Division to be on alert for a major Gaza Operation.


15 Oct:   Mideast War-   Israel delays Gaza Operation for one week to see if yesterday’s threats result in a calming of the situation. 

Germany-   Merkel allies suffer heavy losses in Bavarian elections.   Angela Merkel’s grand coalition is at risk of splintering after her junior partners in government suffered an electoral wipeout in Bavaria.  Senior politicians in the Social Democrats (SPD) have urged their party to break away and reinvent itself in opposition after a dismal performance 


14 Oct-   Israel-   The Knesset will resume sitting tomorrow, the first week will be largely ceremonial, after that they will tackle pressing business before dealing with possible early elections after the municipal elections are completed in November. 

Iran-   Israel has sealed a deal with Russia to circumvent the Trump oil sanctions on Iran  scheduled for December fourth.

Mideast War-    Israel strikes site in Lebanon.  Wednesday will make a full 30 days since the last Israeli air strike on Iranian assets in Syria.  During that time Russia has been extensively upgrading Syrian air defense systems; and Iran has been pouring equipment and supplies to Hezbollah and Iranian proxy militias in Syria.

Israeli security cabinet has been called into session later today to deal with constantly escalating Gaza violence.  Defense minister Lieberman said “We have turned every stone, and we have passed the point of no return… We have reached the stage where we must deliver the hardest blow imaginable on Hamas,”

Netanyahu at the regular weekly cabinet meeting issued a warning to Hamas to stop the border violence immediately or Israel will strike Hamas with “substantial blows.” The time has come to resort to different types of action to resolve the situation in the enclave, he said adding. “If Hamas has any sense, they will stop the violence immediately.”   

The IDF Chief of Staff is in Washington this week as along stream of international mediators is headed to Cairo this week to head off a Gaza war which could come at any time, probably after the coalition crisis is dealt with.

Israeli Coalition Crisis- 

Update 10:30 PDT:  The ultra-orthodox coalition party will vote against the Haredi Draft legislation but will not resign from the government.  

Netanyahu will pass the Haredi Draft Law with or without the consent of the resisting faction.  That faction meets within hours to decide whether to leave the government or not.  

Germany-  Important State election in Bavaria today. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies are bracing for heavy electoral losses in the southern Alpine state that could trigger shock waves in Berlin. The other partner in Merkel’s fragile “grand coalition,” the Social Democrats, are also set to do poorly.  The biggest winners, however, may be the left-leaning Greens who have doubled their poll ratings to around 18 percent since the last state elections while the far-right and anti-immigration AfD looks certain to enter the state assembly.

Afghanistan-   Talks begin on the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. A high-level Taliban delegation arrived in the Qatari capital of Doha on Friday representing the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”  The US side was led by former US ambassador to Kabul, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, who was recently appointed the US administration’s special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation.

Ali Haj Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai, head of the Taliban’s political office, said that his movement welcomes the start of talks, provided the United States accepts the “ground realities of Afghanistan and deals with the core issues.” 

The talks are following up on the September Moscow talks and will center on the coming US withdrawal and its aftermath governance.  


13 Oct:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

12 Oct:   Azerbaijan-   Azerbaijan / Russia ties growing.

Turkey-  The buffer zone around the Turkish backed insurgents is now complete,  The extremist militias refuse to leave their areas.  Residents in the area received warning messages from the Syrian army early Friday, an AFP correspondent reported. “Get away from the fighters. Their fate is sealed and near,” one said. The deadline for withdrawal of the extremists is Monday; it is not yet clear when the Syrian Russian offensive against the Islamist Radicals will begin. 

Israel-   Israel seems to be tipping towards early elections as Netanyahu demands that all factions agree to the present Haredi Draft legislation.

\Ukraine-  The US backed coup government has broken the ceasefire numerous times this past week shelling the Russian speaking regions of the country.

Gaza-   Six protesters were shot dead and many more wounded when they swarmed the border today.  Israel has stopped fuel deliveries which began Wednesday and closed the goods border crossing.  Ten new balloon fires reported today.

Turkey-   Brunson leaves Turkey.  As per the James Jefferies agreement a court in Izmir sentenced the American pastor Andrew Brunson to three years and one month in prison today for “aiding a terrorist organization” and espionage – then release him for time served.  This deal resolves the US Turkey crisis and opens the way for the Turkish backed militias to flood into the Shia bastion of Latakia and overthrow the Assad government once Hezbollah and the Iranian backed militias in Syria have been demolished in the coming regional war.  See yesterday’s reports.

Israel-   The ultra orthodox Council of Torah Sages is scheduled to meet Sunday evening to decide its position of the Haredi Conscription Bill.  Their opposition is well known however they must agree of what to do about the situation with an unacceptable bill on the agenda and the existing law due to expire on December 4. 

The next few weeks will determine which of the scenarios in the Introduction will unfold: early elections in spring 2019, or elections as scheduled in Nov 2019.

Netanyahu’s Likud is running high in the polls as the opposition Zionist Union party disintegrates, while Benny Gantz waits in the wings preparing to take the leading role against Bibi in the coming elections. Israel continues to delay a Gaza Operation until its internal political crisis is resolved. 

Israel is again intervening in US elections on behalf of Republicans through certain Jewish billionaires.  In Trump’s election it was US and Russian Jewish billionaires intervening on behalf of Israel as well as Trump’s Catholic Jesuit and Evangelical supporters who got him elected to carry out the Jesuit agenda towards a New Federal Europe; while Israel backs Trump in order to destroy its adversaries and achieve a peace agreement and an Israeli dominated Middle East .  The investigation into Russian State intervention is mostly theatrical distraction. 


11 Oct:   Korea-   According to state media in Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un has agreed to meet Putin before the end of the year  The Kremlin reported that both sides were now working on logistics. After Sunday’s Pompeo visit to Pyongyang, Russia held talks with North Korean representatives on Monday, Oct. 8, and trilateral meetings with both North Korea and Chinese officials on 9 Oct..

Turkey-  US representative James Jefferies resolves US Turkey crisis. If things go smoothly alleged US spy to be released next week. 

Turkey completes protection zone around the Turkish backed militias in Idlib, but Russia is still building up Syrian air defenses against US threats to bomb Syria or Israeli intrusions, before tackling the hardline terrorists in Idlib.

Israel-   Netanyahu is seeking a meet with Putin and a new agreement allowing Israel to attack Hezbollah and Iranian backed militias inside Syria.   

Mideast War-   Today the IDF destroyed an extensive tunnel system entering Israel from the  Khan Younes area of Gaza.  Israel reports that the operation had been delayed for some time due to operational issues; this delay was probably because of the ongoing talks with Hamas.  Today’s move seems to indicate that the talks are being abandoned due to the escalation security situation. 

In addition to the growing demonstrations on the Gaza border fire balloons are now landing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and two persons were stabbed outside a West Bank military base this morning. 

Israel is still trying to delay a Gaza Operation until after their municipal elections which end in late November, and the short days and heavy cloud cover and rainy foggy Gaza winter weather is now arriving.  


10 Oct:   Gaza-  Israel begins delivering a small quantity of fuel for the Gaza electricity plant, paid for by Qatar.  Demonstrations are again increasing in Gaza as Hamas tries to pressure Israel to agree to the peace proposals made in Cairo.


9 Oct:   Breaking 07:30 PDT-   President Donald Trump is expected to speak later after Nikki Haley handed in her resignation as US ambassador to the UN.  

Israel-  Netanyahu to try and keep present government until the scheduled Nov 2019 elections.  Personally I would not be surprised if #2 in the introduction took place with a Mideast war followed by the scheduled November 2019 elections, followed by peace talks leading to an agreement and the onset of the tribulation in late 2020.

Mideast War-  Moscow announces the transfer of three battalions of 8 S-300 air defense launchers each and 100 missiles each, to Syria to be operated by Iranian teams.  This is in addition to the four launchers already delivered.


8 Oct:  Mideast War-  A breakthrough has been made to avoid a direct confrontation between the US and Russia in Syria.  Instead of Russians manning  the new S-300 missile defense systems in Syria they will be manned by Iranians.

Since Syria has received the same air defense system that Russia sold to Iran two years ago – the S-300PMU-2,  Well trained Iranian experts are being airlifted into Syria to man the systems in Syria until Syrian technicians can be trained. 

Since these systems will undoubtedly be attacked by Israel or the US, both of whom will be attacking Iran anyway, the Russian decision is a great relief.


7 Oct:   Israeli election call-   According to the Jerusalem Post it looks like an Israeli election call may be delayed until mid November.  The Knesset returns from its summer recess on October 15, however, officials are looking at an election call to be initiated a month later following the US midterms and the Israeli municipal races. It would apparently have to be set before the Supreme Court’s-imposed deadlines on both the Conscription and Conversion bills in early December.  A delay in an election call [even though an election date could still be in spring] would provide the needed time for a crackdown on the West Bank and for Benny Gantz to organize.  Even now Gantz could take a serious number of Knesset seats and become kingmaker in the formation of any new government coalition.  After a bloody costly war, Gantz might gain considerably more seats. 

Trump Trade War-   India  the world’s third-biggest oil importer, plans to buy 9 million barrels of Iranian oil in November, despite U.S. sanctions expected to be enacted Nov. 4, India says it abides only by U.N. sanctions, not those of any other country. (Israel Hayom)

Mideast War-   An Israeli man and a woman in their 30s died of their injuries after a Palestinian gunman shot up an office at the Barkan industrial zone early today. A second woman of 54 was seriously hurt. Security forces are combing the area for the armed Palestinian, who was employed at the facility and well known, he comes from the village of Shweika near Tulkarm.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad praise the attack and call for a general uprising as the IDF announces that massive military reinforcements are streaming into all parts of the West Bank.  It is early yet and the gunman is still at large but here is a possibility that the attack can be blamed on Hamas or Islamic Jihad and Israel now has a reason to clamp down hard on the West Bank before the looming Gaza operation. 

6 Oct:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


5 Oct:   Trump Trade War-  China which has helped keep the US afloat for years by buying US Treasury Bonds is contemplating a halt in purchases if Trump continues his trade war.  Once the Trump Middle East peace plan collapses and the now rising New Federal Europe and the Arab and Asian nations stop soaking up worthless US debt instruments, the US economy will collapse along with the dollar.

Trump creating financially independent Europe:  “I am convinced that the outcome of that crisis with Iran will be the chance for Europe to have its own independent financial institutions, so we can trade with whoever we want,” French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

Mideast War-   Israel fires on 20,000 Gaza demonstrators killing three and wounding many.  The natural residents of Gaza are descendants of the Philistines: When Israel was formed Jewish terrorists ran through Palestinian villages attacking people and screaming for them to leave or die, creating the Palestinian refugee quandary with 750,000 Palestinians abandoning their homes and fleeing to Gaza and many more fleeing to other surrounding nations.

The military buildup continues as the US notifies Muhammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Muhammad Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, that US F-35 squadrons are being deployed in this region with the first squadron to be posted within days at the Al Dhafra Air base 32km south of Abu Dhabi.  The US is also rushing more F-35s to Israel. 

Israel says that now holidays are over; Gaza beware as Israel prepares for war.  The vast majority of Israeli Jews regard God’s High Days as cultural holidays not essential religious assemblies.

Israel-   Netanyahu is being grilled for the 12th time this morning in the various corruption cases and his wife Sara will begin her trial Sunday on charges of fraud, while police recommended closing the probe into a former judge who was allegedly offered the post of Attorney General in return for ending the fraud investigation against Sara Netanyahu.

Ukraine-  The US backed Ukraine coup government’s hopes for European association, encounters roadblock.  Most Ukrainians are disgusted with the rampant corruption in Kiev and public opinion is moving towards Russia.  Ukraine elections are scheduled for May 2019.

Asia:   India-   India joins South Asian pivot from the US to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization buying $5.1 billion Russian air defense system. Russian efforts to woo India are benefiting from Trump’s economic threats and trade wars.

Viet Nam-   Vietnamese Communist party chief Nguyễn Phú Trọng’s nomination for president goes to the National Assembly for approval, an almost foregone conclusion.  If elected Trong will become the first Vietnamese leader to hold the titles of both party general secretary and president of the country since founding president Ho Chi Minh. 

During his second term as party chief, the 74-year-old Trong launched a tough crackdown against corruption that saw high-ranking party and state officials and a politburo member brought to trial over allegations of financial mismanagement and embezzlement. Truong would replace President Trần Đại Quang who died on 21 September after a long illness. Currently, Vice President Đặng Thị Ngọc Trinh is acting president, the first woman to become Vietnam’s head of state.

If elected Nguyễn Phú Trọng who is dedicated to the nation and people and an anti corruption giant will have enough authority to turn from the US towards Russia, China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). 

Korea-   US officials head to Pyongyang on Sunday as the two Korea’s begin removal of border land mines.  The US is slowly being left behind as Russia successfully mediates between the Korea’s and leads them towards the SCO, wooing South Korea away from the American orbit. 


4 Oct:   Trump Trade War-   America’s second-largest oil client, China, has completely stopped buying crude from the United States as trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies continue to grow.   

Storm clouds gathering for US dollar–  The coming regime change in Iran will save the dollar temporarily, but when Jewish extremists sabotage the coming Middle East peace deal the region will explode and Europe will gain the ascendancy. 

When Trump’s Mideast  peace deal collapses the region will erupt in a bloodbath and Europe, perhaps with American blessings; will intervene to stop the bloodshed and end up occupying the Jewish state.  Then the Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Turks and Arab nations will abandon the Petrodollar and gratefully embrace Europe.  Then America will realize her mistake, but it will be too late as her petrodollar economy collapses. 

Mideast War-   

Update 14:00 PDT:   Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in a recent five-hour briefing to Palestinian reporters said he is confident that an agreement with Israel can be reached by mid-October, but warned of  mass border demonstrations if there is no deal.  The Israeli’s, telegraphing that there will be no deal, are now in a major build up for a Gaza operation to destroy the Gaza militias including the Hamas Military Wing.

Update 10:00 PDT:  Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman held urgent consultations on the Gaza crisis on Thursday with Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman, Government Administrator for the Territories Maj. Gen. Kamil Abu-Rukun and other senior officials.  He directed the IDF to stand at maximum readiness for all developments, and announced the deployment of Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries to southern Israel.

Israeli coalition parties are to discuss the Haredi crisis on Sunday and whether an election will be called, as IDF forces surround a Bedouin village and prepare to demolish the site.  This situation comes amid increasing tensions with Gaza and Israel is now on maximum war alert in the Gaza region  preparing to use the situation as a casus belli to destroy the Gaza militias.   

Israel to build up forces in Gaza region.  Following a situation assessment held earlier this morning, the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and senior IDF and Shin Bet officials decided on large scale IDF reinforcements in the Southern Command region in the coming days.  

Russia has completed delivery to Syria of the latest upgraded version of  the S-300 missile defense system along with 49 units of radars, basic target acquisition systems, command posts and four launchers.   The advanced air defense weapons system will be linked to and integrated with Russia’s own national C3 command, control and communications system and is planned to be fully operational by Oct 20.  The system was recently upgraded to cope with the latest US stealth warplanes.

Iraq-    Iraqi Kurdish statesman Barham Salih is Iraq’s new president, and veteran Iraq Shiite politician Adil Abdul-Mahdi has become prime minister  The Kurdish Salih, maintains good relations with both the US and Iran, while the Shiite Adil Abdul-Mahdi, a veteran politician and former oil minister, is the new prime minister backed by a Shiite faction led by the populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, critic of both Washington and Tehran.  


2 Oct:    By the calendar that God gave to Moses The Feast of The Eighth Day begins at sunset tonight!  A Blessed Feast of The Eighth Day for All God’s Faithful!

Europe-   Key Merkel ally Volker Kauder removed.  In an upset that shook the German political establishment, Kauder was tossed out for Ralph Brinkhaus, a member of a rising faction of disgruntled members of the CDU who are dissatisfied with Merkel’s policies. 

The present German government is likely to be a casualty of the coming Mideast war and its implications for Europe.   

Mideast War-   Russia is engaged in a massive airlift of air defense systems to Syria.

Ahead of an expected complete stoppage of funds to Gaza from Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority today began a massive round up of Hamas people on the West Bank.  So far 800 members of Hamas have been detained.  The shut off of funds to run the administration in Gaza is expected to bring economic collapse to Gaza and force the Gaza militias to open war with Israel. 

This whole situation is actually being forced by Israel and America through the cutting off of all funds to the Palestinians, thereby forcing Abbas to shut down funding in Gaza and precipitating war between Israel and the Gaza militias including the Hamas Military Wing so that Israel can destroy the Gaza militias preparatory to general peace talks. 

If war breaks out with Gaza, will Iran take advantage of the Russian air defense umbrella to rush supplies and reinforcements into Syria, precipitating an expansion of the war? 


1 Oct:   Trade-   Canada US sign new North American Free Trade Agreement. 

Mideast War:   Syria-   Most of the rebels [terrorists] have rejected the Russian Turkish Idlib demilitarization plan.

Iran-   Eight Iranian missiles fired from a base in Kermanshah targeted the headquarters of a remnant of the Islamic State, east of the Euphrates in Syria. The strike besides being retaliatory was a test of their missile systems and a warning to the US and Israel. 

UN begins evacuating personnel from Gaza as the deadline for evacuation of the Bedouin village slated for demolition passes tonight.  Palestinians mount general strike in Israel/West Bank.


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  1. Shabbat Services question:
    James, would you please tell me which group do you go on weekly Shabbat or for the Holly Days? I mean ucg -ccg -etc?

    It’s so hard just to be alone(spiritually speaking) and even in our home or close family nobody is interested.

    I have been very, very far away and for so many years from practicing or obeying GOD, even with the fact that I was baptized in 1975.

    I am not blaming the false teaching, the brethren or the dozens of churches that call themselves to be The Church. It is and has been all my fault and sins, and the fight within me that I lose almost every time. It is my need to start abeying our FATHER AND LORD.

    Dear Jose, Today God is calling us to HIM not to any group. Jesus said Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

    Noah was forced to stand alone or perhaps with his family, and it is the same with us today.

    Today all of the corporate assemblies that I am aware of have corrupted themselves and we must all learn to stand alone on the foundation of every Word of God like true pillars.

    Very soon now God’s two will call God’s faithful to come OUT of these organizations and come together to go to the place God has prepared. (Rev 3).

    For this reason I cannot recommend any group, instead I recommend to immerse ourselves in prayer and the diligent study and keeping of God’s Word as I have done.

  2. Sincerely I appreciate your answer.

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