News Prophecy Blog; Nov 2018

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30 Nov:   US-   Substantial  7.0 earthquake hits Anchorage

Mideast Peace-   President Trump is consulting with Arab leaders about timing for release of the now fully complete Peace Plan.   The peace plan, Greenblatt said, “will include a resolution to all of the core issues, including the refugee issue.” The US President told the Arab rulers that his “Plan of the Century” was finished down to the last iota and ready for immediate publication. 

Release of the fully completed Peace Plan is now tentatively planned for end Jan or early Feb 2019 so as to use the approaching elections as a national referendum on the Plan; that is, people could vote on parties for or opposed to the Plan. 

Watch for release of the Plan and a possible Israeli election in May or June with a regional war before polling day; with the combination of circumstances bringing a peace oriented government and the conclusion of a Peace Deal. 

Watch the European track as conditions develop for setting up the miracle worker and the New Federal Europe which he will call to accept (1 Thess 5:3). 

Watch the European track as conditions develop for setting up the miracle worker and the New Federal Europe which he will call to accept. 

IF these things happen in 2019 then the great tribulation will begin near the end of the year, if they take a little longer then the great tribulation will begin at the end of 2020.

Mideast War-   For 75 minutes Thursday night Israel bombarded at least 15 sites, most of them belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), pro-Iranian militias and Hezbollah; from the Syrian Hermon slopes in the north to the Iranian command center at Izra near Daraa in the south. 

Instead of an attack by warplanes Israel struck with the Long-Range Artillery Weapon system known as LORA which has a range of 400km; and guided short range Tamuz missiles.  These missiles are not nearly as precise as munitions launched by aircraft. 

Targeted was Al-Zabadani a Hezbollah town near the Lebanese border hosting Hezbollah command posts, training camps and ammunition and rocket depots.  At Al Kiswah south of Damascus, the IDF missiles struck Iran’s central command post in Syria. The command posts and structures of two brigades of Hezbollah, pro-Iranian Shiite and Palestinian militias. Israeli missiles also struck the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade based in the area north of Quneitra and 112th Brigade stationed south nearby.


29 Nov:   Breaking 14:00 PST-   Syrian sources reported shortly before midnight [local time] of Nov. 29, that Israeli air attacks had been ongoing from 21:30 over areas in the Damascus vicinity. Three waves of air and missile attacks had struck Al Kiswah, south of the capital, Qanaqar to the southwest, and Quneitra opposite Israel’s Golan border.  broadcasting stations claimed that flames were rising over Damascus airport from targeted aircraft. Also reported being attacked, are pro-Iranian militias’ command posts and bases, various missile batteries and Hezbollah forces. According to Hezbollah TV, all IDF bases on the Golan had been suddenly blacked out in expectation of retaliation as the Israeli attacks began. 

The strikes are taking place a few weeks before new Syrian air defenses become operational, and occur as Netanyahu builds defense team to face strong probability of corruption charges.

See this important new article at the COG News site.

Europe-   Trump ramps up crisis with Russia by cancelling meeting with Putin scheduled for Saturday;  says he will not meet with Putin again until Ukraine ships and men released.  The men are being held for investigation because they are members of Ukraine intelligence and the boats were loaded with dynamite and intercepted heading towards a Russian bridge.  

Mideast War-  Yet another IDF exercise practicing for the coming Gaza war.  The Kfir Infantry Brigade completed an extensive two-month exercise simulating a war in the Gaza Strip this week, as the hitherto West Bank-focused unit completes its 11th exercise this year in preparation for deployment on the coastal enclave border early next year.

A senior Hamas official announced this morning that if Israel continues to delay the promised easing of the blockade on Gaza, the demonstrations at the security fence will be stepped up.

Israel has observed increased traffic from Tehran to Beirut by Qeshm Air, which flies cargo for the Revolutionary Guards. The shipments have been identified as kits to upgrade Hezbollah missiles. The kits are being unloaded in Beirut and transferred to the missile facilities adjacent to the field.

Israel-  The Zionist Union block in crisis as MK’s demand changes or a split amid plans to establish a new party around Ehud Barak and Livni with Benny Gantz.

Georgia-    Salome Zurabishvili has won Georgia’s presidential election with 59%.  A former French diplomat [a daughter of Georgians who moved to France] she seeks to balance off relations with NATO and Russia rather than join NATO.


28 Nov:   Georgia votes in presidential elections today in a choice between the pro-NATO, pro-Western line espoused by presidential candidate, Grigol Vashadze who has the support of the United National Movement founded by Saakashvili [now living in exile in the Netherlands], and Salome Zurabishvili of the governing Georgian Dream party which has stood in the way of Georgia joining NATO. 

Mideast War-   Israeli Home Front Command warns of multi front war.

Netanyahu meets with former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Wednesday morning. Its purpose was officially termed as a consultation on security matters, with no political content. Netanyahu has set up a series of meetings with former military and security chiefs, two former chiefs of staff, Shaul Mofaz and Gaby Ashkenazi, have also received invitations.

Israel experiments with a new integrated training, command and combat brigade.

Europe-   Russia to send an additional S-400 air defense division to Crimea by the end of 2018.


Islamic terrorists in the Idlib ceasefire zone have been attacking Syrian villages as the Idlib situation heats up.  A Syrian Russian offensive can be expected against these Islamic extremists is probable by early next year.  The Nusrah Front has twenty chemical gas canisters prepared for an attack to be blamed on Syrian forces to justify an American take down of Syrian air defenses ahead of a planned Israeli war on Hezbollah in the coming months.


27 Nov:   Europe-   The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that it had begun testing the readiness of formations and military units of the Southern Military District, including Crimea, where the Black Sea Fleet is stationed, as well the Caspian Flotilla and troops deployed on the border with war-ravaged eastern Ukraine. The check reportedly included “more than 40 formations and military units.” 

Ukraine accuses Russia of massing roughly 500 tactical military planes and 340 helicopters along its border with Ukraine and preparing for war,

Poroshenko is trying to provoke a military emergency to prevent a March election loss as polls show him at less than 10% after his – backed by the US coup taking over the country – has resulted in subsequent catastrophe for Ukraine. In several cities the central heating and warm water supply is broken. Tens of thousands will have to freeze during the winter, some of them to death.

Since Poroshenko came to power millions of able Ukrainian workers have fled for work abroad, most of them to Russia. The most industrialized regions of the country are firmly in rebel hands. Most of the population is now destitute, the bureaucracy is utterly corrupt and the country is practically bankrupt.  

Kiev’s army is low on morale and would quickly collapse if Russia intervened in strength.  Poroshenko and his cronies will face dozens of corruption cases as soon as he loses power. If he is smart he will flee the Ukraine.  

Trump Economics-   President Donald Trump said in a statement on Tuesday, the administration is looking into cutting all US government subsidies provided to General Motors (GM) over the automaker’s decision to close several plants in the United States while leaving facilities open in Mexico and China. 

What Trump did not say is that this was a common sense corporate decision: The plants being closed were specific to models which are not selling and producing more is not expedient; while plants continuing to operate are specific to producing models which are selling well.

Europe-   Newsweek warns of the possibility of war between Ukraine and Russia.  They suggest that Ukraine could put up a stiff fight with its modernized military, but do not mention that the present Ukraine government and pro NATO policies are extremely unpopular in Ukraine;  while the Ukraine military is Russian trained and has very close ties to the Russian military 

In fact Ukraine has been preparing an offensive against its own Russian speaking population for a long time.  From the Russian perspective the ideal window for action is when the US is involved in conflict with Syria/Iran, which may be why the US puppet Ukraine oligarchs are trying to provoke conflict now.

Britain and the EU have agreed on the first Brexit document which will now be voted on by parliament in mid December.  Approval is not guaranteed.

Western propaganda mill pushes phony news that Ukrainian warships had a right to enter Sea of Azov under the 2003 Treaty, while hiding the fact that the Treaty on the Legal Status of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait, signed in 2003 by Russia and the Ukraine, provides that;   military ship entry into the Azov Sea is only allowed with prior warning and by mutual consent, and requires the presence of a Russian official and a navigational pilot on the vessel.   

NATO officials to meet Ukrainian officials in a high level conference this afternoon as the US and the West stand with Ukraine in creating a crisis with Russia, in order to motivate European nations to establish a New Federal Europe. See our many articles on Russia, Europe and the Middle East here


26 Nov:   Ukraine-  Parliament approves martial law for ten districts for 30 days, rejects postponing elections.

Iran-   Two weeks before the next round of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports EU efforts to circumvent the sanctions “are not going to be a game changer,” said one European official. The EU can establish the mechanism but only so much can be done to persuade firms to risk potential US penalties on their trade with the US for busting sanctions on Iran.  

Israel-   Government to use change in the Defense Minister’s office to ask the High Court for yet another postponement of the Haredi Draft Bill deadline [now set at Dec 3].

Ukraine Provokes crisis with Russia-   Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday he would propose that parliament declare martial law in the country after the Russian military seized three Ukrainian navy ships [trying to illegally infiltrate the Sea of Azov].    Poroshenko wants to use the incident which he apparently contrived, to declare martial law and suspend the March elections [the [allegedly] extremely corrupt and unpopular Poroshenko trails in the polls at only 8%] and suspend civil liberties including freedom of speech and freedom of movement.  While the oligarchs loot the country the people are turning solidly against the Western backed coup government. See our articles on Ukraine and Russia here.

Three Ukrainian vessels detained after entering Russian waters are being held in the port of  Kerch.

Yesterday Ukrainian forces occupied a town within the neutral zone between the government controlled part and the Donetsk area and launched three separate attacks in the Donetsk Basin.  

Today three Ukrainian ships tried to force their way the Sea of Azov and were captured by the Russian navy. 

The Treaty on the Legal Status of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait, signed in 2003 by Russia and the Ukraine, provides that military ship entry into the sea is only allowed with mutual consent.  The Ukrainian government, urged on by the U.S., wants to establish a new military harbor in the Sea of Azov. Two of its navy ships, a rescue vessel and a tug, passed through the street on September 23. In October the Russian government warned that it will not allow any further militarization of the sea.

The Ukraine president is way back in the polls for the spring elections, possibly prompting his attacks in Donbass and subsequent foolish attempt to force through the Russian fleet in the Azov sea.  


25 Nov:   Israel-    After lengthy examination of the evidence prosecutors recommend corruption charges against Netanyahu.  The Attorney General must now decide if charges will actually be filed.

Aviv Kochavi takes over the position of Israeli chief of staff on January 15.

After Prime Minister Netanyahu announced he will not change the current ‎language of the military conscription bill ‎United ‎Torah ‎Judaism, Shas likely to exit government taking 13 Knesset seats between them, triggering elections.   PM: Decision on the bill is final.

Mideast War-   A force of US Marines and Kurdish YPG militia has captured Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim, aka Abu Zeid, Islamic State second in command in the village of al-Tayyana in the Deir ez-Zour region of Syria, east of the River Euphrates. He was taken hiding in a tunnel under a house. The tunnel also contained 20 cell phones, gold and large sums of cash.

Rebels launch chemical weapons attack on Aleppo, dozens hospitalized.  The attack was apparently carried out by the Islamic State which had seized a chlorine canister from the Al Nusrah Front.  The Front had twenty such canisters prepared for an attack to be blamed on Syrian forces to justify an American take down of Syrian air defenses ahead of a planned Israeli war on Hezbollah in the coming months.

Israel holds massive practice for coming war

Israel-   The Haredi draft bill due for final passage this week is again throwing the coalition into crisis, as Yesh Atid claims foul over apparent Likud plans to finance Haredi parties with large subsidies to offset the bill.  Israeli political parties exploring ways to beat Netanyahu in elections expected soon.  


24 Nov:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


23 Nov:   How “fun” is being used to lure Jews and Muslims into ecumenism.

Mideast War-  A large Arab force has been deployed to Syrian Kurdistan to aid US forces and Kurds in blocking Iranian supply line to Hezbollah and the Assad regime.  This is the first use of the Trump proposed Arab NATO concept, which force is designed for the coming war on Iran and ultimately as an international protection force for Palestine under the coming Trump Peace Deal.  When Israel reneges on the peace agreement such a force will back up the inevitable Palestinian uprising as per Psalm 83.

France sends intelligence gathering ship to supplement US intelligence flights over Syria.


22 Nov:   Asia-   Japan and Russia courtship progressing  

See today’s new article on the rise of Turkey and the Khashoggi affair.


21 Nov:    TheShiningLight-   Announcing the publication of our brand new book “Bible Studies Daniel Revelation.”   Our studies in these books will be updated by serial posting of the chapters in 2019.   The 2300 Day and 70 Weeks prophecies are explained, including dating the birth, ministry and death of Jesus Christ and the approximate onset of the latter day tribulation and the second coming of Messiah the Christ. The 144,000, God’s Two Prophets and the Messages to the Seven Churches are also explained in detail along with the entire content of Daniel and Revelation.

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving celebration in the United States; for information on Thanksgiving please visit our Non Biblical Festivals category.

Europe-   French president calls for a new chapter in European history.

Saudi Arabia-   Despite recent media reports pointing to his guilt in the Khashoggi murder, the Saudi crown prince has the backing of Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo and has now announced that he will attend the G20 summit in Buenos Aires on 26-30 November.   

Israel-   Unable to muster enough votes to pass legislation the Israeli government is alive but comatose, all official travel has been cancelled and all pending legislation is on hold.  Meanwhile Kahlon agrees not to bring down the government and it is expected to last for a few more months.

Netanyahu wants an election in late May which means the present government could last well into February. 

  • Bibi needs to wait until Syria can annihilate the last Islamic State bastion near Palmyra before moving against the foreign terrorists in Idlib Province.  The Idlib operation which is expected in a few months could bring a long planned terrorist chemical attack to be blamed on Assad, providing an excuse for America to take out the Syrian air defenses, which would allow an Israeli attack on Hezbollah.  
  • After the war Netanyahu can go to elections in late May using the Independence Day celebrations to rejoice over a great victory on the battlefield, and then hopefully win big in the election. 
  • This has all been very carefully planned but could backfire big time if the war is a very costly bloody affair with extensive bombardments on Israeli cities.  This war and election could well bring in a peace making coalition amenable to the Trump Peace Initiative. 
  • Will a Middle Peace Deal be agreed in late 2019 or will it take until sometime in 2020?  Once a man in the Vatican is empowered to do miracle and goes to Jerusalem and peace is declared, the tribulation will immediately begin (1Thess 5:3, Mat 24:5)!

Mideast War-   Hamas is at a “very dramatic junction,” in which the Military Wing has to recalculate whether it wants to fight Israel or keep the calm of the past week. 

A war on Gaza now probable  before May could begin with a surprise attack to assassinate Hamas Military Wing officials.  Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that Israel is “closer than ever” to re-occupying the coastal enclave and “must move from defense to offense,” which he clarified means “targeted killings of the terrorist leaders of Hamas’ military wing.  “And it means being willing to capture and hold the Gaza Strip, until we dismantle the terrorist infrastructure,” said Erdan, a member of the security cabinet, speaking at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in the capital.


20 Nov:   Mideast War-   Syria’s army high command announced it has taken full control of the Tulul al-Safa heights, a volcanic plateau east of Sweida province.  The area was Islamic State’s last stronghold in southern Syria.  Syria will now make preparations for a battle to annihilate the last IS bastion near Palmyra before moving against the foreign terrorists in Idlib Province.  

The Idlib operation which is expected in a few months could bring a long planned terrorist chemical attack to be blamed on Assad, providing an excuse for America to take out the Syrian air defenses which would allow an Israeli attack on Hezbollah.  

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has asked Moscow to bring Lebanese air space including Hezbollah under the protection of the Russian air defense system.  The request is under consideration in Moscow.

Turkey to release Khashoggi tapes this week.  The tapes will include conversations between the killers and Riyadh.  In another development on Monday, a senior Saudi source told the Middle East Eye news portal that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had delivered a US plan to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the crown prince to shield them from the murder scandal.


19 Nov:   Israel-   A coalition land bill was defeated today by 47-42.  The coalition has decided to withdraw all bills that were due to be discussed tonight in view of the difficulty in obtaining a majority in the plenum.

Netanyahu wants elections in late May so that he can use the Independence Day to rejoice over a great victory and win big in the election.  The other parties want elections as soon as possible at the end of March.  I would assume from his change of heart that Bennett at least has been informed of the impending conflict and has reversed himself and hitched his cart back with Netanyahu.  It is possible that an election call could be postponed for weeks so as to enable elections in late May [elections must he at least 90 days after being called and usually take place in about 90 – 100 days. 

Bennett declared “For the past decade, our soldiers have been held back by one constraint after another and taught to fear the military prosecutor more than the enemy,” Bennett said in a detailed indictment of the Netanyahu government’s security policy. “Hamas and Hezbollah became more brazen day by day because they sensed our fear, whereas our enemies no longer feared us,” Bennett said. However, if Netanyahu’s pledge to change course and make war is serious, Jewish Home would not desert the ship of government, but support him as defense minister unconditionally. “The state of Israel is too precious for us to walk away without this test.”

War could break out at any time, however it would not be surprising if it still took some weeks or even a few months for things to develop.  After six thousand years what is a few months or even a year or two?  This is a time for steadiness, patience and preparation, through diligently internalizing every Word of God.

Mideast War-   The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made strong advances in the Al-Safa region of Al-Sweida, yesterday, after a fierce battle with the Islamic State.  Syria is on the brink of extirpating the IS from the rural region after which they will focus on the final IS redoubt before attacking the foreign terrorists in Idlib who have not signed on to the Turkish ceasefire. 

That operation is expected to bring a terrorist chemical attack to be blamed on Assad, providing an excuse for America to take out the Syrian air defenses which would allow an Israeli attack on Hezbollah. 

Today Bennett withdrew his threat to bring down the Israeli government saying that; if Netanyahu would restore Israel’s strength and its deterrence, he would remove all his conditions. In other words Bennett would stay on if Bibi would go to war; this presupposes that Bibi informed him that action is pending.  Kulanu on  the other hand insisted that they will bring down the government on Wednesday


18 Nov:   Israel-   Rejecting an ultimatum by the Jewish Home party in a special address Sunday evening, Netanyahu said he will serve as Defense Minister for the first time in his career.  Declaring “I have a clear plan. I know what to do, and when to do it. And I’ll do it” Netanyahu who sees himself as a latter day David, indicated that he wants to lead Israel into war. 

The Jewish Home party will make a statement in the Knesset at 10:30 [local time] tomorrow morning.  Jewish Home ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked will announce their resignations from the government tomorrow, according to Hadashot TV news reports.  

Trump Trade War-   Due to the United States for the first time in 25 years, leaders at the Asia-Pacific trade summit failed to reach an agreement.  The failure does not bode well for the future of the World Trade Organization or for the  26-30 November G20  Buenos Aires summit.

Mideast War-   After completing an exercise in the North Atlantic the USS Harry Truman with a strike force consisting of the USS Normandy guided missile cruiser and four guided missile destroyers USS Arleigh Burk, USS Forrest Sherman, USS Bulkeley and USS Farragut and multiple other warships and submarines entered the Mediterranean on Friday, Nov. 16.  They are headed for Syrian waters to counter the Russian fleet air defense umbrella over Syria/Lebanon and the new air defenses provided to Syria. 

The US is acting in support of Israel in the hope that the presence of the US fleet will dissuade Russia from shooting down Israeli warplanes.  If Russia does not back down from the stand off the US may destroy the new Syrian air defense systems.

Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will confer on the sidelines of the 26-30 November G20  Buenos Aires summit.

The Hamas Military Wing has announced that they will bombard Tel Aviv in the next round.  Israel is maintaining an invasion force on the Gaza border with war expected in the near future.  Sinwar also revealed that there are cells in the West Bank ready to strike;  Abbas is in failing health and losing control and a West Bank crisis could easily develop.

Israel-   Netanyahu to ask President Trump to delay announcing the Peace Plan until after Israeli elections. The plan is now complete and details of when and how to announce it are being considered.  It is no surprise that an Israeli election is being engineered to establish a new mandate to deal with the plan, as was previously posted on this site as being likely. 

Coalition heads are scheduled to meet Netanyahu one by one later today to discuss the elections, a bill to dissolve the Knesset is being prepared for a vote on Wednesday Nov 21.


17 Nov:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


16 Nov:  Arabia/US/Turkey-    The White House is exploring pretexts to expel exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, in hopes that Turkey will back away from the Saudi killing of Khashoggi saving the Saudi crown prince and preserving the American plans for war on Iran.

The chief prosecutor of Saudi Arabia has unsurprisingly cleared his boss prince Muhammad bin Salmon of involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi prosecutor indicted eleven people and demanded the death penalty for five of them.


15 Nov:  Israel-   Israeli officials discussing new election date.

President Rivlin met the Roman Pontiff at the Vatican today.  On Friday, the president will meet with the Italian Prime Minister and President. The three leaders will discuss recent political changes in the Middle East and the strengthening of relations between Israel and Italy

Both Kahlon’s Kulanu and Deri’s Shas have advised Bibi to call elections,  Netanyahu is to meet with Jewish Home Party Chairman Naftali Bennett Friday morning.  Meeretz is preparing legislation to be tabled next week dissolving the Knesset and calling elections.

Update 03:30 PST-   Coalition parties recommend elections.

Today Netanyahu will meet with heads of the coalition factions in order to decide whether to continue the coalition or call elections. 

Israeli forces remain massed in place on the Gaza border awaiting an invasion go ahead.  Bibi wants to fight the election as Mr. Security and has little choice except to go to war.


14 Nov:   Israel-   Update 10:00 PST-   Jewish Home party MKs vote  unanimously o demand the defense portfolio and insist on invading Gaza.

Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot on Wednesday held a situational assessment in the Gaza Division with the Commander of the Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi, the Commander of the Gaza Division, Brig. Gen. Eliezer Toledano, the Commander of the 162nd Division, Brig. Gen. Oded Basyuk and other commanders.

Update 08:20-  PM Netanyahu begins talks with coalition partners.

Update 06:30 PST-   The Jewish Home will convene at 6:30 PM [08:30 PST] for a closed meeting to discuss leaving the coalition and forcing elections.  “Now is the time to place the defense portfolio in the hands of Naftali Bennett and the Jewish Home,” said MK Shuli Mualem Refaeli, chairman of the Jewish Home Party faction.

Update 04:20 PST-   The Jewish Home party has presented an ultimatum to Netanyahu demanding the defense ministry or they will bring elections.  Netanyahu’s Likud dismisses the demand, says ‘no reason’ for Netanyahu to give up the position after Avigdor Liberman’s resignation.

Update 03:15 PST-   In a stunning development Lieberman resigns as defense minister.PM Netanyahu will take over the defense portfolio as other parties call for elections.

Speculation abounds that Avigdor Lieberman was about to resign as defense minister after Bibi forced a Gaza ceasefire through the Security Cabinet. Lieberman has called a special Yisrael Beytenu faction meeting on Wednesday at noon, to be followed by a major public announcement. scheduled a news conference for 1 pm Wednesday, Nov. 14, the day after he and three other ministers objected to the security cabinet’s decision to accept a ceasefire with Hamas, Netanyahu will call snap elections if Lieberman resigns.

Officials close to Liberman confirmed that he is planning to quit the Defense Ministry as a result of his ongoing frustration with the government’s handling of the crisis with Hamas. The minister’s office neither confirmed nor denied the claims.

Shortly thereafter, a senior coalition official close to Prime Minister Netanyahu said that if Liberman does in fact resign, it would spell the end of the government and force early elections.

“A decision to dissolve the Knesset would be made very soon,” after Liberman’s resignation, the source said, “and new elections held within the next couple of months.”


13 Nov:   Breaking Israel agrees to calm for calm and an unofficial ceasefire.  This calm may break at any time or it could last until next spring as long term truce talks are scheduled to be completed by the end of May. 

USA-   US news outlets report that President Donald Trump will remove Department of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen and replace chief of staff John Kelly in another shake-up of his administration.

Mideast War- 

Update 08:30 PST-  Security Cabinet orders military to carry on.  An Egyptian delegation is to visit Israel on Wednesday.

Israel has begun mobilizing reserves after bombing 150 sites in Gaza overnight.  Israel rejects ceasefire contacts as Security Cabinet meets sooner than planned after 70 more rockets were launched overnight. There are several infiltration alerts on the Gaza border today with the IDF attacking infiltrators apparently emerging from attack tunnels.

Remember that it was Israel which provoked this situation by breaking the ceasefire, but it is Hamas who is overreacting on a large scale.  


12 Nov: 

Update 15:20 PST-   400 projectiles were launched from the Gaza Strip since 4 pm Monday local time [it is now 1 a.m. local time].  A third building in Ashkelon was hit Monday night.

Update 13:50 PST:   Monday evening, large numbers of tanks and other military vehicles began moving to the Gaza border on large trucks. Earlier in the day, before the barrages began, the army ordered extra infantry battalions to the region.

Update 12:30 PST-   A major Israeli Gaza operation, perhaps the operation to destroy the Gaza militias to enable a peace deal which I have been warning about for the past 12 years, appears to be beginning.  The Israeli Security Cabinet will meet tomorrow evening to discuss calling up reserves, as troops already in location prepare for battle.  The reserve call up is being delayed until the Israeli civil elections run off is completed tomorrow.  Rockets from the Gaza Strip in the past five and a half hours climbed past 300 by 10 p.m. local time [noon PST].   

Damage to a four-story residential building in Ashkelon was heavy, but all residents made it to shelters in time to escape harm. The second direct hit in Ashkelon caused extensive damage in a residential district. One person was injured. 

Update 11:30 PST-   Israel destroys Gaza TV indicating that a major operation is coming,  Hamas launches another massive barrage about three minutes ago.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister authorize major IDF Gaza Operation.  Rocket launching and Israeli bombing continuing.

Update 11:00 PST-   Israel bombs 70 sites in Gaza as rockets continue to fly and Israel takes operational decisions.

Update 10:00 PST-   Two hundred rockets have now been launched at Israel and Israel has pledged to respond in full intensity.  Israel is conducting air strikes across the strip and preparing for major operations.  The IDF has announced that Gaza will feel the full power of Israel in the coming hours as Israel begins massing troops and armour for what could be the long planned operation to destroy the Hamas Military Wing and Gaza militias so that a long term armistice can be achieved.

It is now likely that Israel has decided to deal with Gaza first before attacking Hezbollah.

07:45 PST-    Hamas announces start of hostilities with Israel

Requests by the Hamas Political Wing for a continuation of the ceasefire fell on deaf ears as Israel deploys Iron Dome defense systems before conducting heavy bombing in Gaza. Hamas fires 90 rockets on Israel.  After the first 90 rockets were fired from Gaza Monday afternoon, alerts multiplied towards evening in Beersheba, Lakiya, Arad, Dead Sea, Ashkelon industrial zone. Hamas: If Israel expands its air strikes over Gaza, we shall expand our rocket targets.

Hamas Qassam Brigades claimed victory Monday morning, saying they “taught the enemy a hard lesson.”  The Israeli’s had entered Gaza breaking the ceasefire and killed seven Hamas men.  Hamas managed to kill the Israeli Lt. Col commanding the mission and launched 17 rockets Israeli border communities, with Iron Dome system intercepting 3 of them.  


11 Nov: 

Update 17:00 PST-   One Israeli officer was killed.  Rockets continue to enter Israel from Gaza.

Update 14:45 PST-   Netanyahu rushes home after Israeli assassination of Hamas commanders deliberately breaking the ceasefire understanding. Hamas’s military wing said in an official a statement, “a special IDF force penetrated into Gaza at three kilometers depth in a civilian vehicle near the Isma’il Abu Shanab mosque, east of Khan Yunis. “The force killed Nur Barakeh, Hamas’s military wing brigade commander. After the IDF force was revealed, the IAF aircraft began firing to allow to cover the soldiers withdrawal, which led to fatalities on the our side,” Hamas’s statement read.  “The incident is ongoing, and our forces are operating against the Zionist dangerous aggression, the statement concluded.

13:00 Breaking PST-  Top Hamas military wing commanders Sheikh Nur Barakeh, and Muhammad al-Qara and four companions were killed in an IDF special forces attack Sunday night near Khan Younes in the southern Gaza Strip. One source identified the target as a battalion commander of the Hamas Ezz-edin al-Qassam armed wing. The reports described Israel air and drone strikes in the area. According to some sources, the Israeli force was caught up in a fierce firefight after the assassination strikes. 

At 10:20 p.m, rocket alert sirens began sounding through southern Israel

Russia/USA-   The anticipated summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was called off at the WWI centenary events they both attended in Paris on Sunday, they will meet on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Argentina on Nov. 26-30 instead.

Peace-   The Paris International Forum on World Peace begins today. The first edition of the Paris Peace Forum, created by French President Emmanuel Macron, will bring together world leaders, international organizations, think tanks and nonprofits to discuss on Sunday security, terrorism, climate, green energy, global governance, cyberthreats and other pressing issues of the 21st century.

USA-  The crowd marching to the US border is leaving Mexico City after dwindling to about 4,000. 

Mideast War-   Syrian units, backed by Russian special forces, have launched an offensive against the ISIS fighters who have taken up position in the Al-Safa region of southern Syria. The 32nd Brigade of the Syria army’s 4th Armored Division was withdrawn from the Quneitra region opposite Israel for the anti-ISIS operation. 

Once this operation is concluded it will be the turn of the international terrorists not in the agreement with Turkey on Idlib:  Which operation could bring the long expected phony chemical attack to justify an American take out of Syria’s air defenses ahead of an Israeli operation against Hezbollah.

Israel gives Hezbollah ultimatum:  Stop upgrading rockets or we will attack.  It seems that the US is backing the Israeli play; are the rumors about Mattis war opposition a military ruse?

On Nov. 10, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah responded in a televised speech: Hezbollah will unquestionably retaliate against any Israeli aggression against Lebanon. We are not afraid of any sanctions and we will continue to hold on to our weapons and missiles.” He added: ”We condemn any form of normalization with the Zionist entity. The path of the Resistance is decisive, strong and triumphant, achieving historic victories [referring to the Islamic State in Syria] . We are not afraid of any sanctions and we will continue to hold on to our weapons and missiles.”  This game of threat counter-threat could continue for some time yet.

9 Nov:   New Moon-  Sunset tonight begins the ninth biblical month.  A Blessed Sabbath and New Moon for All God’s Faithful!  The New Moon is to be observed wit congregational bible studies, or personal bible studies if it is not possible to meet with a like minded congregation.  I recommend that visitors go to the “Sabbath and Calendar” category and review these things this New Moon Sabbath Day. 

Europe-   Macron pushes a European army able to defend Europe as an island between Russia and the US.  

USA-   Florida passed an amendment that will restore the voting rights of some 1.4 million people with past felony convictions. This will change the political landscape. Most of the felons are people of color, often convicted for very minor crimes. In 2016 Trump carried the state by only 100,000 votes.

The U.S. Army’s top official said Thursday that he wants to see sergeants making regular visits to the barracks on weekends to help reduce the number of soldiers who die by suicide.  In calendar year 2017, 509 U.S. military personnel died by suicide, according to Defense Department numbers. Of that number, the Army suffered 298 deaths by suicide 

Asia-  Pakistan and the US will meet with the Taliban at the Moscow, Afghanistan peace conference which begins today.  In addition the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, will visit Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar from Nov. 8 to 20 to push for peace negotiations with the Afghan Taliban. 

This spring the Taliban guaranteed the security of the multinational oil companies pipeline through the country enabling Trump to seek an exit from the war which was launched when the Taliban failed to sign on to the pipeline project despite the wooing of US officials and oil companies.  

The Taliban appeared to agree to a $2 billion pipeline deal, but would do the deal only if the US officially recognizes the Taliban regime and all the ducks were lined up for US oil companies.  In 1998  President Clinton refused to extend diplomatic recognition to the Taliban, making business there legally problematic. A concern that Clinton will lose support among women voters for upholding the Taliban plays a role in the cancellation. Timeline history of US and oil company relations with the Taliban.

Israel-   Israeli Settler Movement continues to fan Palestinian extremism.  These same extremists will trigger the tribulation by sabotaging the coming peace deal.


8 Nov:  Israel-   Police recommend indictments against six in massive government corruption case.

Europe-   Manfred Weber, a reserved Bavarian has won the backing of Europe’s centre-right parties in the race to become European Commission president.  Weber, who is little known outside of Germany and the EU capital Brussels and has never held a ministerial position, won 79 percent of the support of delegates from Europe’s largest political grouping and is now front runner to become the successor to outgoing EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, also of the EPP. 

Whichever group comes first in the European assembly’s election will have first chance to try to obtain the backing of the European Parliament to be chosen as European Commission president.  The decision of who gets the Commission job also depends on the EU’s national leaders.

In his formal speech to the party plenary, Weber extolled European values: “I stand here not only to ask for your support as a candidate, but I stand here to ask you for a mandate, a mandate to change Europe!” He also stressed Europe’s Christian [Catholic] traditions, winning applause from the audience.

Weber will likely compete against Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans, the former Dutch foreign minister who is currently unchallenged for the nomination of the Party of European Socialists — Europe’s second-biggest political family. 

After the May European parliament elections the heads of member states are expected to nominate the lead candidate of the party winning the most seats in parliament, or at least the lead candidate most likely to be able to form a majority coalition. The Council’s nominee must then win the support of a majority of the EU Parliament. 

Once this is achieved the new EU leadership is prepared to push through a package of reforms to create a strong Federal Europe.  It is these reforms which must be agreed by the member states which an influential Roman Pontiff will exhort the member states to approve, thus creating the last revival of the Holy Roman Empire regardless of the name by which it is called.   It is conceivable that these reforms could be approved by ten nations late in 2019 but the process could take until late 2020

USA-   The first act of new AG Matt Whitaker was to immediately take over oversight of Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, from Sessions’ deputy Rod Rosenstein.  For all practical purposes the investigation in to Trump is now controlled by Trump.  In fact Trump was supported by Russian billionaires and Jewish billionaires not directly by the Russian state, and Donald wants to conceal that fact from the general public. 

Trump claims to be an establishment outsider when he is completely owned by the establishment and is pushing through the establishment agenda, even his phony attacks on the press are designed to give an impression that he is anti establishment when nothing is further from the truth. 

Viet Nam-  The US finally cleans up Da Nang airport decades after its massive chemical warfare program in Viet Nam. 


7 Nov:   Mideast War-  Special US envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, today asked Russia to permit Israeli attacks inside Syria.  President Donald Trump sits down with President Vladimir Putin in Paris next Sunday, Nov.11 to try and avert a crisis.

Jefferies spoke after meeting with Netanyahu and Israeli military leaders in Jerusalem last Monday. Moscow had indicated that should Israeli jets enter Syrian airspace to attack Iranian backed militias, the S-300 would shoot them down.

Israel has indicted that they will soon resume attacks on Syria and warned that if its aircraft were intercepted by air defenses, Israel would take action against the S-300 batteries, even if they were manned by Russian personnel.

Two days later, the Kremlin announced that President Putin had no intention of granting a meeting to Prime Minister Netanyahu in Paris next Sunday. 


Update 13:00 PST-  Trump is wasting no time in derailing the Russia investigation. Matt Whittaker was sworn in as US Acting Attorney General hours after the resignation was announced of Jeff Session as Attorney general. Whitaker now oversees all the work at the DOJ including the Russian investigation headed by Bob Mueller,

Update 12:00 PST-  Trump is working fast: Only hours after my first report, Attorney General Jeff Session was asked by President Donald Trump to resign and Sessions responded immediately.  Additional White House and cabinet changes are expected. President Trump has appointed Matt Whittaker, chief of staff at the Justice Department, as Acting Attorney General.

After a minor gain in the Senate and a big loss in the House, Trump is now set on major cabinet changes.  Such changes may take place early in the new year when the new senate takes office with stronger Republican representation needed to get his picks through the consent process.  Now Trump can get the people he really wants for his war plans; several are said to be on the block including Sessions and Mattis while numerous aides and staffers could head for the door in the new year. 

Trump can now get the war cabinet he wants from the Senate while House Democrats are in a strong position to block any Trump legislation.  After making the needed changes in his cabinet Trump will be ready for his war and peace initiative, the success of which could bring a big victory in 2020.   


6 Mideast War:  Today, Israeli security cabinet minister Ze’ev Elkin informed Russian media that Israel will attack Syria’s new Russian S-300 air defense systems if they are used.  At this point the systems are manned by Iranians. 


5 Nov:   Mideast War-   The Mideast war is on hold as the US and Israel assess the situation in Saudi Arabia.  Another issue is US Sec Defense Mattis intense opposition to the war.  Mattis is rumored to be on the way out after the midterms.  These are two of the reasons for Netanyahu’s acceptance of a temporary calm in Gaza. 

Trump grants eight waivers to nations importing oil from Iran.

Another Afghan army position has fallen to the Taliban.  Afghanistan finally agrees to attend the Nov 9 Moscow Afghan peace talks,

Today Iranian armed forces launched a two day air defense exercise dubbed “The Defenders of Velayat Skies 97.” 

Saudi Arabia’s King Salmon will embark on a week-long domestic tour on Tuesday to try and calm the political crisis.


4 Nov:   Syria-  Repeated attacks by terrorists who reject the Idlib ceasefire are provoking an operation against them. 

Gaza-   In this story please note that none of the discussion points include disarming militias or limiting their weaponry; therefore this is not a serious negotiation from the Israeli perspective but only a maneuver to delay hostilities until the overall political and military situation is ready for conflict.  These talks are also setting up the primary agreement which will actually be implemented by the Hamas Political Wing after the Military Wing is disarmed in future.  It is when a peace deal in the region has been reached behind the scenes that military action will be taken to remove the objecting parties and enable implementation of the peace deal at a peace conference.

The various parties involved in Gaza talks have agreed to a December 31 deadline to negotiate a long term Gaza truce; they have also agreed to a calm until Dec 31 as per the first steps of the talks agenda.    Friday Hamas and Islamic Jihad delivered on promises to keep the weekly Friday protests in the Gaza Strip peaceful. Reports on the ground are that the protests were the quietest in several months, and that protesters stayed far away from the Israeli border.

Iran-   The end of business on Friday marked the end of the six month period between the US withdrawing from the P5+1 nuclear deal and the withdrawal being finalized. As of Monday, the US will be reimposing all sanctions against Iran that they had previously been required by treaty to ease.



3 Nov:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


2 Nov:  USA-   Investigative Documentary Film-   Israeli involvement in American policy.

Europe-   After the CDU chooses a new leader to replace Merkel in December, Germany will probably hold early elections for a new Chancellor.  After Brexit a new German government may be able to support French President Emmanuel Macron ambitious reforms to further economically and politically integrate the EU, which Merkel has been unable to advance due to her political situation.

With a general Middle East war coming in the next year and very likely new German, Israeli and Palestinian governments, along with European parliamentary elections next spring and a new European Commission; 2019 promises to be a most interesting year for Europe and the Middle East.

Russia-   Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has frozen the assets of 322 Ukrainian politicians and officials and 68 businesses, in response to similar Ukrainian measures against Russia. They targeted President Petro Poroshenko’s son Olexiy, who manages the family billions in assets, presidential contender Yulia Tymoshenko,, the head of Ukraine’s SBU security service Vasil Hrytsak, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and billionaire tycoon Victor Pinchuk.

Ukraine is arguably the most corrupt nation on earth today.  With the Ukrainian people disgusted by their western imposed and backed government, Ukraine goes to elections on March 31, 2019.  Will Russia react to the Mideast war by moves in Ukraine, or will the people throw these folks out [perhaps with a little help from their friends in Moscow] and turn back towards Russia, or will the present instability persist in Ukraine?

This week the Israeli air force is taking part in the US-led Clear Sky exercise in Ukraine, practicing attacks against Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems.

Ukraine is armed with six types of Russian air defense systems – three short-range self-propelled Koob 2K12, Tor 9K330 and C-125; two medium-range S-300PT systems, which are closely related to the mobile, all-purpose, anti-missile and anti-air S-300V1 S-12 Gladiators: and, finally, a long-range S-200V. 

Ukraine’s possession of the same types of air defense systems which Russia has deployed in Syria makes Ukraine an ideal place for the US and Israel to practice attacking those systems. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko will soon come for a visit so that Bibi can thank him for allowing the Israeli’s to practice in Ukraine.


1 Nov:   Arabia-   In what appears to be the start of a challenge to the rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, his exiled uncle Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz has reportedly returned to Saudi Arabia from the United Kingdom this week.  Prince Ahmed, the younger brother of King Salman, called his nephew “toxic” in the wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and Saudi sources say he intends to return to challenge the crown prince on that basis.

Europe-   Europe chaffs under Trump economic bullying.

Middle East War-  Update-  Gaza militias agree to scale back protest demonstrations and incendiary balloons to give talks more time.  

Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders will meet in Gaza ahead of the arrival of a Egyptian intelligence delegation this afternoon.  They are preparing for a meeting between the Egyptian delegation and representatives of the factions.

Air, ground, naval and special forces from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan have begun arriving in Egypt for the exercises called “The Shield of the Arabs 1”, due to be held from Nov. 3-16.  Observers from Lebanon and Morocco will also attend the maneuvers, which are intended to push forward the Trump vision of an Arab NATO like alliance.

US Politics-  In a political maneuver designed to increase support for the Republican party in his base before next week’s midterm elections president Trump has surged 5600 troops to the border with Mexico.  The official reason is the need to “defend” against a migrant march to the US border from Latin America which has already been defused when Mexico granted work permits for those people who remained in south Mexico.   

Besides political grandstanding there is another motive behind the move: The military will be engaged in constructing border barriers in an attempt to undercut congressional rejection of his Mexico border wall boondoggle. 

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