News Prophecy Blog; May 2020

31 May:  A Blessed Sabbath and Feast of First Fruits for all God’s Faithful!  TheShiningLight will feature a Pentecost article  on each of those days.  Of course God sent his Holy Spirit on Pentecost but there is vastly more meaning to this incredible High Holy Day, come and see some of what so many have been missing!

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02:30 PDT: USA- Demonstrations and riots broke out across the country last night.

At the request of the mayor of Atlanta the Georgia governor declared a state of emergency and called out the Guard to help with demonstrations in that city.

The Guard was also on standby in the District of Columbia, where a crowd grew outside the White House and chanted curses at US President Donald Trump. Some protesters tried to push through barriers set up by the US Secret Service along Pennsylvania Avenue, and threw bottles and other objects at officers wearing riot gear, who responded with pepper spray.


29 May 17:00 PDT:  Derek Chauvin, the police officer seen on video using his knee to pin down a handcuffed George Floyd by the neck cutting of blood flow to the brain from his carotid artery and killing him, has been charged with third degree murder.

15:00 PDT:  While the whole world recognizes the need to work together and support the WHO during the epidemic, US president Donald Trump disagrees and announced today that the U.S. will be ‘terminating’ its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

10:15 PDT:  Contrary to Donald Trump’s ten year old schoolyard bully-boy attitude the governor of Minnesota has held a balanced news conference. Watch here.  

05:45 PDT:  Minnesota deploys National Guard as riots continue. 

03:00 PDT:  First Report USA-  Protesters set fire to a Minneapolis police station as three days of violent protests spread to at least 20 areas of the city including nearby St. Paul and angry demonstrations spread to other parts of the US including New York, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and Oakland over the police killing of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man.  Donald Trump issued threats which were suppressed by Twitter due to Trump’s incitement of far right violence in response to the rioting.

People are frustrated by long term police abuse, unemployment and the inordinate number of minority deaths from Covid and this police killing caused that frustration to finally boil over.  Imagine what it will be like during the next epidemic when the spread and deadliness of disease will vastly increase and will be accompanied by grievous hunger.


28 May 05:30 PDT:  In Israel the population of wild boars is now expanding rapidly and the animals are invading the cities in search of food.  In the US state of Texas alone there is currently an estimated population in excess of 1.5 million feral hogs. In Texas this plague is so bad in Texas that people are encouraged to kill with no restrictions on the numbers taken.  These animals are very powerful and can become very aggressive presenting a real threat to the public which will increase during the coming years of severe tribulation.

02:30 PDT:  After several days of decline the US daily Covid deaths rose sharply yesterday to 1,535.


27 May 18:00 PDT:  After being caught posting false information Twitter posted a warning to check the facts on Donald’s recent outrage.  In response president Trump will sign an executive order concerning the social media on Thursday.

03:20 PDT:  As three day Eid ceasefire holds Afghanistan begins to free Taliban prisoners.  After Afghanistan has apparently resolved its leadership problems the Afghans have  confirmed Tuesday that 900 more prisoners will be released today, up from 100 the day before.  The prisoner exchange is intended to open the way for a longer ceasefire and peace talks between the two sides. 

With Russia pressing allies Hafter and Egypt to agree to a ceasefire with the Libyan UN sponsored government, Turkey which was intervening in Libya against Hafter has resumed building up for a Trump backed war on Syria as Syria continues to bombard the Idlib terrorists ahead of a new offensive.


26 May 17:15 PDT: Israel continues to lift restrictions. 

04:15 PDT: Netanyahu issues a statement insisting that he will annex Palestinian territories in July.  Palestinian security officials warn that such a move will provoke widespread attacks.  In 1947-48 the UN had voted to establish a Palestinian and a Jewish state.

The Palestinians never got their state, instead Jewish extremists rampaged through Palestinian villages bombarding them with threats if they did not flee from the land.  Flee, flee run for your lives they were told, which propaganda led to the invasion by the surrounding countries in an effort to prevent a flood of refugees. Israel won that war and many Palestinians were forced to flee and many more fled in 1967.  This rivalry has been going on since ancient times, download our book on the biblical history “From Abram to Jesus”  to understand the ancient roots of this rivalry over the land. 

03:00 PDT: This week American daily Covid deaths have dropped substantially falling from a recent high of about 2,600 to 617 Sunday and 503 Monday.  Restrictions are being lifted across the US, Europe and the Middle East and unless there is a marked reversal should be almost fully lifted by the end of June. 

Turkey is slowly winning out against Hafter in Libya and rising to dominance in the Middle East and North Africa.   


25 May 09:00 PDT: The US is now holding live-fire training operations in the Persian Gulf involving aerial gunships and amphibious forces.

03:00 PDT:  After charges were read out in the Netanyahu corruption trial opening the next session was set for July 19.  With the court ruling that the defendant need not be present the next session will deal with the defense team’s motions trying to delay the trial further. Netanyahu has chosen not to defend against the charges with facts but with political attacks on the court.  Such a strategy of attacking the court before the trial begins, seems to be an admission of guilt on his part and is almost unprecedented in civilized nations.


24 May 03:00 PDT:  President Trump has extended the May 22, 2003 National Emergency created by President Bush on the situation in Iraq. Trump’s statement cited the “unusual and extraordinary threat” posed by Iraqi instability.  The move is in keeping with Trump’s position as a front man for the financial, military industrial establishment
The Bush emergency, Executive Order 13303, was presented as facilitating Iraqi reconstruction. In reality, it gave US oil companies carte blanche to take over the Iraqi oil industry and force extremely lucrative deals on the Iraqi government.

Pushing hard to prepare for the coming war the USS Roosevelt super-carrier headed out to sea last Wednesday with only half her crew.  Carrying only personnel essential to the operation of the ship who will hone their skills at maneuvering the vessel at sea, before returning to Guam to pick up the crew members needed for air operations as their quarantine ends.  The Roosevelt will then head back to sea to practice air operations before returning to Guam to pick up the remainder of her crew.


23 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the sixth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, the Feast of Pentecost will be a week from tomorrow on 31 May. The new moon beginning the third biblical month is expected to be visible on Sunday evening.  People will be out looking Sabbath evening just in case.


22 May 11:45 PDT:  Donald Trump who has a lifetime reputation as being utterly without morals, begins playing for votes from his Catholic, Ecumenical Evangelical and Jewish Settler Movement base orders all churches opened as of tomorrow declaring them essential services.  

06:30 PDT: A decisive new Middle East war which will reset regional realities and bring a genuine peace agreement is now rapidly approaching. That peace will be sabotaged by Jewish Extremists when a Pontiff from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount soon after it is agreed, triggering a 42 month period of extreme suffering for the Jewish and Anglo American peoples.

Hamas has announced that with the Palestinian Authority’s end of security ties to Israel, they are resuming West Bank operations and a new uprising is coming soon.  Major anti annexation demonstrations are now planned for June 6 on the anniversary of the Six Day War of June 5 to 10 when Jerusalem and the West Bank fell to Israel in 1967.  Netanyahu and company are just waiting for an excuse to launch a Gaza blitzkrieg and the Palestinian Authority is playing into Israel’s hands.

It is to the PA’s advantage to see the Hamas Military Wing destroyed so that they can resume control of Gaza and it now looks like the situation could begin to deteriorate in June.  Since it is very probably that any Israeli operation will quickly escalate to include Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, various nations across the region including US forces in the Middle East are increasing their alert level. 

03:00 PDT: All US states are now easing Covid restrictions resulting in a rise of daily deaths to around 1,500.  Even Donald Trump now admits that a second wave of the Covid epidemic is probable but says that there will be no nationwide battle next time.

It is also highly likely that any vaccine produced will be worthless due to ongoing mutations just like the annual flu shots.  In fact the flu shots are worse than worthless, they are damaging due to the mercury or aluminum based preservatives used.  What any Covid vaccine would do, is to produce over confidence in many. 

I would expect that people will be eager to get out, and that December Christmas activities would spread any new mutation exponentially, 

If God withdraws his blessings and protection as symbolized by the Daily Sacrifice near the Fall Feast time, any new epidemic being spread in December would be much more severe and widespread when it breaks out a few weeks later.


21 May 18:00 PDT:  Major Palestinian anti annexation demonstrations are now being planned for June 6.

13:15 PDT:  Israeli officials confirm that the Palestinian Authority halted all security coordination with Israel.  The move may open the way for demonstrations on the West Bank and confrontation with Israeli forces over Israeli annexation plans or even a terrorist attack of some kind on Israel.  The Palestinians have also ended all security cooperation with the CIA.

10:15 PDT:  Israel is conducting readiness testing and preparing for war with Hezbollah/Syria.  This is being done now alongside Israeli preparations for war on Gaza.

Next week China is expected to pass a new law which defines sedition as an act of treason.  This will will make any further US and British instigated riots in Hong Kong acts of treason.  

07:45 PDT:  The Netanyahu corruption trial begins on Sunday.  The Netanyahu strategy is to form the present coalition government, launch his long planned Middle East war resulting in a peace agreement very favorable to Israel, and to delay court proceedings as much as possible with procedural matters.

The present coalition allows him to remain as prime minister until handing the office over to Gantz in November 2021.  A key part of Bibi’s plan which has been generally overlooked is that a new Israeli president must be chosen and must replace president Rivlin by July 2021. 

Netanyahu hopes to achieve unprecedented popularity as a modern king David destroying all of Israel’s enemies and achieving a very favorable peace, and thereby be in a position to chose a new president who will grant him a full “No Fault Pardon.” 

However the war may be far more bloody and costly than envisaged and the Jewish extremists are rejecting any possible peace deal.

Very soon now God’s blessings and protection of America and the British peoples as well as the Jewish State will be stopped because of sin and a miracle worker will be set up in the Vatican.

When a peace is achieved and a miracle worker from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount; people from the extremist settler movement will sabotage the peace (Mat 24:15, 1 Thess 5:3)  just like they assassinated Rabin.  This will begin a 42 month period of great suffering for the Jewish State.  

04:15 PDT:  Cyber attack on Israel by hackers from Gaza, Turkey and North Africa as the Middle East cyber war continues.  The attacked replaces some home pages of Israeli sites with a picture of Tel Aviv being bombarded and the slogan “Be Ready for a Big Surprise.”  The hackers are also able to take over the cameras of any computer visiting the affected sites.


20 May 03:00 PDT: Israel bombed Syria again yesterday as she also hit a major Iranian port with a cyber attack. Israel is preparing for full scale war with Gaza, Hezbollah and Iran with American support.

Trump purge is continuing as he replaces Pentagon officials with people backing his war plans. 

The Theodore Roosevelt super carrier strike group is returning to sea duty from Covid interlude in Guam this week.

As the world unites behind WHO in concerted international epidemic effort Trump to cut all connections with WHO in thirty days based on his false claims if they do not meet impossible demands which would make the WHO a personal Trump puppet.  Donald is alienating the entire world outside of his British, Canadian and Australian lap dogs.  

After Netanyahu commits to pushing ahead with July annexations the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday terminated all agreements with Israel and the United States, including security cooperation with the Jewish state.  In a speech to Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, Abbas also said Israel would have to assume responsibility for the civilian Palestinian population.

“The Palestine Liberation Organization and the State of Palestine are absolved, as of today, of all the agreements and understandings with the American and Israeli governments and of all the obligations based on these understandings and agreements, including the security ones.”


19 May 03:30 PDT:  Tropical Storm Arthur brushes Carolina’s ahead of June 1 Hurricane season.  2020 is expected to be a major hurricane year

Just ahead of the formation of a massive three super carrier strike force armada in the region, the US Navy has massed at least seven attack submarines in the western Pacific.  Billed publicly as a demonstration for China, this super armada is also in place to threaten Korea or Iran at the direction of President Trump.   


18 May 14:30 PDT:  Jerusalem Day- This year the Rabbinic date celebrating the reuniting of Jerusalem in 1967 comes on Thursday May 21, the Muslims will mark it on Friday May 22 the last Friday of Ramadan.

The Israeli extremists, key Trump financial backers [through Jewish billionaires] behind Trump’s win in the last US election, are pushing very hard for Trump to back annexation as soon as possible out of fear of a Biden win. 

In a statement, Josep Borrell the European Union’s top diplomat says that the EU will not recognize any annexations by Israel but is willing to help restart long dormant peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“International law is a fundamental pillar of the international rules-based order. In this respect, the EU and its member states recall that they will not recognize any changes to the 1967 borders unless agreed by Israelis and Palestinians. The two-state solution, with Jerusalem as the future capital for both states, is the only way to ensure sustainable peace and stability in the region,” he says.

Israeli scientists discover that the vast majority of Covid cases in Israel originated in the United States and that is comparison to the disease in other areas the American variety is super contagious

12:00 PDT:  In an effort to hide his own terrible epidemic performance which includes virtually destroying the US Center for Disease Control in 2019, President Trump is continuing his attacks on the WHO and China and has also been consistently attacking NY governor Cuomo since March.  Cuomo has been vastly more presidential than Trump throughout the epidemic.  Trump is not deceiving anyone and is incurring the enmity of the entire world.  

06:30 PDT:  The WHO Annual Conference begins.  While US president Donald Trump has tried to blame the WHO and China for his own failings, China’s leader gave a very statesman like speech pledging 2 billion dollars to aid international efforts to control the epidemic and full cooperation with the WHO.  China will also set up an epidemic emergency response center with the necessary assets to deal with future outbreaks and will release any vaccine it can produce for use by anyone, particularly poorer nations. 


17 May 16:15 PDT:  Its official new Israeli government sworn in. Netanyahu promises his extremist supporters to go full speed ahead in annexation process despite US pressure.

02:45 PST:  President Donald Trump continues to purge all real and fancied persons who might not be absolutely committed to his agenda.  The president has also called for his extremist fascist supporters to take over all social media in America, he seems to want to use that media to mold and control public opinion in favor of him personally.   

Covid:  With much of Continental Europe planning to reopen over the next month Italy to reopen on Jun 3,  Israel begins lifting restrictions

In the US the number of new Covid deaths has been steadily falling from their recent 2,500 spike last week:  About 2,000 deaths last Wednesday, dropped to about 1,700 Thursday, 1,595 Friday and then 1,218 on Sabbath.

The US and Canada are about a month behind Europe in their cycle of disease but may still choose to begin opening earlier than they did, as Trump behind in the polls is eager to get restrictions lifted so that he can implement his plans for war in the Middle East, so as to propel him to victory in the coming election as the man who won victory and brought peace in the Middle East.

His handlers know that Americans love a winner [electing Eisenhower president] but he needs to push through his agenda anyway, just in case he looses the election.  

Make no mistake, if this man wins the presidency and has an increase of Republican senators; this man who has mused “I want to be dictator for life” will use a future crisis to declare a national emergency and become dictator of America sidelining all others and ruling by personal decree.

The Chinese Ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, was found dead in his Herzliya home on Sunday morning.


16 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Today is the fifth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, Pentecost is on 31 May.


15 May 11:00 PDT:  US State Department announces that:  “We firmly believe that annexations should be a part of discussions [peace talks] between the Israelis and Palestinians working toward President Trump’s vision for peace.”

As Chile begins to enter winter in the southern hemisphere they are experiencing a new epidemic and cases are soaring in Brazil.  Experts are warning of a new epidemic in North America and Britain this coming winter.


14 May 15:00 PDT:  Roberto Azevêdo, a career Brazilian diplomat, resigned as the director-general of the World Trade Organization effective Aug. 31. His second four-year term was not scheduled to end until September 2021. This resignation goes a long way towards achieving the Trump goal of destroying the present world trade system.

11:30 PDT:  The New Israeli coalition is experiencing difficulties and the new government has been postponed until Sunday.

02:45 PDT:  Please DO NOT go to the Lulu bookstore to purchase any of our books at this time.  They are trying to set up a new website in the middle of the epidemic and have completely botched the job, everything including prices has gone crazy.  Perhaps some people are sick, anyway it could take them weeks to get it right.  I will announce it when the problems are fixed.  To freely download the most recently available of all our literature, please go to our Literature page

The primary thrust of yesterday’s Pompeo Israeli talks was that in exchange for US recognition and support of annexations, the US wants Israel to take its time on annexation and include them as a part of overall peace talks. 

The US also wants Israel to go slow on annexations and focus on Gaza, Syria and Iran and the looming Middle East war first. 

The US wants Israel to hold back on annexations for now so as not to offend the Arab nations ahead of a Middle East conflict and also to not jeopardize its increasingly productive relations with Arab countries.   

In addition, by doing annexations only as part of overall peace talks and a peace agreement, and only after the coming war; the Palestinians will be induced to take part in a genuine dialogue for peace.

From now on the primary focus of the US and Israel will be on Gaza, Iran, Syria and the approaching Middle East war, while annexations will become part of later overall Middle East peace talks.

This clever decision and the arguments by the US will have the effect of forcing those more moderate Israeli right wingers desiring annexation to also support the peace talks when the time arrives and to approve of a peace agreement which would permit peaceful annexations.

This arrangement between Israel and the US is consistent with my 12 May comments.


13 May 18:45 PDT:  The Super-carrier  USS Roosevelt now in Guam dealing with the final stages of a Covid outbreak aboard ship, is being prepared to deploy back to sea as soon as possible.  There will be several weeks of training before the  Roosevelt joins the Ronald Reagan and the Nimitz in the western Pacific Ocean in a monster power armada aimed at Iran.  The three ships will then hold a joint operations exercise before being fully ready for an aerial bombardment of Iran.

16:10 PDT:  US to resume military exercise in Europe on June 5.

Life in British Mandate Palestinebackground for the present distress.

08:30 PDT:  Pompeo concluded short visit to Israel and is rushing back to brief president Trump in person.  Any significant announcement will come from Trump later.

The swearing in of the new Israeli government is now set for 10 PM local time tomorrow.

02:15 PDT:  Pompeo is at the Prime Ministers residence holding talks with Netanyahu, scheduled to confer with Gantz this afternoon. 

In Israel wedding halls to reopen with a 100 limit guests on Sunday, international airport to reopen on June 1. 

US Covid deaths fluctuating wildly day by day;  this will continue for the next two weeks as the large number of hospital admissions from the recent past reaches the recovery or death conclusion of their hospital stay.


12 May 14:00 PDT:  Pompeo will be consulting on the Trump peace plan and the looming war with Israeli leaders for most of tomorrow. 

I am wondering if the Trump administration’s backing of Israeli annexation’s was not a clever negotiating tactic; will Pompeo invite the Palestinians and Israelis to a peace conference, telling the Palestinians that he has persuaded the Israelis to put their annexation plan on hold if  they enter meaningful peace talks?

Maybe, maybe not.   

That would be clever indeed, but if the Palestinians agreed it would infuriate the Gazans.

The Palestinian Authority has invited representatives of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)  and the PLO’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) [which is a member of the PLO] to attend a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah on Saturday to discuss developments.

08:15 PDT:  Jihadist’s have fired artillery shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses in the northern region of the Al-Ghaab Plain prompting the SAA to return fire. At this point the militias seem intent on provoking the resumption of  Syrian operations against them. 

04:00 PDT:  US Covid cases and deaths believed to have been undercounted.

During this week’s visit to Israel Pompeo will dictate to Israeli leaders how the US wants the annexation and Trump peace plan to proceed. The new Israeli government will be expected to accept the US plan or America will not approve any annexations.

IDF Sgt. First Class Amit Ben-Ygal, a Golani Reconnaissance Battalion, which was carrying out a raid to make four arrests overnight in the West Bank village of Yabed, west of Jenin, was killed by a rock.  Israeli forces are now back in the town making arrests.


11 May 10:00 PDT:   Researchers in Germany identified three main genetic groups of the virus in April, which they named A, B and C.  Groups A and C are mostly found in Europe and America while group B is most common in East Asia.

The virus appears to be mutating twice a month with the European and Asian forms tending to lose part of their genetic structure making it less dangerous which is what happened in the past to the SARS virus. Other clusters in America and Britain are mutating in a way that would appear to enable it to spread faster; however at this time further mutations of this strain would still be needed to make it more deadly. 

06:45 PDT:  Because of planned extensive talks with Pompeo on the Trump peace plan, regional military issues including the coming war and annexation the new Israeli government will be delayed until Thursday

It must be noted that Thursday May 14 is Israel’s internationally accepted Independence Day, which would be a good day for Pompeo to be present and Israel to form the new government and make speeches about its plans and agenda. 

03:30 PDT:  Deaths from Covid in the US continue to plummet, falling from last week’s 2500 daily to under 2000 on Sabbath and to 750 yesterday. 

Syria seems to be preparing to resume their Idlib offensive after nearly 40 Syrian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack yesterday. The have been pounding the terrorists with artillery and air strikes since the attack and are are rushing reinforcements to the front.


10 May 13:30 PDT:  The extremist Yamina party is leaving Netanyahu and will sit in the opposition.  This solidifies the new government’s deal with Trump to annex the settlement blocs in exchange for making a peace deal with the Palestinians.  The party said it will fight the government from the opposition, but will do so “responsibly.” This means voting in favor of West Bank annexation while opposing the establishment of a Palestinian state, it said. 

02:00 PDT:  Is Donald Trump just electioneering or is he really this foolish and overconfident

Beginning next year the Russian defense system will begin taking delivery of the world’s newest and most effective air defense system the S-500.  This system will place them in a good position to defend against the European attack coming in a very few years.  

The Galilee in pictures


9 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the fourth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, the Feast of Pentecost will be on 31 May. 

Our New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service booklet has now been downloaded 1,114 times. Free Download of the New Covenant Passover guide. This is the true biblical service complete with Psalms and not the standard inaccurate COG service.  Also  download our book proving the existence and power of God by studying the history From Abram to Jesus with a special focus on the many already fulfilled prophecies.


8 May 15:45: Covid-19 cases in France can now be dated back to as early as November 16, weeks before it appeared in China.  “[There was a] very slow progression of the pathology until the end of February, and then a rapid increase through March.”

12:40 PDT:  Covid:  I am not alone in warning of massive sickness and death if another round of a stronger mutated version of Coronavirus breaks out.  The Covid-19 virus is already known to be mutating will bring vast sickness and death in the US if it is spread during the Christmas chopping frenzy this December and breaks out in January.  Besides killing millions the disease would overwhelm the system and make treating other conditions impossible.

Jewish organizations may have come up with a way to hold summer camps in the US.  Offer a camp based family vacation in place of crowded children’s camping.

Pompeo will endorse the new Israel government on Wednesday and hold extensive discussions on Middle East Security and the Trump Peace Plan. With it now unclear who will win the US elections this year they believe they may have only a narrow window to redraw the Mideast map before November’s US presidential election

Watch for a regional war to reset political realities in the region followed by a Peace Agreement, the setting up of a miracle worker in the Vatican who brings a New Federal Europe to life and the collapse of the peace when it is sabotaged by Jewish extremists as this man from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount.

01:30 PDT: Today VE Day marks the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Even though deaths are down US new Covid cases rose to 29,531 yesterday.  The explanation for this difference is that testing has been greatly expanded and now includes many who had been isolating at home with mild or no symptoms and are now seeking testing before returning to work.  The vast majority of these new cases do not require hospitalization at this time but resemble the common flu; in fact these cases could end up exceeding hospital admissions by several times.


7 May 18:00 PDT: Jordan Goudreau, the 43-year-old Silvercorp USA Security [read mercenary] CEO has confirmed his firm’s role in organizing the coup attempt and admitted to training about 60 insurgents in Columbia.  

12:45 PDT:  Venezuelan politician and US oil company darling Juan Guaido is seeking refuge in a European embassy to avoid arrest by the prosecutor’s office after mercenaries backed by United States companies and Columbian drug lords entered the country via the Caribbean coast to help overthrow president Maduro.  The operation ultimately led to 15 arrests including two Americans Airan Berry and Luke Denman who surrendered their contracts to overthrow Maduro signed by Juan Guaidó, Juan Rendón with an American official of the Silvercorp security firm Jordan Goudreau.  The Americans led a team hired to ensure that an airport was secured during the coup that could be used to transfer President Maduro to the United States.  The Venezuelan security forces suffered eight fatalities.

07:00 PDT:  Israel is using the hope of a prisoner exchange deal to try and prevent demonstrations in Gaza over the coming announcements regarding annexation plans.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennet announced that he approved doubling the size of Efrat settlement to build seven thousand new settler homes. 

Extremist Settler leaders finally tumble to the fact Trump is using annexation to lure them into accepting a Palestinian State.  They are appalled and will seek a way to resist but the deal allowing a Palestinian State by Israel in exchange for annexing the Settlement blocs has had enough appeal to win over enough MK’s to be passed into law. 

An annexation attempt now would bring a regional war but once the war is over and the peace plan is approved and adopted by Israel and the Palestinians the extremists among the Settler Movement will sabotage the deal triggering a huge blood bath as I have been warning for the past 13 years (1 Thess 5:3, mat 24:15).  

02:15 PDT: Knesset members vote in favor of the coalition deal between Netanyahu and Gantz.  The new government is to be sworn in on May 13.

In Israel malls, outdoor markets and gyms reopened Thursday morning after over six weeks of closure, as Israel’s numbers of daily new cases of the novel coronavirus remained in the low dozens.

Suspected American plot to use mercenaries to invade Venezuela and overthrow Maduro fails miserably.  US officials continue to try to distance themselves from the failed incursion into Venezuela, which led to the arrests of several people, including two Americans. Venezuela has blamed the US, while President Trump denied any knowledge of it.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is certainly adding to speculation that this is a US plot, saying that the US will “use every tool” to get the Americans back. 

Evidence mounts that as I have posted, fresh air and sunshine are healthy.


6 May 13:45 PDT:  The Israeli High Court of Justice has unanimously rejected all petitions against Benjamin Netanyahu forming a new government while under indictment, as well as petitions calling on it to strike down the coalition deal between Netanyahu and Benny Gantz. 

Netanyahu and Gantz have issued a statement that they have agreed to swear in the new government during the Pompeo visit next Wednesday, May 13.

07:30 PDT:  With the new Israeli government expected to be approved by tomorrow night US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to arrive in Israel next week.  He is expected to be present at the swearing in of the new government and hold immediate consultations on the Trump peace plan and formally approve Israeli annexation of the major settlement blocs

Israeli officials said that Pompeo is expected to land in Israel next Tuesday and stay for 24 hours before returning to the US. He is to consult with both Netanyahu and Gantz.

02:15 PDT:  New US Covid cases rise 24,798 yesterday. 

After amending the new coalition agreement to allow for immediate annexation Israeli leaders are welcoming US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s remarks that the United States will recognize Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank as part of Trump administration’s peace plan within weeks; almost as soon as the new Israeli government is established.  The US has said Israel must accept in its entirety to move forward with annexation.  With the date for the launch of annexation moving up the date of any potential hostilities may also come sooner.


5 May 16:30 PDT: One rocket strikes Israel from GazaIsrael strikes three Hamas sites in response.  The rocket comes after Hamas announced that prisoner exchange talks with Israel had made no progress.

Israel acquires new weapon for fighting in congested areas.

05:00 PDT:  Iran takes casualties after militia base in Deir Ez Zor bombed.

02:20 PDT: Israel is to make changes to its coalition agreement to fall into line with the High Court recommendations.  One point is that they will now enable all legislation to go forward whereas before new legislation was restricted for the first six months.

Israel issues implied threat against UNIFIL deployment in Lebanon. 

Covid is now proven to have broken out in Europe before it surfaced in China, it is likely to also have been spreading in the US before China. Donald Trump is extra busy trying to blame China for his own early dismissal of the virus even daring to attack China for allowing Chinese people to visit the US when who enters the US is entirely Donald’s responsibility. 

Donald may be deceiving a few of the more gullible in the US but he is looking worse and worse in the rest of the world, certainly not winning any friends.  When the second round kicks in with a vengeance next winter and the US economy collapses other nations outside of the dollar dependent ones will abandon the US – especially if Trump is reelected – in a big way.

New US Covid cases begin to decline at 24,713 yesterday.

Israel easing restrictions details with normalcy hoped for by 1 June.


4 May 16:00 PDT:  The US will borrow three trillion dollars in this quarter to try and cover its massive Covid outlays and keep the economy afloat. The massive increase in debt will put pressure on American foreign troop deployments and a second round of the epidemic could very easily result in a complete collapse of the dollar economy. 

15:00 PDT:  Israel bombs facilities near Aleppo in its fourth attack on Syria in two weeks.

Knesset to begin vote on new government Wednesday afternoon.

04:00 PDT:  Yesterday’s new US Covid fell to 27,348.


3 May 03:00 PDT:  Yesterdays new US Covid cases were 29,744

Syria- There are increasing reports of deep rifts opening between Assad and Putin over the future of Syria.  Russia is demanding economic plums like control of Syria’s ports, phosphate and petrochemical industries.  Russia is also demanding that Syria break with Iran to avoid a war with Israel that Russia has no intention of getting involved in. 

It now looks like Russia will keep and secure its Syrian bases and might even help Syria eradicate the al Qaeda militias south of the M4 Highway in Idlib as has already been agreed with Turkey, but otherwise they are backing off from any further military support for Assad out of a reluctance to confront Turkey, Israel and the United States. 

In what seems to be a big power strategic agreement the US is planning to withdraw most forces from Europe this summer which could bring a Ukrainian reconciliation with Russia.


2 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the third Sabbath after the Wave Offering!


1 May: 07:30 PDT:  Settlements Annexation and Genuine Peace TalksIn exchange for American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the areas the administration’s “Peace to Prosperity” vision earmarks as part of Israel, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to freeze all settlement activity for the next four years in areas the plan envisions for a future Palestinian state, “and negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith on the basis of the Vision,” the spokesperson added.

Be prepared for a costly bloody war to break out which will reset regional realities towards serious peace talks and the achievement of a peace agreement probably by late this year.  This will be followed by a collapse of the agreement and the onset of the tribulation as the Jewish extremists sabotage the agreement when the miracle working Pontiff visits the Temple Mount (1 Thess 5:3).

04:45 PDT:  Israel has bombed Syria for the second time within hours this one on a site near the southern entrance to the city of Homs; courting an Iranian retaliation which could come from Gaza.

Israeli schools begin to reopen on Sunday the process to be completed by June 1.

Yesterday’s new US Covid cases jumped sharply to 30,830 reversing the earlier downward trend of this week.  This up and down will continue as testing spreads to different areas. Days are based on GMT.

Daniel was told by the angel Gabriel in the 2300 Day prophecy of Daniel 8 that Messiah would come to cleanse the Temple Mount and build the Ezekiel temple (Ez 40-48)  2,300 years after the empire of Alexander was divided into four parts.  This clearly sets the coming of Christ in 2024 A.D. which means that the tribulation would begin late this year.  

Of course that date depends on an accurate starting date which was always a problem to find.  God also told Daniel by the angel that an understanding of the prophets was sealed until the very last minute (Dan 12:9) and that at the very last moment knowledge would be increased as the prophets were unsealed (Dan 12:10). Over the past few years God has revealed more and more and now has provided a way to confirm that date with a better understanding of other prophecies which also date the onset of the tribulation. 

This is now being worked on and a post covering the other prophecies telling us when the tribulation will begin is coming on May 13. Please study this article on the 2300 Days in preparation for the coming May 13 article.

Farmers in the US and Canada are plowing their crops under especially vegetables unable to cover the expense of harvesting and shipping.  This will inevitably result in an explosion of the vermin population. 

At the same time many slaughterhouses are closing down forcing Trump to order the plants to remain open by designating them as critical infrastructure.  Governments are going to rue the day this happened when food prices skyrocket as shortages kick in next winter, especially in the major cities.

The scriptures tell us that there is an extremely high probability that God will withdraw his blessings and the 42 month great tribulation will begin late this year [A new post explaining the relevant prophecies is coming soon.]. With food shortages, economic distress and the high likelihood of another and far more devastating round of epidemic looming ahead of us next winter, the stage is clearly being set.

At this time the epidemic is also awakening a new fervor for the Roman Catholic religion, opening the way for the setting up of a miracle worker in the Vatican.

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  1. I have no objection to your Passover service. However, I do wonder how you know that the first Passover service was conducted in such a way when the Bible is silent concerning what Psalms were read or sung, etc.

    Because these God inspired Psalms were written by David to be sung in Solomon’s Temple where they were sung as the Passover lambs were being killed.

    Later this Passover service was reinstated by Ezra in his great Christ inspired revival and restoration of true religion.

    The specific Psalms are not mentioned in the Gospels because everyone sang these Psalms during the three pilgrim feasts including the Passover and the Hallel Psalms were common knowledge.

    All Jews and even mainstream theology recognizes this as historical fact.

  2. I lоve it when people c᧐mе together and share opinions.
    Great site, continue the good work!

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