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Netanyahu succeeds in getting passage of a new law giving him personal authority to order large military operations at the discretion of himself and the defense minister.  This is an enormous and extremely dangerous power since it removes all collective responsibility for any conflict.  This may be Netanyahu’s undoing in making the approaching war his personal responsibility.  


31 May:   Israel-  Israel and Hamas Political Wing could achieve long term peace if not for the resistance of the Hamas Military Wing. Israeli officials said a long term truce with Hamas was possible and that they believe that Hamas is willing to make far-reaching concessions in exchange, including “restrictions on Hamas’ military activity” such as smuggling, production of weapons and work on tunnels.

The Israeli defense minister is in Russia for talks with the Russian defense minister today. 

During Wednesday’s Gaza violence Syrian forces including Hezbollah units wearing uniforms of the Syrian 4th Division and 12th Brigade took up position on the hills of the Syrian Golan overlooking Israeli units.

The Syrian forces took up positions near Tal Misbih, Tal Arbad, Tal Marez, Tal Ghasm, Tal Ghashim and the  the village of Khadar opposite the IDF’s Mt Hermon outpost west of Majdal Shams. 

Russia had recently instructed Syria that only Syrian troops and no Iranian or Hezbollah fighters were to be allowed close to the Israeli border; to evade this Russian order, Hezbollah troops and Iranian advisers seem to have been seconded to the Syrian army for an offensive to liberate the Syrian Golan and the Deraa area from the US Israeli proxy “rebels.” 

Both Israel and the US have threatened to intervene if such an offensive is launched by Syria.  This makes it quite likely that Iran will instruct the Gaza militias to strike at Israel as a distraction when they are ready to launch their Golan/Deraa offensive.  Israel has informed the Gaza militias that the next time there is violence from Gaza they will double down on bombing the strip. 

If the emerging scenario happens war with Gaza, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran probable.


30 May:   Israel-  Violence has been paused on the Gaza front.  This will allow Bibi to visit Berlin, Paris and London next week to lobby against Iran.  Netanyahu will also have to deal with the coalition crisis when he returns home.  Watch for a full scale Gaza war as soon as late June or July. 

Syria-  Syrian forces are preparing to liberate Deraa from the American Israeli proxy fighters, without Iranian participation.


29 May:   Israel/Gaza Update 15:20 PDT-  Fresh barrage hits Eshkol region and Israel launches a new wave of airstrikes hitting 25 more sites already.  Midnight ceasefire fails, rocket strikes on Netavot.  Israel demands stop or invasion, will do situation assessment at 06:30 local time [23:30 EDT].  Earlier the IDF pounded 37 structures and bases in the Gaza Strip today.  

10:30 PDT-   Sirens sound again in the Eshkol region, sending residents into bomb shelters, after two hours of relative calm. The alarms are in the  Kissufim, Nirim, and Ein Hashlosha, three of the most targeted communities in the Gaza periphery.  

IDF briefs Gaza area municipalities as spokesman says:  The Israeli strikes, “will continue to intensify if this continues.” “Senior Gaza officials are hiding because they know our capabilities.”  Netanyahu expands next week’s European trip to include talks with British PM May.  He will be briefing leaders on Israel’s perceived need to go to war against Gaza and Hezbollah/Iran.

08:00-  Israeli security cabinet to meet this evening to decide on further action. 

06:00 PDT-  The army is ordering the immediate evacuation of Zikim Beach, north of Gaza.  A second round of projectiles launched at Israel this time rockets.   Warning sirens just activated again in Eshkol, Ashkelon, Shaar Hanegev, and Ashqelon industrial zones with more rockets incoming.  IDF says it launched 35 airstrikes on seven military targets.

Israel is ready for Gaza war to annihilate the militant militias in Gaza.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: “Today, this afternoon, we attacked terrorist infrastructures, in a massive and powerful manner. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are already paying a heavy price, and this is just the beginning.” 

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said, Tuesday, that Israel must be prepared to take over the Gaza Strip as part of an effort to topple the Hamas government in the wake of the morning’s mortar attack on Gaza-area communities, according to Yediot Ahronot.  Interviewed by Radio Darom, Shaked said, “The response should be very severe, as if blood was shed here. All options are on the table. including the occupation of the Strip.”

05:00 PDT-  This afternoon the Israeli air force continued to pound Hamas and Islamic Jihad installations across the strip including Gaza City proper.  Alert sirens have begun sounding across south Israel  as far as Lachish and the Ashkelon industrial zone.  

Israel-  Officials leaning towards indictment of Netanyahu on corruption charges.

Israel responds to this morning’s mortar fire with heavy attacks on Gaza promising a powerful response.  After vowing to react with “great force” Israeli bombing of Gaza is ongoing.  One Hamas base and four Islamic Jihad facilities have been bombed so far.

Heavy rocket barrage from Gaza hits southern Israel.  A security cabinet meeting was called after a 28-mortar shells were fired across 20 southern Israel towns and communities within range of the Gaza Strip. There were no casualties.  The barrage was probably fired by Islamic jihad in response to yesterday’s killing of three of their men by Israel.  


28 May:   Israel Breaking-  For the second time in two weeks Gaza air defense fire brings spent bullets down on Sderot Israel.

Israel shells sites in Beit Lahia northern Gaza.

Iran:  Iran sets May 31 deadline to see EU measures to save nuclear deal – Tehran will decide whether to quit the accord after reviewing the economic package France, Germany and Britain offer. (Agencies, Israel Hayom)

Israel:   PM Netanyahu said that Iran must quit all parts of Syria, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was then invited for talks with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigo in Moscow on May 31. He will be accompanied by Military Intelligence (AMAN) chief Maj. Gen. Tamir Haiman and senior security-political adviser Zohar Palti.

Netanyahu says that Israel will extirpate Iran and Iranian backed militias from Syria/Lebanon, clearly telegraphing a regional war.  

Netanyahu is scheduled to travel to Berlin on Jun 4th, spend the day there and then fly to Paris in the evening.  He will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in the French capital, before returning home on June 6 in the evening. His mission is to try and warn the Europeans off from continuing with the Iran nuclear deal.

The Orthodox [Haredi] Draft Bill dispute is likely to be in full crisis mode by the time Bibi returns.

Hundreds of kites carrying incendiaries have been flown from Gaza and set many Israeli fields and forests ablaze.  Israel is threatening to launch a wave of assassinations or otherwise attack Gaza.

Israel bombs two Hamas sites in Gaza and then shells Islamic Jihad site killing three.  A spokesman for Islamic Jihad has threatened Israel following an Israel Defense Forces attack on one of its positions in southern Gaza Sunday morning. “The IDF crossed all the red lines, and we will not let this pass without an appropriate response.” 

Syria-  Syria leaflets US sponsored rebels in the Deraa area warning them to disarm or be destroyed:  Israel and Iran quickly reached agreement by negotiation through Jordan that both Israel and Iran would stay out of the Syrian attempt to liberate its southern provinces.   Iran does not want a conflict with Israel while they are focused on advancing a relationship with Europe and Israel needs time to deal with its political crisis and with Gaza.

Palestine-  President Abbas leaves hospital Monday morning.

USA-  The Israeli Mossad worked to discredit Obama administration. and probably worked to get Trump elected.  The billionaire buddies who put Trump in office and now dominate his administration.  Also see 23 May report.

Korea-  Korea summit on again after Kim reassured that the US will follow through and not renege on any agreed deal.


27 May:   A Blessed Feast of Pentecost [Shavuot]!


26 May:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!  Today is the seventh Sabbath after the Wave Offering: According to the Biblical Calendar God gave to Moses Tomorrow, 27 May is the Feast of Pentecost. Please see our Spring Festivals studies


25 May:   Europe-  US allies particularly the Dutch and Australians have come out again blaming Russia for the downing of an airliner over Ukraine a couple of years ago.  This tragic accident is indeed terrible, but deliberately using it for anti Russian propaganda is inappropriate, what about the responsibility of the airline for sending the plane through a battle zone?  This accusation seems extremely self-serving since the ones really at fault are the airline and the Dutch government for failing to warn the company not to fly over the battle zone. 

Israel-  Defense Minister Lieberman will leave the coalition if the Orthodox ‘Draft Law’ passes – and the Orthodox parties will leave if it does not.  Either way elections seem to be coming.  The Orthodox have been promised a new law by 30 May. 

Israeli Security Cabinet leaning towards starting war with Gaza by launching assassinations of Hamas officials.

Korea-  Is Trump now backtracking on canceling Korea summit?

Trump escalates provocations of the DPRK with military buildup and a new round of sanctions, as Kim takes the high ground continuing to offer negotiations.  It appears that Trump took a decision to avoid the massive costs of improving the DPRK economy for a peace treaty and has elected to bring that nation down and leave the costs of stabilization and rebuilding to China.  This Trump move further isolates the US from Asia and Europe.


24 May:   Korea-   BREAKING 09:30 PDT:   Trump will impose super sanctions on North Korea and puts US forces on alert to attack the DPRK if they respond negatively to his summit cancellation. 

US President Donald Trump says the U.S. military is “ready if necessary” to respond to “foolish or reckless acts” by North Korea. Trump also says he’s been in touch with South Korea and Japan and that both allies are willing to bear much of the financial burden “if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us.”

The demolition of the DPRK nuclear test site looks good but the site was in a state of collapse anyway.  North Korea has designated another military zone and is apparently moving its non nuclear military production facilities there in case of US attack if the summit with the US should fail, which it apparently has with the Trump withdrawal.  The new site could also be used for more nuclear and missile research and testing.  See our article on the Background of the Korean situation.

BREAKING 08:00 PDT:  Trump blindsides both Korea’s by suddenly cancelling summit without any legitimate reason.  First Pence insulted the DPRK and then Trump cancelled the summit because the DPRK objected. Trump cancels immediately after the DPRK demolishes its nuclear weapons test site.

Syria-   Syrian military sites between Albu Kamal and Hamimia were attacked around dawn today and now reports are coming of a missile attack and explosions around the Dabaa airport near Homs.  Four Israeli missiles and one warplane claimed shot down.  All of these bases have a strong Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah presence.

Israel-  Israeli officials are asking Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan to further sweeten the plan in Israel’s favor.

Netanyahu must have rethought and realized the danger of declaring war all by himself and shouldering full responsibility.  PM Netanyahu had the security cabinet amend the rule: Henceforth, only a security cabinet plenum has the authority to declare war on behalf of Israel.

Lieberman gets in on the electioneering, promising to construct 3900 new settler homes 

Bennett to demand High Court override law at Sunday’s cabinet meeting

Iran-  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responds to the Pompeo ultimatum: If Europe fails to back Iran against the US, Tehran will resume uranium enrichment. 


23 May:   Trump/Israel-  It is coming out in the probe of Russian interference in US elections that it was not the Russian state but Jewish Russian financial elites and their business associates who were backing Trump [to further the goals of the Far Right Extremist Settler Movement] working to get Trump elected.  Five Jewish Russian billionaires Len Blavatnik, Andrew Intrater, Alexander Shustorovich, Simon Kukes and Yuri Milner plus five other Russian billionaires financed Trump. Note:  This is not some fringe report but is from a well respected mainstream Israel source.

The investigation is limited to Russia, the obvious question is how many other billionaires around the world backed Trump?  Trump who denies establishment connections is in reality a front man for the agenda of the financial elite, working to bring in their New World Order.

Israel-  Palestinian vineyard vandalized in second Jewish hate crime in a week– Last week 300 vines were pulled from the ground in a vineyard in Hebron. A graffiti was sprayed on a rock nearby, saying: ‘We will reach everywhere.’ (Haaretz)

The Israeli coalition faces a deadline to resolve the Haredi draft crisis or call elections  next week.   In preparations for elections Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon signed an order on Wednesday that is expected to significantly reduce the price of medicines.   The Finance Minister also called for 550,000 new housing units to be built.

Revealing the arrogance of the present Israeli extremist coalition [the most extreme in Israeli history] Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) on Wednesday said that the European Union could “go to a thousand, thousand hell’s” for asking Israel to investigate last week’s attack on demonstrators in Haifa.  It is these kinds of extremists who will sabotage the coming peace deal and plunge the Jewish State into great suffering.

Iran-  Economically backed by Russia, China and much of the EU,  Tehran rejects Pompeo’s ultimatum.  Syria rejects call for foreign forces to leave Syria saying that unlike the uninvited and illegal presence of US forces; Iranian Hezbollah forces are legally in Syria at the invitation of Syria and will not leave.  

Middle East War-   After liberating the suburbs of Damascus and the rest of Syria expect the Kurdish areas, Idlib province and the Israeli and Jordanian border region Syria is engaged in a huge build up at the southern Izra military base consisting of elements of the 4th Armored Division, as well as the 5th, 7th and 9th Divisions with Hezbollah forces. They are armed with fresh Russian arms deliveries including the Golan 1000 missile launchers and the new version of the Kornet D anti-tank missiles which can hit targets up to five miles away.

Syria is preparing to engage the militias in the Syrian-Jordanian border region of Deraa up to the border.  From there they will be in a position to move west and liberate the Israeli border region.


22 May:   Israel-  Netanyahu associates floating a Sept 4, 2018 election date.

Netanyahu has ordered all security cabinet meetings from now on held at the National Center for Crisis Management which is located in a secret underground facility in Jerusalem. He offered no reason for the decision. The ministers attending will be required to leave their cell phones behind before entering the bunker.  

The prime minister and Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevy have allegedly conspired about Netanyahu’s criminal investigations behind the back of the national police commissioner, who is expected to be succeeded by Halevy. (Haaretz+)

Israel acknowledges that it has been using the new F-35 Stealth warplane to attack sites in Syria says 32 rockets fired at Israel during the recent confrontation.


21 May:   Update-  Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas  83, is reported to be in a very serious, unstable medical condition in the cardiology ward of the Ramallah hospital. An infection is affecting his weak heart.  Physicians are consulting with outside heart specialists in an effort to save him.

US Iran demands rejected Pentagon announces preparation of military options.

Iran-  US Secretary of State Pompeo lists US threats and demands on Iran.  This is similar to the ultimatum that America sent Japan about China in summer 1941, to which Japan responded at Pearl Harbor. 

Pompeo warned that the new sanctions on Iran will be the “strongest sanctions in history.”

“We will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime. The leaders in Tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness. Thanks to our colleagues at the Department of Treasury, sanctions are going back into effect and new ones are coming,” he said.

“Iran will be forced to make a choice: either fight to keep its economy off life support at home, or keep squandering precious wealth in fights abroad. It will not have the resources to do both.

“First, Iran must declare to the IAEA the full account of the prior military dimensions of its nuclear program, and permanently and verifiably abandon such work for perpetuity.”

“Second, Iran must stop [all] enrichment and never pursue plutonium enrichment. This includes closing its heavy water reactor.

“Third, Iran must also provide the IAEA with unqualified access to all sites throughout the entire country,

“Iran must end its proliferation of ballistic missiles and halt the further launching and development of nuclear capable missile systems.

“Iran must release all US citizens, as well as the citizens of our partners and allies, each of them [claimed by him to be] detained on spurious charges.

“Iran must end support for Middle East terrorist groups, including Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“Iran must respect the sovereignty of the Iraqi government and permit the disarming, demobilization, and reintegration of Shia militias.

“Iran must also end its support for the Houthi militia and work towards a peaceful settlement in Yemen.

“Iran must withdraw all forces under Iranian command throughout the entirety of Syria.

“Iran must end support for the Taliban and other terrorists in Afghanistan and the region and cease harboring senior Al Qaeda leaders.

“Iran must end the IRG Quds forces’ support for terrorists around the world.

“Iran must end its threatening behavior against its neighbors, many of whom are US allies. This certainly includes its threats to destroy Israel and its firing of missiles into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It also includes threats to international shipping and destructive cyber-attacks.”

Pompeo also threatens an attack on Iran and Hezbollah

Israel-   Divisive Conversion Bill brings another existential crisis to the Israeli coalition.

Palestine-  President Abbas remains in hospital with prognosis uncertain due to his serious heart ailment.  He is described as “conscious and lucid.”

Syria Iran-  Powerful explosions were reported this morning in the Naijah area south of Damascus at the site of an Iranian electronic warfare facility. If confirmed, this would  be the second pinpointed attack in four days on an Iranian military target in Syria. On May 18, fuel, arms and ammunition depots at a Syrian air base near Hama were blown up, causing massive explosions.  


20 May:   France/Germany-  The US is selling aircraft to France and Germany to enable the establishment of a joint Franco German air force air transport unit at Evreux France.

Germany was cleared to buy the C-130J-30s transport aircraft with four Rolls Royce AE-2100D turboprop engines installed and four spare Rolls Royce AE 2100D turboprop engines for each plane.  Thirteen have been delivered so far out of the 15 expected by end 2018.

The sale also includes eight Link-16 MIDS Terminals, and eight AN/ALE 47 electronic countermeasure sispensers, eight AN/AAR-47A(V)2 missile warning systems, eight AN/ALR-56M radar warning receivers, eight MX-20 electro-optical/infrared imaging systems, as well as the AN/APX-114/119 Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5 systems and the Joint Mission Planning System.  

The U.S. package for Germany would also include, of unspecified types: secure communications, precision navigation and cryptographic equipment, night vision devices, support and test equipment — as well as related training, engineering and logistics support.

The Evreux-based Franco German squadron will have unrestricted exchange of aircraft, air crews, and maintainers, as well as technical and logistical support based on a common pool of spare parts and a common service support contract, according to the DSCA release.

In addition the U.S. State Department has just cleared the potential sale of another three C-130J-30 Super Hercules airlifter transports and three KC-130J refueling tankers to Germany, with a potential combined price of $1.4 billion.

Iran-  Iran is unhappy about withdrawals of EU companies from Iran and may take action because the EU is not doing enough to insulate Iran from the US sanctions.

Korea-  Trump has cancelled a massive US air force drill scheduled  in Korea removing a major impediment to the proposed summit.

Syria-  Militias including Islamic State have surrendered the southern suburbs of Damascus.

Palestine-  Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), 83, was admitted to the cardiology department of the Ramallah Istishari Hospital today.  Pneumonia is suspected and is extremely dangerous for a man of his age who has a long history of cardiac problems any pneumonia would place his heart condition under severe stress.

Mideast Peace-  President Trump has discussed his now almost complete Middle East peace plan’s content with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, UAE emir Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed and the Qatari ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.  Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu have also been thoroughly briefed.  Arab leaders have agreed to the plan and agreed to help find a replacement for the aging Abbas who will also accept the plan, and are in contact with five leading Palestinians. 

The Trump plan calls for Israel to retain control of the Old City with the Palestinians being given authority in Palestinian districts outside of the Old City.; Compensation for refugees in lieu of the possibility of return; and  Palestine to receive sovereignty over about one half of the West Bank

Israel-  Yesterday’s Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace were a reconnaissance and intimidation exercise only.


19 May:   Breaking 13:45 PDT:  Many Israeli warplanes are reported flying over Beirut and Marjayoun in South Lebanon possibly on their way to Syria. 

A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Today is the sixth Sabbath after the Wave Offering.  By the calendar God gave to Moses, 27 May is the Feast of Pentecost!


18 May:   Syria-  Dozens are killed and wounded during a series of huge explosions around the Hama area.  Munitions and fuel said to be hit by missiles from as yet undetermined source possibly from US backed militias, although the precision of the strikes points to Israel.  According to Sky News huge blasts hit at least five different weapons sites including an Iranian Bavar 373 long-range missile defense system.

US/EU-  EU launches legal protection for companies against US Iran sanctions laws, and the European Investment Bank will finance deals with Iran in Euros instead of dollars, but companies fearing a loss of American trade are leaving Iran anyway.

This US EU crisis will be short lived due to the approaching regime change in Iran however the initial moves for a European split from the US are taking place.  That split will happen when the entire Islamic world [except Egypt] allies with Europe in the near future (Psalm 83), after the Jewish extremists sabotage the coming Trump peace deal.  See our Articles. 

Gaza-  Kuwait suggests an international force to separate Gaza and Israel, meaning that the Arab states are now in favor of such a force. Jewish extremists want no part of that but it could be an essential part of the Trump peace deal.  Watch for a change in the Israeli governing coalition after the looming regional war, and a new government open to Trump’s peace plan.

Israel-  Defense Minister Lieberman to present new Haredi draft bill next week.  The government has until the end of May to resolve the dispute with the Orthodox parties or they will leave the coalition.  Also threatening the government is the contentious Conversion Bill and the High Court Override Bill.


17 May:   Israel-  Haredi parties warn Bibi that he has only two weeks left to pass draft exemption bill or they will leave the coalition and bring down the government

Additional evidence to be added to PM Netanyahu’s bribery, fraud and breach of trust case.


16 May:   Syria-  Villagers rejoice as last of the US backed Islamic insurgents who had been enslaving them evacuates central Syria.  

Israel-  Israeli tanks shell three Hamas bases in cross border exchanges which began when Hamas defenders fired on intruding Israeli warplanes.  Six Hamas sites were then bombed from the air.

US/Israel-  Jews mourn as extremist Israeli’s and American Evangelicals celebrate Trump.

A Blessed New Moon for All God’s Faithful!  The new moon was sighted by multiple witness in Jerusalem after sunset this evening making 17 May the first day of the third biblical month!  

God’s Word tells us to begin the new month with the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem.  The new moon day is an Appointed Time like Passover and is not a High Day, it is to be observed with Bible Studies and the Shofar.  For more information please see the Calendar articles at this category.   

When Christ comes and the Ezekiel Temple is built (Ez 40-48), special new moon sacrifices will be offered and in addition to the Shofar being sounded in every town, the two silver trumpets will be sounded over the sacrifices in the Temple at Jerusalem.  

Remember that when Christ comes he will require all humanity to observe the New Moons.  Isaiah 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.

 This Sunday beginning Saturday at sunset the Modern Rabbinic Calendar observes Shavuot [Pentecost].  By the Biblical Calendar which God gave to Moses Shavuot [Pentecost] is really a week later on Sunday 27 May.  See our Biblical Calendar studies

Mideast War-  Europe has  agreed with Iran to use the Euro for petroleum in place of the US petrodollar. This means that Trump will have to change the regime in Tehran to save the dollar, but doing so will divide the US and Europe even further.

As things now stand Gaza will cool enough for Israel to grapple with its coalition crisis and war will probably break out soon after that. One reason being to take out the Iranian regime.

Then a peace deal will be accepted which will quickly collapse being sabotaged by the Jewish extremists.  Europe will help the Psalm 83 alliance and after the Jewish state falls the nations will abandon the petrodollar bringing economic collapse to the US over the subsequent months.

Iraq-  Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr’s alliance has won Iraq’s general election, he has now said that he open to forming a coalition government with the outgoing pro-US prime minister Haydar al-Abadi, who came in third.  The day after Saturday’s election, Iranian agents tried to bring Shiite parties together to choose the next prime minister, but Sadr said he had no interest in bringing factions close to Iran into his coalition. 

This move comes as many Iraqi and Iranian Shia are beginning to distance themselves from the Revolutionary Guards and the regime in Tehran. 

Korea-  So far all concessions have been from the DPRK and in the absence of confidence building measures from the US and in the light of Trump reneging on the Iran nuclear deal the Trump/Kim summit is now in doubt. 

While a US air force drill is being used as an excuse the real reason is a lack of trust that Trump will fulfill his end of any agreement because of Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal after Iran was repeatedly certified by the most intrusive inspections in history to be in full compliance with the deal. 

In addition China is behind the Kim move, seeking to bring pressure on the US during trade and economic talks between the US and Chine which began yesterday.


15 May:   

Update 14:00 PDT:  The threatened Hezbollah demonstrations on the northern border did not materialize.

Demonstrations in Gaza have been drastically curtailed with only about 4,000 showing up after Hamas told people not to come.  It now appears that the situation will cool to a simmer before building up again in about three weeks for early June. 

The Palestinians have withdrawn their envoy to Washington over the US Embassy move to Jerusalem.  South Africa has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel. 

Turkey-  Turkey has withdrawn its ambassadors from the US and Israel and sent the Israeli ambassador home, Israel then expelled the Turkish Consul.  Erdogan feels it necessary to react strongly due to the approaching elections which he is no longer guaranteed to win.

Turkey heads to the polls on June 24 to elect both their new president and new members of parliament. A new system for Turkish politics, an executive presidency, will also come into effect with the elections.

The anti-Erdogan Nation Alliance is made up of the Republican People’s Party, the Iyi or Good Party, the Islamist Felicity Party and the Democrat Party.  

Now, unexpectedly, a third alliance of Kurdish parties has appeared. The political parties making up the Kurdistan Election Alliance announced they will not only compete in Turkey’s snap elections but hope to take the first step toward national unity among the Kurds of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. So far, the Kurdistan Freedom Party, Kurdistan Socialist Party, Kurdistan Democratic Party of Turkey and Azadi Movement have announced their membership in the new alliance. With support offered by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which has a legislative presence and nationwide structure, the new alliance could become a major actor on Turkey’s political scene and an important part of any new coalition government.

The US and the West have been interfering in the June 24 Turkish elections by putting heavy economic pressure on Turkey, causing a 15% loss in the value of the Lira in the past few days.   The Lira could drop further putting a serious crimp in the popularity of Erdogan.

Watch the Turkish elections.  The scriptures tell us that Turkey will gain leadership of the Islamic world except Egypt and will be allied with the now rising New Federal Europe (Psalm 83).  Such a future for Turkey would require Turkey to solve its Kurdish problem, and a new governing coalition including the Kurds would be a great help in resolving Turkey’s problems with the Kurds and Europe.

Gaza-  Gazans hold funerals to bury the 59 shot dead by Israel during yesterday’s demonstrations.    The High Coordination Committee for the March of Return announced that the demonstrations would continue into the first week of June [to counter Israeli celebrations of the Six Day War]. 

Palestinians call for demonstrations and a general strike across Israel and the West Bank for Wednesday.


14 May:   Gaza update-   Hamas dismantles demonstrator camps on Gaza border. calls for uprising across the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.  Hezbollah promises a major demonstration on the northern border at Metuliah for Tuesday.  

Israel has told Hamas that it will assassinate the organization’s leaders if protests persist on the Gaza-Israel border.  “If the protests continue — the assassinations will be brought back,” Israel informs the Gaza rulers through an Egyptian intermediary, Hadashot news reports.

Israel goes to high rocket alert do to Gaza violence.  

Gaza death toll from clashes with Israeli troops has risen to 50 dead with 2,000 wounded.  Israel launches more air strikes with reports of huge explosions possibly indicating that missile inventories are being hit.

41 dead 900 wounded 450 by live fire.  The IDF confirms bombing five more Hamas targets this time in a training camp in Jabalia,  Israeli special forces deployed to Egyptian border to prevent infiltration from Sinai.

Syria/Lebanon-   Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said today that any further Israeli attacks on Syria will result in a response on “the heart of Israel.”  

Iran-  US escalating moves for regime change in Iran.

Jerusalem-  Most US Jews oppose embassy move (Yael Patir, J-Street’s Israel director, Yedioth/Ynet).  Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem aims to satisfy his evangelical supporters and the Jewish extremists, not the Jews in general. The vast majority of Jews oppose the US Embassy move to Jerusalem.

Gaza-  At this time about 50,000 Gazans have arrived to demonstrate on the border; 37 been killed and more than five hundred wounded. Israel also bombed a Hamas post and shelled another Hamas post.

USA-  A new War Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), S.J.Res.59, bill making its way through congress will allow the president to attack whoever he wants and to detain anyone [including Americans] who objects, indefinitely.


13 May:   Gaza-   Israel closes Gaza airspace to commercial aircraft.   Hamas dismantles border positions allowing free access of demonstrators to the border fence.  Hamas leader Haniyeh summoned to Egypt in last effort to prevent escalation beyond a simple demonstration.  Emergency services in Gaza preparing for mass casualties. Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical complex and central hospital in the Gaza Strip, has set up a field hospital in large tents near the border. 

Editorial Gaza-  Over the next few days the Gaza situation will be at boiling point and a new war could be ignited, on the other hand there is a chance that the situation will work out and calm down somewhat. 

If relative calm does come Israel will turn to deal with its coalition crisis which has been put on hold because of the security situation. 

Do not be lulled to sleep if the present storm is weathered and a semblance of calm returns, that calm will not last for long. Coming in three weeks is the anniversary of the Six Day War and if the EU and Iran cannot find a way to circumvent the Trump sanctions within about three weeks, Iran is set to restart its nuclear program. If they do Trump has made threats of very serious consequences. 

Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas as well as the Shia militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are under a joint command, and any action taken against Iran will affect Gaza and Lebanon / Syria as well as Iran.   


Israel-   Jerusalem Day clashes have begun.

Gaza-   Hamas announces that tomorrow’s and Tuesday’s  protesters will be accompanied by armed men.  Israel continues to build up on the Gaza border as thousands more soldiers, some from the Nahal and Givati brigades, will reinforce the troops of the Gaza and Judea and Samaria divisions.

Israel has closed the main goods entry point to Gaza indefinitely after a fire damaged the Gaza side of the border on Friday.  Israeli airstrikes destroying a nascent tunnel inside Gaza. a Hamas outpost and an electrical generator in Gaza Sat night. 

Ahead of Sunday Jerusalem Day [when many Israeli provocateurs run wild in the Old City taunting local residents] and the expected mass demonstrations on Monday and Tuesday,  Israel rushed two reinforced brigades [about 5,000 men] to the Gaza perimeter and a third reinforced brigade [about 2,500 men] to the West Bank.

Korea-  Kim to dismantle nuclear test site in return for massive US aid.  This article on proposals is interspersed with ads, please continue to read after the ads. 


12 May:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!  Today is the fifth Sabbath after the Wave Offering!


11 May:   Syria-   Tal Al-Harrah, west of the southern town of Daraa the southern part of the Quneitra region, which borders on the Golan.  Large-scale Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah units are massed to liberate the region held by Israeli backed “rebels.”

Gaza-  Israel deploys massive forces on the Gaza border ahead of Nakba Day May 15.

Iran-  Because Israel called up reserves, opened up shelters, deployed air defense systems and  attacked Al Kiswah on Tuesday night; and then attacked in the Golan Wednesday night before launching the massive attack Thursday morning, that attack has every appearance of having been very carefully prepared by Israel.

There is no doubt that Israel is justified in taking steps against threats to them in the region, but their method has seriously damaged Israel’s credibility around the world.  One has to wonder why they do not just bomb the missiles as they have been doing, why the game change to claim that Iran attacked them? 

The only answers seem to be that:

  • Israel wanted to diminish the threat from the north somewhat before striking Gaza,
  • Israel needed to strike to save the “rebel” groups it is backing in the Golan region from annihilation as the western orchestrated Syrian “civil” war winds down   
  • Israel wanted to do her best to sabotage the EU – Iran talks, and
  • Israel wants to present Iran as a major threat as part of the building Trump push for regime change in Iran

Iran has now decided on its response.  If the talks with the EU fail to satisfy within three weeks, they will:

  • Withdraw from the Nuclear Pact
  • Eject the inspectors who have been engaged in  the most intrusive inspections in history and
  • Resume enrichment. 

Trump has warned Iran that if they resume enrichment Iran can expect a very severe response.  In the circumstances with massive expanded sanctions being established already, this threat is nothing less than a war ultimatum.

Israel-  Israel is now ending its attacks on Syria to focus on Gaza.  True Gazans are descendants of the Philistines who are brothers of the Egyptians both being descended from Mizraim, however two-thirds of today’s 2 million Gaza population are descendants of Palestinians who fled there after being expelled from their homes by Israel in 1948.  This is what the “March of Return” to enter Israel in the coming days is all about.  Demonstrations are to begin Friday and to continue, climaxing on May 15th.

Israeli target list and film of Thursday’s strikes.


10 May:   Korea-  The DPRK negotiating position- big money for denclearization.   South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang agreed on Wednesday that North Korea should be guaranteed economic aid if it were to undertake complete denuclearization.  Trump to meet Kim in Singapore June 12.

EU-  As Trump begins massive sanctions on Iran the EU prepares to use its blocking statute to ban any EU company from complying with U.S. sanctions and will not recognize any court rulings that enforce American penalties.  “The blocking statute is one of the main options; it’s being updated to make it ready,” said a senior EU official. 

Officials from France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China will be meeting with their Iranian counterparts to strengthen trade and political relations against punitive American measures. 

Mideast War-  Israel anticipates that the impending war will take two to three months.  Israel bombed more than 50 sites in Syria overnight. 

The Israeli air strike on Al Kiswa, south of Damascus, Tuesday night hit an Iranian command center for southern Syria headed by Maj. Gen. Hossein Hamadani. 

The Al Kiswa attack destroyed a consignment of Fateh 313 missiles from Iran.  That Fateh 313 extended the range of the Fateh 110 to 500 k (300 mi) and improved its accuracy and it is also easier to launch.  In the Al Kiswa attack, 8 Revolutionary Guards officers and men as well as several Hezbollah members were killed. Among them, according to some sources, was Iranian Brig. Gen. Abdul Rasoul. 

Israel pummeled Syrian air defenses. According to the IDF, its strikes targeted the Russian-made long-range SA-5, also known as the S-200, the high altitude SA-2, or S-75; the short- to medium-range SA-22, also known as the Pantsir-S1; and the SA-17 medium-range air defense system, also known as the Buk.  

Trump issues thinly veiled threats against Iran. See below for details of the Israel strike on the Golan that brought errant defense fire on Israel, providing an excuse for the attacks on Syria.

Russian military sources report that 28 warplanes took part in the massive Israel air attack on Syria early Thursday launching 70 missiles. The blistering Israeli response targeted dozens of missile storage sites and intelligence centres used by elite Iranian forces in Syria, as well as Syrian air defense systems, killing at least 23.  The Syrian systems did not damage any Israeli planes which are parked on Russian bases.

All Israeli attacks concentrated on the Golan and Damascus area in preparation for all out regional war. Israeli politicians are supporting all out war and the security cabinet has been called Thursday evening to discuss Gaza and the situation with Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. 

For now Iran is exercising strategic patience as they negotiate with EU countries and wait for the Gaza situation to develop, but all out war seems close. Victory is certain for Israel and the American Coalition, followed by a regional peace deal.


9 May:   Israel-

Update 17:30 PDT-  Israel attacks Iranian assets in Syria.  Heavy bombing in and around Damascus.  Israel launched an extensive bombing campaign, striking suspected Iranian bases throughout Syria for hours, an Israeli military spokesperson said, warning Syrian President Bashar Assad not to get involved.  However the Israeli Air Force has also been attacking Syrian and Hezbollah sites.

Israel struck numerous targets in and around Damascus, including the Mezzeh military air field, which is reportedly home to Assad’s elite Republican Guard. A large air raid was also reported near the northwestern Syrian town of Qusayr near the Lebanese border, a known Hezbollah stronghold.

Syria’s state news agency reported that Israeli jets were “aiming to destroy anti-aircraft defenses and radar.”  One radar installation and an ammunition dump have been destroyed as Israeli planes fired dozens of missiles after penetrating Syrian air space.

Can Syria/Hezbollah/Iran resist retaliating after such a major attack by Israel based on such a trumped up excuse? 

Update 15:00 PDT-   The IDF said that 20 projectiles were fired towards Israel although there were no missile explosions in Israel.   It appears that the shots on Israel were stray air defense fire from the Israeli attack on the Baath base in Quneitra, since the only explosions were Israeli bombs striking Syria and several Iron Dome rockets exploding.   The IDF has vowed to respond and it is beginning to look like the IDF staged this to create an excuse to attack Iranians in Syria.

Syria has just announced that they have run out of patience with the continual dripping of Israeli attacks and any further attacks by Israel will elicit a harsh response.

This evening Israel attacked Syrian army posts in the Quneitra area of the Syrian Golan Heights including a Hezbollah base.  There are reports of rocket fire in response which could be either air defense fire or missiles.

International officials are intervening to try and prevent another Gaza war from breaking over next Monday’s demonstrations.

USA-  Pompeo visits the DPRK to bring three imprisoned American’s back in prelude to Trump Kim summit. The three who are now in the air are  Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Kim Sang Duk, all held for over a year. Kim Dong Chul, a businessman from South Korea, had been held for over 900 days

Sanctions on Iran go into immediate effect although American companies will be given up to six months to “Wind Down” existing contracts with Iran.  Immediately following President Trump’s order to withdraw from the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced the revocation of licenses to Airbus and Boeing to sell passenger planes and parts to Iran.

Iran says it will talk to Europe but if no guarantees to continue trade are reached in three weeks they will restart their nuclear program.  Trump threatens very serious consequences for Iran if they do restart the program. 

Israel-  Hamas says protests along the Israeli border May 13 – 15 will be “decisive.”  Netanyahu on the way home after making his case to Russian President Putin.


8 May:   For the Record-   The Iran deal is not an American deal but an international agreement endorsed unanimously by the UNSC.  It has the force of international law and no nation has a right to withdraw from that agreement without a new UNSC Resolution.  Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement breaches both international and American law and is clearly illegal.  The US is now a rogue state in breach of international law. 

To make matters worse the Trump speach was full of inaccuracies and falsehoods reminding us of the nonsense said about Iraq.

Iran’s switch away from the Dollar to the Euro probably hastened his move which is more than a move against Iran and is also focused against Europe.  Trump’s threats of trade war have driven key European countries to move towards abandoning the Dollar for the Euro in international transactions and Iran has joined with them by refusing to accept US dollars and demanding payment in Euros for its oil products.

The first big casualty is the United States which will lose 200,000 jobs and the American company Boeing which will immediately lose $20 billion in orders from Iran, orders which will now likely go to Europe. 

The second Trump casualty is again America, because Iran and Europe are arranging to replace the US dollar with the Euro in their transactions to bypass US sanctions.  The EU is also concerned about  £18.5 billion [US$22 Billion] of European investments in Iran. EU plans include non dollar business deals and offering euro based financing through multilateral institutions such as the European Investment Bank. 

Breaking 13:15 PDT-  Israel attacks Iranian assets in Damascus area.  Israel bombs alleged Iranian military base  in el-Kiswah.  Iran is downplaying the attack to avoid premature conflict until the Gaza situation matures.

Israel-  Israel may be about to attack Iranian forces in Syria.  The IDF has lined up missile batteries on the Golan border with Syria, and Air Force jets are flying overhead.  A number of reserve air defense, intelligence and Home Front Command units have been called up. The IDF has ordered residents of the Golan,  Tiberias, Safed, Rosh Pinah and other parts of Galilee to open bomb shelters and have them ready for an attack.  These moves should be seen as precautionary in light of the explosive situation in Gaza peaking May 13-15 and beyond.

Iran-  President Trump has withdrawn from the Iran Nuclear Deal and imposed extremely harsh sanctions on Iran and on all countries and business doing business with Iran.  Except for the Anglo Saxon nations which are dependent on the US this decision will serve to isolate the US from the rest of the world. As one Carnegie Endowment for Peace official put it “this is the most catastrophically stupid decision imaginable.” 

Trump has managed to isolate America and set the scene for the world’s nations to abandon the US Petrodollar in the near future.  See our prophecy  analysis articles here. 

Iran will remain in the nuclear deal even if the US pulls out, thereby splitting Europe off from the United States.  Trump is expected to resume sanctions on Iran with a speech at 14:00 EDT today.  Trump is driving a wedge between the US and Europe which will get much deeper when his decisions bring war and regime change to Iran, since Russia will likely react and Europe will feel threatened enough to seek a new security system outside of the US with a New United Federal Europe. 

Contrary to his claims Trump is a front man for the Establishment and is working hard to bring in their New Word Order which is a New United Federal Europe as an apparent counterbalance between east and west.

War with Iran may still take some time and is not necessarily coming immediately. Israel will probably attack the Hamas Military Wing and that conflict will probably spread to Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Israel-  The US peace envoy Kushner will represent Trump at the May 14th dedication of the American Jerusalem Embassy and will be expecting an answer from Netanyahu on the Trump peace plan.  Bibi may think it is in his best interests to call elections in an effort to improve his mandate ahead of any final peace talks.  The present High Court Override bill crisis – which is coming to a head in a few days – appears to be an ideal excuse for such elections; if not, something else can easily be drummed up. 


7 May:   Trump/Iran-  US President Donald Trump will announce his heavily anticipated decision on the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday 8 May at 2 p.m. Washington time, he said via Twitter on Monday afternoon. the move comes as Britain in the last few hours transferred another squadron of advanced Typhoon fighter jets to the Middle East, with France adding Rafale and Mirage 2000 jets.   Many of these warplanes were rushed to Jordan through Israeli air space.  American assets are also being deployed. 

Iran is expected to react through its proxies in the region, with many eyes focused on Hezbollah;  however Gaza is the most explosive front with the approaching May 13-15 demonstrations and events could begin there and cascade to other fronts.

Mideast War-  At 8 PM on all channels, Israel informed Iran: “You will be responsible for any Hezbollah rocket fire” (Tal Lev Ram, Maariv).  

US/EU-   Trump’s threat to leave the Iran Nuclear deal is splitting the US from Europe.  The foreign ministers of France and Germany say they will hold on to the nuclear agreement with Iran, regardless of the upcoming US decision on whether to nix the deal.  Once trumps policies bring regional war the split with Europe will deepen. 

Israel-  Kulanu has successfully blocked the Override Bill and because there are not enough votes to pass it in the Knesset the bill will not come to a vote on Wednesday.  Netanyahu will assess the situation when he returns from Moscow on Thursday.  Bennett says that he will give the PM a few days and no more before the Bill is passed or he will  bring down the government.

Gaza-  Hamas Political Wing has repeatedly expressed willingness through several channels to enter into talks with Israel for a long-term ceasefire.  Israel has not responded do to the perceived need to eliminate the Hamas Military Wing before any peace deal.


6 May:   Mideast War-  Hezbollah ready to launch attack on Israel.

With a multi front Israeli war now considered inevitable Russia invited Netanyahu to attend Wednesday’s WW 2 Victory Parade in Moscow.  Putin hopes that Bibi will be impressed with the display of Russian military might as the two negotiate how to avoid a direct military confrontation between them.

USA-  Trump expected to go for regime change in Iran.

Israel-  Israel bombs site in Gaza after incendiary kites cause fires on Israeli farms.

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation is scheduled to vote on Sunday to advance a bill that would limit the power of the Supreme Court. 

Update-  As expected the MCL has approved the bill.

Update 07:00 PDT-  Shortly after the committee’s vote, Kahlon, who was at the time taking a tour of the Gaza region in south Israel, announced his intention to block the bill. Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon said that instead of appealing to the full cabinet his party would oppose the bill in the Knesset when it is tabled for First Reading on Wednesday. 

Kulanu and the opposition can together prevent Knesset approval.  If Kulanu follows through with the threat it would break the coalition and could well bring down the government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had asked Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett to postpone the vote in order to obtain the backing of Kulanu and the Supreme Court on a compromise proposal, however, Bennett insisted that the vote take place on Sunday. Likud officials said Netanyahu would not veto it and that the bill would pass by a wide margin.

When the override power bill is approved in the ministerial committee, it will go up to the Knesset Plenum for a first reading vote. However Kulanu head Moshe Kahlon is expected to appeal it to the cabinet as a whole.

Since Netanyahu decides when bills are brought to the full cabinet, he could delay the bill’s advancement indefinitely and it is quite possible that Netanyahu will shelve the bill due to the security crisis and the expected war with Gaza and Hezbollah/Syria/Iran, delaying the crisis and possible elections or a government shake up until after the approaching war. 

Netanyahu will embark for Cyprus Tuesday, for a tripartite meeting with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. he will then confer with President Putin in Moscow on Syria/Iran Wednesday. 

Gaza-   Militant groups are preparing for this coming Friday’s march on the border, which is planned as a dress rehearsal for the May 14th demonstrations


5 May:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!  Today is the fourth Sabbath after the Wave Offering!


4 May:   Korea-  President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare options for drawing down American troops in South Korea.

USA-   Leilani Estates evacuated as volcano erupts on Hawaii.

US/Israel-  As part of the upcoming peace plan Trump is to demand Israel turn four Jerusalem neighborhoods – Jebl Mukabar, Isawiya, Shuafat and Abu Dis, over to the Palestinians.  None of these towns are near the Old City.   

In the peace deal these Jerusalem area villages would become the capital of Palestine.  These and other concessions are part of the price for the US embassy move to Jerusalem and  full American support in the coming conflict with Iran and Syria.   US envoys are headed to Israel in the coming days to finalize the deal [which was presented via the Lieberman Washington visit] and attend the Jerusalem embassy dedication. 


3 May:   Israel-  All leaves of combat troops have been canceled and the troops are confined to bases in a state of combat readiness.

Syria-  Rumors are swirling in the Middle East that US security services are planning to stage a chemical attack against civilians for use in the media to create a reason for the sustained attack on Syria planned last month and delayed for further developments in the region.

The operation is led by a former militant of the Islamic State *[Daesh], Mishan Idris Hamash.  According to the source, the preparations began on April 23 with civilians being taken to an area near the Jafra oil field to participate in a staged filming of an attack scene which will then be released to the media.

Iran-   Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Mohamed Zarif released a short video on social media today  “Let me make it absolutely clear once and for all, we will neither outsource our security nor will we renegotiate or add onto a deal we have already implemented in good faith.” He added the facts that the Vienna-based IAEA had affirmed 11 times that Iran was in compliance with the accord, while the United States was in violation.

Israeli paper had this to say.  

USA-   Trump reimbursed payment by lawyer to Daniels.   I can’t imagine how a dalliance with someone like her could be worth $130,000.  Why not just come clean and admit that he made a mistake, apologize and get on with life instead of paying?  Aside from moral turpitude Trump is demonstrating a serious lack of judgment. 

White House counsel Donald McGahn is expected to resign soon and Trump has hired Emmet Flood  an expert on defending against impeachment.  The move comes as Ty Cobb leaves the Trump legal team and Trump decides whether to plead the fifth or answer an expected subpoena from Mueller

Trump is also throwing the weight of America around internationally to prevent other nations from cooperating with the investigation.

Trump is now in desperate need of an international crisis to distract the public and claim that he is too busy during the crisis to respond. 

Syria-   After evacuating the Damascus Yarmuk refugee camp, Syrian rebels have accepted a deal on Wednesday to quit their enclave near Homs city, as Syria crushes the last two besieged insurgent pockets in the country.  The only insurgent areas remaining are now on the Israeli border, the US controlled Kurdish area and Idlib province [where most insurgents have been evacuated to].


2 May:   USA-  Bill before congress would give president the authority to imprison Americans in military detention indefinitely simply by labeling them “enemy combatants.” 

Iran-  Reports indicate Netanyahu presentation was only a warm up for a Trump speech announcing US withdrawal from Iran deal soon.

Israel-  Netanyahu convinces no one bringing to mind Colin Powell’s embarrassing address to the UNSC pushing war on Iraq.  


1 May:   Mideast War-  Egypt is attacking militias on the Israeli and Gaza borders to seal the area and prevent any escape from Gaza into Egypt during the coming Israeli invasion of Gaza. 

US officials admit Israel attacked Iran in Syria.

Trump indicates that he will kill the Iran nuclear deal

Far from being stolen from Iran by the Mossad, the IAEA documented AMAD and its development in 2011 (PDF, Annex, page 5). The IAEA reports that there is no evidence of any Iranian nuclear project after this program was closed on 2009.

It is much more likely that Bibi obtained the files through the Pompeo CIA from a computer in Vienna where the IAEA keeps files.  He used the archived documents with details of well known former programs to declare that Iran has cheated [when they have not] and is not trustworthy.

Yesterday’s Netanyahu revelations [See the News prophecy Blog, April 2018] proved the effectiveness of the Iran nuclear deal, since the program referred to was shut down by the deal.  

In response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s release of Iran’s Atomic Archive, the French ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud, said that information about past Iranian nuclear activity was in fact an argument in favor of the nuclear deal, not against it. A German government spokesman said it was vital to keep the independent inspections provided for under the deal. A British government spokesman defended the 2015 accord, saying: “We have never been naive about Iran and its nuclear intentions. That is why the IAEA inspection regime had to be [and is] extensive and robust.” 

In his conversation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday night, President Vladimir Putin reiterated that “the JCPOA, which is of paramount importance for ensuring international stability and security, must be strictly observed by all parties.”

The situation is sharply dividing the world between the Judeo, Anglo, American group and the rest of the world.

Trump praises the speech which featured outdated material provided by the IAEA, Mossad and the Pompeo CIA.  Canada, Australia etc are backing Trump and Britain will likely be forced to do so because of Brexit and the need for an economic deal with the US.

Israel-  Key coalition partner Lapid slams government, says this will be the last and shortest session of the Knesset.   Yesh Atid parliamentary group meeting earlier Monday, chairman Yair Lapid attacked the government and Netanyahu.  Government likely to fall over controversial bills

Brexit-  Britain is not Likely to be able to negotiate an exit from the EU and could end up in a hard divorce after the House rejects government plan to limit possible amendments to the pending deal.

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