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30 Jun 15:00 PDT BREAKING:  Syria-  The Israeli Air Force has bombed the Syrian army Mezzeh Airbase and sites near Daara, Jamraya, Sahnaya, and Daraya.

01:00 PDT: Korea-  Trumps meets Kim in DMZ invites him to US.  The move comes after extensive DPRK and US talks with Russia and China.


29 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

03:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  Twelve US F-22A Raptor stealth jets have touched down at the US Air Base Al Udeid in Qatar.  US military officials added: “More tactical assets are being moved into the Gulf area in the coming days.”


28 Jun 18:00 PDT:  Israel-  80 demonstrators injured in today’s Jerusalem protests after police kill a young man yesterday.

15:30 PDT:  Economics-  In response to the Trump trade war the EU has finalized a massive free trade deal with Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. 

Besides the trade aspect the deal represents a profound political shift away from the United States towards Europe for Latin America.  

The deal will bring Latin American agricultural products to Europe and European manufactured good to Latin America. This  free trade deal is the largest in EU history with considerable potential for expansion to other Latin American countries. 

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted on the historic nature of the agreement from the G20 summit in Japan, writing, “This will be one of the most important trade agreements of all time and will bring enormous benefits to our economy.”

10:30 PDT:  Gaza-  So far today fourteen fires have been set by Gaza balloons and 19 demonstrators wounded by Israeli live fire, Israeli jeep destroyed by fire.  Israel could soon launch a surprise leadership decapitation attack on Gaza seeking to kill as many militia leaders as possible to begin an invasion blitz.

Syria-  The US admits that a chemical attack is in the works in Idlib; which of course the US will blame on Syria even though such an attack would be contrary to Syria’s interests and would only benefit the terrorists. 

TheShiningLight has been warning for months that the US has long been planning a serious aerial strike on Syria using a chemical attack as an excuse.  This would open the way for an Israel attack on Hezbollah and Syria and the US and Turkish backed Syrian rebels could then flood out of their sanctuaries and overthrow the Assad regime.   This scenario is also likely to include regime change in Iran.

08:00 PDT:  Vatican-  Catholic and Orthodox holding reconciliation talks.

05:00 PDT: Israel/Gaza-  After Israel confirms ceasefire many new fires set by Gaza balloons.  This could simply be a last minute barrage before the deal is fully communicated to all units.  Israel is presently in the midst of primaries and political talks ahead of the August first deadline to register party candidate lists.

Syria/Iran-  Large deliveries of Iranian oil are awaiting unloading in Syria after an attack last week damaged the loading pipelines. 

Trying to forestall massive Israeli attack, Hamas offers renewed ceasefire to Israel.


27 Jun 15:45 PDT:  NATO-  On Thursday in Brussels new US acting defense secretary Mark Esper failed in his mission to draw NATO into backing US military action in the Persian Gulf. France, Germany and other European ministers appealed to Washington to return to the nuclear accord with Iran.  Esper also warned Iran that no further incidents would be tolerated.   

The Trump administration is using Iran to drive a huge wedge between the US and NATO as he works to separate from Europe and create a New Federal Europe as a counterbalance between Asia and an Anglo Saxon alliance.  Donald Trump has been misled into thinking that America can dominate the New Federal Europe and continue to dominate the world, but the Jesuits have something else in mind:  A revival of the Holy Roman Empire in the guise of a New Federal Europe.  This New Europe will quickly rise to world economic dominance through its political and financial policies.  See our article on the now rising New Federal Europe and the Fall of the Judaeo Anglo Saxon peoples.

15:00 PDT:  Israel-Palestine and water.  

10:30 PDT:  Gaza-  Thirty fires seventeen of them quite large have been started in Israel by Gaza balloons so far today.

NATO/Iran-  The US is pressuring NATO to join them against Iran when Europe rejects US accusations and actions against Iran.  After all it is the Trump administration which abandoned the very successful nuclear deal and has been orchestrating a crisis with Iran.

07:30 PDT: Waves of balloon-borne incendiary devices from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel already today, sparking at least 24 fires.  If the airborne arson attacks continue at the same pace, Thursday will likely see the largest number of fires started by Gazan balloons in a single day since the attacks began last spring.

06:00 PDT:  Israel-  Likud admits: Canceling the elections a trial balloon. Assessment: zero possibility of preventing 17 Sep elections.

Economics-  G20 leaders arriving in Osaka to hold four days of intense talks.  Key subjects:  Iran and Syria, Ukraine, Europe and Trump’s international trade war.  While billed as America first; Trump is only a front man whose antics are designed to create conditions of serious financial distress in order to force the formation of a new international economic system.  

President Trump is scheduled to meet German Chancellor Merkel on Friday morning. Trump will also personally meet Russian President Putin, Chinese President Xi and Turkish president Erdogan as well as the leaders of Japan and India at the summit.

Mideast Peace-  US declares Bahrain donors conference a success.


26 Jun 17:00 PDT:  Iran-  More fake American war propaganda.

The Associated Press @AP – 7:52 utc – 25 Jun 2019BREAKING: Iran’s President Rouhani mocks President Trump, says the White House is “afflicted by mental retardation.”

Farsi speakers point out that Rouhani never used the Farsi word for “retarded” in fact he said:

Sina Toossi @SinaToossi – 13:49 utc – 25 Jun 2019A lot of Western media is reporting that Iranian President Rouhani called Trump “mentally retarded.” This is inaccurate.
Regarding Trump, he just said “no wise person would take such an action [the new sanctions imposed].”

15:30  PDT: Iran-  The United Arab Emirates has broken with its U.S. and Saudi allies in declining to blame Iran for an apparent attack on four tankers last month, citing a lack of proof.  Only Israel, Britain and the Saudi’s stand with the US in blaming Iran.

11:30 PDT:  Gaza-  Nineteen fires ignited in Israel by Gaza incendiary balloons so far today.

08:30 PDT: Israel-  Former labor prime minister Ehud Barak unveils a new political party at a press conference in Tel Aviv.  He will run in September’s election and former IDF deputy chief of staff Yair Golan on his new party list. Many Labor members could cross over spelling the end of the already shaky Labor party.

04:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  UK PM to be named in late July. Candidate Jeremy Hunt rejects backing US war on Iran. Trump buddy Boris Johnson would be much more likely to support Trump on Iran, further splitting the UK from Europe which is against the looming conflict. 

Gaza-  Israel’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman MK Avi Dichter calls for Gaza invasion.


25 Jun BREAKING 13:45 PDT:  Israel-  Netanyahu facing a big election loss and prison on three corruption indictments is now looking into  canceling September elections.  The Blue and White party has rejected a Netanyahu offer and Bibi is trying to form a governing coalition with Orthodox and Palestinian parties.  This effort is likely to fail since at least 80 MK’s would be needed to approve cancelling the election.  

Gaza-   Hamas has announced the end of the ceasefire and the resumption of its military activities in response to alleged Israeli violations of the de-escalation understandings reached between them. The Hamas balloon unit’s heads now threaten to make neighboring Israeli communities lives  “a living hell.”

11:30 PDT:  Gaza-  Fourteen fires started in Israel so far today. Three Gazans wounded by Israeli fire today, 69 injured last Friday. 

10:15 PDT: Iran-  After provoking Iran with crushing sanctions Trump threatens Iranian regime with “obliteration.”  This means that any Iranian response is highly likely to come from proxies in Gaza. 

07:45 PDT:  Jerusalem Conference-  If deal was reached it is being kept secret and Russia has come out publicly in support of Iran at the US, Israel, Russia security conference.

Gaza-  UN officials in Gaza to try and save ceasefire.

US-  Many States begin to legislate a minimum age for marriage

06:00:  Syria-  Syria is pouring reinforcements into the anti terrorist battle in the north. This is opening an opportunity for Israel to launch a blitz to demolish the Gaza militias while the Syrian army and Hezbollah are preoccupied on the Idlib front.

Gaza-  Israel blocks fuel to Gaza power station over fire balloons.  Unless resumed this means that Gaza electrical generation will cease in about a week.

Protests underway in the Strip and in the West Bank in response to the release of the economic section of the American peace proposal.  General strike in protest over Bahrain Economic Summit as the Gaza ceasefire shudders. 

03:00 PDT: Korea-  Trump to visit Seoul this weekend to consult with the president of South Korea. 

Israel-  Political parties must submit their candidate lists by August 1. 

Labor is holding a leadership primary on July 2.


24 Jun 10:30 PDT:  Mideast War-  Turkey reinforces its border to block terrorists escape as Syria Russia launch major assault on Central Asian terrorists in Idlib.

Gaza balloons ignite 13 fires in Israel so far today.   

Germany-  September could prove to be a difficult month for Merkel’s CDU in Saxony and Brandenburg regional elections.  A heavy loss by the CDU could bring another national election in Germany.


23 Jun 12:30 PDT-  Gaza-  Incendiary balloons spark eight fires in Israel ahead of anti Bahrain conference demonstrations beginning tomorrow.

10:30 PDT:  Turkey-  Ekrem Imamoglu of Turkey’s main opposition party has received 54.89 percent of the vote for Istanbul mayor, compared with 45.15 percent for Binali Yıldırım, a candidate for the Justice and Development Party and a close associate of Erdogan.  The vote amounts to a massive setback for Turkish leader Erdogan.

06:15 PDT:  Syria-  Central Asian terrorists suffer heavy losses while Syria works to isolate them and cut off all supply routes and avenues of escape.  

04:45 PDT:  Mideast War-   The US launched a small cyber attack on Iran last Thursday; the main point of which was to test the project ahead of a much much larger such attack on Iranian air defenses during the looming war.

John Bolton is in Israel consulting with Netanyahu ahead of a conference between the national security advisers of Israel, the US and Russia in Jerusalem Monday and Tuesday. 

These officials will be attempting to make a deal which will see Russia agreeing to moves against Iran and Syria in exchange for US concessions in Europe.  The fact that the ministerial conference is being held in Israel and not in a neutral city indicates that subordinates have already come very close to forming the deal and the ministers are ready to sign off on it. If a deal is made it will be finalized at the Osaka G20 in a meet between Trump, Xi  and Putin.

Conferences this week-  The Jerusalem conference and the Bahrain donors conference are set for 25-26 June, the NATO defense ministers will meet on 26-27 June and the Osaka G 20 is scheduled for 27 to 30 June.  If successful these conferences will set the conditions for the long planned regional war, including the defeat of Hezbollah and the Gaza militias and regime change in Syria and Iran.  This resetting of regional realities will with new national governments in Israel and Palestine, open the way for a genuine peace dialogue bringing a peace deal as soon as late 2020.  See the Coming World Events category for more

Syria-  In a week long battle the terrorists from Central Asia have suffered major losses with 25 killed on Thursday and several hundred killed with many more wounded over the week.  These figures do not include the losses from the aerial bombardment of their lines and bases.

Mideast Donor Conference-  The US has now released the economic part of the developing peace plan.  The removal of Hamas from leadership in Gaza and changes in the Palestinian and Israeli governments would be required before the political plan can be tabled for discussion.  Even this purely economic plan is splitting the far right from the moderates in a potential Likud led coalition.

It will consist of a multinational development bank is planned financed by $13.5 billion in grants, $11 billion in private investment and $26 billion in loans.  More than half of the $50 billion would be spent in the economically troubled Palestinian territories over 10 years while the rest would be split between Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan.  Planned construction and development of a “new flagship liberal arts and sciences university in the West Bank and Gaza” that would cost up to $500 million and a new power plant for Gaza would require another $550 million.  Massive relaxation of the Israel military economic strangle hold over the Palestinians would also be required. Some of the projects would be in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, where investments could benefit Palestinians living in adjacent Gaza.


22 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

19:15 PDT: Instead of a military attack the US military launched a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems Thursday. In addition President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the United States would impose major additional sanctions against Iran on Monday.  Trump also said that he could be a friend of Iran if Iran gave up nuclear weapons.  In fact inspectors regularly certify that Iran has no nuclear program and Iran cannot produce fissile material to anywhere near the level needed for nuclear weapons.  Iran could well respond through its Gaza proxies.

06:00 PDT:  Syria-  Heavy fighting continues between terrorists and Syria in Idlib area.  M ore and more Syrian troops are being sent to Idlib in the north and an opportunity is beginning to open for Israel to invade Gaza. 

Iran-  Trump’s claim of ordering an attack on Iran and then pulling back appears to be nothing more than false propaganda exercise to exert even more pressure ahead of the coming week’s conferences.  He now says that he never ordered an attack he just did not approve of one.


21 Jun 07:00 PDT:  Iran-  Iran had warned the US twice to turn its drone around or it would be shot down.  A US military P-8 spy plane was also in Iranian airspace but Iran elected to target the drone instead to send the message that they would protect their space while sparing the 35 US military personnel.  These facts and a broad international rejection of the American explanation forced Trump to back away from attacking.

03:30 PDT:  Iran-  Trump sends Iran an ultimatum for talks or a US attack.

Iran displays wreckage of American drone recovered well within Iranian territory as very strong evidence that the drone was indeed violating Iranian air space.

01:30: Alaska-  Prayer to Satan opens government meeting.

Iran-  Trump launches attack on Iran then quickly cancels. Early Friday, administration sources maintained that the operation was not called off only put back seven to ten days due to the various Middle East conferences and the G20 taking place in the coming days.  Any such attack on Iran would likely result in a response against Israel from Iranian proxies; which why Israel and entities across the region went on high war alert last night. The next incident could trigger regional war.


20 Jun 15:30 PDT:  Iran-  Trump to brief congressional leaders on Iran.  The congress is dead set against attacking Iran. Today’s incident is upping the tension but Trump may need further incidents to justify military action.

12:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  Middle East forces on high alert. 

Iranian proxies in Syria/Iraq are on war preparedness alert in case the US attacks them in retaliation for the downing of an American drone. Israel is also on high alert. 

The US has prepared a series of cyber “bombs” embedded in Iranian systems.  Operation Nitro Zeus is a cyber attack designed to disable Iran’s air defenses, communications systems and critical parts of its power grid.

09:45 PDT:  US/Iran-  US officials meet to discuss reaction to downing of US spy drone over Iran.  Will the US strike Iran?  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States is lying that a drone shot down by Iran was not in the country’s airspace and says that Tehran will take the American accusations to the United Nations. 

Iran reports:  The American UAV took off from an US base in the south of the Persian Gulf at 00:14 am today and contrary to aviation laws, it shut off all of its introduction equipment and proceeded from the Strait of Hormuz to Chabahar with complete secrecy.

The unmanned aircraft while returning to the west of the region towards the Strait of Hormuz, after violating the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and  at 4:55 am it was targeted by the IRGC air force and shot down gliding down towards the sea.

U.S. drones have violated Iran’s sovereign airspace many times. In 2011 Iran acquired a stealthy RQ-170 drone which had flown in from Afghanistan by manipulating its command signals. In 2012 Iran took down another U.S. drone, a Boeing Scan Eagle, that had flown in from the Persian Gulf. Many other U.S. drones were shot down over Iranian territory:  In January [2011], Iran said it had shot down two conventional (nonstealth) drones, and in July, Iran allowed Russian experts to study several US drones.

Gaza-  Hamas declares ceasefire in critical condition.

00:30 PDT:  Iran-   Iran shot down an American RQ-4 Global Hawk drone Thursday morning when it entered Iranian airspace near the Kouhmobarak district in southern Iran’s Hormozgan province some 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) southeast of Tehran near the Strait of Hormuz.  The US claims the drone was over the sea when shot down.


19 Jun 05:00 PDT:  Arabia-  Murder evidence against crown prince and defacto ruler extensive.  He is being backed by the US because he backs American policy on Iran.

Iran-  Pompeo warns Iran that even one American casualty from Iranian backed militias in Syria and Iraq would bring an American attack on Iran.  This page also contains an informational video on the earthquake fault lines in California.

Israel-  Today the second session of the security cabinet will convene this week.  This session will assess the week’s multi front war rehearsal and assess the nation’s readiness for war, as Netanyahu warns the nation. 

Israel is pacifying Hamas by promising to implement ceasefire promises soon but this may lull the militias into a false sense of security for sudden a surprise attack by Israel to assassinate as many Gaza militia leaders as possible is possible. 


18 Jun 12:00 PDT:  USA-  Patrick Shanahan who headed the US Department of Defense since last July, taking over from Jim Mattis, abruptly resigned on Tuesday. President Donald Trump, has appointed Mark Esper, Secretary of the Army, as new Acting Defense Secretary.

08:00 PDT: Mideast War-  Israel is holding a massive multi front war exercise this week.  The exercise includes the entire air force and much of the land army.  The United States is deploying 1,000 soldiers to its missile defense systems in the region. 

02:30 PDT: Venezuela-  Maduro support within the country at 41% coup leader Guaido has support from 36%.  Guaido coup cabal is now grappling with corruption.  Backed by the US Guaido had launched a coup attempt from his position as leader of the Assembly.

Gaza-  Israel opens fishing zone to 10 miles.


17 Jun 08:30 PDT:  Gaza-  A small Israeli force invading Gaza was driven back by defenders. 

Vatican-  The Vatican considers relaxing celibacy for the Catholic priesthood.

Peace Plan-  Hamas has joined Iran to fight the coming peace plan.  Hamas is now firmly in Iran’s pocket and will take its directions from Tehran. 

The Palestinians have also rejected the peace plan because in its current form the Trump peace plan amounts to an Extremist Settler Movement dictation of the takeover of all Palestine by Israel.  Trump has withheld the announcement of the plan so that it can be modified away from the Netanyahu dictates when new governments are formed, which is the story behind the insistent Palestinian rejection so far. 

There is NO chance of peace until the Gaza militias are destroyed along with Hezbollah and the regimes in Syria and Iran are replaced.  The Israeli extremists and Netanyahu must also be replaced so that a new Israeli government can reach a deal with a new Palestinian Authority government. 

Watch for a general Middle East war between Israel and her allies against Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, followed by new governments in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Iran, before any genuine dialogue for peace. 

05:30 PDT: Syria-   Russia and Turkey have begun negotiations to  separate the Turkish allied rebel groups from Al Qaeda forces to enable Russia/Syria to destroy the foreign terrorists without coming into conflict with Turkey.   Such a deal would give Russia a free hand to destroy the terrorists from Central Asia ahead of the looming Israeli war against Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran; while leaving the Turkish allied militias unscathed and in a position to pick up the pieces in Syria after the Syrian war with Israel.  

03:30 PDT: Iran-  Iran informs the EU that they will increase their stock of nuclear fuel for their reactor above treaty limits in ten days, if Europe has not taken steps to secure the treaty by then.  Iran intends to break out of the unfair position of being restricted to the treaty by the EU remaining in the deal, while the US refuses its responsibilities under the deal by leaving the treaty.  The present Iranian situation is that they must keep all provisions of the treaty while receiving none of its benefits.  


16 Jun  15:30 PDT-  Economics-  India added to Trump trade wars.

10:00 PDT: Mideast Peace-  The peace plan will be delayed by the Sep 17 Israeli elections.  Greenblatt is now speculating about a Nov 6 2019 date for the plan’s release. 

08:00 PDT:  USA-  President Trump accused the New York Times of committing a “virtual act of treason”  for exposing US cyber attacks against Russia and tries to lie to cover up the attacks.  The Times had cleared the article with administration officials before publishing it.

06:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  A senior Hamas delegation met with Iran’s intelligence minister in Tehran yesterday to discuss developments in the region.  One can expect Iran to use its proxies to react to US pressure, which could well result in an Israeli operation in Gaza. 

Israel- A large scale five day military preparedness exercise including heavy vehicles, fighter jets, assault helicopters and other aircraft is beginning mainly over the north and the Jordan Valley, Upper Galilee, Nahariya, the Sea of Galilee and the Golan.  The Israeli Gaza operation is expected to also involve a war on Hezbollah, Syria and Lebanon.

01:45 PDT: Mideast War-  The US got what they were hoping for from the recent tanker attacks, as the Arabs agree to action against Iran.  The Arabs must now support the US Establishment peace plan at the Manama Bahrain donors conference to complete the deal.  See the 14 Jun 01:00 and 16:00 news.  

Israel-  Lieberman’s Jewish Home party offers to join the Blue and White party and a Likud without Netanyahu, to form a national unity government after the September 17 elections.  This means that Lieberman will recommend that the president task the Blue and White party to form a government; at the same time Netanyahu will face a pre trial court hearing on 2 October and the Likud could easily split between the far right Settler Movement extremists and the Likud moderates.  If this works out it practically guarantees a Mideast Peace deal as soon as next year.

Gaza-  Israel to allow Qatari envoy with a list of Israeli demands for concessions to avoid an invasion to enter Gaza.  This list of demands to continue the calm amounts to a pre war ultimatum by Israel.  An Egyptian delegation will then head to Gaza to try and save the ceasefire.


15 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

12:45 PDT:  Gaza-  Israel blocks Qatari cash Saturday evening and makes new demands which were immediately rejected by Gaza.  The Israeli move brings the Gaza situation to an explosive pitch with a major Israeli operation close at hand.

RUSSIA-  US increasing cyber attacks on Russia.


14 Jun 19:45 PDT:  Iran-  Pompeo insists that the 2001 AUMF provided the president with authority to wage war against anyone who “planned, authorized, committed, or aided” the attacks “or harbored such organizations or persons.”  This declaration supports the international [and European] suspicion that the US carried out the attacks to create an excuse for war on Iran.

16:00 PDT:  Iran-  Various US allies including Japan reject US claims that Iran attacked tankers; Japan insisting that the tankers were attacked from the air by a UAV.  In fact Iran shot at an American UAV loitering near the ships. Britain backs the US claims while others are calling for an independent investigation.

12:00 PDT:  NATO-  The NATO defense ministers will meet on 26-27 June. 

Israel-  Iron Dome rocket defense systems again deployed as Israeli military abandons objections and calls for major Gaza operation.

250,000 march in Tel Aviv homosexual pride parade.

10:30 PDT:  Gaza-  49 Gazans wounded by Israeli live fire so far today.

Syria-  Russian president Putin has told the Bishkek SCO conference that he backs the complete destruction of the Idlib based terrorists in Syria.  The Syrian Army’s 14th Special Forces Division has joined the 9th Division’s shock troops and 7th Armored Division deploying this week for another offensive against Al Qaeda.

09:00  PDT: Gaza-  There is a significant disconnect between the Hamas Political Wing which wants peace and on the other side the Islamic Jihad and Hamas Military Wing which believe in armed struggle.  Today dozens of incendiary balloons were launched during strong border demonstrations in spite of the Israeli offer to implement understandings if there is calm for the next week. 

Everyone understands that Netanyahu wants calm to pursue political talks ahead of the deadline to register candidate lists for the September elections and the militias want to extract more concessions. This could well backfire on them as Bibi cannot afford to look weak and could be forced to undertake very strong measures instead of making more concessions.  

07:00 PDT:  Gaza-  Mediators convinced Israel to send a message to the Gaza militias via the Qatar, Egypt and the UN envoy to the Middle East, committing to implement the understandings for the truce, which include transferring the Qatari funds and reopening the fishing zone by the weekend in exchange for calm.

04:45 PDT:  Israel-  Psychological preparations for war.  

Asia-  Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan focuses on fighting terrorism and forming Asian alliance against Trump trade war.  Trump will have short term victories but will ultimately lose his trade wars, bringing the US dollar and America down into catastrophic economic collapse. See our articles on events in the immediate future

01:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  Pompeo publicly blames Iran for tanker attacks even though the attacks are contrary to Iran’s interests and play directly into American hands by motivating the Arabs for the Bahrain donors conference.  A brief film of Iranians collecting evidence to begin an investigation in no way proves who set the mines.  Based on who has the most to gain by the attacks one would naturally suspect the Mossad, CIA or one o their proxies. This “rush to judgment” without any real evidence is inappropriate.

Israel-  Tel Aviv set for huge flaunting of homosexual pride, Jews completely forgetting that possession of the land is CONDITIONAL on living by every Word of God Deu 28-30.


13 Jun 16:15 PDT:  Gaza-  Israel bombs multiple sites in Gaza.

11:15 PDT:  BREAKING Gaza-  Incoming rocket warning sirens are sounding in the Sderot and Ivim areas in the south.  A rocket launched from Beit Hanoun in the Northern Gaza Strip made a direct hit on Sderot building.  All Israeli political parties are now calling for the assassination of Gaza militia leaders and full scale war.

Mideast War-  Israel – US – Russia security conference to be held in Jerusalem Jun 24 to 26 while the Bahrain Middle East Peace donors conference is taking place. 

The Bahrain conference will confirm Arab guarantees to back and finance the coming Middle East peace deal in exchange for US moves against Iran; while the Israel, US and Russia National  Security Advisers conference will discuss the subject of Iran and Syria and a quid pro quo deal for non interference by Russia in exchange for US concessions in Europe [read Ukraine and possibly NATO] may be agreed. Their joint proposal will be presented  to presidents Putin and Trump at the G 20 summit in Osaka on June 28 and 29.

10:30 PDT:  Iran-  The US disputes the Iranian rescue of tanker crew but it appears that Iran rescued the crew of one ship while the Dutch rescued the crew of the other ship.

Gaza-  Khalil al-Haya, a senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, on Thursday appealed to Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations to prevent the collapse of the truce with Israel.

07:00  PDT:  Iran-  Naphtha cargo ablaze as Iran rescues crew

UK-  After first round Trump buddy Boris Johnson has a commanding lead in the Conservative party leadership race.

04:00  PDT: Syria-  Ceasefire collapses almost immediately with Al Qaeda attack.  Heavy bombing resumes.

Iran-  Iran rescues 44 sailors after two oil tankers struck by unknown objects.   Oil prices soar as the US and Iran accuse one another.


12 Jun 17:45 PDT:  Gaza-  The Israeli air force  is bombing sites in Gaza near the southern city of Rafa and near the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City. 

15:30 PDT:  BREAKING Gaza-  An incoming projectile was shot down approaching the community of Nirim in the Eshkol region, east of Gaza, at approximately 12:15 a.m. (local time) on Thursday. 

14:30 PDT:  Gaza-  Israel closes off all Gaza fishing and begins a complete naval blockade of Gaza.  The escalating situation began with Gaza fire balloons in response to Israel failing to keep its ceasefire obligations, and the tension could increase explosively during this coming Friday’s Gaza border demonstrations. 

10:30  PDT:  Gaza-   Twenty fires in Israel so far this week caused by Gaza fire balloons.

06:45 PDT: Syria-  Syria rushing reinforcements to the front during 72 hour ceasefire, just declared for civilian evacuation. 

02:00  PDT:  Syria-  Last night the Israeli military launched a missile attack on Syrian air defense radars situated at Tel Al-Harrah, a hill overlooking the Golan, Galilee and the Sea of Galilee, and used the attack to test an electronic warfare system designed to suppress Syrian air defense radar installations in southwestern Syria.


11 Jun 15:00 PDT:  USA-  The American Establishment front man Donald Trump signs order to begin streamlining regulations governing the already lax rules on genetically modified agricultural products.

09:15 PDT: Israel-  Fire brigades, the JNF, the Nature and Parks Authority and military bulldozers were working today to extinguish seven fires caused by Gaza incendiary balloons in the Eshkol Regional Council.

BREAKING SYRIA-  The Syrian Arab Army is advancing on south Kabani after peppering the jihadist defenses with missiles for several hours on Tuesday.  Intense clashes are ongoing between the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham [Al Qaeda] at the southern axis of Kabani.

Kabani is an imperative mountaintop position of Al Qaeda defending the Latakia approach to the terrorist heartland in the plains of Idlib Province, located in the Zuwayqat Mountain region in northeastern Latakia. The Syrian Army is attempting to capture the town in order to regain control over the last jihadist-held areas in the Latakia Governorate and position itself to sweep done on the terrorists situated in the more open plains of Idlib Province. 

Israel has been waiting its Gaza offensive until the Syrian army is fully engaged in wiping out the terrorists from Central Asia.  

05:45 PDT: Gaza-  Islamic Jihad official Muhammad Shalah complains that Israel has placed two impossible conditions on approving the next round of Qatari money: stopping the demonstrations on the fence and returning the missing bodies of IDF soldiers captured during Operation Protective Edge.  He threatened that if Israel continued to insist on the new demands [which clearly break the ceasefire deal] there would be an escalation.

04:15 PDT: TheShiningLight: CORRECTION:  In Chapter 49 of the Jeremiah free download study Elam has been corrected to Assyrian Empire.  If you have a older version you might want to update your copy of the Jeremiah study in the interest of accuracy.

Gaza-  Incendiary balloons again sparking fires in Israel and after a one-week respite the weekly protests at the border will be renewed this Friday.

Syria-  Syria and Russia are holding talks with Turkey on evacuating civilians from the Kobani area before the looming Syrian assault to liberate the last terrorist stronghold on the way to their Idlib heartland.


10 Jun 09:15 PDT:  Europe-  Greece goes to sudden snap elections.  Ukraine parliamentary elections set for July 21.

04:45 PDT:  Iran-   The EU is close to completing a payment method for bypassing the US dollar.  The development of this system is adding impetus to US plans to attack Iran, since the US cannot allow the dollar to be threatened.  Once the Iranian regime is changed this plan will remain at the ready if a need to circumvent the US dollar should arise in the future.  See this article about the future of the US dollar.

02:15 PDT: Mideast War-  Gaza set to heat up as Hamas warns Israel through international mediators that they are losing patience with the Israeli failure to implement its cease fire promises.  At the same time the PLO is calling for demonstrations against the Bahrain economic conference.  The Gaza militias are expected to take advantage of the PLO call and up their demonstrations at the end of the month as well.

This call by the PLO is part of their posturing for the Palestinian Authority elections expected after the coming war, which elections are likely to be fought over the peace deal. The PLO demonstrations are scheduled for Friday June 14th in the village of Jibiyeh, north of Ramallah and June 24 in central Ramallah, to be followed up by demonstrations on Jun 25 and 26 during the Bahrain economic workshop.  The Bahrain conference is really about getting approval for the US peace plan and iron clad financial pledges from the Arab nations in exchange for American intervention against Iran.  

Syria-  After a week of intense fighting over a few key hilltops the Al Qaeda has suffered very heavy casualties.  Al Qaeda which is made up of various factions is beginning to come under heavy pressure as Turkey is working to entice various factions to leave Al Qaeda and join the Turkish backed militias. 

Several Al Qaeda factions are strongly tempted to seek support from Turkey and bolt membership in the international Al Qaeda organization, leaving behind the foreign fighters from Central Asia to fend for themselves. The key Russian focus in Al Qaeda [Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham] is the Turkestan Islamic Party, which is made up of Central Asian terrorists and must be destroyed to prevent them returning to Russia, China and Central Asia.

Iran-  A week of high-stakes diplomacy to try and save the nuclear deal begins with a visit by the German Foreign Minister, the Japanese leader is to arrive on Wednesday.  This effort seems doomed to fail because the US is insisting on 12 preconditions for talks, which if accepted would amount to the complete surrender of Iran before the talks even begin. Trump’s recent climb down from the 12 preconditions is only public relations to make it appear that he does not want war as he prepares for war.

Brexit-  Trump buddy Boris Johnson threatens the EU as the Conservative leadership race kicks off.


8 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath and Sunday Feast of Pentecost for All God’s Faithful! 


7 Jun 18:00 PDT:  UNSC-  Estonia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Tunisia and Vietnam were elected Friday to two-year terms on the U.N. Security Council.  The five will join the 15-nation body responsible for maintaining international peace and security on Jan. 1, 2020.

Latin America-  Reports indicate that the US and Mexico have reached agreement on illegal immigrants crossing Mexico from Latin America putting an end to Trump sanctions threat.

3:00 PDT:  Iran-  Today the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company and 39 of its subsidiaries and foreign sales agents.  Meanwhile after consultations with the US, France called to hold new talks on the nuclear deal to add additional demands on Iran; bringing the deal to the point of complete collapse.


6 Jun 19:45 PDT:  Economics-  U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would decide whether to carry out his threat to hit Beijing with tariffs on at least $300 billion in Chinese goods after a meeting of G20 in Osaka Japan on June 28-29 

11:00 PDT:  Syria-  Israel is claiming for the third time this month that rockets have been fired at the Golan from Syria.  It appears that Israeli backed militias are firing the projectiles to give Israel excuses to bomb Syria.

08:30 PDT:  USA-  Vast tracts of prime farm land under water delaying planting.

06:00 PDT:  Fake US anti Iran news-  Former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen, long a critic of his former employer, accused the IAEA in an interview of letting Iran “weaponize” uranium. He further claimed that Iran, with “maximum effort,” could produce a nuclear weapon in “six to eight months.”

Neither of these allegations are even close to true.  Iran is only enriching uranium to the 3.6% level needed for its power plant, and far below the 90%+ needed for weapons-grade uranium. Iran is simply not capable of the incredibly difficult task of enriching to even half way up to the 90% level needed for nuclear weapons.

USA-  Trump Administration taking steps to avoid cleaning up nuclear waste to save money. 

Pompeo admits struggling to unite opposition to president Maduro in Venezuela.

05:00 PDT: NATO-  The next NATO Summit of Allied leaders will take place on 3-4 December 2019 in London. 

Germany-  Germany sliding towards new elections.

Japan-  Shinzo Abe will visit Iran on from June 12-14 to hold talks with Iran’s Head of State Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani in a bid to mediate between Iran and the US.

01:45 PDT: Israel-  Thousands to attend as 30,000 homosexuals to flaunt their pride in 18th annual Jerusalem parade today.

Russia-  The Roman Pope Francis will receive Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vatican during his visit to Italy on July 4.


5 Jun  The new moon was seen by at least three persons from Jerusalem this evening. The first day of the third biblical month will be June 6 beginning at sunset this evening. The Feast of Pentecost is coming on Sunday June 9.

09:00 PDT:  Gaza-  After a rest during Ramadan when observant Muslims fast during the day, demonstrations are set to increase beginning this Friday.

03:30 PDT:  Ceremonies began today to mark the 75th anniversary of the British, Canadian and American landings in Normandy.

09:00 EDT:  US/UK-  Trump promises phenomenal trade deal to BritainThis trade deal is the carrot being offered to a Britain frustrated by the EU and Brexit which will lead to disengagement from Europe and NATO after the approaching Middle Eats war. 

06:30 PDT: EU-  Italian government beginning to crumble. 

US/UK-  U.S. President Donald Trump promises “a very, very substantial trade deal” between the United States and Britain after Brexit.

Israel-  Jared Kushner will hold talks on the Middle East Peace Initiative with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels on Tuesday.  The visit comes ahead of the Peace Plan Donors Conference which begins on 25 June.  The 25 June Bahrain conference amounts to a confab to finalize a deal between the Arabs and the US for their political and financial support for the peace plan in exchange for a US war to end the Iranian march to dominance in the region.

Syria-  The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated Hamirat and the towns of Qaratah and Hardane from Al Qaeda this morning. The Tiger Forces were able to impose full control over these towns after the collapse of the jihadist defenses and are now engaged in heavy artillery strikes on the Al Qaeda defenses in the southwestern countryside of the Idlib Governorate.

03:15 PDT: Israel- Nechama Rivlin, wife of President Reuven Rivlin, dies at 73.   

Syria-  Heavy fighting raging.  Turkish backed militias build up as Syria mauls Al Qaeda.


3 Jun 21:00 PDT:  US/UK-  US President Trump is in the midst of a three day state visit to the UK.  The pomp and pageantry is meant to build public opinion to support future plans to move away from Europe towards an Anglo Saxon economic and military alliance outside of the EU and NATO. 

03:00 PDT:  Syria-  The Syrian army has launched a push to liberate Kobani from Al Qaeda. 


2 Jun 15:30 PDT:  Syria-  In an attempt to interdict a large shipment of precision missiles from Iran the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian T-4 base near Homs tonight killing five persons.  The IDF reported that earlier today Israeli warplanes and helicopters attacked a number of military targets belonging to the Syrian army, including two artillery batteries, a number of observation and intelligence posts on the Golan Heights, and an SA-2 air defense battery as well as Damascus. 

This was the second Israeli attack on Syria within 24 hours and the third within one week. Usually Syria and Iran respond to such provocations on Syria via proxies in Gaza.

05:45 PDT:  Europe-  The German government is hanging by a thread as the SPD leader resigns.  New German elections would be profoundly affected if a Middle East war breaks out this summer.  Austria is already going to elections and Italy may not be far behind.

00:30 PDT:  TheShiningLight-  See the latest World Report for June.

Syria-  Israel bombs Damascus killing three Syrian and seven Iranian troops, after two mortar shells were fired near Mt Hermon, one of which fell short inside Syria.  


1 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Today is the sixth Sabbath after the Wave Offering. The Feast of Pentecost is coming on Sunday June 9.

USA-  Elite retired Generals and Ambassadors warn against Trump’s coming war on Iran.

Israel-  A highly provocative victory march of Settler Movement Extremists through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem is scheduled for tomorrow.

Mideast Peace-  The first financial phase of the US Peace Plan is planned to be announced to a grand donor conference [which will pledge funding for the coming peace deal] is scheduled for June 25 – 28 in Bahrain. 

A Gaza war to eliminate the militias and bring Gaza into the Palestinian Authority fold is looming and the US wants this peace plan financial “carrot” in place to influence the upcoming Palestinian elections, in the hope that a candidate open to the peace plan will be elected; then the way will be open to announce Phase Two, the political and security dimensions of the plan.  


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