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30 Jun:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


29 Jun:   Israel-   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ultra-Orthodox parties are holding urgent talks on early elections.  Both sides fear that Lapid would greatly benefit from a split between Likud and the Haredi  and are looking at passing a modified version of the draft law and immediately announcing new elections.   This would allow Netanyahu to present an achievement and prevent Lapid’s strengthening.  Haredi members of the Knesset would be able to present to their public that they have attained passage of an acceptable version of the law.  

Middle East War-  US proxies on the Jordanian border in Syria are suing for peace and giving up the fight in mass.  The huge victory will now allow Syria to focus on liberating the Golan front from Israeli proxy fighters around Quneitra.  About 100,000 refugees are gathered on the Israeli Golan border and Israel would probably join the battle to defend their proxies and prevent an influx into Israel.  This situation is the main reason for the July 16 Putin Trump summit.

IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot landed in the United States Thursday night for talks with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford on the Mideast security situation.  


28 Jun:   USA/Russia-  Trump Putin summit July 16 in Helsinki to discuss US demand for Russian/Iranian withdrawal from Syria and Russian demand for quid pro quo from the US on Ukraine and US anti Russian sanctions.

Israel-  Israel’s Attorney General Says He Won’t Delay Netanyahu indictment even if elections called – Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit says that ‘there’s a link among the issues in the various cases’ of corruption Netanyahu is embroiled in, but still ‘no date’ for investigation’s end. (Haaretz+ and Ynet).  The worst thing for Bibi is an indictment at a crucial point in an election campaign.

Reports of  huge new Egyptian gas find sends Israeli energy shares tumbling – Israeli gas companies in Tel Aviv losing four-to-five percent in midday trading on possibility that developing the find will hurt the Israeli Leviathan field’s prospects. (Haaretz+)


27 Jun:   Russia-   John Bolton is meeting with President Putin in Moscow in an effort to schedule a summit with President Trump in Vienna or Helsinki after Trump attends a NATO summit in Brussels on July 11-12 and visits Britain on July 13.  The summit is on, announced Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov said the date and place would be announced on June 28 after details have been arranged. 

Israel-   Hamas has just set up a new war room with other militant groups’ armed wings for a common campaign against Israel. The IDF has minimized Wednesday’s night’s Hamas barrage preferring to remain low key until the current coalition crisis is resolved.  Despite strong opposition Netanyahu has promised to advance the Haredi draft bill to the Knesset for first reading on Sunday. 

A luxury apartment purchased by Israel as an ambassador’s residence is registered in PM Netanyahu’s name.  Purchased by Israel for $99,000 in 1986 the residence registered in Bibi’s name is now valued at $15 million.

Middle East War-  Trump demands a worldwide oil embargo against Iran by Nov 4.   In response, today Iran reopened the UF6 Isfahan plant which makes feedstock for centrifuges to enrich uranium.

NATO-  US threatens  to quit NATO again.


26 Jun:   Gaza-  Update:  Twelve rockets fired, three shot down. Israel attacks with multiple air strikes and artillery destroying two vehicles and two observation posts.

After Israel attacked a Hamas commander’s vehicle in Nuseirat Hamas launched at least nine rockets across a wide swath of Israel, including Hof Ashkelon, the town’s industrial zone, Shear Hanegev and Eshkol district council.   The attempted assassination was a failure as the commander had just stepped out of the car.

Iran-  Demonstrations have grown from a few dozen to hundreds today.

Middle East War-    At least two Israeli missiles were shot down as several others struck a Hezbollah munitions site at Damascus airport and an Iranian air force Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane unloading munitions at Damascus military airport early Tuesday local time.  The huge cargo plane was completely destroyed with several Iranian casualties.  On the Golan, Syrian anti-air missiles fired at intruding Israeli fighter jets over Khader village in the Beit Jinn pocket of Mt. Hermon. In the south Syrian forces have cut off and surrounded a major salient of the rebels [US proxy fighters].


25 Jun:   Middle East War-  Syrian forces begin operation to liberate Deraa in strength.  Demonstrations begin in Iran over the economy,  the protests are being spurred western NGO’s who have taught agents how to use social media to foment unrest. After the Deraa operation the focus will turn to the Israeli border region. 

USA-  President Trump has ordered the preparation of high capacity detention centers on US military bases in California, Arizona and Alabama.  

Europe-  Full EU summit on refugees this Thursday in an effort to save the present EU.  Both the Eu and the Merkel government are now at risk if a solution cannot be agreed by all members.


24 Jun:   Turkey-   After 97.7% of the votes had been counted. Erdogan had won 52.5% of the vote, winning in the first round.

Germany-   Merkel in deep trouble and fading fast as coalition crisis deepens.

Middle East War-  The Syrian army backed by intense Russian air support has begun its advance against the US/Jordan/Israeli proxy fighters in Deraa province.  At the same time, on Sunday, social media report that the US through its embassy in Amman sent this message to all Southern Front (rebel) leaders: Make your own decision, but “you should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us.”   Logically these fighters will withdraw to safety in  Jordan after making a show of resistance, to await further developments. 

Once Deraa is secured the next focus will be on the explosive Golan region where Syria and Israel will confront one another over any effort by Syria to liberate its territory from the Israeli proxies.  That is the point at which full scale open warfare is likely to break out between Israel and allies, and the Syria.Iran/Hezbollah axis.  War with Gaza could come even sooner.

Israel-   Netanyahu will present the defense ministry’s  Haredi conscription bill to the Knesset for first reading in the coming days, against the objections of the Haredi parties who have promised to leave the coalition if the bill is tabled.

Battle begins for opposition leadership with the move of Herzog to the Jewish Agency.  The new appointment could be an interim one as Gallant can take the position in October if he wants it

Prince William of the UK to begin Israel leg of Mideast tour today.  The politics behind the tour is to push for the Trump [read Establishment] peace deal soon to be unveiled.  The Kushner team is just completing its own tour having briefed Netanyahu last Friday. 

Netanyahu could call elections soon to try for a renewed and bigger mandate to exercise control over the peace process for the foreseeable future. Bibi will also want elections before the extremely popular Gen Gallant takes over as leader of the opposition when the bar against his participating in politics ends in October.  In addition a new and strong mandate would put him in a strong position to fight possible corruption indictments.

The Roman Pope Francis makes a highly anticipated visit to the World Council of Churches (WCC) headquarters in Geneva. In an earlier interview, Evangelical pastor Martin Robra, a senior WCC official, commented, “[I]t looks as if we have reached a new spring with Pope Francis and his initiatives” (Vatican News, May 31, 2018).


23 Jun:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


22 Jun:   Middle East War-  Syria pounds rebel areas in  the south in advance of operations to liberate the area from US/Israeli/Jordanian backed “rebels.”  See yesterday’s news for more.


21 Jun:   USA-   Trump presents plan to reorganize the US government see the 132 page plan.

Trump scheduled to attend a July 11-12 NATO summit in Brussels and plans to stop over in London for talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Israel-  Sara Netanyahu wife of the pm, has been formally charged  with fraud with aggravated circumstances and breach of public trust. The Prime Minister is also facing possible indictment in the coming months.

Despite Netanyahu objections Isaac Herzog selected to head Jewish Agency beginning 1 August.  The Agency funnels vast sums into the Jewish State.

Middle East War-  Israel is preparing the public for war as Gaza militants keep up their pressure on apparent orders from Iran/Syria.  Iran would like nothing better than to tie down tens of thousands of Israeli’s in Gaza before the secret proxy war between Israel and the Hezbollah/Syria/Iran axis breaks out openly in major operations.

Gen. Shoigu has ordered Russian forces in Syria and the Black Sea to render the Syrian army logistic and intelligence backup for its buildup against “rebels” near the borders with Israel and Jordan. 

On Monday, June 18, Netanyahu traveled to Amman for a few hours to hold talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah, the summit came after an Israeli strike against the Pantsir S-1 anti-air batteries on June 16th, which the Syrian army had on June 12 positioned opposite Quneitra near the Israeli border and in Daraa near the border with Jordan.

The summit was to finalize a new US-Jordanian-Israeli pact with local militias, placing the IDF in command and control over the southwestern Syrian regions abutting Jordan and Israel, commanding about 20,000 “rebels” backed by the US, Israel and Jordan and controlling some 40 percent of Syria.

While Israel has been distracted by Gaza, Syrian forces have liberated the rebel-held towns of  Kfar Shams and Busra Al-Harir near the Israeli and Jordanian borders. 

The US is now training fighters at nineteen bases inside Syria, preparing them to join the other Western backed rebel factions waiting to topple the  government after the looming regional war..


20 Jun:   Trump Trade War-  EU to announce counter tariffs Friday

Israel-  Israel launches massive wave of air strikes targeting 25 Hamas bases, Hamas fires 45 projectiles at Israel, seven intercepted.   This seems to be an IDF warning shot over the fire kites but if that issue does not calm, Israel may decide to deal with the Gaza Strip now before the Syrian front spirals into a major showdown.


19 Jun:   Gaza-   Monday afternoon the IDF bombed nine targets in Gaza spread out between  three Hamas facilities, in response to flammable and explosive-laden kites and balloons launched from Gaza.  Gaza has responded by launching at least five rockets and Israel is now engaged in further bombing runs.

Israel-  Netanyahu may call snap election to try to prevent the popular Benny Gantz from running against him.

Syria-  US, Jordanian, Israeli backed rebels on the Syrian border with Israel and Jordan leafleted ahead of Syrian offensive.

Gaza-  Due to the withdrawal of American funds the UN is about to close much of its emergency Gaza help for the destitute, the UN has run hospitals and schools in Gaza as well as providing subsistence food supplies. This could push the hopeless Gazan people beyond endurance.

USA-   US to announce withdrawal from UN Human Rights body.

Trump Trade War-  Donald Trump sent stocks tumbling promising more economic sanctions.  The present mechanics of Trump’s economic aggression may push the Euro and Yuan lower sharply reducing demand for US products and putting America into recession.  These moves will soon be exacerbated by a regional war in the Middle East.

These are deliberate and very carefully choreographed moves designed to create a world economic crisis in order to usher in a new international economic order. 

Although Trump’s Establishment cronies think that they can control the new order; this fulfills prophecy setting up a new system which will allow the world economy to survive the collapse of the Petrodollar when the tribulation begins in the next few years.

An economic crisis is now impending which will be resolved by the emergence of a New World Economic Order coupled with an agreement on Middle East peace and the world will see a New Age of peace and prosperity ahead. 

The hopes of billions will suddenly be shattered when the Extremist Settler Movement people sabotage the peace agreement, and the Palestinians with help from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and the Arab States rush in.   The Jewish State will ready the “Sampson Option” preparing to nuke the surrounding nations and the now rising New federal Europe will intervene to stop the bloodshed. 

Then the nations mentioned above will abandon the Petrodollar and join with the New Federal Europe starting a worldwide stampede from the Petrodollar and bringing economic catastrophe to the dollar dependent nations of the Anglo Saxon peoples.

The New World Economic Order will prevent the world’s economies from collapsing with the fall of the US economy.


18 Jun:   Middle East War–  52 troops killed in airstrike in east Syria,  US denies participation blaming Israel.  The strikes were to interdict several brigades of the pro-Iranian Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah militia as they crossed into Syria from Iraq on their way to southwestern Syria to deploy along the Israeli and Jordanian borders. The air strike caused a much larger number of casualties than reported, forcing the Iraqi brigades to withdraw back across the border to Iraq.

Germany-  With her government in the balance Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer have agreed to a two week deadline to resolve the migrant crisis in Germany.  Merkel will seek approval of a plan for migrants at the June 28-29 EU summit.

Israel-  Netanyahu visits Abdullah in Amman to discuss security situation.  The high level meeting comes after Jordan recalled its ambassador from Iran last week.  Also on the agenda was the visit of the Trump peace team.

Overnight Israel struck 9 Hamas sites in northern Gaza in response to the flaming kites and balloons from Gaza igniting fires in southern Israel. The strikes hit two military bases in Jabalia, Al-Shati and a weapons production facility in Gaza City.  Hamas hit back with three rockets against the Hof Ashkelon region.


17 Jun:   Israel-  During a meeting of coalition party leaders on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Orthodox conscription law bill should speedily advance, be authorized by the government within two weeks and passed into law before the end of the Knesset’s summer session on July 19. 

Israel began hitting Gaza kite teams yesterday with four vehicles or crews being attacked in the past 24 hours.

Trump Trade War-  India hits back with tariffs on 30 US products.  The EU unanimously backs $3 billion trade sanctions on the US.   Trump calls Macron and asks Europe to back off, but no go; Europe took an American line saying that they will not negotiate under pressure.

Another casualty of the Trump tariffs is the proposed Canada EU free trade deal.

Germany-  The position of Chancellor Merkel is getting very shaky.  The new coalition is already in a major crisis and the Merkel government is under serious threat. Merkel to seek migration deal with the EU to save her government.


16 Jun:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful.  Today is the first day of the fourth biblical month.  God commands that the day the first visible light of the new moon is seen to be observed with worship [bible studies].

Jordan receives 2.5 billion aid from the Saudi’s, withdraws ambassador from Iran.


15 Jun:   USA-   Trump reveals latent desire to be dictator

Next Week’s Kushner Mideast peace tour expands.

Trump Trade War-   Trump slaps tariffs on ChinaChina to put counter tariffs on the US.

Allies incensed at Trump tariffs. Europe to place tariffs on US including Amazon, and Macron to fight against Trump trade attack by pushing ahead with plans for a New European Order.  

Israel-  Coalition discussing early elections again.  


14 Jun:  Israel-  Orthodox parties reject the defense ministry’s draft law but will continue negotiations.

Middle East War and Peace-  Military moves on the Golan.  Northern Israel’s main hospital prepares to move underground

Trump declares the DPRK nuclear threat resolved.  Next on the agenda is Iran to be followed by his Middle East peace plan.  After the dust has settled from the looming Mideast regional war and new governments are in place, Trump is to release his peace plan which will be a a call to a genuine dialogue for peace guided by a list of parameters put together by the Trump team.  The peace talks could then take months to reach an agreement.  Together with the regional war it could easily take a year or more [from today] for a peace deal to be concluded. 

USA-  State of New York moves to shut down Trump charity for illegal activities.


13 Jun:  Yemen-  Saudi forces launch offensive to drive Iran backed Houthi rebels from Hodeida Yemen.  Saudi’s backed by the US want to secure the Yemen Red Sea choke point before the war with Iran if possible.

Turkey-  Polls suggest that no party will get the needed more than 50% to win the Jun 24 election outright and a run off between the two top candidates will be needed.

Israel-  The Haredi “Council of Torah Sages” will meet on Thursday in Jerusalem to decide whether or not the draft law proposed by Israel’s Defense Ministry is acceptable, requires changes, or should be rejected outright.  If the Haredi parties reject the bill or cannot come to an agreement with the Defense Ministry regarding changes, the Haredi parties may well choose to bolt the coalition, forcing new elections.


12 Jun:   Israel-   President Trump’s Middle East peace team, senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the next stages of the peace effort and the Middle East situation.

Ahead of the planned offensive to liberate the Syrian Golan from Israeli sponsored rebels Syria is deploying high quality Russian made air defenses to the area.

Korea-  Trump gives Kim all that North Korea has ever asked for, guaranteeing the security of the DPRK and stops US military exercises in exchange for the dismantling of the DPRK’s nuclear program and a search for US MIA’s.   Trump says that the US will withdraw from the Peninsula not as part of an agreement but once an agreement is concluded: which is double talk. 

Trump is smarter than he lets on and it appears that Trump’s madman act was just a charade.

Couched in the rhetoric the US is surrendering everything that the DPRK has ever asked for behind the cloak of declaring victory and withdrawing, as it did in Viet-Nam.  Further talks will work out the details.   

The move was a good thing for the long suffering people of Viet-Nam and it is a good move for the people of Korea.


11 Jun:   Europe-   France takes delivery of second Super Hercules transport plane.  The first one is being used to supply the French base in Jordan.

Israel-  Labor leader Avi Gabbay on Monday morning denied reports that he has agreed to allow former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz serve as his party’s candidate for prime minister.


10 Jun:   Israel-   Netanyahu received defense minister’s Haredi draft law proposal today.  Coalition sources say that the bill would likely be presented to the attorney general for his approval this week, and then to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation next Sunday, where they hope the coalition parties will agree on a version and authorize it to be fast-tracked through the Knesset. 

Middle East War-  The Syrian army announced today that its army’s 4th armored division will soon launch a major offensive to liberate the Quneitra region from rebel control, while its “Tiger Force” backed by 4th division elements will go into action in the Daraa region. These  regions adjoin the Israeli and Jordanian borders respectively. The announcement comes after the failure of talks in Helsinki on Friday between Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of Russia’s General Staff, to reach agreement..

The Syrian offensive is planned to take place in conjunction with Hezbollah forces, the pro-Iranian Shiite Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas militia from Afghanistan and Iranian Revolutionary Guards,  These Iranian and militia forces have been reuniformed and integrated into the Syrian army for the operation and are in position to launch the offensive in the near future.

In response to the announcement Israel has mobilized thousands of army reservists in a “previously scheduled exercise” who were ordered to report for immediate duty with full gear and come directly from their homes and work places. 

The Gaza fire kites and the approaching Syrian operation are raising tensions towards open conflict in the coming weeks.

USA-  Trump throws a fit crushing hopes of accommodation between the US and Europe/ Canada. 

Trump also tries to bully the DPRK while in route to the Singapore summit saying that this is the NK’s “one time shot at peace.”   Kim may not be as intimidated as Donald thinks with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting this weekend in China, with one issue on its agenda being an Asian solution to the Korean problem.

This year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit will take place in China’s eastern port city of Qingdao June 9-10.

Founded in 2001, the SCO currently comprises eight member states, India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. India and Pakistan were admitted to the SCO last year; Iran is an associated observer.

“During the summit, the leaders will look into the international and regional security situation, and explore ways to broaden security cooperation.”  On the agenda is a plan to reject US sanctions on Russia and Iran and design an Asian solution to Afghanistan and Korea.  Also on the agenda is economic cooperation in Asia.  At this summit China is especially reaching out to new member India. 

Donald Trump fulfills Bible prophecy as his attitude and policies are driving away US allies and forcing the European nations together and also driving the Asian nations together.  An Asian analysis.


9 Jun:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


8 Jun:  Israel-   Tel Aviv crowns itself the most gay friendly city in the world

Gaza demonstration sputters and begins to calm enough for Netanyahu to deal with the internal coalition crisis beginning on Sunday.

Possibly intimidated by this weeks Israeli show of strength about 10,000 demonstrators have shown up thus far, but only 4,000 have approached the border.  Israel has been using tear gas and shooting at them so far wounding about 400.

More than 200,000 homosexual supporters are expected to turn out for today’s Tel Aviv parade.  Israel is a major world center for homosexuality.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called a meeting of the heads of all coalition parties this Sunday to deal with the coalition crisis between Lieberman and ultra-Orthodox factions over the new draft law.

In election preparations the Labor party’s Zionist Union is enticing former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to join the Laboor party Zionist Union Chairman Avi Gabbay.  According to Maariv’s Ben Caspit, the two men have agreed that Gantz will join the Zionist Union and serve as their candidate for prime minister, while Gabbay will continue to lead the party and will remain in top place on the joint Zionist Union list.  An announcement will be made when elections are called. 

G7-  The G7 conference begins today in Quebec.


7 Jun:   Middle East War-  The IDF practices hundreds of attacks on Gaza. All of Israel’s security branches, the air force, military, emergency teams and firefighters are on maximum alert for tomorrow the last Friday of Ramadan and Naksa Day.  Hamas has called for the largest demonstrations ever and Israeli forces have been practicing war on Gaza all week.    The warplanes taking part in this week’s drill have remained on a state of high readiness, armed with heavy high-precision bombs for multiple simultaneous strikes. They are on standby ready to go into action the moment the order is received.

US Aegis missile defense warships are deploying indefinitely to Haifa and Ashdod.  The ships systems will be integrated into the THAAD radar based at the permanent US military base at the top Mt. Keren in the Negev.   The entire radar and missile defense system is plugged into the European-based US missile defense shield. 

The Israel Air Force will receive an additional increment of CH-52E Super Stallion cargo helicopters which are in service with the US 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit.

In addition the IAF will receive several new Boeing K-46 aerial refueling tankers and will be supplied with a large quantity of GVU-39 smart bombs, which are small diameter, 110kg precision-guided glide bombs, that enable bombers to carry a large number of accurate bombs in their holds. 

The US is also moving to further build up its war reserve stock of weapons, munitions and supplies at the Negev base. This reserve pre-positions supplies of war materiel ready for use as needed and includes a Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  This armory is at Israel’s disposal for the looming war.

The US is also building up in Europe and Arab states to back up Israel against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah. 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned yesterday: “We won’t allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Iran is aware of our resolve.”  

Iran’s atomic energy czar Ali Akbar Salehi opened a facility building centrifuges yesterday for production of additional units of the allowed in limited numbers; IR2m and faster IR6 and IR4 centrifuges at the rate of 60 engines a day.

The nuclear deal is now expected to collapse with Europeans under tremendous US pressure. 

Trump’s trade war on Europe is about forcing the Europeans into line with US policy on Iran.  EU nations have now applied for exemptions to the new steel/aluminum tariffs and approval of exemptions by the Trump administration will depend on their not interfering with US Iran sanctions by backing EU companies against the sanctions. 

The G7 Summit is expected to try and formulate a solution to the situation with a deal between Trump and the others which will effectively end the Iran deal and open the way to war in the Middle East.

Iran has now given the EU only a few weeks to back the nuclear deal, and to make its intentions very clear Iran announced yesterday that they will no longer allow the accord’s expanded nuclear inspections until the nuclear deal is confirmed by the EU.  If the nuclear deal collapses as now seems probable, Iran proposes to quickly begin production of the new super fast IR8 centrifuges, which were banned under the 2015 nuclear accord;  the ending of the expanded inspections seems intended to hide preparations for dissolving the accord and renewing activities because the deal is no longer being observed by other major signatories. 

These preparations have brought a US warning and the US rush of military assets to Israel and the region.

Israel-  State Comptroller to investigate Miri Regev’s mishandling of the now cancelled soccer match with Argentina; see the 5 Jun report.


6 Jun:  USA-  Trump signs off on massive military buildup for war with Iran.  More US troops and missile defense systems to be rushed to Israel, along with refueling aircraft and military equipment.

US Treasury official for terrorism and financial intelligence Sigal Mandelker issued a warning Tuesday to governments and private firms to avoid doing business with Iran in breach of the sanctions the US re-imposed after quitting the nuclear deal.  She said. “We will hold those doing prohibited business in Iran to account.”


5 Jun:   Argentina cancels friendly soccer match in Jerusalem after Israeli officials turn the game in to a political football and Palestinian pressure.  The PA says they have no objection to the match as originally scheduled in Haifa, only that the Argentine club accepted massive bribes from Israeli politicians to move the game to Jerusalem.

Korea-  Easing sanctions against the DPRK would likely need approval from Congress which has passed sanctions on North Korea. Since most legislation needs 60 votes to pass the 100-member Senate and Republicans hold only 51 seats.  This makes the November midterm elections crucial for any deal with Korea.   

Turkey-  Turkey launches offensive against PKK headquarters in Iraq.

Mideast War-   Huge Israeli build up on Gaza border for demonstrations marking the Six Day War.  Most demonstrations have been postponed to Friday to synchronize with Iranian Jerusalem Day.  

Israeli commanders begin briefing the US military as Netanyahu briefs German, French and British leaders in preparation for Mideast regional war.  In what may be political suicide Merkel backs Israel on Iran.  The very shaky Merkel government is trying to deal with the US sanctions on Iran, Trump’s trade attacks on Europe and support Israel, all at the same time.

Iran-  Iran will inform the UN nuclear watchdog that it is increasing the number of high level centrifuges in its inventory to increase the country’s uranium enrichment capacity, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told the ISNA news agency on Monday night.  The inventory of uranium hexafloride gas is also being increased.  The steps are being taken in preparation for the possible collapse of the nuclear deal.


4 Jun:   Israel-  Orthodox parties give final ultimatum of July 22 for passage of draft law; the date is final because of a Supreme Court ruling last year.  If the draft law is not passed before July 22, there will be elections.

Mideast War-  Syrian military sources report today that the IDF is massing large-scale forces along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon and that Israeli warplanes were cruising overhead. Other sources in Syria claim to have witnessed Israeli tanks strung along the Golan border opposite Quneitra on Sunday.  This is in addition to the huge Israeli military exercise on the Gaza border which began today.  Israel announces they are ready for war as Netanyahu visits Berlin, Paris and London to inform them of the military situation and lobby against Iran and Gaza.


3 Jun:  Israel-   Massive Gaza kite fire sweeps through Shokeda Forest.  Bibi orders seizure of Palestinian tax revenues collected by Israel to pay for damages.

Canada- Trump tries to bully Canada on NAFTANext Week’s G7 Summit greatly expanded.

US/Russia-  Some 18,000 troops from 19 mostly NATO countries begin annual US-led military exercises in Poland and the Baltic states on Sunday to boost combat readiness against Russia on the alliance’s eastern flank

Israel-  Earlier last night Israeli jets bombed locations in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City as well as targets in Khan Younis and Rafiah, and this morning Israeli jets struck targets in Gaza City’s Shejaiya neighborhood and the Nuseirat refugee camp near Deir al-Bireh.  Other sites were also hit  outside the city of Rafiah and coastal areas. Fire kites destroy large part of south Israel nature preserve

Military exercises- Residents of southern Israel should expect to see an increased presence of troops as well as military equipment and aircraft in the skies over southern Israel with the IDF announcing a drill across the south scheduled to last through Wednesday.  “The exercise will take place in the Lachish region, in the cities of Kiryat Gat, Ashdod and Ashkelon, and in the communities of Shomria and Atid,”    

The Israel Air Force will also be holding a separate drill across the whole country which is set to last until Thursday. In the circumstances these “drills” could be a cover for the build up of an attack force. 


2 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!

Israel-  Despite the deal to remove Iranian forces from proximity to the Israeli border Netanyahu continues to demand that all Iran and Iranian backed militias leave Syria completely.  Bibi leaves for Berlin, Paris and London on Monday to lobby Europeans on Iran.

Israel Gaza-  A small militia has fired four mortar shells from Gaza apparently in response to the Israeli killing of a 21 year old volunteer nurse trying to aid the wounded near the border.  Israel has bombed ten Hamas sites in response to the mortar shells.  

All day Saturday Israeli firefighters were out in force to try and save what they could of the Karmia Nature Reserve in southern Israel as high winds fanned a blaze caused by burning kites from Gaza. Big fires raged across thousands of dunams of  Kibbutz Kissufim farmland as well as a cornfield near the Sapir College in Sderot and another fire began near Nir Am. 

Fire kites is a Hamas idea and they are now being launched in the hundreds, this is a clear provocation by Hamas which cannot be tolerated for long by Israel.


1 Jun:  Mideast War-  Next week senior officials from the U.S., Russia and Jordan are expected to meet in Amman to start negotiating a new deal to replace the July 2017 agreement protecting the US Jordanian backed rebels on the Jordan border.  The new deal will likely involve some kind of withdrawal of the “rebels.”  This would be a tactical retreat to save these Deraa folks from destruction now, so that they will be available for a march on Damascus when Assad’s forces are destroyed in the coming regional war.  Syria, Iran Hezbollah are already getting past the deal by incorporating Hezbollah forces and Iranian advisers into the Syrian army.

Syria-  Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces are moving into southern Syria opposite the Jordanian and Israeli borders.  Syria is continuing to put Hezbollah men in Syrian uniforms as the build up continues for the Deraa offensive.  It is anticipated that Syria will take on Deraa first before moving north to the Golan.

Israel-  Netanyahu’s Likud soars in polls after the Gaza “victory” and over crisis with Iran.  Bibi is touring Berlin, Paris and London Monday to Thursday and on his return will deal with deep crises in the coalition; an election call is possible.

Europe-  Italy finally forms government which intends to participate in Europe and not simply do as told.  Spanish pm ousted.  Funds based in Europe are flowing out of the region due to the political situation and the US trade war.  Europe cannot contest the US right now, that will change when the Israeli extremists sabotage the coming Mideast peace and the Arab states abandon the Petrodollar to join Europe   

Mideast War-  After a lengthy meeting between the Israeli and Russian defense ministers Pres Putin spoke by phone with PM Netanyahu and offered to set up a buffer zone on the Golan with Russian troops guaranteeing both Syria and Israel.  Israel for its part is being asked to stop bombing Syrian forces and bases.

Gaza resumes border demonstrations in time for Naksa Day next Tuesday [by the Muslim calendar],which commemorates the 1967 Six Day War and Israel’s taking of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip..  

The US/Israeli backed “rebels” in the Deraa Golan region have formed a new coalition of 30,000 fighters which operates under the name National Liberation Front and they have begun to attack Syrian army convoys in Daraa province.  The pro-Assad coalition, on the other hand, continues to prepare for a large scale offensive against the rebels.  Meanwhile Iran, Hezbollah  and Syria reject Israeli demands to Russia that all foreign forces leave Syria [which were invited in by Syria], unless the illegal uninvited US forces leave as well.

US Trade-  Trump ramps up trade war with implementation of a 25% tariff on steel and aluminum against Europe, Canada and Mexico.

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