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31 Jan 07:45 PST:   Israel Elections-  Gantz courts Adina Bar-Shalom and the “Achi Yisraeli” party.

Mideast War-   Israel completes practice war against Hezbollah.

06:00 EST:   The Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)-    The foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, meet in Jordan for a conference just two weeks before a planned US conference of all US anti Iran Coalition partners in Warsaw where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to speak.

US peace envoy’s Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt will attend the ministerial conference in Poland as US officials seek to establish a relationship between Israel and the Arab states ahead of the Trump Peace Initiative.

US Vice President Mike Pence will address the February 13-16, 2019 Warsaw Conference.   The Vice President will also address the Munich Security Conference about NATO and European security.

03:00 EST:   Israel Elections-   Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience (‘Hosen L’Yisrael’)  Party is moving up in the polls, and another war or an indictment against Netanyahu could mean a big win for this party which is dedicated to making a genuine peace.

Gaza-   Egyptian Colonel Ahmed Abd al-Khaliq, responsible for the Palestinian file in Egyptian intelligence, is scheduled to return to Gaza tomorrow.  He is trying to maintain the calm as tensions are again building towards an explosion.


30 Jan:   10:00 EST  Venezuela-   US backed coup is all about US Establishment seizing Venezuelan natural resources

09:00 EST Israel Elections-   Transcript of Benny Gantz maiden speach.

04:45 EST Mideast War-   Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF Chief  of Staff paid a surprise visit to the Sirkin IDF base to check the war preparedness of the emergency weapons depot, which is tasked with arming reserves as they are called up. Netanyahu said that the IDF is prepared to deliver a “crushing attack” 

The Syrian 9th Division is standing by, ready to liberate Idlib province and is waiting for better weather [which could take weeks] to facilitate close air support by Russia.


29 Jan:   16:00 PST  Palestine-   The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday asked the United Nations to deploy a permanent international force in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, after Israel announced it was suspending operations of an observer force that had been in the city of Hebron for more than 20 years.  The U.N. should “guarantee the safety and protection of the people of Palestine.”  Ultimately it is highly likely that a UN endorsed peacekeeping force will be deployed to police the coming peace deal.  

14:00 PST Brexit-   Parliament advises the PM that they want to avoid a no deal and gives two more weeks for her to find a solution.  Europe immediately responds rejecting further negotiations. 

Brexit-   Theresa May declared Tuesday she would head back to Brussels to renegotiate her Brexit plan that secured legally binding changes to the controversial Irish backstop.  She threw her weight behind by an amendment put forward by senior backbench parliamentarian, Sir Graham Brady that said the backstop provision, should be replaced with “alternative arrangements.”   At the same May is adamant against any delay in the British exit from the EU.

The EU is insisting that the issue will not be reopened, making an exit without a deal probable.  Such a hard Brexit would drive Britain into the arms of the Trump administration and an Anglo Saxon trade and security alliance isolated from Europe.

Israel Elections-  Benny Gantz will launch his election campaign at 8 PM Israel time this evening.  The ‘Hosen Yisrael (Israeli Resilience)party headed by former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Ganz and the Telem party headed by former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon agreed today to run on a joint list for the upcoming Knesset elections.  Talks are underway to bring in other parties including Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party. 

Netanyahu is pushing his extremist agenda very hard now to gain the far right vote, insisting that no settlements will ever be removed and ejecting the International Hevron Observer Force.

Gaza-   After the IDF shot up a school and some farmers yesterday and today a Gaza farmer was shot by the IDF while working his land, approximately 1,000 Palestinians are protesting along the northern Gaza border, across from the Israeli community of Kibbutz Zikim.  The demonstrators are throwing stones at Israeli troops and soldiers are responding with tear gas and live fire, according to the IDF.

Palestine-    Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah tendered his resignation on Tuesday.  “He and the rest of the government ministers resigned,” Ahmad Shami, one of Hamdallah’s spokesmen announced.  The move paves the way for new Palestinian elections; see the Jan 26 section.

Syria-   Russia declares Idlib ceasefire void and warns that an anti terrorist offensive is coming.  Thousands of Syrian soldiers are massing near the Hama and Idlib governorate of northwestern Syria.


28 Jan:  Trump and Europe-  Donald Trump will use Europe’s  attempt to circumvent the Trump administration’s sanctions against the Iranian regime and set up a financial system independent of the US dollar to further his agenda of splitting from Europe [NATO].

Gaza-   Hamas heavy equipment levels ground inside the Gaza border for an expansion of demonstrations and possible protest tent city.  Hamas spokesmen also announced preparations to renew incendiary balloons and gliders,


27 Jan:   Gaza-   Gaza farmer shot dead by live IDF fire this evening. 

Religion-   The Roman Pontiff will attend a conference of Catholic, Orthodox and Islamic religious leaders in Abu Dhabi on 5 February.  The Human Fraternity Meeting between Pope Francis and Dr. Al Tayeb will express a message of love and call for unity and peaceful coexistence among the peoples of the world. The meeting between Pope Francis and senior Islam clerics, led by Dr. Al Tayeb, will be a meeting of brothers that seeks to promote love, modesty and openness; “We expect the visit to close gaps and reinforce the unity between Christianity and Islam, especially in terms of fighting poverty, oppression, ignorance, human exploitation and trafficking, and promoting peace in all countries, especially Arab countries,”

Canada-   Under intense American pressure through Conservative party Leader Andrew Scheer, Prime Minister Trudeau was forced to fire Canada’s ambassador to China.  The ambassador had dared to speak what was on the mind’s of most Canadians including PM Trudeau:  saying it would be “great for Canada” if the United States dropped its extradition request for Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive who was detained in Vancouver last month. 


26 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!   

Palestine-     Abbas and Fatah leaders have reached agreement on the appointment of Saeb Erekat as Palestinian prime minster to replace current Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.  PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat, is also a member of the Fatah Central Committee,  will head a transitional government into planned new elections for the PA presidency and parliament.  The main parties in the elections will be the PLO and the Hamas Political Wing.  The Hamas Military Wing must be defanged before elections can take place 

Mideast war-  The Hezbollah chief gave a lengthy interview today dispelling Israeli reports of a health crisis.  He warned that if Israel continues to attack there will be a serious conflict.  Nasrallah warned that if a war broke out between Israel and Hezbollah, his armed forces would invade Galilee and capture parts of the region “as part of Hezbollah’s defensive strategy.”

Israel-  Holocaust Remembrance Day begins at sunset this evening.  Sunday will be spent in “Never Again” speeches and prayers for the security of the nation.  A massive blitzkrieg to destroy the Gaza militias as quickly as possible is planned to commence soon.   Israeli military doctrine calls for overwhelming strength to be concentrated against one opponent at a time.  In  this case Gaza is likely to be first, followed by the northern front.  Precisely when these battles will begin and exactly how long they will take, and how long any subsequent peace talks will take, is far from certain.

Afghanistan-   The Taliban have concluded a draft peace agreement with the United States.  American officials will now brief the Afghan government.  In exchange for a withdrawal of all foreign troops the Taliban have agreed to prevent al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants from attacking the United States and its allies [in Afghanistan].  The deal protects the pipeline which America invaded Afghanistan to build. 

Latin America-   As the US applies pressure, France, Germany and Spain have demanded a new election in Venezuela within eight days or they will join the US in backing Guaido.  


25 Jan:   US-   Trump agrees to end government shutdown for three weeks.  In the compromise a bipartisan committee would review the issue of border security immediately and put together a homeland security package including a wall on America’s southern border.  The deal was struck on Thursday at a meeting between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (Dem). Until then, the Democrats had stipulated that the president end the government shutdown before negotiations began on border security.

Some of Donald Trump’s hundreds of lies

Afghanistan-   US Taliban talks enter fifth day, US agrees to pull out, direct talks between Taliban and Afghan government next.

Gaza-   Qatar makes a deal to give funds to Gaza through the UN.

Gaza Update-  Today’s Gaza demonstrations which were planned some time ago were relatively small. Hamas needs more time to prepare for something bigger. 

Gazan’s expected to demonstrate their rage at the new Israeli condition for allowing civil servants to be paid.  In spite of the relatively quiet demonstrations of the past week’s,  Israel Wednesday demanded that all protests cease and conditioned all further payments from Qatar on the cancellation of all demonstrations. 

Hamas is now threatening a major escalation of violence and counter demanding an increase of funds and that payment be permitted to Hamas members.  Hamas, massive and immediate response to any Israeli strikes on Gaza

Israel has reinforced the Gaza periphery and deployed its sir defense systems, at the ready.  Israel is now standing by for a operation to crush the Gaza militias.

Syria-  Kurds now in autonomy talks with Damascus.

Latin America-   Venezuela’s pillars of power back the democratically elected president Maduro.   The US coup in Venezuela is really about controlling the oil and Guaido promises to change Venezuela’s oil law to the advantage of the U.S. 

The U.S. has been intervening in oil-rich Venezuela since at least early 2000. Several U.S. backed attempts to oust the elected government, first under Chavez and then under Maduro have failed. But the economic sanctions have made life almost impossible for the people in Venezuela.

US and British recognition of Guaido will bring the release of billions of dollars of Venezuelan  assets the U.S. and Britain have ‘frozen’ to Guaido, effectively stealing those frozen assets and handing them to the attempted coup leaders. 


24 Jan:   Mideast War-   03:00 PST:  Anticipating an outbreak of substantial hostilities; over night the IDF deployed Iron Dome anti-missile batteries in the Greater Tel Aviv area of central Israel and extra batteries north of the Gaza Strip at Ashdod. The IDF later announced the mobilization of reserves for operating the air defense system. 

Israel is planning to use the Gaza demonstrations as a reason to launch a massive attack on the strip. 

Whether this operation comes now or in the coming weeks, the purpose is to destroy the Gaza militias BEFORE Hezbollah and Syria are ready to intervene [being occupied with the Idlib situation], and thereby avoid a simultaneous multi front war.  In addition the Gaza operation will practice tactics and techniques for the upcoming war on Hezbollah, Syria, Iran.

Israel is doing all it can to provoke Gaza-   Israeli media is reporting that Hamas deputy leader in Gaza announced that the organization’s leadership met with a Qatari envoy in the Gaza Strip and informed him that they refused to accept the third round of Qatari money.  The Israeli media are neglecting to mention that this situation developed after the Israeli Security Cabinet approved releasing the funds only with additional new substantial restrictions and conditions attached.

Mideast Peace-   US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has said that President Donald Trump’s peace plan is expected to be presented towards the end of April – after the Israeli elections, but before the next government is formed.  The White House is aware of the complex political timing that could impact the forming of the next coalition and believes that this is the right timing to enable coalition which would support the plan to be formed.

Afghanistan-   The US and Taliban hold fourth round of talks in Doha.

Mideast War-   Turkey and Russia have agreed to “stabilize” Syria’s Idlib province.  “Stabilize” is a euphemism for a Syrian Russian offensive to “liquidate the terrorist groups” with Turkey blocking any escape.  Russia and Turkey will discuss the situation again, this time with Iran, as soon as a date can be arranged with Iran. 

Since last August TheShiningLight has been reporting on preparations for a false flag chemical attack by rebels to be blamed on Syria during the coming battle. If it happens the attack may be blamed on Syria and used as a casus belli for an American attack to destroy Syrian air defenses ahead of an Israel operation against Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Gaza and the subsequent fall of the Assad regime to Turkish backed militias.  For more see the 5 Jan report below.


23 Jan:   Latin America-   After over a decade of extreme US sanctions on Venezuela which have brought the country to its knees, today Donald Trump backed a coup in the country attempting to overthrowing president Maduro.

Europe-   Israeli president warns Europe that Israel intends to attack Lebanon and launch Mideast war.

The EU is splitting into a core of nations willing to unity and a bloc outside of that core.  Ultimately it will be the influence of a Roman Pontiff calling on nations to approve the developing core Federal Europe.  See our prophecy articles here. 

US and NATO-   In an effort to block Trump’s plans to leave NATO, in a 357-22 vote on Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to pass the NATO Support Act, which expresses Congressional support for the alliance and forbids any funding for any move by the US to withdraw from NATO.

One of the first bills pushed through the new Democratic-majority House, the vote saw every single voting Democrat, 208 of them, voting in favor. Only 22 Republicans voted against the bill. 54 (R) representatives abstained. 

Even if this bill is approved by the Senate it only cuts funding for a pullout, meaning that any departure would leave all of the massive stockpiles of equipment and munitions in place in Europe to be inherited by the rising New Federal Europe.

DPRK-   The UN has decided to allow aid agencies to fight tuberculosis and malaria in North Korea.  The fact that medical aid was subject to sanctions in the first place is shocking.

Mideast War-   The last Islamic State pocket in the countryside near Deir-Ezzor Syria is in a state of collapse and final defeat.

The latest round of violence with Israel has settled into an uneasy calm.  Islamic Jihad had apparently fired into Israel on the instructions of Iran after the Israeli attacks on Iranian assets in Syria. Syria warns that they will soon have to respond to Israeli attacks in Syria.

The recent round indicated that Gaza would join any conflict against Israel beginning in the north, and that the Syrian air defenses even without the S-300 [due to become operational in March] are effective.

Idlib-   Hundreds of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on dozens of armored trucks with mounted machine guns attacked Syrian army positions in a mass coordinated attack.  Two groups of al-Nusra militants of up to 200 fighters each, attacked Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in the Abu al-Duhur and Abu Sharja communities in Idlib.

Kurds-   The Turkish president is conferring with Russian president Putin for a deal about Turkish approval for the looming Idlib operation by Syria near the Turkish border, in exchange for Russian approval for the Kurdish border buffer zone. 


22 Jan:   Mideast Peace-   Speaking at the Davos Economic Forum  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US will initiate the Trump peace process between Israelis and Palestinians “immediately following the Israeli elections.”

Breaking 10:00 PST:  Israel closes areas around Gaza to civilians; heavy airstrikes ongoing.  IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi meets with Southern Command chief Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevy and other top officers.

Mideast War-   An IDF brigade commander was flown by helicopter to hospital in Beersheba for a check up shortly after his helmet was struck by a sniper bullet.   In reprisal, IDF tank fire hit a Hamas position for the second time today. One Gazan was killed.  The IDF is also bombing sites near Al Bureij in Gaza.

Substantial Syrian Russian action is taking place against the Islamist’s in and around Idlib province.  On Monday, the Syrian army attacked positions of terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra, ‘Turkistan Party’ and ‘Al-Ezza Brigades’ round Bab al-Taqa, al-Ziyara, Ma’rkebeh towns and the area of Wadi (valley) al-Dawrat, east of Al-Latamina, in Hama northern countryside. Infiltration routes of terrorists in the vicinity of Kafr Nobol, Jarjanaz and Skaik in Idleb’s southern countryside were also targeted.

Death toll from Israeli attack on Syria climbs, now includes 12 Iranian servicemen

Firefight erupts on Gaza border.   

The RAF continues to maintain six Typhoon jets and up to 10 MQ-9 Reaper drones in Syria / Iraq.  The Typhoons are being upgraded to deploy bunker buster Storm Shadow and Brimstone air-to-ground missiles.  The upgrade is reportedly aimed at preparing the jets to conduct airstrikes against targets in the Damascus area in  response to the expected chemical incident during the looming Syrian Idlib operation. 

US forces should complete the bulk of their withdrawal from Syria to bases in Iraq by the end of this month.  The public is being told that the withdrawal will take months but that refers to the final personal.   See:  Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning

Europe-   The top US diplomat for Europe is resigning. Wess Mitchell will leave his post in mid-February. He is the assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasian affairs.

France and Germany today signed an agreement to work together towards European unity at Aachen the ancient capital of Charlemagne.  Now that Britain is out and no longer resisting movement towards greater unity, post Brexit a Franco German core for a New Federal Europe is being formed around which other like minded nations can gather. 

The treaty ahead of the May EU elections will bring a joint push for EU reforms towards a united New Federal Europe in the new EU government this summer

Israel Elections-  Latest poll, If Netanyahu were to be indicted prior to the election, the Likud would sink to 25 seats.  Yesh Atid and Gantz’s Hosen Yisrael joint list would have 28. Both Kulanu and Yisrael Beytenu would gain six seats each..


21 Jan:   Israel-  An interesting report on how prisoners organize

Some of the corruption investigation into Netanyahu’s alleged attempts to influence the public with false news reports in Walla.

Mideast War-    I have been warning of a multi front Israeli war for twelve years and now the Israeli security apparatus agrees.

The Syrian air defenses are proving effective in spite of the fact that the S-300 air-defense batteries Russia has placed in Syria are not operational because Syrian operators have not yet been trained and drilled on its use.  According to the most optimistic estimates they will be operational starting in March. 

The Syrian Arab Army has begun redeploying a large number of soldiers from the eastern Homs and Deir Ezzor regions to the Hama and Idlib provinces for an offensive to root out Islamic radicals.  Under the command of Syrian General Suheil Salman al-Hassan the Syrian Army is on standby on the Hama and Idlib front, as more forces and equipment are being dispatched

The  Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham [Al Nusrah Front] and the Turkestan Islamic Party now militarily occupy 70 % of Idlib province and have taken administrative control of the whole area.  Turkey is reinforcing its border with Idlib province in anticipation of a Syrian Russian offensive against the extremists.

The Russian Air Force unleashed a flurry of airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate last night destroying the entire Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham base and training camp at Khan Al-Sabil.

The initial Israeli  attack on Iranian assets in Syria on Sunday failed with only one of ten missiles hitting the target and seven being shot down.  An Israeli spokesman claims that the Iranian Al Quds Brigade then  fired a single Fateh-110 missile at Israel which was downed by Israeli air defenses. The single missile was apparently a warning to Israel to stop their attacks and Israel responded with a heavy bombardment against Iran.

Israel then launched a second wave attack at 01:30 am Monday.  The second attack struck Iranian assets throughout Syria in a strike much heavier than the first attack.  Iran responded to the attacks by threatening war against Israel and claims to be ready to attack Israel in response

The Russian army issued the following statement Monday morning: Syrian air defenses destroyed over 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs when repelling the Israeli air strike. The statement added that 4 Syrian soldiers and 7 militia members had been killed in the Israeli attack and 6 injured.

Russia is not happy over Israeli plans to attack Syria once US forces leave.

Israel-   Netanyahu lawyers to meet with Attorney General today.


20 Jan:   Breaking 16:00 PST-   Israel launches new round of attacks on Iranian sites in Syria early Monday morning.  This is a follow up attack due to the failure of Sunday’s earlier strike.

TheShiningLight-    See the new article on why US forces are repositioning in the Middle East.

Israel-   This week Netanyahu lawyers to hold final meeting with the Attorney General on bribery case before decision on indictment.   

Gantz begins campaign advertising.

Mideast War-  A powerful Israeli missile attack struck the town of al-Kiswah, south of Damascus today. Russian sources claimed that the attack targeted Damascus international airport and was carried out by four Israeli F16’s. Syrian military sources said that their air defenses had shot down 7 Israeli missiles. One Syrian response missile was intercepted by Iron Dome over the northern Golan. 

The EU and major European nations reject joining the anti Iran Warsaw summit. They are unhappy that Trump is trying to force Europe to support his Iran policy by holding NATO hostage.  Even Poland is against the summit but permits it in the hope of getting a major American military base built in the country.


19 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!

TheShiningLight-   Please note that further changes have been made to the Daniel 7 article.    

Because the little horn [the papacy as one continuing entity] would exist through the ages and be destroyed by Christ at his coming and because ten kings are mentioned in Daniel 7 and also in Revelation 17, the two prophecies were confused and improperly mixed together.  In fact the ten kings of Daniel 7 refer to ten successive dynasties or kingdoms rising out of Imperial Rome, while the ten kings of Revelation 17 refer to ten contemporary rulers within the one final resurrection of the Roman Babylonian system.  They are two different subjects and ought not to be confused together.  I thank God and rejoice for this increase in understanding.  Please take the time to reread the Daniel 7 article again

US-   US President Donald Trump will make a “major announcement” on the government shutdown and the southern border at 14:00  EST this afternoon.

Mideast War-   Kenya and Ethiopia have had enough of the Somali violence and are preparing for a major offensive to destroy the Al Shabab organization.   

US / NATO conduct naval exercise in Black Sea.

Last week, the jihadist-led Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an alliance led by Syria’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate took administrative control of Idlib province from the Turkish backed militias, as well as adjacent chunks of the Aleppo and Hama provinces.  The moves to secure defensible boundaries come ahead of the planned Syrian Russian operation to eradicate these terrorists.

Key EU nations splitting with Washington on American anti Iran plans.

Germany-   52-year-old Markus Soeder was elected on Saturday to lead the Christian Social Union, the Bavaria-only sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.


18 Jan:   Mideast War-   Russia has informed Israel that it will no longer tolerate air strikes in the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport

Israel Election-   Israel Resilience party chairman Benny Gantz is close to signing a deal with Moshe Ya’alon, who heads his recently formed Telem party and Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party, to run jointly in the upcoming Knesset election,  Such a joint list would leave the peace camp in a virtual tie with the far right extremists.  The election could come down to the possible Netanyahu corruption indictments  and regional security.


17 Jan:   TheShiningLight-   Our policy is to remove error and update with increased understanding on a continual bases, always being willing to learn and grow in the knowledge of godliness.  Consistent with that policy a Third Edition of the Daniel Revelation study was published yesterday.  A free download of the manuscript is also available at the Literature page.

I urge all those who purchase our books to use their tithe to do so, in that way the books will cost nothing personally  because they are coming out of funds earmarked for this work anyway.   

This technique of providing the published works directly from Lulu printers saves this work a considerable amount in processing, mailing and maintaining an inventory.  Please do purchase from our official printer Lulu, as other sources will charge considerably more. 

Please note that further edits have been made to the Daniel 7 post at this site clarifying certain points.   Please take the time to reread the Daniel 7 article

Brexit-   The May government will present the statement and the motion on the government’s next steps under section 13 of the EU Withdrawal Act will be tabled on Monday.  After which a  full day’s debate on the motion will take place on Tuesday, January 29, if that proposal fails it is likely that the government will lose a no confidence motion.  After that the Conservatives would get 14 days to get their act together and win a further confidence vote. If they can’t win that, a general election will be then held. 

Watch for the possibility that after Jan 29 that the government would lose a no confidence motion resulting in a change of leadership in the Conservative party, with the hard Brexit people like Boris Johnson taking control and forming a government that will turn to seek an economic deal with the United States and other Anglo Saxon nations. 

A “no deal” scenario would place Britain completely outside the EU’s Customs Union and Single Market, with no transition period. Britain would trade with the EU under World Trade Organization rules. Meanwhile, it would be free to fully control its borders and negotiate and sign free trade agreements with the US.

With a Brexit deal becoming more and more unlikely French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe triggers France’s plan for a no-deal Brexit.

Economics-  The US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve funding currency is steadily falling.  This will be slowed by the coming victory but the dollar will quickly collapse after the approaching Middle East peace deal fails in the near future.  See our prophecy articles for more.

Israel-   Efi Nave announces his resignation as the head of the Israel Bar Association following a sex scandal in which he allegedly helped appoint a female judge in exchange for sexual relations and tried to promote a male judge in return for sex with the judge’s wife.

Israel Elections-   Joint list talks between Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid and Hatnua chairwoman Tzipi Livni have broken down.

Korea-   Vietnam billed to host Trump Kim summit Vietnam could be a role model in reconciliation efforts between the Korea’s.  DPRK official in route to the US to discuss summit.


16 Jan:   Brexit-   The Theresa May government survived a non-confidence motion 306 versus 325. May responded by calling on all party leaders to meet her at once to thrash out amendments and a way out of the impasse by next Monday’s deadline. Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded that May declare a no-deal Brexit a non-option before talks can begin. He was echoed by other MPs.

Israel-   Judicial sex scandal rocks Israel.

Mideast War-   Kurds accept UN sanctioned buffer zone with Turkey but reject Turkish forces controlling the zone, insisting on international peacekeepers.


15 Jan:   Brexit-   UK PM May’s Brexit deal was defeated overwhelmingly in a crucial Commons vote by 432-202 today. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately tabled a no-confidence vote in her government and debate will begin tomorrow.  

If MPs vote to back a no confidence motion, the government, or anyone else who can command a majority, would get 14 days to win a further confidence vote. If they can’t win that, a general election will be then held. 

May could also resign having lost the support of her own party, 118 Conservative MPs voted with the opposition parties against Mrs May’s deal.  This would make way for a new Conservative party leader. There are several waiting in the wings including Trump backed Boris Johnson who want to reject Europe and turn towards a trade bloc with the US. 

TheShiningLight-   Today completes the Daniel studies series, tomorrow the Revelation studies are scheduled to begin, please note that on many days there will be two posts. 

I have been working hard on updating the Twelve so called Minor Prophets and that project is now completed, they are available at the Minor Prophets category and have also been posted to the Literature page for free downloading.  It has been decided not to post the Minor Prophets on a daily bases but to go directly into the Gospels after Revelation. 

Our Revival theme for 2019 will begin at the end of January with the Gospels followed by the Spring Festivals material.

Mideast War-  Terrorist attack on the upscale Nairobi Dusit D2 hotel-office complex.  First reports say a suicide bomber and at least four heavily armed gunmen are moving around and shooting in the building and some hostages may be held. The huge complex contains an upscale hotel, offices, a bank, shops, other businesses and foreign missions. The Somali Al-Shabaab has taken responsibility. 

There will be heavy movement of Israeli security forces around Gaza, especially Sderot today as Israel practices for battle. 

Netanyahu threatens Iran in reference to Syria  “I’m telling you, get out of there fast. We won’t stop attacking.”

An agreement has been reached on a 32 k (20 mi) buffer zone between Turkey and the Kurds.


14 Jan:  Heavy rains, snow at higher elevations grips the Middle East.  It will likely take until sometime in March for the region to dry out.

Mideast War-   Trump and Erdogan discuss security plans including the buffer zone for Turkey and the Kurds in detail.  Discussions at such a high level usually indicate that a deal is almost signed.

Trump reveals that a deal is being worked out to create a 20 mile wide buffer zone between Turkey and the Kurds.


13 Jan:   Israel Elections:   Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid and Hatnua chairwoman Tzipi Livni are in serious talks to merge their two parties into a broad center-left bloc ahead of the elections.  They reportedly planned to court Gantz once Yesh Atid is projected to become the second largest faction in the Knesset.  Livni wants to be the head peace negotiator in the new government and is already offering talks to the Palestinian Authority as part of her electioneering.

Mideast War-   Netanyahu begins to play the “Mr Security” campaign role which could well bring war, threatening to escalate attacks on Iranian military forces and militias in Syria.

Out of control Bolton, ordered preparations to attack Iran last September.   Actually the plans have been ready for years and were simply updated.

The IDF marked the end of Operation Northern Shield on Sunday, Jan. 13 by finding an old abandoned Hezbollah cross-border tunnel.  The operation was a bust with only six tunnels found, all of them were well known and defunct for years.  No new unknown tunnels were found.

On Jan 15 Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot hands over the Israeli Chief of Staff position to his successor, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi

Netanyahu suddenly ends Israeli policy of neither confirming or denying reports of Israeli attacks on Syria, claims last night’s attacks.  This change in policy is obviously political and meant to boost his popularity with the far right in the elections. 

In Gaza Israel bombed multiple sites last night, this morning is calm.


12 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

Mideast War-   Update 14:00 PST:  Israel begins bombing Gaza.

After Israel blocks Gaza civil servants pay cheques last week and kills a woman and bombs two Hamas outposts yesterday sirens indicating incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip blared Saturday night in Sdot Negev and Sha’ar Hanegev in southern Israel. One of the rockets landed in open territory.

The Lebanese media reported Saturday that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was hospitalized after apparently suffering a heart attack.  Additional reports said that Nasrallah is also fighting cancer.

Plan for Kurds and Turkey deal to succeed says Pompeo.  See Jan 10 news.


11 Jan:   Mideast War-   Israel launched a missile attack on Damascus airport Friday night.  Several other sites in Syria were also attacked by Israel.

The United States is organizing an international summit in Poland for February 13 – 14, focusing on Iran and the Middle East

A Gaza woman has been shot dead as 13,000 people demonstrate on the border with Israel.  Just this week Israel updated its rules of engagement to allow an expanded use of live fire.  Israel also bombs two Hamas posts

US-   The White House is preparing for the death or departure from the Supreme Court of the ailing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Ginsburg, who is 85, Monday missed oral arguments at the court for the first time in her 25 years on the bench.  Ginsburg announced in late December that she had undergone a surgical procedure to remove two cancerous growths from her lungs. 

The Pentagon is identifying military construction projects it could cut or delay in preparation for a possible national emergency declaration by President Donald Trump, which could force the Defense Department to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.  Trump is expected to declare a national security emergency and order the military to build his wall with DoD funds. 


10 Jan:   Elections-   The Israeli Attorney General wants to publish a decision on Netanyahu indictments as soon as possible to provide time for potential candidates to analyze their positions, before the deadline for submitting party candidate lists to the Knesset on February 21.

Mideast War-  Heavy winter rain, fog and snow at higher elevations usually continues into late Feb in the Middle East.  Meanwhile war preparations continue, including the pre-war US Syria pull out and efforts to resolve the Turkish Kurdish question

In coordination with the American Five Point Plan presented by Bolton in Turkey, the Kurds have submitted a proposal to Moscow and Syria, that would allow the Syrian government to restore its overall sovereignty over the vast area of Syria taken over by the Kurds. In return, the Kurds want the Syrian government to grant them a degree of autonomy, allowing them to continue their experiment in self-governance, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning to visit Moscow in the coming days to discuss the plan with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

After final agreement by Turkey, Russia and Syria with the Kurds; on the pullout of Kurdish militias from a border buffer zone in exchange for Kurdish autonomy, US ground troops will pull out of Syria.

Small numbers of US military observers augmented by Arab forces will remain in Syria to help call in airstrikes in support of anti Islamic State operations [the Kurds will also block the supply route form Iran to Lebanon during the coming war].  The US air force will operate  from the from three Iraqi bases: Tallil Air Base at Nasiriyah in the south, Ayn al-Assad in Anbar and K1 near Kirkuk. 


9 Jan:   US-   Trump demanded that Dem’s agree to his demands before talks even began and when they refused he threw a tantrum and stormed out of the meeting on the government shutdown.  He is demanding 5.7 billion for his wall and the Democrats are offering a little less than 2 billion for enhanced border security. 

Israel fact check-   Netanyahu wrong in claiming he was denied facing his accusers. 

Mideast Peace-   The Pompeo Mideast tour “is laying the groundwork for a Middle East Strategic Alliance.”  Pompeo is set to visit all six Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait) as well as Egypt and Jordan. The US is seeking to group these same countries (GCC+2) under an umbrella organisation dubbed “The Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)”. A brief visit to Iraq is also scheduled for January 11. 

A summit to bring about the MESA alliance will be held during the Pompeo trip in Oman.  The details have already been worked out in talks through most of 2018 and Pompeo’s trip is to climax on 15 Jan with a formal signing.

The plan is that the new alliance is against Iran first, and is also intended to supply peacekeepers for a buffer zone to separate Turkey and the Kurd’s, and to provide peacekeepers to guarantee the Mideast Trump peace initiative

In due time Mesa will associate with Turkey and the soon coming New Federal Europe (Psalm 83).

US-   President Trump used last evening’s speech to demand his wall before a high level conference with congressional leaders today.

A member of the financial elite, Eric Chewning, the head of the Pentagon’s industrial policy, has been named the Defense Department’s next chief of staff

Europe-  Fear of Trumpism [irrational unilateral actions] causes German media to demand a stronger military.


Mideast War-  Belying the public farce of disagreement between the US and  Turkey, the Kurdish militias have begun withdrawing from the proposed buffer zone with Turkey.


8 Jan:   US-   The poor will be hit hard by Trump’s budget demands beginning in February.  This is sure to affect his popularity if the issues are not resolved. 

Media will carry Trump address on his border wall in prime time today.  The address will try to sway the voting public to pressure Democrats.  Trump may declare a national security emergency [when none exists] to circumvent congress and fund his boondoggle wall.  Dems to be given equal time by networks.

Europe-  The Presidents of the EU Commission, the European Union Council and the European Central Bank must all be chosen this year. The results of the parliamentary elections in May will be important factors governing how the posts are distributed.

Beginning January 1, the Bundeswehr, has assumed command, of NATO’s “Spearhead” intervention forces, which, within 72 hours, can be deployed anywhere on mission. Should NATO launch a mission this year, the Bundeswehr would lead. 

The US, Britain and Canada are likely to pull put of NATO to form their own Anglo Saxon alliance when the New Federal Europe is born, leaving NATO and its assets in the hands of the New Europe.

Brexit-  One of Theresa May’s most senior aides Alex Dawson has quit.

Mideast War-   John Bolton has arrived in Turkey with Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff and James Jeffrey, Trump’s special envoy on Syria.  They met immediately with Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, and officials, while Erdogan used a speech in parliament to propose a regional stabilization force led by Turkey.  Bolton then left the other officials to conclude a formal deal.

Israeli war planes fire rockets at a Hamas site west of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas warned Israel via Egypt and the UN that there will be war of the Palestinian Authority does not stop its anti Gaza activities.

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper Ash-Sharq al-Awsat has reported from Palestinian Authority sources that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is planning to take tough measures against Hamas in Gaza in order to weaken their rule or bring them to hand over control of the southern Mediterranean coastal area.  “The game is over, Abu Mazen has decided to move to the stage of all or nothing.”

Abbas is ill, aging and ready to leave office and intends to solve the Hamas problem before doing so.

Israeli security forces apprehended Asam Barghouti, who had opened fire on a group of Israelis at Givat Assaf Junction on December 13th, killing two IDF soldiers, and wounding two more Israelis, one an IDF soldier and another a resident of Beit El.


7 Jan:  New Moon-   The new moon was easily visible in Jerusalem this evening, making Tuesday Jan 8 the first day of the eleventh biblical month.


Update- Bibi makes a huge mistake  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech attacking law enforcement authorities over the corruption investigations against him and demanded during a televised announcement, that police allow him to face state’s witnesses who have testified against him in three corruption cases in which he is a suspect.  “Today I reveal to you that during my investigations, I demanded a face to face confrontation with states witnesses. I was refused. I asked again. I was refused again,” he says. This demand practically begs for an indictment, where he can face his accusers in open court.  

Netanyahu then offers as his defense the position that the bribery suspicions against him should not be considered bribery because no money changed hands only lavish expensive gifts, with two other cases involving deals providing him with political advantages in return for favors from the Prime Minister.   

The man is so arrogant he actually believes that he has done nothing wrong in offering services or goods instead of cash, in exchange for political advantages.  No one will agree with him and this extremely embarrassing speech could well be the beginning of the end for Bibi.  

After consulting with his legal team today Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu will make a  political announcement regarding the corruption investigations against him at 8 PM Israel time tonight, 1 PM Eastern Standard time. 

The ideal might be for Bibi to try and strike a deal to plead “no contest” and pay a fine, to get the whole matter resolved and off his back.

Asia-  Russia India ties blossoming rapidly.

Mideast War-   Netanyahu Israel will block the third installment of $15 million from Qatar to Hamas in the Gaza Strip next week.  The monthly funding transfer from Qatar to Gaza goes directly to paying Gaza’s civil servants and its interruption will bring the strip to the brink of economic collapse.  Hamas is not happy that Israel has broken its agreement.

The timing of the move and the insignificant nature of the excuse [a single third party rocket] make this a rather obvious attempt to provoke conflict for political electioneering purposes. 

Israel attacks Gaza sites after rocket launched at 03:18 local time this morning

Gaza border with Egypt sealed by withdrawal of Palestinian Authority workers / officials.  Update:  Egypt has announced that it is closing the Rafah crossing on the Gaza-Sinai border to entry into its territory for Gazans after Hamas security forces took control of the crossing, according to the Associated Press.

Turkish backed militias complete setting up a blocking force inside Syria on Turkey’s border to prevent any escape of jihadists from the looming Syrian offensive to destroy the extremist jihadists from central Asia.  See the 5 Jan report.


6 Jan:   TheShiningLight A compilation of the 14 articles in the “Coming World Events” category is now available for free download at the Literature page.

Trump Peace Initiative-   President Donald Trump has agreed not to release his peace plan until after the Israeli election, said US Ambassador David Friedman on Sunday.   The Israeli early election is scheduled for 9 April but could be delayed by the pending war.

Mideast War-   Israel attacks multiple sites in Gaza after balloon from Gaza.

US Department of Defense chief of staff Kevin Sweeney resigned without giving a reason yesterday.  He follows Def-Sec, Mattis by one month.

Vice President Mike Pence is now confirming that President Trump is indeed in “the process of evaluating” whether to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.  Trump lamely asks why Russia does not help in the country when it was the US which invaded.


5 Jan:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful! 

Spy vs Spy-  Alleged long time American agent Paul Whelan was caught in the very act of receiving a computer printout list of Russian agents while visiting Moscow.  Whelan was in Moscow to attend a wedding as apparent cover for his alleged activities. 

Mideast War-   Upon arriving in Tel Aviv John Bolton immediately issued a surprise warning against a Syrian chemical attack during the looming Idlib offensive.

Since last August TheShiningLight has been reporting on preparations for a false flag chemical attack by rebels to be blamed on Syria during the coming battle. If it happens the attack may be blamed on Syria and used as a casus belli for an American attack to destroy Syrian air defenses ahead of an Israel operation against Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Gaza and the subsequent fall of the Assad regime to Turkish backed militias.

It appears that the US is now almost ready. Bolton and Pompeo are touring the region to finalize the post conflict reality before the war is launched.

Tass reported:  On Oct 17, 2018 that “20 containers with 10 liters of chlorine each” from the northwestern Syrian city of Maarrat al-Nu’man, situated about 30 kilometers south of Idlib, were unloaded in the settlements of Kafr Nabl and al-Hawash, and are set to stage provocative acts.

According to the Russian spokesman  Konashenkov “local residents reported to the Russian Reconciliation Center that a group of White Helmets searched for residents who would like to take part in staged video footage in exchange for food,” .

“Just yesterday [Oct 26, 2018], residents of Aleppo province received information about the training for the next such action by militants. To carry it out, members of the White Helmets organization with professional video equipment arrived in the Azaz, Marea and al-Rai settlements; containers with toxic substances were also delivered, presumably it was chlorine,” the Russian spokesman went on to say.

“Russian military experts are closely monitoring the situation. Six special radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles have been deployed to Russian posts in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarized zone in Idlib province. The combat units of these machines will regularly assess the radiation, chemical and biological situation.”

His comments came a couple of days after Lt. General Vladimir Savchenko, the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, said Western-backed White Helmets have already started the filming process for staging a false flag chemical attack in Aleppo in northwestern Syria.

If a chemical attack happens just ask: Why would Syria on the very brink of complete victory do such a thing and invite her own destruction? The White Helmets are a British intelligence asset under cover of a compassionate organization.


4 Jan:  Israel Elections:  Labour party unlikely to join with centrist parties because Gabbay insists on the leadership in spite of his plummeting popularity.  It is now more likely that voters will abandon Labour for the new Gantz party.

Toxic Food-  Nearly every food item has become toxic through chemical use or genetic engineering but the most toxic is anything from the sea and especially farmed fish 55 minute video.

Mideast War-    US long range bombers available for use against Syria / Iran.

Iran prepares for war as America works to enable grass roots revolution and regime change in Iran. 

John Bolton heads to Turkey and Israel today

Pompeo will visit Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman next week.  They are making the visits to flesh out a final agreement on the details of regional security after the long planned conflict. 

The agreement includes:

  1. Giving the Turks a free hand to use their militias and forces to take over the Assad regime, after Syria’s military and Hezbollah are degraded by Israel [backed by US air power];
  2. Turkey to complete the eradication of any remaining Islamic State in Syria;
  3. Turkey expelling any remnants of Iranian militias from Syria after those Iran backed militias are pummeled by Israel during the coming conflict, and quite possibly a US Allied attack on Iran itself;
  4. Giving the Syrian Kurd’s EAST of the Euphrates, autonomy from Syria in exchange for peace between the Kurd’s and Turkey; 
  5. Placing an Arab peacekeeping force between the Kurd’s and Turkey;  and, 
  6. The Americans will get Turkish and Arab endorsement of the now complete Trump Middle East Peace Initiative. 

The end result will be the rise of Turkey as the dominant Islamic Middle East nation as per Psalm 83.


3 Jan:   Mideast War-   Three days ago Turkish backed militias were attacked by Al Qaeda Jihadists from Central Asia in Idlib province.  With the Jihadists fighting the Turkish militias, Syrian forces are ready to begin their long awaited Idlib offensive. The Kurdish city of Manbij is calm after the withdrawal of the Kurdish militias back to the EAST across the Euphrates. 

Israel Elections-   Netanyahu was adamant that Ehud Barak resign when indicted yet insists that he will not resign if he is indicted as expected next month.  Now a majority of Israeli’s want Bibi to resign if indicted, if he continues to refuse to resign it will cost him many votes.

The Labor Party leadership, headed by Chairman Avi Gabbay and Director-General Eran Hermoni, have decided to convene the party’s convention next Thursday in Tel Aviv. 

Haaretz+ reported that Benny Gantz will deliver his first campaign speech next Thursday. 

So what if I stole? (Yossi Klein, Haaretz+) Netanyahu won’t let a corruption trial happen no matter what it costs – war, casualties, threats or lies. Besides, Israelis no longer seek moral justification for their country’s actions.


2 Jan:   Ukraine-    30 day Ukraine state of emergency ends.  Ukraine used the declaration to deploy substantial forces to the Donbas and Crimea frontiers;  Russia countered with her own deployments.  The Western propaganda machine is primarily covering the Russian moves.  The allegedly highly corrupt pro NATO  President Petro Poroshenko is polling at under 9% for the March elections with another pro NATO candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, previously convicted for corruption herself, is leading at 12.7%.

A new dark horse candidate Volodymyr Zelenskiy entered the race on Dec 31 and is already polling higher than the president, neck and neck with Tymoshenko.

Mideast War-   Hezbollah and Gaza militias commit to fight together should Israel attack either one of them.

Breaking-  Kurdish militia leaves Manbij to return to the EAST side of the Euphrates as per a deal with Syria.

As Syria builds up for an offensive to destroy extremist Jihadists in Idlib, Turkish forces are building up WEST of the Euphrates to support the Turkish backed militias.

All of the hand wringing about the US leaving placing the Kurd’s in jeopardy is simply war disinformation. The US, Turkey, Syria and the Kurd’s had agreed to a divide on the Euphrates with Kurdish autonomy EAST of the river.

The departing US forces are being replaced by Arab peacekeeping forces EAST of the Euphrates, while the Turkish buildup opposite Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia is WEST of the Euphrates.

Breaking-   Germany is proposing that the UNSC sanction the Kurdish buffer zone now being taken over by Arab forces. 

Once Israel destroys Hezbollah, Syria and the Iranian militia power, the Turkish backed militias are poised to take out the Assad power base in Latakia,  attacking Syria WEST of the Euphrates: Thus making Turkey the dominant Islamic Middle East power as per Psalm 83. 


1 Jan:  Israel Elections; Breaking 11:00 PST-    In a devastating blow to Netanyahu, the Attorney General will announce a criminal indictment of Netanyahu ahead of the election polling day.   Although this would only be charges and not a conviction, publication of the evidence against Bibi would strongly influence many to vote against him.  

Mideast War-   US offering to subsidize Taliban as part of ongoing peace talks.

With the Kurdish problem resolved by an agreement to replace the US forces with a new Arab peacekeeping force as a buffer between Turkey and the Kurdish militias, the long awaited Syrian offensive against the foreign jihadists in Idlib province is approaching

To refresh memories the province of Idlib is home to about 30,000 Turkish backed militia members and about 30,000 Jihadists from Chechnya and Central Asia.  The Asian Jihadists must be destroyed to secure Russia and Central Asia.  The militias plan to react to the Syrian Russian operation by releasing Chlorine gas, which if it happens could be blamed on Syria, triggering a major American attack to wipe out the Syrian air defenses, opening the way for an Israeli attack on Hezbollah, Syria and Iranian assets.


Israeli Elections-  Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay today announced the dissolution of the union between Labor and Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua party.  

The aim of the Labour party firing of Livni appears to be to open the way for a Labour partnership with former IDF chief Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience party. party.  Livni had been rejected by the new Gantz party as too extremely left wing, Gantz wanting a more centrist orientation. 

The upshot is that a new Gantz and Labour joint list would be in a virtual tie with Netanyahu even before any conflict.  Indeed Netanyahu may come to the conclusion that now could be his last chance to accomplish his goal of destroying Israel’s enemies and accomplishing his goal of going down in history as another king David.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is moving to try and unite the far right parties but is having little success after insisting that he will not resign if prosecutors moved to indict him on corruption charges.

Meretz Party Chairwoman Tamar Zandberg called on Livni and all leftists to join Meretz, which will lead the leftist bloc in the upcoming elections.

The IDF’s first-ever female general, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Orna Barbivai, joined Yesh Atid’s list for the Knesset.   Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid said in a press conference Tuesday that he intends to have Barbivai serve as a senior minister if he is in the next coalition.



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