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31 Jan:   Text of Trump address to Congress.  


30 Jan:   Sochi Syria peace conference hobbled by boycott of US and its insurgent and Kurdish allies. 

Russian Security Council delegation to visit Israel to continue talks begun by Netanyahu – Putin yesterday.   Jerusalem confirmed that a large Russian delegation arrived in Israel Tuesday for “security talks”, headed by Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council. It also includes deputy foreign and justice ministers, generals and senior officials in the army and Russian intelligence apparatus 


29 Jan:   Netanyahu informs Putin that Israel will attack Lebanon, Hezbollah and Syria Iran, if Iran does not back away from supporting Hezbollah.

Turkey’s border operation has been stalled by heavy fighting and inclement weather but Erdogan is vowing to expand the offensive and clear the entire Turkish border.  

Netanyahu in route to Moscow for talks on Iran with Putin.  Israel is trying to convince Moscow to demand that Iran leave Syria, in an attempt to use Russia to try and break up the Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas,  Syria alliance.

North Korea condemns South Korean alliance with America and seeks to separate the South from the US.


28 Jan:   Donald Trump the most unpopular president in American history will try to rally the nation during his Tuesday “State of the Nation” address.

Knesset speaker MK Yuli Edelstein, a senior member of the Likud party, harshly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the anti Netanyahu tide continues to swell in Likud

North Korea has invited the South to talks which would freeze out the United States.  South Korea is giving the proposal serious consideration after Trump slapped trade sanctions on the late last week.  At the same time the United States has deployed stealth bombers armed with B61 nuclear bombs to Guam in preparation for a possible future attack on North Korea.   

See the Korea article to understand the present situation.


27 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath For All God’s Faithful!


26 Jan:   Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon Thursday told the UN Security Council, “”Iran is currently controlling 82 thousand fighters inside  Syria.” He itemized this figure as 3,000 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, more than 10,000 Hezbollah fighters and the remainder Shiite militias sponsored by Tehran.  This does not include militias in Lebanon.

Turkey continues to mull US offer of 30 k [18 m] wide border buffer zone  but highly suspicious of Trump’s America.  Turkey admits to 14 dead and 130 wounded so far in their bogged down invasion of Afrin.


25 Jan:   Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit President Putin in Moscow on Jan. 29.  Bibi will talk to President Donald Trump today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Talks are focusing on Syria/Iran.

Kerry says Trump will be out soon encourages Abbas.  That view is based on Democratic hopes of winning big in the Nov midterm elections.  Trump is well aware that he could lose big in November and is hoping for a victory on the battlefield and a Mideast peace to bring a Republican landslide in Nov.

Abdel Fattah el-Sissi only candidate in Egypt’s spring 2018 elections.


24 Jan:   ISIS-  A series of strikes on Saturday killed nearly 150 fighters near As Shafah in the Syrian middle Euphrates Valley.  A remnant ISIS headquarters and command and control center in the middle Euphrates River Valley was destroyed. 

Turkey-  260 Kurd’s killed as Turkey carves out a border buffer zone in Syria’s Afrin province.  A new front has been opened as Turkey seeks to do the same thing in Manjib area.  When rebuked by the United States Turkey pointed out that the US had guaranteed that the Kurds would remain east of the Euphrates and that both of these areas are west of the river and outside of US/Turkish guarantees.

Trump-  To hold talks with Netanyahu, May and Merkel during Davos Forum.


23 Jan:   Germany-  SDP votes to enter formal negotiations with Merkel on a new German government. 

Davos Economic Forum set to begin with Trump giving the closing speech.

02:00 PST-   A tsunami Warning is now in effect which includes the coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska from the Washington State/BC Border to Attu, Alaska. – Event details: Preliminary magnitude 8.0 (Mwp) earthquake / Lat: 55.955, Lon: -149.227 at 2018-01-23 Time 9:31:41 UTC.  Tsunami warnings mean that a tsunami with significant inundation is expected or occurring. Warnings indicate that widespread dangerous coastal flooding accompanied by powerful currents are possible and may continue for several hours after the initial wave arrival.


22 Jan:   In fierce see saw battles Afrin Kurds held their own against Turkish invaders yesterday.  This morning Turkey attacked on two more fronts trying to dislodge the Kurdish defenders, 

Gaza goes on general strike to protest conditions

US VP Pence to address the Knesset at 14:00 local time.


21 Jan:   Syrian forces are advancing against Al Qaeda linked militias in Idlib province.

Turkish troops and Islamic militias poured into the Afrin Kurdish enclave inside Syria this morning

In an apparent deal with the Americans, Turkish President Erdogan announced that instead of destroying the Kurdish militias, his intention is to set up an 30 k (18 mile] wide buffer zone between Turkey and the US backed Kurds.  

Turkey launched a heavy air campaign against the American backed Kurds northern Syrian enclave. Turkish prime minister Benali Yildrim said the operation had begun to “destroy the YPG and PKK.”

Turkey is massing Turkish backed Islamic militias to attack the American backed Kurds in Afrin,  and the operation is expected to be carried out by Islamic militias backed by Turkish aircraft, artillery and tanks.

Large convoys of US-trained and armed Kurdish fighters from other parts of northern Syria were seen heading in force to defend the Kurdish Afrin area.   

Turkey is acting against the American backed Kurds with the backing of Syria, Iran and Russia; and Europe is focusing on improving relations with Turkey.  The Turkish military said the air force destroyed 108 targets in seven regions, including weapons depots and barracks in Saturday’s airstrikes.   

The local air space is controlled by Russia which along with Syria has given the Turks carte blanche to carry out the operations.  American warplanes cannot enter the area without a confrontation with both Turkey and Russia, so the US is supplying the Kurds with air defense weapons.

The Turkish American confrontation is causing serious divisions in NATO, with the Europeans leaning towards support for Turkey and the territorial integrity of Syria, against US attempts to illegally create a defacto Kurdish State. 

US VP Mike Pence is in Egypt and arrives in Israel today

Thousands of Jewish residents of Ashdod take to the streets demanding that stores be allowed to remain open on the Sabbath.


20 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


19 Jan:   The Russian contingent withdraws from Afrin airport as Turkey steps up shelling of the Kurdish controlled area.  The Turkish Chief of Military Staff has just returned home from meetings with the US and Russian military chiefs. 

Turkey’s president has pledged to destroy the US backed Kurdish YPG in both Afrin and Manbij where there is a sizable American force.  The Kurdish controlled Syrian Democratic Front could mass twenty to thirty thousand battle hardened troops with strong American backing against a Turkish invasion.   

It is quite possible that Turkey will get a very bloody nose if they do invade and that could spell big political trouble for Erdogan.

The leader of the cell which killed Rabbi Shevach is still running.  He has been identified as a Hamas man and the son of another Hamas man who had previously been killed by Israel. 

Envoy’s from the Free Syrian Army conclude talks in Washington.

The US suspends $45 million in already pledged food aid for Palestinian refugees

Winter storm lashes Israel last night.


18 Jan:   After three years without rain South Africa and especially Cape Town is now in a state of catastrophic drought.  The entire Eastern Cape region is in a state of disaster.  Even with desalination plants working at full capacity the government will be forced to shut down all water systems and ration water from special water distribution points by the end of April.   

The same kind of drought and worse is coming to major American and British cities, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia, during the fast approaching 42 month great tribulation.

Tillerson said Wednesday that US forces will remain in Syria indefinitely to fight Iran and overthrow the elected Assad government. 

In Vancouver, Canada, 20 nations met at a US-led discussion on North Korea, and the message was clear, pretend the talks between the North and South are not happening.  US officials warned the world not to “be fooled” by the talks with South Korea, and the countries instead agreed to focus on imposing a whole new round of sanctions and other measures against North Korea.   Adding to reports in recent days of growing Pentagon training operations in the US aimed at preparing for an attack on North Korea, House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) has confirmed “very serious” training is indeed underway.  

 Reports indicate that military training operations have largely moved to the US mainland, while they are being temporarily suspended in Korea due to the Olympics.  Drills across multiple military bases are preparing troops for the rapid mobilization efforts and combat troop deployments that would be needed for a new Korean War or for war with Iran.

Fort Bragg saw a collection of US helicopters simulating moving troops through live artillery fire, while a separate exercise in Nevada simulated an outright military invasion under cover of night.  Several more such operations are planned, and mobilization centers are being established for large-scale overseas deployments.

On top of all of this, US special forces are planning to start a buildup in South Korea after the Winter Olympics end.  Democrat’s could win congress in the midterm elections unless Trump can present a victory before then.

Several Palestinians were wounded in a firefight in Jenin  shortly before midnight.  One assassin of Rabbi Shevach was killed and two others were arrested.

Netanyahu cronies to be indicted on corruption charges.


17 Jan:   US support for Kurds is splitting Turkey and the US stressing NATO.

Military chiefs from the twenty-nine NATO member countries are in Brussels to prepare the ground for next month’s meeting of Alliance Defense ministers. High on the agenda is the US / Turkish rift inside NATO

France encourages Europe to partner with Turkey in a deal outside the EU and NATO.  A New Federal Europe of ten nations is soon to arise and is prophesied to be allied with Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Arab States (Psalm 83).  This New Europe will also be allied with many other nations particularly in Latin America, and it will supplant the United States as the world’s great power.

US cuts UNRHA refugee support by $65 million.  The UN Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA, began laying off dozens of teachers at refugee camps in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Jordan after the US withheld the transfer of $65 million to the organization.

Israel bombs near Damascus again.

Abbas rejects Abu Dis as Palestinian capital.


16 Jan:   Turkish chief of staff Gen. Hulusi Akar is headed to Brussels, where he is to warn Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, before Turkey attacks the YPG Kurdish region in Syria.  The US is rushing air defense systems to the Kurds and will try to warn the Turks off of any attack on the American backed YPG.

Now that the Islamic State is defeated, Trump has abandoned his pretense of cooperation with Russia in Syria, putting America on a collision course with Russia, Syria,  Iran and Hezbollah.

Russia has come out firmly in support of the territorial integrity of Syria.  Lavrov said on Monday: “What it would mean [maintaining US bases and building up a YPG force inside Syria]  is that vast swaths of territory along the borders of Turkey and Iraq to the east of the Euphrates River would be isolated [dismembered from Syria].”

After apparently receiving a positive signal from Washington a Free Syrian Army (FSA) delegation landed in Washington this week and openly solicited the CIA to go back to its former training and aid programs.  The US administration suspended that aid program seven months ago, immediately after Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin talked at the July 2017 G20 summit in Munich. 

The US backed Free Syrian Army is waiting in its safe havens for Israel and the US coalition to destroy Hezbollah and the remaining strength of Syria, as well as to take out the Shia militias and Iranian Revolutionary Guards; before rushing to overthrow the Assad regime.


15 Jan:   Turkey has reacted to the US announcement that they will help to establish a 30,000 man SDF force inside Syria and has begun pounding Afrin with artillery in preparation for attacking the US backed YPG militia.  President Erdogan says that Turkey will “drown this terror army before it can be established”.  The US backed SDF made up largely of the YPG Kurdish faction, controls about 25% of Syria including large areas not on the map below.


14 Jan:   The United States has begun training a national Kurdish army in Syrian Kurdistan to secure its independence from Syria.  Training has begun for a new force of 30,000 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its main component the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria.  It should be noted that these are already well trained battle hardened against ISIS, forces and this is further uptraining.  Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey are not amused.

David Schenker, a director at the establishment think tank, The  Washington Institute for Near East policy, has been appointed to the top Middle East post at the State Department, as part of the ongoing shakeup ordered by President Donald Trump.  

As assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, he will join Andrew Peek, a former military intelligence officer, who has been  named deputy assistant secretary of state for Iraq and Iran.  Trump has been conducting a quiet purge of diplomats in the state department replacing professional diplomats with men supporting the establishment plans for war in the Middle East.

The IDF targeted a site in southern Gaza, near the Gaza-Egypt-Israeli border junction Saturday evening.  Media report the target was a tunnel, possibly one used for arms smuggling. The Kerem Shalom border crossing from Gaza near the target will not be open Sunday, due to “an evaluation of the security situation.” 

After killing of a Rabbi Tuesday Israel becomes heavy handed wounding scores of Palestinian protesters


13 Jan :   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


12 Jan:   US President Donald Trump extended the waivers on Iran nuclear sanctions, but gave Europe 120 days to reach agreement with the US on revising the deal, or the US will pull out of the entire agreement in May 2018 and initiate extensive sanctions on Iran.  

Trump also imposed sanctions on 14 Iranian non-nuclear entities, including the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, for alleged human rights abuses [they arrested violent demonstrators just like the US does in its own cities] against anti-government protesters.  Others sanctioned are the Revolutionary Guards Corps cyber unit for repressing social media networks being used by foreign entities to incite violence.

Israeli cabinet passes 2019 budget, first Knesset reading today, second and third readings planned to take place in two months.

Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party would win if elections were held today after the release of the Yair Netanyahu recordings, beating the ruling Likud party by a record five seats.  The police are preparing to release the details of the corruption investigation of Netanyahu in late February and if Likud falls further in the polls a nascent movement in Likud to remove Bibi as party leader and Prime Minister could succeed.


11 Jan:   Trump decides to keep American bases in Syria permanently; to secure US backed rebels from Turkey and Syria and to cut the route from Iran to Damascus.  This presence is important to aid Israel in the coming war [probably in spring or summer] and to ensure the rebels can overthrow Assad in the aftermath.

In order to delay confrontation Trump is expected to sign waiver of sanctions on Iran over nuclear deal and instead to establish separate sanctions targeting Iranian officials.

The Israeli coalition has begun discussing the 2019 budget.  The Civil Administration, approved 1,122 new [internationally illegal] housing units in 20 settlements and outposts in the West Bank. On Wednesday tenders for construction of 651 housing units were published.  Legislation is being contemplated for annexing the West Bank settlements by Israel, such legislation could trigger a regional war expected this spring or summer..      

Palestinian President Abbas heads to Europe on Jan 22, he is hoping that the Europeans will replace US financial aid.


10 Jan:   Ukraine- An additional Russian S-400 air defense missile division has been deployed to the Crimea in response to the deployment of the USS Carney Tomahawk-cruise missile destroyer at Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa, less than 200 mi away from Sevastopol, home base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The American led coalition is holding a summit in Washington to discuss the US plans for Syria, Iran and Korea.  High officials of US government branches involved in Syrian policy are meeting with senior European diplomats from Britain, Germany, France and Italy, and from Asia, led by Japan and India.

The conference has been called to hammer out a unified US-European-Asian policy for dealing with these nations, the coming war and its aftermath.  Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the Middle East Jan 20-23 and Israel on Jan. 22 will convey the details of any decisions to Jerusalem and the Arab Sunni States. 

The decisions at this summit will also determine the Trump moves on the Iran nuclear deal and possible sanctions which face a deadline of only three days hence. 

The US House has passed a Resolution of Solidarity with the Iranian rioters 415 – 2.  This resolution is timed just days before a presidential decision on Iran. 

Israeli forces are engaged in a manhunt for the killer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach who was shot dead in his car Tuesday night. 

Israel is now fast tracking expulsions of Palestinians forgoing the legal niceties.

Donor countries and organisations meeting in Kuwait are expected to announce financial contributions at a meeting from Feb. 12 to Feb. 14.  The target figure is $100 billion for Iraq alone.



9 Jan:   Israel fired missiles from Lebanon at the Al Qutaiba base east of Damascus before dawn Tuesday. The Syrian air defenses hit one of the Israeli planes, and that Israel then fired two ground-to-ground rockets from the Golan, but Syrian defenses intercepted them.  The statement also referred to a “final barrage of four rockets from Tiberias, inside Israel,” one of which the Syrians said caused material damage to “property near one of our military posts.” This base is near the Qalamoun mountains and contains Hezbollah and Iranian assets.

The Knesset passed the Minimarket Sabbath Law 58-57 but did not create any enforcement options against the many shops that open illegally on Shabbat.  This opens the way for the coalition to concentrate on the 2019 budget.

Israeli media release tape of Netanyahu son Yair bragging about his father’s corruption and demanding money for sex with a stripper.  Netanyahu tries to laugh it off as childish bragging but much damage has been done

Oprah Winfrey being touted for US president race in 2020  as the “Me Too” women’s movement gains traction.


8 Jan:   The on and off again visit of  US Vice President Mike Pence is now on again, with visits to Egypt, Jordan and Israel scheduled from Jan. 20 to 23.  The topic of discussion will be “security,” which means preparing for the coming regional war and a conflict with Iran.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that overnight on Jan. 6, Syrian terrorists from the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham [formerly the Al Nusrah Front] sent a large swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles to attack Russia’s Tartus Naval base and the Khmeimim air base.  Russian defenses took electronic control of six drones landing them intact and  Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems shot down another seven.  Moscow has now launched an urgent technical analysis of the captured drones, Russian security services are also urgently investigating who supplied these advanced UAVs to the terrorists.

The recent short cyber campaign waged against Iran by certain Western and Arab intelligence agencies [led by the US], during the week-long protest rallies across Iran, was a dress rehearsal for coming events.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo corrected Fox Sunday interviewer Chris Wallace on Jan. 7, who noted that the wave of demonstrations was over.  Pompeo put in firmly: “They are not behind us” – meaning that more troubles are on the way for Iran. 

The Establishment intends to demolish the Revolutionary Guards in Iran by an intense aerial bombardment accompanied by a “popular uprising” to change the regime in Iran; and then to hold a summit concluding a “Grand Bargain” for Middle East peace by the November American midterm elections.

Last week was a test of the use of social media to bring people to the streets.  48 million Iranians have smartphones complete with apps, and totally shutting down social media communications proved beyond the powers of the regime’s cyber experts last week. 

Once the Revolutionary Guards are no longer able to defend the regime US, Israeli, Sunni agencies will use the social media to launch an uprising bringing down the present regime.   

After the recent social media exercise in Iran, the US is expected to resume many sanctions on that country to further exacerbate the economic situation and motivate many more folks to rise up against the regime due to a failure of the economy.   

The US will also be deploying its missile defenses systems around Israel and the Sunni Arab States before open hostilities begin.  

There are some 10,000 Shi’ite militia fighters and another 80,000 Hezbollah fighters in Syria supported by Iran, which funds Hezbollah to the tune of $700 million per year and provides another $100 million to the other Shi’ite militias.


7 Jan:   The US instigation of riots in Iran seems intended to justify a resumption of sanctions on that country by the United States.  Europe and Moscow are well aware of, and very much opposed to the plot, which places them deeply at odds with the Trump administration.

These riots and renewed sanctions are the first steps towards a regional Middle East war including regime change in Iran. 

President Obama suspended sanctions on Iran to induce the signing of the nuclear deal, however the lifting of sanctions was not an actual part of the deal. 

The US Treasury Department has just announced new sanctions targeting banks, financial entities and officials  propping up the Revolutionary Guards and “its actions to suppress popular dissent”.   More sanctions are expected to be announced soon.

Washington will likewise target entities in the Middle East and beyond that receive Iranian assistance.  Examples are Hezbollah, the Iraqi Shiite militias, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others.

Meanwhile members of the UNSC rebuked the US for trying to use the SC as a propaganda tool.   French Ambassador Francois Delattre insisted the Iran protests had nothing to do with international peace and security, warning against “attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends,” which many see as a direct rebuke of the US.

Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya was even more frank, saying the meeting amounted to the US abusing its position at the UN to “mess with Iran,” and noting the UN didn’t have any emergency meetings after the US crackdowns in Ferguson.  China agreed, with their ambassador calling the demonstrations in Iran a purely “domestic issue.” 


6 Jan:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


5 Jan:   Pro government demonstrators take to the streets in Iran after US backed protests fizzle.

Europe breaks with Trump on Cuba.

Turkey seeks rapprochement with Germany.  

US suspends most security assistance to Pakistan.  See this 30 Aug, 2017 report.   

The US has suspended a $125 million grant to help with Palestinian refugees and  is threatening to follow the Arab States and withdraw all aid to the Palestinians to force them to accept the Trump peace plan.  The plan exists and has been accepted by the Arab States in return for the coming war on Iran, the effort is now underway to force the Palestinians on board.  The government of Israel lacks the means to approve the deal and therefore new elections must be called. 

Things are presently on course for a Middle East war in spring summer 2018 as I have been warning for some time, and a Grand Peace Bargain before the US midterm elections in November 2018.  Of course events can slow down and take longer, but as it now stands 2018 may well be a critical period immediately before the coming great tribulation.  See “Will 2018 bring Mideast War”  and “The Immediate Future in Prophecy”.

US takes credit for next week’s North South Korean talks while denigrating them and threatening more military exercises after the Olympics. 


4 Jan:   Report of destroyed Russian planes false, says Russia. 


3 Jan:   Israel bombs Gaza after three mortar shells fall inside Israel.  The Israeli’s are now misrepresenting mortar shells as much bigger rockets.

Iran – The general strike scheduled for Tuesday failed miserably; and by Tuesday night the number of rallies had declined by a third and participation by almost one half.  The attempted insurrection has failed to bring out the middle class and the students, key to any serious movement.  Meanwhile the pro government demonstrations are growing into the tens of thousands.   

Instagram and Telegram have now been unblocked in most areas, but the turnout after Friday’s prayers will be an important indicator of the progress of the American State Department in fomenting a revolution in Iran.

UNSC:  Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Peru, Poland and the Netherlands formally joined the ranks of the non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday.  The six countries who left the UN Security Council on December 31 are Egypt, Italy, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine and Uruguay.


2 Jan:   US Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein said Tuesday that Telegram and other internet platforms are legitimate avenues of communication and the Iranian government must stop blocking them.

The US is encouraging Iranians to use virtual private networks, known as VPNS, which create encrypted links between computers and can access blocked websites. 

Goldstein said the US is still communicating with Iranians in Farsi through State Department accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and wants to “encourage the protesters to fight for what’s right. The US has an obligation to stand by them.” 

The US State Department is not even trying to hide its involvement in the Iranian violence and of course this is a legal “Act of War” by the United States and gross interference in Iran’s internal affairs, the grand hypocrisy of which is not lost on Europe, Russia and the rest of the world, considering the American accusations against Russia. 

The United States is orchestrating a revolution in Iran, the first step of which is to force the Revolutionary Guards [IRPG] to clamp down harshly so as to alienate the people ahead of the coming war in the region which will demolish the IRPG.  See yesterday’s news just below.

German Chancellor Mrs Merkel has experienced a dramatic drop in polls over the past three  months.  Her CDU party is to enter talks with the SPD on Jan 7 in  the hope of forming a government by mid January.

Israeli Bill making it extremely hard to give up land for peace passed into law at the Knesset, but which also provides the legal framework for separating Palestinian neighborhoods from Jerusalem so that the Palestinians can have the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis as their capital.

Israel bombs Hamas after one mortar round strikes the Eshkol region overnight.

Armed men attack police stations and Basij bases in Iran as violence increases.

Without enough votes to pass the Sabbath Market Bill, Shas has delayed the voting session for one week.

Syrian President Bashar Assad shuffled his cabinet Monday night, replacing his defense minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij with Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ali Ayoub, a longtime loyalist.  He also appointed new information and industry ministers. 


1 Jan:   A national strike has been called for Tuesday in Iran by the people behind the riots as small bands of demonstrators pulled out guns and started shooting at police and Basij forces Sunday night.  The demonstrations are still small with only a few hundred participating in each of the towns and the gunfire seems intended to elicit a strong response to get the movement rolling.   

The US and Israel recently signed a deal to take on Iran and Roohallah Zam an exiled Iranian journalist apparently connected to western intelligence agencies is behind the present unrest in Iran using the Telegram app to call people to the streets. The American NGO The National Endowment for Democracy has been preparing a revolution in Iran for a very long time, but the Iranian Revolutionary Guards must be demolished for them to be successful.

Trump calls for regime change in Iran “The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years,” US President Donald said in another tweet Monday on the wave of protest sweeping Iran. “They are hungry for food [and] for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted,” Trump said. “TIME FOR CHANGE!”   

The American Establishment has been plotting regime change in Iran for years, but it is necessary to demolish the Revolutionary Guards before that can happen.  

US Vice President Mike Pence’s planned trip to Israel has been indefinitely delayed beyond January.

More than a thousand members of the Israel’s ruling Likud central committee called unanimously on the party’s leaders Sunday night to “exercise Israel’s sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley” and remove restrictions on new construction. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is head of Likud, was conspicuously absent. A source close to him said he is not bound by the vote. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein noted that the Knesset last year enacted legislation for extending Israeli sovereignty to Maaleh Adummim for a contiguous link with Jerusalem. 

This will become a plank in the  Likud party platform and is not a law duly passed by the Knesset. but a statement of  Likud party values to entice far right voters in the coming election.   

The Knesset is scheduled to vote on a bill Monday to allow the city of Jerusalem to separate from certain Palestinian neighborhoods which would then become the capital of a Palestinian State.  The Bill will also set an 80 MK requirement for passage of any withdrawal from any area.   

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