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29 Feb: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! Download our book on the Ministry and Sabbath for free

On Thursday evening, Friday morning and last night the Turkish military carried out dozens of drone attacks against the Syrian Armed Forces, targeting their positions in  the Idlib, Latakia, and Aleppo governorates.  Turkey then asked Russia to allow them to enter Syria and drive back the Syrian army from its own territory. The US Joint Chief of Staff called his Russian counterpart in support of Turkey as NATO unanimously, except for Greece, expressed support for Turkey.

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28 Feb 07:00 PST:  As the new flu virus spreads worldwide it is now understood that it can be spread by asymptomatic carriers who do not come down with the disease themselves.  This means that testing people with symptoms is at best only partially successful in containing the disease.

With spring and warmer sunny weather approaching the number of people experiencing symptoms of this flu could ease over the summer, at least in the northern hemisphere. 

Besides those tested and announced as having the disease, many times more people have suffered mild symptoms and not sought medical help. 

The pool of infected persons could spread broadly into North America: Thus creating the conditions for a devastating major epidemic within a North American population weakened by economic crisis and malnutrition during the rapidly approaching tribulation. 


27 Feb 06:30 PST: Russian President Vladimir Putin 5 March talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been rescheduled for March 6, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday. Russia is reluctant to attend reflecting the ongoing falling out between Russia and Turkey over Turkish support for the militias in Idlib province Syria. Turkish president Erdogan now realizes that rapprochement with Trump will allow him to dominate Syria in the near future and assume leadership of the Islamic world [except for Egypt]. 

The IDF has announced that those United States soldiers who came to Israel from bases in Italy for the joint missile defense exercise Juniper Cobra, are being sent back under Health Ministry guidelines on the coronavirus, and being replaced by US soldiers based in Germany. The biannual two week exercise is due to begin next week.


 02:00 PST:  A new program “The Life and Influence of Daniel” has been posted.  Visit TheShiningLight YouTube Video page. 


26 Feb 12:00 PST:  The Syrian army is continuing to make substantial advances as many Jihadists are now fleeing to the protection of Turkish forces.  As we have warned for years at TheShiningLight once Israel launches its war on Gaza and Hezbollah / Syria, Turkey will be at the ready to move in and dominate Syria as per Psalm 83. 

08:15 PST: The Israeli defense minister has warned that the present break in hostilities is Gaza’s “Last Chance” to avoid an overwhelming IDF blitzkrieg to destroy the Gaza militias. His message also contained the same warning for Hezbollah and Syria.  Meanwhile Turkey is massing large numbers of troops and tanks on the Syrian border to invade Syria once Hezbollah and Syria have been devastated by the Israeli war machine.  In concert with events in Gaza and Syria the US could well effect regime change in Iran.

The Chronicles study ends today at TheShiningLight. Since Passover is all about salvation tomorrow we will begin our pre-Passover material with a short series on, the way to Personal Salvation.


25 Feb 11:30 PST:  Hamas is demanding that the government announce tonight that it is reopening the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings between Gaza and Israel and reinstate the 15-mile fishing zone of the Strip’s coast.

Supported by Russian air strikes Syrian forces advancing on the last major terrorist bastion in northwest Syria have liberated Kafranbel and 18 nearby towns and villages over the past 48 hours.

This evening at sunset the first day of the twelfth biblical month begins.  Purim will be on 11 March, two talks will be featured that week “The Marriage of Esther” and “Purim.”  In the following weeks talks on Ezra and Nehemiah and the great restoration of true religion and rebuilding Jerusalem will be posted.   Esther played a critical largely ignored role, in restoring true religion and rebuilding Jerusalem fulfilling the prophecies of the timing of Messiah’s ministry.

The New Moon is to be observed with congregational bible studies, or personal bible studies if it is not possible to meet with a like minded congregation.  I recommend that visitors go to the “Sabbath and Calendar” category and review these things this New Moon Day.  The New Moons were observed in the Armstrong Radio Church of God with congregational bible studies.  

God’s Word tells us to begin the new month with the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem.  The new moon day is an Appointed Time like Passover and is not a High Day, it is to be observed with Bible Studies and the Shofar.    

When Christ comes and the Ezekiel Temple is built, special new moon sacrifices will be offered and in addition to the Shofar being sounded in every town, the two silver trumpets will be sounded over the sacrifices in the Temple at Jerusalem. 

Remember that when Christ comes he will require all humanity to observe the New Moons.  Isaiah 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.

For more see the Calendar category

05:00 PST:  Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak dies at 91.

01:15 PST: Gaza has been calm since 11 last night as a shaky ceasefire takes hold.


24 Feb 14:00 PST: The new moon was not seen this evening,this means hat sunset tomorrow begins the first day of the twelfth biblical month. 

12:30 PST:  Israel is unable to invade Gaza because Hamas has carefully avoided participation in the present violence which involves only the small Islamic Jihad organization.  Only a conflict involving Hamas can justify an invasion of the whole strip.  It looks like the present violence will ease enough for the Israeli elections to take place on schedule and full scale conflict could take more time to break out.  Such a delay would allow the US buildup and preparations to be completed. 

06:00 PST:  Netanyahu admits he tried to assassinate top Islamic Jihad leader with Damascus airstrike, killed two subordinate leaders instead. Israel has been pounding multiple IJ sites in Gaza all afternoon.

03:00 PST:  Barrage of incoming rockets five shot down as Israel prepares a major military operation to change the Gaza reality. Netanyahu meets with security military heads as invasion contemplated.

00:01: After a night of continued airstrikes Israel prepares for serious escalation. Hamas which has not intervened so far is warning that they will not allow Israel to continue attacking without responding.


23 Feb 15:30 PST:  Voters handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives a humiliating defeat and their worst-ever result in Hamburg on Sunday.  The CDU leadership team meets on Monday and Kramp-Karrenbauer is expected to set out a timetable for a decision on the party chair and possibly the chancellor candidates. 

14:00 PST:  Israel is pounding Islamic Jihad sites across Gaza and even hitting IJ sites in Damascus and Syria.

12:30 PST:  The Israeli military has begun conducting airstrikes on Palestinian Islamic Jihad sites in the Gaza Strip. Shortly after the airstrikes began, sirens began sounding in the town of Sderot and surrounding communities,

11:30 PST:  In a third wave of rockets alerts have sounded in Kibbutz Nachal Oz, near the border with northern Gaza, and in Sderot and nearby Ibim. Watch Israel’s PM praying at The Tomb of The Patriarchs, Machpela in Hevron, This move is usually made before a major military operation is launched. All school classes have been cancelled and bomb shelters opened in the south.

10:00 Air defense sirens are sounding in Ashkelon, Kissufim and around the Gaza periphery.

09:00 PST: Islamic Jihad fires twenty rockets into Israel after Israel kills two of their men on the Gaza border and then the IDF entered Gaza to steal the bodies. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi of the Israel Defense Forces are holding consultations on the violence. Bibi cannot afford to appear weak ahead of the March 2 elections.

01:30 PST:  Two Gazans killed by Israel this morning.  Islamic Jihad threatens a response.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet with the leaders of Russia, France and Germany on March 5 to discuss the situation in Syria. 

The leaders of Hamas will head to Cairo this week for further talks with the Israelis through the Egyptian interlocutors. 

The vast US military buildup in the Middle East and Europe continues and should be completed some time in March.  Although Gaza could explode at any time a major regional Mideast war is likely this spring.

The Coronavirus Ah1n1  death rate has been 2% among the thousands who have tested positive for the disease and of those who have died the vast majority were very elderly, or had serious underlying pre-existing health issues or were heath professionals working with the virus on a daily basis.  One cannot rule out the effect of weakened sick people having to breath the heavily polluted Chinese city air as a factor contributing to mortality, and it is now thought that many thousands more people were infected and not tested suffering only minor symptoms for a short time meaning that the true mortality rate is probably below 1%.

It is very important to take good care of yourself by supporting your immune system with vitamin C and D supplements, get plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise, avoid crowds and use caution around obviously sick people; and if you do get sick do everyone a favor and stay home, drink plenty of fluids and rest.


22 Feb: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! 


21 Feb 12:15 PST:  Turkish attack on Syria foiled by the Russian air force. To be successful Turkey will require support from the US to force the Russians to stand down.

04:30 PST: The new program “Rebuilding the Temple Part Two” has been posted.  Visit TheShiningLight YouTube Video page. 

Iran elects new national parliament today.

Turkey seeking rapprochement with the US and American Patriots, as fighting with Syria escalates and Turkish relations with Russia sour.

Anti NAZI groundswell rising fast in Germany.


20 Feb 10:00 PST: Netanyahu approves construction of 5,000 illegal Jewish settler homes in East Jerusalem suburbs.

03:00 PST:  A new program “Rebuilding the Temple Part Two” has been posted.  Visit TheShiningLight YouTube Video page. 

Hamas promises to bombard Tel Aviv if Israel attacks.


19 Feb 12:00 PST:   Many of these unverifiable sources for Western propaganda on Idlib have been on the British government payroll since at least 2012. These ‘sources’ which were hired and instructed by the UK government [paid for by the US and Canada] are the ones quoted in ‘western’ papers. The whole scheme, like the British organized ‘White Helmets’, was run by military intelligence officers. The British intelligence also hired journalists to write ‘Syrian rebel’ propaganda stories. Britain has also organized and directed the opposition’s spokespersons.

10:45 PST: Utah’s state senate on Tuesday voted unanimously to essentially decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults.

07:15 PST: After consulting with president Trump, Erdogan ready to invade Syria at any time.

06:00 PST:  The Labor-Gesher-Meretz political alliance says it will join a coalition with the Gantz Blue and White party if they agree to relaunch peace talks at the point where they broke off during Olmert’s leadership.  Abbas has already accepted that plan and a deal could come very quickly in that circumstance. 


18 Feb 12:30 PST:  Syrians in Aleppo celebrate their liberation from the terrorists with mass rally.

10:15 PST: Netanyahu to launch assassination campaign war on Gaza if there is any further violence.

07:00 PST:  Netanyahu corruption trial to begin March 17th.

03:30 PST:  Israeli defense minister painful spring coming for Hamas.

Turkish forces and militias mass for invasion of Syria.  Erdogan has promised an invasion in March.  Turkey and Russia will be meeting in days in a final effort to maintain their relationship. A Turkish attack on Syria would also mean a break with Russia and rapprochement with the West. TheShiningLight has been warning for years that Turkey is prophesied to gain dominance of the non Egyptian Islamic world (Psalm 83).

02:00 PST: Afghan pause to begin on 22 Feb.  The pause is to give time for all of the scattered militia to get on board. If this works out the Taliban and the US will sign an agreement for the withdrawal of US forces.   


17 Feb 11:30 PST:  The Syrian army’s rapid advance has taken them to the border of occupied Afrin province which is controlled by Turkish militias.

11:00 PST:  Pressure builds on Netanyahu as the far right extremist parties fall behind in the polls

03:00 PST:  The biannual US Israel Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise takes place in days. This along with the Europe exercise makes spring an ideal time to attack Iran.

Thousands of US troops and massive amounts of military equipment have been arriving in Europe since the beginning of Feb for exercise Europe Defender.  The timing of this exercise appears to be associated with protecting Europe from any Russian intervention during the coming war with Iran.

The US troops will return home later this year but the equipment will remain in forward storage in Europe.

The new US plan for Europe is to preposition massive quantities of military supplies in Europe and have a large number of troops on standby for emergency deployment to Europe in case of emergency. 

This is in fact a very old plan, the new part is that Trump wants to use the plan to withdraw most existing US European troops from Europe, thus saving money but removing the control that US European troops give America over NATO.  This is part of the process of building the New Federal Europe.

Ten nations will join a New Papal endorsed Federal Europe, giving up their armies and security to that new entity.  With access to the huge quantities of  US military equipment already prepositioned in Europe; this New Europe will become an instant super power.  


16 Feb 07:30 PST:  The mayor of Sderot and the heads of the Eshkol, Hof Ashkelon, Sha’ar Hanegev and Sdot Hanegev regional councils met at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem for a briefing on events in Gaza.

Netanyahu signed a “document of understanding” presented by the municipal heads on “creating security stability and long-term quiet in the area,” that other party leaders have already signed. “We expect to see a change in policy toward the terror organizations in the Gaza Strip,” the municipal chiefs said. Netanyahu received the full backing of the Gaza regional communities for an overwhelming invasion of Gaza.

 The Syrian army is advancing rapidly in the final battle to liberate Aleppo from the terrorists.

IDF on high alert after Israel cancels its part of ceasefire agreement and bombs Gaza when two rockets strike from Gaza.


15 Feb: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!

11:00 PST: Two Rockets from Gaza strike Israel Saturday night as incendiary balloons continue.

Terrorists flee Aleppo Syria neighborhoods that have been occupied for years.


14 Feb 04:30:  A new program “Rebuilding the Temple Part One” has been posted.  Visit TheShiningLight YouTube Video page.  Since YouTube does not count embed views I have decided to stop embeds and link directly to YT.

Netanyahu continues to prepare Israelis for war  threatening an overwhelming attack on Gaza before elections.  Officials are saying that this weekend could determine whether efforts to resume a calm are successful.

The Syrian army continues to advance towards liberating its own territory from terrorists and Turkey continues to make preparations for war with Syria.


13 Feb 14:45:  Israel / Hamas accept new Egyptian arranged ceasefire.

Israel bombs Damascus suburb for the second time this month

08:30 PST: Explosive balloons from Gaza continue.


12 Feb 04:15 PST:  The US anticipates signing an Afghanistan peace deal with the Taliban in the coming weeks.


11 Feb 17:00 PST:  Do not be surprised if Israel launches a sudden surprise attack on Gaza in the coming weeks.  They are likely to try and assassinate as many officials and leaders as possible and then launch an overwhelming onslaught.

Abbas on Peace: In his 36-minute address, Abbas called for the expansion of the Middle East Quartet — a grouping of the US, the UN, the European Union and Russia that represents the UNSC peace efforts but has made little progress due to US support for the Israeli hard line government. Negotiations are underway to craft a UNSC Resolution setting up an international peace conference to finalize a deal which has already been largely completed in talks between Abbas and Olmert before Olmert was replaced as Israeli PM. 

“I call on the international Quartet and I call on the members of the UN Security Council to hold an international conference for peace,” Abbas said in New York.

“Any other country can join the Quartet … to be honest, the US alone cannot be the sole mediator. Among the Quartet, you are more than welcome. However, as the sole mediator, we will not accept. We have tried this now and honestly we cannot accept it again.”

15:30 PST:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday threatened Hamas leaders with “the surprise of their lives” if a spate of attacks from the Gaza Strip didn’t come to an end. Minutes later, yet another rocket was fired from Gaza at Israel’s south.

“I’m telling you as prime minister, I don’t rush to war,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Channel 20 on Tuesday night. “I don’t puff out my chest, bang drums and blow trumpets. But we’re preparing for Hamas the surprise of their lives. I won’t say what it is, but it will be different from anything that came before.”

13:30 PST:  Netanyahu livid as Abbas / Olmert press conference emphasizes that the Palestinian Authority is willing to begin new negotiations with the already achieved progress in their previous negotiations as a starting point. Olmert and Abbas had almost reached agreement when Olmert was deposed as Israeli PM.  If negotiations would begin from where they left off a final deal could be achieved very quickly. 

07:30 PST: Yesterday’s visit to Gaza by Egyptian officials presented the militias with an Israeli ultimatum to stop all violence or face an overwhelming operation.

Presentation of the Palestinian peace plan to the UNSC is being delayed to tone down criticism of the Trump plan and concentrate on presenting an alternate plan. 

00:30 PST: The Syrian army is advancing across Idlib leaving islands of Turkish outposts.


10 Feb 10:00: Turkey attacks Syria- The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Monday that the country’s forces have struck 115 Syrian government targets, destroying 101 of them. Syria denies that so many of its assets were destroyed. 

08:00 PST: German Chancellor Merkel’s heir apparant Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told leading members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) that she is stepping down as party head and will not be seeking the chancellorship in next year’s election.

A CDU leadership race will be held with Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn  seen as the leading contenders to replace Angela Merkel, following Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer’s decision to step down as CDU chairwoman.

Her move could also trigger a breakup of the federal coalition with the centre-left Social Democrats bringing an early national election to Germany.

The announcement follows days of in-fighting within the party over its handling last week of the election of a governor in the state of Thuringia.

Regional party politicians there voted with the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) to oust the left-wing incumbent, defying appeals from Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer and further undermining her leadership.

04:00 PST:  Egyptian officials arrive in Gaza in an effort to calm the situation and avoid an Israeli operation.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its rapid advance liberating the strategic town of Al-‘Eis on Saturday following a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels in southern Aleppo. This morning al Qeada has tried to counter attack but its forces are being mowed down by Russian Syrian air power.  Turkey has given Syria until the end of February to withdraw from all recently liberated areas or Turkey will invade. Russian officials are in Turkey trying to prevent a threatened Turkish intervention against Syria in support of al Qaeda.


9 Feb 15:00 PST: The IAF is bombing Khan Yunis, Gaza after one rocket was fired today and one yesterday.

06:30 PST: Trump peace plan dead.

Netanyahu threatens crushing action including an assassination campaign against Hamas.


8 Feb:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Special Music “Morning Has Broken”  Praising the Creator for each new day. 

The Trump peace plan is dead, details tomorrow.

Israel prevents West Bank Palestinian agricultural goods from entering Jordan.

The Turkish army is massing on the Syrian border in preparation for war on Syria. 

The Syrian army is advancing rapidly liberating 11 east Aleppo province towns on Sabbath and is on the verge of liberating all of Aleppo province.

According to the US and Turkey Russian officials will arrive in Turkey on Saturday for talks aimed at stopping the Syrian government’s offensive in Syria’s northwestern Idlib region and halt a humanitarian catastrophe there, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Friday. Of course this is carefully worded propaganda; the Russians are going to Turkey to try and prevent a threatened US backed Turkish intervention against Syria in support of al Qaeda. Turkey is building up for war on Syria which they threaten to launch at the end of this month.


7 Feb 11:30 PST: Terrorists abandon much of Aleppo province after the Syrian army liberates nine towns on the Aleppo Idlib border within hours. Large numbers of Turkish troops are now pouring into northern Idlib to confront the Syrian army advancing on al Qaeda. Turkey backed by the US is demanding an immediate halt to the Syrian operation to liberate its own territory from al Qaeda. Turkey is also demanding that Russia force a full Syrian withdrawal from its own province of Idlib by the end of the month or face war.  

09:30 PST: Explosives are being sent into Israel from Gaza by balloons.

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6 Feb 13:00 PST:  The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the key strategic city of Saraqib early Thursday morning after the remaining jihadist rebels withdrew from the area via the last open road. Saraqib is one of the most important cities in northwestern Syria because of its location astride two major highways: the Aleppo-Damascus Highway and Aleppo-Hasakah Highway (M-4). The Syrian army continues advancing and is now only five miles from the last major redoubt of the terrorists in Idlib City.

06:30 PST:  An Israeli soldier has been wounded near Delev, three Palestinians have been killed by Israel including an apparently innocent Palestinian Authority police officer and arson balloons are landing near Gaza.

03:00 PST: A new program “From Hezekiah to Babylon” is now available at the Programs page Please note; the picture contains the series title, the program title is in text below the picture.

Israel bombed Gaza early this morning.

Twelve soldiers wounded in Jerusalem automotive attack, driver remains at large. In a second incident a police officer was wounded and his assailant shot dead.

IDF bombs three sites in Syria killing twelve Iranian backed militia men.


5 Feb 12:00 PST:  Two mortar shells land in Israel as Netanyahu warns of possible extensive military invasion of Gaza ahead of elections. 

02:45 PST:  The Syrian army has surrounded the major strategic city of Saraqeb leaving only one exit and warning the terrorists to lay down their arms and leave ahead of a move to liberate the city.

Rear Adm. Collin Green, commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, will leave his post in September after Trump pardon’s war criminal under his command.  American war criminals are traditionally pardoned by the president and Green sought to introduce accountability.


4 Feb 17:30 PST: The IDF is pounding Gaza overnight after three rockets and numerous incendiary balloons strike Israel.

Ahead of a major operation which could see a confrontation between Syria and Turkey. The Syrian army has told the routed Jihadists to immediately lay down their arms to save their lives and warned them not to rely on Turkey to protect them. The Syrian army will side step the Turks to complete the destruction of al Qaeda and whether Turkey will intervene at this time is up to Erdogan.

11:30 PST:  The US comes out in support of Turkish intervention in Syria. Turkey says that they will block any further Syrian advances.

A US submarine armed with the new W-76-2 5 Kiloton nuclear weapon has deployed.  The low yield weapon is designed to destroy the Iranian missile fields. The first to move out with the new weapon was the USS Tennessee (SSBN-734), deploying from Kings Bay Submarine Base in Georgia at the end of 2019.

10:00 PST:  The al Qaeda extremists are in disarray in Idlib and the Turkish army is entering Idlib in strength in support of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) officially known as the Syrian National Army (SNA). As the Syrian army collapses under the approaching onslaught of the US, and Israel against Hezbollah, Syria and Iran; US backed insurgents will rise up in the south while Turkey and her militias rise up in the north of Syria bringing an end to the war in Syria.

This conflict could begin with an Israeli attack on Gaza this spring or as soon as late this month.  The US and Israel are now hard at work preparing for the semiannual early March Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise. Even with the defense system deployed, thousands of missiles inflicting heavy damage and potentially thousands of Israeli casualties are expected. Recently 64 US servicemen were diagnosed with concussions caused by only  a handful of Iranian missile explosions.  If this conflict happens before the Israeli election or during the coalition building period it will have a profound effect on the formation of the next Israeli government.

After this a genuine peace dialogue will begin.

The peace will collapse almost as soon as it is agreed and the tribulation will begin at Jerusalem when a miracle working leader from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount.

Be prepared by turning to live by every Word of God with a whole heart.


3 Feb 15:00 PST:  Syrian forces have simply swung around the Turks trying to block them, and are still making sizable advances against the terrorists.

11:15 PST: The United States has requested a closed door UN Security Council meeting Thursday for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, to present the administration’s new Mideast peace plan for discussion by the UNSC members.  The meeting will take place before Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas comes to the United Nations on February 11 to demand adherence to international law and present his own plan. 

Gaza- Already today 10 large incendiary balloon clusters from Gaza reached southern Israel as far east as Netivot and Kiryat Gath. Israeli forces are continuing to build up around Gaza for a potential major offensive.

08:30 PST:  Large Turkish convoys continue to enter Syria as Turkey uses last night’s skirmish with Syria to rush support to al Qaeda and Turkish backed militias in Idlib.  TheShiningLight has been warning for years that Turkey will eventually enter Syria in support of the Turkish backed militias and will be in a position to control Syria after Israel demolishes Hezbollah and the Syrian army in the coming regional war. Turkey is prophesied to soon dominate the region (Psalm 83).

06:00 BREAKING:  Hostilities break out between Syria and Turkey.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the death of 7 and the injury of 9 others after Turkish military units made movements within the Idlib de-escalation zone during the night from 2 to 3 February without informing the Russian military. They came under fire from Syrian government forces who were carrying out attacks on terrorists in the area west of Seracab and Turkey has responded by bombing the Syrian army.  

Erdogan said: “Initial information indicates the neutralization of between 30 and 35 military personnel from the Syrian army in the Turkish operation,” referring to bombing by F-16 fighters in Turkish operations in Syria. Erdogan added in a speech: “We [Turkish] are determined to continue operations in Syria,” adding: “Operations are continuing in Idlib, Syria, and 40 sites have been targeted.”  Turkey is using the situation to back al Qaeda which is being overwhelmed by the Syrian army anti terrorist operation in Idlib and around Aleppo.

03:00 PST:  Has Netanyahu fallen into a trap isolating him from his far right Settler Movement extremist supporters and in danger of losing the election? Israel is rushing more air defenses and general reinforcements to the Gaza border.  Will Bibi opt for a surprise assassination campaign and military operation in Gaza in an effort to win back support?


2 Feb 11:00 PST:  The National Interest presents a realistic evaluation of the Trump peace plan

07:00 PST:  US backtracks slightly saying that they would welcome a Palestinian counter proposal to Trump peace plan.  They are threatening to approve annexations mainly to pressure the PA to release its own plan. The Trump plan was released to get the process going, not as a final proposition.

04:00 PST: Israeli far right extremists in the cabinet will vote against the Trump peace plan splitting with moderates in Likud. This means that Netanyahu will be unlikely to pass the plan and falling out with his backers bodes ill for his reelection.

Britain / EU trade talks off to belligerent beginning with no possibility of success at this point.

03:30 PST: The Syrian army is now advancing rapidly liberating 48 al Qaeda held towns in the past eleven days.  This morning a Turkish convoy entered Syria from the Kafrlosin border crossing. 40 tanks, armored vehicles, troop carriers, and military and logistic equipment [200 vehicles in all]  moved towards Saraqeb, straining Turkish ties with Russia.

Turkish forces have set up a new military post at the pharmaceutical factory north of the key strategic city of Saraqeb located on the Damascus-Aleppo international highway aka M5.  After the first post was installed in the area of Al Sawami’e south of Saraqeb the Turkish forces surrounded Saraqeb town from the northern, southern and eastern sides by installing military posts on each side. This action shows a clear attempt to save the Jihadist held city from the Syrian advance and is a serious break between Turkey and the Russians. 

02:30 PST: The US blocks all annexations until after the 2 March Israeli elections. Tensions are building towards an explosion in Gaza and the West Bank and if war breaks out the election could be postponed. If elections do go ahead a virtual tie like the last two rounds is predicted by Israeli pundits.

The trickle of rocket fire and incendiary balloons continued for the fourth day yesterday while last night Israel bombed sites in Gaza including a Hamas military headquarters. Israel has also blocked certain imports into Gaza including cement and has warned Hamas of a large scale military operation of the violence persists.  Hamas has reacted by stating that they will not desist and their operations will continue

A trade war has erupted between Israel and the West Bank with the Jewish state announced on Friday it was stopping all agricultural imports from the West Bank and Ramallah threatened to respond. Effective this morning Israeli defense minister Bennett has banned all agricultural imports from Palestinians in the West Bank. Bennett is blaming his action on a trade dispute however the timing seems highly suspicious.


1 Feb: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

08:00 PST:  Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday announced a cut in all ties with Israel and the United States, including security cooperation after the entire Arab League unanimously rejected US President Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East plan, calling it “unfair” to Palestinians.

The pan-Arab bloc said in a statement that it “rejects the US-Israeli ‘deal of the century’ considering that it does not meet the minimum rights and aspirations of Palestinian people.”

Arab leaders also vowed “not to… cooperate with the US administration to implement this plan.”

The Trump plan seems to be designed to appease the Israeli extremists, knowing that this would provoke war; in order to convince people through the horrors of yet another regional war to finally begin a genuine serious dialogue for peace.

The Trump administration has begun blocking Israel from annexing land until after the March 2 election and a new Israeli government is formed. This sudden move appears to have come because the Palestinian Authority intends to present a counter proposal to the UNSC within the next two weeks.  The two proposals will then form a basis for negotiations after the Israeli election.

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