News Prophecy Blog; February 2019

28 Feb  07:15 PST Breaking (see Israel Election below)-  The Supreme Court ruled against the Likud petition and cleared the way for the Attorney General Avihai Mendelblit to release his rulings in three cases against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  The evidence of corruption is described as overwhelming and Mendelblit will most likely recommend indictments. 

When it rain it poursChannel 13 reported that the Meretz party along with Yesh Atid, Hadash, Labor, and Hatnuah have officially submitted a petition to ban the extremist Otzma Yehudit party [which entered an agreement with Netanyahu and Likud], from the Knesset. 

03:00 PST:  Ukraine-   Members of Ukraine’s parliament have begun the process to impeach President Petro Poroshenko amid a corruption scandal.

Israel Election-   Netanyahu indictment announcement could mean the election of the peace making Blue and White joint list with enough seats to form a government.

 A poll commissioned by The Times of Israel shows a decision by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to announce plans to charge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could significantly move voters toward the Blue and White Party.

  • The poll shows Likud dropping four seats, from 29 to 25 should Mandelblit make his announcement, widely expected to come down in the coming hours. Even more significantly, the Blue and White joint list would leap from 36 to 44 seats, giving it a 19-seat advantage over Likud.

In a last attempt to prevent an indictment of Netanyahu before elections the Likud party Thursday petitioned the High Court to stop the Attorney General Avihai Mendelblit from publishing his decisions regarding three investigations pending against prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as a flagrant interference in the election process.  Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is widely expected to announce his intention to charge Netanyahu with criminal offenses in three cases against him, including bribery in the Bezeq corruption probe.

01:00 PST:   Asia-   Korean summit talks in Hanoi collapse in deadlock after Trump reneges on promise of step by step approach and demands full DPRK denuclearization before any sanctions relief.  Trump may think that after a demonstration of power in the coming war on Iran that the DPRK will cave.  This could be a big mistake for Trump as it could drive the two Korea’s to seek agreement without the US.  Will they turn to Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?  

Pakistan offers India talks possibly with SCO mediation, will release captured Indian pilot in peace gesture.  


27 Feb 15:30 PST:  Mideast War-   IAF airplanes and helicopters attacked a number of Hamas sites in Gaza this evening. 

12:00 PST:  Israel-  Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is expected to announce his intent to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery on Thursday in a blockbuster decision which could decisively impact the April 9 election. Mendelblit will publish his decisions regarding the investigations against Netanyahu first thing on Thursday. The announcement will also cover charges against other suspects in those cases, but evidential details will remain sealed util after elections.

Mideast War-   There are “numerous reports of a large barrage of incendiary balloons coming into southern Israel from Gaza.”An incendiary balloon from the Gaza Strip exploded outside the front door of a home in the Eshkol Council district Wednesday night. The house was damaged but there were no casualties.

US-  Trump takes a hard hit in congressional testimony. 

03:00 PST:   Mideast War-   Heavy airstrikes and shelling of Idlib Syria terrorists continues.

Brexit-   The British parliament is expected to vote for an extension of the deadline for leaving the EU to the end of June.  With EU elections in May and a new EU government on July first there seems little hope of an agreement and an exit without an agreement seems likely.  If it comes a hard brexit will push the British into immediate final talks on a trade agreement with the United States.  


26 Feb 15:00 PST:  Iran-  The resignation of Zarif and Rohani’s refusal to accept it appears to have been a political ploy to rally the people in initial moves against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  They are working to highlight the deteriorating economic situation and blame the Revolutionary Guards as a step in the planned US sponsored revolution.

Gaza-   Four Gazan’s wounded by Israeli live fire.

Israel-  Netahyahu to cut short Moscow visit to rush home Thursday evening as Attorney General prepares to announce decision on indictment.  This seems rather flimsy to me as the indictment could surely be delayed a day until he returned. 

10:30 PST-  Iran-  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif resigned from his position yesterday Zarif helped negotiate the Iran Nuclear Accord. Today president Rohani also a moderate refused to accept the Zarif resignation.

The explosions and fighting on the Gaza border over the past few days was a surprise IDF exercise to practice a Gaza operation to destroy the various militias.  The exercise comes ahead of next week’s Victory Exercise which will formulate and submit plans for a total victory in the coming war.  See the 24 Feb report below. 

01:00 PST-   Syria suffers first casualties in Idlib offensive as nine killed by TOW rocket attack just east of Idlib city

India launched air strikes against a training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pakistan killing 300 terrorists. This is the group that claimed credit for a suicide car bomb attack killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary police in Kashmir on Feb. 14


25 Feb 09:30 PST:  Gaza-   Yesterday heavy fighting broke out on the Gaza border and is continuing today.  The Eshkol Regional Council announced on Monday that there are disturbances at this time in several locations on the Gazan side of the border, and as a result, explosions are being heard in the region. There is heavy IDF traffic of military vehicles in the region.

06:30 PST:  Europe-  Volodymyr Zelensky increases lead in Ukraine elections.  A Zelensky win would bring talks and accommodation with Russia.

Mideast War-  The Syrian Arab Air Force began an aerial bombardment of the southern and eastern regions of the Idlib Governorate last night.  According to a military source the Syrian Air Force conducted more than 20 airstrikes over the towns of Khuwayn, Khan Sheikhoun, Zarzour, Al-Ta’manah, and Sukeek.

Iran-   The situation is beginning to ripen towards a regime change, all that is needed now is a take down of the Revolutionary Guards.

Afghanistan-   The Grand Jirga meeting of all leaders has been scheduled for Kabul on March 17,  the US is pushing for the Taliban to attend.

Israel Election-  The latest poll shows Gantz’s Kahol Lavan [Blue and White] peace making joint list leading Likud by 6 seats;  getting 35 Knesset seats and Likud, Israel’s present ruling party, 29. 

In an effort to attract extremist votes the anti peace Netanyahu government promises massive illegal Jewish building in occupied territories.

Egypt embraces Israel and Jews, beginning to fulfill the ancient king of the south entity of Egypt and Judah,  (Daniel 11). 


24 Feb  10:30 PST:  Afghanistan-   The US and Taliban meet tomorrow in an attempt to finalize details of previous talks.  Also under discussion will be a ceasefire and the opening of direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. 

02:00 PST:  Mideast War-  Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi will be holding a “Victory Workshop” in March for senior IDF officers and members of the General Staff Forum.  During the three-day workshop, the IDF high command will discuss how to use the strength of the IDF to achieve a clear victory in all regions in case of war.   In addition to the members of the IDF General Staff Forum, the special workshop will also include commanders of major divisions and brigades in the army.  Working groups will finalize plans for an unambiguous victory to be presented to the government for approval and will outline training plans for the future.

Today the IDF launched a massive exercise involving its entire military to practice the destruction of the Gaza militias and then move north to confront Hezbollah.  A major regional war is expected soon, possibly before the April 9 elections.

Europe and the Arabs-  The first Arab European Summit; leaders, senior officials, and several ambassadors of 28 European countries and 21 Arab states will be convening a two-day summit in Sharm el-Sheikh.


23 Feb:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! 

US-   Trump announces US ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft as nominee for US ambassador to United Nations.  She is the pick of John Bolton.

Venezuela-  Anti Maduro concert a bust.  Only about 10,000 attended instead of the ridiculous western propaganda report of over 200,000.  Also note that a photo of this bridge has been regularly published with the claim that Venezuela blocked the bridge.  In fact this is fake news.










22 Feb 14:00 PST:  Mideast War-  Forty-one Gazan’s injured one teen killed in today’s violent border demonstrations.

Top U.S. and Turkish defense officials met today at the Pentagon to discuss the future of operations in Syria, particularly to agree on the Kurdish Turkey border buffer zone. 

07:30 PST:  Idlib operations heat up with Syrian forces destroying terrorist positions in the towns and villages of Kafr Nubbul, Hass, Basqala, Hish, Baboulin, Ma’asaran and Khan al-Soboul in Idlib.  In Hama, Syrian forces destroyed terrorist positions in the areas of Hasraya, al-Arbain, al-Latamina and Kafr Zita bordering Idlib.  As the Idib operation gathers pace Israel is preparing to invade Gaza.

04:00 PST:  Asia-   Trump’s war on Huawei explained.

Tensions rise between India and Pakistan.  Will a round of fighting be needed to resolve their issues?

Israel Elections-   The depth of the division between those who want peace and the Jewish extremists cannot be overstated.  Once a peace is made the extremists will do all they can to sabotage that peace as per Daniel.  

Daniel 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south [Egypt and Judah] push [provoke] at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; 

When the Roman Pontiff is empowered to do miracles and visits the Temple Mount and a peace deal is achieved; the Jewish extremists will sabotage that peace agreement bringing the wrath of the Palestinians and surrounding nations (Psalm 83).  Then the now rising New Federal Europe will intervene to stop the bloodshed.  See our prophecy articles here.

01:00 PST:   Israel-   Heavy Israeli security presence on Temple Mount, numerous arrests with violence expected.  

Brexit-   The date for the British exit from the EU is March 31.  No agreement on the details has yet been reached and any deal would have to be approved by all members which would take some time.  Some Conservatives are now calling for a delay in the exit to give more time to reach a deal.  The battle is now over a no deal Brexit or a delay to prevent a no deal Brexit.

Some 25 Conservative MPs are demanding a three month delay in Brexit if there is no deal by Feb 27.  A delay would of course have to be approved by the EU as well and with EU elections approaching on May 23-26, a delay of three months to the end of June would be difficult. 

The Establishment wants a no deal Brexit so that the country will be pushed into a free trade deal with the Americans, something backed enthusiastically by Donald Trump who would have the British trapped in a serious need for a deal with him, if there is a no deal Brexit.  


21 Feb  16:30 PST:   Mideast War-  “A small peacekeeping group of about 200 US troops will remain in Syria for a period of time,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders in a brief statement.  The 200 troops will form the backbone of the envisioned Middle East Strategic Alliance [MESA] monitored Turkey Kurdish buffer zone to keep the US mid March Syria withdrawal on schedule.

Elsewhere in Kurdistan; after pulling out the bulk of the nearly 3,000 man US Marine Syria force in March, the combat troops will be replaced by mercenaries from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division (SAD), composed typically of ex-military personnel and veterans of special operations units. These forces backed up by the US air force, will operate in support of the Kurds against any reemergence of terrorists and help the Kurds to block Iran’s supply line to Hezbollah during the coming war.

Along with some US air force personnel the CIA mercenaries will operate out of the US Remellin air base in the northeastern Syrian Kurdish town of Al-Hasakah; while the withdrawing regular troops will be repositioned to bases on the border just inside Iraq to protect the three main US Iraqi air bases during the coming war.  See our article  Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning

11:00 PST:  Israel Elections-  Netanyahu warns in somber tones that if the peace list wins the elections they will make peace with the Palestinians.  Bibi warns that a Palestinian state will threaten the existence of Israel when in fact it is the extremists surrounding Bibi, who will sabotage the peace deal bringing the end of the Jewish state [for a short time]. 

With the candidate lists now finalized a survey published Thursday evening on Channel 12 reported; if the elections were held today, the Gantz peace party joint list now called the Blue and White party would win 36 Knesset seats and Likud would win 30 mandates.  In terms of building a governing coalition they are tied, with the Netanyahu-led bloc mustering 60 seats, and the peace bloc at 60 seats.  With a Middle East war highly probable and a possible criminal indictment of Netanyahu in the coming weeks,  the numbers are subject to change.

02:00 PST:   Mideast War-   Europeans refuse to provide troops for a Kurdish buffer zone, leaving that task up to MESA.  

Terrorists launched a surprise attack in eastern Syria on convoys carrying Syrian troops from Palmyra to Al Sukhnah, Homs province in route to Idlib . A number of Syrian and Hezbollah fighters were killed before the Syrian army sent reinforcements to the rescue.

Syrian anti terror operations in Iblib intensify.

Israel Elections-   Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid agreed Wednesday night on a joint run of their Hossen Le’Yisrael and Future parties for the April 9 election.

They are joined by another former IDF chief of staff Gaby Ashkenazi, alongside Moshe Ya’alon. The first four spots of list are: Gantz, Lapid, Moshe Ya’alon and Gabi Ashkenazi. The first two agree to rotate the premiership between them – Gantz in the first two and-a-half years; Lapid in the next year and-a-half.

On the other side PM Netanyahu’s Likud forged a deal with the most extreme of the extreme Jewish parties making any kind of future national unity government with the Gantz led peace parties impossible the Jewish Home and Jewish Power parties. 

Jewish Power is comprised of hardline religious nationalists who have cast themselves as successors to the banned Kahanist movement, which dreamed of turning Israel into a Jewish theocracy and advocated the forced removal of its Palestinians. 

The election is now a clear choice between the Gantz led “A strong Israel for Peace” movement and Netanyahu leading  the extremist anti peace movement.  Netanyahu knows that he has made a big mistake which will bring the peace folks to govern the country,  as many of the Likud  moderates appalled at getting into bed with the extremists will now vote for Gantz. 

Netanyahu sees himself as a latter Saul/David destroying all of Israel’s enemies, he now has little time left to accomplish his dream.  

20 Feb 14:00 PST: Mideast War-  IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi visited the Gaza Division on Wednesday to confer with officers and asses battle readiness. The Chief of Staff was accompanied by the Commander of the Southern Command, Major General Hartzi Halevi, the Commander of the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano and briefed unit commanders in the area.

10:15 PST:  Gaza heats up as fire balloons bring an Israeli air strike amid demonstrations and violence.

06:15  PST:  Gaza militias announce that in addition to the regular Friday demonstrations they will now hold night protests every Tuesday night.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected all tax revenue payments transferred to the PA by Israel, in response to Jerusalem withholding over $138 million of the amount over Ramallah’s welfare payouts to Palestinian prisoner families and survivors of Israeli attacks

Israel misrepresents the payments as support for terrorism but the fact is that large numbers of Palestinians are being held indefinitely without charge making the Abbas move a political necessity, which Netanyahu fully understands.  This Israeli provocation seems deliberately intended to provoke a West Bank uprising

02:00 PST:  Idlib-  Heavy shelling and bombing of terrorists in Idib province Syria intensifies.  At least 34 people were wounded and ten killed another five were killed in airstrikes as regime targets 13 populated areas in towns of Khan Shaykhoun and Marra al Numan in Idlib province countryside

US-  President Trump to nominate Jeffrey Rosen, a longtime litigator and deputy transportation secretary, to replace Rod Rosenstein as deputy attorney general and supervisor of the Russia investigation. 


19 Feb 17:15:  Asia-  The emerging Asian energy nexus.

16:00:   Israel-   Nineteen detained during Temple Mount demonstrations.

04:30:   Israeli Elections-   Tzipora Livni has retired from politics after it became clear that her Hatnua party would not win enough seats to enter the Knesset and talks of allying with other parties broke down.  Alter her departure voters supporting her will likely support Benny Gantz the other peace oriented party leader.

Mideast War-   Ilham Ahmed co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council – the political arm of the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is in Washington to discuss the size and composition of a force to oversee a buffer zone with Turkey.  She is calling for the force to be composed of “states that have actively participated in the war against IS [this would be very convenient since these troops are already in Syrian Kurdistan], and the UN should also play a role.” 

Once an agreement on the force makeup is approved by Washington she will travel to  Paris and London which will compose a Resolution for USC approval.  An announcement declaring the military defeat of the Islamic State and allowing the MESA forces to redeploy to the new buffer zone is expected within a week or two. 

The target date for finalizing and placing monitors in the buffer zone thereby allowing the US military redeployment to its three large Iraq bases, is mid March.  See our article  Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning


18 Feb 03:15:  Mideast War-   Israeli police sealed off all the gates of al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem today.  The shut down comes ahead of expected demonstrations later this week.

Yesterday Syrian President Assad offered the Kurds and others local autonomy and the Kurds have now asked France to present a proposal far an international force between the Kurds and the Turks to the Security Council.  This Syria Kurdish agreement opens the way for a Turkish Kurdish agreement in coordination with the US to get UNSC approval for the planned deployment of Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) troops in a buffer zone between Turkey and the Kurds.

Brexit-   Seven British MPs Luciana Berger, Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Anne Coffey have announced that they are stepping down from the Labor Party and setting up a new independent body to fight Brexit and Antisemitism.

Israel Elections-   The Likud reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held telephone conversations with leaders of right-wing parties, rabbis and public figures in the past 24 hours, to try and secure a right-wing joint list.  The right wing parties “must show responsibility and act without delay to unite all the forces on the right. Otherwise, the left will win, Gantz will form a leftist government and that will be a severe blow,” the party said in a statement.  Candidate lists must be submitted by 21 Feb.

Mideast War-   Heavy shelling  of Idlib province continues.

After three consecutive days of Gaza violence the IDF is calling up thousands of reservists this morning.  The recruitment dialer has already been activated and the reservists are receiving automatic phone calls. At present this is being called an exercise in preparation for the real thing.  In the past it has happened that many men remained on duty after the exercise, secretly ready to launch a sudden surprise attack.  The ground forces are already in place so the call up would involve logistics support for the air force, the activated reservists being the people who load bombs and ammunition on planes and otherwise support a massive aerial bombardment.  Mobilization usually takes 72 hours.

Friday Israeli forces wounded 67 civilians, including 14 children, 2 women, 2 paramedics, and a journalist in Gaza.

The Israeli army and navy opened fired Saturday morning at Palestinian agricultural lands and fishing boats east of Gaza city and in northern Gaza

After an IDF soldier was wounded on the border Sunday night Israel fired several missiles and artillery shells into areas in northern Gaza and injured 19 Palestinians during protests near the fence.

17 Feb:  Munich Security Conference-   The international order is broken by Donald Trump, the coming war will bring the long planned Establishment New World Order.

 Syria-   Shelling of Idlib continues as Putin shares information on a possible staged chemical attack by terrorists to the Europeans.  

Gaza-     IDF tanks shelled two Hamas posts in North Gaza after the second soldier since yesterday was injured.

Israel-   Defense Minister, PM Binyamin Netanyahu Sunday approved Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Avivi Kochavi’s first top appointments. Major. Gen. Yoel Strick is the new commander of ground forces, and Maj. Gen. Amir Baram takes his place as OC Northern Command.  Baram has served in multiple command posts, including OC of the Paratroop and Samaria Brigades.

US-  Trump in battle over his emergency declaration, the DoD may even refuse to release the money from the military budget  which would probably mean a new Defense Secretary.  If Shanahan refuses Trump he will be replaced and if he supports Trump he may not get senate confirmation. 

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert Saturday night withdrew her name from consideration as UN ambassador.  President Donald Trump announced in December he was picking Nauert to replace Nikki Haley, but the formal nomination had not yet been sent to the Senate.

US / EU-   The United States and European powers voiced sharply differing views on issues from Mideast security to trade Saturday, laying bare a deep rift with Europe created by US President Donald Trump.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders  voiced dismay at a range of Trump decisions deemed hostile to the European NATO allies. Merkel also called a looming new trade war to be launched by Trump against Europe — Washington readying to declare European car imports a “national security threat” —  “frightening.”


16 Feb:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! 

Mideast War-   Just a day after Russia indicated a willingness to delay the Idlib operation, Turkey agrees and announces that an operation in Idlib could begin at any time.

US/EU- A shocked EU and Germany reject US call for Iran hostility.  

Israel Elections-   Reports that Gantz and Yesh Atid might agree to run on a joint list this week have sent Netanyahu rushing home to try harder to form far right joint list.  If the peace oriented folks agree to a joint list then Netanyahu could lose the election.

Israeli PM candidate Gantz to speak at Munich security conference after Netanyahu cancels.  Move seen as a boost for former IDF chief who will share a stage with world leaders, bolstering his diplomatic credentials ahead of elections


15 Feb:   Russia has agreed to give one last chance to the Idlib fighters which may possibly delay any operation until April when the next summit takes place. If Israeli elections go ahead as scheduled, current polls project a Knesset deadlock in which no one can form a coalition government, which would necessitate a second vote.

10:15 PST:   US-   Trump declares national emergency, will take money for wall from military and then demand a big injection of emergency funds to the military during the coming war.

Brexit-   As predicted by TheShiningLight President Donald Trump has begun offering the British an Anglo Saxon free trade arrangement announcing an agreement with PM May Friday and stating that Brexit is set to “very substantially” increase trade between the UK and United States.  

U.K. Trade Secretary Liam Fox said on Friday he’d signed a “mutual recognition agreement” with the U.S. earlier this week securing trade worth as much as 12.8 billion pounds ($16.5 billion). He also announced ta plan to begin free trade talks with the US in the near future. “The U.K. and the U.S.A. share a special trade relationship and there is real ambition on both sides of the Atlantic to enhance this after we leave the European Union,” Fox said in a statement. “A free trade agreement with the United States is one of my international economic department’s top priorities and I look forward to beginning formal negotiations.”

Mideast War-   The IDF conducted a massive drill practicing war with Hezbollah in Lebanon last week.

11,000 Gazans demonstrated today, and attacks with incendiary balloons on neighboring Israeli communities resumed after a lengthy pause.


06:45 PST:  US Europe-   Roughly 35 heads of state and government, 80 foreign and defense ministers, and some 600 security policy experts will be in attendance at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) this year. Conference chief Wolfgang Ischinger has called it the “largest and most important” MSC since its founding more than 50 years ago.  This year, the largest US delegation of all time is expected to visit Munich this year. US Vice President Pence will be accompanied by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. A main topic will be US European relations.

03:00:   Mideast War-   See today’s new article Looming War and Peace in the Middle East, which explains the present situation, and how the Mideast War is likely to unfold into a Mideast peace deal and a short period of booming prosperity in the US.

War tensions increase as Gaza militias warn Israel to stop its policy of shooting demonstrators with live ammunition killing and wounding many.

Israel US air defense exercise wraps up.  

Mideast Peace-   Netanyahu pays lip-service to Mideast peace deal abroad to get help against Iran while attacking the idea at home for electioneering purposes.  Who can know what he really thinks?

USA-   Donald Trump to declare national emergency to fund his wall.  The declaration will face an immediate court challenge. 


14 Feb:   Syria-   US informs NATO of plans for international force in Turkey Kurdish buffer zone.

Mideast War-   Israel orders IDF to prepare for war with Gaza.  

Warsaw Conference-  In his speech to the Warsaw gathering, Pompeo beats war drums against Iran, stressing that the Middle East would not achieve peace and stability without confronting Iran. “It’s just not possible,” he said.   “No threat is more dangerous or more urgent than radical Islamist terrorism and the authoritarian regimes that export it across the region and the wider world.”

Kushner Peace Plan being set up in Warsaw Prime Minister Netanyahu backtracking on his campaign rhetoric, told United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, senior advisor Jared Kushner and foreign ministers at the Warsaw conference on the Middle East that he won’t pre-judge the United States peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian Authority and that he hopes the PA takes the same approach.

It should be mentioned that Netanyahu is extremely close, almost one of the family, to the Kushner’s and Trump’s, and after the coming war he could be in a position to make [almost dictate] peace from a position of strength, if he joined the peace oriented parties in a governing coalition.  Remember as I have been posting; the important thing is the make up of the next coalition. 


13 Feb 06:16 PST:  Israel Elections-    Maariv’s top story was that Attorney General Avichai Mendelblitt will likely not meet his February 20th date to summon Netanyahu to a hearing before an indictment, which may push a possible declaration of the indictment of Netanyahu until March.  Mendelblitt won’t make the date because Netanyahu’s lawyers have been flooding him with material effectively delaying a decision.    

02:00 PST:  Mideast War-   Delegates from 60 nations arrive for Warsaw Conference to discuss the Kushner peace plan, the Kurds and the coming war on Syria Iran. 

Aid agencies pull out of Idlib province as the Syrian army is ready and is on combat alert to carry out a military operation against the terrorists occupying Idlib province.  See yesterday’s 08:00 item for more.


12 Feb  15:00 PST:   Mideast War-      The Syrian Army has reinforced the Golan front 24 hours after Syrian air defense forces were placed on high alert across western Syria following an IDF attack on three sites at Quneitra, which destroyed two Syrian Army garrisons and the Al-Quneitra Hospital [which is being used as a military facility].  Troops from the Syrian 5th Division reinforced the 90th Brigade base in the Governorate. Reinforcements from the National Defense Forces (NDF) in Dara’a were also redeployed to this front for beefing up its defenses.  Israel struck now because the S-300 air defense system is expected to become operational in March. 

08:00   PST:   Mideast War-   Today acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan made an unannounced visit to the Iraqi capital for talks on the US military presence in Iraq.

After the meeting between Turkish Defense minister Gen. Akar and Russian Defense Minister Shoigu in Ankara Monday,  Gen Akar will meet on Wednesday with acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan in Brussels.  They are setting up an agreement on Idlib and a deal on the Kurds, for approval at the Thursday Sochi summit and the corresponding Warsaw summit. 

The Turkish backed militias have deployed along the Turkish border to block the escape of the Idlib terrorists from the looming Syrian Russian offensive, while the US and Turkey are working on agreement for a buffer zone between Turkey and the Kurds before America repositions from Syria.  See our article Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning.   

07:00 PST:  Two Iranian officers were killed by last night’s Israeli attack n Syria

Israeli Civil Administration staff raided the Bardala village in the northern Jordan Valley and bulldozers uprooted 500 15-year-old olive trees that belonged to five Palestinian residents. (Maan)

03:00 PST:   US-   Donald Trump backs down accepting the original House offer of 1.4 billion for his wall instead of the over 5.7 billion he had been demanding.  The Trump back away is a political maneuver to table the issue until after the 2020 election.  

Israel Elections-   Senior Likud officials reject peace and seek to annex all Palestine.  

Palestine-   In an effort to establish Palestinian cooperation  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is chairing a three-day meeting of the 12 main Palestinian organizations, including Fatah and Hamas, in Moscow

Syria-   Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar issued a joint statement in Ankara last evening.  The Defense Ministers agreed to take decisive measures to stabilize the situation in Syria’s Idlib province.  Thursday’s Sochi summit will now agree on the final details and timing of the upcoming anti-terrorist operation to liberate Idlib.  Those details include protection for the Turkish backed militias when Syria/Russia take out the terrorists.

Afghanistan-   The Taliban have announced a 14-member negotiating team ahead of  the next round of talks with the US to begin this month.

Addressing the “National Consultative Meeting on Peace” at the Presidential Palace on Monday, President Ashraf Ghani called for a grand consultative Jirga, a traditional assembly of all tribal leaders and persons of influence.  The conference will be a consultation on a peace agreement and amounts to indirect negotiations between the government and the Taliban, since the Afghan opposition which will attend the Jirga is already negotiating with the Taliban.

The president tasked his Special Representative on Regional Affairs for Consensus on Peace, Umer Daudzai, to convene the Jirga by the end of March. 


11 Feb:   See our new article:  The US, Latin America and Europe

16:30 PST:   Mideast War-   Iran and Israel trade threats to totally destroy one another.  Israeli tank shells targeted a hospital in Syrian Quneitra and a nearby observation post this evening.

05:30 PST:   Mideast Peace-   President Trump approves final draft of Middle East Peace Initiative.  “The plan is done… [the president] is happy with the parameters of the deal,” a senior White House official is quoted as saying.  The document is 175 to 200 pages long.  The official added that the White House is unlikely to publish the draft before Israel’s elections in April. 

The next steps before its publication is to get acceptance of the plan by other powers, and to reset regional realities by taking out Hamas, Hezbollah etc. 

Once those who object to a peace deal are replaced [including the present extreme Israeli government] the plan will be presented to the parties in the conflict as an international approved plan.  A peace deal could be signed very quickly, possibly this year.

Mideast War-   Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is in the Turkish capital of Ankara to meet his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar on Monday to discuss plans to neutralize the terrorists in Idlib province, the state-run Anadolu Agency reportedThe meeting comes ahead of the trilateral summit between the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Sochi on Feb. 14 to discuss an upcoming Idlib operation to destroy the terrorists concentrated there.


10 Feb   15:00 PST:   Israel-   Ansbacher attack labelled terrorist, after it is revealed that two years ago he told interrogators that he wanted to go to prison as a martyr. 

08:30 PST:   Mideast War-   The Givati Brigade is preparing to fight in Lebanon – The brigade simulated fighting along a northern route, in an exercise in which armor, engineering, artillery, and Oketz (dogs) forces participated with the assistance of the Air Force. The drill took place in the north of the Beqaat Yarden Jordan Valley (West Bank). (Maariv+Photos+VIDEO)

Israel-   Palestinians will refuse Israel-collected tax money in case of any deduction – The Palestinian Authority will refuse to take money from taxes that Israel collects on its behalf, if the Israeli government decides to withhold any part of it. Netanyahu’s cabinet is set to approve a deduction in tax revenues relative to the amounts of welfare payments the PA gives to Palestinian prisoners families. (i24News and Maariv)

06:30 PST:   Mideast Peace-   Palestinian president Abbas addresses the African Union and calls for an international peace conference.

02:00 PST:   Ukraine-   With 44 candidates now running for president in the March 31 election there is no chance of any one candidate receiving the required 51% to win the presidency outright.  This means that a run off of the top candidates will be held on April 21.  Right now Vladimir Zelensky is leading the pack with about 16% support with the next candidate, allegedly corrupt US backed NATO supporter Petro Poroshenko well behind. 


9 Feb:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful! 

12:45 PST: Israel-  Arafat Arfaiah of Hevron, 29, has admitted to assaulting and murdering  Ori Ansbacher, 19, from Tekoa.   The suspect told interrogators that he left home on Thursday morning, Feb. 7, carrying a knife and made his way to Beit Jala south of Jerusalem. He said he then walked towards the Ein Yael Forest near the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem and, on his way, spotted his victim.  The suspect who lives in the Abu Sneina district of Hebron, has already served time for being in Israel illegally and for possession of a knife, Channel 13 reported. The DNA evidence collected at the scene of the crime corresponded with the sample in the suspect’s dossier. 

Israel is doing all it can to label the attack as political terrorism in spite of the fact that it was very probably a criminal act of rape murder by someone who is also accused of being associated with Hamas.

08:00 PST:   The IDF, police and Shin Bet arrested a Palestinian from Hebron in a raid of El-Bireh near Ramallah Friday night. He is one of the suspects in a possible gang that murdered of Ori Ansbach Thursday.  The arrest could also lead to suspects in the murder of an elderly Israeli couple Tamar and Yehuda Kadouri, in Jerusalem three weeks earlier. 

The public mood in Israel is one of horrified outrage. Whether they are directly implicated or not, this is an extremely dangerous situation for Hamas and Gaza as no further provocations can be tolerated. 


8 Feb 13:30 PST:   Gaza-  Live fire by Israeli forces wounds 18 Gaza protesters and kills two young teens.

Australia-   Drought and heat wave followed by torrential rains brings massive heartbreaking agricultural losses to Australia.

11:30 PST:   Israel-  Israel Police are continuing to investigate the brutal murder of 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, whose remains were found with multiple stab wounds in the Ein Yael area next to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem Thursday night.

03:30:  Israeli Elections-   Is Netanyahu spreading fake news as he gets increasingly desperate?  Bibi also sets up his very own TV station.

01:00 PST:   Economics-   US waivers for eight countries to import oil from Iran to expire in May and will not be renewed.  This comes as President Trump effectively ends US and blocks international oil imports from Venezuela.  The special type of Venezuelan oil is used to refine some 41% of vehicle fuel in the US. 

Mideast Peace-  US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and other administration officials are headed to Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Other stops could be added to the trip which follows the Feb 14th Warsaw Conference. The tour will seek approval and a bankroll for the Trump peace plan and plans for major Palestinian economic development. 


7 Feb 16:00 PST:   Mideast War-   Russia is announcing preparations by the Idlib terrorists for a major attack.  This Russian announcement could be in preparation for the expected preemptive Syrian Russian operation against the Idlib extremists. Heavy shelling is now ongoing but a major ground operation might still take weeks to begin in earnest do to the need for better weather for close air support. 

The US plans to request troop commitments from its allies for a Kurdish – Turkey buffer zone at next week’s Warsaw Conference.  The US plans to begin pulling out of Syria in March and complete the process by the end of April.  See our article Why US forces in the Middle East are Repositioning.   

A possible Israeli attack on Gaza as soon as March, followed by a later escalation involving Hezbollah, Syria and Iran could be planned.  

10:30 PST:   Mideast War-   The United States and Israel will hold the Juniper Falcon 19 exercise from Sunday to Thursday next week.  The exercise will practice coordination of the two military forces during a war with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.  The exercise will involve the U.S. European Command and several Israeli units including the Air Defense systems and the Planning and Operations Directorate.

Israel Elections-   Gantz begins building  list of Knesset candidates.

06:00 PST:   Mideast War-  Heavy shelling of Idlib terrorists continues.

Afghanistan-   All Afghan opposition parties except the government reach peace deal with the Taliban in Moscow conference.  This means that peace will be the July 20th election issue.  The US has already reached a peace deal with the Taliban which would likely be sealed if the present government loses the elections.


6 Feb 13:30 PST:   Gaza-   Israel shells Hamas observation post near Khan Younis after rocket hits open field in Eshchol region.

05:15 PST:   Mideast War-   Russian S-300 air defense system deployed in Syria to become active by March 1,  Netanyahu to meet Putin on Feb 21.

Afghanistan-  One half of US troops to be withdrawn by May 1 

01:00 PST:   US-   Text of Trump’s State of the Union Speach.

Trump to meet Kim in Hanoi on Feb 27-28, vows to confront Iran.


5 Feb 13:20 PST:   Syria-   Fighting around Idlib escalates as operation to destroy terrorists approaches.

06:00:   Papacy-   After Venezuelan president Maduro wrote Roman Pope Francis requesting his mediation, the Pontiff agreed today to help mediate the escalating crisis in Venezuela

The Catholic church is very influential in Venezuela and arbitration by Francis could end the crisis and elevate this Pontiff to a very high status as a man of peace and moral authority while swinging Latin America towards Europe.  Watch this fascinating situation closely. 

Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Calls on Middle East to ‘Embrace’ Christians [Catholics] – ‘You are part of this nation. You are citizens, you are not a minority,’ Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb said at an event in Abu Dhabi with Pope Francis. (Agencies, Haaretz)

The Jews of Dubai accepted – As the Pope makes an historic visit to the UAE to promote moderate and tolerant Islam, the country has officially recognized the existence of its local Jewish community, which has hopes for a more established presence in the future. (Yedioth/Ynet)

Jews, evangelicals reach out to Sunni Gulf Arab leaders – (Israel Hayom

The Roman church is trying to establish the Papacy as the ultimate moral authority of all major religions, regardless of  individual tradition.  The concept is that all religions are simply paths to the same God and the Papacy is the ultimate moral authority.

Very soon a man will be set up in the papacy doing miracles and most religions will look to him as an awesome moral authority and champion of peace. See our prophecy articles.

Economics-   Donald Trump plans to nominate David Malpass, a fierce Trump administration critic of the World Bank over its lending to China, to lead the institution.  Jim Yong Kim, announced in January that he is stepping down three years before his term was set to expire.

Mideast War-  The Israeli army conducts military training around Gaza. The Israeli army conducted military training on Monday in various parts of the besieged Gaza Strip. (Maan)

The Heads of Hamas and Islamic Jihad Met Egyptian Officials for Gaza Talks,  Islamic Jihad reportedly seeks to make clear that it will retaliate against Israeli moves in Gaza, while Hamas chief wants approval for a tour to visit Arab and Muslim countries. (Haaretz+)

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem arrived in Tehran today at the invitation of his opposite number Javad Zarif.  The secretary of Iran’s National Security Council Ali Shamkhani warned Israel of “a tough and determined response” if it continues to attack targets in Syria. “If these actions continue, we will activate some calculated measures as a deterrent and as a firm and appropriate response to teach a lesson to the criminal and lying rulers of Israel,”

01:45 EST:   Syria-   While keeping pressure on the Kurds for a deal, ahead of the battle for Idlib Turkey deploys medical teams and field hospitals in the provinces of Gaziantep and Hatay on the border with Syrian Idlib.

Israel Elections-  A stressed Netanyahu cancels important meetings, Likud holds primaries today.  Bibi is facing stiff challenges and is facing prison for corruption if he loses.  


4 Feb  15:20 PST:   US-   Despite his denial of being an establishment figure president Trump has appointed former oil company lobbyist and major establishment personality  David Bernhardt, to be Secretary of the Interior in charge of 500 million acres and oil production on those federal lands.  

03:00 PST-   Papacy-   The Roman Pontiff and the grand imam of Al-Azhar have signed a historic declaration of fraternity, calling for peace between nations, religions and races, in front of a global audience of religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths.   Full English Text

Francis said “We resolutely declare that religions must never incite war, hateful attitudes, hostility and extremism, nor must they incite violence or the shedding of blood.”  and welcomed “the opportunity to come here as a believer for peace … We are here to desire peace, we are here to promote peace, to be instruments of peace.”

“Violence, extremism or fanaticism could never be justified in the name of religion,” he said. He also called for religious freedom “not limited only to freedom of worship”, justice and for religions to “stand on the side of the poor”.  Sheikh Tayeb, who addressed the Pontiff as “my dear brother”, said millions of Muslims had paid the price for the actions of “a handful of criminals” following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

The Papacy is slowing establishing itself as an ultimate moral authority over all religions.

Australian heat wave broken by record rain and flooding.

Latin America-Europe-   Several major EU countries declare support for Venezuela parliamentary speaker Guaido in his American backed attempt to unseat president Maduro. 

Today Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and the Netherlands recognized Guaido.  Spain is planning to spearhead compassionate aid for Venezuela to be funneled through Guaido effectively high jacking the American devised revolution and taking advantage of over a decade of US sanctions on Venezuela.  A meeting of Latin American and EU states in Montevideo has been scheduled for Thursday. 

Will Latin American countries drift back towards Spain and the rising New Federal Europe [and Brazil towards Portugal] and away from the US? 

Gaza-   Militia leaders hold talks with Egypt on calm with Israel.

Europe-   Due to the Trump unraveling of the nuclear treaty France to acquire new super missiles.


3 Feb 14:00 PST-   Syria-   Heavy fighting around Idlib.  Russia engaged in heavy air force build up in Syria ahead of summit in Sochi on Feb 14 to finalize Idlib Operational plans.

Papacy-   The Roman Pontiff reaches out to Islam “Faith in God unites and does not divide, it draws us closer despite differences, it distances us from hostilities and aversion.” Soon Islam and mainstream Rabbinic Judaism will recognize a miracle working Pontiff as a great moral authority and man of peace. 

06:45 PST:   Afghanistan-   Direct talks between Afghan leaders and the Taliban are coming to Moscow on Feb 5 and 6. 

Syria-   The heavy Syrian shelling of terrorists in Idlib over the past week continues.  Reports of terrorist preparations for a chemical attack continue.  The British intelligence asset, the White Helmets, has prepared some Idlib hospitals for filming any chemical attack.

Israeli Election-   Likud primaries take place Tuesday.  Netanyahu is getting desperate and offering to annex the West Bank to appeal to his extremist base.   

  • The next Knesset will apply Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria’ – Likud Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein says that views on Israeli sovereignty are changing and the idea of a Palestinian state is looking more and more like a pipe dream. (Israel Hayom)

01:00 PST:   Papacy-   The Roman Pontiff arrives in the UAE today for a conference on Catholic relations with Islam.

Latin America-   Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed early parliamentary elections on Feb. 2, after a senior general defected to the opposition and the coup leaders launched street protest demonstrations.   General Francisco Yanez of the air force’s high command became the first active Venezuelan general to recognize Guaido since he proclaimed himself president on Jan. 23. Venezuela‘s chief military attache to the United States also said he was defecting last week.  The air force’s high command called the general a traitor and removed him from his position.

In a speech to supporters, Maduro said the powerful government-controlled Constituent Assembly would debate calling early elections for the National Assembly parliament, which is opposition-controlled. “You want elections? You want early elections? We are going to have parliamentary elections,” Maduro told a pro-government rally in Caracas.

North Africa-    Romanian troops will replace Canadian forces leaving Mali July first.

Nuclear Weapons-   The US has pulled out of the intermediate range nuclear treaty claiming that Russia is in violation.  The real reason is so that the US can upgrade its own nuclear arsenal.  The 2019 US military budget provides funds for developing its new intermediate-range land-based missile.  Russia has responded by announcing its own new nuclear program. 

The first of Trump’s new low yield nuclear weapons has begun rolling off the assembly line.

Gaza-   Israel has warned Hamas that it will launch a military campaign unless the Gaza demonstrations end, irrespective of the upcoming April 9 election.


2 Feb:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


1 Feb 15:30 PST USA-   Trump to push his isolationist agenda very hard during his State of the Union Feb 5.  He may not specifically mention NATO but the agenda is “bring all troops home.” and refocus on the Western Hemisphere.

13:15 PST:   Gaza-   Thirty-two Gazans wounded by Israeli fire today none killed.

06:30 PST:   Syria-   Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan says the situation in Idlib will be one of the central topics on the agenda of the upcoming Feb 14  Astana summit on Syria.  A Syrian Russian operation to liberate Idlib from Al Qaeda is ready to go as soon as the winter weather begins to clear.  

Latin America-   Venezuela leaving US dollar for Euro.

02:20 PST:   Economics-   Trump China deal possible soon.  Trump has been applying economic pressure but the Chinese ace has been North Korea.  Watch for the DPRK deal to advance as a trade deal is agreed between China and the US. 

This China trade and DPRK package is needed ahead of the looming Middle East war to prepare the US economy for Trump’s plans for the Middle East, Europe and NATO.  A good deal with China and the defeat of Iran will enable Trump to advance his plans for Europe.   

Israel Elections-   Decision on criminal indictment for Netanyahu by Feb 21.  An indictment would be a crippling blow to Netanyahu election hopes.  Latest poll.

Mideast War-   Since mid-2018, advanced Iranian-supplied guidance systems are being fitted onto 4,000 Hezbollah medium-range missiles, cutting down their margin of error to 5-10 meters. Now, they can pinpoint essential elements of Israel’s strategic infrastructure, such as military bases and airports, power stations, refineries, water desalination plants etc etc.   The looming war is likely to be very destructive for all sides.

01:00 PST:  TheShiningLight-  Please visit our ongoing series through the Gospels!  Also see the new article “Awake! Arise! Prepare” at the Church of God News site.

The Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)-   The US withdrawal from Syria has been delayed by ongoing US brokered negotiations between the Kurds and Turkey for a border buffer zone.  US forces are remaining in Kurdistan to reassure the Kurds until a deal is made and MESA forces can be brought in as peacekeepers to police a 32 k wide demilitarized zone. 

Part of the Jordan and Warsaw conference agendas will be to work on creating the MESA peacekeeping force. 

The Syrian Russian offensive to destroy the Idlib terrorists is also on hold until the Turkey Kurdish deal is finalized and implemented. 

Gaza-   Gaza militia officials met with representatives of Hezbollah and Iran in Beirut on Wednesday, Jan. 30.  Ayman al-Shashniya and other heads of the Palestinian Resistance Committees (PRC) took part in the summit on behalf of Hamas and other Gaza militias.   The summit came after Ali Shamkhani, head of Iran’s National Security Council was placed in charge of the “Gaza Dossier.”   

A strategy of an incremental buildup of pressure from the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks building to a climax towards mid-March, three weeks before polling day was adopted. 

This is an Israeli intelligence assessment which warns that open warfare with Gaza is planned for mid March to disrupt the Israeli elections.  This report and the conclusion of Israeli Intelligence could also be an Israeli attempt to set up justification for a preemptive attack on Gaza, meaning that a surprise attack by Israel could come between now and the elections.

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