News Prophecy Blog; Dec 2018

President Trump is consulting with Arab leaders about timing for release of the now fully complete Peace Plan.   The peace plan, Greenblatt said, “will include a resolution to all of the core issues, including the refugee issue.”  The US President told the Arab rulers that his “Plan of the Century” was finished down to the last iota and ready for publication when the time is right. 

Also watch the European track as conditions develop for setting up the miracle worker and the New Federal Europe which he will call the nations to accept. 

IF these things happen in 2019 then the great tribulation will begin near the end of the year, if they take a little longer then the great tribulation will begin at the end of 2020.


31 Dec:   US-  Donald Trump orders roll back of mercury protection in US.  There is NO safe level of exposure to this devastating heavy metal and president Trump is creating an environmental and health disaster for America.  Besides mental and nerve damage mercury is also responsible for blood vessel damage leading to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease (See the videos here).

Elections-   Israeli Labour party sets primary for Feb 14.

Netanyahu admits that formation of  the “New Right” party could be a mortal blow to the extremist parties including Likud, and lead to a peace oriented government in Israel.  

Mideast War-  John Bolton begins visit to Middle East this coming weekend.  He will brief Turkey, Israel and others, on plans to replace US troops in Syria with an Arab NATO like force acting as a buffer to keep the peace between Turkey and the Kurd’s.

Later, if this Arab NATO idea works well the deployment of an Arab NATO like force is planned as part of the coming Middle East Peace deal.  TheShiningLight first reported the probability of such an Arab peace keeping force [based on Psalm 83] eight years ago (See the latest Psalm 83 post).


30 Dec:   Mideast War-   Trump explains Syrian withdrawal revealing secret details of securing the area [the coming war] to officials,  US troops will stay in Syria until war ends.

Asia-   Russia to begin production of new strategic bomber

Saudi Arabia replaces cancelled US funding, transfers $50 million to UNRWA: “New milestone in cooperation”- Saudi Arabia transferred a large sum of money to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, which has been in a crisis since stopping the economic support it received from the United States. (MaarivMaan and UNRWA)

Israel Elections-   In Israel 80% of Jews are not religious and those who are, are deeply divided between various traditions.   Until now the Jewish Home party has presented itself as a religious and a secular combination of nationalists.  The party leader Naftali Bennett has chafed under the authority of the religious faction.

On Saturday evening Dec 29 Bennett rocked the Israeli political landscape with the shock announcement that he is leaving the Jewish Home party to form a new party, the “New Right” party; with the intention of bringing non-religious and religious groups together under one right-wing political roof as equal partners, of course under Bennett’s control. 

The goal being to field publicly popular candidates who are secular in an effort to gain against Likud, where many of the secular people are dissatisfied with Netanyahu and the far right extremist settler movement. 

The Bennett move will accomplish three things:


29 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!


28 Dec:   Beginning 29 Dec there will be 13 articles posted over about 8 days in the Coming World Events category.  This will be followed by studies through the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Israel-    Former IDF chiefs of staff, Benny Gantz and Moshe Ya’alon, announced today that they have agreed to form two separate parties and run for election together on a single joint list.

Mideast War-   One rocket fired from Gaza this evening.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton will visit Turkey and Israel early next month to discuss the long planned war.  The US State Department issued a press release today guaranteeing US support against Syria, Hezbollah and Iran during the looming war; “The United States fully supports Israel’s right to protect itself from Iranian adventurism in the region that threatens the existence of the Jewish state, and Washington will guarantee that Israel has the means to do so decisively.”

Egypt- Breaking 10:00 PST-   At least two people were killed and 12 others wounded on Friday when a roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the Giza Pyramids.

US-   President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the US would be cutting off all aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  This idiotic step all but guarantees a flood of economic refugees while pushing Catholic Latin America further away from the US and into the arms of the Vatican supported now rising, New Federal Europe.

Donald Trump is losing Europe, Asia and Latin America almost singlehandedly; and he will surely lose the Middle East and bring the collapse of the US dollar. 

Mideast War-   Syrian government troops move in as Kurd militias finally withdrawing form Manbij and areas west of the Euphrates.  The US had agreed to remove Kurdish forces from the west side of the Euphrates a year ago and is only now withdrawing and allowing Syrian forces to enter the area.

Gaza tensions rising as Pompeo and Netanyahu to discuss Middle East situation at meet in Brasilia, where both will be attending the January first inauguration of president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.


27 Dec:  Israel-   Netanyahu leaves on five day trip to Brazil.

Israel Elections-  Benny Gantz forms long anticipated new political party Gantz is a Shimon Peres peace minded person.  His chief advisers include Moshe Teomim, former political strategist during the late president Shimon Peres’s career in politics.  Teomim is also a member of the executive board of the Peres Center for Peace.  Gantz plans to run on a centrist platform.  

According to the documents filed with election authorities, the goals of the “Hosen L’Yisrael” [A Strong Israel] party are “the ongoing foundation and strengthening of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the light of the Zionist dream as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and through the establishment and redefinition of national priorities in the following areas: education, national infrastructure development, agriculture, law, internal security, social welfare, peace and security.”

The leadership of the National Union party met on Wednesday evening, it was decided that the party’s Central Committee would convene on Monday, January 14, and hold elections for the chairman of the party and for the Knesset list. 

2019 Israeli elections timeline:

  • January-February: Primaries for Likud, Labor, Joint Arab List, Jewish Home & Meretz parties.
    • Kulanu, Israel Beitenu, Yesh Atid party lists are formulated by internal committees. Shas and Yahadut HaTorah religious party lists are formulated by their rabbis.
  • February 15: The list of registered voters is published.
  • February 21-22: Party lists are submitted to the Central Elections Committee.
  • March 1: Deadline to request disqualification of a candidate.
  • March 12: Central Elections Committee approves or disqualifies party lists after which they cannot be changed.
  • March 19: Israeli citizens receive notifications of the locations of their voting booths.
  • March 26: Beginning of election advertising on television & radio.
  • March 28: Diplomats and sailors cast their votes abroad.
  • April 5: Publication of the final public opinion polls.
  • April 9: Election Day. Exit polls expected at 22:00. Final results expected overnight.
  • April 10: Election results announced. Parties have one week to submit appeals. President Rivlin begins consultations with party leaders and eventually tasks the candidate most likely to form a coalition to do so. The candidate has 28 days to form a government and can request another 14 days if necessary.

Netanyahu to campaign as Mr. Security.  By taking full responsibility for the coming war in hopes of glory he is blindly facing political catastrophe. 

Mideast War-   The IDF is sending reinforcements to the Gaza border and warning Gazans to stay home as a major demonstration is planned for tomorrow in memory of the four persons killed by Israeli live fire last Friday.

Asia-   Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw a test Wednesday of a new nuclear weapon, a hypersonic glide vehicle, declaring that the weapon is impossible to intercept and will ensure Russia’s security for decades to come.


26 Dec:   USA-   Trump will not rush to nominate a new defense secretary to replace Mattis saying that Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, whom he named on Sunday to replace Mattis in an acting capacity starting on January 1, “could be there for a long time.”

Triggered by the Trump created government shutdown the US economy is in free fall Monday but rallied on Wednesday although still down 20% from September.  Trump needs the planned war and subsequent peace deal to regain some political support.  The US economy will rebound strongly once the peace deal is agreed, but that will not last and the resulting crash of the dollar will send the dollar dependent nations into catastrophic decline.

The President of the United States is the “worst” perpetrator of misinformation on the internet, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Opinion David Kaye said in an interview published today.  “Governments are real offenders when it comes to disinformation,” said Kaye. “In my own country, the United States, the worst perpetrator of false information is the President of the United States.”

Elections-   The Knesset plenum approved Wednesday the second and third reading of the bill to dissolve the 20th Knesset.

An alliance is being formed by former chiefs of staff Benny Gantz and Moshe Ya’alon, with Gantz heading the party for the 21st Knesset. 

The Israeli elections will be fought over the illegal settlements and anti peace position backed by Netanyahu, or a peace deal. So far the extremists have controlled the government, even though in the minority, because of the many parties in the peace camp, none winning enough seats on their own.  This time around, an effort is underway to unite the peace camp.  US President Trump wants his peace plan to succeed and would naturally be all for the peace camp.

Peace-  Abbas welcomes Papal call for peace talks.  This call is a prelude to the war during which the calls and pressure for peace talks will increase which will be helpful for the peace oriented parties in the Israeli elections.


Mideast War-   US President Donald Trump and First Lay Melania Trump made a surprise visit with US troops stationed in Iraq on Wednesday.  He landed at Al Asad Air Base, where he was joined by National Security Adviser John Bolton for meetings with US, Iraqi and other political and military leaders about the looming Middle East war.

Update 08:00 PST-   Russian military sources said that after Syrian anti-air missiles knocked out most of the Delilah cruise missiles fired from F-16 jets; the IAF F-35 second wave launched 16 missiles carrying GBU-39 Small Diameter bombs. Only two bombs in the F-35 second wave reached their targets and 14 were intercepted by Syrian air defense weapons. 

This is confirmed by the Americans and demonstrates the effectiveness of the new Syrian air defenses which were initiated late because the Israeli attack was apparently once again using civilian planes as shields. 

The real reason for the attack was to light up the new Syrian air defenses so that they could be evaluated and countermeasures taken for future strikes in the coming war.   

Russia is reported to be furious and is considering extending the air defense umbrella to include Lebanon.

 Israel launched a major attack on Syria last night IAF F-16I warplanes fired Delilah cruise missiles from Lebanese air space into Syria. Damascus is said to have successfully countered the attack with Russian Pantsir-S2 and S-200 SAM air defense systems.   After the F-16 jets failed to hit their targets, the IDF sent F-35 stealth planes over in a second wave. 

Syrian state media reported Tuesday night that regime air defenses intercepted “hostile targets” west of Damascus during an alleged Israeli air strike, which according to local reports involved 22 missiles targeting sites including weapons depots belonging to pro-Iranian militias in Damascus.

Other locations reported by Syrian media to have been struck during the strike are as follows: pro-Iranian military positions located in the suburbs of Damascus, air defense facilities and headquarters of the 68th Brigade and the 137th Brigade of the Syrian Army in the Damascus area, a military headquarters belonging to the 4th Division of the Syrian Army in the Al-Muna area surrounding Damascus and military Unit 10 in the district of Qatana.

Israel also tried to assassinate a high-profile Hezbollah delegation on an Iranian flight bound for Tehran.

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are exercising strategic patience as they wait for Israeli troops to be tied down in Gaza before a war the north.  A war against Gaza and Syria Hezbollah has been planned for a long time. As reported earlier by TheShiningLight Mattis resigned because of resistance to these war plans.


25 Dec:   For a list of end time events see the articles in the Coming World Events category.

Mideast War-  Breaking 14:05 PST:   “More than 150 servicemen of the air defense missile regiment of the Central Military District have returned home,” Moscow announced Tuesday. “They were taken to Novosibirsk by an Il-76 plane of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Force.”   

Following the Russian pull out of its air defense experts, an Israeli air attack was staged from Lebanese air space against three Iranian and Hezbollah weapons stores. The Syrians claimed to have downed several missiles. Some sources reported explosions in Damascus. Other sources later described the location under attack as Qatana outside the capital.

Loud explosions rocked the coastal town of Hadera as Israeli air defense went into action against overshoots of air defense missiles coming from Syria.


Israel-   Netanyahu approves more illegal construction to accrue votes from the extremists. 

The Prime Minister’s Office said Tuesday that Netanyahu is considering shortening his trip to Brazil in light of developments.

There is a very good chance that the findings of the Attorney General on the investigation into Netanyahu’s alleged criminal offences will be published in March just before the election.  If Israel goes through a very costly and bloody war and the evidence against the PM is published just before elections; he is in big trouble and a peace making government could be elected.

Earthquakes-  A landslide from an eruption of Krakatoa caused a Tsunami on the Island of Java last week killing 433 with hundreds still missing.  A much greater disaster looms in North America which is long overdue for massive earthquakes.  In the next few years the West Coast and Central Eastern states could be hit by earthquakes many times stronger than the 20th Century San Francisco quake.


24 Dec:   Israel-   Breaking 05:00:   Israel goes to early elections-   Coalition leaders voted unanimously Monday afternoon to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections on April 9th On Wednesday the Knesset will pass a law dissolving itself.

Tension is again building in Gaza and it is now highly probable that a Middle East war will break out soon, probably before the April elections,  See the article on Middle East Peace at the Coming World Events category.

Israeli parties want the release of Trump peace plan to contest the election as a referendum on the plan, while Netanyahu is desperate to delay the plans release. 

Emergency meeting underway between coalition heads over the Haredi Draft bill and when to call elections.  The chairman of the Yesh Atid party, MK Yair Lapid, announced at a press conference on Monday that his party would not support the draft law, even if it was presented for a vote as written.  If he cannot be dissuaded the government will fall.

Mideast War-   Pompeo, when he called Iraqi PM Adil Abdul -Mahdi to inform him of Washington’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, asked him to deploy Iraqi soldiers 50 miles inside NE Syria to fill the gap. Pompeo said the US would provide air cover. Iraq was also granted a 90-day extension on a waiver from sanctions that was granted Iraq for importing Iranian gas.

US troops are only moving a few miles to the Iraqi side of the border and that may take months, meanwhile they will be leaving advisers and intelligence people in Syria.  The media hand wringing is disinformation to obscure war preparations.


23 Dec:   US-   Breaking 10:15 PST:  President Trump furious at Mattis resignation letter fires him as of January first.  President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Defence Secretary Jim Mattis will now leave his post on Jan. 1, tweeting that deputy Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan will take over as acting secretary to cover the accelerated departure.

Japan-   Emperor Akihito gives farewell address.

Mideast War-   Israeli live fire kills four demonstrators in Gaza.  

Israel-   Naftali Bennett vows his Jewish Home party will not agree to the Trump peace plan which he reveals will create the Palestinian state promised by the UN in 1947.  I have reported for years that it will take a coalition change for peace to have a chance.

Elections-   Israeli coalition chairman David Amsalem (Likud) announced Thursday that he intended to pass the Haredi Draft bill, with two parties from the opposition, Yesh Atid and Yisrael Beytenu, who have said they would vote for it if no changes are made.  Amsalem is set to convene a committee he chairs to advance the bill on Tuesday. He reportedly gave Agudat Yisrael an ultimatum to agree to pass the bill by then, has outraged the Haredi and could lead to the fall of the coalition government.  If any party leaves by the January 15 deadline of the Supreme Court to pass the bill, elections would likely be initiated that would take place between April and June.  A new peace oriented Israeli government is coming, either in summer or fall.

President Abbas announces plans to dissolve parliament and call Palestinian Authority elections in obedience to a Palestinian High Court ruling.  Hamas won the last elections and Abbas refused to acknowledge the Hamas win causing the split with Gaza.  Since the parliament has not met since then, the crucial point of this news is that new elections are now being called for the PA which will bring a new government capable of making peace with Israel.

Canada-   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Canadian troops in Mali.


22 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

US-   Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS resigned today.  He was the second senior defense official to resign over Trump’s war plans.

Mideast War-   Violence continues to simmer on the Gaza front.

President Trump said that the US troop pullout from Syria would take place over 60 to 100 days. According to later reports US officials have clarified the announcement, stating that a more realistic timeline for a complete withdrawal would be 4 to 6 months. “During that time, Syria is bound to see many developments that may require Washington to revise its plans.” 

A regional war is expected in 2019 and it appears that Trump was subconsciously revealing that this war would take place within 60 to 100 days after which the troops would be removed.  This confusion and telegraphing of intentions is the problem with such unprepared off the cuff announcements.

The US and Iraq are preparing for the deployment to the Iraqi side of the Syrian border, of the American trained and led Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) – the “Golden Division” – which drove ISIS out of Mosul. It will also stand in the path of Iranian and Iraqi Shiite militias crossing into Syria.

The US army is building a new base on the line dividing Anbar from the next-door province of Nineveh. It would position US troops 18 Miles north of the Euphrates River and near the Syrian border. This new base will provide the Iraqi division with American backup.


21 Dec:   Turkey suspends operations against Kurds as part of US troop pullback deal.  Part of the deal is that once the US troops are out and the PKK is neutralized Turkey will actually aid the Kurd YPG against any Islamic State [Daesh] remnants.

At present, talks are still underway between Syrian authorities and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF),  concerning the planned border buffer zone. 

USA-   Lengthy government shutdown looms at midnight as Trump holds congress hostage over $5bn demand for Mexico border fence.  The fence is nonsense designed to reward establishment friends with contracts as most illegals come by legitimate means and simply overstay visas.  Immigration facts, more people leave for Mexico and South America than arrive in the US.

 The departure of Mattis opens the way for the long planned Neocon war on Syria/Iran followed by a Mideast peace deal, and the subsequent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, South Korea and NATO to form an Anglo Saxon Alliance with the British nations. 

This move sets up the establishment’s long planned balance of powers world governing system with a New Federal Europe as a counterbalance between American/Britain and Asia.  TheShiningLight has been warning of this very thing for the past twelve years.

Trump to announce Afghan troop drawdown in his State of the Union speech on Jan 20th.  7,000 to return by summer and the remaining 7,000 later in the year.


20 Dec:   USA-   I have been reporting for months that James Mattis days were numbered and now US President Donald Trump has just announced that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will be stepping down at the end of February.  Seen as the last restraint on the war mongers taking over the administration Mattis has been dead set against the deal with Turkey (See the Turkey article below), and the planned Middle East war on Iran.

Turkey-   See our new article explaining the withdrawal of US forces from Syria and the Trump deal with Turkey.

Israel-   Israel State Prosecutor’s office will recommend indicting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for bribery in three corruption cases according to the Israeli newscasts.

Mideast War-   Netanyahu; Israel will escalate war on Iranian militias in Syria as soon as US leaves.  Of course the US will secretly leave assets [perhaps special forces from Arab or other countries?] in Syria to help coordinate US air strikes in support of the mainly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Front as they block Iran to Hezbollah supply lines during the coming war. 


19 Dec:  Israel-  Netanyahu is desperately trying to postpone the Trump peace plan until after electionsAccording to sources, the plan for Jerusalem will be two capitals in Jerusalem: the Israeli capital in West Jerusalem including control over the Western Wall and Jewish neighborhoods in the city’s eastern sections, and the capital of Palestine in the eastern section. In addition will be a third region, within the Holy Basin, to be under international control as a UN trusteeship. 

The Israeli far right extremist coalition will never agree to the plan, while the newly forming Gantz/Lapid alliance is planning to campaign on a platform that the peace plan must be approved.


Mideast War-  Trump has announced a “full and rapid US troop withdrawal” from Syria.  This means that training of  the Kurdish blocking force on the Euphrates has been completed before the coming war, during which that mainly Kurdish force controlling the route from Iran to Syria will be supported by US regional air power.

Reuters reports that all US diplomatic officials will leave Syria within 24 hours [by 21 Dec], while troops will withdraw within the next 60 [end Feb] to 100 days [the end of March].  A Mideast War could come any time after mid February 2019.

The US withdrawal is according to a secret deal between Turkey and the United States, and means that Turkey and the Turkish backed militias will be in ascendancy over Syria after the coming war. 


18 Dec:   Europe-   Charles Michel has resigned as Prime Minister of Belgium following the resignation of his coalition partners from the government over an  immigration pact.  King Philippe has put the resignation on hold for a few days.

Mideast War-   Hussein al-Sheikh, Palestinian Authority Minister for Internal Affairs, met with Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman Monday.

Palestinian sources report that he delivered a message from PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas confirming that the PA would continue to maintain security cooperation with Israel. They two security chiefs discussed measures to calm the Hamas inspired violence on the West Bank.


17 Dec:   Brexit-   Corbyn tables no confidence motion against PM May Tuesday, as May postpones Brexit vote to mid Jan.  The vote will not legally force May out, but could embarrass her into resigning.   EU says no more talks and  prepares for hard British exit.

Israel-   Netanyahu to visit Brazil for presidential inauguration Dec 28.

A developing potential political union between former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid would be a serious peace oriented challenge to the ruling extremist far right coalition. 

Even today Gantz and Lapid would be on the brink of forming a peace making coalition with Labor and Hatnua.  They are holding back on any announcement until an election is called, but if they can officially get together, and after the bloody war; they are likely to surge in the polls bringing a peace oriented government to Israel.  Elections are scheduled for November but could be moved up to as early as May.

Mideast War-   Taliban – US peace talks underway.

The Palestinian Authority has fingered Hamas as behind last weeks West Bank attacks.

Israel resumes overflights of Lebanon after informing Russia.  


16 Dec:   Israel-   Mass arrests on the West Bank

Pressure builds on government as even Netanyahu’s brother in law turns against him.  

Officials meet aboard Canadian warship in Haifa

Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as Israeli capital, East Jerusalem recognition possible as Palestinian capital.  

A key ministerial committee will vote on Sunday on legislation that would advance the legalization of illegal Israeli Settler outposts in the West Bank.

Religion-   Ukraine Orthodox church officially breaks with Russian Orthodox Church.  This is a western inspired political move designed to distance Ukraine from Russia. For background see this article.

Mideast War:   The American backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Army has nearly completed eradicating the Islamic State east of the Euphrates.   

Syria-   Islamic terrorists in the Idlib ceasefire zone have been attacking Syrian villages as the Idlib situation heats up.  A Syrian Russian offensive can be expected against these Islamic extremists is probable by early next year.  The Nusrah Front has twenty chemical gas canisters prepared for an attack to be blamed on Syrian forces to justify an American take down of Syrian air defenses ahead of a planned Israeli war on Hezbollah in the coming months.

After repeated attacks by Islamist Extremists Syria is now engaged in heavy fighting in Idib.  


15 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


14 Dec:   Mideast War-   Israeli Settlers hold protests across the West Bank.

Israel fires at Palestinian protests in Gaza and Ramallah, Nablus and Tulkarm, more attacks on Israeli soldiers.  

Fatah’s armed faction the Tanzim has called for demonstrations across the West Bank today in support of Hamas.  Tanzim’s leader Mahmoud al-Aloul, is deputy chairman of the Palestinian Authority and is a member of the Fatah central committee since 2009. He is seeking to succeed Mahmoud Abbas when he retires. To support his run for office he is promoting demonstrations. 

This is all part of the Iranian war plan which is to have an uprising on the West Bank, to tie down thousands of Israeli troops, draw Israel into Gaza to tie down tens of thousands more troops and then to hit Israel in the north with Hezbollah while bombarding the country with heavy missile barrages.  The aim is not so much for a military victory but to make the Jewish State undesirable as a place for Jews to live and so stimulate emigration. 

Israel begins rounding up Hamas men as a Israeli joint operation overnight in Ramallah arrested 40 persons, including 37 known Hamas members.  


13 Dec:  Europe-   After yesterday’s disastrous win with more than one third of Conservatives voting no confidence against her, Mrs May is back in Brussels seeking further changes to the deal.  Losing the support of a third of her party, the PM now has even less support in parliament for passage of any Brexit legislation than before. 

Israel-   Update 03:30 PST-  After a shooting left two Israelis dead and two others mortally injured near Bethel Thursday; Ramallah has been placed in lockdown and road blocks thrown up around Nablus. IDF reinforcements are being poured into Samaria. 

Today two Israelis were shot at Giv’at Asaf have died two others were wounded.  The terrorist reportedly shot from a car and fled.  Officials in the defense establishment have concluded that a Hamas cell was responsible for the terror attack outside the illegal Givat Assaf outpost that left two soldiers dead and a soldier and a civilian seriously injured this morning, Hebrew media reports.

Mideast War-   Hamas Military Wing openly claims that the perpetrator of the Ofra drive by shooting was one of their men.  This claim should generate sufficient public pressure in Israel to bring a roundup of Hamas people and a subsequent Gaza operation. 

Perpetrator of another attack two months ago was found and died in a gun battle over night.


12 Dec:   US-   Michael Cohen jailed for three years for covering up Trump alleged corruption.

Europe-   British Prime Minister Theresa May survives a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative party on Wednesday, with 200 votes in favor and 117 votes against.  

Has an attack by a gunman in the EU capital of Strasbourg which wounded 14 and killed 2 eased the pressure of protests on the Macron government?  We shall see next weekend.   

A no-confidence vote against Prime Minister May by members of her Conservative party was triggered by 48 letters from MPs that were submitted to the 1922 Committee. The ballot takes place on Wednesday between 6 pm and 8 pm local time. May needs the backing of at least 158 Tory MPs out of 315 to survive as prime minister and party leader.  If she passes the party vote she cannot be challenged again as party leader for a year, but she will still face a no confidence vote in parliament. 

UK PM Theresa May vowed to contest her party’s no-confidence ballot “with everything I’ve got.”  She warned that a leadership contest at this time would “place the country’s future at risk,” bring Jeremy Corbyn to power and result in the Brexit deal failing to meet the March 29 deadline for quitting the European Union. “I am ready to finish the job I started,” she said.  

Mideast War-  An IDF undercover unit has killed a man suspected of committing the drive-shooting at Ofra on Sunday. Four others suspected of being involved have been detained.

Israel blames Hamas for recent attacks.   The terrorists who shot and injured 9 Israelis at the Ofra junction on Sunday, Dec. 9 are now alleged to have been sent by Hamas. They are part of the same alleged Hamas squad which murdered two Israelis, Ziv Hajbi and Kim Levengrund, at the Barkan industrial center on Oct. 7 and got away. Ashraf Naalawa, 23, from the village of Sweika near Tulkarmm, who is still on the run, was not alone and the manhunt is focusing on a squad of at least five to eight Hamas men.  The IDF and Shin Bet have identified the hand behind the latest round of terror as Gaza-based Abdel Rahman Jinmati, who is in charge of Hamas operations on the West Bank and the right hand of Saleh al-Arouri, overall chief of Hamas operations.

Religion-  Many Modern Rabbinic Jews participating in Roman Catholic traditions.


11 Dec:   Unfolding Prophecy in Europe-   British PM May calls Trump after being rejected during whirlwind tour of Europe.  The desperate May humbles herself after Trump recently criticized May for not doing enough to rein in Iran, questioning her over Brexit and complaining about European-American trade relationships. 

May and Britain have been driven into the arms of America and negotiations on a British US deal in place of a British deal with the EU may be coming soon.

Mideast War-   An Israeli delegation, led by Head of the IDF Operations Directorate Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, is due to fly to Moscow to explain its operation on the Lebanon border today. 

Hezbollah has begun organizing groups of demonstrators in the Shiite villages of South Lebanon along the style of the Gaza demonstrations. 

There were two ramming attacks against Israelis today as the IDF arrested 19 people last night and now surrounds Ramallah.  Pressure is building towards a three front situation for Israel:  Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank. 

Europe-   Macron speaks to the French people who have been demonstrating on four consecutive weekends.  The people are economic conditions and extreme poverty as the government moves towards a more big business posture. 

The Western propaganda machine is trying to claim that the protests are against the Paris Carbon Agreement when the issue is, the Macron support of big business in the hope of economic improvement or the people’s frustration at the immediate problem of impoverishment; that is Macron’s long term fix or the people’s desire for a short term fix.  


10 Dec:   Unfolding Prophecy in Europe-  Due to extensive opposition in parliament Mrs May has contacted EU officials and informed them that unless the UK gets better terms, the deal will fail to pass.   May will give an oral statement to the House of Commons on the European Union at 3.30 p.m.  It will be immediately followed by a business statement from the leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, implying that she will confirm the procedural details of the postponement of tomorrow’s vote. 

It seems that it is impossible to get approval for any kind of deal in the current reality.  It appears that a HARD EXIT is coming in March 2019, and once the Mideast war comes and Europe is pushed towards a much closer Federal Union backed by a Catholic Pontiff, the chances of an accommodation with Europe appear to be nonexistent and the British will be driven into the arms of America in terms of alliance and trade. 

Once the New Federal Europe is aligned with Latin America and the nations of Psalm 83 [Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinians and the Arab nations] , Britain will join America in complete economic collapse.

US-   New revelations on CIA Mind control research.

Mideast War-   Surgeons delivered the baby of a 21-year old pregnant woman by Caesarean section overnight, while operating on the mother’s  gunshot wounds received in a Palestinian drive-by shooting Sunday night, at the illegal Ofra settlement bus stop.  The baby’s condition declined overnight, while the doctors are trying to stabilize the mother after hours of surgery. Two of the seven people injured in the attack were seriously hurt, one of them was her husband who was evacuated with his wife to Shaarei Zedek hospital in Jerusalem.  The others, most of them teens, suffered slight injuries. The car sped away from the scene after the attack. Monday morning, IDF troops and the Shin Bet were still searching for the terrorists – at least two were seen in the car.   

The longer the fugitives remain at large the greater the chance that this attack could be used for mass arrests of Hamas people and others in the next few months.

Jewish Home is calling for the outright annexation of the illegal Ofra settlement built on stolen private Palestinian land.


9 Dec:   Breaking US-   

Nick Ayers will not be taking the job of White House Chief of Staff because the President and Ayers could not agree to terms.  Trump reportedly pushed Ayers to commit to two years on the job, but he declined. He has young children, he told the President, and wants to move back to his home state of Georgia. He offered to become chief of staff temporarily, but Trump insisted on a two-year commitment.

Mideast War-   22:00 local time Syrian air defenses engage attacking missiles and planes striking Damascus air port area. 

Nine wounded in drive by shooting in Ofra.

US-  Kelly out at the end of December, to be replaced by Nick Ayers.  Kelly was maneuvered out by Bolton who now has his claws sharpened for Mattis.  The choice of Ayers to replace Kelly was Bolton’s, which choice was opposed by Mattis.  Bolton is moving to induce Trump to replace any moderates with confirmed neo-cons.

Brexit-  May government facing “crushing defeat” on Tuesday.  May may delay parliamentary vote and seek further EU concessions. EU unable to help her out.


8 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


7 Dec:   Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Our recent History series reveals the background and reasons behind America’s wars including the Civil War and the Japanese and Vietnam conflicts.

Europe-   Germany’s Christian Democrats on Friday elected Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, a former state premier, as their new leader to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel,  Merkel is no longer party leader but will remain national Chancellor until new elections in Germany. 

USA-    President Trump will announce plans on Saturday to appoint the current Army chief Gen. Mark Milley to replace Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, whose term expires next fall.

William Barr picked by Trump for the next attorney general.  Once confirmed by the new senate with its increased republican majority he is expected to quickly hobble or even quash the investigations of Trump.

White House chief of staff John Kelly is expected to be forced out soon, he and Trump have reportedly stopped speaking after Kelly provided information to the Mueller investigation. Nick Ayers is seen as his likely replacement.

As congress prepares for winter break before the new congress takes its seat in January, President Trump has announced State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.  She will have to be confirmed by the new Senate.

Korea-   The South Korean government is in a heated debate about maintaining a close relationship with the United States or taking unilateral steps with the North which would amount to turning to Asia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Asian nations.

Mideast War-   Israel is trying to pick a fight by demanding that Lebanon destroy tunnels which Israel is already blocking, when they know that Hezbollah is too strong for that to be realistic.  The Israeli demand is being made so as to justify attacking Lebanon

Demonstrations continue in Gaza.


6 Dec:   Economics-  Washington asks Saudi Arabia and the UAE for billions of dollars to fund war damage reconstruction by US companies in northern Syria. See this article for the reason why.

Israel-   Hezbollah goes on precautionary alert after Netanyahu threatens to invade Lebanon

Former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz will enter politics and form his own party, Channel 2 reported Wednesday.  Gantz has recently returned from the US where he sought American backing

Vatican-   Francis to make seventh trip in his vigorous effort to reach out to Islam.


5 Dec:   Europe-   Ukraine is using its martial law to call up reserves and deploy them against its Russian speaking autonomous Donbas region.  This is supposed to be an exercise but Russia is prepared to counter any Ukraine attack.

US-   The unbelievable Donald Trump.


4 Dec:   Mideast War:   The IDF is initiating a partial mobilization of reservists.

Update-  The first tunnel was located in advance of the operation by Military Intelligence between Misgav Am and Metulah. The operation was approved by the US at yesterday’s meeting between Netanyahu and Pompeo in Brussels. 

Hezbollah is quiet about the operation because the Idlib offensive is still pending and the international terrorists in Idlib must be eliminated, to prevent the tens of thousands of terrorists from Central Asia now in Idlib from using the province as a base for terror operations against Russia and Central Asia. 

Israel launches “Operation Northern Shield.”  The first phase is a search and destroy operation to find any existing tunnel exits inside northern Israel.   Heavy IDF reinforcements have been deployed to the northern border and the operation has begun around the Israeli town of Metulah and its vicinity.  From there the operation will expand until the entire northern border is examined. This phase of Northern Shield is intended to secure the Israeli side of the border from any surprise infiltration’s during the coming conflict. 


3 Dec:   Mideast War-   For the first time in eight months a US Carrier Strike Group [the USS Stennis] is set to arrive off Iran,  while the USS Truman is station keeping off Syria.

Mideast Peace-   Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas met with Pope Francis in the Vatican today.  The official Vatican statement said the pope told Abbas that “the peace process and the two-state solution should be promoted.”    Also discussed was agreement on the final status of Jerusalem as the capital of BOTH Israel and Palestine, and the status of the holy sites.  There is no way that Netanyahu can get the Plan through his coalition.

Abbas is also slated to meet Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte today.

Europe-   NATO foreign ministers meeting on Ukraine starts Tuesday

Former German Foreign Minister, Siegmar Gabriel reveals that Germany will not support Ukraine against Russia, warning that the Ukraine is trying to pull others into its war:   “I think we should not let Ukraine draw us into a war, and Ukraine tried to do that,” Gabriel said in an interview, voicing concerns over the situation in the Sea of Azov.


2 Dec:  Mideast War:   Iran tests missile.  An advanced version of the Khorramshahr ballistic missile with a range of 11,800-2,000 km. capable of carrying multiple warhead was tested Friday.  

Israel-   The Supreme Court has given the government an extension until January 15 to complete the legislation of a new law regulating induction into the Israel Defense Forces.  Netanyahu does not have enough coalition support to pass a Haredi Draft Law and with the Trump Peace Initiative approaching, elections will probably be called in Jan or Feb.

The police and Securities Authority on Sunday recommend the prosecution of PM Netanyahu and his wife, Sarah Netanyahu, on suspicion of bribe-taking, fraud and breach of faith.  Shaul Elovitch, owner of Bezeq Telecom and the Walla news website, was accused of bribing the prime minister with favorable press coverage in return for intervention in regulations affecting the Bezeq group’s business. 

Jewish extremists attack again.  

Europe-   UK parliament to vote on Brexit Dec 11, if the deal fails a no confidence motion could force new elections.

Ukraine is preparing a spring offensive against its own Russian speaking autonomous region in Donbas, perhaps timed with a view to the March Ukraine elections, and Russia is preparing for war.   Ukraine to practice reserves mobilization this month.

US-  George Bush senior died late Friday.

Vice Adm. Scott Stearney the commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and the 5th Fleet charged with fighting Iran in the coming months was found dead in his Bahrain residence on Saturday.  US defense officials have said that the death of Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, commander of the US Navy’s 5th fleet, was “apparent suicide.” 


1 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

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