News Prophecy Blog; Dec 2017

31 Dec:   Roohallah Zam an exiled Iranian journalist apparently connected to western intelligence agencies is behind the present unrest in Iran using the Telegram app to call people to the streets. 

Iran clamps down on social media internet as riots spread.

Israel bombs Hamas Observation Post in South Gaza.  Israel Sabbath Market Bill goes to Knesset vote Monday.  Demonstrations against high levels of corruption by senior Israeli officials continue

300 Israeli backed Al Qaeda fighters and their families accept evacuation from Beit Jinn.  See 27 Dec report.

Riots in Iran continue for the fourth day with 53 arrested and three killed.  Pro government counter demonstrations are also blossoming.  This appears to be the fruits of Israeli American cooperation against Iran see 29 Dec news.  The American NGO The National Endowment for Democracy has been preparing a revolution in Iran for a very long time, but the Iranian Revolutionary Guards must be demolished for them to be successful.


30 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


29 Dec:   Israeli police delay completion of Netanyahu corruption cases for up to two months due to bonanza of new evidence needing attention.  

The US and Israel have signed a deal to take on Iran.  

Three rockets fired from the Gaza Strip Friday morning, one struck a building in the Shear Hanegev district, and two were intercepted by the Iron Dome. No casualties have been reported.  Israel bombs two Hamas sites in response.


28 Dec:   Russian General of the Army [Field Marshall] Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian military’s general staff and deputy defense minister, said Wednesday that the U.S. was gathering defeated ISIS fighters willing to volunteer, probably in exchange for clemency,  to join the US backed Syrian rebels against Assad. 

Citing satellite intelligence and other sources, Gerasimov claimed that the U.S. had moved up to 400 former ISIS fighters from the Kurdish controlled city of Al-Shaddadi in the northeast to the U.S. training facility near Al-Tanf.  Large numbers of other former ISIS fighters are headed into Syria and linking up with other US sponsored rebels under the guise of “fleeing” from Iraq.  Strangely the US Coalition is blaming Syria/Russia for allowing the ISIS fighters to fight against the Assad government, when it is the US Coalition which is allowing the fighters to pass through Iraq and enter Syria to join the US backed rebels against Assad.  That is a grand contradiction just too big to swallow, but there are some who will believe anything. 

Israeli Police Bill goes to the High Court

Coalition crises continues as Lieberman fights Sabbath Market Bill calls it dictating religion. 


27 Dec:   Knesset approves Police Recommendations Law, Yesh Atid to immediately ask the High Court to strike it down.  

Likud to adopt policy of annexing the West Bank on Sunday

Israeli General addresses residents of Gaza on association with Iran.

Key breakthrough in bribery case against close Netanyahu associate David Bitan.  Bitan is now almost certain to be indicted and may seek a plea bargain himself.  

Supermarket Sabbath law still awaiting Knesset vote.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have repaired the  Deir Ez-Zour  to Palmyra section of the Iran-Baghdad to Damascus highway and have already sent nearly 60 large truck loads of supplies over the highway for Hezbollah and the Shia militias fighting the Israeli backed rebels near Golan. 

The Israeli backed Druze rebels around Beit Jinn have now been given 72 hours to surrender or be annihilated

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu Party will hold a faction meeting after the release of police recommendations on indictments for Netanyahu.  Kahlon, whose party has championed the rule of law, will decide what to do based on the conclusions of the investigation.

Hamas rejects US/Israeli attempts to impose a peace deal on the Palestinians.  In response to IDF warnings about the explosive situation in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the head of the Israel National Security Council to prepare a plan of action and present it to the security cabinet within three weeks.


26 Dec:   Israel agrees to increased airstrikes and two more battalions of Egyptian troops in Sinai.   Weak Sabbath law passes [note that God’s commands are seen as merely Jewish Tradition] second Sabbath bill still needs second and third reading, while a filibuster is delaying passage of the Police Recommendations Bill

Israel Hayom has reported that Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were displeased with the way the Palestinian Authority was conducting its reaction to the Trump declaration on Jerusalem.  The Arab League has announced the creation of a new committee, comprised of the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority, which would devise a new policy on Jerusalem, which effectively puts the Arab League in charge of the policy on Jerusalem, taking it away from the Palestinians.  

The move comes after enormous pressure [see the Dec 24 news item] was put on the Palestinian Authority, and is meant to provide political cover for Abbas to accept the Trump peace deal in regards to Jerusalem which provides the neighborhood of Abu Dis as the Palestinian capital.


25 Dec:    Please see out article on Birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For many videos about Christmas put together by many different researchers visit this link.

Iran to fully back Hamas in coming war.

Israeli officials say that evidence against Netanyahu is overwhelming and when released will bring down the government with elections possible as soon as May. 

The “Diplomat Hotel”  in Jerusalem has been purchased by the United States to house their embassy.  Elderly residents have been given two years to find new accommodations.

Syrian/Hezbollah forces are advancing on the Israeli backed Al Qaeda Druze faction in Syria and approaching the Israeli border.

The Roman Pontiff is now aging and ill and could either resign or pass on soon.  At this time three possible successors are being discussed by the curia;  Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, archbishop of Manila, who is only 58 and the present favorite, those who do not like Francis policies favor African Cardinal Robert Sarah, a 70-year-old native of Guinea, while others may bet on the Holy See’s secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Today he endorsed the two state solution for the Middle East. Full text.


24 Dec:   The last of the Islamic State fighters are being annihilated in Syria before the next ISIS battle which appears to be brewing in Afghanistan.

Russia’s Head of the Middle East Department Zamir Kabulov on Saturday reported that at least 10,000 ISIS fighters escaping from Syria/Iraq are gathering in northern Afghanistan.   The US coalition has been beefing up forces in Afghanistan for the coming battle. 

Merkel’s CDU, her Bavarian allies the CSU and the SPD Wednesday agreed to hold exploratory talks from January 7th to 12th.  If successful,  on January 21st at the SPD party congress some 600 delegates would have to agree to begin the launch of formal coalition talks to hammer out common policies and assign cabinet posts, an effort expected to take many more weeks. 

The US is sending more weapons to Ukraine heating up the already simmering situation.

Israel closes key Ramallah highway as more demonstrations erupt over the pressuring of Abbas by the US and Arab States, over Jerusalem and the Trump peace plan.   Kfir Brigade prepares for war on Gaza.

Attempts to force Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) by the US and Arab States, to agree to the Trump peace plan have failed.  Abbas and Washington break over US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital, the US / Arab attempt to force him to accept the Abu Dis neighborhood as the Palestinian capital and other provisions of the Trump peace plan.  

The Trump administration is responding by scrapping all ties with the Palestinian leadership until they come around.  

The US administration now plans to cut off all aid and investment as well as all cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and has requested that the governments of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar freeze their economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.  Palestinian officials in Ramallah are devastated by news of the sudden cutoff of 90% of the PA’s revenue.   

The US is also threatening to complete a peace deal between the Arabs and Israel and leave the Palestinians alone and penniless.   On the carrot side is the promise of many billions if Abbas agrees to the Trump deal. 

Once the looming regional war crushes Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, the Palestinians will have little choice but to agree.

The US will halt its contributions to the UN Work and Relief Organization, an estimated one billion dollars per annum.

Thousands protest corruption across Israel with 500 far right folks gathering in Jerusalem.


23 Dec:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


22 Dec:   Russia will hold a Congress for National Dialogue in Sochi on Jan. 29-30 for all parties in the Syria conflict.

Israeli police announce that they will complete the Netanyahu corruption investigation and recommend indictments within three weeks. 

Using their financial support as leverage the US, Saudi’s and Gulf States demand that Abbas accept Abu Dis East Jerusalem neighborhood as Palestinian capital.  The Saudi’s and Gulf States alone supply over 80% of Palestinian aid.


21 Dec:   The UN General Assembly emergency session vote in support of abiding by previous UNSC Resolutions was carried Thursday by 128 votes out of 193 member-nations, with 10 voting against, 35 abstaining and 21 absent. The US threat to  reconsider US aid had the effect of causing countries receiving American aid to abstain or absent themselves.   

The Resolution was opposed by the US and Israel, and those countries solidly controlled by the US.  Honduras, Guatemala and tiny Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Togo, Nauru and southern Sudan.

The Astana-8 meeting on Syria will take place on December 21-22; it will bring together representatives of the three ceasefire guarantor states: Russia, Turkey and Iran, as well as the sides to the Syrian conflict and a UN team in preparation for a Syria Peace Conference in Sochi.

New Zealand adamant it will not be bullied on today’s UNGA vote.  This attitude is common as US threats are back firing, outraging many nations.

The Saudi king backs Palestinians’ ‘legitimate claim’ to east Jerusalem.  After intense talks in Riyadh Saudi King Salman tells PA President Mahmoud Abbas that Riyadh is committed to “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital,” two weeks after U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. (Agencies, Israel Hayom)

Netanyahu running scared  attacking police and trying to belittie indictments, but even his far right supporters are now calling for his resignation over looming corruption indictments.  Likud is already preparing for removing Netanyahu if he continues to refuse to resign, see Dec 10 news below.  Meanwhile Kahlanu is set to leave the coalition once Netanyahu is indicted, bringing new elections.


20 Dec:   The Israeli government coalition’s chairman, David Bitan of Likud, resigned today, retaining his parliamentary seat, to focus on his defense against ongoing police probes into bribe-taking allegations during his time as deputy mayor of Rishon LeZion.  Bitan a close associate of Netanyahu is facing indictments for bribery, fraud, money laundering and breach of trust offenses and of receiving bribes in return for promoting the interests of others, including a member of the Jarushi crime family.  David Amsalem has been appointed as Coalition Whip.

Riyadh is pressuring Abbas to accept a peace plan that will make Abu Dis [a suburb of East Jerusalem cut off from other areas of the city by Israel’s separation barrier] the Palestinian capital.  It appears that the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was part of the pressure play against Abbas.  The coming Mideast regional war is likely to change governments in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority, breaking the deadlock

The US tries to bully the world and the world is not amused.  “The president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those countries who voted against us,” said the letter from Haley.  “We will take note of each and every vote on this issue,” Ambassador Haley wrote to several UN ambassadors.   


19 Dec:   Ahead of Thursday’s UN General Assembly vote on abiding by UN Resolutions US ambassador Haley tries to bully the whole world by declaring that the US will be taking names.  This threat is not being taken well by the world’s nations. 

After the US vetoed a unanimous UNSC resolution demanding compliance with all UNSC Resolutions the issue is being taken to the UN General Assembly where it is expected to pass overwhelmingly later this week.   We shall see what happens in Riyadh tomorrow and in New York on Thursday but the Trump regime seems to be alienating much of the world. 

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is on his way to Riyadh where he is to discuss the US  Jerusalem move.  The Palestinian Authority depends on the Saudi’s for most of their financial support and it is possible that Trump, could through the Saudi’s offer a PA capital in Jerusalem as well, with final locations and exact neighborhood details to be ironed out in final status negotiations. 

Such an offer could defuse the present situation with the Palistinian’s; it will be very interesting to see what comes from this visit.

Israel says that Egypt has now cracked down on the Salafi groups firing rockets from Gaza and the situation will now calm for awhile.  Any recognition of East Jerusalem [regardless of its final borders] would end the present crisis.  


18 Dec:   Mike Pence Mideast trip postponed again this time to at least mid Jan or later.

An Amtrak passenger train derailed off a bridge near McChord Ar Force Base in Washington State.  The train fell onto I 5 the main north south corridor in the western US.  Rescue efforts are ongoing with multiple casualties. 

The US to veto otherwise unanimous UNSC Resolution insisting on compliance with all existing resolutions.

Six Hamas Gaza Strip sites bombed by Israeli air force before dawn Monday.


17 Dec:   Two rockets strike Askelon one hits outside home.

The White House on Sunday confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Trump to thank him “for a CIA tip that thwarted bombing attacks” in St. Petersburg.  On Friday, Russian authorities arrested seven people claiming to be members of the Islamic State who were planning bombings in St. Petersburg during the weekend. Explosives, automatic weapons and extremist literature were found in one of their apartments.

The UNSC is likely to vote on a Resolution insisting that all nations comply with all previous UNSC Resolutions on Jerusalem which require that no decisions be made by any country on Jerusalem until its status is decided in final status negotiations by the parties affected.   The US could veto the Resolution to support its illegal position [under international law], or abstain in the face of overwhelming international pressure.   

For the third week in a row thousands of people demonstrated against Netanyahu calling on him to resign over corruption.  Once he is indicted the demonstrations are likely to grow.


16 Dec:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


15 Dec:   The White House said that its Mideast peace initiative may face a ‘temporary cooling off, period due to the unilateral US declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but that it’s still moving forward.  Next Wednesday Mike Pence will now visit Israel only, and will consult with Israeli leaders.   

The Roman Pontiff will discuss the Jerusalem holy sites with Jordan’s king Abdullah next week.

North Korea has announced that they have achieved their nuclear and missile goals thus opening the way for a freeze of further tests.  The US continues to reject talks with the DPRK even if tests are frozen; until the DPRK agrees to all US demands before talks even begin.

Syria Geneva talks wrap up without an agreement beyond a ceasefire

Netanyahu grilled for 4.5 hours today as police finalize recommendations on corruption indictments.  If indicted other coalition parties have pledged to leave the government forcing an election.


14 Dec:   Police to recommend Netanyahu be indicted on two corruption charges as soon as next week.

US VP Pence to postpone Middle East trip for a few days to remain available for a vote on a huge tax break for the Financial Military Industrial Establishment.  

Russian elections March 18, 2018.

13 Dec:   Prime Minister Theresa May failed to gain a majority for her handling of the negotiations for Britain’s exit from the European Union.  She was defeated by a vote of 309 to 305.  Among the nay voters was a large group of members of May’s Conservative party who had demanded more say in the divorce negotiations in Brussels.  Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of Labor accused the prime minister of resisting “democratic accountability.

Congress ignores Trump’s 60 day deadline to propose sanctions on Iran.  President Trump has until January 13 for another review of the deal.  White House officials suggest President Trump is so mad at Congress for not violating the P5+1 nuclear deal with new sanctions, that he’s likely to unilaterally withdraw the US from the deal entirely in January.

Two rockets from Gaza shot down by Israel  A third rocket landed on vacant ground in the Eshkol district.  Until now recent rockets were fired by small Salafi groups but today’s three rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad.   Israel bombs three sites in Gaza.

It looks like a trickle of regular rocket fire has begun on Israel by Hamas, the Jihad Islami and the Popular Resistance Committees, on the orders of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Al Qods militia, and supreme commander of Iranian forces in the region.  In an intercepted phone call Soleimani pledged full Iranian support for any military action conducted against Israel. 

On its part Israel is busy rounding up Hamas men and sympathizers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  It appears that all sides are preparing for full scale war sooner rather than later.

Process of dealing with amendments to the Israeli Police Recommendations Law completed with the law now due for passage next Monday

Heavy fighting between Syrian and Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Idlib and Homs provinces

18 presidents and prime ministers are in attendance at the Ankara meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Attendees include the presidents of Iran, Indonesia and Somalia, along with King Abdullah of Jordan and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and Khaled Meshaal of Hamas.  They are expected to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian Authority.  

IDF begins rounding up Hamas men on the West Bank in preparation for another war with Gaza senior Hamas West Bank leader  Sheikh Hassan Yousef caught in the raids.

Two rockets fired from Gaza last night one falling short inside the strip.   

Pressure in the region is now building to explosive levels as the Netanyahu coalition crumbles. and after the looming conflict a Grand Bargain Mideast Peace Deal is coming. 

Then when the Extremist Settler Movement sabotages that peace as the Roman pope visits the Temple Mount (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15), the surrounding nations [except Egypt and Iran] will rush into the Jewish State as the Palestinians rise up and the New Federal Europe will move into and occupy the Jewish areas to stop the bloodshed.  Then Jerusalem and Judea will be occupied under very severe conditions for 42 months until Messiah comes.

Turkey is now using the Jerusalem issue to seek the preeminent position among Muslim nations as per Psalm 83. 

Psalm 83:5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:

83:6 The tabernacles of Edom [Turkey], and the Ishmaelites [true Arabs, sons of Ishmael; sons of Abraham and Hagar]; of Moab [northern Jordan today], and the Hagarenes [Arabs who are sons of Hagar by another than Abraham, and also not the sons of Ishmael];

83:7 Geba [Lebanon], and Ammon [Jordan today], and Amalek [a tribe of the Turks]; the Philistines [Gaza] with the inhabitants of Tyre [Lebanon];

83:8 Assur [Germany, Austria, Hungary] also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot [will help modern Jordan; Ammon and Moab].


Close Netanyahu buddy facing corruption charges as Bibi himself will be grilled yet again this week.   

Trump to demand major concessions from Israel via Pence visit as quid pro quo for  recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital.


12 Dec:   Knesset:  After an all night session the Sabbath bill passes first reading in the Knesset at 4:30 am today.  The bill must still pass second and third readings to become law.  Today’s first reading passage may have much to do with not embarrassing US VP Pence [with a coalition crisis] who is scheduled to address the Knesset next Monday, and final third reading passage is not guaranteed.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews are expected to attend the funeral of  Orthodox Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, who died this morning at 104.   He held significant, and usually decisive, influence over both ultra-Orthodox parties (UTJ and Shas).  


11 Dec:   Two more rockets were  fired from the Gaza Strip Monday night and were intercepted by Iron Dome over the Israeli town of Ashkelon.

Israel hits Hamas with artillery fire and aerial bombs after an unidentified group fires a single rocket from the Gaza strip.  In the Knesset the opposition delays voting by tabling thousands of amendments to proposed controversial legislation.

Senior members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives on Saturday rejected the vision for a “United States of Europe” put forward by the Social Democrats (SPD), with whom they are hoping to form a governing coalition.  Formal coalition talks will begin this Wednesday.

Botched NYC subway attack wounds four including attacker.  A suicide vest appeared to have a very light load of explosives and went off prematurely before the attacker could board a train.

Russian President Putin visited the Russian military Syria today and addressed the troops ordering Russian forces to withdraw from Syria. “I order the defense minister and the chief of general staff to start withdrawing the Russian group of troops to their permanent bases,” Putin said as he visited Hmeimim airbase, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. “I have taken a decision: a significant part of the Russian troop contingent located in Syria is returning home to Russia.”   Russia will leave behind a caretaker force to maintain its two bases in the Alawite populated Latakia province on the coast.  Putin also met with Syrian President Assad.     

Why the recent media blitz on sexual misconduct?  The media were setting the public mind for the real target could be Donald Trump.


10 Dec:   Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted Friday that the ‘Status of Jerusalem was not final’ and said that US embassy move won’t happen in the next 2 years. Indeed, Trump did not refer to Jerusalem as ‘undivided’ nor did he refer to E. Jerusalem. Haaretz has a video discussion of what Trump didn’t say in his Jerusalem speech. Israeli commentator of Hahadashot News show, Amnon Abramovich, said that “Trump meant to refer in his statement to West Jerusalem only” and added that “I would have preferred that instead of that, he would give half a billion dollars to the city, which is the poorest in Israel.

Tens of thousands of anti corruption demonstrations marched in Tel Aviv,  Nahariya, Hadera, Afula, Netanya, Rishon LeZion, Modi’in, Jerusalem and Beersheba last evening.

New in the Likud: a poll for choosing Netanyahu’s successor – The organizers of the Likud’s annual leadership event next month in Eilat will allow polling to see who is the preferred candidate to take over the chairman of the movement and the government, just in case Netanyahu is forced out in the near future.

The present candidates: Ministers Yisrael Katz, Gilad Erdan, Miri Regev and Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein and former minister Gideon Sa’ar. (Yoaz Hendel, Yedioth/Ynet) The five named men are discussing the possibility of teaming up to force out and replace Netanyahu as Likud leader and are negotiating who will lead the group and become the new party leader and prime minister.   

The Likud is gaining a reputation as “Corruption Incorporated”  over the many corruption investigations and allegations, even the Likud coalition whip faces another grilling as Likud awash in corruption investigations, and the five could act to save the party.

Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett announced Saturday plans to launch a bid for the premiership after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s term in office comes to an end. (Israel Hayom)  The meaning of this is that if Netanyahu is forced to step down the other coalition parties will not accept a new Likud leader as PM and will demand new elections.

Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog: “On Monday we will impose a parliamentary siege on the Knesset” – Opposition leader says opposition will battle against “the insistence of Netanyahu and his people to promote a series of extremely dangerous laws, especially the Recommendations Law, which more than anything will help Israel’s greatest criminals against Israeli citizens.” 

Herzog added that the 48 hour public protest in the Knesset was vital to exerting pressure on the coalition to “withdraw from this blitz of crazy laws” and that “in the coming year we will go to elections.” (Maariv Hebrew)

Knesset faces important bills this week;

  1. The Police Recommendations bill,
  2. The Sabbath bill closing markets outside of Tel Aviv,
  3. The Security bill giving the Security Cabinet full war powers.

Close encounters with Russia as US warplanes invaded Syrian airspace in November.


9 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful! 

The Hamas uprising has been paused until Hezbollah is ready. Operation against Al Nusrah Front [Al Qaeda] in Syria, began today with more than 100 Russian airstrikes on the ANF in Idlib and Hama provinces. Gaza war expected later in 2018.

Russia announced the end of the Islamic State war in Syria a few days ago, today the Iraqi leader announced the end of the Islamic State inside Iraq.

Demonstrations began again early today with Israel using draconian measures including live fire to smother all protests. 

Israel warns; any further rockets from Gaza and Israel will inflict a severe response.  This warning is practically begging some small group to launch a rocket which Israel can then use as an excuse for its long planned destruction of the Gaza militias.

Abbas and regional religious officials refuse to see VP Pence during next week’s trip.

Saudi Arabia pulled no punches when it condemned President Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But Palestinian officials say Riyadh has also been working for weeks behind the scenes to press them to support a developing US peace plan.  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in November discussed in detail a grand bargain that Trump and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and adviser, are expected to unveil in the first half of 2018.   

Trump has now recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but he did not say “undivided” nor did he acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over East Jerusalem.  WATCH for a solution which would be; declaring a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem as well, accompanied by internationalizing the Temple Mount [now under Jordanian administration] as a World Treasure. 

Trump sought to temper the blow from his Jerusalem announcement with a phone call to Abbas on Tuesday, stressing that the Palestinians stood to gain from the plan being drawn up by Kushner and US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt.  In his call Trump told Abbas: ‘I will be making some proposals for you that you will like’. When Abbas pressed him on details, Trump didn’t give any.”  

This call and other communications through the Saudi’s have tempered the Palestinian Authority’s response to the Trump Jerusalem announcement, although for political reasons they must condemn the Trump announcement at this time.

Once the war is completed and new regional governments have been established, a Grand Bargain will be agreed, the miracle working Roman pope will be set up who will recommend that nations join a New Federal Europe, and he will go to the Holy Place; which will trigger the onset of the tribulation (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15), as soon as end 2018!

Israel bombs four Hamas military sites this morning killing two men. 

Turkey begins hard push for leadership of the Islamic world as the whole world condemns Trump move.  According to Psalm 83, Turkey is prophesied to lead the Islamic world exclusive of Egypt [Iran will experience regime change and enter the American Israeli orbit for a very short time, when the trib begins Iran will turn to Asia], and will ally with the now rising New Federal Europe at the beginning of the tribulation.


8 Dec:   Israel sends Hamas ultimatum:  Any more rockets and we will come.

In response to an Israeli multi casualty attack on Gaza a rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded at 2200 hours [local] Friday night on Hehalutz St. the main street in the Israeli town of Sderot. 

At least 25 casualties [mostly civilians including six children living nearby] in Israeli air strikes on two Hamas military facilities as Israel conducted air strikes Friday night in the Gaza Strip in response to a single rocket intercepted from Gaza and a second rocket which fell on open ground.  They targeted Hamas military facilities in the northern Gaza sector and were reinforced by IDF artillery fire. 

The rocket was fired after 1 Gazan were killed and 30 wounded during the day and a commander in Hamas’s armed wing, Mahar Atalla, reportedly died from wounds inflicted in clashes with the IDF earlier in the day.

Yesterday Israel bombed Hamas after two rockets were launched from Gaza although neither made it to Israel both falling short.  The rockets were fired by a small Salafist group.

1 Killed 300 Palestinians injured in protests at numerous locations on the West Bank today.  Demonstrations were contained due to an extremely heavy Israeli military presence and a lack of decision by the Palestinian Authority.  Meanwhile there were large demonstrations in Turkey, Jordan, and Iranian clerics call for war

The PLO executive and leaders of the PA will meet to decide how to react to the Trump declaration.    

Netanyahu has declared that he will call elections if the budget is not ready by 12 January which is months ahead of schedule.  Barring unforeseen developments the next significant date for Israel is Purim on 1 March by the Rabbinic Calendar.


7 Dec:   Palestinians Clash With Israeli Soldiers Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision  At least 16 wounded, one seriously as protests erupt in Gaza and the West Bank. (Haaretz and Ynet)

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh:  “Tomorrow, we launch a new intifada for the liberation of Jerusalem.” He demanded that the Palestinian Authority halt its security cooperation with Israel.  Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi ordered Egyptian officials to leave Gaza at once.   

Israel sends thousands of troops to the West Bank and puts thousands more on stand by. 

Escalating demonstrations and attacks can be expected especially on Friday’s and perhaps during the Pence speach to the Knesset on Dec 18. 

  • Israel is expected to pass the Police Recommendations bill this coming Monday and Netanyahu is likely to apply crushing force on the West Bank, smothering any potential uprising. 
  • Then Netanyahu riding high in the polls due to getting US recognition of Jerusalem and crushing the uprising could call elections. 
  • Once Israel has tens of thousands of troops tied down on the West Bank it will be time for an attack from Gaza, and Phase Two of the war will begin. 
  • Once thousands more troops are tied down in Gaza, Phase 3 with Hezbollah Iran begins.

The US and Israel are playing along with the Iranian-Hamas-Hezbollah mutliphase Master Plan.

UNSC to hold emergency meeting on Jerusalem Friday. 

The reason for the crisis: Earlier this year Russia recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but Trump recognized Jerusalem – without specifying “West Jerusalem.”  This implies that Trump is recognizing ALL of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.  This Trump move is illegal under international law as the UNSC including the US, has condemned the Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem as illegal.

The whole world rejects Trump Jerusalem action and Trump sets up the US as assuming full responsibility for the coming war.  Now the Middle East will be plunged into war which the whole world will blame on Donald Trump, and when the following peace is derailed by the Israeli Extremists backed by Trump the US will be isolated and alone.   


6 Dec:   Today president Trump accepted that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and said that they would begin to prepare to move the US embassy there; a matter which could easily take years.   He did NOT say that the US accepted Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.   

In practical terms the Trump statement was a virtually meaningless gesture except for the intense and extremely provocative symbolism in offering recognition to an Israeli aspiration while offering absolutely nothing to the Palestinians.   

The move seems to be a symbolic political gesture designed to provoke the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Shiite Muslims; in a deliberate effort to ignite regional conflict, so that those entities can be defeated to open the way for the Trump Middle East Peace Initiative. 

Israel’s southern residents wary as IDF increases activity near Gaza border – “I see a lot of bustle; it’s very clear to us that something is going on in the area, Military Police are preventing access [to certain places],” says one resident near border (Israel Hayom

Iranian president Rouhani will attend a special summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the main pan-Islamic body called by Turkey for Dec 13 in response to US Jerusalem announcement.  Meanwhile it is being reported that the Sunni States like the Saudi’s, while publicly decrying the Trump announcement are privately supporting the move.  

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman had informed President Trump that, while Riyadh publicly objects to Jerusalem’s recognition as Israel’s capital, and relocation of the US embassy, neither would be a bar to Saudi engagement with Israel; nor should they be detrimental to Trump administration’s Middle East Peace Initiative.

Apparently a back room deal has been made with Israel for war on Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah and the pending US Jerusalem announcement is part of the deal and the coming overall Mideast Peace initiative.

Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar which is the supreme Islamic institution of Sunni Muslims, on Tuesday warned that “the gates of hell” will open if the United States goes through with plans to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move its embassy to Jerusalem.  Following his meeting with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, el-Tayeb said such a move would ignite the feelings of anger among all Muslims, endanger global peace and increase tensions, divisions and hatred around the world.

Israel conducts second major logistics drill on Syrian border in months.  The drills practice the distribution of equipment to mobilized reservists.


5 Dec:    Trump to make Jerusalem announcement tomorrow as USA prepares to defund the Palestinian Authority.    Hamas calls for a “Day of Rage” and mass demonstrations Friday, and has also called for another Jerusalem uprising across the West Bank which call is being backed by the Palestinian Authority.   

Anti Trump protests have already begun

Netanyahu and the Israeli’s had demanded American recognition of Jerusalem and a move of the US embassy in the near future.  Depending on how the Trump speach is worded it could start another Palestinian uprising as a prelude to regional war.  

It is possible that here could even be a regional war BEFORE an Israeli election call.

Today President Donald Trump phoned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to prepare the ground for his announcement Wednesday on the status of Jerusalem.

The Trump administration correctly assesses the Syrian regime as in a state of collapse and totally dependent on its allies.   As reported at this site for years now, the coming war which will crush Hezbollah and the Shia militias and change the regime in Iran, will open the way for the foreign instigated and sponsored rebellion to remove Assad.  

There are rumors flying in Likud that senior Likud members may take steps to remove and replace Netanyahu in the party.  

Heavy fighting in Sinai overnight, between Egypt and elements of Islamic State has caused multiple false rocket alarms in southern Israel.

Three Israeli missiles shot down as Israel again attacks Damascus area.  This time Israel attacked the Jamarya compound.


4 Dec:   Israeli Police make 21 arrests of officials in Israeli corruption case.

Israeli “Police Recommendations Bill” postponed until next Monday so that a new clause excluding presently ongoing investigations can be added.   The new changes practically guarantee its passage.

Trump is under heavy Palestinian pressure not to accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital until negotiations resolve the issues.  Recent Washington reports may be just a false rumor to put Trump in the position of giving the Palestinians something. 

Islamic Jihad has announced that it is still preparing to respond to the Israel killing of its men in the tunnel bombing a few weeks ago.  They are expected to respond after Netanyahu calls an election, bringing another Israel Gaza war. 

Although it is impossible to set a date at this time, the election call will come after the police bill is passed and could come – possibly over the budget – as early as sometime in January or February.  Once the Islamic Jihad strikes, Netanyahu will use it as a reason to establish his election credentials as Mr Security and respond in force. 

Bibi and his far right coalition partners are fully determined to wipe out all Gaza militias this time around, and are prepared for an escalation to Hezbollah and even Iran.


3 Dec:   Israel blocks some roads adjacent to Gaza due to intense Israeli military activity.  

Large-scale US forces arrived at the Kaywan base-K1 west of the oil city of Kirkuk Iraq, and then hundreds of US troops headed east on Dec. 1 to take control of the Siddiq military airport, before advancing to Tuz Khumatu  60 Mi west of the Iraqi-Iranian border.   

The move was accompanied by a letter from Central Intelligence Agency chief Mike Pompeo to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Al Qods chief, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, putting Iran on notice that America would hold Iran responsible any clashes between US forces and Shia Militias.  Then early Sabbath morning Israel bombed a meeting of Shiite Militia and Iran military leaders in Damascus. 

The American move is in preparation for cutting off Shia Militias in Iraq from sources of supply in Iran during the coming war between Hezbollah and Israel. 

Sabbath issue resolved in cabinet today and Israeli police reveal a year-long graft and organized crime investigation surrounding coalition whip, Netanyahu buddy MK David Bitan, the day before final voting on a bill to prevent police from revealing their recommendations on such investigations.

After mass demonstrations by tens of thousands against the police bill, Netanyahu today officially added a clause to the bill making it non applicable to existing investigations.  This means that police can make and publicize their recommendations on the present Netanyahu corruption investigations.    

Washington sources are reporting that Donald Trump will accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a speach this Wednesday.  Israel and the Palestinians are preparing for a series of protests and Hamas is calling for a violent uprising if this happens. 

After touring the Middle East to set up the next war US Vice President Pence is scheduled to address the Knesset on Dec 18th, the speach is reported be about American friendship and security guarantees for Israel. 

Donald Trump claiming no establishment connections has just managed to pass a big tax reduction bill for the US Establishment’s richest people and corporations.  


2 Dec:   A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  

The Israeli military attacked several government military bases in Al Kiswah on the southwest outskirts of Damascus last night. The Israeli raid was aimed at government military sites as well as positions of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, the sound of large explosions caused by the raid was heard in Damascus and its surroundings.  The .attack on the Syrian army’s 1st Division’s ammunition dump near Al-Kiswah 8 Mi southwest of Damascus and 30 Mi from the Golan.   

Syria shot down two of the incoming missiles and a short time later, the Syrian army announced that units of its 7th armored division and the 42nd brigade of its 4th division had just launched an offensive on the Beit Jinn pocket of Israeli backed rebels and Druze on Mount Hermon a little more than 4 km away from IDF positions on the mount.


1 Dec:     The Saban Forum a US Military, Financial, Industrial  Establishment, Brooking’s Institute backed forum for Israeli American relations, is to begin airing its ideas for Middle East peace on Sunday.

Israel in coalition crisis over the Sabbath.  With “Bibi Bill” also coming up next week, religious parties threaten coalition over Sabbath desecration as Yisrael Beytenu says they will vote against Sabbath bill this Sunday.  

Trump plans to visit the UK are put off after Trump tweets extremist rhetoric and then attacks PM May.   

Israeli solder killed by attacker and Islamic Jihad launches mortar barrage yesterday, after settlers shoot Palestinian man dead.

The Geneva Syrian peace talks have been extended to December 15 indicating progress, as Russia announces that preparations for withdrawal from Syria are already underway.

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