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30 Apr  11:00 PDT:  Syria-  Today the Syrian and Russian air forces bombed dozens of towns and villages along the Hama-Idlib axis, with a high concentration of the strikes on the terrorist stronghold of Kafr Naboudeh.

Gaza-  In response to Israel cancelling its ceasefire concessions several incendiary balloons were launched from Gaza today.  Israel deployed missile defense batteries today. Iron Dome batteries were deployed throughout the country, ahead of the start of Ramadan which begins Sunday night at sunset, the international Eurovision song competition in Tel Aviv, Israel’s Memorial and Independence Days, Nakba Day and the first anniversary of the opening of the contentious US Embassy in Jerusalem. 

The US is coming down hard against Hamas and Islamic Jihad ahead of an Israeli invasion of Gaza, which is expected to commence after Syria Hezbollah is committed against the Idlib terrorists near the Turkish border.

07:30 PDT:  BREAKING Syria–  The Syrian army has been instructed to begin the initial ground moves in an Idlib offensive at a time of their choosing.  The Russian government will meet and brief their Turkish counterparts before  the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Republican Guard, 4th Armored Division, and Tiger Forces supported by the Palestinian-led Al-Quds Brigade [an Iranian asset] and Hezbollah (Syrian and Lebanese groups) launch their assault.  Close air support will be provided by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) and the Russian Air Force.

Israel-  The belligerent attitude of the settler movement Jews allied to Netanyahu.  Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel lectured his students about the Holocaust at the Bnei David Yeshiva in Eli settlement. “Let’s begin by asking the question: was Hitler right or not?  He is the most correct person there is. He was definitely right in every word he said.  His ideology was correct.  There is a male world which fights, which deals with honor and the brotherhood of soldiers.  And there is the soft, moral feminine world which turns the other cheek.  We believe that such [secular Diaspora] Jews carry on this [feminine] heritage, making them the real enemy.  He [Hitler] is 100% correct, aside from the fact that he was on the wrong side.” 

Ultimately these folks will sabotage the coming peace deal triggering the great tribulation and a final corrective captivity.  See the “Coming World Events” articles.

05:45 PDT:   Syria-  Syria launches heavy airstrikes on terrorists as they prepare for substantial operation to eradicate extremists from the Idlib area.

Health-  Warning California water causes cancerOne might ask: How much of this poison is absorbed into California agricultural produce? 

01:30 PDT:   Israel-  After Islamic Jihad tests a rocket out to sea [denied by IJ], Israel restores restrictions eased for elections calm.

UK-   A meeting of 800 constituency chairmen and women, as well as senior Tory activists who will demand that she step down over her handling of Brexit will be held in June.

Japan-  Japan’s Emperor Akihito 85, will abdicate retiring at the end of Tuesday. Crown Prince Naruhito, 59, will accede to the throne on Wednesday.

Syria-  Dozens of new military units have arrived for the Idlib offensive in the past week, doubling the Syrian military forces massing for the anti terrorist Idlib offensive. Yesterday Russia’s Lavrov came out in support of the proposed offensive which may be launched soon.


29 Apr 07:30 PDT:  USA-  Donald Trump has now made more than 10,000 false statements in his presidency.

Afghanistan-  National Conference on peace begins.

03:00 PDT:  Syria-  Heavy Russian airstrikes on Jihadi’s continues.


28 Apr 15:30 PDT:  Israel-  Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Sunday said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-indictment hearing must be held by July 10, while publicly setting an ultimatum for the premier’s lawyers to schedule the proceedings within 12 days, or lose the opportunity to present their case before criminal charges are handed down.

04:30 PDT:  Syria-  Russia  announces that the heavy bombing campaign to soften up the terrorists will continue for a time.  The ground operation to eradicate the terrorists could come soon.

Health warning-  Propionate, a food preservative used to extend the life of baked goods by inhibiting the growth of mold found to cause obesity and diabetes.

US conducts rapid reaction drills.  

UN Demands ‘Hezbollah’s’ Disarmament

Donald Trump to withdraw US from Arms Trade Treaty-  The ATT was signed by 130 nations in 2013, and officially came into law the following year. It requires states to monitor their arms exports, and to ensure their weapons sales do not break existing arms embargoes.  Trump expects other nations to abide by arms sanctions but the US will not do so. 

Fighting increases in Idlib Syria


27 Apr:  A Blessed Sabbath and Holy Day for All God’s Faithful!  Today is the weekly Sabbath, the seventh day High Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the first Sabbath after Wave Offering Sunday.  Israel came up out of the Red Sea as a type of resurrection from the dead, late on the sixth day of the Feast and as the sun set Moses penned this song of gratitude to God for their deliverance to begin the High Holy Day.  When the resurrected faithful stand before the throne of God they will sing this same song (Rev 15).  See our article on the Song of Moses.   

Special Music; The Song of Moses from Revelation 15;  The Song of Moshe from Exodus 15.  When you see Israel and the Egyptians and Canaanites mentioned in the Exodus 15 version; think spiritual Israel and deliverance from Satan the pharaoh god-king of this world.


26 Apr  15:15 PDT:  Syria-  Heavy Russian bombing continues with strikes on the towns of Hizareen, Qasabiyeh, Tramla, and Habit in southern Idlib. 

11:30 PDT:  Syria-  Following the overnight bombings on Idlib and Hama, the Russian Air Force has expanded their strikes to the Aleppo Governorate, where they are repeatedly hammering Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham’s [Al Qaeda] positions in Kafr Hamra.

04:30:  Syria-  Overnight the Russian Air Force heavily bombarded the towns of Tal Hawash, Kafr Auwyd, and Al-Maouzra.


25 Apr 09:15 PDT:  Syria-  Isalmists have launched several grad missiles at Russian positions in Slunfeh in Latakia province.  The position overlooks the western flank of the Al-Ghaab Plain. 

The Russian Air Force bombed three weapons factories, along with a Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham command center.   A jihadist chemical weapons factory has also been destroyed, thus foiling Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham’s plot to carry out an attack before the next round of the Astana Peace Talks. 

The 12th round of Syria peace talks under the Astana format has started in Kazakhstan today, attended by delegations from the Syrian government, the opposition, Russia, Iran, and Turkey.  The talks will focus on the Idlib terrorist problem and could result in approving a ground offensive against the extremists.

Korea-  Kim to denuclearize if given security guarantees and sanctions are lifted.  This is the same Kim proposal that failed when the US refused step by step sanctions relief  coordinated with the denuclearization process.   Russia could enter the picture by providing a nuclear umbrella over the DPRK.  This process like that in Ukraine, might take several years to work out, and the situation in Asia might not stabilize until well into the tribulation.  See the Great Europe vs Asia War article in our Coming World Events category.

01:30 PDT: Syria-  The USS Abraham Lincoln super carrier strike group has sailed opposite the Syrian coast with the US ambassador to Moscow Jon Huntsman aboard.  The USS John C. Stennis sailed through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea to join the Lincoln.  The USS Kearsarge Marine Amphibious Ready Group a collection of warships is in the Persian Gulf. 

The United States also deployed an unspecified number of F-35 stealth fighter planes to the United Arab Emirates and a number of submarines to the region.  More reinforcements are on the way as the US prepares for an Iranian reaction to what amounts to a US blockade beginning on May 2.  Iran’s initial reaction could be moves in Gaza and/or Syria as earl;y as some time in May.

Korea-  Russian President Putin meets with North Korean Chairman Kim in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok to discuss the Korean peace efforts.  The move by Kim is an attempt to shift peace talks away from the US [because of US broken promises] to an Asia based process and craft a deal with South Korea.


24 Apr  16:00 PDT:  Defense ministers from at least 35 countries and more than 1,000 experts from over 100 countries are taking part in the Eighth Moscow Conference on International Security being held April 23-25.

07:00 PDT:  Turkey-   Russia will begin delivering the S-400 air defense system to Turkey this July.  The US Turkish relationship is in even more trouble over US Iran oil sanctions.

TheShiningLight-  Remember that regardless of wars and rumors of wars, political events and peace plans; the final and definitive sign that the onset of the tribulation is imminent is the setting up of a miracle working man as Roman Pontiff in the Vatican.  When he is set up there will be a maximum of 1,335 days until Christ comes (Dan 12).   Within about 75 days after being set up he will go to the Temple Mount which visit will trigger the tribulation beginning with the occupation of Jerusalem and war on Judea.

Matthew 24: 15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) 24:16 then let them which be in Judæa flee into the mountains: 24:17 let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: 24:18 neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! 24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: 24:21 for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 

We will only know that the tribulation is about to begin when this man is set up and announces his plans for a visit to Jerusalem.  It could be late this year, or late next year or even longer, but Middle East peace must also be reached (1 Thess 5:3) and that process is progressing.

23 Apr 16:00 PDT:  Syria-  Syria reports that terrorist groups have evacuated much of the town of Jurjanas in the southern countryside of Idlib as a prelude to launching a chlorine attack to be blamed on Syria in order to justify a US bombing of Syria.  These types of reports have appeared with some frequency after the US falsely blamed and attacked Syria over a terrorist chemical attack in Douma last April. 

12:00 PDT:  Mideast War-   The John C. Stennis and Abraham Lincoln super carrier strike groups have joined the US Mediterranean 6th Fleet with is massed in armada with British and French warships.  The USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) – super carrier strike force had been in the 5th Fleet off Iran near the Straight of Hormuz.  The Trump total oil blockade on Iran beginning on 2 May is intended to spark hostilities soon.

09:00 PDT:  Israel-  Netanyahu is fighting his July corruption hearing seeking a postponement of several months, as he demands that potential coalition partners agree to grant him immunity before hearings take place.  He faces conviction and prison if he fails to form a coalition which will grant him immunity. 

Sri Lanka-  Islamic State claims ownership of Sri Lanka bombings.

05:30 PDT:   US/UK-  US president Trump will make a state visit to the UK on June 3-5 to discuss talks on a future trade deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May. 

The EU is scheduled to review progress on Brexit at the end of June before granting a continuation of the British exit postponement to October.  With the talks deadlocked the continuance is in jeopardy and PM May needs a trade deal with the US to smooth a possible hard no deal Brexit. Trump’s trip will continue to Europe with June 6 events to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings during World War Two.

Syria-  Last night the Russian Air Force destroyed a large Al Qaeda weapons depot in Idlib and and a jihadist convoy that was traveling through the Idlib Governorate.

03:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  The Iranian parliament has passed a law defining the entire United States military as a terrorist organization after the United States had earlier labeled the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday, April 21, replaced the veteran IRGC chief, Gen. Ali Jafari, with Brig. Gen, Hossein Salami and directed him to  prepare for the US moves to strangle Iranian oil exports.  Trump has announced his intention to completely shut down Iranian oil exports as of May second.

Syria-  Over night the Syrian Army bombarded the defenses of Jaysh Al-Izza at the towns of Al-Zakat and Al-Arbaeen in Hama province on the border with Idlib.

Ukraine-  Zelenskiy will likely be forced to coexist with a hostile pro NATO parliament until the scheduled October 27 parliamentary elections.  He may hold talks soon but it is only after a new parliament that he will be able to begin implementing any peace deal.  Meanwhile EU elections come at the end of May with a new EU parliament taking its seats on July second to choose a new EU leader.


22 Apr  18:00 PDT:  Today’s Russian aerial bombardment of Aleppo has expanded with heavy air strikes in Idlib province.

15:30 PDT:   Mideast Peace Gaza/Hamas-   The US admits that peace cannot be achieved as long as Hamas rules Gaza and demands that Hamas change or be removed.  This is an ultimatum to Hamas opening the way for its removal by Israel.  Major demonstrations are now being planned for the May 15 Nakba Day.

05:00 PDT:  Ukraine-   Volodymyr Zelensky, 41, the new Ukraine president pledged on Monday to “reboot” peace talks with the Russian speaking eastern provinces. Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister of Russia, welcomed the offer.

03:30 PDT:  Syria-  The Syrian army has begun to advance against Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham [Al Qaeda] terrorists in western Aleppo under cover of artillery and a massive Russian aerial bombardment.

02:30 PDT:  Iran-  This morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will announce to the media that, as of May 2, the State Department will no longer grant sanctions waivers to any country that is currently importing Iranian crude.  Last November, the State Dept. issued 180-day waivers to eight countries, including  China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey; which will not be renewed.

Sri Lanka-  290 dead and over 500 injured in a series of bomb blasts at Catholic locations in Sri Lanka. The attack by an obscure Islamic group appears to be part of an effort to stir up another round of hostility between the mainly Buddhist population and Roman Catholics.  The Buddhists have been attacking Muslims and Catholics for a very long time. and Sri Lanka has a long history of bloody sectarian wars.


21 Apr:  A Blessed Feast of Unleavened Bread for All God’s Faithful! 

12:00 PDT:  Ukraine-  In a stunning reverse for the United States the American/NATO puppet Poroschenko has been soundly defeated by the nationalist candidate Zelenskiy who received a majority in every region of the country receiving a huge 73% of all votes cast.  Zelenskiy now has an overwhelming mandate to pursue his agenda of rapprochement with Russia.  See our article on Ukraine and NATO.

Syria-  Yesterday Turkish troops entered and occupied a buffer zone along Turkey’s border with Syria to block the escape of terrorists into Turkey during the coming battle for Idlib.  They are now digging in and fortifying their positions ahead of a Syrian operation to eradicate the terrorists in Idlib province.  


20 Apr:  Breaking 17:00 PDT:   Historian links Moses with Thutmose and Hatshepsut!  The Hatshepsut, Thutmose and Moses story was originally posted here several years ago and re-posted a few days ago!

A Blessed Sabbath and Spring Festival for All God’s Faithful!

According to God’s Biblical Calendar Passover is on Sabbath 20 April this year and should be observed after the sun sets ending Friday.  The first High Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread begins at sunset Saturday evening with a Night Vigil remembering the exodus from bondage to Egypt which is an allegory of our calling out of bondage to Satan, sin and death.  Also see the Calendar articles.

This year the first Holy Day is also Wave Offering Sunday and appropriate articles will be posted on Friday, the Passover Sabbath and on Sunday at this Bible Studies site.  Visitors will also find the recent Spring Festivals articles including the  three articles on Israel in Egypt, Moses and the Egyptian plagues, fascinating.   

Special Passover Music:  Michael Card “God Will provide a Lamb

Full length “Handel’s Messiah,” this version has a long introduction with the music starting at about 23 minutes. 


Gaza-  On Friday violence escalated on the Gaza front,  Israeli forces wounded 100 demonstrators in the eastern Gaza Strip.  Israel also shelled or bombed several sites east of Gaza city, and east of the al-Boreij refugee camp after receiving cross border fire.

This afternoon one projectile landed in open territory inside Gaza near a community in Israel’s Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council.


19 Apr  17:00 PDT:  Afghanistan-  Peace talks hit snag as Taliban objects to the Afghan government trying to complicate and stall the talks by send several hundred “negotiators.”

11:30 PDT:  Libya-  While in Cairo consulting with his Egyptian backers Gen Haftar consulted with president Trump by phone.  

07:00 PDT:  Gaza-   Israel bombs two Hamas positions in response to shots being fired on the border.  At this time Israel is negotiating with Hamas as a delaying tactic to prevent hostilities while coalition negotiations are taking place.  Things are likely to heat up again soon with Israeli Independence Day, Nakba Day and the Six Day War anniversary approaching. 


18 Apr  17:30 PDT:  Ukraine-   Zelenskiy election could bring peace with Russia more division between the US and Europe.  Keep scrolling over the many ads to see all of this article.

09:00 PDT:  Today’s Jewish take on Passover. 

From the Haaretz daily-  The Surprising Ancient Origins of Passover
The holiday we know today began as two distinct ones, one for nomadic herders and one for farmers. Neither involved Egypt. (Elon Gilad, Haaretz+)

For You Were (Not) Slaves in Egypt: The Ancient Memories Behind the Exodus Myth
From the expulsion of the Hyksos to Armageddon, the epic Passover saga does not reflect a specific event. (Ariel David, Haaretz+

This rejection of God and many other sins including Sabbath pollution by the majority of the population, is the reason that another final correction will come upon the Jewish State and the Anglo Saxon peoples as well.  See our “Coming World Events” articles.

Gaza-  Ynet reported that in a lecture to security coordinators of the Israeli communities living in the Gaza Strip ‘envelope,’ Lt. Col. Khatib Mansour, IDF’s Director of Palestinian affairs at COGAT, said that the situation was so bad in Gaza that women were becoming prostitutes with the consent of their husbands because they were so desperate, and that 97% of water sources are polluted, water is pumped to homes only twice a week, that the suicide rate had jumped in the last year and that young people were leaving the Strip if they could.

According to him, “We noticed a phenomenon that developed this year as part of the demonstrations on the fence: the young people demonstrating run to the fence under the influence of drugs and pills. The phenomenon of drugs in Gaza is inconceivable.”  The lecture was held as part of a ceremony for a toast to the security coordinators of the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, initiated by the council’s security officer, Eyal Hajabi. (Ynet and Ynet Hebrew).  The same things and worse, will come upon us when we suffer a much greater tribulation.

US-  How the Mueller investigation was sabotaged.

Israel-  Orthodox parties harden their position against Yisrael Beytenu in draft bill dispute, making formation of a governing coalition almost impossible.    

05:00 PDT:  Korea-  In hopes of jump starting the Korea talks Pyongyang has requested that the United States replace US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in nuclear talks and called for “someone more careful and mature in communication.”

None of Pompeo’s promises to ease sanctions have been kept by Donald Trump, the fault is really Trump’s but the DPRK is being diplomatic and offering a solution to the problem that does not accuse Trump.  In addition the DPRK underscored its impatience with the US talks by testing an artillery rocket launcher.

While tremendous headway is being made between the South Koreans and the DPRK, the talks with the US are now at a standstill do to the American refusal to respond to the DPRK freeze on nuclear weapons with steps reducing sanctions as the US had promised. The original plan agreed by the US was; step by step progress on sanctions reduction in coordination with step by step DPRK accomplishments in implementing American demands. 

The DPRK appears to indicate that if no progress in talks is made by year’s end they will seek other solutions, possibly meaning that the talks between the two Korea’s will turn away from the US to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Asian countries led by Russia and China.  Chairman Kim is to visit Russian President Putin next week.


17 Apr  11:00 PDT:  Israel-   President Rivlin has asked Benjamin Netanyahu to try and form a governing coalition.  Bibi will have 28 days with the possibility of a 14 day extension to accomplish this difficult task.  If he is unable to form a coalition of at least 61 seats which is highly doubtful at this point, the president has the option of asking someone else to try or calling a new vote to take place within 90 days of a second election call. 

  • A powerful Israeli war is expected in the very near future, 
  • Netanyahu faces a hearing on his three corruption indictments, and
  • Any new government will face the Middle East Peace Initiative 

All if which will have a serious effect on the Israeli political situation. 

A second plausible scenario [among many] is that Netanyahu will be able to form a right wing coalition, which will then falter over the Trump Peace Initiative, forcing a coalition reshuffle or a new election.  The Peace Plan is now tentatively due in early June.

04:00 PDT:   Vatican-  The Notre Dame fire has brought an outpouring of European and Roman Catholic fervor in Europe with the rebuilding fund approaching 1 Billion Euros in only two days

Afghanistan-  For the first time in years delegates from the Afghan government will meet with the Taliban for peace talks.  The Taliban US talks will resume for another round in Doha this Friday with representatives of the Afghan government participating


16 Apr  12:00 PT:  Breaking-  After speaking with associates of Yisrael Beytenu party leader leader Avigdor Liberman, Israeli Orthodox parties will insist on their religious agenda or they will initiate a second round of elections by refusing to join a governing coalition.  The Orthodox religious parties are clashing with the secular right wing Yisrael Beytenu party which won five seats in last week’s election.  The two parties are divided by irreconcilable differences; which if not reconciled will bring another round of elections.  

08:00 PDT:  Those who want to learn more about the internet should see these free articles by the Khan Academy.

03:00 PDT:  Mideast War-  Yesterday the U.S. Air Force deployed its newest 5th generation fighter jets the stealth  F-35A to  the Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates.  The deployed 388th and 419th Fighter Wings included extensive reserve elements and with the Islamic State war now largely over they appear to have been deployed against Syria Iran. 

The US has requested that the Kurds accept the entry of Turkish troops into a narrow buffer zone on its border with Syria.  The Kurds are protesting the move but without US backing there is little they can do to resist and the way is now open for Turkey to secure a border buffer zone which will block the escape of terrorists once the Russian backed Syria Hezbollah offensive in Idlib / Aleppo takes place.  Despite the western  propaganda it is in everyone’s interest to eradicate these terrorists and US Special representative James Jeffrey has worked out the American deal with Turkey.


15 Apr 13:30 PDT:  France-  A  massive fire has broken out during renovations a at the historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, engulfing the centre of the building and destroying its famous spire.  The interior has been destroyed except for the outer shell.

Israel-  Coalition talks deadlocked before they begin.  Only a miracle can prevent a second election.

10:00 PDT:  Gaza-  Gaza militias resume incendiary balloons. Devices attached to balloons cause fires in the Be’eri and Shokeda Forests on Monday evening.

Syria-  Using Grad missiles, the jihadists of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham bombarded the Jumeliyah District of Aleppo, causing severe damage to the buildings inside this part of the city.

The Turkish Army shelled the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) at the Aleppo town of Khaljibrin and the YPG is returning fire this afternoon.  The YPG has failed to withdraw from areas west of the Euphrates in spite of committing to do so a year ago.  Turkey is now moving to establish a buffer zone on the border.

02:00 PDT:  Israel-  Israeli’s begin to admit that forming a governing coalition could be impossible.  President Rivlin will announce the results of his consultations with party leaders Wednesday. 

Syria-  The Syrian Army’s 4th Division and Republican Guard last night unleashed a heavy barrage of surface-to-surface missiles and artillery shells towards the Anadan Plain targeting the towns of Kafr Hamra, Haritan, and Anadan.


14 Apr 09:45 PDT:   Syria-  Terrorist bombard Aleppo in response to Russian air strikes.

Israeli- Report on Friday’s bombing of Syria.

06:15 PDT:  Syria-  Last night Turkish troops were deployed to the Turkish Syrian border, next to the Kurdish controlled Syrian towns of Jarabulus and Manbij and also along the border with Idlib. 

After Turkey secures its border and the aerial  bombardment of Idlib by Russia nears completion, Syria and Hezbollah plan to invade the terrorist havens in Idlib and the border region.  Israel has been waiting for Syria and Hezbollah to become deeply involved in conflict on the Turkish border before invading Gaza.

Gaza-  Gaza militias warn Israel through Egypt that they are considering resuming the use of “hard tools” such as incendiary balloon launches and nighttime clashes along the border over Israel’s failure to honor understandings between the sides aimed at ensuring calm; demand Israel start keeping her word. 

Israel-   Ahead of the coming conflict Trump insists that the US and Israel have immunity from International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution.  The US has always refused to submit to the court.

01:00 PDT:  Israel-   The IDF begins standing down from combat alert in the Gaza area as Israel awaits developments on the Syrian Idlib front.   Syria Hezbollah is expected to launch an operation to clear terrorists in Idlib opening a window for Israel to invade Gaza without fear of an interventions in its north.

Syria-  In the escalating pre-invasion bombardment, last night the Russian Air Force launched more than 30 air strikes on  Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham [Al Qaeda] positions along the Idlib-Hama Highway.  The strikes concentrated on the part of the Idlib-Aleppo Highway near the large town of Ariha.

Europe-  Political change developing in Italy and Europe.


13 Apr:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  

Palestine-   In preparation for Palestinian Authority elections to replace president Abbas, 21 ministers headed by Mohammad Shtayyeh as prime minister of the new Palestinian government were sworn in today.  Shtayyeh is critical of Hamas and a supporter of peace talks with Israel.  The move marks a break with Hamas to hold elections for a peace making government for the Palestinian Authority.

Syria-  Friday large numbers of American forces withdrew from Syria and redeployed to bases in Iraq, while thousands of Syrian soldiers completed updated training and headed to marshaling areas ahead the looming Idlib offensive.

A number of Iranians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military position near the city of Masyaf in western Hama province overnight.  The attack comes days  ahead of the activation of the Syrian S-300 air defense systems.


12 Apr 11:00 PDT:  Gaza-  7,000 protesters in violent demonstration, one youth killed by IDF fire.

07:00 PDT:  Syria-  The Syrian army completes training to operate the Russian S-300 air defense system and is in final preparations for the looming Idlib offensive.  

04:45 PDT Breaking-   Because of the difficulties in forming a governing coalition and the need to deal with the pending International Peace Initiative,  Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is expected to ask Likud leader Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to form a national unity government,   

If Likud and the Blue White were to enter a coalition, at 71 seats they would have a huge majority in the Knesset.  They would be able to form a stable long term government and would also have the credibility to accept the internationally sponsored Trump Peace Initiative.  The president will be consulting with party leaders on Monday and Tuesday. 

The situation is very complicated with the Blue and White open to a coalition with Likud only if Netanyahu is replaced [because of his corruption indictments].  Bibi will probably elect to try and form a Right Wing government because he does not want to resign.  Watch for war to break out and a second round of voting in the coming months; with the Blue White getting the most seats next time. 

01:30 PDT:   Ukraine-  Zelenskiy whose platform focuses on the twin planks of fighting corruption and reaching peace and harmony with Russia now has a commanding lead in the polls ahead of the April 21 balloting.  Under president Poroshenko the Ukrainian army is taking advantage of Russian patience in waiting for Zelenskiy’s election and preoccupation with Syria and is presently advancing on Ukraine’s Russian speaking citizens

NATO-  In Ukraine Zelenskiy wants to hold a referendum giving the people a choice on whether to join NATO, which would mean continued friction with Russia, or hold peace talks with Russia over the Donbas. 

It is beginning to look like NATO’s eastward expansion will be blocked and rolled back.  NATO is also under tremendous pressure regarding Turkey and the Trump demands.

Israel Elections-  Final results indicate that Netanyahu will not be able to form a governing coalition without Lieberman’s Yisrael Beytenu’s five seats.  Yisrael Beytenu is in an intense dispute with the Orthodox parties which Bibi also needs. 

Trump is standing by to release his peace plan soon.   If Netanyahu backs the Trump peace plan it would be another problem in forming a Right Wing coalition, possibly leading to Likud and the Blue and White forming a national unity government or to a second round of voting. 

Syria-  Russia, Syria and Turkey continue heavy artillery barrages and air strikes on the extremists in northern Syria.  Turkey also attacked the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate which has not withdrawn to east of the Euphrates as they had promised a year ago.  The Turkish moves against the YPG are part of their plans to complete a border buffer zone ahead of the Syrian ground offensive in Idlib and northern Syria. 


11 Apr 07:00 PDT:  Brexit-  EU agrees to extend Brexit deadline to 31 October with a progress assessment in June.  This means that Britain will have to run in the EU elections in May and its faction in the EU parliament could make it difficult to pass key needed legislation.  This chaotic EU situation is propelling the Germans and french to build a New Federal European entity outside of the EU.

Israel Election-  Total potential Likud ruling coalition at possible 64 with 61 necessary. Whether a coalition can be formed is now dependent on Yisrael Beytenu 5 seats reaching an agreement with the Haredi parties 15 seats on the conscription bill that put the previous coalition in nearly continual crisis.  At this time both factions are demanding that their respective differing positions be made law without any changes.  They have been unable to solve this situation for the past three years, can they do so now?  Then the issues of the Trump peace plan which is rejected bu the extremists and the Netanyahu corruption indictments must be overcome.

03:00 PDT:  MESA- Egypt pulls out of planned Arab alliance at Sunday’s meeting of the US-backed Middle East Security Alliance (MESA) in the Saudi capital Riyadh.  Egypt is the biblical king of the south along with Israel, while the Arab states, Jordan and Turkey are to be allied together against the Jewish state (Psalm 83) and will be helped by the now rising New Federal Europe.

France blocks EU ceasefire call for Libya as Gen Hafter advances in Tripoli.


10 Apr  12:30 PDT:   Mideast Peace-  Netanyahu’s extremist allies would bring down any possible   Likud government if Bibi agrees to Trump peace plan

Trump says: “I think we have a better chance for peace now that Bibi has won.”  Now why would Trump say that about an anti peace extremist coalition?  Because Netanyahu will be in a position to reset regional realities by going to war ahead of a second round of voting which the peace oriented parties would win.  If the peace people had won this time around they would not go to war and the realities in Gaza and Syria/Iran would not be changed towards achieving a peace deal.

05:00 PDT:  Libya-  The US is coming out in favor of French backed Gen Hafter to take over Libya.

Israel-  With 97% of votes counted in Israel’s general election, the two leading parties are even at 35 seats each in the 120-member Knesset. The president must now decide who to ask to try and form a government based on their potential to put together a coalition with smaller parties of at least 61 seats..  

One of the two major parties will now be given 28 days with a possible extension of 14 days to form a government.  This seems an impossible task for either party and if the effort fails the president will have the option of asking someone else to try or of calling a second vote.   If Netanyahu does form a government it will be highly unstable as Netanyahu faces a court hearing on his three corruption indictments in July. 

Key Netanyahu ally the New Right party lead by Naftali Bennett may have failed to enter the Knesset receiving just 127,503 votes, or 3.14% of all valid ballots cast.  To enter the Knesset, a party must win 3.25% of the vote, equivalent to some 139,000 ballots in this year’s election.  Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut also failed to enter the Knesset. 

A possible right-wing coalition hangs on whether the Orthodox parties to accomplish the impossible and reach an agreement with the Yisrael Beytenu on a Haredi draft law.  The probability of a second round vote is very high.


9 Apr 12:15 PDT:  Israel-   Balloting in Israel ends.  Official results may take a day or two since there are 39 parties taking part.  Initial exit polls predict a deadlock with neither party being able to assemble a governing coalition.  Live English Election Coverage

08:00 PDT:  With a very low voter turnout in the Likud strongholds Prime Minister Netanyahu is convening an emergency meeting with election staff to somehow try to energize Likud voters in the few remaining hours.

03:00 PDT:  Israel-  Election day begins with several attempts to rig votes in favor of Likud and the desperate Netanyahu already being reported.  

The Blue-and-White list has complained to the Central Elections Committee over dozens of repeated reports of deliberate attempts to undermine voting for the party by corrupting the ballot papers.

Zehut party activists release a video from a polling station in the central Israeli town of Givatayim showing what they say are attempts to hide their party’s ballot slip behind other slips with similar [party designation] letters.

The Yisrael Beytenu Party filed a complaint with the Central Elections Committee on Tuesday morning, after activists reported that there are no ballot papers with the party’s name at many stations citing precincts in Bat Yam, Hadera, Lod, Netanya, Netivot, and Or Akiva.

Following the discovery of 1,300  hidden cameras placed by Likud at Palestinian Israeli polling stations including Sakhnin, Majd al-Krum, Nazareth, Tamra and Jisr a-Zarka; recording how each person is voting , Chairman Hanan Melcer of the Central Elections Committee is filing a complaint with the police. The Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation reports that two suspects have been arrested at this stage.


8 Apr 09:00 PDT:   Iran-  Sticking to the long planned Establishment plan for for regime change in Iran the US on Monday formally designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a “foreign terrorist organization,” making it illegal for any organization to provide the Guards with material support.  The designation also makes a US attack legal under present US terrorism legislation.

03:30 PDT:  Syria-  Turkey is now ready to enter Syria and occupy a buffer zone on the border, ahead of a Russian backed Syria/Hezbollah ground operation to destroy the remaining terrorists in Syria now expected in May.  The moves are the focus of today’s Turkey Russia summit.  The main part of the US withdrawal from North Syria is to be completed by the end of April and Turkey has begun final preparations for intervention.

USA- Trump has instructed his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to fire Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

Donald Trump announced yesterday night that U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan would be taking over as acting head after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned on Sunday.  


7 Apr 19:30 PDT:  Syria-  Russia unleashes heavy bombing of Al Qaeda in Northern Syria.

12:45 PDT:  Economics-  The US Congress has begun deliberating a NOPEC bill which is designed to make OPEC, the international cartel of leading oil producing nations, subject to American anti-trust lawsuits. Saudi Arabia, the dominant voice in OPEC, reacted angrily that if this bill passed into law, Riyadh would fight back by halting oil sales in dollars and moving to other currencies. A source in Riyadh commented: “Let the Americans pass NOPEC and it would be the US economy that would fall apart.”

The bill is unlikely to pass congress and would not be signed by Trump because the Arabs are needed against Iran and to finance the Trump peace plan, but the Saudi reaction reveals that they would be open to switching from the dollar to the euro if it was ever in their best interests to do so.  See the various articles on the tribulation and the coming  fall of America

05:15 PDT:  Libya-  US military to abandon Libya.

03:45 PDT:  Syria-  Al Qaeda affiliated fighters struck the large city of Masyaf in western Hama, today, hitting several sites.  Syria has responded with a bombardment of their bases in  the jihadist-held towns of Nayrab, Saraqib, Kafr Nabl, Khuwayn, Ma’arat Al-Nu’man, kafr Brouma, and Ma’arat Harme in the Idlib Governorate..

01:00 PDT Syria-  Following up on Friday’s probing attack by Syria against Al Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo, Syria launched a serious offensive Saturday afternoon to clear the terrorists from Aleppo on their way to Idlib.

Europe / Libya-  After America abandoned Gen Hafter he sought backing elsewhere and found it in France, becoming a French proxy.  Backed by France and financed by the Arab nations with Egypt’s blessing, Gen Hafter was chosen to stabilize Libya.

It took three years to clear Benghazi and eastern Libya of militias, and an offensive has now been launched to unite the country.  Most of the militias in the West and South have joined his movement or been bought off, and he has now entered south Tripoli. If he succeeds in uniting and stabilizing Libya, in all practical ways Libya will become a French protectorate.   

Algeria-  Well organized mass demonstrations have resulting in the army demanding the resignation of  four term president Bouteflika and demonstrations continue demanding a new governance system.  The Speaker will become interim president on Tuesday pending an election in about 90 days.


6 Apr:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  

12:00 PDT:  New Moon Report and Spring Festival Dates-  Due to cloud and rain the New Moon was sighted by one person so far in Israel, but has been seen by multiple witnesses in areas as far east of Israel as Australia.  While awaiting more reports, since calculations made the sighting a certainty and it has been sighted by one trustworthy person in Israel and many others to the east, according to the new moon rules sunset today ending 6 Apr and beginning 7 Apr will begin the first day of the first month of the new biblical year.  When the sun sets welcome the new moon with the schofar.

Passover will be on Sabbath 20 April to be observed after sunset ending Friday 19 April.  The first High Day will be on 21 April and the seventh day on 27 April.  Pentecost will be on 9 June. 

Because the High Holy Day will follow a Sabbath, do make sure that you are properly prepared on Friday for a two day Holy Time period. 

Israeli Elections-  A panicking Netanyahu promises to annex all settlements and prevent a Palestinian state.

11:00 PDT:  Gaza-  Egyptian brokered negotiations between Gaza and Israel are continuing as threats by the two sides escalate.  

Syria-  Government forces are advancing towards Idlib attacking terrorist forces in northern Hama province.

05:00 PDT:  President Donald Trump will designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization on Monday. This would be the first time a government entity has been branded terrorist. “If the Revolutionary Guards are placed on America’s list of terrorist groups, we will put that country’s military on the terror blacklist next to Daesh [Islamic State],” said Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, the head of the Iranian parliament’s national security committee.


5 Apr 15:30 PDT:  Breaking Syria-   In the first step of an operation to demolish the remaining terrorists in north Syria, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division and Republican Guard has begun storming Al Qaeda jihadist positions at the eastern axis of the Aleppo Research Center. 

At the same time Russian pre attack reconnaissance flights are now swarming over northern Syria, and the Syrian Army unit has unleashed a heavy attack on the western outskirts of Aleppo, hitting the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sha[Al Qaeda] controlled towns of Khan Al-Assal, Kafr Hamra, and Ma’arat Aghrek. 

US/Iran-  The Trump administration is preparing to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization as soon as Monday, US officials said Friday, according to The Wall Street Journal.  The move would allow Trump to attack Iran based on existing anti terror legislation.


13:30 PDT:  Syria-  Iran is preparing to set up Iranian bases adjacent to the Russian bases in Syria.

12:00 PDT:  Gaza-  Despite ongoing truce negotiations, at least 10,000 Palestinians gathered at five points on the Gaza-Israeli border Friday afternoon. Palestinian sources report 70 people were injured by IDF return fire.

09:00 PDT:  Syria-  On the anniversary of rebel chemical attacks blamed on Syria by the US;  The US sets the stage for another false flag rebel attack to be blamed on Syria.

Despite Kurdish promises to evacuate territory west of the Euphrates they continue to attack Turkish assets in Afrin.  Turkey is poised to intervene directly which will be discussed in the coming days with Russia, Syria and Iran.  Meanwhile the US is threatening Turkey if they should take steps to defend their assets in Syria against Kurdish attack. Turkish Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay responded to the Pompeo threats, saying the US “must choose” whether it wants “to remain Turkey’s ally or risk our friendship by joining forces with terrorists.”  This situation is putting pressure on an already fractured NATO.

06:30 PDT:  Syria-  Ahead of a summit on Syria Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Moscow for a meet with Putin on Monday, and officials of Iran, Syria and Russia are to meet in Russia on April 10.

12:00 PDT:  Israel-  Latest polls show that neither the Likud nor the Blue and White will likely be able to form a governing coalition after Tuesday’s election.


4 Apr  07:00:  Israel-  Rumors are flying about the announcement of a US, Jordan, Egypt, Arab co-sponsored Middle Peace Initiative in May followed by a German call for an International Peace Conference in June.  This speculation could be premature as the situation is far from stable.

Gaza-  Due to still ongoing ceasefire talks the Gaza factions have committed to a nonviolent protest tomorrow, and Israel has agreed not to use live fire to disperse the border demonstrations.

04:45 PDT:  Israel-   Netanyahu is on the way back home after meeting with Putin. 

02:00 PDT:  Ukraine president furious after opposition candidates visit Moscow seeking renewed ties with Russia.  Meanwhile Oleksandr Danylyuk the economic adviser [and front runner to become his prime minister] to the top presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelenskiy has proposed a referendum to determine if Ukrainians want their country to seek NATO membership.  The Zelenskiy campaign is still paying lip service to NATO but is not enthusiastic.

Syria-  The Russian Air Force completely obliterated the terrorist command center in Idlib yesterday, includes video.

Israel-  Maj. Gen. Amir Baram is the new head of the IDF Northern Command, taking over from Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick in a ceremony led by Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi on Wednesday.  Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick is being promoted to take over all ground forces.

Netanyahu has arrived in Moscow with a team of intelligence chiefs to discuss Syria with Russian president Putin today. 

Russia wants a moratorium on Israeli air strikes in Syria so that a Syrian/Hezbollah operation to destroy the terrorists in Idlib can proceed free from distraction, while Israel wants freedom to attack Gaza without fear of Hezbollah entering the fray.   Can a deal be made? 

Putin will then confer with Erdogan about the Idlib operation in Istanbul on Monday.  See yesterday’s news below.


3 Apr 18:00 PDT  Breaking-   Russia launches heavy air strikes across Idlib province.

16:00 PDT: US-  Trump mulls cutting help to America’s poorest of the poor.  

NATO-  Pence uses NATO celebration to attack Germany and Turkey.

Syria-  Ahead of an offensive to destroy the Idlib terrorists the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a heavy attack on jihadist positions in the northeastern countryside of the Latakia Governorate on the Idlib border today.

Israel-  Mossad Director Yossie Cohen, National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabat and Military Intelligence (AMAN) chief Brig General Tamir Hayman will be accompanying Prime Minister Netanyahu on his trip to Moscow Thursday to discuss operations in Syria.

07:45 PDT:    The Russian Air Force bombed the Nabi Ayoub mountaintop in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region this morning destroying a main Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham [Al Qaeda] communications base in a series of strikes.  Russia also bombed Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham’s hideouts in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region.  Syria and Iran-backed militia artillery also shelled rural parts of Idlib, including Kafr Zayta and Al-Lataminah.

Turkey-  Turkey’s political economic situation is complex with serious inflation of over 20% due to US sanctions, and last week the US cancelled its sale of F-35 war planes to Turkey.  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Moscow for a summit with Putin on Monday to discuss the situation in Syria.  Turkey is expected to ease its objections to a Syrian operation in Idlib in return for improved relations with Russia.

Biblical Calendar-  The Biblical Calendar has been studied in great detail at this site. and in even greater detail at the COG News site

The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem has established a calendar court, as in the time of the Second Temple, and has been receiving monthly testimonies from witnesses “to accept evidence concerning the sighting of the New Moon, as required by God’s Word. The purpose of the court is to increase awareness, develop skills, and resolve issues that arise when determining the Jewish Calendar according to testimony by witnesses.” 

Today the Rabbins are resisting recognition of a Sanhedrin with all their might, not because of the calendar but because it would take over all religious authority replacing the Rabbins as deciders of all things Jewish.  All Jewish authorities expect that when Messiah comes he will restore God’s Biblical Calendar.


2 Apr  17:30 PDT: Israel- Twitter takes action against a network of fraudulent pro Netanyahu social media accounts

02:00 PDT:  Netanyahu to meet Putin on Thursday. They last met on Feb. 27. On Sunday, the two leaders talked over the phone on “pressing bilateral issues, including military contacts and the Middle East situation.  

Turkey has reinforced its outposts in Syria ahead of a Russian backed onslaught by Syria / Hezbollah on the Idlib terrorists.  The Turkish army is protecting its border and the Turkish backed militias inside Syria and blocking the escape of the Al Qaeda fighters into Turkey.

Syria launched a powerful assault on the terrorists last night.  Israel intends to invade Gaza once the anti terrorist operation in Idlib is underway.

Hamas rejects Netanyahu’s request for a postponement of the understandings with Hamas until after the elections so as not to offend his extremist supporters ahead of the vote.  The talks are also deadlocked over other issues.  Bibi is being illegally  supported by a large number of Social Media fake accounts pushing Likud.  He is also in deep trouble concerning his ability to form a governing coalition if he does win the ballot.  


1 Apr: 15:00 PDT:   Netanyahu extols extremist backers hate propaganda, turning off all but the most radical of his supporters and making any possible future national unity government with the Blue and White almost impossible.

09:30 PDT:  Turkey-  Erdogan suffers political reverses losing elections in five of the six largest Turkish cities.

Israel-  Yesterday the European Command of the United States Army (EUCOM) completed its first ever rapid deployment of the THAAD missile defense system into Israel.  The US and Israeli air defense systems are now integrated and fully ready for action. The US troops will now return to Europe where they will be available to be flown back to Israel in an emergency while the infrastructure will remain in place at the ready.  This was one of the issues holding up a Gaza Operation, THAAD readiness being essential in case Hezbollah kept its promise to enter the war from Syria.

Asia-  China Russia deploy super-maneuverable war planes.

Syria-  With local Turkish elections completed yesterday Turkey is promising to quickly attack terrorist groups in Syria.

Update-  Yesterday the Turkish Army carried out a powerful attack against the American backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate west of the Euphrates.  Using heavy artillery, the Turkish Army repeatedly pounded the YPG’s positions at the town of Shewarga, which is close to the lines of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  The Kurds had promised nearly a year ago to leave all areas west of the Euphrates but have failed to do so.

Once Turkey is properly prepared Syria and Hezbollah backed by Russia can take on the Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib. 

The progression begins with Turkey clearing its border area west of the Euphrates, then Russia / Hezbollah / Syria, taking on the Idlib terrorists, and Israel moving into Gaza while Hezbollah and Syria are occupied in Idlib.  The Syria, Hezbollah, Russia operation in Idlib is the other major impediment [besides the completion of the THAAD in Israel] to the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Europe-  Volodymyr Zelenskiy received 30% and president Petro Poroshenko received 18% of the votes in the first round of the Ukraine election.  A second round will take place between them in three weeks.  A parliamentary election is scheduled in October.

The United States is preparing sanctions against European companies participating in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. German government officials, on the other hand, predict that US sanctions will lead to a confrontation with the whole of the EU. “We will do everything necessary to complete the pipeline.” 

At the Munich Security Conference the power struggle between Berlin and Washington openly escalated to an unprecedented level. US Vice President Mike Pence reiterated his ultimatum that Berlin and the EU immediately renounce their political and economic projects, which are not fully in accord with US policy.  The EU is crumbling in the face of US threats and pressures, forcing Germany to take the lead in championing a New Order in Europe.

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