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The Biblical Feast of the Blasting of Trumpets [Yom Teruah]:  The first day of the seventh biblical month, the Feast of Trumpets, began after sunset ending 21 Sep.  Therefore Friday 22 Sep is the Feast of Trumpets day.

Since this High Holy Day is followed by a weekly Sabbath it is important to prepare enough food and necessities for two days beforehand.  The same situation occurs to begin the Feast of Tabernacles the first day of which is 6 Oct, and for and after the Feast of the Eighth Day which falls on 13 Oct.

The Fast of Atonement is on 1 October, beginning at sunset ending the Sabbath of 30 September.

See 0ur Calendar and Festival studies


30 Sep:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


29 Sep:   Iraq After cleaning up the countryside near Hawija over the past week Iraq has launched a huge offensive to liberate  Hawija and the towns of Al-Abbasi, Riyadh and Rashad to its west, east and south.  After this operation only a small strip in the Euphrates valley will remain in IS hands inside Iraq.


28 Sep:   US military buildup in Korea with more DPRK missile/nuclear tests expected during or after the Chinese Party Congress in mid October.  All necessary US forces are already in place to destroy the DPRK, so this appears to be a distraction.  Despite Trump claims Otto Warmbier had no signs of torture – coroner.  

Syria: Islamic State in final phase


27 Sep:   Russian and American proxies compete for oilfields in Syria

Kurds vote 90% for independence negotiations with many voting irregularities. 

China to go into a collapsed DPRK to stabilize that country,  from there look for negotiations to unite Korea as a neutral peninsula.


26 Sep:  Three armed Israelis shot dead, one in critical condition, in a shooting attack at Har Adar outside Jerusalem early Tuesday. The gunman was killed by security forces.  The shooter drew a pistol from his clothing at the entrance to the outpost, and shot four heavily armed security guards in the chest and stomach from a distance of 10 feet within seconds.  

While the attack demonstrates once again the need for a genuine peace agreement, Israeli coalition extremist members want to use attack as an excuse to call off Trump peace initiative.  This attempt by the far right extremists is a strong indicator that they will resist the initiative when it is placed before cabinet necessitating a new election.


25 Sep:  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Monday announced he will dissolve parliament on Thursday and call a snap election.  The purpose of the move is to use the Korean situation to increase his mandate and make further moves to restore Japanese military.  

Iraqi Kurd’s vote on independence today.  

IDF Apache helicopters returned to active service.

The US will do everything possible to avoid a nuclear war with the DPRK.  That chilling statement neatly prepares the public for a possible nuclear attack by the US on North Korea.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will make his first official visit to Israel in mid-October to discuss the Jewish State’s ongoing concerns regarding Iran’s presence in Syria.


24 Sep:  German Elections:   Exit poll: Angela Merkel’s CDU party wins  32.5 % of the vote in the German election, followed by her former coalition partner and chief challenger, the SPD 20%. The Greens did well with 9 %. The big change on Germany’s political scene is the far right anti-immigrant AfD party’s first entry to the Bundestag with 13.5 % of the vote.

Merkel’s CDU has  lost several seats and the former coalition partner the SPD has announced that they will NOT enter another coalition with her, which will make forming a government coalition almost impossible.  If a government cannot be formed in the next few months there will be another election next year.

The Syrian Army and the US backed SDF are rolling over the remaining Islamic State forces in Syria. 

In Iraq offensives in Shirqat and Hawija, and a campaign to liberate Islamic State’s havens in western Anbar’s towns of Annah, Rawa and Qaim are making rapid progress. Over 90% of Salahuddin province has been liberated

Iran announced the successful test of a new medium-range ballistic missile. The Khoramshahr, which has a range of 1,250 miles (2,000km) was showcased in a military parade in Tehran Friday, at which President Hassan Rouhani vowed the missile program would continue.

The Syrian army’s 9th armored division and Hezbollah launched an offensive Saturday on the Beit Jinn enclave against several Syrian rebel groups.  The force liberated the village of Ay’at Tahrir Al-Sham from Israeli backed rebels and stands 6 km from the Israeli border and 21 km from the nearest Israeli Golan locale. 

Korea:   China announces limitations on its exports of refined petroleum products to North Korea from Oct. 1 and an immediate ban on condensates and liquefied natural gas. Beijing will also ban textile imports, one of Pyongyang’s last major sources of foreign revenue.  

Friday, the DPRK said that a nuclear bomb missile test in the Pacific is planned.  Chairman Kim calculates that if he proves nuclear capability the US will sit down and negotiate peace and an end to threats against the DPRK,  this is a massive miscalculation.  Trump: “We can’t have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place.”  On Saturday the US staged a massive air power fly by off the North Korean coast.


21 Sep:    The first visible light of the new moon of the seventh month has just been seen from Jerusalem.  May all God’s faithful be blessed with a Joyous and Inspired Feast of the Blasting of Trumpets, all day until sunset ending Sep 22nd!  

The United States and the EU have just placed very heavy sanctions on North Korea and the Chinese banking system has cut relations with the DPRK.  

German elections coming Sunday:   Germany backs rebels in Syria regime change and seeks advantages in reconstruction contracts.  A soon coming Middle East peace deal will be sabotaged by the Radical Settler Movement and break down bringing an alliance between a now rising New Federal Europe and the Muslim world [except Egypt] which will occupy the Jewish State, abandon the Petrodollar and become very rich from reconstruction in the region.    See Trump’s economic plan for America which will be taken over by the New Federal Europe.

Germany also sees China’s Great Road plans as dividing Europe between east and West and calls for One Europe to fight Chinese influence.  A now rising New Federal Europe will go to war against Asia in a very few years.


20 Sep:  Al Nusrah Front suffers heavy losses in failed Idlib attack.

Iran rejects new talks with US aimed at revising nuclear agreement.  If the US pulls out it will place America at odds with Europe and most of the world as Trump’s policies continue to isolate the United States.  

I have been warning for nearly ten years that a regional war is coming to the Middle East to set conditions for a genuine dialogue for peace.  See the Israeli analysis of the present situation.  

Islamic State abandons Raqqa city withdrawing to make a last stand in the city center as 90% of the town now liberated. 

Backed by Egypt Hamas Political Wing invites Abbas to take political control of Gaza, as Sissi who negotiated the deal used his UNGA speach to call for a Mideast peace deal.  The Hamas Military Wing may have to be dealt with first.  

Tillerson demands Iran nuclear deal be changed, apparently indication that Trump will deny Iran in compliance on Oct 15th.


19 Sep:  7.1 earthquake centered in Puebla devastates central Mexico.  

French president defends Paris Agreement and Iran deal as the US split with Europe continues to widen 

Netanyahu all but declares war on Iran in his UNGA speach., promising to attack any Iranian forces remaining inside Syria once the Islamic State is eliminated.  Transcript here.

A UN General Assembly shocked into stunned silence, listened to a bombastic Trump speach attacking Iran and threatening North Korea with total destruction. The speach scheduled for one hour was completed in 45 minutes due to a lack of applause, Trump paused several times to encourage applause only to receive a small polite  smattering..   Listen to Trump here.  

Israel shoots down drone over the  Golan Heights.

Category five Hurricane Maria to hit Puerto Rico late Wednesday, track unclear but may strike US east coast next week.

Israeli Egyptian leaders met openly Monday night.  Egypt and the Jewish State are together with their benefactor the USA; the biblical king of the south of Daniel.


18 Sep:  Israel upgrades its air defense capability with the opening of a permanent American base in the Negev linked directly to US air defense Europe. 

In a dramatic announcement, Hamas accepted the rival faction Fatah’s key demands and dissolved a contentious administrative committee set up earlier this year to run Gaza, and invited Fatah to return to Gaza and to hold new unity government elections. 

The announcement came following Egyptian mediation efforts in Cairo with Hamas and PLO delegations. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, from Fatah, kept his word and announced an end to the sanctions that the Palestinian Authority had put on the Gaza Strip.

Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority have been embroiled in a conflict ever since Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006. Angry at losing power and under pressure, Fatah refused Hamas’ request to jointly govern the Palestinian Territories and a bloody conflict between the two groups broke out.  The western propaganda machine falsely declared that Hamas had revolted against Fatah when in fact Hamas had won the election and it was Fatah which refused to seat them.

Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of Fatah’s delegation to the Cairo talks, welcomed Hamas’ announcement: “It will strengthen Palestinian unity.” (Maariv) (See Commentary/Analysis for more interesting information.).    This is a move by the Hamas Political Wing which is not endorsed by the Hamas Military Wing. 

Trump / Netanyahu meet as annual UN General Assembly kicks off tomorrow. Both to condemn Iran in speeches while Trump discusses Mideast peace initiative with nations on the sidelines of the Assembly.


17 Sep:  Gaza:  Kiryat Shmona, Sderot to be evacuated in case of Gaza conflict – IDF and the National Emergency Management Authority would evacuate city residents as well as residents of towns near border to protest them from rocket fire and possible infiltration of terrorists.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman have decided to completely evacuate Kiryat Shmona or Sderot in the case of a military conflict against Hezbollah in the north or Hamas in the south. (Yedioth/Ynet).  Israel also plans to evacuate towns in Upper Galilee during war with Hezbollah. See 5 Sep news. 

Bahrain king opens up to Israel in the name of religious tolerance sweeping the world now that extremism is in the throws of defeat.   Forces are working to establish a pope as the ultimate moral authority in the world above all religions.  

Russia announces imminent defeat of Islamic State in Syria as Iraq launches final offensive against the IS in that country.  

Assad wins in Syria?  Syria is now divided with multiple areas controlled by various parties, effectively breaking up [balkanizing] the country.  Meanwhile a war is brewing between Israel and Hezbollah which will result in the destruction of Hezbollah,  the main foundation of what remains of the Assad regime.  

US establishment polls show support for an attack on North Korea.


16 Sep:   A blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


15 Sep:  Trump to push Mideast peace initiative as hard as he can to all nations at UN General Assembly meetings.

North Korea launches another ICBM over Japan.  UNSC meeting tonight.   

Explosion in London subway train injures 22.

President Donald Trump vowed that the US will not stand for what the Iranians were doing. He said they have violated the spirit of the nuclear deal signed in 2015 with six world powers. The next 90-day deadline for the president to certify that Iran is in compliance with the accord is due on 15 October.

Trump cannot find them in violation and so is using the vague term “violating the spirit”,  of the deal.  At issue is Iran’s help in constructing missile plants in Syria and North Korea. Pressure on Iran can now be brought because the Islamic State in Iraq / Syria is already in a state of collapse and is anticipated to be fully defeated by mid October and Iran’s help will no longer be needed for that project.   Iran has announced that if the US leaves the deal they will resume all nuclear programs,  


14 Sep:  Israeli Labor party convention gives new leader Gabbay sweeping powers to prepare for next election.

Syria liberates oil fields from ISIS.

Russia deploys its most advanced war plane to Syria – the MIG-29smt – apparently to secure Syria against Israel as the Islamic State collapses and and a regional war looms with Israel.  

Beijing is ready to respond to Trump’s threats of sanctions and a trade war with China by launching a yuan-denominated crude oil futures market that may soon eclipse the hitherto dominant US dollar-based Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) exchanges. In an additional challenge to the dollar’s role as the global reserve currency, the new “petro-yuan” will be convertible into physical gold at the Shanghai and Hong Kong gold exchanges, while the Petrodollar is virtually worthless.

In the next few years the Arab countries will abandon the Petrodollar for an alliance with the now rising New Federal Europe.  Even if Trump backs down on China; China, fed up with American fiscal irresponsibility will be ready to join them – along with the rest of the world – in abandoning the Petrodollar at least until the New Europe has a falling out with Asia in their third year.  

While there may be a very short spurt of good times in the USA, economic collapse is coming to America in the near future, courtesy of “America First” Donald Trump.


13 Sep:  Iran gets contract to repair Syrian power grid as Islamic State fighters begin to flee the country.  

Syria begins liberation of rest of Deir Ezzor province.  The American backed Kurdish SDF forces are advancing from the east.


12 Sep:  Syria  US  backed rebels to retreat from South Syria into Jordan.  Syria to once again control its southern border with help from Russia.  In July, Trump had agreed to stop the US backed rebel attacks on Syria so that America, Syria, Iran and Russia could concentrate on the Islamic State. Those rebels will be kept ready to reenter Syria during or after the coming Mideast regional war.

Hamas Political Wing set to finally reconcile with the Palestinian Authority which will make peace with Israel. The Hamas Military Wing is not impressed and will have to be dealt with.  

Israeli ten day exercise practicing war on Hezbollah.  

Iran Trump preparing to declare Iran in violation of nuclear deal in October, begin new sanctions including interception of Iranian ships

Turkey Turkey is turning to Russia and away from Nato, bringing stress on Nato and Turkey’s relationship with the West.  Turkey is also turning to Iran.  Since Turkey is prophesied to ally with the now rising New Federal Europe  something dramatic may be coming to Turkey to revise their policies.

Korea The US has backed down on its extreme sanctions demands to get a unanimous condemnation of the DPRK in the UNSC


11 Sep:  Hurricane Irma hits Tampa as Category 1 continues to weaken.  

Large numbers of American troops to support liberation of last IS stronghold in Iraq at Hawija.

Islamic State:  With the majority of Raqqa now liberated from ISIS,  the majority of the US backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces  has been detached to attack the last Islamic State stronghold at Abu Kamal.

These units have begun moving, past the Khabur River, a tributary of the Euphrates, and along its eastern bank towards the targeted town. US air strikes are clearing the way for their passage. The US command has decided to leave only a small detachment at Raqqa to finish the battle against the few remaining IS fighters left in the town.   See yesterday’s news for more.

Iran/Syria:  As the collapse of the Islamic State approaches president Trump is preparing to oppose the Syrian Iranian axis.  As a first step Trump may well rule Iran in noncompliance with the nuclear deal and withdraw in October.  Iranian cooperation with North Korea’s nuclear / missile program is being set up as Trump’s rationale  in case he decides to go that route.

Gaza:  In a significant move highlighting the split in Hamas between the political and military wings, the Hamas Political Bureau is holding meetings in Egypt  The Hamas Political wing is ready is ready to seek a genuine peace deal, while the military wing wants to continue the resistance.  The situation is now ripening for Israel to destroy the military wing of Hamas and the other militants, and then make a peace deal with a Hamas Political Wing reconciled to the Palestinian Authority.


10 Sep:  Iraqi forces prepare to liberate last Islamic State enclaves in Iraq.  

The final battle to eradicate the Islamic State in Syria is underway.  About 10,000 Islamic State fighters from Mosul, Iraq, and Raqqa and Deir Ezzor Syria, are bottled up in their last Syrian strongholds of Abu Kamal and Mayadin in the Euphrates Valley.  

An agreement for the final battle has been reached between the United States and Russia with a Russian-backed Syrian formation heading east from the town of Ash-Shula along the M20 highway. In route, they are tasked with completing the liberation of Deir Ezzor, and mopping up ISIS fighters outside the town. After that, they will head northwest to their final destination, the border town of Abu Kamal.

The US-backed Kurdish force will set out from the northern Syrian Kurdish province of Hasakeh and push on to the Khabur River, a tributary of the Euphrates.  After crossing the Khabur, they will head along the Euphrates bank for the same destination, Abu Kamal.

Netanyahu visits Latin America, Catholic Pope visits Columbia.


9 Sep:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


8 Sep:  Irma scrapes Cuba coast headed to Miami.  Millions are evacuating from Florida.  The US Navy has been called in for post storm disaster relief.

Collapsing Islamic State preparing to make last stand at Mayedin after falling back from Deir Ezor and close to defeat in Raqqa.  US backed Kurdish forces are launching an operation in northern Deir Ezzor province as the Syrian Army advances towards Mayedin.  The IS in Syria/Iraq is collapsing much faster than anticipated.

16 page indictment against Sara Netanyahu.

Tsunami warning after 8.1 earthquake off south Mexico.  

Hurricane Irma focused for direct hit on Miami.

Russia Friday killed several top commanders of the Islamic State group in an airstrike in Syria, including the “Minister of War” and the Emir of Deir Ezzor. “As a result of a precision airstrike of the Russian air forces in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor city, a command post, communication center and some 40 IS fighters have been killed,” the Russian defense ministry. Gulmurod Khalimov, who is known as the IS group’s Minister of War. A former Tajikistan colonel, he headed the Tajik interior ministry’s special forces unit and received American training before joining IS in 2015.

The Israeli Attorney General today informed Sara Netanyahu, the wife of the Prime Minister, will be indicted that she will be indicted for fraudulently receiving items worth some 400,000 shekels ($113,000).    Attorney General Mendelblitt dropped the three other cases against Mrs. Netanyahu. 


7 Sep:   Israel bombs Iranian missile factory in Syria, making the claim that technicians were trying to develop a chemical weapons capacity for the missiles.  The attack was really a warning to Iran to get out of Syria.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Wednesday afternoon declared a state of emergency for the entire state ahead of the possible impact of Hurricane Irma.  South Carolina and Georgia may soon do likewise. In addition two more storms following behind Irma have been elevated to hurricane status.  The first storm, Jose, is located in the Atlantic. The second, Katia, is in the Gulf of Mexico.

The United States has tabled a harsh draft Resolution on North Korea seemingly designed to fail and set Monday as a deadline for a vote.  The vote date may possibly slip by a few days, but is seems designed to fail after which Trump can claim that diplomacy has been tried and failed.  For those who do not remember, this was the tactic of George Bush in the Security Council on Iraq.


6 Sep:  Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties to give local governments “ample time, resources and flexibility” to prepare for the storm. President Donald Trump also approved a federal emergency declaration for the state ahead of the storm, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Catastrophic Storm Warning:  The largest recorded storm in Atlantic history Category Five Hurricane Irma is continuing to gain strength as it approaches Puerto Rico.   Winds are already reaching 200 MPH. The storm may make landfall in Florida on Saturday after continuing to grow in strength.  Residents of South Florida should be preparing now for possible evacuation later this week.    

In a worst case scenario the hurricane could skip up the east coast of Florida and strike Georgia and the Carolina’s.  People in those states should be prepared just in case!

The Syrian Army has entered Deir Ezzor relieving an army base which had been besieged by the Islamic State for 28 months. 

More than 5,000 Syrian troops inside the besieged based were relieved.  Also liberated are Syria’s oil fields, from which ISIS drew much of its foreign currency revenue.  Syrian and Hezbollah forces back by a massive Russian bombing campaign will now liberate the rest of Deir Ezzor city and the provincial countryside as Raqqa falls to the American backed Kurdish  Syrian Democratic Front.


5 Sep:  North Korea seems to be taking a pause as the US pushes the UNSC for heavy sanctions on that country.   Russia has rejected any new sanctions and it appears that the North is being very careful not to take steps that would push Russia into agreeing with more sanctions at this time.  The next time there is sufficient provocation from the North – possibly Chairman Kim will see the approaching Middle East war and US involvement in Ira as an opportunity to conduct more tests – the US could attack the DPRK, claiming that diplomacy has been exhausted. 

Tens of thousands of Israeli ground, air, sea and intelligence units, including reservists – the IDF’s entire northern array – began an exercise practicing the complete defeat of Hezbollah today.  

This time, Israel has the goal of defeating Hezbollah convincingly, decimating its manpower and completely destroying its infrastructure, in a once and for all total victory over the organization.  

The exercise will rehearse Israel’s plan for war against Hezbollah:

1. Defending against any Hezbollah thrust into northern Israel;

Hezbollah is expected to try and infiltrate the Metulla-Misgav sector on the Lebanese border, as well as the “Fatma Road” linking the Galilee hills north of Kiryat Shemona along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Zarit-Shetula in western Galilee north of Nahariya, which is close enough to the Lebanese border for Hezbollah troops to reach by land and through tunnels.

Israeli forces will practice driving the enemy out of occupied towns and villages, often using the element of surprise.

2. Another major IDF force will storm across the border into Lebanon for an effort to rapidly and decisively defeat Hezbollah on its home ground. The IDF is resolved to inflict on the enemy intolerable losses of life, infrastructure and territory.

3. The air force is practicing to strike as many of  Hezbollah’s 100,000 rockets and missiles, and assorted UAVs as possible before they can be launched.

For the first time, the IDF will prepare to order the evacuation of civilians, up to 75,000, from towns and village within close range of Hezbollah fire. Their evacuation may take place by roads that are under enemy attack.  

This war has been planned for many years now.  See our 2012 article Israel Ready to Evacuate Coastal Plain Vulnerable, to Shomron


4 Sep:   The UNSC is preparing to approve a Resolution condemning the North for yesterday’s 50 Kiloton nuclear test and North Korea seems to be ready to answer with more missile tests in the coming days or weeks.  The United States is rushing another Carrier Strike Group to Korea and moving heavy bombers into attack positions while the US and South Korea practice war on the DPRK.  It may be that after a unanimous condemnation of the DPRK for yesterday’s nuclear test, that America will declare that they have a green light to attack if more missile or nuclear tests are carried out.


3 Sep:   US Defense Secretary James Mattis threatened military action against North Korea on Sunday,  “Any threat to the United States or its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response—a response both effective and overwhelming,” Mattis said at the White House. “We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country—namely, North Korea. But as I said, we have many options to do so.”

He was speaking as President Donald Trump led a meeting of his national security team at the White House to decide on action against North Korea.  A second such meeting is now scheduled for tomorrow.  

Meanwhile Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed Sunday to cooperate and  “appropriately deal with” the latest nuclear test by North Korea. “The two leaders agreed to stick to the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and keep close communication and coordination to deal with the new situation,” Xinhua said in a brief dispatch.  

The US and South Korea held drills practicing an attack on the North as  Chinese and Russian leaders were meeting on the sidelines of a summit of the BRICS group of nations in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen in preparation for an emergency UNSC meet tomorrow.

Trump meeting with military chiefs and threatening to withdraw from trade pact with South Korea, possibly as a threat to get SK on line for war with the North.

BREAKING 03:00 PDT:  The US Geological Survey recorded a 6.3 magnitude earth tremor,  from North Korea’s test side in Punggye-ri in the northeast region.  North Korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb miniaturized for delivery.  The world is in shock by a nuclear breakout deemed impossible for at least several years in future.  The US and regional allies are in immediate emergency consultations.  North Korea has been working with Iran on the project, allowing Iran to deny a nuclear weapons program inside that country.   This test practically guarantees war on both North Korea and Iran in the near future.

After the liberation of Tel Afar last week, an offensive was agreed Saturday to push ISIS out the Iraqi town of Hawija, 55 km southeast of the oil city of Kirkuk. They have set the date for their general offensive on Hawija as Wednesday, Aug. 6, the last day of the Al Adha festival.  Bombing and internal sabotage has already begun to soften up the last town under Islamic State control in Iraq.

The SDF claimed Saturday to have taken control of the old city of Raqqa, the jihadiists’ de facto Syrian capital.  SDF spokesman Talal Sello said the allied force had n ow liberated 65% of Raqqa in total, while ISIS still controls districts in the west of the city.

On Friday, UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura estimated that Raqqa would be mostly liberated and ISIS defeated by the US-backed forces by October. He also expected Russian-backed Syrian forces to take back control of the eastern city of Deir ez-Zour on the Iraqi border by late September or early October.  

Sunday evening Merkel and Schulz debate


2 Sep:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!


1 Sep:  America the land of the free:  Woman being tried for the second time for a seconds long spontaneous giggle at the confirmation hearing of Attorney General Sessions. Her defense; she had made an involuntary reflexive sound – which she quickly controlled – in response to an apparent straight faced lie.

Kenyan elections declared void by Supreme Court, new elections to be held within 60 days.

The Trump administration on Thursday ordered Russia to close its consulate in San Francisco and two diplomatic annexes, in New York and Washington, retaliating against Russia’s order for the United States to reduce its embassy staff in Moscow by 755 people in response to the American seizure of Russian owned property in the USA.

Angela Merkel’s Christian [read Catholic] Democratic Party is still ahead in the polls, with German elections coming up on 24 Sep.  Merkel is working with the French president to establish a Franco German core for a politically united New Federal Europe separate from the EU, which EU will abandon its political objectives and remain a simple trading organization; and whoever is elected to lead Germany will continue that New Federal Europe program.  

Scripture tells us that ten nations will join this new political union, each giving their security, international affairs and economic policies into the hands of a single leader.  

The present EU would abandon its political goals and could possibly continue to exist in some form as a simple trade organization allied to this new political entity.  This New Federal Europe would also be allied with Latin American nations and others.  


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