News Prophecy Blog; Oct 2017

31 Oct:   American officials report eight dead and a dozen injured in a suspected terrorist attack.

North Korea nuclear test site collapses trapping 200 workers.  It is believed that the site, badly weakened by several nuclear blasts will leak radioactive substances if used for more tests.

Netanyahu has more than another month until US VP Pence arrives to demand Israel participate in a Peace Initiative and has agreed to shelve the Immunity bill for a month and proceed with other legislation.  

Islamic Jihad and Hamas have agreed to reserve their response to the Israeli attack to a time and place of their choosing, so as not disrupt the handover of the border to the Egyptians as part of reconciliation with Fatah. 


30 Oct:  UPDATE 13:55 EDT:   Jihad Islamic toll has increased to 11 men killed and 15 injured in the tunnel destroyed by Israeli forces.

UPDATE 12:33 PDT:   Gaza region declared a closed military zone by Israel.  Instructions coming for residents as Israel builds up military presence on the Gaza border.

UPDATE 12:00 PDT:   Israeli warplanes are hovering over Gaza as Hamas orders the evacuation of all facilities and moves its forces into combat positions.  An emergency meeting of all Gaza factions to coordinate a response is underway as the tunnel death toll rises to 12. 

Israel destroys Gaza tunnel with senior officials inside.  The dead included the head of Islamic Jihad’s armed wing in central Gaza, Arafat Abu Marshould and his deputy, a Hamas Military Wing field commander and three others, named as Ahmad Khalil Abu Armana, 25, Omar Nasar al-Fallit, 27and Jihad Abdullah al-Samiri.  Eleven others were wounded. 

Two Hamas members Musbah Shabir, 30 and Mujahid Mohammed Marwan Algha were also killed during the rescue operation, Hamas said.  

The deliberate explosion of the tunnel without any warning as senior Gaza officials were inspecting the tunnel, coming on the heels of two other assassination attacks in Gaza is a clear provocation by Israel which is in a political crisis;  Israel could easily have chosen another time when senior officials were not present. 

The militants across Gaza went to full military alert as the Jihad Islamii group promised to respond.   The IDF is deploying Iron Dome batteries in the Gaza vicinity as another round of fighting looms.

After massive pro Spain demonstrations in Barcelona yesterday  Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has fled Spain and availed himself of an offer of asylum by Brussels, to avoid facing charges of rebellion, sedition and the misuse of public funds over his drive for independence.  Spanish media report that the former leader is accompanied by an unspecified number of other rebellious Catalan government members, who face similar charges after being sacked when Madrid applied direct rule to the once autonomous region.

Israeli settlers continue widespread theft of Palestinian olive harvest in northern West Bank – Over the past few days, dozens of Israeli settlers have stolen olives from more than 700 olive trees in the Nablus area. (Maanv). Meanwhile Israeli settlers attack Palestinians picking olives near Hebron – Settlers from the settlement of Maon, built illegally on land belonging to the nearby Yatta town, physically attacked farmers — including a woman — harvesting their olives in the Masafer Yatta area, “causing them cuts and bruises throughout their bodies.” (Maan)  and Israeli forces prevented Palestinians from accessing their lands to pick olives – The farmers from the Ramallah, district had permits from Israeli authorities to enter the area, but were denied anyway. (Maan)

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian home in Hebron with rocks, stun grenades – Local activist Jamal Iseifan told Ma’an that Israeli settlers from the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement attacked a house belonging to Kayid Mansour al-Jaabari, under the protection of armed Israeli forces. (Maan)  

After years of drought, Israel Asks Desalination Plants to Crank Up Production to the Max – nonfunctioning desalination facility in Ashdod and lack of winter rains force state to tap companies for extra water. (Haaretz+).  Israel already takes the vast majority of water, leaving Palestinians with a tiny fraction of the resource.  This situation will be reversed in the coming “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”.

Turkey is prophesied to lead the Islamic nations except Egypt, but is presently leaning towards Russia and Iran and away from the Sunni states.  This implies that a change is coming very soon for Turkey.  It is highly probable that the downfall of Iran and the Shia militias including Hezbollah and the Hamas Military Wing will propel Turkey into a political crisis and elections now expected in 2019 could be moved up as opposition to Erdogan builds.  

Israel destroys tunnel from Gaza into Israel.  

Israeli police’s Lahav 433 anti-fraud unit has completed its investigation and recommended an indictment of Netanyahu associate,  Netanya Deputy Mayor Shimon Sher, on charges of “bribery, fraud and betrayal of public trust,” according to a police statement. 

As part of the Iraqi operation against the Kurds in northern Iraq, the Shiite Hashd Shaabi Brigades militia under Iranian Revolutionary Guards command took control of the northern Iraqi-Syrian border crossing of Faysh Khabur on Saturday, Oct. 28.   The move puts the Shia militia in control of the main land crossing which the American army uses for moving supplies from Iraq to US forces in Syria.  

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner paid a secret trip to Saudi Arabia last week, his third, along with deputy national security adviser Dina Powell and Middle East envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt. They returned to Washington Saturday.   

Also last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin visited Riyadh. Sunday, he arrived in Israel to meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  US VP Pence is to visit the region between Dec 12 and 20th to try to finalize a Mideast peace summit.


29 Oct:   Israeli police chief briefs cabinet

Netanyahu is off to Britain for five days before tackling the deadlock in the Coalition next Sunday.

United States Special Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his Jerusalem office Sunday as part of the Trump administration’s continued efforts to restart peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.  

Greenblatt has traveled to the region to meet with Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Jordanian officials on a new peace push, whose parameters have not yet been publicly announced.

Advancing Syrian troops have trapped the last remnants of Islamic State [in Deir Ezzor province] between Deir Ezzor city and the Euphrates killing more than 50 fighters in the advance.

Egypt reshuffles military leadership after an international security conference in the US and an attack inside Egypt.

Update:  With Kulanu and Jewish Home still objecting vote on immunity law will not take place today.  All other legislation remains frozen as Likud tries to extort approval of the bill by placing the government in deadlock. How long can the government remain deadlocked before elections are called?

With latest polls showing Netanyahu would win a new election, Bibi decides to take the immunity bill off the shelf and demand a vote later today

All other bills will be frozen until the immunity bill passes.  Passage seems improbable and this could be a Netanyahu plan to bring down the government and call elections before the Israeli police can recommend a corruption indictment.

The bill is an amendment to the Basic Law and requires the agreement of all coalition members before advancing to the Knesset.

It seems that rather than having to resign after being indicted, something with severe political consequences;  the plan appears to be to call an election first and then agree to a plea bargain with a small fine, perhaps with that news on the back pages due to a regional war. 

With Islamic State fighters broken and in disarray the final battle is commencing on the Iraqi Syria border

A massive offensive backed by American air power looms in Somalia to eliminate ISIS linked Al-Shabab once and for all.

War between Israel Hezbollah inevitable and will be very destructive.


28 Oct:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful


27 Oct:   Update:  Israel behind plots to assassinate Hamas leaders, hiring local Gazan’s to do the deeds says Haniyeh.  Abu Naim is the second Hamas leader to be targeted this year in Gaza, after military commander Mazen Faqha was shot dead near his home in March.

Tewfiq Abu Naim, Hamas security chief in the Gaza Strip, escaped with injuries from an assassination attempt on Friday and was taken to hospital. When he started his car, after attending prayers at the Nuseirat refugee camp mosque, it exploded.  Abu Naim, was a former prisoner that Israel freed with hundreds of others in exchange for an Israeli soldier in 2011.  An investigation is now underway. 

Israel coalition in yet anther crisis this time over the approval of Sabbath desecration by the Supreme Court.

Israeli’s invite the Roman Pope to visit in spring 2018.   


26 Oct:   Iraqi and Syrian forces converge on the last Islamic State area in the region, which straddles the border between the two nations.  

Three US Carrier Strike Groups at or headed to Korea.

Iraq rejects Kurds ceasefire proposal and moves to take Iraqi Kurdistan oil fields  The move is in cooperation with Turkey and Iran to deny America its plan for an independent Kurdistan strongly allied to the US and Israel in the region. 

Iraqi president in Iran for talks on the Kurds and Shia militias, gets endorsement to save Iraqi territorial integrity

In Iran the economy and military are controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards not the government and the US is preparing to save the situation by readying an attack to destroy the IRG while Israel destroys Hezbollah and the Hamas Military Wing.

Trump sends VP Pence to visit Jerusalem Ramallah in December to discuss peace talks. 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s associates have replaced the highly controversial ’French Law’ (‘Bibi Law #1’) with the ‘Police Law’ (‘Bibi Law #2’), but the Israeli coalition partners demand new bill forbidding police from recommending corruption indictments be given a 2020 start date so that it will not save Bibi who is facing indictments in the coming weeks.  Israeli police have about completed their present corruption investigations of Netanyahu and are only waiting for this bill to pass or fail before recommending indictments of Netanyahu.  If the bill fails or the 2020 date sticks, Netanyahu will be indicted, which means that he must either resign or the other coalition parties will bring down the government.

After the bill prohibiting investigating a prime minister ran into opposition within the coalition, Netanyahu’s associates are promoting a new bill, which will prohibit police from recommending indicting someone at the end of an investigation. The police are furious and the Attorney General has expressed reservations (Maariv). However, Maariv reported that sources in the coalition say they will support the Police Law – only if it’s implementation begins in the future, 2020, – and that it won’t apply to Netanyahu. The assessment is that Netanyahu wants to move to elections and start campaigning – without a police recommendation for indicting him.

Political commentators Sima Kadmon (Yedioth) and Yanir Kozin (Maarivbelieve that the French Law was just a spin and that all along Netanyahu planned to propose the Police Law, which is far more important to him. Kozin writes: “The reason is simple. In the present situation, when the investigation is completed and the materials are submitted to the State Prosecutor’s Office, the police write a statement stating ‘an evidentiary basis has been found in the suspicions.’ But if [the Police bill] is approved it will also apply retroactively. This means that at the end of the prime minister’s investigations, the police will not be able to say a word beyond ‘we have finished investigating.’ Such a situation, of course, has political implications. The prime minister will not have to deal with the issue of whether to resign in the event that the police find evidence to prosecute him. Kadmon writes that if the bill is passed, “it will prevent the public from knowing the severity of the allegations against him…Netanyahu will achieve something greater than peace: time.”


25 Oct:  Israel: key committee to vote Sunday on annexing several illegal Jewish communities into a Greater Jerusalem.   Immunity bill for PM shelved, meanwhile a new bill barring police from recommending indictments is scheduled for a cabinet vote in two weeks.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq offered Wednesday to freeze the results of its independence referendum, an immediate cessation of military operations  and a dialogue between Irbil and Baghdad based on Iraq’s constitution. 

Iraqi forces will now move to liberate the last remaining Islamic State pocket in the country which is on the Syrian border.


24 Oct:   US deploys 12 F-35’s to Japan.

In Israel it now looks like all of the coalition party’s except Likud reject the “Bibi Bill” immunizing a sitting PM from corruption investigations.  This puts an end to any hope for the bill’s passage by Netanyahu, but what Bibi has accomplished is to anger most of the party’s in the coalition.

In a related matter Netanyahu is trying his best to avoid an indictment for corruption by avoiding a final meeting with police where he is to answer the evidence against him before an indictment can be filed.  After repeatedly delaying the meeting, next week he will drag out a summit in London over five days – all to get away from Unit Lahav 433 (the police unit investigating corruption). 

Netanyahu is now in big trouble and will not be able to avoid corruption indictments for much longer.  Once indicted he will have to resign or the coalition will collapse bringing new elections.

Iraq rejects Tillerson demand that Iran backed Shia militias in Iraq disband.  The Iraqi government with Iranian help is seeking to force the Kurds right back to the proper legal boundaries of 2003 under Saddam

Iraqi PM Abadi is pinning his hopes  on the Iran backed Shia militias to aid him in restoring order and normalcy in Iraq and avoiding the American plan to keep the country weak and divided. 

Iraqi elections are scheduled in April and Abadi as the victor over the ISIS  – with the Iranian backed militias doing much of the fighting – is expected to win and continue solidifying his government with his pro Shia policies.   

The situation suggests that regime change may be a US goal in Iran, which backs the militias,  before the Iraqi elections take place.


23 Oct:   BREAKING 10:15 PDT:  Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has decided, to withdraw his backing for the “Bibi Bill” saying that he will not force Kulanu MKs to support it, leaving the coalition without enough votes for the bill to pass. Meanwhile, the coalition chairman has frozen all other bills until he can get the other parties on board with the bill, saying that he will “go all the way” with the bill and warned Kulanu MKs that they are forcing an election by withdrawing their support.  The crisis could come to  head next Sunday when the cabinet is scheduled to vote on the bill.

Israel:  Already the subject of two corruption investigations and with a more serious investigation in the works, Israeli PM Netanyahu is desperate to pass a bill making a sitting prime minister immune from corruption investigation.  The bill would also forbid the police from recommending an indictment of the PM, which indictment  is now looming for Bibi.  The bill would also  forestall another looming investigation on a far more serious matter than the two investigations already underway. 

During Sunday’s cabinet meeting a vote on the new bill – which was unlikely to pass at that point – was postponed until next Sunday, and all discussions on other legislation was frozen until the immunity bill is passed. 

The Knesset begins its winter session Monday with a looming battle over the ‘Bibi Law,’ while Minister Arieh Dery (Shas) was furious because Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is also reportedly planning to lower the electoral threshold necessary to enter the Knesset, and former national security council head Uzi Arad told Yedioth that Netanyahu was not fit to run the country.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked postponed the vote in the Ministerial Committee of Legislation of the new version of the ’Bibi Law,’ which would make it illegal to investigate a serving prime minister, because coalition parties needed more time to study the latest version of it and formulate their positions, she said.

Shaked, who heads the Ministerial Legislative Committee, also decided not to allow votes in the Ministerial Legislative Committee on any other private bill proposals by coalition members. 

At this time governance in Israel has come to a deadlock as Netanyahu tries to fight against further corruption investigation. 

Political commentators noted that Netanyahu was doing everything possible to keep himself in power and evade the corruption investigations against him. According to a report by Channel 2 News, the latest plan, was to lower the electoral threshold back down to 2% from 3.25%, in order to ensure right-wing party’s can enter the Knesset in the coming election. 

Shas leader Arye Deri reportedly said that “Netanyahu stabbed us in the back… Shas will grow stronger in the next election and doesn’t need any favors from Netanyahu.” Deri is concerned that the lower threshold will allow his nemesis, Eli Yishai, to enter Knesset. 

 Maariv’s senior political commentator Ben Caspit wrote that the Bibi Law by Likud MK David Amsalem which would prohibit police from recommending to indict a sitting pm on corruption changes, and the lowering of the electoral threshold are the the work of “a criminal suspect [Netanyahu] [who] maneuvers a whole country into endless twists and turns in his efforts to escape the terror of justice.” 

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu loudly demanded the resignation of former prime minister Olmert when he was indicted on very similar charges, but when police are ready to indict him Bibi is desperate to avoid facing the courts himself.

 The Attorney General rejects the bill which is facing a struggle in the coalition for passage in cabinet before being presented to the Knesset.  

The Russian’s ordered the Syrian/Hezbollah forces, to halt after capturing Mayadin in eastern Syria from ISIS – and not advance on the  Al-Omar oil field just four miles away. 

It is now coming out that a secret deal had been struck between the US and Russia by which the Kurds withdrew from the Iraqi province of Kirkuk last week in exchange for being given the largest Syrian oil field at Al-Omar. 

Besides giving economic viability to a potential Kurdish state, the possession of the area and a Kurdish state east of the Euphrates in Syria serves as a block between the Shia in Iraq / Iran and Hezbollah / Syria.

Russia’s consent to hand over Syria’s biggest oil field to the pro-American Kurds was in exchange for Washington’s support for the Russian oil giant Rosneft taking control of the Kurdish oil pipeline from the Kurdish Region via Turkey to the Mediterranean.  Last Thursday, the state-controlled Rosneft reported a deal with the Kurds to take 60% control of of the pipeline.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s coalition won a decisive two-thirds majority in Sunday’s election, He pledged “strong counter-measures” against North Korea, which he would discuss with US President Donald Trump, who is visiting Japan early next month.  US Def Sec is now visiting the region ahead of the Trump trip.and plans to amend the country’s pacifist constitution to allow the use of military forces beyond its borders. 

Trump signs executive order allowing one thousand retired military pilots to be recalled to active service.  


22 Oct:    Israeli government thrown into crisis over a bill immunizing a sitting prime minister from corruption investigations.  Netanyahu is trying to rush the bill through without proper debate and examination. 

US backed Kurdish forces seize major oilfield in Syria.

Japanese PM Abe has a commanding lead in exit polls after campaigning on changing the pacifist Article Nine of the constitution. 

Israel bombed Syrian positions.  Four missiles from Syria struck the Israeli Golan.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott is in Washington for four days to attend a US chiefs of staff meeting called by Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford and meet the head of Central Command, Gen. Joseph Votel.     This conference follows several days of meetings in Washington between the the US and Israeli defense ministers. 

Der Spiegel, “the U.S. is already in the process of forfeiting its position of economic supremacy” (September 11, 2017). 


21 Oct:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


20 Oct:   Iraq successfully liberates all land occupied by Kurds beyond the Kurdish regions borders since 2014.  The Kurds having overplayed their hand in trying to seize the Iraqi oilfields and Kirkuk province, have been driven back and may lose independence bid.   What happens in Syria is still up in the air.


19 Oct:   America demands Hamas Military Wing disarm before any Palestinian Authority reconciliation government peace talks with Israel.


18 Oct:   Netanyahu facing indictmentSuch an indictment would bring down the government forcing elections and Bibi would probably go to war. 

Knesset to begin winter session on Monday 23 October 2017.

There will be no Middle East peace talks until after the Hamas Military Wing has been disarmed says the Israeli government.  Since a peace must come (1Thess 5:3) meaning   there will be another war which will destroy the Gaza militant organizations.

German coalition talks begin today  just after voters handed Merkel a devastating defeat in the northern state of Lower Saxony.  The SDP edged out the Merkel CDU 37.5 to 35% making Merkel’s talks to form a new national government that much harder. 

China’s national party congress gets underway today.


17 Oct:   Kurdish plan to assimilate other areas fails as Kurds evacuate Yazidi Sinjar after fleeing Turkmen Kirkuk. 

Israel uses Hamas Fatah reconciliation to demand dismantling of Hamas Military Wing as precondition to peace talks.

Raqqa Syria completely liberated from Islamic State.   

Elsewhere in Syria  Units from the Syrian Army’s  4th Mechanized Division and Qalamoun Shield Forces of the 3rd Division led Monday’s assault on an Islamic State pocket located in East Hama near Raqqa.  By nightfall, the Syrian Arab Army was in full control of this entire area, including the imperative hilltop of Tal Al-Tanahij that overlooks much of the area.   

Bassam Al-Dakhil,  the ISIS top commander  of central Syria was killed by the Syrian air force in Quraytayn today.

Leaders killed and Islamic State finished off in the Philippians.


16 Oct:   After a few initial skirmishes Kurdish fighters flee Kirkuk city and province and Iraqi forces have now gained full control. 

EU leaders including Britain  join the rest of the world in reaffirming their commitment to the Iran nuclear deal.  Trump has managed to isolate the United States and make America responsible for the coming war. 

Likud politicians are preparing to legislate a law making a serving prime minister, i.e. Netanyahu, immune from corruption investigations, also known as the ‘French Law.’     At the same time,  Bibi is ready to present the bill placing war powers in the cabinet’s hands when the Knesset resumes sitting after its summer break.  Netanyahu also plans to again try to shut down the public broadcaster and told coalition leaders about the plan, the last time he tried this the government nearly fell and this may be the needed excuse to dissolve the government after the two key bills are passed.  

It appears that Iranian mediation efforts have failed so far as Iraqi forces have now moved on the city of Kirkuk where heavy fighting and casualties are being reported.  It will be interesting to see if the Americans abandon the Kurds and the Iraqi’s roll over the Kurdish rebellion in the Kurdistan area as well.  

Israel struck a Syrian surface-to-air SA-5 missile battery 50 km east of Damascus, after Syria fired air defense  missiles fire against intruding Israeli aircraft.

Iraqi forces took control of most of Kirkuk province including the important K1 airbase and oilfields located west of the city. No fighting is taking place and the Iraqi moves appear to have been agreed to by the Peshmerga as part of some type of deal mediated by Iran.


15 Oct:   Islamic State fighters attacked multiple Egyptian military check points around  Sheikh Zuweid in northern Sinai Sunday night, killing at least six and injuring dozens more.  At least 100 armed terrorists took part with more than 34 believed killed.  ISIS also fired two rockets in to Israel from the same area of Sinai.

Hamas reported that the reopening of the Rafah crossing between Egyptian Sinai and the Gaza Strip due Monday following Palestinian unity talks has been cancelled.

Austria’s conservative People’s Party (ÖVP), led by 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, is set to win the country’s general election. His People’s party stands at 31.5 percent of Sunday’s vote, followed by the Social Democrats with 27.1 percent and the far right Freedom Party with 25.9 percent. Short of a majority, Kurz must form a coalition government and expected to choose the Freedom Party which campaigned on an anti-immigration platform.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Al Qods chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani arrived in Irbil Sunday, to mediate the Kurdish dispute with Baghdad over Kirkuk

US breaks agreements with Russia / Syria, allows convoy of buses to evacuate Syrian Islamic State fighters from Raqqa to Syria. 

Kurds refuse to leave multi ethnic Kirkuk trying to incorporate it into a Kurdish State.  Iraqi forces surround the oil center and give the Peshmerga until Monday morning to leave.  No one wants a fight especially the US which is trying to mediate.  One possible solution may be Kurdish evacuation of the city in exchange for Iraqi recognition of an independent Kurdistan in the Kurdish region. 

Trump airs accusations against Iran and demands that Congress sanction that nation in an attempt to provoke conflict.  He is succeeding in alienating Europe and most of the world as he readies for war. 

Israeli defense minister to meet Russian defense minister then fly to Washington Wednesday evening for top level meetings.


12 Oct:   The Feast of the Eighth Day begins at sunset this evening.  See our studies on the Biblical Calendar and the Biblical Fall Festivals.  A Blessed Eighth Day Feast and subsequent Sabbath day for all God’s faithful!

NASA intends to try and intercept the asteroid Didymous and change its course as it passes close to the earth.  The asteroid passes close enough that if NASA makes an error the asteroid will hit the earth in 2022 with the explosive power of more than 15,600 kilotons, by way of comparison the Hiroshima bomb was a mere 15 kilotons.   More than 1,800 asteroids potentially dangerous to earth have been located so far. 

Hamas and Fatah have reached a deal over political reconciliation under Egyptian sponsorship, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh announced in a statement at dawn today.  President Abbas has welcomed and confirmed the deal.  See this link for an Analysis of the deal

The Hamas Political Wing and Fatah have agreed that the administration of Gaza will be relinquished to the Palestinian Authority which will take full control by December first. 

A second round of talks will take place in November to discuss the Hamas Military Wing and its arms.  Watch for the Hamas Military Wing’s response to  developments and the Israeli response to them.  An Israeli invasion to wipe out the Gaza militants may be coming soon.  See 10-11 Oct report as well.

Israel warns Hamas Military Wing of military intervention after recent incidents.  Any Israeli military intervention would be designed to destroy the Hamas Military Wing and other militants is support of the Fatah and Hamas Political Wing political deal.


11 Oct:   Thousands gather at the Western Wall for the [Rabbinic Calendar dated] Last Great Day [of the Feast of Tabernacles] prayers, the Feast of the Eighth Day is tomorrow by the Rabbinic Calendar and falls on  Friday by God’s Scriptural Calendar.

A firefight broke out today between an Israeli patrol and Gaza militants near Kissufim.    Previously the Israeli army had destroyed a Hamas observation post on Sunday night in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket that was fired from the Strip at Israel.

The friction on the Gaza border comes in the context of the Fatah – Hamas Political Wing reconciliation conferences in Cairo.  Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has thrown his weight behind the talks, saying last week that Palestinian reconciliation is “preparation for a just peace between Palestinian and Israeli sides;”  which is being resisted by the Hamas Military Wing.

The Palestinian daily al-Quds reported on Wednesday that Egypt presented each side with 22 items for dealing with this stage of the reconciliation process, including a US-backed international [Israeli – Palestinian peace] conference in the Egyptian town of Sharm el-Sheikh, with regional countries participating. 

The regional summit to kick off a genuine dialogue for regional peace is expected to be preceded by an Israeli election and a war to destroy the Hamas Military Wing escalating to demolish Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. 

This will be a brutal bloody conflict, but have no fear; victory is assured! Followed by a genuine regional peace, which will then be sabotaged by the Jewish Settler Movement when a Pope goes to the Temple Mount (Mat 24:25,  1 Thess 5:3, Dan 8:25).

Israel to advance approval for construction of 3,736 new illegal Jewish homes next week.  Final approval is not likely to come until after new elections and this move is seen as an effort to secure the far right vote by Likud before an election call.


10 Oct:   Iraqi Kurds postpone declaration of independence in favor of talks,  Catalonia does the same with Spain.

Advanced Negotiations begin in Cairo between Fatah and the Hamas Political Wing to empower a new government in Gaza which can talk peace with Israel.  The Hamas Military Wing is strongly opposed. 

Defense Minister Lieberman said Tuesday that in a future conflict, Israel will face a unified front of Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, the Assad regime.  The Lebanese army is no longer independent,” he added. “It has been swallowed up by Hezbollah and they are a single entity.”  he said, “We used to talk about the Lebanese sector. That is gone and we must henceforth refer to the Northern Sector.”  Lieberman also said that the next war will be on both Gaza and Lebanon, something I have been saying for years now.

Israel is expected to issue hundreds of illegal Jewish building permits on Palestinian lands next week to impress the far right in anticipation of an election call over the looming Trump Peace Initiative expected in Nov – Dec.  The move will provoke the Hamas Military Wing.

Trump getting ready to present Mideast Peace initiative. Meanwhile “Netanyahu’s matter-of-fact report [to the Israeli cabinet] appeared designed to inform his top ministers to get ready for a diplomatic initiative that Israel’s right-wing government is unlikely to be able to accept and that Netanyahu will likely be unable to oppose,” Eldar wrote in Al-Monitor.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 9, accompanied by the  USS Bunker Hill (CG 52), USS Halsey (DDG 97), USS Sampson (DDG 102) and USS Preble (DDG 88) departed October 6 for deployment to join the USS Ronald Reagan CSG in the 7th Fleet [Korea] and availability to reinforce the 5th Fleet [Iran] as needed.


9 Oct:   US backed SDF launches final battle in liberation of Raqqa.

Equipped with Russian TOS-1A rocket launchers, Hezbollah is assisting Syrian forces in driving the Islamic State out of its last major stronghold in Syria,  Mayadin.  A heavy flamethrower type weapon with 24 launchers mounted on a Russian T-72 tank it is capable of blanketing an area of 1-2 sq. mi to totally obliterate the target areas.  Propyl-nitrate and light magnesium warheads makes the TOS-1A  almost as destructive as a tactical nuclear weapon. 

The International Atomic Energy Commission as well as Britain and the EU have certified Iran in compliance with nuclear treaty.

The US is now placing restrictions on Russian media claiming that foreign media interfere in US affairs.  Russia is threatening to place restrictions on US media in response. 

Trump continues to imply coming attack on the DPRK.

US and Turkey falling outTurkey appears to have decided to align with Russia Syria [which would include Iran] at this point.  Psalm 83 tells us that Turkey will soon lead the Islamic world [except Egypt] and ally with the now rising New Federal Europe. 


8 Oct:   Trump comments “We are now in the calm before the storm” while surrounded by his military leaders, apparently in reference to the coming wars in the Middle East and on the DPRK and Iran

First rocket fire from Gaza in two months as the Israeli military confirmed a rocket fell in an open area in southern Israel’s Eshkol Regional Council, near the Gaza border, the rocket exploded in a nearby open area in Hof Ashkelon. 

The Hamas Military Wing is adamant that it will not lay down its weapons and the rocket appears to be the beginning of attempts by the Hamas Military Wing to scupper reconciliation between the Hamas Political Wing and the Palestinian Authority and prevent a peace deal with Israel.   Israel will have to eradicate the Gaza militants before a regional peace deal can be reached.

The chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced Sunday that if the United States designates the Guard as a terrorist group, it will respond in kind and consider the US Army as equivalent to the Islamic State terror group. An American move against Iran will destroy all American credibility with Europe and worldwide. 

Victory in Iraq; abandoned by their leaders Islamic State fighters are surrendering in mass or fleeing for their lives.  All that remains is the final mopping up of stragglers and one tiny enclave on the Syrian border.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported Saturday that new air sorties had killed 180 Islamic State fighters in the Abu Kamal vicinity in eastern Syria,  The fighters were caught in the open as the fled into Syria from Iraq. 

Syria moves against last remaining ISIS strongholds inside Syria. 

Islamic State defenses collapse completely as hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender.  Hawija liberated in Iraq.  


7 Oct:   US Gulf Coast evacuated ahead of Hurricane Nate expected to make landfall near New Orleans early tomorrow.


5 Oct:   Sunset this evening begins 6 October, the first High Holy Day of the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles by the calendar that God gave to Moses.  May all God’s Faithful have a Blessed Holy Day followed by a Blessed Weekly Sabbath on 7 October. 

US President Donald Trump is set to announce next week that the Iranian nuclear deal signed in 2015 does not serve US national interests and that he will decertify but not withdraw from the accord.  Trump will also place harsh sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards now that the Guards are no longer needed to help against the Islamic State.  The move would prompt a 60-day congressional review period to consider the next steps for the United States. 

Trump will use the excuse that inspectors are barred from military bases; it should be  noted that the agreement does NOT permit access to military bases, meaning that Trump cannot end the agreement on that basis, hence the claim that the deal is contrary to US interests.

Iran has said that they will not renegotiate the deal.  Democrats support the deal while Republicans want to end the deal and place sanctions on Iran. 

Europe,  the UN and Russia support the deal, and the US move will put the US on a collision course with Iran and isolate America from Europe, which will see the US as solely responsible for any conflict with Iran. 

Hawija Iraq  After a two-week operation to drive ISIS from its last stronghold in northern Iraq. operation’s commander, Lt. Gen. Abdel Amir Yarallah, said that Iraqi forces “liberated the whole of the center of Hawija and are continuing their advance [through the suburbs].” 

Syria The Russian Defense Ministry reported Thursday that Abu Mohammad al-Julani, leader of Al-Nusra Front [Al Qaeda in Syria], has fallen into a coma following a Russian surgical strike on the terrorist group’s top commanders during a meeting in Syria’s Idlib province on Oct. 3.


4 Oct:   Russia holds military and nuclear missile exercises


3 Oct:    Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy, said on Twitter, with regard to the Palestinian reconciliation meeting cabinet session in Gaza on Monday.  “The United States stresses that any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the State of Israel, acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties, and peaceful negotiations.”  This American demand sharply divides the Hamas Political Wing from the Hamas Military Wing which will reserve the right to armed resistance.

The Islamic State claims Los Vegas attack, naming Stephen Paddock as  “Abu Abdul Bar Al-Amrekini” a convert to Islam and said he had carried out surveillance of the concert arena opposite the hotel before the attack.  

Netanyahu backs Greater Jerusalem Bill which would annex 19 settlements.  The move is an attempt to forestall and sabotage the Trump Peace Initiative by the Israeli far right extremists.


2 Oct:   Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech in which he warned Netanyahu that he was leading Israeli’s to ‘death and destruction,’ accused Israel and the US of conspiring to derail the Iranian nuclear deal and start a regional war, and urged Jews to leave ‘occupied Palestine and warned Israel not to embark on a ‘stupid war’ with Syria or Lebanon because it won’t know how to get out.

US backed Kurdish fighters assaulting last two Islamic State positions in Raqqa City Syria.

Spate of Islamic State attacks as that organization collapses in Syria/Iraq.  Islamic State faces eradication from Syria/Iraq within the month with the possibility of a few stragglers left.  Terror attacks may continue for a short while as remnants exist in other areas.

Islamic State claims responsibility for an attack in which girls of 21 and 17 were stabbed to death Sunday outside the Saint Charles station in central Marseilles.

A man arrested in Edmonton, Canada, rammed a police car Sunday, stabed a police officer and ran down four pedestrians, is a Somali refugee who was given asylum in Canada.

A lone gunman, using an automatic rifle spray a concert audience of thousands, from the 32nd floor of a Los Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.  Estimates are 59 plus dead and more than 515 injured.  The gunman responsible for the shooting attack has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a resident of Mesquite, Nevada.   .


1 Oct:   A Blessed fast of repentance on this day of Atonement.  Today 1 October, beginning at sunset last evening,  is the fast of sincere repentance called Atonement, which ends at sunset today, for more see our Calendar and Festival studies categories on the sidebar of our Biblical Studies site.


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