News Prophecy Blog; March 2020

31 Mar 11:00 PDT:   Netanyahu and Gantz plan to swear in a government by Monday, just before Passover begins, but first they need to decide on three Kahol-Lavan [Blue and White] demands 1.) Kahol-Lavan MK Avi Nissenkorn be appointed Justice Minister, 2.) Likud MK Yuli Edelstein will not return to his job as Knesset Speaker and 3.) Israel will not annex land or declare sovereignty over land in the West Bank. Haaretz+ reported that MK Gabi Ashkenazi was offered to be Foreign Minister, but turned down the role. Ashkenazi is reportedly looking for a different portfolio, such as health. Previously, it was reported that the former chief of staff would become the Defense Minister.

Israel Hayom reported that, according to the Likud’s proposal, in order to ensure that Netanyahu hands over the premiership in October 2021 to Gantz, both leaders will be sworn in together next week so that Gantz will be able to enter office seamlessly and automatically without having to be sworn in a second time. Thus, if Netanyahu decides to disperse the Knesset before the stipulated date for the transition of power, Gantz would serve as prime minister of the transition government.

Meanwhile, the far-right-wing Yamina party is suggesting it will go to the opposition if it doesn’t get a significant ministry. Yamina leader Naftali Bennett said his faction could leave the “left-wing government” Netanyahu is forming. Political affairs reporter Anna Barsky writes in Maariv that the unity government is not the kind of right-wing government that the right-wing is accustomed to. (See Commentary/Analysis below.)

Two of the three Labor party members of Knesset, chairman MK Amir Peretz and MK Itsik Shmuli will also join the government and the negotiations are being held through Gantz, sources in the Labor party told Maariv. The ministries that each is supposed to head will be part of the Kahol-Lavan [Blue and White] quota and Labor is expected to split from Meretz, which will stay in the opposition.

04:00 PDT:  Today’s talk is “From Nehemiah to John Baptist.”  Featuring inter-testament history with a focus on the development of the Pharisees and the competition between the Hellenic and Mosaic Pharisees; the struggle with Antiochus Epiphanes, the Hasmonean’s [Maccabees] and the absorption of the province of Judea by Rome. The April 3 talk, the last in this series, will be a serious look at the commission of Elijah, John Baptist and the final Two Witnesses.

Gantz in push for peace talks demands: If you want a unity government wit me then pledge not to try and annex any land without negotiations first.  Settler leaders, in a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urge him not to “squander the historic opportunity” to extend Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank.

The US deploys patriot air defenses to Iraq as the Pentagon plans war on Iran

The US and Canada ending domestic oil production [fracking] due to plunge in oil prices.


30 Mar 07:00 PDT:  The US and Israel practiced joint air force operations in southern Israel yesterday.  The drill saw Israeli Adir F-35s aircraft from the IAF’s 140 Golden Eagle Squadron train alongside F-35s from the USAF’s 34th fighter squadron, as well as IAF’s 122 squadron which operates the Nahshon Gulfstream G-500 aircraft. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the US National Institute for Infectious Diseases, warned that millions of infections lie ahead of America with more than 100,000 deaths.

In an Israeli experiment  Prof Galia Rahav is supervising the use of  anti-bodies contained in blood drawn from volunteers who have recovered from Covid-19. The plasma which contains the antibodies is being separated from the blood samples and injected into critical cases in hospital. 

03:00 PDT:  President Trump extends restrictions to the first of May, issued a major disaster declaration for Washington, D.C.


29 Mar:  Looming Mideast war postponed for Covid-19.  Could be delayed for a few months.

With increased testing the numbers of US positives for Covid-19 have risen past 100,000.  The number of cases is likely to continue a sharp rise for the next three to six weeks before leveling off, some 200,000 deaths are expected.  Most of the brethren instead of turning to obedience to God are predictably seeking comfort from their families, friends in the church and their church social circle. 

This epidemic should begin to stabilize in late May and then taper off by July.  That does not mean that the problem has gone away since the virus has spread widely throughout the nation and is highly likely to reassert itself with a vengeance during the next winter: The next time making scores of millions of American’s ill and killing large numbers. Because of this epidemic the looming Mideast war may be delayed until summer.

Audio mp3 Download Important Notice- The date of 561 B.C. at the beginning of the Nehemiah talk has been corrected to 461 B.C. Those who have downloaded copies before sunset ending 28 March  should update their downloads. 


28 Mar:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


27 Mar 14:00 PDT:  Israel bombards multiple sites n Gaza after a single rocket crossed the border.

08:00 PDT: Congress is pushing ahead with the $2.2 Trillion aid package. Package details.

UK’s Prince Charles and  PM Johnson both test positive for Covid-19

No government has yet been agreed for Israel, all of the reports on details of a deal are merely rumors.  Now that Bibi has managed to split Blue and White by enticing Gantz the real talks on a deal with Gantz will begin. Remember that both of these men are masters at trickery and deceit.  It is highly unlikely that the wily fox Gantz is a naive as he appears.  


26 Mar 14:30 PDT: Benny Gantz has been elected Speaker of the Knesset. A coalition deal is being crafted between his “Israel Resilience” party and Likud.  Rumors abound as to the details of the deal being worked on but no deal has yet been made.

07:30 PDT: Israeli politics in chaos as reports circulate that Blue and White is splitting.  

According to Yesh Atid and Telem’s filing with the Knesset to depart from their association with Gantz, the two factions seek to remain together and retain the name Blue and White. The factions note they have the right to do so, as together they have more MKs than Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience party.

In a move indicting that a deal is in the works between Netanyahu and Gantz the entire Far Right bloc will support the election of Gantz as Knesset Speaker today.  With the Blue and White already controlling all Knesset committees Gantz as Speaker will give the Blue and White complete control of the Knesset. The move will replace Yesh Atid’s own candidate Meir Cohen and the Yest Atid faction of Blue and White s not pleased.

03:15 PDT: Today’s talk features Nehemiah being sent to help Ezra by building the city walls and assisting with the great revival restoration of true religion.


25 Mar 16:15 PDT:  Israel’s High Court of Justice has ordered the Knesset to hold a vote on choosing a new speaker on Thursday, giving a temporary authorization to veteran Labor MK Amir Peretz to lead the session.

15:00 PDT:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz spoke by phone this morning about forming an emergency unity government. The two ordered their negotiating teams to meet tomorrow for talks on an emergency government and  Netanyahu again called for unity during a press conference this evening.  Representatives of both sides have been speaking secretly and enough progress has been made to begin official talks.

13:00 PDT:  The first visible light of the new moon has been observed by multiple observers at Jerusalem confirming that 26 March is the first day of the first biblical month of the new year. Passover day is 8 April with the Feast of Unleavened Bread 9-15 April and Pentecost is on 31 May.

10:00 PDT: It is now surfacing that physicians in northern Italy were reporting many cases of a strange pneumonia as early as last November (second last para). This could mean that the Covid-19 started in Italy and was spread to China by tourists or business visitors.  Also see this video interview.

On Sunday March 15 at 01:50 am Netanyahu let it slip that the courts would be closed for public health reasons. His trial has been moved to late May and could be postponed further if the Blue and White agree to back a crisis government headed by Bibi as per the report below.

03:00 PDT:  Trying to delay a Knesset vote to replace him with a non far right Likud speaker Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein resigned rather than adhere to High Court order to call vote on his replacement today, The resignation is to be official in 48 hours which is designed to delay the choice of a new non Likud Speaker until at least next week.

The Knesset’s legal advisers believe the resignation cannot prevent the vote from taking place today as mandated by the court.  Blue and White are trying to push to hold a vote on the next Knesset speaker today despite Yuli Edelstein’s resignation, under the justification that delaying will still mean contempt of court.  An urgent appeal has been sent to the High Court of Justice to allow the vote to go forward today.

The Blue and White are using their 61 seat majority to try to change the Speaker so they can pass legislation which will make it unlawful for a person fighting criminal charges to form a government.

With several of his own members refusing to sit in a Palestinian backed government Gantz is unable to form a governing coalition. 

After passing his desired law Gantz next move may be to agree to back a minority Netanyahu government and suspend political activities for a crisis period of four to six months during which Netanyahu could handle the Covid-19 situation and fight his long planned war. After which the Blue and White would be in a position to govern the nation and make a Middle East peace.


24 Mar 17:00 PDT:  The establishment media seems to be deliberately panicking people and governments into creating an economic disaster. It seems very strange that the media says “Don’t panic” as they proceed to speak of nothing else but Carona 24/7. One wonders why?  Perhaps the establishment is generating an economic crisis to bring in a new international financial system? 

The moves to shut down economies appear to be heading nations towards economic disaster as more and more countries face an impossible task of repaying dollar debt in the coming years. This will force a revision of today’s world financial system in the near term future. 

05:30 PDT:  Yesterday the far right extremist Likud led bloc boycotted the voting on the  formation of Knesset Committees although they took part in forming those committees, they are doing the same today.

Today a desperate Netanyahu may be ready to give up a great deal as backed into a corner he invites Gantz to meet “to form a national emergency crisis government.”  


23 Mar 15:00 PDT: Barely an hour after Edelstein rejected the High Court’s recommendation, the Court issued a unanimous ruling demanding that he must hold a vote on selecting the next speaker on Wednesday. 

12:45 PDT: Egged on by an increasingly desperate Netanyahu, defying the High Court Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein has informed the High Court of Justice that he will not accept its instructions to call a vote on electing a new Knesset speaker by Wednesday. If he still refuses he will be in contempt and the nation will be in political crisis.

08:30 PDT:  The Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu arrived in Damascus on Monday to meet with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his counterpart General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayoub. 

05:00 PDT: The Israeli High Court has instructed Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to hold a vote on choosing his replacement by Wednesday, saying that otherwise the court will rule against him and force him to hold such a vote anyway. The court ordered Edelstein to submit his response by 9 p.m. (11:00 PDT) today. The Knesset opened the new session today and began selecting committees.


22 Mar 09:00 PDT:  The Israeli High Court is now debating the Knesset conundrum.  The speaker refuses to convene the Knesset so that a new government can be formed which would oust him.

Your Health: Strong sunlight kills viruses.  As the weather improves in your area continue to avoid crowds but do get outside in your backyard or on your balcony and get lots of fresh air and soak up those rays. With that and plenty of vitamin c, your immune system will rebound strongly.


21 Mar:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

A Personal message will be posted when the New Moon is confirmed. 

The required stage of barley development to have the harvest ready by April 12 has been confirmed.  The first day of the first biblical month will begin with the next new moon sighting expected on the evening ending 25 March.


20 Mar 11:00 PDT:  Claims that the Caronavirus came from Chinese eating bats are fake news; they are just NOT true.

The US is gearing up for a provocation by Turkish backed militias designed to bring American intervention against Syria.  After meetings between the group’s representatives with the US Special Representative for Syria near the Turkish-Syrian border, the leader of the White Helmets gave a speech to the Senate  on 11 March. 

On 17 March, US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun met the White Helmets leader despite restrictions on contacts with foreigners introduced by the State Department in connection with the spread of the Coronavirus.”  The White Helmets are a British/US Intelligence asset.

08:00 PDT:  Netanyahu is trying to use the Coronavirus to prevent the Knesset from sitting.  The Speaker a Likud member is refusing to call the Knesset into session thereby preventing the forming of a Gantz government. As Bibi digs ever deeper into his bag of dirty tricks to stay in office his desperation becomes ever more clear.  Blue and White has now taken the issue to the High Court and if he looses Netanyahu may well try to provoke a security breakdown justifying an invasion of Gaza to rally the nation behind him.


19 Mar: American’s told to return home immediately or be indefinitely barred from reentering the country as Trump prepares to lock down the nation. Israel locked down today.

Today’s talk is on The Great Ezra Restoration and the tremendous revival and preparations made for the ministry of Christ by Ezra.  Ezra was truly one of the Mighty Men of God!


18 Mar 03:00 PDT:  Two major parties begin  intense negotiations to form an emergency unity government.

12:00 PDT:  Israeli far right parties table bill to annex all settlements plus the Jordan Valley.  The bill to annex land without negotiations is a huge provocation of the Palestinians which could possibly pass into law.  If the planned March 30 Land Day demonstrations go ahead there could be violence.

07:00 PDT: Breaking:  Canada and the US have agreed to close their border to all non commercial visitors.

06:00 PDT:  If you are feeling ill do not take ibuprofen.  GENEVA, Switzerland — The World Health Organization recommended Tuesday that people suffering COVID-19 symptoms avoid taking ibuprofen, after French officials warned that anti-inflammatory drugs could worsen effects of the virus.

02:00 PDT: Israel‘s defence minister on Monday announced a set of sweeping restrictions on Palestinian workers entering the country from the Occupied Territories, allegedly part of efforts to combat the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country. Numbers allowed into Israel will be cut in half and the the border will be closed and those Palestinian workers allowed in will be forced to live in employer housing inside Israel for two months.

Will Gaza’s planned big Land Day March 30 demonstrations go ahead or be cancelled by the virus?

Russia gives Idlib terrorists until the end of March to implement the ceasefire provisions or the Russian Syrian offensive will resume.  Turkey i snot amused.


17 Mar:  It took a few hours to work out every issue with the new server and I apologize for any inconvenience. Everything should be working fine now.

President Trump has asked people not to gather in groups of more than ten.


16 Mar 14:30 PDT:  US Covid-19 diagnosed cases rise to 3500 as the Center for Disease Control recommends all gatherings over 50 people be cancelled for the next 8 weeks across the USA. Stock markets continue to fall precipitously as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges 12.9 percent, or nearly 3,000 points, at 20,188.52.

This is only a very tiny mild foretaste of what is in store when the tribulation brings truly devastating epidemics [killing scores of millions] accompanied by the collapse  of the US dollar and economy and an upsurge of natural calamities.

It will take a few hours to regenerate our security certificate and the sites may load slowly, other than that our server maintenance is completed.  Thank you for your patience. 

Benny Gantz has received a mandate to build a governing coalition.

The new Knesset was sworn in today.

Russia has extended the March 15 deadline for the Turkish backed militias to withdraw from south of the M-4 Hwy.  Reconnaissance pictures show the militias are using the time to mass for battle instead of withdrawing.


15 Mar 10:30 PDT:  The Israeli President has announced that he will give Benny Gantz and the Blue and White party the first chance to form a government. Gantz will have a 28 day mandate to form a government with a possible 14 day extension.  Gantz will try to form a government as soon as possible however negotiations on the apportionment of cabinet seats may take some time.

Bibi’s playing up of the Covid-19 issue to try and get Gantz to support him has failed because Gantz knows that if Gantz can form a government then Bibi will be toppled from office. After that he will be forced to resign from the Knesset since no person under criminal charges can sit in the Knesset.   

This means that Netanyahu will do everything possible to prevent a Gantz government from being formed.  Facing a long prison term Bibi could very well invade Gaza launching a reginal war so as to have the political and legal processes suspended until after hostilities end in the hope that he can strike a plea deal by coming out the victorious hero of the nation. 

This will not work and a Palestinian backed peace making government will emerge in Israel which will resume negotiations at the place they left off when Ehud Olmert left the prime minister’s office.

At that time the deal was almost complete except for a few details. Once such a deal is made the Jewish Settler Movement Extremists will sabotage the peace and the great tribulation will begin almost immediately; as soon as the miracle working Roman Pontiff goes to the temple mount (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15).

09:30 PDT: Israeli President Rivlin calls meeting this evening with Netanyahu and Gantz after Gantz receives enough backing to form a government.

08:30 PDT: Turkish backed militias have refused to withdraw from areas south of the M-4 Hwy as agreed and Syria is about to resume their anti-terrorist offensive.

05:00 PDT: The Palestinian Joint List has unanimously recommended Gantz and Blue and White, meaning that Gantz could get the first chance at forming a government on Tuesday. 

With only 200 cases diagnosed Israel begins calling up military reserves under cover of helping hospitals deal with Covid-19. 

03:30 PDT: President Trump has added the UK and Ireland to his Covid-19 no entry policy.

02:15 PDT:  The US has been bombing Iran backed militia bases in Iraq for the past week and the militias have been shooting short range rockets at the American Taji base in Iraq. The US has moved a second super carrier to position off Iran and is preparing to activate recently deployed Patriot air defenses at the base.

Sometime early next week our sites will be down for a sort period.  I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Israeli proposed unity government going nowhere and appears to have been made only to panic people by pushing the severity of the Covid-19 situation and getting the trial postponed.  Netanyahu used the state of emergency to postpone his trial which has now been  postponed to May 24; the trial was set to begin March 17.

Israeli political parties are to make recommendations to the president today. 


14 Mar:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! 

In the Proverbs 1 article, in the paragraph immediately above Proverbs 1:7 the word “NOT” has been added to the line “is [NOT] in complete unity with.”  This edit has also been made to the download.  


13 Mar 10:30 PDT: Donald Trump will hold a news conference today at 3:00 P.M., “Topic: CoronaVirus!”

07:30 PDT: With only 126 diagnosed Netanyahu is trying his best to panic people into allowing him to continue as PM. All sports and other gatherings over a few hundred have been forbidden and next month’s Independence Day festivities cancelled.

02:30 PDT:  The US assassinates a senior Iranian general.


12 Mar 13:30 PDT:  With neither side in any position to establish a government the Caronavirus and security concerns have given Prime Minister Netanyahu an excuse to invite Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz for talks on assembling a six month duration emergency unity government. Bibi wants to remain as PM with the opposition’s support for six months.  Hopefully enough time to deal with the virus and complete the looming regional war.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to President Reuven Rivlin Thursday night and informed him that he invited Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz to meet again tonight with the aim of forming a national emergency unity government as soon as possible.

Rivlin told Netanyahu that he welcomed any initiative that would lead to the establishment of a government as soon as possible. Rivlin stressed: “My house is open to you. We must do everything possible to focus on the tasks at hand.”

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett made a similar call, saying he would support a law to freeze the political situation for six months and form an emergency government headed by Netanyahu. “In six months we can return to where we were and continue debating,” said the Netanyahu ally, who heads the Yamina party. “No party will lose its power or its ability to negotiate. 

The four leaders of the Blue and White party met Thursday evening at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv to discuss the question of joining an emergency government.

Benny Gantz, leader of the left-wing Blue and White party, has just made the following statement: “In light of the present situation, we are prepared to discuss formation of a broad based emergency government that will include representation from all sectors of our national home. We will make every effort to advance this process for the sake of the citizens and the State of Israel.”

12:30 PDT:  Brazilian VIP tests positive for Carona after meeting with US President Trump.  Canadian prime minister quarantines himself after his wife tests positive.


08:15 PDT:  The US military will reduce the numbers of troops awaiting deployment to exercise Europe Defender.  This will not affect the numbers already deployed in Europe but may reduce the numbers of people in the deployment process.

02:00 PDT: Trump announced during an address to the nation that he is suspending all travel from Europe to the US for 30 days beginning at 11:59 p.m. Friday. 

The Syrian army is preparing for a new offensive to root out Turkish backed militias south of the M-4 Highway sometime after March 15.  Turkey is threatening to assist the militias by attacking Syria if they do so.


11 Mar 13:00 PDT:  The Turkish backed terrorists have so far failed to keep their agreement to withdraw from their positions south of the M-4 highway.  The deadline for them to do so is March 15 or Syria will resume its operations to root them out.  Meanwhile Turkey is threatening to resume its campaign in Syria in response to any further Syrian operations and the US is lobbying NATO countries to support Turkey and the terrorists against Syria.

12:30 PDT:  Hamas has announced that the next major Gaza demonstration will be on Land Day 30 March.  Land Day remembers the Israel appropriation of Palestinian land and this year would be especially relevant to Netanyahu’s promise to annex vast swaths of Palestinian land as soon as they form a government.

10:45 PDT:  The Israeli political situation just got even more complicated with three MKs rebelling from the Blue and White bloc.  At the very least this could prevent a Blue and White government from forming quickly. At the worst if they were to support Netanyahu and Likud, Bibi could form a government and begin annexing Palestinian land which would bring violence to the Gaza Israel border.

10:00 PDT:  After the UNSC unanimously approves the Afghan peace deal the US will no longer replace troops rotating home as the means by which they will withdraw. Facing as new Taliban offensive on his own President Ghani has backed down and ,ordered 1,500 prisoners released in batches starting on Saturday. A government spokesman indicated that the whole 5,000 would be released if violence was reduced.

The book of Proverbs is far more than a collection of wise sayings, it is an instructional manual on becoming a fit bride for Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we will begin a 16 day completely new and updated study through Proverbs as part of our pre-passover presentation.

Free Study Downloads Associated with Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread


10 Mar: Listen to today’s talk on Purim (16 Min).  Besides being a story of physical deliverance for Judah, Purim is a prophecy and also sets the stage for the great spiritual revival of Ezra/Nehemiah.  Ezra officially sanctified the fifteenth day of the twelfth biblical month to be observed for Purim. The Rabbins are observing it today; according to the calendar that God gave to Moses Purim is tomorrow 11 March. 

Our Exodus study book can be downloaded here.  The complete New Covenant Passover service including the Psalms sanctified for Passover by Ezra and Jesus [by singing them at his Passover] can be downloaded here

06:30 PDT: Syria- As part of the Idlib ceasefire agreement that was put in place last Thursday, the Russian military will take control of all areas south of the Aleppo-Latakia Highway (M-4) in the Idlib Governorate.  This means that several remaining terrorist occupied areas south of the highway will be surrendered to the Russians and evacuated.  Turkey is still massing forces to the north of this highway and consolidating / organizing the terrorists for the next round of fighting with Syria. 


9 Mar 16:15 PDT:  Italy shuts down over virusIsrael issues mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals in the country, crushing the Easter / Passover tourist season.

10:15 PDT:  The Palestinian Joint List of four Palestinian political parties has agreed to meet tomorrow with representatives of Blue and White. Joint List chief Ayman Odeh says he told Gantz the slate will act “as one united faction” and not as four separate parties. “We are acting solely in the best interests of our constituents, first and foremost, to overthrow Netanyahu and the racist policies he leads,” say the Joint List.

President Reuven Rivlin will hold consultations next Sunday with all political parties elected to the Knesset last week, ahead of tasking an MK with attempting to form a government. Consultations will last one day only, with limited time for each party.

8 Mar: The Joint List of Palestinian political parties will not recommend Gantz for PM until after they have a signed agreement on details.  This means that Netanyahu could still be given first chance to try and form a coalition.

DSTIn most areas of North America, Day Light Savings Time will bring the clocks one hour forward at 03:00 Sunday morning.

Drama in Israel as Netanyahu Reign Approaches the End- The Israeli opposition is on the verge of forming a minority government backed by the Palestinian parties from the outside.  A government of 62 seats could be formed in the coming days which would see a coalition between the  Blue and White Party, Labor-Gesher-Meretz and Yisrael Beytenu, with the outside backing of the Joint List.   

The election commission will present the formal election results to the president on 10 March after which the president will have seven days to consult with the parties and decide who to ask to try and form a governing coalition. 

The Palestinian Joint List will meet Sunday in Kfar Kassem to decide whether to recommend to President Reuven Rivlin that Gantz form the government.  Netanyahu is now desperately trying to bribe the Palestinians not to support Blue and White because if they agree to do so Netanyahu will not even get a chance a achieving a coalition and the opposition will form the new government. 

A desperate Netanyahu is threatening the opposition with the wrath of the far right extremists [remember they assassinated Rabin when he tried to make peace].

Bibi now has only one chance to avoid a long prison term for corruption; if he goes to war in the hope that a victory will divide the opposition and bring him enough support to change the situation. At the very least he can change the regional realities before Gantz and Olmert agree to a peace deal with the Palestinians.

In the present situation Gaza better keep everyone tightly under control as even one incident could give Bibi an excuse to pull out all stops in a whole sale invasion.

Gantz and Olmert have already reached agreement with Palestinian Authority president Abbas to resume peace talks from where the nearly completed talks left off when Olmert left office. 

Once it takes over, the new government will lose no time in finalizing a peace deal, which the Israeli far right extremists will sabotage (1 Thess 5:3) when a miracle working pope visits the temple mount (Mat 24:15).

The great tribulation could well begin around the end of this year and will begin with the loss of Jerusalem and continue with a savage war overwhelming the Jewish state until the now rising New Federal Europe intervenes to stop the bloodshed by occupying the Jewish State.  

Then Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab States with the Palestinians will abandon the Petrodollar for the New Europe bringing economic collapse to the US and dollar dependent nations.


7 Mar:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


6 Mar 02:00 PST: Download the Holy Day date chart here

With Purim approaching next week, today’s talk is about “The Marriage of Esther.”  This program is very important because it establishes the role of Esther and Ahaseurus in the subsequent Ezra and Nehemiah great revival.

Likudniks admit that there is no chance of Likud forming a government and suggest that Netanyahu not even try.  Bibi does want his war in the [forlorn] hope that a victory will bring defectors from other parties to join him and so may accept a mandate in mid March.  The formal election report will be presented to the resident on March 10 and he will then have one week to consult with the parties before deciding who to ask to try first to form a government.


5 Mar 15:30 PST: In the US the numbers of diagnosed Caronavirus  infections has been vastly reduced by the fact that only those hospitalized are being tested. This stratagem allows the infection rate in the US to be vastly unreported, as the great majority of sick people [probably 99+%] are not hospitalized.  An immense pool of infection is building in North America and once the tribulation begins and the population is weakened the plague will be truly devastating.

In Moscow Turkish President Recep Erdogan accepted a Russian demand for a ceasefire to begin at midnight in the Syrian province of Idlib after his invading army was resoundingly thrashed by Russia-Syrian air might in the embattled northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.  Turkey will not be able to do much in Syria until Israel demolishes Hezbollah and the Syrian air force while the US holds back the Russians for Israel and Turkey.

04:00 PST: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meet in Moscow on 5 March to discuss the crisis in Idlib.

Israel bombs near Damascus Homs.

Caronavirus- Israel claims up to 100,000 Israelis in quarantine, says the 600 US troops scheduled to arrive from Germany next week for Juniper Cobra will be delayed, the computer exercises will continue.  One wonders how much of this is disinformation.


4 Mar 15:30 PST:  Israeli election almost final Netanyahu / Likud lose.  The Likud wins 36 seats in the 23rd Knesset and Blue and White has 33.

The right-wing bloc has a possible 58 seats out of the needed 61 to form a government, compared to a potential 62 seats for the bloc consisting of Blue and White, Labor-Gesher-Meretz at 40 seats, if the Blue and White were supported by the Palestinian Joint List at 15 and  Lieberman’s Yisrael Beytenu at 7.   

Because Likud got the most seats as a party, Netanyahu will probably get first chance at trying to form a government with little likelihood of success. Realizing that Blue and White will form a peace making government Bibi could decide to launch a war on Gaza.

08:00 PST:  Pope Francis is calling upon the leaders of world religions and globalist agencies, as well as leaders in the world of politics, economics, science and education to be at the Vatican on May 14, 2020, for the signing of a Global Education Pact aimed at bringing about a “new humanism.”

In a videotaped message on September 12, 2019, in which the pope first announced his initiative, he said: “A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism.”

The new humanist philosophy being pushed by this Jesuit Pope is that God made man and then withdrew.

05:00 PST: Attempted chemical attack by Idlib terrorists fails when they accidentally poison themselves


3 Mar 14:30 PST:  A partial truce in Afghanistan was ended on Monday, when the Taliban ordered a resumption of fighting against the Afghan government. because of the Afghan government’s refusal to release prisoners as promised under the peace deal. The US will be standing behind the terms of the deal and are going to stick to what was agreed to and withdraw anyway. 

12:00 PST:  A petition challenging the right of Netanyahu to try and form a government has been filed with the High Court.  Netanyahu’s first appearance to face the charges is scheduled for March 17. 

08:30 PST:  The US agrees to help Turkey attack Syria by providing everything needed sort of direct military intervention.  Do not be surprised if there is a fake chemical attack by the White Helmets in the coming weeks to be blamed on Syria to justify an American aerial bombardment of Syria.

07:15 PST: Turkey floats the idea of marching to Damascus and overthrowing Assad if this Thursday’s talks fail to end in Turkey’s favor.Of course Turkey would need American help in the form of keeping the Russian air force out of the equation to accomplish this.  The US and Israel will be ready for a Mideast war by late March.

02:30 PST:  The IDF announced that the Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise, which takes place every two years between the IDF and the United States Europe Command (EUCOM), began today. The exercise will take place until March 13, 2020. This year, the exercise poses a scenario in which US forces operate alongside Israel using a whole range of IDF air defense systems against missile threats in various regions. More than 2,500 EUCOM soldiers are taking part in the exercise, 600 of whom will drill in Israel together with 1,000 IDF soldiers from the Air Force’s air defense, logistical units, medical forces and other IDF units. Other US contingents will conduct drills at different locations in Israel, Europe and the United States. In war the Israeli missile defense systems will be connected to the US European system headquarters in Germany electronically.

After the looming Mideast war, the US plans to largely withdraw from Europe and rely on a plan to rush forces there and arm them with equipment prepositioned in Europe as needed. This massive warehousing of  billions of dollars in modern equipment in Europe will make the now rising New Federal Europe an instant military superpower.

In Israel there are still more than 340,000 votes (8 seats worth) of the soldiers, prisoners, envoys abroad, patients in hospitals, and, this time, the people who are in isolation due to the Coronavirus which will not be received and counted until tomorrow.  This means that the final tally will not be available until tomorrow night. 


2 Mar 15:00 PST: Caronavirus has been identified as a viral pneumonia for which there is no treatment beyond breathing assistance and palliative care. Once the tribulation begins the virus will become far more deadly and a horrendous death toll is likely.

12:00 PST: The Turkish “Spring Shield” Operation in Syria has stalled and Syria is rolling back Turkish advances. Meanwhile Russia has deployed its own troops to the area to block further Turkish action.  The Syrian anti terror offensive will continue for now. The Pentagon is moving assets into position to attack Syria and Iran.

Exit polls indicate Likud with 37, Blue and White with 33 seats.  Netanyahu will probably receive the first 28 day mandate to try and form a governing coalition in a few days.  If Bibi goes to war, the other parties will back him from the opposition until hostilities end. 

09:00 PST:  Israeli voter turnout especially the Palestinian backlash against Netanyahu, surges to the highest participation rate since 1999.

07:00 PST:  There is heavy fighting in northern Syria between the Syrian army and Turkey. 

Afghan president rejects prisoner swap arranged by the US peace deal making resumption of violence possible.


1 Mar 2020 07:30 PST: The USS super carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower has been surged to the Middle East. The ship and its escort of several other US Navy warships, including the USS San Jacinto and USS Vella Gulf Tomahawk-armed guided-missile cruisers, as well as a destroyer squadron consisting of the USS Stout, USS James E. Williams and USS Truxton is now in the central Mediterranean Sea. 

The strike group is thought to include eight squadrons of F/A-18E fighter jets as well as maritime attack choppers, and to be manned by some 6,000 sailors. 

The Eisenhower Strike Group was surged on February 20, immediately after completing its month-long certification exercises, and without returning to the carrier’s home port in Norfolk, Virginia.  Speculation abounds that the US will declare a no fly zone in Syria for Syrian and Russian warplanes.

04:45 PST:  Turkey pushes into Syria shooting down two Syrian warplanes.

01:00 PST: President Trump has agreed to back Turkey and is calling for Russia and Syria to back down.

The US has signed a peace with the Taliban agreeing to withdraw from the country.  This will leave this US puppet Afghan government at the mercy of the Taliban since there is no way that America will return to Afghanistan. The key provisions of the agreement are a Taliban rejection of terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and that the US would draw its forces down to 8,600 from 13,000 in the next 3-4 months, with the remaining US forces withdrawing in 14 months. 

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As the new flu virus spreads worldwide it is now understood that it can be spread by asymptomatic carriers who do not come down with the disease themselves.  This means that testing people with symptoms is at best only partially successful in containing the disease.

With spring and warmer sunny weather approaching the number of people experiencing symptoms of this flu could ease over the summer, at least in the northern hemisphere. 

Besides those tested and announced as having the disease, many times more people have suffered mild symptoms and not sought medical help. 

All polls indicate that in tomorrow’s Israeli elections Netanyahu’s Likud will win a seat or two more than Gantz’s Blue and White.  This means that Bibi will most likely be given a 28 day mandate to try and form a governing coalition.  Depending on the election it appears that he will be unable to form a ruling coalition and the mandate will pass to Gantz who appears to be in a position to form a minority government with backing from the Palestinian parties who are incensed by the Trump peace plan and Bibi’s plan to annex Palestinian territory .   

At the same time that Netanyahu and the far right see their hopes to annex much of the West Bank fading, the joint semi annual US Israeli missile defense exercise Juniper Cobra and the massive US troop buildup in Europe and the Middle East will be completed in late March. The Middle East is fast approaching a general regional war. 

Israel has warned that the present calm is Gaza’s last chance to avoid an IDF blitzkrieg to eradicate the militias.  Still, Hamas has decided to restart the border demonstrations this month and the possibility of some kind of violence is very high.  If Netanyahu opts to invade Gaza the other parties will back him from the opposition until hostilities end and then it is likely that a Blue and White government will be formed with the Labor party backed by the Palestinians from outside the coalition.

The new government would resume negotiations with the Palestinian Authority where the almost completed talks left off when Ehud Olmert last left office.

The likelihood of a peace agreement being made this year is highly probable, which peace agreement will almost immediately collapse into the great tribulation (1 Thess 5:3).

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