News Prophecy Blog; Jun 2017

30 Jun:  US president Donald Trump is to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Hamburg G20 Conference next week.  New World Order establishment leader Henry Kissinger is preparing Trump’s positions for the Putin meet.  

Netanyahu  delays the Conversion bill for six months while setting up a Committee to study the issue.  There could well be an Israeli election during that six months which could itself derail the Conversion Bill depending on the election results.


29 Jun:  Under enormous US pressure  South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has now elected to stand with Trump against North Korea.  Trump continues to threaten to attack the North Koreans.

Iraqi special forces on Thursday liberated the remains of the al-Nuri mosque in Mosul.  It is estimated that only about 300 Islamic State fighters are left defending one or two remaining blocks in the city.

Syria has repelled an Israeli supported  rebel attack on the town of Al-Baath next to Quneitra.  In spite of Israeli aerial bombing on their behalf the rebels reportedly suffered heavy casualties including their commander, Abu Osamah Al-Karar, who was killed. The fighting near Al-Baath, located less than three kilometers from the Israeli border, was the source of the mortar rounds – apparently fired by the rebels to give Israel an excuse for supporting attacks against Syria – that landed in Israeli territory on the Golan Heights during the past few days.   

An Israeli parole board on Thursday approved former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s petition to be released from prison on 2 July, after serving two-thirds of his sentence on corruption charges.  Olmert who had made great progress on a peace deal with the Palestinians is reported to be interested in reentering politics.  Palestinian president Abbas was unable to answer the Olmert peace proposals when Olmert resigned because of corruption charges.  

The Jewish conversion bill causing uproar in the governing coalition.    

According to law being a Jew has nothing to do with race and everything to do with following modern Rabbinic Judaism.  A very large percentage of “Jews” in Israel are not Jews by race.


28 Jun:   Syria has shelved its planned operation against rebels in the Latakia province defusing the Trump crated crisis at least temporarily.  The incident shows how a mere unverified claim could throw the region into a major regional war.   

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that Moscow would respond to any US “provocation” in Syria “proportionally and with dignity.” He warned the US against launching a preemptive strike in Syria based on intelligence assessments that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is planning a new chemical attack.

“They should not create excuses for more attacks against the Syrian army that is fighting terrorists,” Lavrov added, saying terrorist groups could try to draw the U.S. into a strike against Syria.  

Israel is prepared for a war with Hezbollah Syria which becomes more and more likely to break out as the Islamic State shrinks.  


27 Jun:  France comes on board as Trump gathers support for attack on Syria.  Israeli US Defense Chiefs discuss Mideast strategy a major US Coalition attack would probably elicit a Syrian -Hezbollah-Iranian-Hamas response against Israel.

Israel bombs three Hamas sites in Gaza.

Update 05:20 PDT:   President Trump has now issued a warning to Syria not to use chemical weapons.  International sources are saying that Syria is preparing an offensive against the last remaining US backed rebels in northwest Syria and that Trump is playing the chemical card; the chemical warning meaning that he will declare the use of chemical weapons is imminent and strike to save the rebels.

03:30 PDT:  The American Coalition is threatening to attack Syria using the excuse of chemical weapons.   

America is warning that they will attack Syria over any further chemical events inside Syria. Whether preemptive or punitive, may be launched from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush in the eastern Mediterranean.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Monday night that the US “has identified potential preparations for a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime  “He said the activities were similar to preparations taken before an April 2017 attack that killed dozens of men, women and children, and warned that if “Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.  It has never been shown that Syria carried out the April 4 attack, which could easily have been made by rebels or accidentally leaked from a rebel warehouse.   

The whole accusation is absurd since the Syrian war is close to resolution and Assad and Russia know that a chemical attack would have massive repercussions.  This is an obvious excuse to save the US/Sunni insurgency and reach the goals of regime change in Syria and Iran.

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Monday night declared on Twitter that any chemical weapons attack by Bashar -Assad’s Syrian government on his own citizens “will be blamed on Assad but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.”  Haley’s tweet ended with the words: “Stay tuned for more tomorrow.”  It followed a White House warning that Assad would pay a heavy price if he again resorted to chemical weapons against his own people.  

UK defense secretary Michael Fallon told an interviewer on Tuesday morning that the May government would fully support any US military action against the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons,

The Conversion Bill granting exclusive authority to formalize conversions to the Orthodox, which passed in committee on Sunday has been appealed to the full cabinet.  The issue is key in deciding who is Jewish and covered by the Law of Return.

The American company Arconic announced that it will no longer sell Reynobond PE cladding material, believed to be a key factor in the deadly Grenfell Tower blaze n which 75 people died.  The aluminum and insulating cladding for High Rise buildings was sold worldwide.  So far 75 buildings with the cladding have failed fire testing in Britain and the issue may involve thousands of buildings around the world including the US.


26 Jun:   A rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded harmlessly in the Shear Hanegev region Monday night as tensions rise in both north and south.  Rocket claimed by Islamic Sate Gaza Salafist group.

al-Qadisa District Raqqa falls to American backed Kurdish army.  


25 Jun:  A major battle is taking shape as Syria tries to dislodge Israeli backed rebels from the Syrian Golan.  Israel is bombing advancing Syrian troops – claiming they are responding to sporadic errant mortar strikes – and declared the Israeli side of the Golan a closed military zone.

50% of America’s airborne backup war command system planes destroyed by tornado at Offutt air base Nebraska.  

Cholera epidemic rages in Yemen, 200,000 sick.  Cholera if not properly treated has a very high mortality rate and the civil war is not helping the situation.

Kurds pardon 83 ISIS non combatant members in Raqqa Ramadan Iftar gesture.

With the liberation of Mosul Islamic State has only three small Iraqi towns left.

US builds case for war on North Korea and Iran.  

Israel bombs Quneitra kills two Syrian soldiers in response to errant mortar fire striking Golan.


24 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


23 Jun:   Hezbollah boasts that any attack by Israel would face fighters from Lebanon to Iran.

Shas other Orthodox party’s place Israeli coalition in crisis with new conversion bill   Bill faces veto in Sunday’s debate.

The approval of the construction of 7,000 housing units yesterday – to placate the Settler Movement – was preparation for a building freeze from here on.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised the United States at this week’s talks that he would freeze the publication of tenders for new building projects in West Bank settlements through the end of 2017.  The coalition is in what may be one of its last crisis as angry Settler politicians threatened to pressure Netanyahu to rescind the decision, which would prevent workers from breaking ground on new housing projects.

Israeli far right claims they forced Netanyahu to approve construction of 7,000 units.  

Trump refuses to even look at multiple North Korean peace overtures.


22 Jun:  Washington Post: US on collision course with Syria/Iran.  

Israel admits Gaza war is coming soon and is trying to blame it on the Palestinian Authority.  There is no doubt that Abbas wants to defeat Hamas and bring Gaza back into the PA fold but the moves of the Palestinian Authority are being orchestrated by the US, Sunni, Israeli Coalition.  

The strength of Syria is needed to help defeat the ISIS and everything is waiting for the end of Islamic State in Syria/Iraq. 

Egypt has just sent a small fuel supply to Gaza to restart the power plant and keep it going for a few weeks more.


21 Jun:  al-Nuri Mosque destroyed in Mosul, for all practical purposes IS defeated in Iraq.  While the US and Islamic State blame one another 

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Wednesday afternoon in Jerusalem with Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior adviser of US President Donald Trump; Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East; and David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, to discuss restarting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.  Do to possible Israeli elections peace talks are not expected to begin for months yet.

Netanyahu reacting to criticism over alleged stalling of illegal housing construction and seeking Settler votes in the coming election approves advancement of 7,000  homes in East Jerusalem

Saudi Arabia’s 82-year-old King Salman on Wednesday named his 31-year-old son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince.  The son who will now run the kingdom for his 81 year old father is strongly anti Iran, very close to Donald Trump and is signing on to the Trump Middle East Peace Initiative. 

US  President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief Middle East adviser Jared Kushner arrived in Israel Wednesday to conclude talks on the Trump Middle East Peace Initiative.  Kushner and US peace envoy Jason Greenblatt were to meet with later with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and afterwards with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in his Ramallah headquarters in the West Bank. 

Israel’s air force head threatens to deliver as big a blow to Hezbollah in 60 hours as Israel inflicted in the 28 day 2006 Lebanon war.

Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met on June 17, in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace to discuss the issues which will be raised at a Group of 20 summit meeting in Hamburg, from July 7-8.  Mrs Merkel and the new French president Macron are intimately involved with the Vatican in plans for a New Federal Europe and a New World Order. 

US builds new “permanent” military base in Syrian Kurdistan makes ten year deal with Kurds  indicating that they have no intention of returning the Syrian land to Syria.  

Tillerson tells House, US bent on regime change for Iran.  Trump implies that he plans attack to change regime in North Korea.  

The US is headed for a clash with Iran, and North Korea may chose a time when the US is deeply engaged elsewhere to conduct another nuclear test.  

Trump team meets with Netanyahu team in Israel to discuss the coming Trump Middle East Peace Initiative as Netanyahu prepares to delay the peace talks with an election call.


20 Jun:  Despite Netanyahu’s attempts to pacify his far right supporters they are accusing him of holding up settler construction  and bringing yet another coalition crisis to Israel.  

Gaza slowly brewing up trouble (Smadar Perry, Yedioth/Ynet) Prof. Mkhaimar Abusada of Al-Azhar University believes that the increasing pressure on Hamas could blow up in everyone’s face in two months’ time. ‘I don’t see them giving up,’ he says.

The media are finally waking up to the possibility of war with Iran.


19 Jun:  The US Navy’s aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush is due to visit the Israeli port of Haifa on July 1. A Navy official reported that the Super Hornet which downed a Syrian jet Sunday was from the air wing of the carrier which is operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

London Iman detains British man turning him over to police after he rammed into pedestrians injuring nine and killing one outside London Mosque.

US Russia Friction over the agreed Euphrates dividing of spheres of influence:   Russia issued a sharp warning to the United States over the American shooting down of a Syrian aircraft inside the agreed Russo Syrian sphere west of the Euphrates.  “Any aircraft, including planes and drones belonging to the international coalition operating west of the Euphrates River – contrary to the agreement – will be tracked by Russian anti-aircraft forces in the sky and on the ground and treated as targets.”  The warning came a day after two US F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters shot down a Syrian SU-22 bomber apparently attacking American backed Kurdish fores which were on the west and therefore the wrong side of the Euphrates as per the US Russian agreement .

Sunday the Iranian  Revolutionary Guards fired  medium-range ballistic missiles from western Iran against ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor, west of the Euphrates. 

US Coalition clashes with Syria forces shoots down Syrian warplane.  

Pro New Federal Europe champion Macron wins parliamentary majority in France, putting the French side of the proposed Franco German core for a New Europe in place.  German elections come on September 24th.


18 Jun:   After their expulsion from Qatar: Hamas is seeking closer relations with Hezbollah and Iran – The Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds reported that the deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas met with Hezbollah Secretary-General and other senior Lebanese officials. (Maariv)

Iraqi forces launch final assault to liberate last remaining positions of Islamic Stater in Mosul.

Non Islamic State Rebels in Deraa accept 48 hour ceasefire to negotiate permanent deal.  For details see Syria War Winds Down, Whats Next?

As the non ISIS rebels wind down hostilities, the Islamic State is on the ropes nearing collapse.

Saturday, the American backed [Kurdish] Syrian Democratic Front advanced into Raqqa City from three different axes, forcing the Islamic State to abandon several important points.

The Islamic State (ISIL) is in serious trouble in Al-Raqqa’s southwestern countryside, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) closes on the strategic town of Resafa.  The advances put the Syrian Arab Army’s within 125km [74 M] of Deir Ezzor City, whith another Syrian column pushing from Palmyra towards Deir ez Zor.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their offensive in the western countryside of Al-Raqqa, Saturday, liberating a string of villages and hilltops located directly west of the Thawrah  and Sufyan oil fields.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army advanced west from the recently liberated Sufyan Oil Fields towards several villages along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway.

The Syrian Army assault would prove effective, as their forces liberated the following sites:

  • Madafah ‘Awijan
  • Al-Bukhmis
  • Bir Al-Sidran
  • Rajm Al-Hawrah
  • Akho Hadlah
  • Hajj Mafdi
  • Bir Al-‘Adad
  • Bir Abu Al-Sinabil
  • Bir Al-‘Amalah
  • Tal Rajm Al-‘Amalah
  • Masaken Al-Thawrah
  • Bir Al-Ja’ef
  • Bir Moussa Al-Mohandes
  • Bir Abu Hamat


17 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


16 Jun:   Trump decrees that all tourists to Cuba must book through group tours and stay in Cuban government hotels, not stay in local hotels.  He claims that the decree will prevent income to the Cuban government when it will actually increase government income. 

Trump also claims that he is pressuring for Cuban elections even though Raul Castro has already announced his resignation a year ago and called elections for 2018.  The reason seems to be so that Trump’s establishment cronies can make millions by forcing the huge numbers of Americans now visiting Cuba to use their package tours.  Only a very tiny fraction of Cuban exiles support the Trump move with the majority against it.

 Gazans protest throw rocks as strip nears complete collapse.  The US and Israel through the Sunni States are forcing Qatar to withhold payments for Gaza electricity to bring down Hamas.

Three attackers were shot dead after wounding at least five Israeli police officers near Damascus Gate Jerusalem.  A female Border Police officer, Hadas Malka, 22, was stabbed and died after a few hours in hospital.

Islamic State down to a fraction of its last district in Mosul.    

Syrian army liberates Sufyan oil fields in Raqqa province.   Syrian army advances towards Deir ez Zor moving into the Arak gas fields.  Russian planes airdrop supplies into the besieged Syrian base in Deir ez Zor as relief forces advance from Homs  to liberate the city – the last significant ISIS bastion in Syria – and relieve the besieged base.

Netanyahu corruption investigation moving at a snails pace and may still take months.


15 Jun:  Kurds making substantial progress in Raqqa city as Islamic State launches a desperate attack on the Syrian base in Dier Ez Zor city.

Israeli Special Forces train in Cyprus for war on Hezbollah.

After the reelection of Rohani as president the reformists have defeated their conservative rivals in Iran’s municipal elections.  The Revolutionary Guards still maintain practical control of the country but the majority of the public is strongly in favour of reform.  All that stands between Iran and extensive reforms is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards [IRG]. (Maariv)

The Sunni states embargoed Qatar under pressure from the United States and Israel.  Qatar has now ended its financial support of Hamas Hezbollah and reconciled with the US over the issue and the use of the massive Al Udeid airbase against Iran, home to about 10,000 U.S. troops.

Sealing the deal the US and Qatar on Wednesday signed an agreement for Qatar to purchase $12 billion with 36 F-15QA fighters. A Pentagon spokesman said the deal had been signed during a meeting between Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Qatari counterpart Khalid al-Attiyah. Reports said 36 warplanes are to be provided by Boeing. .  Sunni reconciliation with Qatar is expected shortly.  

The agreement opens the way for the fall of Hamas Hezbollah and Iran.


14 Jun:  100 desperate Islamic State fighters attempted a breakout or die attack in Mosul today;  they died.

Louisiana Rep Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip was shot with two police guards during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va, early Wednesday in which a dozen Republican congressman took part. All three men were injured. Witnesses say more than 15 rounds were fired in ten minutes by a man with a rifle at 7:15 am ET. Scalise was reported hit in the hip and an aide used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. The gunman was hit in an exchange of fire.  Watch

A fire broke out early this morning at the 27-story Grenfell Tower in the North Kensington section of London and quickly spread to the rest of the building. At least twelve people were killed and 70 people hospitalized.  Approximately 200 firefighters were battling the blaze. People were seen leaping from windows. Thick smoke from the fire covered the nearby area. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.   


13 Jun:  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu confers about Gaza with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot and Southern Command head Eyal Zamir in Beer Sheva.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee Monday night that Pyongyang’s ‘pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them had increased in pace and scope” and “had not abated despite UN censure and sanctions.”

In Tokyo, US Undersecretary of State Thomas Shannon said on Tuesday that North Korea’s nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program would make North Korea a global threat. He spoke after meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s top national security adviser, Shotaro Yachi.

Israel to cut back the four hours of daily electricity received in Gaza to only 45 minutes a day  [This article is broken up with large ads].    Water shortages reign as desalinization plants close for lack of electricity and sewage flows in the streets already. The move is expected to bring an explosion of violence.  

Israel is deliberately creating a situation that may well force the collapse of Gaza or bring a Hamas response, and trigger a war with Gaza which Israel has been preparing for a long time.  This time around, with the blessing of Trump and the private support of the Sunni Arabs, Israel plans to completely destroy all Gaza militants and turn Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority and Abbas with the possibility of an international stabilizing force for Gaza.

President Trump to hold a news conference in two weeks detailing the state of the Islamic State conflict, promises to announce dramatic progress.  

The Islamic State is now on the ropes as Syrian forces are preparing to attack the Islamic State last enclave in Deir Ez Zor, simultaneous to the American and FSA advances to liberate Raqqa City. 


12 Jun:  Mideast pace talks:  A New Way to Delay Negotiations (Haaretz Editorial) Netanyahu is doing everything he can to buy time by adding new obstacles and conditions that cannot be met.

The Islamic State in now on the run and in a state of collapse in Mosul Iraq and Raqqa Syria.

US-backed mainly Kurdish  Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured several strategic neighbourhoods just outside central Raqqa, including the eastern neighbourhood of Mashlab.  Today al-Romaniya neighbourhood west of Raqqa city was liberated early on Monday. Al-Romaniya is the third neighbourhood of Raqqa city to be fully liberated. A battle for control of the Sinaaya and Hetin neighbourhoods east and west of Raqqa city is ongoing. Meanwhile Syrian forces are converging on the part of Raqqa province west of teh Euphrates from the north and west.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:35 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their offensive in northern Syria, Monday, targeting the Islamic State’s (ISIL) last positions along the Raqqa-Aleppo axis.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army stormed a number of villages in western Al-Raqqa province, striking the Islamic State’s weak defenses from the northern flank.

According to a military source from the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army liberated more than 15 villages in the Al-Raqqa Governorate [province] after a fierce battle with the Islamic State.

Once Raqqa falls the last remaining ISIS bastion in Iraq/Syria  will be the Deir Ez Zor province south ofRaqqa and west of the Euphrates..  


11 Jun:  Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade draws 200,000 – including 30,000 tourists – Anti-occupation protesters briefly blocked the Tel Aviv parade. (Haaretz) Israel has become a Mecca for homosexuals rivaling Haiti.

NATO Holds Major Exercise in Eastern Europe – One of the maneuvers in the Baltic involves over 50 aircraft and some 50 ships and submarines. Russian Su-27 surveilled nearby. (Agencies, Haaretz

On Thursday, Al Shabaab killed 59 people in an attack on a military base in the semi-autonomous Puntland region in northern Somalia.   Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi  authorized our international partners to conduct a strike against the Al Shabab headquarters and  training camp near Sakow, in the Middle Juba region of southern Somalia.  The American attack destroyed the Al Shabab headquarters.

Supporters of new French President Macron appear poised for victory in today’s parliamentary elections.   

After the fourth American bombing of Syria government coalition forces Russia asks US to desist.  

Iran begins airlifting food to Qatar.

Operation to liberate Tel Afar outside Mosul imminent as all other areas around Mosul to the Syrian border have been cleansed of Islamic State.

 Iraqi army makes big advances inside West Mosul.

American confrontation with Iran coming over Deir Ez Zor after the fall of Raqqa. New York Times


10 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


9 Jun:   Six Gazan’s wounded one Hamas man killed as violence erupts on Gaza fence.

Israeli NGO Peace Now reports that, Israel advanced a large number of new settlement units this week. The expansion was more expected with 3,178 new housing units planned.  This places Netanyahu in the Settler Camp and at odds with the coming Trump Peace Initiative.  

Kurdish forces enter Raqqa.  

The Kurdish forces backed by a strong American combat contingent are advancing while leaving an escape route open for Islamic State fighters to flee the city towards the Syrian zone west of the Euphrates.

Kurds announce independence referendum for September 25.  

Mrs. May led the Conservatives to a poorer than expected showing in yesterday’s election losing their majority and winning only 318 seats as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor seats increased to 262. Mrs May will now seek to forge a coalition with the  Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).  Meanwhile the Scott apparently rejecting another referendum on independence moved away from the Scottish Nationalist Party which lost a third of its seats.


8 Jun:  US Syria clash escalates as a Syrian government drone attacked forces from the US-led coalition as they conducted a patrol in southern Syria after the US Coalition had bombed Syrian allies twice in the past few weeks.  An American military spokesman said the drone, which resembled a US MQ-1 Predator, dropped a bomb that did not hit any of the coalition troops. The drone was shot down soon after and the coalition bombed pro-Assad forces again,

An unidentified person threw an explosive device over the security fence of the American embassy in Kiev Ukraine early Thursday morning.  There is widespread dissatisfaction with the Ukraine kleptocracy put in power by the US and NATO a few years ago.

North Korea on Thursday test-fired several short-range missiles which flew approximately 200 k (120 m) and landed in the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The missiles, appear to be anti-ship missiles launched from the town of Wonsan on North Korea’s east coast.  

All 16 officers of the 2,000-strong Khaled Ibn al Waleed army of the Islamic State on the Syrian Golan were killed when their mess hall was struck by a missile as they were sitting down to a Ramadan evening meal.  The dead included the group’s chief, Gen. Abu Mohammed al-Makdessi; commander of operations, Gen. Abu Udai al-Homsi; and the group’s explosives expert and religious leader, Abu Ali Shabat.  

Mohamed al-Refaei-Abu Hshem al-Askari was named the new force commander.  

US warplanes bombed a convoy of Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah forces traveling eastward from the southern town of Derra.  The US planes destroyed several tanks, troop carriers, artillery pieces and antiaircraft systems, causing also fatalities and injuries.  This was the second US air strike in three weeks on a Syrian forces or their allies, the first attack was on May 18.

The Iranians and Syrians have sent messages to Moscow complaining bitterly about the US attacks in addition to the recent ISIS claimed attack blamed by Iran on the US proxy, the Saudi’s. The six Tehran were identified as Saudi Wahabi extremists trained by the Islamic State.


7 Jun:  Netanyahu calls for construction on occupied land, places himself squarely in Settler Movement camp. 

Iran rejects Islamic State claim for Tehran attacks blames the Saudi’s. Four

Islamic State terrorists entered the Iranian parliament and began shooting.  Twelve people were killed along with the attackers.  A second attack at the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic was also made and a third attack was thwarted.

German air force to move from Incirlik Turkey to the Azraq airbase in northern Jordan.  

British PM loses huge lead in election polls.  The looming vote is now very close.

Netanyahu calls emergency meeting with Settler Movement leaders for Wednesday evening.  Bibi is pledging no withdrawal from the Golan, Jerusalem or from Settlements by his government at any time in future, to try for their cooperation in freezing construction to please Trump and accommodate the coming Mideast Peace Talks Initiative.

CNBC reports that the Sunni split with Qatar is about their relationship with Iran and financing of Hamas. 


5 Jun:  Sunday and Monday the Israeli Forces conducted a practice reaction to an incident with Hezbollah.

Under intense pressure from  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain who cut off relations, Qatar begins expelling Hamas officials exiled there, after US Arab Alliance issues demands.  A brigade of Saudi troops has now sealed the Qatari border.

With the end of the Islamic State in sight, Qatar which was the main funnel for funds to Hamas / Hezbollah and others from Iran, has now been sealed off as the US and Arab States begin their anti Iran moves in the region.   

After Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE and Yemen broke off ties with Qatar early Monday, Saudi and Egyptian banks announced they are discontinuing trading in the Qatari Real. This a major blow for the Qatari economy.  Around 2 million foreigners from Muslim countries work in Qatar and send money home.

Syrian and Russian warplanes pound Deir Ez Zor relentlessly through the weekend


3 Jun:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s faithful and a joyous Feast of Pentecost on Sunday

First Report:  Vehicular terror attack followed by stabbings in London kills nine including the three attackers.  


2 Jun:  Netanyahu accused of creating defacto construction freeze by refusing to approve building permits to please Trump.  Settlers call for his downfall.

The entire world is upset over Trump’s ham handed rejection of the Paris agreement.  He should have called for further study on how to improve the deal.

Even if human caused warming is a fraud we have a duty to God and to our descendants to make this world as clean and healthy an environment as possible.

The research and development and the infrastructure investment advances needed  provides opportunities for massive profits.  Efforts towards a new clean future rival the Industrial Revolution in opportunities and Trump is rejecting a bright future for America and the world’s biggest economic opportunity for a century.

In the process Trump has isolated America from the entire world and caused enormous damage to American example and leadership.  


1 Jun:  The 2017 Bilderberg Meeting takes place from 1 – 4 June in Chantilly VA, USA.  Invited guests.

There may have been Russian election hacking after all, but not the kind most think.  Certain Trump zealots with bags full of cash, may have hired private Russian hackers to do the deed.  What is lost in all the fuss is the simple fact that the allegations against Ms. Clinton were true and the hackers were actually aiding free and fair elections by revealing the truth.  

Wisely Trump keeps US embassy in Tel Aviv, uses hope of move to Jerusalem as carrot to motivate Israeli’s to make peace with Palestinians.  

US reported to be leaving Paris Climate [Carbon] Agreement next week.

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