News Prophecy Blog; July 2017

31 July:  Trump’s “hit man”  Scaramucci resigns after ten days as communications director answering directly to Trump; having successfully removed White House chief of staff Priebus with a vicious tirade of continual attacks.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly starts a swing around three Sahel countries, to be joined by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen.  

Germany and France are establishing a new joint military force to police the north African desert from Mali and Niger to Libya.  The force puts France and Germany in position to control all of North Africa setting up full European control of North Africa by the now rising New Federal Europe as per Daniel 11:43.  

US Vice President Mike Pence in Tallinn, Estonia said Sunday: “Our message to the Baltic states, my message when we visit Georgia and Montenegro will be the same.   To our allies in Eastern Europe, we are with you, we stand with you on behalf of freedom.”  Pence went on to say that the president would very soon sign sanctions against Moscow, because “Russia’s destabilizing activities and support for rogue regimes and its activities in Ukraine are unacceptable.”    

Trump is picking a fight with Moscow while trying to avoid the Russia influencing US elections issue by targeting Russia’s support of Syria and Iran.

After months of patience with American allegations and sanctions Russian President Vladimir Putin today ordered 755 U.S. diplomats to leave the country by Sept. 1, saying that his high hopes of a good relationship with the US and Trump administration had been dashed by American failure to return US seized Russian property and new sanctions on Russia just passed in congress.  

The irony of the US complaining that Russia wanted to help a side in the recent US elections, when the United States is the world’s leader in interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, is not lost in the world at large.

This sour East West relationship will not be helped by the coming Mideast regional war, in which Russia will surely lose allies Syria and Iran.


30 July:  Palestinian Authority President Abbas 82 hospitalized with exhaustion flu symptoms.  Abbas is known to have heart problems as well.

US B1 Bombers overfly Korea as US South Korea launch five fire exercise in response to North Korea’s missile test.


29 July:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


28 July:  Trump fires Priebus, names John Kelly as new chief of staff.  Move comes after Sarah Huckabee made White House Press Secretary and Scaramoucci was made new communications director.  Scaramucci is considered to be a hired enforcer to do Donald Trump dirty work, to get control of the Trump government and the Russia investigations. As soon as he was appointed he immediately made it clear that Priebus was on the way out.

Israel restricts entrance to the Temple Mount to women and to men over 50 as unrest continues.  

Close Netanyahu coalition ally Bennett now clashing with pm over security.

Today Moscow impounded two American diplomatic properties and ordered the US embassy to reduce its staff by September, after the Trump administration refused to release Russian owned buildings seized by the Obama administration.  The Russian move comes the day after the US Senate approved expanding economic sanctions against Russia, as well as Iran and North Korea.  The sanctions include moves against the Russian gas industry which will also have an adverse affect the EU.

Trump fires top Middle East adviser Derek Harvey.


27 July:  Ten thousand attend funerals of Palestinian demonstrators.  

Israel removes all recently installed Temple Mount security devices and restores electricity to Gaza  to cool tensions.

Chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gady Eisenkott decided Thursday to deploy six more battalions – about 6,000 troops –  in Judea and Samaria, ahead of the Muslim prayers on Friday when a mass Palestinian victory celebration is planned.  Demonstrations may then cool until the end October presentation of plans to annex Jerusalem communities is tabled in the Knesset. See   Events Trending Towards Autumn 2017 Mideast Crisis

The Knesset is entering summer recess at the end of this month and Netanyahu under pressure from his own  party Likud has announced his backing of a bill to annex Gush Etzion, Efrat, Betar Illit, Givat Ze’ev and Ma’aleh Adumim to Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries, creating a greater Jewish Jerusalem and turning Palestinian Jerusalem communities with about 100,000 residents into a small island completely surrounded by a Jewish Greater Jerusalem, unilaterally by Israel without any negotiations.  


26 July:   Europe, Iran and Russia all warn US over sanctions bill passed by the House yesterday and on its way to the Senate.

Abbas orders Palestinian militia to  plan and organize mass demonstrations this Friday.

The Likud’s ideological bureau voted to formally oppose the creation of a Palestinian state.  Netanyahu has reluctantly endorsed a “two state solution” under pressure from  the Americans.  

In 1948 the UN voted to create a Palestinian and a Jewish state; the Palestinians are still waiting.

The bureau, which is the party’s ideological institution, voted late Tuesday night to reinforce a May 2002 decision by the Likud central committee against the two-state solution.

The next step is to convene the Likud’s governing central committee in September to pass proposals calling for unlimited construction in Judea and Samaria and annexing their Jewish communities. More than 800 central committee members have signed a petition demanding a vote on the proposals. 

Rex Tillerson is taking a few days off to consider his future with the Trump administration.   Tillerson, apparently livid about Trump’s public criticism of a serving Attorney General is contemplation resignation.  Clearly Trump only knows bullying and has n o idea how to treat his staff.   If a leader has issues with staff he must approach the person directly and must never undercut or impugn the person’s authority with public criticism.

Both Fatah and Hamas call for mass demonstrations across the West Bank this Friday.  Israel wants us to believe this is over the already removed metal detectors but it is really about settlement construction plans designed to control Jerusalem before any peace talks.  

In a sign that Netanyahu’s billionaire American backer Adelson is breaking with Netanyahu his paper Israel Hayom the most widely read paper in Israel is turning on the PM.

French President Macron brokers deal between two main rival factions in Libya.  

US backed Kurds liberate one half of Raqqa city.


25 July:  Beleaguered President Trump threatens to fire Attorney General Session and others as Tillerson contemplating resignation.  Trump may surpass Nixon who fired three officials investigating him, with Trump  firing even more officials.  Talk of impeachment grows and firing of Meuller might be last straw, at last as far as voters in the 2018 midterm elections are concerned.   

Articles of Impeachment  have already been filed by Democrats, and Republicans now are leaning in that direction.   Trump’s failure to pass his agenda even with a Republican majority does not bode well for his program, and if the Republicans lose too many seats in the 2018 midterm elections, the US government could be in serious condition by the end of 2018.  

Hezbollah / Iran form force near Israeli Golan: “The situation here is changing rapidly, IS is in retreat, but Iran is seeking to fill the void,”Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said after touring the Hermon and Golan Tuesday. “Iran and Hezbollah have formed a northern [Golan area] deployment armed with precise weaponry”.

Removing metal detectors does not satisfy Palestinians who continue massing outside the Temple Mount in demonstrations, refusing to enter the compound.  They understand that the issue is not confined to metal detectors and cameras, the real issue is Israeli attempts for new illegal Jewish construction by the present far right government, in a plan to establish facts on the ground – outside of peace negotiations – and control the city of Jerusalem including the Old City and Mount.

Islamic State launches desperate counter attack in Raqqa only to be repelled with heavy losses and further US backed Kurdish advances.


24 July:   Israel Jordan strike deal;  Jordan to allow Israeli Guard to go home and Israel will remove enhanced security from Temple Mount.  This should resolve the present situation allowing Lapid to bring down the government in the near future.

Israeli coalition member Yesh Atid had planned to bring down the Netanyahu government today but at the last minute leader Yair Lapid decided to cancel his party’s motion of no-confidence due to the security situation.  

An Israeli guard at the Israel embassy in Amman shot two Jordanians to death after allegedly being attacked with a screwdriver by one of them.  Jordan is refusing to let the guard who has no diplomatic immunity leave, until they carry out an investigation.  The issue is that the event occurred on the embassy grounds which is considered sovereign Israeli territory, and Israel is claiming full investigative jurisdiction.   

A stabbing took place in Peka Tikva as demonstrations continue across the West Bank and in the region over the Temple Mount.  

Second rocket from Gaza in two days hits Eshcol region, Israeli tank fire strikes Hamas positions.


23 July:  Dozens of Palestinians injured when Israel fires on demonstrations Sunday evening.

Likud to further formalize anti two states peace position.  

Israel is blaming Hamas for the Temple Mount attack and subsequent violence an dis rounding up Hamas members.

Two Palestinians killed as Israel fires on Palestinian demonstrators on the Sabbath. Sympathy demonstrations in Turkey and Jordan.  

Officially Israel claims that the demonstrations are over metal detectors placed at the entrance to the facility, but driving the demonstrations is Israeli plans for new settlement construction designed to surround the Temple Mount and cut off Muslim access, in what the Palestinians call a creeping take over of the Temple Mount.  

A Palestinian spokesman in Ramallah rejected any alternative security devices whatsoever. This position, he said, was “non-negotiable.” And a Waqf official commented that the metal detectors were not the issue.

In fact the demonstrations may be the beginning of Phase One in Iran’s plans to destroy Israel in reaction to the plans of Israeli extremists.

Rocket fired from Gaza explodes in mid air.

US backed Kurdish forces continue slow advance in Raqqa city.  The Kurdish-led SDF were able to impose full control over the Rafiqah neighborhood in the Old City residential area as on the southwestern axis, the Manbij Military Council (SDF affiliate) seized weapons, mines and ammunition after securing a small advance in the Tayar district.  The two forces are within one mile of linking up to surround and trap hundreds of Islamic State fighters. 

The Syrian Army makes rapid advance through Raqqa province Friday as another Syrian army advances against the IS stronghold in Homs province. The Syrian army is now in position to enter Deir Ez-Zor the last Islamic State town in Syria. 


22 July:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!  

Abbas calls three days of mourning for yesterday’s dead and wounded, and further demonstrations. The IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott, early Saturday ordered massive reinforcements to the West Bank.  

Fatah / Hamas claim that Israel is trying to seize the Mount by incremental stealth measures and are vowing an intifada uprising. 


21 July:  Israeli forces fired on about 3,000 Palestinian demonstrators across the West Bank wounding at least 391 Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank combined, and wounding another twenty in Gaza.

Abbas announces an immediate halt to all contacts including security with Israel, after three Palestinians killed 300 injured by Israel on the Temple Mount.  Israel also fires on Gaza demonstrators. 

Three Palestinians killed in Temple Mount protests as thousands demonstrate in Amman, Istanbul and Beirut.  Once a peace deal is achieved a pope will go to the Temple Mount and then it will be the Jewish Settler Movement people demonstrating and rioting. They will succeed in breaking the peace deal and the nations of Psalm 83 including the Palestinians will rush into and overrun Judea beginning the 42 months of Jacob’s Trouble.

A Palestinian youth burst into Halamish an illegal Jewish settlement near Ramallah, Friday night and stabbed to death two Israel men aged 40 and 60 and a woman of 40. A second woman is in serious condition.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned after telling President Trump that he totally disagreed with the appointment Friday of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Trump asked Spicer to stay on, but he refused.  Spicer, a formal naval officer, will move into a senior job in the US Navy high command.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee,  becomes White House Press Secretary.  

Horrendous Yemeni cholera epidemic approaching 380,000 cases.

Key suspect in yet another Netanyahu government fraud probe turns “states evidence”


20 July:  Israel mobilizes  five extra battalions for expected West Bank unrest tomorrow.  Wednesday’s Palestinian protest over Temple Mount delayed and now planned for Friday.  

Russia concerned about confrontation in Syria after the end of Islamic State.  The United States is engaged in a heavy military buildup in Syria including a nearly completed fifth air base in the country.


19 July:  Trump promised Russia to stop training and arming anti Assad rebels.  Seen by some as abandoning the rebels, this really means that the anti Assad rebel preparation program has been completed and the rebels are now ready to topple the regime as soon as Israel destroys Hezbollah and the remaining Syrian military.  

Avi Gabbay champion of the Israeli masses and  probably Israel’s next leader, in brief.

At European Summit Netanyahu attacks EU admits a dozen bombings of militias in Syria.  

US Russia spat over seized Russian property escalates.  

The Islamic State has launched a desperate suicidal attack on the Syrian the 124th Special Forces Brigade just outside the Syrian town of Resafa.  In response Russia Syria escalate and continue air campaign against Islamic State in Deir Ez-Zor and Raqqa area as US backed forces advance in Raqqa city.


18 July:  Key Israeli governing coalition partner joins opposition in calling for Netanyahu to call elections.  Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid reaches out to new Labor leader Gabbay, plan to break coalition and bring elections being developed.  

Palestinian’s agree to peace talks with only the requirement that Israel agree to the talks on two states.  

Mass demonstrations called across the West Bank for Wednesday over new Temple Mount security arrangements


17 July:  Israel to consider attacking Iranian bases in Syria.  Israel also promises to annihilate Hezbollah / Lebanon as Israeli war propaganda heats up. Such a move would come after the Islamic State is largely defeated.

Pressure on Netanyahu continues to grow

Likud to attempt to launch demonstrations supporting Bibi as calls for coalition party’s to leave the government over alleged corruption grow.


16 July:   Iran leases air, land and sea bases in Syria – The leases are part of Iranian plan to permanently base fighter aircraft and roughly 5,000 militiamen capable of striking Israel; plan part of larger Iranian strategy to forge territorial and maritime contiguity in the Middle East. (Yedioth/Ynet)

Netanyahu accuses media of falsely vilifying him in bid to unseat him – Beleaguered Prime Minister lashes out at media: ‘We are in the midst of an unprecedented media campaign aimed at tarnishing me with empty accusations,’ prime minister says. ‘I will not turn the other cheek, I want to return a few slaps of my own.’ (Haaretz and Israel Hayom)

Russian Syrian Campaign against ISIS:   After the enabling south Syria ceasefire a broad Russian air offensive over eastern Syria began Saturday bombing the main ISIS traffic routes and command centers. Also hit were Deir-ez-Zor, to which many Islamic State fighters had withdrawn from the US Kurdish advances in Raqqa, the new central ISIS regional command center at Al-Hawiqah and oil wells at Al-Sukhnah east of Homs.  The Russians also bombed the main highway running east of Homs to Deir-ez-Zor.  

The Russian bombing campaign opens the way for a Syrian offensive in Deir-Ez -Zor  in coordination with the American effort in Raqqa  to finally destroy the Islamic State in Syria.

Israel reopens the Temple Mount as Hamas calls for more attacks.

New Labor party chief joins demonstrations calling for elections over Netanyahu corruption investigation. 

Netanyahu heads to France Hungary for talks.


15 July:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


14 July:  One half of Raqqa old city has already been liberated as US Apache gunships enter the battle.

Three Israeli’s shot on Temple Mount:  Police reinforcements poured into Jerusalem’s Old City Friday after three Palestinian gunmen shot three Israeli police killing two and wounding another, at the main entrance to Temple Mount. The assailants  were shot dead in a firefight on the Temple Mount near the Dome of the Rock where tens of thousands of Muslims were gathered for Friday prayers  was cleared, the Old City gates were closed and the walled city placed under curfew.  

Fatah has called on all Muslims to challenge the Israeli closure of prayers and go to the Mount. 

The Netanyahu corruption and related investigations involving some of the closest people to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu dominated today’s papers as the commentators looked at the ‘sea of investigations in which Netanyahu’s handiwork is drowning in” (Ben Caspit, Maariv). Netanyahu has asked Likud members to defend him amid the recent scandals, repeating his often-used declaration that “There’s an attempt to lynch me and a campaign against me.”

Netanyahu is now expected to testify in Case 3000 – the submarines acquisition graft affair. And more details of the Case 4000 – what Yedioth’s Nahum Barnea described as “What happened in the Communications Ministry during the years it served as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s private estate” – are also coming to the fore, including the fact that ‘Netanyahu’s man’ in the Communications Ministry, the director he appointed, Shumel Filber, secretly and systematically transferred confidential Ministry documents to Bezeq, whose main shareholder is Netanyahu’s close friend Shaul Elovitch.

Russia conducted an exercise of its Iskander mobile nuclear missile systems in the eastern part of the country.  The launching squads arrived in the area of the eastern Jewish Autonomous Region at nightfall, deployed the systems, set the targets and conducted electronic missile launches. The troops also practiced repelling a terrorist attack on the launchers, the reports said. The nuclear-capable Iskander missiles have a range of 500 kilometers. 


13 July:  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel will not accept any violation of its sovereignty, “not in the south, not in the north, not anywhere, anyone who raises a hand against us will face a resolute and powerful response. Our enemies know this.” He also repeated his promise that Israel will not deviate from its effort to bring back the remains of two IDF soldiers who fell during Operation Protective Edge, Lieut. Hadar Goldin and Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul, which are still being held by Hamas.  The vow came as the last Gaza power plant shut down  and two rocket alarms sounded in the South [announced as false alarms].

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson flew to Kuwait on Wednesday after a meeting with his counterparts from the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in Jeddah. A State Department spokesman said Tillerson will travel to Qatar on Thursday to brief the emir on the talks to defuse the crisis with Qatar.

US special forces enter the old city of Raqqa to support Kurdish fighters.

Israeli Labor Party presents peace plan to over 100 nations at the UN in New York. This article continues after the large ads.


12 July:   Today Russian troops took up positions in the center of Daraa to enforce the south Syria ceasefire between Syria and the American backed rebels. As they moved into the town units of Hezbollah and  the Syrian army’s 5th Armored Division withdrew headed for Deir ez Zor to relieve the Syrian forces under siege there and liberate the town from Islamic State.  Meanwhile US backed Kurdish forces continue advancing in Raqqa city.

Massive iceberg splits from Antarctica.


11 July:  Israeli papers play up new Labor leader big time as man to save Israel from Netanyahu.  Labor party’s popularity soars in first polls after Avi Gabbay wins Labor party leadership.

Seven arrests in corruption investigation involving bribes in construction deals on German submarines.


10 July:  Avi Gabbay wins Israeli Labor party leadership.  Labor will now woo Yair Lapid’s  Yesh Atid party to bring down the governing coalition and form the next government after an election.

The withdrawal of German forces from the Incirlik base in southern Turkey to a new air base in Jordan began Sunday, three months ahead of the October schedule.  The withdrawal was approved by the parliament in Berlin last month.


9 July:  Iraq declares victory in liberation of Mosul as last Islamic State holdout eradicated.

Tens of thousands march 280 miles from Ankara to Istanbul for anti Erdogan protest of hundreds of thousands in Turkey.  Turkey will ultimately be allied with the now rising  New Europe and Erdogan may soon be on the way out if he does not change.

Two Iranian missile factories in Lebanon disclosed.

The southern Syria border ceasefire has now been in effect for several hours with no violations.

Two US B-1B bombers conducted practice bombing in Korea as the US and Korea carried out a large  live fire exercise threatening North Korea.


8 July:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s faithful!


7 July:  Trump and Putin agree to a 30 mile wide Syria ceasefire zone along the Israeli, and Jordanian borders.  Iranian and Hezbollah forces will not be part of the force overseeing the ceasefire.  Details remain to be announced.

Israeli Palestinian peace agreement nearly made until Barak was charged with corruption offenses.  Netanyahu has prevented any progress since then, but now there is a good chance that Netanyahu will soon be gone. 


6 July:  Researchers discover the secret of extremely enduring concrete.

New Israeli Labor party leader will eat into Likud’s non extremist base of Mizrahi Jews.  

Israeli labor leadership candidate Avi Gabbay is piling up endorsements from Labor party luminaries. 

Allied Commander ROK issues announcement that the US and ROK are ready to launch war on the North as soon as ordered to do so.

The Russian military said that it destroyed an ISIS command facility and three weapons storage depots in Syria on Wednesday using its most advanced cruise missiles. The high-precision Kh-101 missiles were launched from Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers about 1,000 km (600Mi) away from the targets, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.  Russia like the US and others is using the Syrian war to test out its latest weapons under real conditions.


5 July:   Donald Trump is in Warsaw to give a speech on his take on Europe.

US, Canada and Mexico to begin renegotiating NAFTA in August. Trump is demanding even more from the the treaty which already exploits Canadian resources and low cost Mexican labor for the US.  Mexico has had enough and is reaching out to ChinaWhere Mexico goes, so goes much of Latin American.

Trump threatens to “go it alone” on North Korea if China does not reign in the weapons testing.  

In Israel, Netanyahu has until now kept his coalition in line by continually threatening to bring in Labor’s Herzog to replace Bennett.  That threat is no longer viable now that Herzog has lost the Labor leadership and both remaining contenders are committed to bringing Bibi down.  

The police investigation of Netanyahu for corruption has more than enough evidence to lay charges but is biding its time.  I wander if the delays are political so that formal charges can be laid during the election campaign?


4 July:    The Israeli Labor primary vote Tuesday placed Amir Peretz and newcomer Avi Gabay in first (32%) and second (27 %) places. They will face each other in the run-off next Tuesday. Incumbent leader Yizthak Herzog dropped to third place and out of the running with 16.7 percent of the vote, The turnout of registered Labor members was 59 percent. The campaign was fought over which candidate was better able to topple the Likud-led government of Binyamin Netanyahu and win the next election.

In a joint statement Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping laid out a joint plan for North Korea to declare a “moratorium on testing nuclear devices and ballistic missiles,” while the US and South Korea would “refrain from large-scale joint maneuvers.” Both spoke against the “non-regional power [the USA]’” military presence in Northeast Asia “and its buildup under the pretext of countering North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.” They specifically opposed US missile defense systems in the region (THAAD) as “seriously damaging the strategic security interests of regional powers, including Russia and China.” The plan will be presented to the US at the Hamburg, Trump / Putin Summit this Friday.

Israel’s labor Party elects a leader today, if no one gains 40% or more of the vote a second round will be held next Monday.  

The Palestinian Authority ups the pressure on Hamas  as they work to delegitimatize Hamas in Gaza.  

This year the Hajj to Arabia falls on Aug 30 to Sep 4,   The Islamic State should have been mainly defeated by end September.

Russian, Turkish and Iranian diplomats launched their fifth round of Syrian peace talks in the Kazakh capital of Astana Tuesday, with focus on firming up four deconfliction zones in Syria including one along Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel.  Also in attendance are the UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Minstura, Acting US Undersecretary for near East Affairs Stuart Jones and the Jordanian Foreign Minister’s adviser, Nawaf Tel Uasfi.  

Moscow reports that the Putin / Trump meet at the G20 in Hamburg this Friday has grown into a full fledged Summit called to discuss yesterdays North Korean missile test and ways to handle that situation, the post IS spheres of influence in Syria and other matters like Ukraine.  

After the expanded areas of Raqqa were liberated, American Coalition warplanes blasted holes in the Old City walls allowing the Kurdish troops to enter the area and begin to obliterate the 2,000 trapped inside. 


3 July:   Iraqi forces begin mopping up after the liberation of Mosul.  

US and Coalition forces redeployed from Mosul to reinforce Kurdish Raqqa city operation.

Islamic State forces evacuate positions in Aleppo province,  Kurds enter South Raqqa city.


2 July:  Netanyahu vetoes proposed bill that would require a special two-thirds Knesset majority on any decision to divide Jerusalem under a future peace deal with the Palestinians, then removes restrictions on MKs visiting the Temple Mount.  

The Labor Party has its leadership convention on July 4 after which Netanyahu is expected to try and bring Labor into the government to replace Bennett thereby avoiding the need for a new election.

Gaza runs out of fuel for electricity generation, resuming crisis with Israel.  Update: Egypt sends 22 trucks of fuel to Gaza amid electricity crisis – Diesel transport allows operation of third turbine at Gaza’s only power plant • Gazan Energy Authority says fuel shipment be enough to generate four hours of electricity per day, only for a few weeks • Gaza official warns: Supply will continue to decline. (Israel Hayom)

Super carrier USS George H W Bush anchored off Haifa.  


1 July:   A Blessed Sabbath for all of God’s Faithful!

The Catholic Mirror (a publication by Cardinal Gibbons) Sept. 2, 1893- “…the Redeemer, during His mortal life, never kept any other day [as the Sabbath day] than Saturday.”

The Catholic Mirror Sept. 9, 1893- “Nor can we imagine any one foolhardy enough to question the identity of Saturday with the Sabbath or seventh day, seeing that the people of Israel have been keeping the Saturday from the giving of the Law, A.M., 2514 to A.D. 1893 (to the present day)…”

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