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31 Jan:   Today, for the second time Tu-22M3 long-range Russian bombers struck Islamic State forces attacking  the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zour Monday, The Russian defense ministry reported that today’s “precision strikes targeted and destroyed two ISIS command centers, weapons and ammunition depots and jihadist manpower.” 

Sukhoi-30SM and Sukhoi-35S fighter jets from the Khmeimim Syria air base provided protection for the Russian bombers. The first Russian Tupelev bomber strike last week was escorted by US Hornets.

President Trump will meet Jordan’s King Abdullah on Feb 2, and Israeli PM Netanyahu on Feb. 15.  The agenda will concern the coming overwhelming offensive against the Islamic State and the regional Mideast war which is expected to follow.  Trump also spoke with Saudi king Salman last  Sunday by phone on the same subject.  

Iran conducted a 600  mile long missile test of a non nuclear capable missile last Sunday which Trump and Netanyahu are claiming is nuclear capable and a violation of the nuclear agreement, and will they will be discussing the possibility of the US unilaterally reneging on the nuclear deal and a resumption of sanctions on Iran by the US.

Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates, a carryover form the Obama administration, was fired Monday after she ordered Justice Department lawyers not to enforce the US President’s immigration ban targeting seven Muslim-majority nations. Yates said she was not convinced the ban was lawful and would not defend it in court. Trump also fired the Immigration chief Daniel Ragsdale.

The White House said that she would be replaced by Dana Boente, who is currently US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, until the Senate confirms Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  

The Trump administration is defending the ban as being only toughher vetting, but refugees were already subjected to 18 to 24 months of investigations under Obama.  


30 Jan:  Two gunmen entered a Quebec City mosque in Canada during evening prayers Sunday and shot dead six people. Another eight were injured. The two suspects were arrested after what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called “a terrorist attack on Muslims.” One of the gunmen was arrested near the mosque and the other about 40 km away near Ile d’Orleans. The mosque has about 5,000 members and is one of six in the Quebec City region

Trump’s ban on people from certain countries is creating mayhem because the ban illegally includes long time legal US residents with green cards who left on holiday or business and are now barred from returning home [Green Card holders have has just been exemoyted], as well as refugee interpreters employed by the United States and refugee minorities like professing Christians from Muslim countries.  The targeted nations are now contemplating entry bans for Americans to their countries while the rest of the world is in shock by this and Trump’s open support for torture.  The Trump orders are now before the courts and even israeli’s are warning of a coming Trump dictatorship.

The moment of truth: the moment Trump’s truthful talk turned into a big lie (Dr. Revital Amiran, Maariv) Ignorance is strength, and the President of the United States understands this very well. The role of the media, more than ever, is to pierce the veil of the distorted bubble that the government is trying to create.

Trump is already showing a dictatorial penchant for ruling by decree and his policies are stirring up the extremist far right, which is likely to spread against other religious minorities besides Muslims.  Jewish and “Christian”  clergy key part in Trump order protests

Trump has appointed 11 mostly far right Jewish extremists to his administration.  Was it really Mossad who leaked the truth about Hillary?


29 Jan:  In an attempt to capture senior Islamic State leaders US SEAL commandos raided Al Qaeda’s Yemen headquarters in Bayda Province, losing one dead and three wounded.

Trump backs down on US safe havens in Syria because they are a non starter in the Pentagon.  Trump talks for one hour with Putin they agree to joint action to crush Islamic State.  Trump is preparing a large force expansion in Iraq as soon as the cloudy winter weather clears for air operations and a massive anti IS offensive in Iraq and Syria.  

Islamic State launches attack on key Euphrates valley city of Deir Ez-Zor.


28 Jan:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


27 Jan:   Trump gives Pentagon 30 days to prepare troop surge for Iraq Syria to demolish Islamic State.  The US is to surge for the destruction of the Islamic State, and an Israeli war with Hamas Hezbollah and Iran is then planned;  after which the “Safe Havens” – a euphemism for the division of Syria – are planned:  See map below. This plan still under discussion is not likely to go ahead after Trump attacks Iran in support of Israel during the coming war; if is far more likely that after Israel demolishes Hezbollah the rebels will surge out of their present safe havens to topple Assad.

A Royal Navy-led strike group of American, British and French warships is preparing for “war games” in the Gulf, including a simulated confrontation with Iran.

The show of force called “Unified Trident” next week will see Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean and Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring deploy to the Gulf in a show of “deterrence and reassurance” alongside American warships USS Hopper and USS Mahan and French anti-aircraft frigate FS Forbin.  The exercise is in preparation for war with Iran in the near future.

The US Russia and Turkey are working on Safe Havens which amount to US forces securing the Israeli Golan border with Syria, Turkey and the US securing the Turkish border with Syria; and US backed [mainly Kurds] rebels fighting the IS in Raqqa province while Assad is left with a rump Syria.  The Pentagon is preparing the plans as talks progress.    

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s deputy Patrick Kennedy, Asst. Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr, Asst. Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond, and Office of Foreign Missions Director Gentry O. Smith have resigned in protest against Trump.  Tillerson, who assumed his post only three days ago, had yet to comment.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu met Thursday with former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is serving as a senior advisor of Donald Trump. Giuliani conveyed a personal message from Trump ahead of a meeting of the two leaders in Washington next month

Trump to visit Pentagon Friday for a briefing on options against the Islamic State.  

Trump to follow through with useless boondoggle wall on Mexico border; offends entire world with approval of torture.  

More than 90% of illegals are lawful visa holders who overstay.  Wall is 8 to 20 billion dollar make work project to reward big business, and despite the propaganda Mexico cannot afford to pay for it; the US tax payers will pay.

Israel approves another 153 illegal houses in Gilo.  11,000 more homes being considered for East Jerusalem approval.


26 Jan:  Trump gives officials 90 days to come up with a plan for Syria safe havens.  Of course Turkey with Russian agreement has already created a safe haven and a deal between the moderate rebels and Syria is advancing.  

Netanyahu claims new wave of illegal construction is only a small taste of what is coming.


25 Jan:  Astana conference sets up ceasefire mechanism for Syria “moderate” rebels before Feb talks in Geneva.

Trump pulls out of the Trans Pacific Partnership demands negotiation of the already highly favorable to the US deal.  Other nations more inclined to9 invite China and Indonesia in place of giving in to Trump’s exorbitant demands.  

Trump to sign Executive order for Mexico wall and ban visas for entry of people from six Islamic countries.

US to delay plans to move Embassy to Jerusalem, using the idea to motivate Israeli participation in peace plans. 

Israel approves the construction of 2,500 more illegal homes on occupied land including 899 in Ariel, 652 in Givat Ze’ev, 260 in Tzofim, 154 in Oranit, 104 in Ma’ale Adumim, 87 in Beitar Illit, 86 in Kokhav Ya’akov, 81 in Etz Efraim, 78 in Alfei Menashe, 21 in Efrat, 20 in Beit El, 18 in Elkana, 6 in Sha’arei Tikva and 4 in Har Gilo.


24 Jan:  The Knesset appears ready to clear report on last Gaza war for publication.  

Amona evacuation deal collapses, crisis resumes.

American officials are in Jerusalem seeking locations to build a new Embassy. The State Department has begun talks on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  Initially the US Ambassador will take up residence in Jerusalem while the Embassy remains in Tel Aviv until the new building is completed over the next few years.

Embassy move an act of war against Muslims everywhere and Palestinians are preparing to respond by withdrawing their recognition of Israel.  

Meanwhile Bennett is at the ready to annex illegal settlements after the Feb Trump Netanyahu summit at which the embassy move is expected to be announced. Attacks are expected and an Israeli invasion of Gaza is at the ready.

Syria – moderate rebel talks begin in Astana under Russian Turkish supervision.


23 Jan:  Netanyahu to lift all restrictions on illegal construction on occupied land setting the stage for a regional conflagration.  566 new settler homes approved yesterday.   


22 Jan:  The Israeli cabinet voted to delay a bill to annex the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim until after a Netanyahu Trump meeting being planned for February.  Bibi expects to secure Trump’s consent to annex the settlement blocks and begin unrestricted illegal construction.  Trump is also expected to announce the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem at the meeting. Israel is being warned by the whole world that such a move will explode the region.  

Syria is relieving the siege of Deir Ez-Zor and advancing against the Islamic State.

US aircraft destroyed 90 boats on the Tigress carrying fleeing Islamic State fighters from East Mosul.

Heavy anti Islamic Extremist attacks begin days before Trump inaugurated and vowed to destroy islamic Extremism from off the face of the Earth.   On Wednesday 80 IS fighters were killed in US B52 raids and on Thursday 100 Al Qaeda were killed by a B52 strike inside Syria.  In addition Russian long-range Tu-22M3 bombers flying in from bases in Russia smashed Islamic State targets in the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zour on Saturday and last week hundreds of Syrian troops were ferried into Deir ez-Zour to relieve forces under Islamic State siege there.  The strikes appear to be the beginning of a Trump / Putin deal to destroy Islamic Extremists.


21 Jan:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


20 Jan:  Iraqi forces have taken full control in East Mosul and are attacking West Mosul.  

Islamic State facing defeat has ordered its foreign fighters to go home and carry out attacks in their own countries of origin.  Trump and Russia will be on a big push to prevent that from happening.

Donald Trump is to be inaugurated US President today.


19 Jan:   US B 2’s carry out extensive bombing of two Islamic State bases hidden in the Libyan desert.

As Trump plans to pull back into isolationism Germany makes plans for Africa

After receiving massive quantities of Iron Dome missiles in the past few months officials from the Israeli Defense Ministry and the US Missile Defense Agency delivered the first operational “Arrow 3” interceptor missiles to the Israeli Air Force on Wednesday.

According to foreign media reports, the missiles are to be placed at an American built missile installation at the air force base near Beit Shemesh.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced Wednesday that he had decided to extend the term of the IDF chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gadi Eisenkott, for another year. The cabinet will hold a vote on the extension in ten days.  This will allow the general to oversee the soon expected regional war.


18 Jan:  The NATO debate is now on in Europe: As Merkel falters in the run up to the September elections  the leader of Germany’s largest opposition party calls for the dissolution of NATO and a new security order in Europe

Top NATO commander Gen. Denis Mercier saying he agrees that there are parts of NATO which are absolutely obsolete.  Gen. Mercier is France’s Air Force Chief of Staff as well as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.  

Iraq announces beginning of West Mosul Operation.

Italian conservative Antonio Tajani was elected on Tuesday as the new president of the European Parliament. Tajani, 63, will take over from Germany’s Martin Schulz.

Obama initiates trade for Julian Assange by commuting Manning sentence.  Obama pardoned 64 people and commuted the sentences of 209 others.


17 Jan:  Bennett to submit Maale Adumin sovereignty law on Sunday.

Nascent US embassy under construction in Kurdistan

US forces mass in four bases inside Mosul in preparation for big Trump push.  95% of East Mosul has now been liberated and the move to the West side of the Tigress is coming soon.  Assumed tomb of Jonah liberated.


16 Jan:  Trump confirms his son in law Jared Kushner an Orthodox Jew with close ties to the extremist Settler Movement as his Middle East Peace Envoy.  The move removes the US from its position as an almost neutral mediator. 

Egypt and Arabia falling out; scripture says that in our time Egypt will be allied to Israel while the Arabs will be allied to the now rising New Federal Europe.

The Trump team is in discussions with Russia regarding cooperating against Islamic State inside Syria.  Trump already plans to ramp up operations in Iraq as soon as he is inaugurated and set his first goal as the total destruction of the Islamic State.  

American cooperation with Russia inside Syria may involve intelligence sharing, heavy coalition bombing of IS and extensive ground force raids by coalition forces in coordination with Syrian and Russian actions.  How the Kurdish forces in Syria will  be affected is not yet clear.


15 Jan:  Israel right wing paper warns of new elections as Netanyahu corruption investigation escalates.   Public and coalition resistance builds against Bennett annexation of settlements

Paris conference; the conference supports tw0 state solution and rejects any unilateral moves.  

Turkey will guarantee rebel and Russia will guarantee Syrian compliance with any peace deal in Syria.  The Astana deal will leave Russia – Syria free to combat the Islamic Extremists followed by a Russian withdrawal from Syria.  The Trump administration has now been invited to participate in the Astana talks.


14 Jan:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


13 Jan:  Israel tests F-35-  The Damascus Mazzeh airport was bombed last night along with a nearby officers club.  Syria warns Israel about such attacks.

NATO builds up in East Europe as Russia seeks Syria exit.


12 Jan:   Israel prepares for a decisive victory over Hamas and the Gaza militants in the near future.

At the conclusion of a NATO infantry, armor, air, engineering and artillery forces exercise in Poland, US forces deploy “permanently” to that country.  The American troops will be based in the city of Zagan, 40 kilometers east of the German border as part of a NATO force to protect against any spillover from a possible Russian move in Ukraine.

John Kerry to attend Paris Middle East Peace Conference on Sunday before holding talks with May in Britain and then heading to Davos for the annual economic forum. 

Scattered pockets of resistance remain in East Mosul.

Netanyahu leadership crumbling over corruption investigations


11 Jan:  Netanyahu is blocking Bennett’s Bill “legalizing” illegal Israeli construction on  the West Bank.  If Bennett’s new Bill annexing settlements comes later this month there will be yet another political crisis in Israel.  This comes as a one-day general strike was launched Wednesday morning in Israel’s Palestinian sector to protest an order to destroy 11 houses that had been built illegally in the city of Qalanswa.  Israel routinely avoids  approving building permits for Palestinians on their own land, forcing them to build unapproved homes and other structures to accommodate the needs of people.

Educational institutions and municipal authorities in Palestinian towns and cities throughout the country are participating in the strike. The IDF and police have deployed forces to deal with possible unrest at demonstrations to be held in the afternoon in Israel’s “Triangle” area, northeast of Tel Aviv, and in the north. 

Up to 2.5 million people attended the funeral of former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the moderate founding fathers of the Islamic regime.

The funeral was used to launch protests against the regime, with such slogans as “Free political prisoners,” “Dictator, dictator, respect only comes from God.”  There were calls to release from six years of house arrest the opposition Green Movement founders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, who led the demonstration that rocked Iran in 2009


10 Jan:  A US special operations unit landed in the Deir Ez-Zor region of eastern Syria late Sunday for an anti-ISIS raid. The unit killed and captured several Daesh fighters before withdrawing.  

US senate to begin confirmation hearings blitz today.


9 Jan:  The Shin Bet and other Israeli security forces rounded up 20 Salafi Islamic extremists [ISIL types] in the Palestinian towns of Nablus and Bethlehem today.  As Islamic State falls in Mosul IS forces are building up in Sinai on the Israeli border and yesterday’s Jerusalem attack blamed on Islamic State

Jared Kushner Trump’s Jewish son in law, to act as president’s personal secretary.  Did Mossad leak the truth about Hillary to get intense supporters of Israel into White House?

Islamic State headquarters in East Mosul captured.

Israel begins round up of Hamas members with arrest of five last night.

Netanyahu under investigation for corruption which will seriously damage him politically even if no indictment is filed.  Bennett takes lead in polls for far right.


8 Jan:  Former Iranian president and key politician Rafsanjani dies at 82.

Iraqi forces reach the Tigress River securing East Mosul except for final mopping up.

Jerusalem Attack First Report: A heavy truck carrying a crane smashed into a group of soldiers were getting off a bus at the promenade, a popular tourist spot in southern Jerusalem,  on the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem, killing at least 4 soldiers and injuring another 15 many of them female. The Palestinian driver is reported to have swerved off the road to hit the group while two eyewitnesses said that  after the driver hit the soldiers with his truck, he put the vehicle in reverse and ran over them a second time.  At least five of the injured are in very serious to critical condition. Some of the soldiers were trapped under the truck. The attacker was shot and killed by an armed civilian and soldiers from the group. The casualties are being rushed to nearby hospitals.  

Iraqi forces are making substantial advances in East Mosul and are now within 500 yards of the Tigress and West Mosul.  

Who Released the Clinton Emails?  A good detective always first looks at those who have the most to gain by any action.  In this affair there is one country which has by far the most to gain from a Trump win.  A country which has a far right extremist controlled government and has chaffed under eight years of Obama restrictions, and wanting to avoid another four to eight years at all costs.  A country which has the technical expertise and the internal political party connections in the USA to accomplish sabotaging the Clinton campaign by leaking the truth, which sabotage could be conveniently blamed on Russia.  A country which rejoiced more than Russia or anyone else at the Trump win and is already planning extreme steps as soon as Trump is inaugurated.   The propaganda points to Russia but all the indicators – sans proofs – point to the Mossad not Russia.

The CIA continues to accuse Russia of hacking with no evidence. The only evidence presented:  Russians were happy over Trump win [so were a lot of other people].  

Friday’s Florida shooter was a US army Iraq service veteran.


7 Jan:  A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


6 Jan:  A provisional figure of 5 dead and 8 injured was released after a shooting attack Friday at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international airport Florida, near the Terminal 2 baggage claim area.

The gunman was identified as Esteban Santiago, it is not certain that this is his real identity.  The gunman in custody is said to have emptied at least three magazines and aimed at his victims heads

A state of emergency is declared at New York and New Jersey airports as well as bridges, rail systems, tunnels and transport terminals. 

Syrian rebels being concentrated in Idlib at the ready to flood into Syria once Israel destroys Hezbollah; details.

The Iraqi army has launched an offensive to liberate the remainder of Anbar province and isolate the Islamic State in West Mosul

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu underwent another five hours of questioning by police on suspicion of receiving gifts and in another case which has yet to be revealed (and the largest petition to the High Court in Israel’s history – with over 19,000 signatures – calls to open a criminal investigation against Netanyahu and to reveal the charges for which he was questioned)


4 Jan:   Rex Tillerson, US President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state-designate, announced Wednesday that he is cutting all links with oil giant Exxon Mobil, where he worked for more than 40 years and served as CEO and president. Tillerson will receive a $180 million retirement package.   And some people believe that Trump is not connected to the Establishment!

Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s most valuable asset to Mossad agent, details.

The Al Qaeda linked  Fatah al-Sham Front  [formerly the Al Nusrah Front] poisoned the Damascus water supply by dumping diesel into the main water sources in the Barada valley.  10 rebel groups then suspended the agreed peace talks with Russia when Syrian forces react to the deliberate attack on Damascus city water supply.  

Iraqi forces advance through East Mosul liberating most of the city up to the Tigress.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yidirim is expected to visit Baghdad tomorrow to discuss the coming West Mosul campaign and post Mosul phase of the anti Islamic State war.

Israeli Sgt Elor Azariya found guilty of manslaughter after shooting dead a Palestinian attacker who had already been shot and was laying incapacitated on the ground. The extremist Jewish Settler Movement tried to politicize the killing and backs the killer.  

Israeli Legislative Committee drafting Bill to extend Israeli law to Ma’ale Adumim East Jerusalem, and West Bank Settlements.

Last night the IDF rounded up 25 men in the West Bank mostly Hamas people.


3 Jan:  Israel continues to slaughter hundreds of Jewish children every day. More Jewish children are needlessly aborted by Jews each year than Jews have fallen in all of Israel’s modern wars and terrorist attacks combined.


2 Jan:  Islamic State claims Istanbul attack.  

Islamic State being rolled back in Mosul.

Official corruption investigation begins with Netanyahu being interviewed by police for accepting gifts from businessmen.

Netanyahu warns that Jan 15 Paris peace conference conclusions to be approved by UNSC on 17 Jan.  

Elizabeth feels better but too weak to move about.


1 Jan:  Bennett to present bill to annex Est Jerusalem settlement to Israeli cabinet by end of January.  

5,000 US combat troops – nearly all of the US troops stationed in Iraq – are massing outside Modul for intervention in the fight to liberate that city.  The Islamic State has evacuated its families from West Mosul in preparation for fighting to spread to that area iof the city.

A terrorist went on a shooting rampage in the high-end Reina nightclub in Istanbul where some 700 revelers were celebrating the New Year. He killed at least 39 people and injured about 69 more, before escaping, The nightclub is frequented by socialites, artists and football stars.

Queen Elizabeth II 90, has missed her usual holiday church appearances due to a “heavy cold” already lasting 12 days.  Her duties have been delegated to her son prince Charles.  The Queen is in seclusion at Sandringham Estate with her husband who is also ill.

The Russian ceasefire with moderate rebels in Syria freed the Russian  Air Force to launch a ten hour aerial bombing blitz on the Islamic State in the towns of Sukhanah and Arak in Raqqa province on Saturday, after which the Russian jets pounded the western Palmyra countryside.  

The Russians and Syrians are anxious to move into Raqqa and destroy the IS inside Syria before the US finishes off the IS in Iraq and casts its eyes on supporting a Kurdish move against the Islamic State in Raqqa Syria.  

In Iraq this past week, another 1,700 US special operations forces and 4,000 members of the Iraqi federal police and counter-terrorism service (CTS) were urgently sent to reinforce the Iraqi’s launching a new series of attacks in East Mosul on Thursday.


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