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30 April 16:00:  Israel bombs the Syrian Golan.  Israel could be using Syria as a distraction to set up Gaza for a sudden surprise assassination campaign and invasion.

06:30 PDT: The Knesset has passed legislation approving the new governing coalition in the first reading by 72 approving and 40 opposing. The bill still needs to pass two more readings. It will first be discussed tonight at a special Knesset committee headed by Blue and White MK Eitan Ginzburg.  In related news attorney general Mandelblit told the High Court today that there is ‘no legal impediment’ to Netanyahu serving as PM. 

When done, this deal will have the practical effect of balancing off the hard line extremists inside Likud towards approving a Middle East peace deal.  But first Bibi will have to placate the extremists by annexing illegal West Bank settlements, a process to which Trump has already given his approval as long as Israel begins genuine peace talks. 

The annexations will bring war after which a peace deal can be agreed which will then quickly collapse (1 Thess 5:3) sabotaged by the Israeli extremists when the miracle working man in the Vatican visits the temple mount; which will trigger the onset of the tribulation very probably at the end of this year. 

In an emergence conference Arab League foreign ministers agree to support “by all political, diplomatic, legal and financial means” any steps taken the Palestinian Authority to confront Israeli plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

00:30 PDT: Israel begins easing Covid restrictions; elementary schools open on Sunday, restrictions on the distance one can travel from home during exercise lifted.

Yesterday’s new US Covid cases climbed to 28,429 with 2,390 acknowledged deaths. 


29 April:  Covid- Yesterday’s new US Covid cases was 25,409 with 2,470 acknowledged deaths.

Change of link color:  I have just  changed the link color to green which will turn to blue when hovered over.  This is to remove any confusion with the scripture texts which I have in red.


28 April 11:15 PDT: OPCW members strongly dispute the organization’s report last month that Syria used chlorine gas in 2017.  The report is said to have been orchestrated by western intelligence agencies and is based entirely on accusations by terrorist entities seeking to provide an excuse for a US to attack on Syria.  Such an attack is very likely and could lead to the Turkish backed militias overthrowing the elected government. 

08:30 PDT: The New Coalition Government Not a Done Deal Yet- The Israeli High Court will hold hearings on the six petitions against a person under indictment forming a new government on Sunday and Monday, with the deadline for forming a new government before elections must be called on 7 May.  Meanwhile the parties are having considerable trouble in pushing through the necessary legislation due to the number of constitutional changes required and various issues that are cropping up.  Even if the court allows Netanyahu to form a government and the legislation is passed in time the High Court will be quickly asked to rule on the changes to the constitution contained in the legislation. 

03:30 PDT:  The US agrees to accept and recognize Israeli annexations as long as Israel agrees to enter peace talks in good faith.

Benny Gantz used Israeli Memorial Day to issue a stirring call for a Middle East peace agreement. Gantz said. “We have a great responsibility on our shoulders to remember that there are times when there is no choice but to fight but we must always seek peace that will prevent the next war.”  Gantz and others have entered a coalition with Netanyahu to high-jack the agenda of the extremist elements inside Likud and force a peace deal over their objections.  The looming war will set the public mood towards making peace which will infuriate the extremist elements into sabotaging that peace (1 Thess 5:3).  

Covid: New US cases 23,196 yesterday down about 2300 from the previous day, new deaths up slightly at 1,384. A decline in deaths would be expected to take at least two weeks to follow a fall in new cases due to the length of hospital stays.


27 April 05:00 PDT: Fifteen leaders of last summer’s riots on behalf of Hong Kong billionaires and the United States have just been arrested.  The epidemic has given the Hong Kong police the opportunity to met out justice without making martyrs of these people.  See “The Hong Kong Crisis Explained” for more on the Hong Kong riots.”

03:50 PDT:  With the epidemic easing and only days left before the potential of a new government and a new Defense Minister, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett today announced just before he attacked Iran in Syria for the second time this week.  “Keep your ears open to what you see and hear,” Bennett said during his press conference on Sunday.  We aren’t just continuing our work preventing Iran from entrenching itself in Syria, we’ve moved decisively from preventative action to forcing [Iranian forces] out,” he added.

12:45 PDT:  Covid At last some good news: Rates of new cases and deaths are slowing across Europe and the Middle East.

In the US both deaths and new cases dropped dramatically yesterday from Sabbath. New cases in the US were 26,509 as compared to 35,419 on Sabbath a reduction of 8910. Deaths were 1,157 compared to 2,065 on Sabbath a reduction of 908. Hopefully this will become a new trend over the coming days.  If the decline continues government restrictions will probably begin relaxing in late May.

Last night, the Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes over the Syrian capital, Damascus, causing a number of explosions over the southern suburbs. Several missiles were fired from above Lebanon towards the Sayyeda Zaynab District, prompting the Syrian air defenses to engage the hostile projectiles from the Mezzeh Airbase.


26 April 02:00 PDT:  Israeli Labor party joins the new governing coalition adding more moderates to the government. What these folks are doing in joining the right wing and then high-jacking its agenda away from the extremist element inside Likud.

Turkey strikes the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (aka al Qaeda, HTS) in Idlib. The HTS has split from the Turkish backed militias and is confronting them and Turkey. 

03:45 PDT:  US Covid- New US Covid cases 38,677 yesterday.


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New US Covid cases rose sharply yesterday soaring to a record level of 38,958.  This does not indicate a surge in the disease, most of these folks are not sick enough for hospital admission and are being picked up by the greatly expanded testing net.


24 April 05:30 PDT: Covid-  New US cases rise sharply to 32,000. This could be the results of increased testing and things should level off in May. It has also been discovered that having antibodies to the virus does not guarantee immunity, this would seem to indicate that the virus is already mutating and makes attempts to stimulate antibody production by immunizations rather pointless.


23 April 07:00 PDT: After a dip last week new US Covid cases continue to rise with 30,000 yesterday. Work on a vaccine ramps up in Europe but I think that since such viruses mutate regularly any rushed vaccine might be worthless by autumn.

Israel- The High Court of Justice will hear six different petitions against the coalition deal between the Likud and Blue and White parties, as well as against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eligibility to form a government due to his indictment on corruption charges. The court gives the sides until Sunday to submit their responses in defense of the deal which wreaks havoc on the Basic Law [their constitution].


22 April 10:45 PDT:  Today the US essentially approved Israel’s annexation plans announcing that annexation will be up to Israel.  This green lights Israeli annexations a full two months ahead of the expected timing.  Palestinian officials immediately rejected a statement from Mike Pompeo that Israel can decide for itself on annexing parts of the West Bank.  This announcement makes a move to start the annexation process possible even sooner than July.

President Trump orders the navy to destroy any Iranian gunboats approaching US naval vessels.

02:30 PDT: Israeli forces enter Gaza in border operation

Covid- New US cases at 26,000 yesterday. 


21 April 11:45 PDT:  Israel will complete detailed mapping of the settlement areas granted to them by Trump sometime in June.  From there they will proceed full speed towards annexation motivated by fears that Trump could lose this year’s election to Biden.  Trump will require Israel to commit to genuine peace talks as his condition for approving the annexation.  Trump is motivated to complete his personal mission to achieve a Mideast peace deal before November of this year, since according to the latest polls Joe Biden now leads President Donald Trump 49% to 42%.  Trump needs something big to pull off a win in November like a great military victory followed by a peace agreement (1 Thess 5:3).

06:00 PDT:  New Israeli government to take office first week in May due to legislation being delayed by Rabbinic Calendar Independence Day next week.

Israel bombed Syria at Homs last night.

02:00 PDT:  Americans fear Covid but US deaths from Covid are minuscule compared to the deliberate sacrificing of their own children on the altar of convenience.  Deaths: Covid:  42,518  and Abortion:  862,320.

Russia has field-tested its new  T-14 Armata main battle tanks in Syria ahead of mass producing them this coming winter.


20 April 15:30 PDT Update- Netanyahu has agreed to allow peace talks in exchange for pursuing settlement block annexation. “The (annexation) law will be passed as quickly as possible… and will not be disrupted or delayed by the chairs of either the House or the Foreign Affairs and Defense committees.”  

11:00 PDT: Breaking-  The Likud and Blue and White have just announced the signing of an agreement to establish a “national emergency government.”

  1. The deal will allow for Netanyahu to remain prime minister for a year and a half, after which he will be replaced by Gantz, as part of a rotation deal that will be bound in law.
  2. Until then, Gantz will reportedly serve as defense minister, while Blue and White No. 2 Gabi Ashkenazi will serve as foreign minister.
  3. If either party dissolves the Knesset early the other will become Prime Minister and elections will be held in six months.  
  4. On July 1 Netanyahu and Likud will begin annexation proceedings for the illegal settlement blocks with a vote in cabinet followed by a vote in the Knesset.

Such an annexation will undoubtedly provoke a regional war if Netanyahu does not go to war sooner for his own reasons.  This new government will be strong enough to fight a regional war and conclude a post hostilities Middle East peace deal over the objections of the Jewish extremists.

Remember that I have written that it does not matter who is PM as long as the makeup of the Knesset is reset to include more folks desiring a peace deal.  Whether the 42 month tribulation is appointed to begin late this year or next year will depend on the will of God and how long it takes for the coming war and peace talks to work out.

04:45 PDT: USA Covid-  New cases dropped to 26,000 yesterday.


19 April 01:30 PDT: USA- After spiking due to increased testing and the new inclusion of nursing home cases, the number of daily new cases appears to be leveling off at 29,000. Restrictions will gradually be reduced state by state where possible. Israel is also reducing restrictions now allowing religious gatherings of up to 19 provided masks are worn.

IMPORTANT  NOTICE:  Do to the epidemic, mail delivery is subject to lengthy delays of a month or more.  

Thousands of US postal workers are in quarantine delaying the mails for a month or more, while Trump attacks the service. Update: US Canada border to remain closed until at least May 21st.

Due to the epidemic slowdown of the postal systems please visit the Donate page for more information.


18 April:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the first Sabbath after the Wave Offering.


17 April 12:00 PDT:  With talks deadlocked President Rivlin has set the next election date as 4 August if a government is not formed by 8 May.

04:00:  The buildup continues the Turkish military is only allowed 12 observation posts, but they have greatly exceeded this allowance by constructing some 60 posts in Idlib province.  At the same time, the jihadist rebels were pounded by Syrian drone yesterday and today as they continue to move reinforcements to the front-lines in Idlib to prepare for another battle in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region.

If you click this link and scroll down the landing page you will find a regularly updated country by country detailed list of Covid-19 stats for the entire world.


16 April: Download the biblical calendar Holy Day date list here

00:30 PDT: The mandate enjoyed by Gantz to form a coalition government has now passed to the Knesset.

The US had only been counting hospital Covid-19 positives, yesterday following the UK lead the US began including care home and non hospital neighborhood positives sending yesterday’s new case total back up to 30,000. 

Turkey is engaged in a huge buildup in Syria’s Idlib in support of the Turkish backed militias. The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), is a coalition of Turkish backed militias and extremist groups like al Qaeda and controls over 90% of Idlib province.  The extremists groups are getting very nervous about the influx of Turkish troops and reports abound that they will break away from the Turkish backed militias.  Turkey would welcome such a move because the Turkish backed militias would then be freed from the taint of terrorism.

The US is already positioning forces to use alleged Syrian chemical weapons use alleged by the Al Nusrah Front [aka al Qaeda] in 2017, as an excuse to attack Syria in support of Turkey in the near future.  One does wonder if the American dispute with Turkey over the Russian S-400 air defense system is really a big hoax and US technicians will be all over the S-400 as soon as it is activated. Remember that Turkey is prophesied to dominate the region.


15 April:  May All God’s Faithful be Greatly Blessed as we observe this High Holy Day in celebration of the general resurrection of first fruits, total victory over Satan and sin and the millennial Sabbath of rest.

Donald Trump’s attempt to reflect blame from himself onto the WHO for his handling of the Covid-19 epidemic receives worldwide condemnation.


14 April 16:00 PDT:  Trump suspends WHO funding.

06:30 PDT: Gantz and Netanyahu wrap up talks for today, will resume tomorrow night.

02:30 PDT:  Gantz and Netanyahu meet for final talks to clinch a coalition deal.  

This effort to form a unity government is more about getting broad backing for annexing settlements and the looming war than it is about anything else.


13 April 15:00 PDT:  In Israel Gantz’s mandate to form a government ended at midnight, so Netanyahu and Gantz jointly asked President Reuven Rivlin for 2 additional days. Rivlin approved the request giving them until midnight Wednesday to put the finishing touches on a unity government.  .

03:15 PDT: New US Covid cases continue to decline falling to 27,500 yesterday from 33,500 last Wednesday.  The numbers of dead will still take some time to decline. Dr. Fauci suggests that the peak may have been reached and that selective lifting of restrictions could begin in May.


07:00 PDT:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz have instructed their teams to immediately resume intensive negotiations on an emergency government. 

06:00 PDT: BREAKING-  President Rivlin of Israel denies Gantz request for 14 day extension, also rejects giving the mandate to Netanyahu and will send the issue to the Knesset tomorrow night if no deal is made by then.  The Knesset would then have 21 days to find and approve  a candidate of their own or there will be an election in about three months.

04:00 PDT:  New Covid diagnoses fall to 30,000 in the US from a peak of over 35,000 last Wednesday for a total of 533,000 cases with 20,500 deaths so far.  By contrast in the 2019 – 2020 year there were over 40 million cases of the common flu with 60,000 deaths in the US; with the count continuing until the end of May.

Israel red zones locks down seven Covid hot spots.

Gantz has requested a 14 day extension to his coalition forming mandate which expires at midnight tomorrow as Israel lurches towards another election if a deal cannot be crafted.

Israeli Independence Day by the Rabbinic Calendar is 29 April this year.


11 April:  A Blessed Sabbath and a Meaningful Wave Offering Sunday for All God’s Faithful!


10 April 01:20 PDT: UK PM Boris Johnson is out of intensive care.

New US Virus cases fell by nearly 2000 to 33,000 yesterday. New cases are still climbing in the UK but are gradually falling across Europe.

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Virus came to New York from Europe while Trump was fixated on China and cases were being seen in NY by Feb.


08 April 4:20 PDT:  As Donald Trumps tries harder and harder to blame others for his mishandling of the epidemic it is now being revealed that the US was warned as early as November.   Biden has a chance to upset Trump and win the presidency in November.

10:15 PDT: Syria has just been accused of using chemical weapons in March 2017. 

Bernie Sanders quits presidential campaign leaving Biden with a commanding lead to be the democratic candidate.

May all of God’s Faithful have a Blessed Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, rich in increased knowledge, understanding and a closer relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ! 


07 April 02:00 PDT: Netanyahu forced to backtrack deal and demand Justice Ministry concessions by his far right extremist ally.  Gantz is threatening to pass legislation declaring that a man cannot form a government as PM while being tried under criminal charges. Bibi will have about ten days to make up his mind to allow the extremist bloc to split or be removed as a potential PM.

WARNING!  Vacuum manufacturers are warning people not to use their filters to build face masks.  The filters contain asbestos and fiberglass fibers which can do considerable lung damage if breathed through.


06 April: Netanyahu and Gantz appear to have crafted a deal on annexations.  The deal sees the Israeli cabinet approving and launching the annexation process for the settlement blocks with US approval as soon as July, while refraining on annexing the Jordan Valley until after negotiations with Jordan.  Any unity government deal will still need the approval of the Knesset after the Passover recess. They had wanted to avoid annexation until the Covid danger eased, because the act will probably bring a violent reaction and war in the region.  Watch for serious peace talks after the conflict with a peace deal possible by the end of this year (1 Thess 5:3).  Also see the Coming World Events category on the sidebar. 

UK PM Johnson in intensive care.

The US and Britain face a large number of Covid deaths over the next two or three weeks after which the situation is expected to stabilize by the end of April and begin to ease in late May.


05 April: Netanyahu and Gantz have failed to agree on a governing coalition before the Knesset Passover break.  It appears that no government will be formed at least until May. 

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04 April:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Special Music Messiah


03 April: Trump interfering in strong two way cross border US Canada medical exchanges.

See this very informative scientific article on the latest two research studies about the Covid-19 virus and how to deal with it.

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02 April 07:30 PDT:  Gen Haftar’s forces – backed by Russia, Egypt and certain European countries – take large areas on the outskirts of Tripoli making mincemeat of the Syrian militiamen sent by Turkey to help the Tripoli government.    

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FEMA orders 100,000 body bags to be delivered as soon as possible, as fears grow of a huge spike in Covid-19 deaths in the US.

Even if this epidemic eases by July, if restrictions are loosened over the summer the public will throw caution to the winds and congregate in great crowds in celebration of the supposed end of the plague and to satiate a Christmas shopping frenzy in December.  Millions will be exposed to the disease and a few weeks later – especially if the tribulation is beginning, which seems very possible – there could be an exponential explosion of sickness with tens of millions sick and potentially many millions dying. 


1 Apr 07:00 PDT:  Israel  bombed Islamic Jihad sites near Homs Syria last night

04:30 PDT: Yesterday’s talk was “From Nehemiah to John Baptist.”  Featuring inter-testament history with a focus on the development of the Pharisees and the competition between the Hellenic and Mosaic Pharisees; the struggle with Antiochus Epiphanes, the Hasmonean’s [Maccabees] and the absorption of the province of Judea by Rome. The April 3 talk, the last in this series, will be a serious look at the commission of Elijah, John Baptist and the final Two Witnesses.

Trump warns of terrible next three weeks with up to 240,000 deaths and over a million infections.

00:01 PDT: Israeli PM Netanyahu and opposition leader Gantz are still working on an agreement which would let Bibi remain as PM to deal with the Covid-18 crisis. No details have yet been agreed upon.

IF a deal is made it is only logical that Netanyahu would deal with the Covid-19 issue first which could take several months. That could be followed by the long expected reginal war in the Middle East after which one would logically expect the Quartet [the US, EU, UN and Russia] to call for an International Peace Conference.

After a costly and bloody conflict all peoples and nations in the region would be strongly motivated and a peace deal could be crafted (1 Thess 5:3) at some point, which would be strongly resisted by many of the Far Right Jewish Nationalists but might still pass and be ratified by the Knesset.

In fact regardless of who is PM and the makeup of his coalition there are enough votes in the Knesset from both within and outside coalition to pass a Peace Treaty in the Knesset (1Thess 5:3).

Around that time a miracle worker would be set up in the Vatican. He will endorse the New Federal Europe and God will send his two servants; and this man from the Vatican will go to the Temple Mount within 75 days of being set up.  This will trigger strong resistance from the extremist Israeli Settler Movement people and the tribulation will begin immediately (Mat 24:15).

Whether this works out this year or takes longer and matures next year, the time is at hand; brethren prepare yourselves by turning to embrace, learn and live by every Word of God.  Revive a zeal for the sanctity of the Sabbath and a passion for rooting out past false traditions and replacing them with the truth!  

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