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30 Sep: An Inspiring Feast of Trumpets for All God’s Faithful!


29 Sep New Moon Report:  The first light of the new moon was reported seen by at least seven persons in Jerusalem!  The Memorial of Rejoicing with Trumpets begins at sunset this evening!

18:00 PDT Gaza-  PFLP threatens rockets on Israel if their member dies after Israeli torture.

15:00 PDT: Syria- The U.S.S. Lassen and U.S.S. Forrest Sherman, entered the Mediterranean Sea heavily laden with Tomahawk cruise missiles and are heading towards Syria.

14:00 PDT: West Bank-  Israel is depriving Palestinian residents of access to water in an attempt to drive them out of the Jordan Valley.

08:30 PDT: Arabia/Yemen- The Houthi media report that 2,400 fighters and several hundred vehicles were captured. The reports say that 500 Saudi soldiers were killed. A video shows several hundred prisoners being led away from the front. Here are additional pictures. Most of the prisoners seem to be poor men that the Saudis had hired. Only a few have complete uniforms. The events happened north of Kitaf near the Saudi Yemeni border. Here is a report of the previous operation. Overnight some ten short range ballistic missiles were launched from Yemen against the airport of Al Jadhea in Saudi Arabia.

The personal bodyguard of the Saudi King Salman has been killed. The official claim is that it was during a personal dispute. Conveniently the shooter is also dead. AlFaghem had many secrets & had served as the personal guard of King Abduulah since 2002. This made him a threat to #MBS given he supervised the palace guards who killed #JamalKhashoggi for MBS.  There are fears that defense minister prince Mohamed bin Salman may be staging a coup to save himself after his disastrous failures in Yemen.

02:00 PDT:  US-  The US is having trouble with significant delays in saving its dilapidated rapidly decaying nuclear arsenal.  Due to years of poor maintenance and the failure of many of its nuclear trigger components much of the US nuclear arsenal is unreliable today.

Yemen- The Houthis of Yemen claim they a successful assault near the southern region of Najran, Saudi Arabia on Saturday. The Houthi’s military spokesman said “three enemy military brigades have fallen” and they have captured thousands of troops and hundreds of armored vehicles.  The Houthis also claimed some senior Saudi officers were among those captured. The Houthi spokesman said they will be presenting evidence of the captured troops and vehicles in a press conference on Sunday.

Syria- The commander of the Russian Khmeimim air base in Latakia has announced that a second runway under construction is nearly completed.

The officer reported that the 30 Su-35S, Su-34 and Su-24 warplanes and Mi-SAMTS, Mi-35  assault helicopters based at Khmeimim at present will be reinforced when the expansion work is finished.  While construction advances the Russian and Syrian air forces continue to pound the terrorists in Idlib province. Completion of the Khmeimim upgrade will enable a major Idib operation to finish off the terrorists.  

Israel- After this week’s Netanyahu corruption hearing the AG will take a final decision after the Festivals.

Israel has arrested three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) for the August bombing which killed a young Israeli woman Rina Shnerb.  Within hours the leader of the group Samar Arabid had been tortured so severely that he was transferred to hospital unconscious and suffering from several fractures and a heart attack.

Perhaps in response to this treatment the a-Nassar Salah a-Din Battalion, which serves as the military arm of the Popular Front, has announced that it has a new heavy warhead rocket which can accurately hit targets up to 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) away – including targets in Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, Ofakim, Netivot, Sderot, and the outskirts of both Ashdod and Kiryat Malakhi.


28 Sep:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

The Memorial of Trumpets-  Observers will be out looking for the first light of the New Moon on Sunday and the New Moon Feast of Trumpets will be announced as soon as the information is available.


27 Sep 09:45 PDT:  Syria-  The US sanctions Russian companies supplying fuel to the Russian air force in Syria.

07:00 PDT: Israeli Elections- After four and a half hours of talks, negotiating teams from the Likud and Blue and White parties concluded their meeting without coming to an agreement.  The issue of Netanyahu remaining PM while under criminal indictment and Likud’s insistence on the other far right extremist parties remaining in the coalition are key factors.  Meanwhile they are gearing up for a regional war followed by a third election.

Mideast War-  The Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported on Friday “It can be expected that the U.S. will launch airstrikes on Syria in the very near future (possibly within the next two weeks), using false accusations of using chemical weapons by Damascus.”  TheShiningLight has been warning for the past 18 months that there was a plan to use a fake chemical attack as an excuse for the US to wipe out the Syrian air defenses or attack that country.

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that it has approved the deployment of substantial air and missile defenses to Saudi Arabia to protect the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. This includes a Patriot missile battery, and radar systems. In addition the Super Carriers Eisenhower and Stennis along with the Truman Strike Group minus the Truman itself have departed Norfolk. 

These systems are useless against the kind of small drones used in the recent attacks on Arabia, and the deployment of US troops with anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems to the Saudi coast on the Persian Gulf may just be a continued US buildup with an eye toward an eventual war with Iran.

02:00 PDT: Mideast War- Israeli officers from LCol and higher from all IDF units took part in a week-long advanced assessment session held in preparation for a war with Lebanon. Led by the Gash Division and Golan Brigade, the sessions took place at the Eliyakim training base in northern Israel.   At the conclusion of the conference yesterday, envisioning a multi front war Netanyahu said during a New Year’s toast at the IDF General Staff forum “Israel’s proven capacity to simultaneously perform multiple missions is about to be challenged as never before.” 


26 Sep 13:45 PDT: US-  After the truth gets out the Democratic attempt to impeach Trump may backfire on them. In fact, then VP Joe Biden was involved in the Hillary Clinton – Victoria Nuland supported coup in Ukraine.  After which extremely corrupt Ukrainian officials tried to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers.  

Trump actually asked the new Ukraine president to investigate the fact that just three weeks after the U.S. managed 2014 coup in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son Hunter started to receive more that $50,000 per month for being on the board of a Ukrainian gas company even though he had no knowledge of the gas business or the Ukraine, and to also investigate the transferring of tens of millions from Ukraine to the US by corrupt officials in which Biden allegedly participated.

12:45 PDT: Syria-  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Damascus of using chemical weapons near the city of Kabani in May 2019.  Pompeo says the US will respond against Syria but did not say how. In the past the terrorists have used chemical weapons blaming Syria, and the US has used their claims to  attack Syria

04:30 PDT: Syria-  The Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Armored Division and elements of the 25th Special Mission Forces Division are getting into position to storm the defenses of the key town of Kabani.


25 Sep 16:00 PDT:  US-  A US Court dismissed a request to show cause why an American journalist was placed on a secret American list of people to be murdered by the government.

10:30 PDT: Israeli Election- President Reuven Rivlin asks Netanyahu to try and form a new Israeli government after failure of unity talks between Netanyahu and Gantz.  Bibi will now have 28 days with a possible 14 day extension to form a governing coalition of at least 61 seats.

The following scenarios are possible:

  • Likud forms a government which is highly unlikely, 
  • Likud fails and the president asks the Blue and White to try to form a government, a try also likely to fail resulting in a third election,
  • Likud, not wanting to give the Blue and White a chance; legislates a third election, 
  • Bibi provokes or fakes an incident [perhaps during the Festivals], to initiate a war which rallies the other parties to support Likud during the security crisis, and a third election takes place after the end of hostilities.

07:00 PDT:  Editor’s comment-  The UK parliament has resumed sitting and wants a new election as does PM Johnson.  However parliament wants an election now in order to delay Brexit; while Johnson is still able to delay an election until after the end of October and guarantee a hard Brexit.  Johnson wants to run an election with Brexit done as promised, and the economic void filled by a new trade deal with the USA, which is something the other parties want to avoid. 

In the US there is little chance that the Senate will approve a Trump impeachment.  The new push in the congress is intended to grab the headlines for the Democrats and give Trump’s antics as much negative exposure as possible in the lead up to next year’s elections.


24 Sep: 14:30 PDT: US Breaking–  Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment proceedings against president Donald Trump over his refusal to respond to a congressional investigation of his alleged withholding of $400 million in aid to Ukraine until Ukraine investigate Joe Biden for corruption.  Biden is Trump’s potential opponent in next year’s election.

Calls from Democrats to impeach Trump snowballed on Tuesday over allegations that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine while pressuring that country’s leader to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The congress will look at the situation and then vote to pass a charge on to the Senate or not. 

08:30 PDT: UNGA-  Watch President Trump address the UNGA.

08:00 PDT: Israeli Elections-  It looks like Netanyahu will soon be given the first try at forming a government and Likud officials have begun preliminary contacts with officials from Kahol Lavan [Blue and White] to begin talks on a national unity government.

Regardless of who gets the first try, if the corruption charges against Netanyahu are confirmed on Oct 2 it is highly unlikely that Bibi will be able to form a government and the Blue and White also has little chance.  Barring a political miracle Israel is headed to a third election next year.  It is also fairly certain that a multi front regional war will break out in the coming months which will have a profound effect on the Israeli electorate, breaking the deadlock in favor of a government which will conduct a genuine dialogue for peace.

The Seventh New Moon-  This will be a difficult sighting with less than one hour lag time between sunset and moon set.

Observers will be out looking for the new moon of the seventh month and if it is seen Monday 30 Sep will be the first day of the seventh biblical month and The Memorial of Trumpets.  By chance the often wrong Rabbinic Calendar may have it right this year.  See the Calendar category for more.  

Important:  Trumpets is only one day, however since the days of Hezekiah it has been necessary to set aside a cautionary two days for the Memorial of Trumpets just in case the moon is not seen on the expected evening. Trumpets is expected on 30 Sep but please be ready for a one day delay if the new moon is not seen as anticipated.

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04:00 PDT: Brexit UK-  In a major blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain’s highest court unanimously ruled Tuesday that his decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks in the crucial countdown to the country’s Brexit deadline was illegal.  The court’s decision means Parliament was never legally suspended and is technically still sitting.

Supreme Court President Brenda Hale said “The court is bound to conclude… that the decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue was unlawful.” She said this was “because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions.”  Johnson is now in an untenable situation, Parliament will now be recalled and a new election is possible. 

02:00 PDT: UN-  President Trump’s UNGA speech today will focus on Iran.

01:30 PDT: Israeli Elections-  Leaders of the Likud and Blue and White parties are consulting with their senior officials ahead of a meeting with the president tomorrow.

Ukraine-  The new Ukraine president meets the US president Wednesday as he prepares for peace talks with Russia.

Korea-  After Trump replaced John Bolton who had sabotaged the Hanoi summit, the way is now clear for a new summit between Trump and Kim and real progress in the peace talks.

Syria- The bombardment of the Kabani terrorist fortifications intensifies.


23 Sep 09:15 PDT:  Israeli Elections- President Reuven Rivlin is expected to tell Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Chairman Benny Gantz of the Blue and White Party that he is ready to give them until after Rosh Hashanah to hold talks to form a unity government. If one of the two refuses the unity proposal, the president’s mandate to form a government will be given to an individual as early as Wednesday.

05:30 PDT: Iran-  Legal action involving the detained British tanker has been completed and the ship has been released from Iranian custody.

Israeli Elections-  One of the Palestinian parties has withdrawn its endorsement of Gantz’s Blue and White giving the potential coalitions 55 seats for Netanyahu and 54 for Gantz.  The president has invited both Netanyahu and Gantz to discuss the political situation ahead of conferring a mandate.


22 Sep 14:45 PDT: Israeli Elections-  The Trump Peace Plan will be delayed until a stable government if formed in Israel. It for example there is a war or a third election is needed this could take until next summer.

Blue and White wants to give Netanyahu first shot at forming a governing coalition, believing they have a better chance after a Bibi failure. 

01:00 PDT: Israeli Elections- President Rivlin begins two days of consultations on forming a government.


21 Sep: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s faithful!

Mideast War- With most offensive capabilities already in place the US will now surge air defense assets to the Middle East. Along with denials of war intentions for political purposes, this is one of the last preparations for war in the hope of preventing the destruction of the region’s petroleum industry. This does not mean that war is imminent, only that preparations [which might take some time] are continuing.


20 Sep 12:15 PDT: Breaking Syria-  Powerful explosions in Damascus.

10:30 PDT: Iran-  Trump sanctions Iran banking receives military target list but may opt to continue the buildup before any strikes.

Ukraine-  Progress on peace with Russia.

Gaza- 76 people injured in Gaza demonstration so far.

07:45 PDT: US-  Mystery illness blamed on Cuba finally traced to neurotoxic pesticides.

Israel-  Large West Bank military exercise completed

Syria- Last night Russian warplanes shot down an Israeli drone attempting to attack Damascus.  This is the fourth time this month Russia has prevented an Israeli attack on Syria. Russia also recently shot down 13 American drones controlled from a US Poseidon-8 reconnaissance plane as they were trying to find holes in Russian air defenses inside Syria.

02:30 PDT: Israel Elections-  Blue and White wins at 33 seats over Likud’s 31 seats.


19 Sep 18:30 PDT: Iran-  The US finally allows Iranian leaders to attend the UNGA conference in New York.

Afghanistan-  The US cuts aid to pressure the Afghan government to make peace with the Taliban.

Mideast War-  Trump to examine options against Iran tomorrow.

09:15 PDT: Gaza-  Local witnesses report that two rockets from Gaza were intercepted by Iron Dome over Sderot this evening. There are several shock victims. Update:  IDF says false alarm triggered by Gaza defensive fire on encroaching Israeli drone. 

05:30 PDT: Mideast War- For the second time in the last 48 hours there are reports of airstrikes on the Iranian base in the city of Albukamal Syria in the Deir Ezzor Governorate. The last time the Saudi’s were blamed but they have denied and that attack is now thought to have been made by Israel. Today’s attack is also thought to be by Israeli forces.

Syria-  The facility used by the “White Helmets” to stage the April 2017 fake chemical weapons attack that led to a US bombing of Syria is claimed to have been found in a tunnel in Khan Sheikhoun. 

01:30 PDT: Israeli Elections-  With almost all votes counted, the Orthodox/right-wing bloc has 55 seats, the centrist/left/Arab bloc has 57, and Yisrael Beytenu’s Avigdor Liberman holds the balance of power with eight. If these figures hold it is possible that the president would give Blue and White the first opportunity to try and form a government. 

Blue and White has 33 seats to Likud’s 31. Third was the Joint List alliance of Palestinian-majority parties at 13, followed by the ultra-Orthodox parties Shas with nine and United Torah Judaism with eight. Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu also has eight, Yamina has seven, Labor-Gesher has six and the Democratic Camp has five.


18 Sep 14:00 PDT: Israel- Netanyahu will convene the right-wing parties tomorrow at 9:30 am. This is in continuation of their first meeting with the PM this afternoon (Wednesday).  They are discussing the way forward in the present election deadlock.

Palestine-  The Palestinian Authority announces that it is ready for peace talks as soon as a new Israeli government is formed.

Mideast War-  Arab media source reports that Saudi Air Force warplanes have bombed Iranian backed militias in the eastern Syrian city of Albu Kamal in response to last Saturday’s missile hits in Arabia. Update: The Saudi’s deny participation in the attack.

11:30 PDT: Israeli Elections- Likud members caught in flagrant vote fraud.

08:45 PDT: Israel- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he will not attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) next week due to political circumstances.  Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz will address the UN General Assembly next week in place of the Israeli PM.  In this matter security is probably more important than the political situation which might be helped by a statesman like presentation before a world body by the PM.  If the US strikes Iran or any Iranian proxies it is probable that Iranian proxies will strike Israel.

07:30 PDT: US- “I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department, as our new National Security Advisor,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Iran-  The US has not issued visas for  Iran’s president and foreign minister to attend the UNGA conference leaving their attendance to defend themselves against the Trump speech in doubt.  Iran has announced that any US attack will be responded to immediately and the response will not be limited to the attacker, implying that they or the militias they back will hit Israel.

06:30 PDT: Iran- President Trump increases sanctions on Iran.  Trump to make case against Iran in his 24 Sep UNGA speech.

Syria- The Russian S-300 air defense system has finally been activated.  “Russia has now allowed the Syrian military to put the S-300 on full alert and attack Israeli aircraft in the event of the slightest threat,” a Russian military source told Avia.Pro


17 Sep 17:00 PDT: The 74th UNGA opening speech. Donald Trump is scheduled to address the UN on Sep 24th.

16:30 PDT: Israeli Elections-  President Reuven Rivlin, in a statement issued after the exit polls were released, promised to meet “as soon as possible” with representatives of the elected parties. Formally, he is only set to receive the official results on September 25 and must grant a mandate within seven days thereafter, but he indicated he would start his consultations before then, once he receives “a clear picture of the results.” He also said he would be “guided by the need to form a government in Israel as quickly as possible” and by “the need to avoid a third general election.”

16:00 PDT: Israeli Elections-  The Palestinian parties have surged to take 13 seats in spite of, or perhaps in reaction to, Likud’s illegal intimidation. 

The center bloc is also increasing in potential coalition seats and making it a possibility that the president will mandate the Blue and White to try and form the next government. Lieberman and the Blue and White are calling on Likud to get rid of Netanyahu and join them in a national unity government. If Blue and White gets the mandate and the courts move forward on the Natanyahu corruption charges enough moderate Likud MKs might leave and join a Blue and White government.  Meanwhile war rumors are at fever pitch. 

Mideast War-  CBS reports that the US has identified the exact locations from which more than 20 drones and cruise missiles were launched against Saudi oil facilities on Saturday. The locations are in southern Iran at the northern end of the Persian Gulf in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan.  The US is now gearing up to strike Iran, which if that happens, may bring retaliation on Israel.

12:15 PDT: Israeli Election-  Initial exit polls show stalemate with neither side able to form a governing coalition without Lieberman. Lieberman refuses to sit with Netanyahu while he is under indictment for corruption.

11:30 PDT: Israeli Election-  Voting is in the final 1/2 hour.  Netanyahu and Liked have tried desperately to intimidate Palestinians into staying home while far right Settler Movement voter turnout is low

05:00 PDT: Syria- At least 10 people killed in airstrikes on positions held by pro-Iranian Shi’ite militias in Al Bukamal, Syria, close to the Iraqi border.

02:15 PDT: Israelis go to the polls today as the Trump administration debates attacking Iranian assets in response to Saturday’s attack on Saudi oil facilities.  Trump authorizes release of petroleum reserves but uses the authority to piggyback approvals for contested pipelines.


16 Sep 03:00 PDT: Mideast War-  Pompeo is blaming Iran for the Houthi strike on the Saudis Saturday.  The Saudis are at war with the Houthis and bomb them almost daily. Trump is threatening to attack Iran.

This morning Netanyahu pledged that if re-elected on Tuesday, he would annex Kiryat Arba and the Jewish areas of Hebron. 

Last weekend’s pre-election Gaza war was postponed after the Attorney General told Netanyahu he needed cabinet approval.  The cabinet was reluctant to approve due to the elections. The war could now be postponed for weeks which will give more time for the Syrian Idlib situation to ripen, which would please the IDF.  Netanyahu had gone so far as to alert the electoral authority to prepare for an election postponement.


15 Sep 08:30 PDT: The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia are holding their long delayed summit in Ankara on Monday to discuss Syria. 

One possible scenario to address the situation would have Turkey control a buffer zone along its border with Idlib, while Syrian forces destroy the terrorists in the southern parts of the province,  That would leave Turkey and the militias it controls in position to help overthrow the Assad regime after the coming Gaza, Hezbollah, Syrian war with Israel. 

02:30 PDT: Arabia- The Shia Houthis who were joined to Yemen in 1990 where they were dominated by the Sunni Muslim sect, continue to fight for dominance with the Sunni.  Backed by Shia Iran the Houthis are fighting a Saudi and Western backed Sunni regime. Yesterday the Houthis managed to strike the main Saudi oil processing center with ten drones cutting Saudi oil production in half.   

Syria- Russia and Syria are pounding Kabani ahead of an operation to liberate the town. Once Kabani falls the battle for the terrorist heartland of the Al Ghraab plains in Idlib province remains.

Israel- As of now it looks like the Israeli elections will go ahead as scheduled. They will be almost immediately followed by the UNGA conference, the Fall Festivals and then the Oct 2 Netanyahu court hearings. 

Netanyahu  and Trump are to discuss a mutual pact against Iran on the sidelines of the conference.The most likely action, is a vow by Trump — with few practical implications — that the US will defend the Jewish state from an potential existential threat.


14 Sep: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  The last post in the Psalms study is scheduled today. Beginning tomorrow a series on Job is planned which will lead up to the Fall Festivals presentations. The Gaza article has been updated with the latest polls and analysis of the Israeli elections and the security situation.


13 Sep 17:15 PDT: Gaza:  With Netanyahu threatening full scale war, Hamas is behaving very delicately so far today.

02:15 PDT: Gaza- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that war with Gaza may be imminent saying Friday morning, upon returning from a brief visit to Russia where a deal on war seems to have been reached, that war in the Gaza Strip could break out “at any moment.”


12 Sep 15:00 PDT: Gaza-  In anticipation of an escalation the IDF has gone to high alert.

03:00 PDT: Israel-  If the elections go ahead as scheduled it is highly likely to be a rerun of the spring election which failed to establish a governing coalition and could easily result in a third election.

Note:  If an election takes place and war breaks out before a new government can be established, the other parties would back the government until the conclusion of any conflict: After that normal political events would resume.

01:30 PDT: Syria-  Syrian forces are at the ready to begin an operation to liberate the town of Kabani.  Kabani is an important key to the final defeat of the Idlib terrorists.

Gaza- Netanyahu announces that there will be an operation to bring down Hamas when Israel is ready. If Bibi does not invade Gaza now he will do so soon.  If the Sep 17 elections go ahead as scheduled and there is another tie, there is a strong possibility of a third round. See the article on Gaza and the Israeli election.


11 Sep 15:45 PDT: Gaza- Israeli airstrikes across the strip.

06:15 PDT: Israel- Netanyahu to meet Putin in Sochi tomorrow. Extensive Israeli military exercise to wind down later today, assessments tomorrow.

Syria- Syrian bombardment of terrorists in Idlib resumed yesterday, Russian airstrikes resumed today.

Turkey-  Turkey and Qatar expand military relationship.  Turkey is prophesied to dominate a consortium including the Arab States (Psalm 83). See our article on the coming tribulation.

04:15 PDT: Gaza-  Three more rockets hit Israel. The Ashkelon Coastal Regional Council reported that a rocket landed in the greenhouses of one of the council’s communities.  These small strikes are being made by unauthorized people, any Hamas response is still to come.

Israel- Desperate for votes from the Extremist Settler Movement, Netanyahu to advance legalization of Jordan Valley outposts on Sunday just two days before the Tuesday election.


10 Sep 17:30 PDT: Gaza- So far the IDF has bombed fifteen Hamas sites in Gaza

17:00 PDT: Gaza-  Heavy Israeli airstrikes are reported in Beit Lahiya just north of Gaza City, Deir el-Balah in central Gaza and also in Khan Younis in the south.  The strikes came after Netanyahu who is also defense minister met with the IDF chiefs, along with the head of the Mossad and the Shin Bet Security agency at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

15:00 PDT: Gaza- Israeli police and civil defense mobilized in the Gaza periphery.

14:30 PDT: Gaza- In a predictable reaction to the inflammatory Netanyahu speach two rockets headed into Israel from Gaza were shot down this evening. Preparing for the Israeli reaction Hamas has evacuated its security headquarters, stopped all training work completely until further notice and gone on high alert. Gaza area Israeli cities ordered public shelters opened and advised people with private fortified rooms to spend the night there.

09:00 EDT: Israel- Mideast Peace Plan-  Netanyahu announces that if reelected, under the looming Trump peace plan he will annex the entire Jordan Valley and Dead Sea regions.  While calculated to win extremist votes this is sure to outrage the Palestinians and Gazans.  

US- US President Donald Trump has fired his National Security Adviser, super war monger John Bolton. “I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Adviser next week,” Trump announced on Twitter Tuesday. Have they really fallen out or is this a move to deceive Iran?

07:30 PDT: Israel-  One week before election today’s  polls show  Blue and White now leading Likud 32 to 31 seats with neither able to form a coalition. 


9 Sep 17:00 PDT: Mideast War-  In the second attack on Iranian assets since Sunday a militia base inside Iraq was hit

08:30 PDT: Israel military to exercise Monday evening and Tuesday morning in areas near the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.  During the drill, there will be heavy movement of troops and security vehicles.

08:00 PDT: Afghanistan-  The US has already reached a deal with the Taliban and the real issue now is that the Afghan government demands a ceasefire before they engage in any talks, and the Taliban say no ceasefire until after the talks reach an agreement.  Trump was forced to cancel his planned meeting because of this deadlock. 

Israel- Kahol-Lavan Chairman Benny Gantz pledges not to sit with Netanyahu in a unity government if the latter is a defendant in a criminal case. Kahol-Lavan party officials make it clear Gantz does not oppose a coalition if someone other than Netanyahu headed the Likud, and they noted that Netanyahu promoted a similar bill when he was opposition chairman. As part of the move, Kahol-Lavan will require that every coalition agreement will require signing the partners on this clause, along with a clause that enshrines the ban on ministerial tenure under a criminal indictment (Yedioth Hebrew).  See yesterday’s article on the Israeli election and the crisis with Gaza.

01:15 PDT: Breaking- Shortly after 12:30 A.M. (local time), unidentified warplanes targeted Iranian backed militia sites in Al Bukamal in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border in the Deir Ez Zor region killing at least 18 and wounding scores. Sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were also targeted. On Tuesday, Fox News reported that Iran was building a major military base near Al-Bukamal [near a US base] to hold thousands of troops and precision missiles. 

Lebanon- Hezbollah shoots down Israel drone inside Lebanon.


8 Sep 15:20 PDT: Gaza-  The Israeli message to Hamas relayed by Egypt today said in part: 

This is Israel’s last warning and final notice to Hamas. More attacks and failure to uphold its commitments for reining in its people and those of its allies, in keeping with standing undertakings, would have one consequence, the prime minister warned. The IDF already has its orders and is standing ready to launch a comprehensive military campaign against Hamas and the other organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.

At the end of the message, Netanyahu emphasized that Hamas and its leaders would be seriously mistaken if they expected Israel’s Sept.17 election to delay its Gaza operation. Quite the opposite. The election will be delayed. Israel’s political parties will join forces to postpone the election until after it is over.

11:30 PDT: Mideast War-  After mobilizing reserves last week the entire IDF from the General Staff on down began exercise “Headstone” today.  The exercise will practice a full scale multi front war through Wednesday after which a Readiness Report will be presented to the political leadership.

09:45 PDT: Afghanistan-  Yesterday Trump called off a meeting with Afghan and Taliban officials in the US.

Afghan President Ghani rejected the meeting last Friday because the meeting was a transparent attempt by Trump to force him to accept an agreement that the US has negotiated with the Taliban without any Afghani participation. 

Saturday Trump announced a “secret” meeting and then called it off blaming a Taliban attack when the real problem is that the Afghani’s refuse to be railroaded in a secret US meeting, and are demanding face to face talks with the Taliban in the region to make their own deal. For the record there is NO ceasefire in Afghanistan and the US is bombing and attacking the Taliban daily.

As for Trump cutting off negotiations with the Taliban, the talks have already concluded and now it is the turn of the Afghans to talk with the Taliban.

02:30 PDT: Gaza-  Israel close to making decisive attack on Gaza. “It brings us very close to a comprehensive Israeli campaign against the terrorist organizations in Gaza, a campaign that will take place at the times and conditions we will decide on.

In this campaign, it is clear that the top leaders of the terrorist organizations will be wiped out and its force destroyed,” the Foreign Minister Israel Katz added. An Egyptian security delegation, which was expected to arrive in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday for negotiations will instead arrive in the Gaza Strip today with an ultimatum from Israel to stop all violence immediately,

7 Sep:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! There will be two articles on Psalms 119 posted today.

15:30 PDT: Gaza-  Israel bombs three Hamas sites Heavy bombardment lasts an hour.

13:30 PDT: Syria- Tens of thousands of Syrian troops spearheaded by nearly 2,000 Russians and backed up by Russian air support, are poised to rush down on the terrorist heartland of the Al Ghraab Plain as soon as next week.

07:30 PDT: Syria-  The previously detained Iranian tanker is now off the coast of Syria. Technically this does not breach Iran’s promise that the tanker will not offload oil in Syria, since the ship is too big to enter a Syrian port and would need to offload the oil to smaller vessels.  Was Gibraltar taken in by nuances of meaning? 

Ukraine-  Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners in first step towards peace.

06:30 PDT: Gaza-  UAV from Gaza attacks Israel damaging vehicle.

West Bank-  In the village of Azun  a 17-year-old was seriously injured in a Saturday morning assault while his 60-year-old father was lightly hurt. The teen was stabbed multiple times in his upper body and the father sustained an injury to his arm. They were saved by the intervention of their Palestinian dentist.


6 Sep 25:30 PDT: Gaza- The Israeli air force is bombing several sites in Gaza.

14:45 PDT: Gaza-  Five projectiles land in IsraelIsrael shells Hamas outpost air strikes feared.

14:00 PDT: Gaza-  Rocket hits near Sderot igniting fire.

11:15 PDT: Gaza-  Two killed 36 wounded by Israeli live fire during violent border protests. Hamas vows response as Gaza heats up yet again.

03:00 PDT: Military-  US Air Force B-52s deploy to RAF Fairford for next week’s exercise Ample Strike 19.  KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft assigned to the 155th Air Refueling Wing, Nebraska Air National Guard have also arrived at Pardubice Air Base, Czech Republic for Ample Strike 19.

White House peace plan- Avi Berkowitz, a longtime ally of Jared Kushner and one of his top assistants in Washington, will assume Greenblatt’s role once the Trump envoy officially steps down after the release of the peace proposal.

Syria-  Syrian forces have launched a new assault on the terrorist held town of Kabani in Latakia province.

Feeling confident that the Idlib operation will be over quickly Syria has given an ultimatum to the Turkish backed militias to give up or leave by 15 October. This sets up a battle between Turkish backed forces and the Assad regime.


5 Sep 13:15 PDT: Trump Peace Process- Jason Greenblatt will resign when the peace plan is made public after the Israeli elections. US Ambassador to Israel Friedman said that Greenblatt’s work on the US peace plan was completed and that “we’ll be able to build on what he’s done.

Mideast War-  After a courtesy call on the British PM lasting less than 30 minutes Netanyahu and party were off to discuss the looming war with UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace and US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper.

Europe- Today Brussels warmly welcomed a new Italian governing coalition between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and centre-left Democratic Party (PD), which is expected to markedly improve rocky relations between Europe and Rome.

03:00 PDT: Mideast War-  Pompeo warns Lebanon to immediately dismantle an alleged Iranian missile factory under construction or face a US backed Israeli attack.

The ultimatum comes as Syria prepares to launch a massive Idlib operation as soon as next week and Israel completes a substantial military buildup for a multi front war this weekend. Gaza is committed to help Hezbollah in any conflict and Hezbollah is also on a war footings and is not expected to bow before the US/Israeli ultimatum.

Today Israeli PM Netanyahu visits the UK to discuss his plans for war with Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria and potentially Iran.   In addition to meeting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Netanyahu will confer with British defense officials  and US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper in the UK. Accompanying Bibi are the Israeli Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin and head of the IDF Operations Directorate Maj. Gen. Aharon Havilah. They will discuss Israel’s war plans.

Clearly the regional realities concerning Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran will have to be changed before the Trump peace plan has any chance of success.

Will hostilities break out between a US backed Israel and Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and possibly Iran in the coming weeks, or is this simply a curious convergence of circumstances?


4 Sep 14:30 PDT: Brexit- The British Brexit theatre continues:

  • Parliament voted in favor of a bill that would force Johnson to ask the EU to delay Britain’s EU exit until January 31, unless Parliament approves a new deal or votes to support a no-deal Brexit by October 19.  The bill now requires approval from the House of Lords.
  • All of this is pure political theatrics since any extension to the departure date would also require the approval of the remaining 27 EU member-states — who have said that the UK must provide a valid reason for delaying. 
  • The prime minister then called for a general election, which failed to get a two-thirds majority in parliament; the Labor leader saying that they will approve an election only after the possibility of a no deal Brexit has been removed.

10:30 PDT: Mideast War-  Along with a large call up of reserves Israel is deploying an array of air defense batteries to wide stretches across Israel for a huge national military exercise rehearsing a multi front war beginning next week.  Syria is prepared to launch a massive Idlib operation soon if Al Qaeda does not dissolve itself as Turkey has promised would be accomplished by next Saturday night. See yesterday’s report for more.


3 Sep: 08:00 PDT: Syria-   Turkish president Erdogan has promised his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to dissolve Tahrir al-Sham [Al Qaeda] and other affiliated terrorist groups, including Hurras al-Din and Ansar al-Tawhid, within 8 days. To facilitate this move Syria declared an eight day ceasefire beginning last Sabbath.  Meanwhile Syria is engaged in a big force buildup for a major offensive next week if Turkey cannot accomplish its promises.

05:30 PDT: Mideast War-  There are rumors that US president Trump will commit the US to defend Israel.  This is widely seen as an election ploy to strengthen Netanyahu in the polls as the man who boast of American military support for Israel. 

If the election goes ahead as scheduled, Likud and Kahol Lavan seem to be headed to a repeat of the last election with a virtual tie and neither being able to form a governing coalition. 

The possibility exists that if the court confirms the corruption charges against Bibi at the 2 Oct hearing and the case goes ahead, some of the moderates in Likud will split off and cooperate to form a Kahol Lavan government.  If that does not happen Israel may be headed for still another election.  On the other hand if war does break out before the election the vote will probably be postponed.


2 Sep 06:00 PDT: UK-  Parliament to vote on blocking no deal Brexit tomorrow.  If successful the vote could trigger national elections.

03:30 PDT:  US-  Now a category five storm hurricane Dorian is stalled over the Bahamas and continuing to gain strength. Coastal areas in Georgia and the Carolina’s are under mandatory evacuation orders with the storm expected to strike in two to three days.

Mideast War- The military buildup continues as tensions continue to rise in the region. Hamas is now claiming that the recent terrorist attacks in Gaza by Islamic extremists were ordered by Israel who used these people as proxies

Yesterday Qatar suddenly cut fuel subsidies for Gaza electricity production by one half.  This move will probably be blamed on Israel as well. Whether Israel is to blame or not, the tension between Israel and Gaza is again rising rapidly.


1 Sep 15:30 PDT: Mideast War-  It appears that both Hezbollah and Israel have declared victory and that the focus will once again return to Gaza.

10:30 PDT: Mideast War-  Israel has carried out multiple airstrikes in southern Lebanon.  It is presently unclear if Hezbollah will declare their response to last week’s Israeli assassination of their officer as achieved and if Israel will be satisfied with a few airstrikes, and the two sides will stand down for now; or if the situation will escalate.

09:00 PDT: Mideast War-  Anti tank missiles from Lebanon scored several hits on Israeli vehicles. Israel has shelled Lebanon in response. PM Netanyahu is consulting with military leaders and has ordered government officials to withhold comments on the situation until after midnight.  The main opposition party Blue and White’s leader Benny Gantz, has just announced that he is freezing his party’s political campaign due to the security situation.


07:00 PDT: Mideast War-  After the IDF shelled a  border area an anti-tank missile was fired from Lebanon at an army vehicle near the border landing in the town of Avivim.

In the wake of the anti-tank fire on the Upper Galilee, the Israel Defense Forces have told authorities in communities within four kilometers of the Lebanese border to open shelters but not to use them until an alarm is sounded. For now residents should stay in their homes and all activities near the border including agriculture should be suspended. All unnecessary travel should be avoided.

00:05 PDT: Gaza: Egyptian authorities have given Hamas an offer by Israel for a long term ceasefire which the Gaza factions are now deliberating.  Netanyahu wants to separate Gaza from Hezbollah to avoid a multi front war. 

Mideast War- Israel is mobilizing reserves and will be ready for a full scale multi front war before 8 Sep. That does not necessarily mean that war will break out on that date, it could come at any time from now on.

Israel has been engaged in a publicized  heavy troop buildup on the northern front through the Sabbath, while keeping a tight lid of secrecy on its buildup at the Gaza front.

War is now almost certain, the only questions are precisely when and whether it will begin with Gaza or Hezbollah or break out on the two fronts simultaneously.

During the Sabbath IDF tanks and self-propelled artillery convoys rolled north along the highways of Galilee towards the Syrian and Lebanese borders. They are supplementing the military forces the IDF built up in the last week. Israel continues to build up and is mobilizing reserves, issuing call up orders to arrive in concentration areas before Sep 8.

Today, beginning at sunset last evening is the day of Ashura, a solemn day of mourning for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Taleb, Mohammad’s grandson, at Karbalaa, Iraq.  The “Amal” movement is planning a large gathering in Beirut to start celebrating the first day of the Muslim month of Muharram. 

The first 10 days of Ashura bring most of the Shia in Lebanon and in particular Hezbollah supporters, to the utmost level of emotion and reverence for martyrdom. Netanyahu could not have chosen a worse time [unless he wants war] for breaking the 2006 Second Lebanon War ceasefire by assassinating a senior Hezbollah official.

The Deplorable State of US Aircraft Carriers  Fact or disinformation?


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  1. Dear James,

    Your reference to the often wrong Rabbinic Calendar getting it right this year, ironically, reflects on your own incorrect timing, having rejected – indeed overruled – Brian Convery’s comprehensively reported witness of this year’s early Abib season.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Colin Brodie

    Dear Colin
    I have a high regard for Brian, however I stand on the Holy Scriptures.

    After God chose Jerusalem God COMMANDED that the whole nation be present at the Temple in Jerusalem for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The first barley sheaf was ALWAYS cut at Jerusalem after the Temple was built and dedicated. It is a confirmed historical fact that the sheaf was cut at Jerusalem throughout the Temple era including during the life of Christ.

    I am working to restore these things and to prepare the brethren for Christ’s coming.

    The fact that my friend Brian found some barley in isolated fields far from Jerusalem, when the barley was NOT ripening at Jerusalem, does not qualify to begin the new year. See the Calendar articles here

    Feel free to share this.

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