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31 Oct 14:45 PDT: Gaza-  IDF Radio reported that the IDF is sending special forces to reinforce the Gaza division. Earlier, the IDF attacked two Hamas positions after a rocket was fired at Israel.

12:00 PDT: Gaza-  Israel intercepts Gaza rocket.

04:30 PDT: Syria-  The Kurds complete their withdrawal from the buffer zone with Turkey.  The Kurdish “Free Syrian Army” refuses to disband but offers to cooperate with the Syrian army.


30 Oct 05:30 PDT: Syria- Russia and Syria are ramping up their air and artillery attacks on the Idlib terrorists ahead of a ground operation to liberate the province. Overnight the Russian Air Force targeted Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham’s [aka Al Qaeda] with at least 30 airstrikes on their positions in the towns of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man, Rakaya, Kafr Sijnah, Kafr Nabl, Al-Tinah, Ma’ar Tahrouma, Naqir, Jbala, and Umm Seer. Elsewhere Syrian artillery bombarded terrorist positions throughout Idlib province.

The battle for Kabani [which is a mountain overlooking Idlib] is going slowly amid heavy fighting because the mountain is full of caves and tunnels which the Syrian army and Russian special forces need to clear.

Trump’s description of Baghdadi’s death is pure fantasy [he only had a distant overhead helicopter mounted camera view with no sound] designed to try and discredit the leader and prevent a martyr’s legacy for the IS. This has backfired and given Trump an image of vicious vindictiveness first earned in his television programs.


29 Oct: New Moon Report-  The first visible light of the new moon was seen by several witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea this evening.  30 October is the first day of the eighth biblical month which is to be observed with a special congregational or family bible study.

18:00 PDT: Middle East-  After ten days of street demonstrations triggered by American economic sanctions on Lebanese banking the Prime Minister resigns. the US has deliberately created a power struggle in Lebanon in the hopes of diminishing the influence of Hezbollah and creating chaos ahead of the looming war with Israel.  In fact Hezbollah may come out ahead in the fragmented and deadlocked governance system of Lebanon.

05:00 PDT: Breaking- Britain’s Labour party has agreed to pass legislation later today that will bring a 12 December election.


28 Oct 15:00 PDT:  Brexit- Parliament rejects new election. Johnson set to try again for election but members fear losses at the polls.  As long as the UK is stalled on Brexit, future EU plans are also stalled; meaning that the way forward for Europe could be a new federal  European system outside of the EU. Such a new federal Europe is what the Anglo, Judaeo, American Establishment desires in an attempt to revive the Balance of Nations system of the past.

05:15 PDT: Islamic State- Abdullah Qardash (a.k.a. Hajji Abdullah al-Afari), head of the IS ‘Muslim affairs’ office has been appointed the new titular leader of the Islamic State.

A major Islamic State official Abu Al-Hassan Al-Muhajer was killed in a U.S. Coalition operation along the Turkish border overnight.  Baghdadi was merely a front man and titular figurehead for the real leaders of the organization, Al-Muhajer was one of those leaders.

03:15 PDT: Brexit- EU President Donald Tusk announced that the EU has approved the postponement of Brexit to January 31. This could open the door for the Labor party to accept a 12 December UK election.  Polls show that Johnson’s Conservatives will win a majority because Brits want an end to the parliamentary deadlock.


27 Oct 16:30 PDT: Syria-   The Syrian Army’s Idlib operation is now expected to begin shortly.  The offensive will be led by the elite 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly Tiger Forces), the Republican Guard, and elements of the 4th Armored Division. Israel has been waiting for the Syrian army and Hezbollah to become occupied with that operation before attacking Gaza.

Islamic State-  The US was watching and listening in on Baghdadi since July; it was Trump’s pull back that cost that intelligence asset and brought the assassination operation.  

14:00 PDT: Syria-  Heavy fighting has been ongoing between the Syrian army and terrorists since Wednesday for the key town of Kabani.  The Syrian army is attempting to liberate the town which is on a height overlooking the terrorist heartland in the Al Ghraab plain.

Israel-  Likud and Kahol Lavan [Blue and White] teams met in coalition talks today.  The meeting was followed up with a conference at IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv between Netanyahu and Gantz. There was no progress in either meet, but the IDF headquarters location of the leader’s conference leads one to suspect that they were really discussing some kind of political cooperation during the coming conflict.

01:00 PDT: Syria-  Using attack helicopters and a Special Forces team the U.S. hammered the town of Barisha last night allegedly killing the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) terrorist organization Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.  Pentagon source stated that the department has “high confidence” that a high-value target killed during the raid was Baghdadi, but that further verification is underway.

American media citing US Army officials said that a firefight ensued when the troops closed in on al-Baghdadi’s hideout in Idlib province, whereupon the wanted ISIS leader detonated his bomb belt. His two wives were killed with him in the explosion.

The raid took place in the Idlib province, currently controlled by Syrian Islamist militias, including Hayat Tahrir al-Sham – the former Nusra Front which are being targeted in an upcoming Syrian Russian operation to root out terrorists.   White House spokesman Hogan Gidley announced that Trump would make a “major statement” Sunday morning at 9 a.m. EST (1300 GMT,)

Mideast War- The US Air Force Global Strike Command and Central Command issued a series of new videos on Friday showing B-1B bombers landing in Saudi Arabia, the latest deployment in a series of major US buildups in the Saudi kingdom. B-1B bombers are clearly not a defensive deployment, either, but rather are there to participate in potential US attacks. The conclusion can only be that these bombers are there for potential attacks on Iran.


26 Oct: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


25 Oct 11:30 PDT: Syria-  Syria is reinforcing its front with Turkish-backed militias who are trying to advance in Al-Hasakah, Aleppo, and Al-Raqa provinces.

06:45 PDT:  Syria-  Confrontation begins between Syria and Turkish backed militias.  Syria will be able to hold them back until the looming war with Israel destroys most of the Syrian strength. 

04:15 PDT: Mideast War-  The US has deployed stealth F-22 Raptors to the Prince Sultan Air Base 48 miles south of Riyadh.

Syria- Trump to send tanks to occupy Syrian oil fields. The U.S. military will be sending tanks and armored units to eastern Syria to protect the oil fields they are currently occupying, Fox News reported on Thursday. 

01:30 PDT: Mideast War- International Maritime Exercise 2019 (IMX 19), a multinational exercise featuring assets and personnel from 56 partner nations and seven international organizations, begins Oct. 21. 

IMX 2019 is a multinational engagement involving partners and allies from around the world sharing knowledge and experiences across the full spectrum of defensive maritime operations. The exercise serves to demonstrate global resolve in maintaining regional security and stability, freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce from the Suez Canal south to the Bab-el-Mandeb through the Strait of Hormuz to the Northern Arabian Gulf.


24 Oct 17:45 PDT: Syria- The US is rushing reinforcements to the Syrian oil fields with the ridiculous cover story of protecting them from the Islamic State.  There is no danger from Islamic State, what the US is doing is preventing Syria from establishing control over its own property.

14:30 PDT: Syria- The Kurds enthusiastically back a German proposal for a UN peacekeeping mandate on their border with Turkey. 

09:45 PDT:  Syria- Idlib operation to begin in days and will not be delayed by Syrian Russian deployments to Kurdistan.  Russia claims that airstrikes over northwestern Syria have devastated the Idlib terrorists

Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have withdrawn to 32 km (20 miles) away from the border with Turkey, Russia’s RIA news agency reported on Thursday, citing an SDF official.  Kurds in the SDF group are ready to discuss joining the Syrian army once the crisis in Syria is settled politically, the official was quoted as saying.

UK-  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday he would grant more time for Parliament to scrutinize the latest version of the UK-EU withdrawal deal if they agreed to hold an early election. “The way to get Brexit done is, I think, to be reasonable to parliament,” Johnson said in a televised statement. “If they genuinely want more time to study this excellent deal, they can have it, but they have to agree to a general election on December 12. That’s the way forward.”


23 Oct 17:45 PDT:  Israel- Gantz plans to meet with Netanyahu tomorrow other factions this week. 

Syria- Media say Russian Idlib offensive could begin within days.

10:45 PDT: Israel-  Gantz and his Blue and White party receive 28 day mandate to form governing coalition.

Kurds– NATO countries split over Kurdish buffer zone, Germany responds with proposal for UN peace keeping mandate to which Germany and others would contribute troops. 

Turkish president Recep Erdogan informed President Donald Trump on Wednesday, after meeting Russia’ Vladimir Putin, that he has ended his military operation in northern Syria and pulled Turkish troops out. Trump responded by revoking the sanctions applied against Turkey last week. 


22 Oct 13:00 PDT: Israel- An emergency session of the security cabinet has been called for Tuesday evening. Israel has been waiting for the Syrian Idlib operation to launch its own invasion of Gaza but that patience could end as Netanyahu is now desperate to prevent a Gantz Blue and White government and Iran is expected to respond from Gaza to repeated Israeli attacks on its assets inside Syria..

10:00 PDT: Syria-  During a visit President Assad gave troops massed for the approaching Idlib operation in the front-line town of Al-Hbeit a pep talk saying. “The battle of Idlib is the basis for resolving chaos and terrorism in all other areas of Syria.”  Will the operation scheduled for November be delayed by events involving Turkey and the Kurds?

03:30 PDT: Kurds-  Now after months of European refusal to join an international force patrolling a safe zone between Turkey and Syria, Europe is changing its mind and efforts are underway to deploy European troops to replace a temporary deployment of Russian military police to keep the peace between the Turks and Kurds east of the Euphrates. Turkey’s President Erdogan is meeting with the Russian President in Sochi today and will visit Washington to hold talks with Trump on Nov 15.  A deployment of European peace keepers on the Turkish border with the Kurds would allow Turkey to reposition forces to the West of the Euphrates. 

The article on the Kurds has been updated with an explanation of the recent Trump maneuvering, revealing his secret strategy and goals. An important read to understand present events.

Israel- Extremist Israeli Settler Movement people continue to attack the IDF over settlement.  These are the same people who will sabotage the coming peace deal and bring a horrendous calamity on themselves and the Jewish state.

PM Netanyahu has given up on trying to form a government and returned his mandate Monday evening.  The Israeli President must now decide on the way forward.  If asked Gantz’s Blue and White would have 28 days to form a government, if he fails the Knesset would have another 21 days to find a solution before a third election likely in spring.


21 Oct:  A Blessed Feast of the Eighth Day for All God’s faithful!  May we all rejoice forever in our Mighty God! 


20 Oct 09:15 PDT: British Rothschild opulence in pictures.

Kurds begin withdrawal from Turkish border zone.

01:15 PDT: In pictures; worshipers gather with their branches to celebrate the seventh and last great day of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The Feast of the Eighth Day begins at sunset tonight and ends at sunset tomorrow night.

Brexit: Parliament decided to debate the entire exit plan section by section which will take some time. They have requested a three month delay from the EU, however PM Johnson is asking the EU to reject any delay.


19 Oct:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

New Moon- Subject to observation the first day of the eighth biblical month is expected to begin at sunset ending 29 October.


18 Oct 07:00 PDT: Brexit-  Britain’s Parliament is set to vote Saturday on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new deal with the European Union

04:00 PDT: Syria-  Russian Syrian airstrikes on the Idlib terrorists are growing in intensity ahead of an offensive against terrorists from central Asia expected in the coming months.

Israel- After extensive talks in Jerusalem US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo snd Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a a joint statement that “US-Israeli relations are stronger than ever. We talked about the challenges facing the world as well as Israel and the US and ways to secure regional stability.”Pompeo flew in from Ankara after he and VP Mike Pence reached agreement on a Syrian ceasefire with President Recep Erdogan.  The US Turkish moves in Syria appear to be a well planned precursor in preparation to follow up the looming Syrian Idlib operation with broader regional hostilities.


17 Oct 14:00 PDT: Turkish Victory-  Turkey agrees to five day ceasefire to allow the Kurds to withdraw 20 miles from the Turkish border within five days and the US agrees to withdraw its sanctions on Turkey. 

The phone lines between Washington, Moscow, Ankara, Damascus and Jerusalem have been singing for several weeks and this whole situation has the look of a pre-planned process:  

  1. The US redeploys from Kurdistan to the Iraqi border and positions itself to block the route from Iran to Syria for the coming general Middle East war,
  2. Turkey gets a buffer zone on the Kurdish border and security from the incessant Kurdish terrorist attacks carried out by the PKK and YPG,
  3. It is agreed that negotiations will begin between Turkey and the Kurds towards a permanent end to the conflict,
  4. The US trained and equipped Free Syrian Army [which is mostly Arab] will be integrated in the Syria army’s 5th Corps, which is the main joint Russia-Syria fighting unit,
  5. Now preparing to invade Idlib province and destroy the central Asian terrorists based there,
  6. All is ready for Israel to launch its war,
  7. After which Turkish backed forces will be free to attack the Assad regime once its strength has been demolished by Israel.

10:00 PDT: Israel- Gantz and Blue and White reject Netanyahu’s latest proposal.

Brexit-  EU leaders unanimously approved the UK’s new Brexit deal and passed it to the UK for parliamentary approval.

07:00 PDT: Israel-  With one week left in his mandate Netanyahu makes new proposal to Blue and White.

04:15 PDT: Brexit-  In response to parliamentary legislation requiring the government to achieve a deal or seek a Brexit delay, a new deal has been agreed between the UK and EU.  Parliament will vote on approving the deal in the coming days however initial reaction in parliament regarding the deal is quite negative and parliamentary approval is highly questionable.


16 Oct 09:00 PDT: Turkey- Yesterday the US secretary of state held talks with his Russian counterpart, as did the two defense chiefs. That night, Turkish President Recep Erdogan held phone conversations with both US President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. 

Putin invited Erdogan to visit Moscow before the end of October, while Trump invited him to Washington on Nov 15 and informed him that Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary Mike Pompeo would be arriving in Ankara on Thursday. They will be accompanied by US national security adviser Robert O’Brien and special Syrian envoy James Jeffrey. After the talks in Ankara Pence will visit Israel to confer with leaders there.

07:15 PDT: Turkey-  Pence to meet Erdogan tomorrow.

Israel-  Netanyahu is expected to send back his mandate to form a government on 24 October at which time Gantz will get his chance to try.  Netanyahu fears that Gantz will try to set up a minority government with backing by the Palestinian parties from outside the governing coalition. 

The IDF chief of Staff has held a security briefing for the de facto head of the opposition Mk Benny Gantz.  Netanyahu has repeatedly cited security concerns as a reason to form a unity government as soon as possible and if it looks like Gantz may be successful in forming a minority government Netanyahu may invade Gaza to forestall the deal. 

03:30 PDT: Turkey/Syria-  Turkish president Erdogan to visit Putin after meetings with Pence. Russian military police take over US bases on Kurdsh Turkey border as peacekeepers separating the two sides.


15 Oct 08:45 PDT: Syria- The Turkish advance on the Syrian border into Kurdistan has been paused ahead of the arrival of US VP Pence.  Pence publicly arriving to demand an end of the operation will in all likelihood discuss the entire situation in Syria with Erdogan.

02:20 PDT:  See today’s article: Turkey, and Syria Gain Control of the Kurds.  Also see our continuing Fall Festival coverage.


14 Oct: A Blessed Feast of Ingathering and Eighth Day for All God’s Faithful!


13 Oct 02:00 PDT: EU-  Polish elections today.

US-  The popularity of president Trump is falling dramatically, placing Republican senators under intense pressure to impeach him or lose their seats next election.  Trump is appealing to his still loyal Roman Catholic and ecumenical evangelical core of supporters in the hopes of preventing an impeachment conviction in the senate.  Meanwhile Mike Pence is pushing his “Christian” credentials to Trump supporters as their best possible choice for successor if needed for the 2020 vote.  The whole situation is pushing Trump to go to war in the Middle East in the hope that Americans will rally round. 


12 Oct: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!

10:00 PDT: Syria-  Erdogan and Trump to meet on 13 Nov to assess Middle East situation.

04:00 PDT: Syria-  Turkey has now achieved its primary goal in Syria as Turkish-backed militias have taken control of the M-4 highway that connects the towns of Manbij and Qamishli. Turkish troops also cut the route linking the northeastern city of Hassakeh with Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

The operation will continue in order to fully secure the gains and destroy as much of the PKK and other minor terrorist Kurdish groups as possible. While the propaganda machine decries the operation as being anti Kurd, the operation will allow the US and Turkey to block a large potential influx of terrorists during the looming Syria Russia Idlib offensive.  The destruction of  much of the PKK and other minor terrorist Kurdish group will also allow the American backed Free Syrian Army to take complete control of the Kurds and open the way for a peace deal between the FSA and Turkey.


11 Oct 12:15 PDT: Mideast War-  3,000 additional American troops and air defense systems to be deployed to Saudi Arabia.  The reinforcement includes two fighter squadrons, an Air Expeditionary Wing, two missile defense batteries and a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, upping the total US force level in the Persian Gulf region to 14,000.

01:45 PDT: Iran-  An Iranian oil tanker was hit by two missiles in the Red Sea near the Saudi port of Jiddah.

Turkey- The two Syrian towns of Ras al Ain and Tel Abyad are now encircled after the Turkish army aided by fighters of the Syrian opposition group known as the National Army seized several villages around them.  Arab tribes are the majority of  inhabitants in the towns which are the main goal of the Turkish military campaign. 


10 Oct 11:30 PDT: Mideast War- When the war with Iran begins the American Al Udeid Operation Center will be evacuated and the war will be directed from the Shaw Air Base in South Carolina.  The change over is being practiced.

The Defender Europe 2020 US deployment to Europe [see below] is also being coordinated with a potential war on Iran.

Turkey will administer the small blue area on this map to allow Turkey to block the M4 highway ahead of the Syrian Idlib operation as stated below.  Even this is more of a back up for the line of SDF-YPG and American bases on the Euphrates bordering Aleppo and Idlib.

The Kurdish forces are based in the camps designated as SDF-YPG.  Turkey will not be taking over any Islamic State prisoner camps.   












02:45 PDT:  Israeli Elections-  Coalition talks remain solidly deadlocked and if allowed to play out to the fullest amount of time could delay a new election until spring or summer 2020.

Syria-  Last night local time Turkey began an operation to secure a border safe zone with the Kurds.  Despite vocal objections by some the move was agreed by the major Kurdish organizations and is fully supported by the Pentagon.  It is imperative that the Turkey Kurdish border be secured before Turkey will be in a position to block the escape of terrorists during the Syrian Russian Idlib offensive expected as soon as next month.  There may be some token resistance but Turkey should have few difficulties since the US special forces have already removed most Kurdish fortifications before leaving.

The primary purpose of the Turkish action is to cut the east west M4 highway which runs just a few miles south of Turkey, in order to prevent the Idlib terrorists from fleeing and escaping the approaching Syrian Russian Idlib operation by fleeing into Kurdistan. The major Kurdish militias understand that the Turkish move will save them from an avalanche of terrorists but it would be highly unpopular to admit that and so must put on a show of displeasure.


8 Oct:  The fast of Atonement begins at sunset tonight and continues through to sunset ending 9 October.  The seven day Feast of Ingathering called Tabernacles begins at sunset ending 13 Oct. The Feast of the Eighth Day begins at sunset ending Oct 20 and lasts to sunset Oct 21.

04:30 PDT: A military exercise in Europe involving 20,000 U.S.-based troops is planned for April next year, the Army officially announced on Monday.

Approximately 37,000 total service members will participate in Defender Europe 2020, including 20,000 U.S. troops and additional personnel from 18 other countries.The exercise is scheduled for April into May 2020, according to a separate press release; personnel and equipment will be moving to Europe in February and returning in July 2020. It will span across 10 countries. Operational areas will run throughout Europe from Germany to Poland to the Baltic States and other Eastern European nations, Nordic countries and even Georgia.The purpose is to demonstrate the Army’s “ability to deploy large units to Europe…for the deterrence of an aggressive Russia,” as Defense News reports.

Meanwhile the biannual Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise will bring a large deployment of US forces to Israel and Europe beginning in February. These exercises may be a cloak for the buildup of anti missile defenses for a war on Iran. 


7 Oct 12:00 PDT:  Trump-  US President Donald Trump said Monday that he will “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if Ankara does anything that, in his “great and unmatched wisdom,” he considers to be “off limits” in Syria.

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy and the man’s arrogance is not helping him through the impeachment process.  Many Republicans are now joining the surge to impeach and this type of talk is finally beginning to convince many that he is unstable.  If he is tossed out of office he would be replaced by VP Pence. Pence describes himself as “a born again evangelical catholic” and is believed to be Trump’s Jesuit handler. 

06:00 PDT: Turkey-  Trump has made a deal with Turkey which will see Turkey take over all Islamic State prisoners captured in past years. In return the US is to allow Turkey to dominate the region.

Some Kurdish terrorist groups like the PKK might offer resistance but the overwhelming strength of Turkey should allow Turkey to pacify the border buffer zone in a few weeks and then reach a deal with the other Kurdish groups. Turkey would then be free to act against an Assad regime badly defeated by Israel in that coming conflict.  One could speculate that Turkey may be supportive of the Trump Middle East peace plan as well.

03:00 PDT:  Turkey-Syria- After supervising the evacuation of Kurdish militias from a zone on the Turkish border US troops left two observation posts in NE Syria after a phone call Sunday night between President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Erdogan. 

Turkish forces and militias will occupy the buffer zone and secure Turkey’s border with Syria east of the Euphrates as all sides prepare for a Syrian Russian operation west of the Euphrates to demolish the Idlib based terrorists from central Asia.  The US move out of the new border buffer zone east of the Euphrates seems to be part of a larger deal with Turkey against Syria once the Idlib terrorists are demolished.

TheShiningLight has been warning for over a year that once the Russia and Syria Idlib operation is in full gear [as soon as in November] Israel is expected to launch its own Gaza operation, then as both of these operations wind down hostilities are expected between Israel and Syria – Hezbollah, with Turkey standing by to assist in the overthrow of Assad ahead of a genuine dialogue for peace. This move will catapult Turkey to dominance of the Middle East outside of Egypt as per Psalm 83.

US-  The struggle between Trump and Biden allies for control of natural gas and pipelines across Ukraine to Europe.  The story of the Trump pressure on the Ukrainian president may be much bigger news than thought.

6 Oct 09:45 PDT: Mideast War-  Netanyahu convenes the security cabinet in an attempt to forge a national unity government by emphasizing security issues. He is likely to fail to leverage this into a national unity government, however the Blue and White will probably rally round the flag and support the government from the opposition during the course of hostilities.   In truth Israel is indeed very close to an invasion of Gaza and conflict in the north as well.

Israel and the Arab Gulf States preparing to end their state of war and work together against Iran.

Syria- The two main Turkish-backed militias in Syria, the National Liberation Front and National Army have merged together.  The overall commander will be the rebel Interim Government’s Defense Minister Salim Idris and they will take their orders directly from Turkey. They are making ready to block the escape of the terrorists once the Syrian Russian Idlib operation begins. Once Israel demolishes Hezbollah and the Syrian army the Turkish backed militias will be in a position to help overthrow the Assad government.


5 Oct: A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  The Fast of Atonement begins at sunset Tuesday evening Oct 8 and ends at sunset on Wednesday evening Oct 9.

13:00 PDT: Israel-  Yesterday the IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi personally rushed to the Gaza border to inspect the troops and sent Israeli reinforcements to the borders.  Politicians are calling for a unity government over a state of national emergency; the security cabinet is to meet tomorrow. 


4 Oct 11:45 PDT: Israeli Elections-  Netanyahu backs down on threat of primaries seemingly out of a fear of a loss or lackluster minimal win over contender Sa’ar. 

10:30 PDT: Gaza-  Demonstrations continue with one Gazan killed by Israeli live fire last week and another today.


3 Oct 12:15 PDT:  US-  Joe Biden’s alleged corrupt affairs in Ukraine and China.

11:45 PDT: Israeli Elections-   Likud primary unlikely. Late on Thursday ministers close to Netanyahu advised him against holding the primary, saying that he had too much to lose and nothing to gain. Some sources close to Netanyahu said late Thursday that he had not made a final decision, but others said the leadership race idea was dead and all along this was only a political trial balloon to prove whether there was opposition to Bibi in the party, and Sa’ar fell in the trap.

08:00 PDT: Israeli Elections- The Likud Central Committee will convene next Thursday to confirm the time for the party’s primaries. This was reported on News 12.  This is an extremely dangerous gamble for Bibi which could well lead to a split between far right radicals and moderates in Likud. 

05:30 PDT: Israeli Elections- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering holding “lightning primaries” for the leadership of his Likud party in an attempt to quell rumors of a possible coup against him from its senior members, the party said Thursday amid an ongoing deadlock in coalition talks. The announcement prompted a bombshell response from Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar, that he was “ready” for a potential leadership challenge.

02:30 PDT: Israeli Elections- Today’s Lieberman – Netanyahu meeting ended in failure in less than one hour. 

Economics-  On Oct 15 the United States will impose 10% tariffs on aircraft and 25% on other industrial and agricultural products from the European Union. The EU could respond in kind soon.

Mideast War- Russia has warned Turkey that if the Idlib terrorists are not disarmed by the end of October, a major Syrian Russian operation to destroy the Idlib terrorists will begin in November.  Even though Syria and Russia have been preparing and building up for this operation for several months already, the actual battle will be very intense and could last for some time. 

Meanwhile Israel is at the ready to invade Gaza and destroy the military arm of Hamas and other militias but has been holding back and waiting for the Syrian Idlib operation to begin. This strategic patience is advisable so that Israel can concentrate on Gaza while Hezbollah and Syria are fully occupied with the Idlib fighting and cannot intervene to help Gaza.  Nevertheless the Israeli fighting will eventually spread to include Hezbollah, Syria and likely Iran. 

Israeli Election- According to Israeli law, if the first candidate tasked by the president with forming a government fails to do so within the maximum allotted six-week time frame, the president can task a second candidate with forming a coalition within a four-week time frame.

Should this candidate also fail in forming a coalition, there is a 21-day period in which 61 MKs can back a candidate before the Knesset must be dissolved and a new election called.  The new election must then be held within four months.  It is possible that something could break the coalition deadlock or bring elections quickly, it is also possible that it could take as long as next spring for another election. 

On Sep 25 President Reuven Rivlin asked Netanyahu to try and form a new Israeli government.  Bibi will now have 28 days with a possible 14 day extension to form a governing coalition of at least 61 seats.

It is highly likely that Israel will have to fight a multi front war against Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran in the near future.


2 Oct 05:45 PDT:  Israeli Elections- If as expected there is no breakthrough by Atonement Lieberman will make a coalition proposal.  He is to meet with the heads of Likud and Blue and White tomorrow at the Knesset ceremony. 

05:00 PDT:  Effort begins to clean the ocean of plastic.

02:00 PDT: Brexit- Johnson to obey parliament and offer the EU a new deal today.

Israeli Elections-  The new Knesset to be sworn tomorrow. 

Netanyahu meets with far right allies today and then has his first corruption charge hearing. If corruption charges are confirmed after four days of hearings which end just before Atonement the coalition deadlock will harden even further.


1 Oct 17:00: Israel- Mass demonstrations over Israeli torture of prisoner.

10:00 PDT: Israeli Elections- Coalition talks between Blue and White (BW) and Likud have been postponed until at least next week.  Netanyahu will meet Likud executives tomorrow morning to decide whether to give up and return the mandate to the president.

00:30 PDT: Gaza-  Hamas joins the PFLP in holding Israel responsible for the life of the prisoner who collapsed in critical condition during Israeli torture. 

Israeli Elections-  Coalition talks are solidly deadlocked, Netanyahu and Gantz will meet Wednesday evening for what is billed as a final effort before Bibi returns the mandate to the president. If Netanyahu fails to form a governing coalition the president can ask someone else to try with almost no chance of success; or he can call another election and Netanyahu can go to war ahead of the potential third election round.

Turkey/Syria-  With the safe buffer zone between the Syrian Kurds and Turkey now a reality, Turkey has agreed to a Syria Russia Idlib operation to destroy the Idlib terrorists.  Turkey has informed their militia allies to be ready to block the escape into Turkey of the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, the Hurras Al-Deen group and the Turkestan Islamic Party when the Russian Syrian operation takes place.  This attack is coming soon and the US is building up to attack Syria as this operation progresses.

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