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14 Dec-  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


13 Dec 02:30: Turkey-  Former Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, once a close ally to President Tayyip Erdogan, applied on Thursday to establish a new political party the Future Party.  Former deputy prime minister Ali Babacan also left the AKP and could join the new party. The new party and its allies could form a bloc and win the next elections.  Turkey is prophesied to ally with the New Federal Europe Psalm 83.

Opposition is growing fast for Erdogan who may see more troubles as a key battle begins in Tripoli, Libya. Turkey has spent large sums supporting the Tripoli government to secure an offshore gas oil exploration deal.  The Turks face defeat in Libya as the Eastern Libya leader Gen Haftar launched a “final” offensive on Tripoli today.  Hafter is backed by Egypt, Italy, France and Russia and his INA army includes many Russian ex special forces people. Egypt and Libya are prophesied to come under European dominance in the near future (Dan 11:43).

UK-  With nearly all of the 650 races called, the near-final results show the Conservatives with 364 seats, a net gain of 47 seats over the 2017 election, giving the party a 39-seat majority. That is the best electoral showing by the Conservatives since Margaret Thatcher’s win in 1987, when the party netted 376 seats.

The British joined the EU to hold back the push towards political unity as envisioned by the early EU and the departure of the UK clears the way for a new political push for a united Europe. The landslide win for the Conservatives means an almost certain quick Brexit and rush to negotiate a trade defense relationship with the US alongside talks on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. It is possible that the EU may be relegated to remain a trade organization and a New Federal Europe set up outside of the EU.


12 Dec 14:00 PST: UK-  First exit polls indicate a huge Johnson Conservative majority.

06:30 PST: TheShiningLight- The free download system at the Literature page and on the various studies has been upgraded this week. The changes will simplify the system on this end and minimize bandwidth usage.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the last few days.  All manuscripts are available at the Literature page including the new editions of the Isaiah and Jeremiah/Lamentations book studies. New studies will be added as they are completed.

00:30 PST: Israel-  Its official, Israeli’s go to the polls on 2 March.

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11 Dec 10:00 PST: Iran-  A massive cyber attack on national electronic infrastructure in the country  apparently by a foreign government was detected and countered yesterday.

06:30 PST: Israel- The Knesset is in the midst of passing a law to dissolve the Knesset by this evening and set a March 2 election date.

Prime Minister and Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu and Chairman of the Likud party central committee Haim Katz have agreed to hold a leadership primary on Dec. 26. The only contender who has so far announced he would run against Netanyahu is MK Gideon Saar. 

Trump-  American public support for impeachment is beginning to drop even before Trump makes his defense in the senate. Also see the Comments for further explanation of the situation.


10 Dec 15:00 PST: Mideast War-  Sputnik Arabic reported that last Wednesday that the White Helmets transferred several cylinders of chlorine gas to the southern countryside of Idlib, specifically, the town of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man and the city of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib. It has been rumored for nearly a year that the Idlib terrorists will repeat the Douma attack that the US falsely blamed on Syria in order to justify another US attack on Syria.  

10:45 PST: US- Trump has tantrum after House files two Articles of Impeachment for  vote.  In fact the charges are trivial and obviously political, further it is highly unlikely that they will pass the Senate and they could backfire by generating sympathy for Trump.  That and victory in the looming war could give the man who has said that he wants to be dictator for life another term. If he is president during the tribulation he may well invoke an emergency order and become dictator, then no one will be safe.


09 Dec 17:45 PST: New Zealand-  Thirteen dead after volcanic eruption.

Ukraine- The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France meeting in Paris have agreed to a comprehensive ceasefire in Ukraine’s Russian speaking east.  Future talks after the ceasefire becomes stable are needed to settle the relationship between the Ukraine, Europe and Russia.

Libya-  Backed by France, Italy, Egypt and Russia Gen Haftar is poised to win the battle for Libya. Egypt and Libya are prophesied to come under European dominance in the near future (Dan 11:43).

03:00 PST: Europe- Finland’s Social Democrats elected 34-year-old former transport minister Sanna Marin to the post of prime minister on Sunday, 

Israel-  Parties agree on March 2, 2020 election date. The date must now go through the formality of Knesset approval.


08 Dec: Iran-  Parliamentary elections are scheduled for Feb 21.  The elections may serve as a referendum between moderates and hard liners.  If the moderates win they will still be tightly restricted by the Revolutionary Guards; but if the US concentrates on destroying the Guards during the coming conflict, the Iranian army and government freed from IRG restrictions would embrace peace.  

Gaza- Israeli defense minister Bennett announced that Israel will attack Gaza with overwhelming force when Hamas least expects it, thereby hitting at an Israeli surprise attack very probably before the spring elections. 

Military- An American aircraft carrier strike group led by the U.S.S. Harry Truman nuclear carrier has passed the Strait of Gibraltar and is currently heading to Syrian waters.

The U.S.S. Harry Truman aircraft carrier group includes a missile cruiser, several destroyers, and a Tomahawk cruise missile nuclear submarine from the sixth fleet of the U.S.  The strike group will loiter off the coast of Syria for awhile  after which it is scheduled go to the Persian Gulf to relieve the U.S.S. aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln.

Israel-  A date of 3 March for the next round of elections is being discussed.

The Times of Israel has posted a picture of Trump and Netanyahu showing off their Masonic handshake.  Both are high degree senior masons. 

Displaying this so openly is not usually done and one wonders why now. Trump despite his denials is a major establishment figure and top level mason. Norman Vincent Peale was the Trump family’s pastor for many years, and Trump touts him as his great hero of the “Christian” faith. Trump’s first mentor was N.V. Peale a 33rd degree mason, and Grand Sovereign Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in NY City.

Gaza-  Israel launched a series of  airstrikes on Hamas after three projectiles were fired last evening.


07 Dec:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


06 Dec 14:30 PST:  Israel- Latest poll indicates another Knesset deadlock.

03:30 PST: Australia- Mega fire devours the Sidney countryside

Mideast War-  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made progress on a defense pact between their countries in their meeting in Lisbon this week, Netanyahu said on Thursday. “The meeting with Pompeo was critical for Israeli security,” Netanyahu said of the discussion that took an hour and 45 minutes on Wednesday. “We agreed to promote a defense pact.”

According to the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro, the Iranian Armed Forces deployed their Bavar-373 air defense system to the T-4 Airbase in the eastern countryside of the Syrian Homs Governorate. “Israel’s uncontrolled attacks against the Iranian military forces in Syria has forced the Iranian military to deliver its own air defense systems to the country, including the Bavar-373, which, according to analytical resources, is a direct analogue of the Russian S-300, but optimized for hitting stealth targets.”


05 Dec 12:45 PST:  NATO- Erdogan told reporters in London today that Turkey dropped its objection to the Europe defense plan after talks with Trump and a request from NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg and the leaders of Germany, France and Poland asked for Turkey’s backing.  Stoltenberg confirmed that an agreement was reached with Turkey, but refused to say what the deal was, or what Turkey had been offered.

Israel- Coalition talks failed over Netanyahu demands that a coalition guarantee him immunity from prosecution.

06:00 PST: Israel-  Several high-ranking former Israeli officials will be charged with bribery and money laundering in connection with Israel’s submarine bribery scandal.

02:00 PST: Ukraine- Hungary’s foreign minister on Wednesday said Budapest would block Ukraine’s membership in NATO until Kiev agreed that the Ukraine education system would grant the right for ethnic Hungarians to be educated in their native Hungarian.

This use of Nato veto powers to try to further other political objectives is becoming more prevalent and deeply divisive in Nato. In this case Ukraine is being blocked from Nato at a critical time when the government is being embarrassed by Trump [over Biden] and is seeking closer relations with Russia.  These threads including the desire for peace are pushing Ukraine towards Russia at an accelerating rate.

Turkey- President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Trump and Erdoğan “discussed the importance of Turkey fulfilling its alliance commitments, further strengthening commerce through boosting bilateral trade by $100 billion, regional security challenges, and energy security.” In other words they discussed a bargain which would see a large benefit for Turkey in exchange for Turkish support of the US, probably concerning the Nato plan for Europe that Turkey is resisting and plans for the looming general Middle East  war. 

Mideast War- Iran is heavily reinforcing its military strength at Bushehr and on the Abu Musa Island on its Gulf Coast including a large supply of ballistic missiles, as the US prepares large military surge to the region.

Israel-  Key political parties say third election unavoidable as coalition talks exhausted.


04 Dec 17:00 PST:  Mideast War-  The Trump Administration is now considering surging 14,000 additional troops along with warships and planes aimed at “countering Iran potentially more than doubling US forces facing Iran.  A decision to deploy dozens of additional US warships, substantial military hardware, and as many as 14,000 more US ground troops could come at any time with deployments beginning in a matter of weeks. 

02:00 PST:  Germany-  The new leaders of the SPD will spend time consolidating their position before forcing a national election.

NATO- A majority of Germans are now in favor of reducing Germany’s reliance on the United States militarily and increasing ties with Russia.  According to the poll, 55% of Germans believe that European members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should protect themselves from an attack without US help. In addition, a majority of poll participants believe the US should partially (23%) or completely (26%) withdraw its 30,000 troops stationed in Germany.

Israel- With one week left before a mandatory election call, coalition talks have collapsed


03 Dec 09:30 PST: G7-  Trump announces that the June 10-12 2020 G7 will be held at Camp David and will be taking major decisions.

04:30 PST: NATO-  Trump attacks France at NATO Conference calling NATO great even as he works to back away from America’s NATO commitments in practical terms. Why the praise for NATO? Trump is trying to rally NATO to back the looming Mideast war and next summer’s post war withdrawal from Europe plan. See the World Report at the bottom of this page.

Israel- Netanyahu has been asked not to come to London to lobby NATO against Iran, he is headed to Lisbon to meet Pompeo instead as Trump tries to rally NATO to back the looming Mideast war. 

40% of Israeli’s in the north and south do not feel safe and nearly one third would like to move to other areas. During the soon coming tribulation conditions will greatly worsen and large numbers of Israeli’s will leave the country.


02 Dec 04:30 PST: Israel- A tentative agreement has been reached in a last effort to avoid a third election. This plan is a con job by Netanyahu since after he is granted immunity from prosecution and has his war, getting everything he wants, and then resigns as PM in favor of Gantz; Likud can simply dissolve the coalition and bring new elections. If Gantz sees through the plan Blue and White may not sign on. 

According to the report, the two sides have agreed to pass the “Incapacity Law”, which would force government officials – including the prime minister – to declare themselves incapacitated if under indictment. If passed, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, once he is formally indicted, would be unable to serve as premier, becoming instead acting prime minister, deprived of the authority of the premiership.

The two sides also agreed, according to the report Monday, to pass a law prior to the new government’s establishment which would set the date for the rotation of the premiership from the Likud to the Blue and White party, making the change from Netanyahu to Benny Gantz automatic. Under this law Netanyahu would be replaced as PM without a need for elections in four or five months the exact date still to be determined. This will give Bibi time to annex the Jordan Valley and have  his war.

Final approval probably depends on Gantz agreeing to give  Netanyahu immunity from prosecution which is very problematic. 

This plan is a con job by Netanyahu since after he is granted immunity from prosecution and has his war, getting everything he wants, and then resigns as PM in favor of Gantz; Likud can simply dissolve the coalition and bring new elections. If Gantz sees through the plan Blue and White may not sign on. 

01:30 PST: Mideast War-  New Israeli defense minister Bennett promises to ramp up attacks on Iranian assets inside Syria.  Netanyahu is expected to lobby against Iran at next Sunday’s NATO conference in London.  It now looks like the looming war will start before the expected third round of Israeli elections.  The massive US buildup for the April European Defender exercise begins in February. Scroll down to see the World Report section at the bottom of this December Live News Blog.

Meanwhile a Trump-Netanyahu phone conversation last night finalized arrangements for military coordination against Iran that were set up during recent US generals’ talks in visits to Israel. 

A series of senior US generals have been visiting Israel in recent days including Gen. David Goldfien, head of the US Air Force, Gen. Jeffrey Harrigan, head of US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa, and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of US forces in the Middle East and finally, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the US chiefs of Staff, arrived last week to put the final cap on the program of operational cooperation against Iran drafted by the US and Israeli generals.

Last night’s Trump Netanyahu conversation finalized the plan and agreement and now the final practical preparations must be completed before an order of execution can be given.


01 Dec 03:45 PST: Germany- The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has elected a new leader Tono Chrupalla on Saturday who pledged to follow a moderate course.  The choice comes after the failure of far right extremism in Germany and in the party, and swings the AfD away from the far right and into a centrist moderate position. 

SPD- Should Walter-Borjans and Esken be endorsed as the new SPD party leaders, their first order of business will be a decision on whether to remain in the coalition government. The election result still needs to be confirmed at a party conference slated to run from December 6-8.

01:45 PST: US Dollar- Cambodia a dollar based economy is now moving strongly towards China

Germany- Nobert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken were comfortably elected Saturday to lead the SPD, beating Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and his running mate Klara Geywitz.  The “anti-Merkel coalition” pair ran on a proposal to abandon the coalition with Merkel and bring another election and government to Germany. 

Iraq-  Iraq’s PM Abdel-Mahdi has resigned after hundreds of dead and weeks of demonstrations against massive American Iraqi corruption, unemployment and poverty.  The situation is a mess as the US and Iran struggle for control behind the scenes.

While Iran is also  one of the targets of the protests, most of the people misruling Iraq today are still the former exiles that the U.S. flew in with its occupation forces in 2003.  The corruption of both U.S. and Iraqi officials during the U.S. occupation is well documented. UN Security Council resolution 1483 established a $20 billion Development Fund for Iraq using previously seized Iraqi assets, money left in the UN’s “oil for food” program and new Iraqi oil revenues. An audit by KPMG and a special inspector general found that a huge proportion of that money was stolen or embezzled by U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Only 36% of the adult population of Iraq have jobs today, and despite the gutting of the public sector under U.S. occupation and later  domination,  the Iraqi government today still employs more people than the private sector. 


World Report: The 21 days given to the Knesset to find someone to form a government expires on 11 December.

If no agreement can be reached an election will be called for spring 2020 and if present conditions continue with Netanyahu leading Likud, another election could be a rerun with a virtual tie as in the past two elections, or it could be a big win for the moderates.

Present polls show the Blue and White winning 37 seats with Likud taking only 30, making Blue and White the winner but still not having the 61 seats necessary to form a government..

Netanyahu has agreed to a leadership primary in about five weeks and is in position to achieve a close win and continue as Likud leader; however the polls indicate that Likud is deeply divided between the far right extremists and moderates with only 53% backing Netanyahu and 40% backing Gideon Saar with 7% backing others. This could change if Knesset Speaker Edelstein enters the contest.  Edlestein a close confidant of Netanyahu could well enter the contest with the intention of splitting the vote for Saar and guaranteeing a Netanyahu win. 

In the case of a close third election the conditions would be ripe for nearly one half of Likud to bolt the extremist element and form a new party in order to join in a coalition and form a government with the Blue and White. 

Such an event would isolate the Settler Movement Extremists and give a solid majority to a Blue and White led government to make a peace. However the Settler Movement Extremists would resist a peace with all their might and will sabotage that deal once it is made.

Coming Soon, A Regional War

It seems that Bibi intends to go to war in the near future and has even clearly stated that he must remain prime minister due to security developments with Iran, Syria and Gaza, about which he would not elaborate.  With all potential antagonists preparing furiously it appears that some time between the leadership primary and the election date a general Middle East war will break out.

The election could be postponed if the security situation breaks down. 

Europe and NATO

After next year’s carefully planned Mideast war and the massive US April European Defender exercise in Europe the US intends to withdraw most of its forces from Europe and rely on massive amounts of equipment stored in Europe and a plan to rapidly deploy emergency troops for European defense as needed. 

The plan would eliminate a key deterrence factor which is that US forces would no longer function as a “trip wire” for Europe; this means that Europe could be attacked without directly jeopardizing any US troops. 

With no US forces in direct danger such a rapid deployment would be contingent on American financial ability and presidential approval. Further a rapid deployment exercise in peace time is one thing, such a deployment under fire is quite another.

The plan is actually militarily unfeasible and highly impractical, in fact it is militarily stupid since the very first thing that an attacker would do is occupy or strike the large airports.

In other words this plan amounts to keeping the US as a NATO member on paper as a fig leaf for a US withdrawal from NATO in practical terms, thereby sidestepping Congress.  The plan puts European countries more or less on their own as early as mid 2020. At the same time the now rising New Federal Europe would have access to and practical control of the massive quantities of US military equipment and munitions already in storage in Europe. 


The Great Tribulation

When a peace deal is close the abomination will be set up doing miracles in the Vatican and endorsing a New Federal Europe. The 42 month great tribulation will begin a few weeks later when he visits the Temple Mount and the Jewish Settler Movement Extremists sabotage the peace. 

Although exactly how long it will take to reach an initial peace deal remains unknown, it is very possible that the tribulation will begin in late 2020 or soon thereafter.

When the coming Mideast peace plan breaks down the US will be unable to airlift an emergency deployment of troops to the Jewish state from Europe, and will have to rely on Europe to stop the bloodshed.

In fact the US and many Jews might well be most grateful for the European intervention. This new Europe and its leaders will be acting in the name of peace to secure the peace for at least the first two years, thereby gaining the admiration of most people and nations; UNTIL they attack Asia early in the third year. 

Meanwhile the occupation of the Jewish State will grow harsher and harsher over time and the US and dollar dependent countries will experience economic collapse and many catastrophes until Christ comes 42 months after the initial occupation of Jerusalem.


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  1. I was just wondering why you said that, “in fact the charges are trivial and obviously political” relating to the impeachment charges against Donald Trump. I hope you are not saying he is innocent of violating those articles. Would love to hear your reasons. Thank you.


    Thank you Tom. Bear in mind that Trump is extremely intelligent and is being handled by Jesuit’s with the agenda of resurrecting a united Catholic Europe. Trump’s modus operandi is to play the dumb bonehead to disarm people as he takes advantage of them.

    In this affair Trump is playing the wounded man who cannot defend himself and resorts to insults. He is just playing the Democrats and luring them on. Once this is in the Republican senate he will launch his defense in a friendly environment, that a corruption investigation was entirely justified.

    The facts of the case are that State Dep. head Hilary Clinton and her assistant Victoria Neuland with VP Biden [under Obama] spent billions destabilizing Ukraine and then backed an illegal coup in the country.

    After the coup Hunter Biden, knowing nothing about Ukraine or natural gas was given a seat on the board of the Ukraine gas company where he received $50,000 a month for doing nothing.

    Now comes the interesting part, some time later Ukraine launched an anti-corruption campaign and Hunter found himself under investigation by a special prosecutor. Then his father US Vice President Joe Biden placed enormous pressure on Ukraine to quash the anti-corruption campaign and fire the special prosecutor. Once the new Ukraine president was elected Trump asked him to resume the investigation.

    In the senate Trump’s defense team will point out that it was really Joe Biden who pressured Ukraine and Donald was only doing his job in suggesting that the resumption of the existing investigation was warranted.

    After all at no time did Trump ever suggest that Biden be found corrupt, he only asked that a proper investigation be held to determine the truth.

    In fact this is all political theatre for the public, to keep their eyes off of what Trump is doing internationally as he works to achieve the Jesuit agenda of a new United Europe. This is why I am focused on international affairs rather than glued to the impeachment process.

    These are fascinating times! James

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