Jerusalem New Moon

No reports from sources sighting the new moon with their naked eye from Israel this evening 21 July 2020.  The 5th month will begin at sunset on 22 July 2020 by default, as it will be the end of 30 days.

update regarding last night’s New Moon observation, which was on 21 July 2020, and was the end of the 29th day of the previous month.

We have just received a report from the Israeli New Moon Society that the following people spotted the moon using magnifying / light amplifying equipment and then saw the moon with their naked eye with great difficulty.

* Gadi Eidelheit – From Ofra at 8:12pm (binoculars 8:03pm)
* Rebecca Biderman – From Poriya Ilit at 8:22pm (binoculars 8:19pm)
* Simcha Borer – From Modiin Ilit at 8:20pm (binoculars 8:20pm)
* Binyamin Nissim – From Ofra at 20:20pm (binoculars 8:10pm)

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