Looming War and Peace in the Middle East

Looming War and Peace in the Middle East

More than 30,000 terrorists, most from Chechnya and central Asia are dug in in the Syrian province of Idlib on the Turkish border. 

Syria would like to liberate its province and Russia needs to eradicate these terrorists to prevent terror being exported to Russia and Asia.  At the same time Turkey would like to see the end of the Idlib terrorists because they are fighting with the Turkish backed militias in Syria.

An agreement to take out these terrorists is being negotiated between Russia, Syria and Turkey, and the Syrian army has been deployed for the Idlib operation while Turkey has a strong force blocking any escape across the border. 

Syria would have support from Hezbollah and Iran and heavy weapons, backed by powerful Russian air support. 

The terrorists are well dug in but have no chance therefore they will have the reckless courage of fanatics who know that they are about to die.   

The Syrian operation could now begin at any time and it is a foregone conclusion that the Syrian operation will be successful but the fight will still be a hard one and may take weeks. 


Israel has been patiently waiting for the end of Islamic State and the Syrian Idlib operation to begin, before attacking Gaza while Hezbollah and Syria are occupied with the terrorists in Idlib.  It should be noted that circumstances could cause Israel to attack Gaza sooner than planned.

For Israel the issue is to concentrate all its strength on destroying the Gaza militias as quickly as possible, before sending its forces north against Syria and Hezbollah; and so avoid a multi front war as much as possible.

Reports have been circulation since at least last August that the Idlib terrorists plan to release a chemical attack and blame it on Syria.  The attack would be blamed on Syria by the US which would then demolish the Syrian air defense system when Israel is ready.  This would allow Israel to refocus from its victory in Gaza and [with the help of the US coalition] make massive attacks on Hezbollah, Syria and Iranian assets. 

The US coalition would then destroy the Iranian Revolutionary Guards allowing a revolution in Iran, while the Turkish and Western backed militias finish off the Assad regime in Syria. 

The destruction of the Gaza militias and the overthrow of Assad and Iran, along with Israeli elections and new governments in the region would reset the regional reality allowing a Middle East peace agreement (1 Thess 5:3), which will quickly fail when a Roman Catholic Pontiff goes to the Temple Mount (Mat 24:15). 

These things could possibly fast track to end in late 2019, or they could easily take until late 2020. 

It does appear that President Trump’s plan is war and victory over Islamic extremism beginning in 2019, and achieving Middle East peace and booming economic prosperity in 2020 to help in his reelection bid. 

Part of Trump’s Establishment agenda is to create an Anglo Saxon Alliance to replace US participation in NATO.  Watch for the rise of a New Federal Europe as a counterbalance between East and West, as part of a long planned tripartite New World Order. 

Everything will look like Trump has brought peace and great prosperity, until it all collapses when the Jewish Extremists sabotage the peace as the Roman Pontiff visits the Temple Mount.  See our other articles in the News and Prophecy Articles category for further details.


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