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The Art of Deceptive Writing [PDF] Posted 4 May 2020.  NOTE:  A few typos were corrected on 1 Jun 2020.

The mainstream COG Doctrinal Papers were originally written by the Jim Franks Doctrinal Committee in UCG.  They used direct quotes from recognized authorities to “prove” their points.  Upon investigation it was discovered that virtually every quote was taken out of its context and deliberately distorted [Contextnomy] to make them seem to mean the precise opposite of what the original authors intended.  These papers are nothing less than a deliberate misrepresentation and distortion of  quotes taken completely out of context to deceive the brethren on this subject.  This analysis has been provided to TheShiningLight by an elder out of a love for the truth.  He has gone a little overboard in designing his booklet but the context is an alarming expose of the lies told by Franks and buddies that the LCG, UCG and COGWA are now clinging to in order to support their false tradition on the subject. 

From Abram to Jesus  A general history focusing in the many fulfilled prophecies up to the ministry of Jesus Christ, which prove the existence and power of God.

New Testament

Matthew Mark Completely updated Second Edition posted Feb 15, 2019. 

Luke John Completely updated Second Edition posted Mar 26, 2019.  

Acts  Completely updated Second Edition posted May 5, 2019.

Romans Corinthians  Completely updated Second Edition posted May 9, 2019. 

Galatians to Philemon Completely updated Second Edition posted June 16, 2019. 

Hebrews to Jude Completely updated Second Edition posted June 19, 2019.


Moses and History Books

Genesis Exodus  Completely updated Second Edition posted 21 Aug 2019. NOTE: The scripture in the concluding remark of Exodus 24 was corrected from Genesis 20 to Exodus 20, on 22 Nov 2019. 

Leviticus Numbers  Completely updated Second Edition posted 8 Sep 2019. 

Deuteronomy Joshua  Completely updated 16 Oct 2019 

Judges Ruth Samuel  Completely updated second edition posted 26 Sep 2019. 

Kings   Completely updated and posted on 8 Oct 2019

Chronicles Completely updated and posted on 27 Oct 2019


Prophetic Books

Isaiah   Completely updated second edition published May 3, 2020.

Jeremiah Lamentations Completely updated second edition posted on 18 May 2020.

Ezekiel Completely updated second edition posted on 25 May 2020.

Daniel Revelation  Completely updated edition coming soon.

The Twelve Prophets  Completely updated edition coming soon.


Wisdom Books

Psalms Completely completely updated 1 September 2019. 

Proverbs Song of Songs Completely updated 18 Nov 2019 

Job Ecclesiastes Completely updated posted 12 Sep 2019.  


Special Studies

From Abram to Jesus  A history containing at least fourteen fulfilled prophecies proving the existence and power of God.

The misrepresented quotes from Rabbi Nathan Bushwick used in the UCG spurious New Moons paper also used by COGWA and LCG.

Tribulation and Deliverance This 2015 book has been updated for 2019. The main change is the addition of the new updated explanations of the Psalms and a clarification of Daniel 8. 

Potential New Moons to 2027: Confirm by observation at Jerusalem.  

Holy Day Date Chart updated 8 Aug 2019 to add a possible early new year for 2024. 

Personal Salvation  published 2018

Ecclesiastical Authority  published 2018

The Exodus  published 7 Jan 2020

Spring Festivals Passover and Unleavened Breadpublished spring 2018 

Fall Festivals Pentecost to Purim  has been updated with the latest material from the 2018 Fall Festivals.

The New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service published 7 Jan 2020

The Dynasty of David  posted 8 May 2019.