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You can download a free version of Word Online that will open files here.  This source will also provide a free download of Adobe Reader for those who need it [some of the books are in Adobe pdf].


NOTE:  If the file opens as a PDF, simply click the downward pointing arrow on the PDF to download the article into your computer. 

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The 14 articles in the Coming World Events category at     Download

Holy Day Date Chart   Download

New Moons to 2027   Download


God’s Plan for Humanity

Tribulation and Deliverance [Bible Prophecy]  Download

Personal Salvation   Download

Ecclesiastical Authority   Download

God’s Biblical Festivals:  Passover and Unleavened Bread   Download  

God’s Biblical Festivals: Pentecost to Purim  has been updated with the latest material from the 2018 Fall Festivals   Download


Free manuscripts of our books may be downloaded for easier study  

NEW!  A short study on the modern locations of the Tribes of Israel and the Dynasty of David.  Download posted 8 May 2019.


Genesis Exodus   Download 

Leviticus Numbers   Download

Deuteronomy Joshua   Download

Judges Ruth Samuel     Download

Kings    Download

Chronicles    Download


Isaiah    Download 

Jeremiah Lamentations   Download 

Ezekiel   Download

Daniel Revelation      Download

The Twelve Minor Prophets     Download



Psalms   Download


I will be posting through the New Testament again as part of the 2019 Revival theme.  The intention is to continue expanding and updating the studies.  As each section is completed the following studies will be updated with its new 2019 date. 

These New Testament Studies are being updated in 2019.  To prevent confusion please delete and discard all older editions.


Matthew Mark Download Completely updated Second Edition posted Feb 15, 2019.

Luke John  Download Completely updated Second Edition posted Mar 26, 2019.

Acts  Download  Completely updated Second Edition posted May 5, 2019.

Romans Corinthians  Download Completely updated Second Edition posted May 9, 2019.

Galatians to Philemon 

Hebrews to Jude