It looks like this is it

James was saying these things would happen for years. Hamas could be about to be destroyed in this war and whatever happens could set the stage for peace and safety right before the sudden destruction, The new world order financial system is also being setup as we speak with the dollar in serious trouble and our liberty and rights almost gone.

There is no prepping against the dragon whatever you do the devil will undo in the tribulation if you choose not to listen to the warnings.

However It comes God is working with humanity not for its destruction but its salvation to save as many as can be saved in the spirit your bible makes that abundantly clear, God may not work how we want but he is always working.


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  1. The “great tribulation” began over 2,000 years ago and continues to this day. It is NOT some 3.5 year event. Bible says watch YOURSELF…not world events. God isn’t responsible for this world’s troubles… men are. It boggles my mind that people like you try to tell me what God is or is not doing. It also boggles my mind that people like you claim to know the devil so intimately.

  2. I don’t know how to start with someone so at odd’s with Gods word please read your bible first before you start trying to lecture the converted on what you don’t understand.

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