Israel War Evacuation Plans

Israel has now completed updating plans and facilities to move tens of thousands from the Coastal Plain into evacuation centers in the Shomron mountain area of occupied Samaria.

Evacuation Centers are now ready and when war breaks out; children, the elderly and the incapacitated will be evacuated first, then others will quickly follow.

The mass evacuation can be carried out within a day or two under missile fire if necessary.

When war breaks out this time, a massive rain of rocket and missile fire is expected to fall on the major Israeli cities of the northern Coastal Plain from Syria, Hezbollah and Iran; while other rockets strike the southern coast from Gaza.

The war is planned to take about one to two months to change the regimes in Syria and Iran; and to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Gaza militants.

Israel plans to use overwhelming force and destroy much of Lebanon and Gaza in the fight.  The plan is to have a total and completely unambiguous victory, to force a long term peace.  Gaza and Lebanon will be largely destroyed and a foreign “nation building” and peace keeping force, similar to the Kosovo occupation, is planned.

Samaria (Shomron mountains) is ready to do its part in case of war, Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika announced this weekend.

He told senior Home Front officers that his region is prepared to absorb tens of thousands of civilians in case of war.

The plan to use Samaria as a refuge was developed some time ago. Three years ago, Mesika told then-Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai that the region could take in up to 530,000 evacuees.

Samaria has served as an unofficial safe haven in wartime through multiple conflicts. The region took in evacuees from central Israel during the Gulf War, those fleeing the north during the Second Lebanon War, and those seeking safety from Hamas rockets during Operation Cast Lead.

“The plan takes into account Samaria’s hospitality, ability, and relies on Samaria’s basic advantages,”  said advisor Yossi Dagan, who heads the strategic unit tasked with putting the plan together. “The foremost advantage is the population distribution in Samaria, compared to the population density along the coast – a key risk factor in rocket fire.”

The second advantage is Samaria’s location in the mountains, overlooking its surroundings, he said. The third is the short travel time from the region to most of the rest of the country, which would allow civilians to take up temporary residence in the region while continuing to work as usual.

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