Israel Elections and Looming War

After the March 2015 elections PM Netanyahu put together the most extreme coalition in Israeli history and I wrote that this government could not agree to a serious Middle East peace deal.  I wrote that there would need to be a change in the ruling coalition for there to be any chance of a genuine peace process and that such a change might require a new national election. 

This has proved true and now that the Trump Peace Initiative is almost ready the coalition has fallen and the coalition partners will meet soon to schedule new elections, probably in March.  

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, the two dates for elections being considered are March 12 and March 26, with March 5 being too early and March 19 being the week of the boozy Purim holiday.  Netanyahu would prefer may elections but the other coalition partners want a poll as soon as possible.

The election was called because of a dispute between the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister. 

The Prime Minister wanted to attack Hezbollah first and had gone so far as to give Hezbollah an ultimatum to stop upgrading their rockets or be attacked.  

On the other hand the Defense Minister considered the outbreak of violence with Gaza to be an ideal opportunity to take care of Gaza as quickly as possible before focusing on the north, and so try to avoid a multi front war. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu did not agree and accepted a calm with Gaza so that he could immediately focus on Hezbollah, hoping that Gaza would fall into line once Hezbollah, Syria and Iran had been defeated.  This difference in point of view led to Defense Minister Lieberman resigning and the government subsequently fell.

Netanyahu is still trying to save the coalition in order to prevent a peace making coalition from forming a new government for as long as possible.  If an early election date is set he will have to go to war quickly to establish a new regional reality before a new coalition is formed which would accept a peace agreement that Netanyahu and his extremist cronies reject.

The scriptures tell us that Peace and Safety will be achieved and declared. 

1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden [Strong’s G1601 unforeseen, by surprise, completely unexpected] destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Today the conditions for a genuine dialogue for peace are clearly still not in place.

As TheShiningLight has been warning since July 2007, a general Mideast war is coming which will reset regional realities, enabling such a peace deal.

The political campaign is already being laid out with Bennett and Jewish Home claiming they are the only one who can bring security to Israel.  Netanyahu is dropping sharply in the polls and will need to do something to save his “Mr. Security” image to have any chance.

Netanyahu is already preparing war against Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and regardless of whether it begins in Gaza or Lebanon/Syria or when it comes, it will establish the conditions for the achievement of a Middle East peace deal which will collapse into Great Tribulation almost as soon as it is declared. 

Once this war takes place and a new Israeli coalition takes over, it will be time for genuine peace talks.  It is possible that someone else or even Netanyahu could still win the election.

Who becomes PM is not nearly as important as the number of seats won by each party in the Knesset, and the make up of the new coalition.  A new coalition government which is ready to conclude a peace will need to be formed for the prophecies to be fulfilled.

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Watch for:

  • The probable outbreak of an Israeli multi front war 
  • An unambiguous defeat of Hezbollah and the other Iranian backed militias 
  • Either the surrender or destruction of the Gaza militias, enabling the Hamas Political Wing to agree to a long term armistice
  • Very probably a new government for the Palestinian Authority
  • Regime change in, or at least the defeat of, Syria and Iran
  • The presentation of the Trump Peace Initiative, and the beginning of a genuine dialogue for peace after a new Israeli government is in place.  How long these talks will take remains to be seen.


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