James Is no longer with us but I will try to keep these sites up for as long as possible If you value this material help me keep it up I can’t do it alone. 

Please continue to support me if you are able to and thank you everyone for all your checks and letters of encouragement over the years it was of great help to us both.

In Canada people may access their online banking account at any Canadian bank and then click Interact e-transfer.  When requested set the amount and then add my email address   [I have auto deposit set up now so no password is needed]  in the appropriate box. One may also visit their local branch for help doing this.  

In the US people will have to inquire at their local bank as to their e-transfer policies and fees.

E-transfer is the best method for money transfer since PayPal charges a percentage fee. 


This effort is totally dependent on the generosity of those who love the Word of God and are moved to support the preaching of the Gospel.   Please help with your prayers and contributions.