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World Report, 2 June 2019

I wrote in the March News and Prophecy Blog that the Israeli elections were headed to a virtual tie and it was very unlikely that any party would be able to form a governing coalition.  This view has now been confirmed with a new election being called in Israel for 17 September 2019.    This […]

World Report, 3 March 2019

Key Trends Shaping Our World The Middle East- Today’s polls show Israeli PM Netanyahu slowly but steadily losing ground and Bibi is in a desperate situation trying to contest an election while facing a corruption indictment.  Hamas is slowly ratcheting up the pressure towards the one year anniversary of the present weekly demonstrations on March […]

World Report, 11 September 2018

Precise dates or timing is subject to unknown political and military calculations and is impossible to call; however the trends appear as follows;  Russia and Syria are determined to liberate Idlib province from the thousands of Islamic Terrorists in that province.  Russia’s interest lies in the fact that nearly 15,000 of the Islamic fighters are“foreign […]

World Report, 19 August 2018

Assad Trapped in a No Win Situation The present Middle East situation has American forces backing a large Kurdish army occupying Kurdish Syria and demanding a semi independent autonomous region from Syria. The Kurdish army is in position to block the critical Shia supply route from Iran to the Shia militias in Syria, potentially cutting Hezbollah […]