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New Europe Rising

The process has begun for the rise of a New Federal Europe.   Manfred Weber, a reserved Bavarian has won the backing of Europe’s centre-right parties in the race to become European Commission president.  Weber, who is little known outside of Germany and the EU capital Brussels and has never held a ministerial position, won 79 percent of the […]

The Red Heifer

Recently the birth of a red heifer was reported and some speculate that such a birth is both unique and a sign that Messiah will quickly come and the Third [Ezekiel] Temple will be built. This claim is based on the reasoning’s of certain sages [including Maimonides] that a red heifer is required to dedicate […]

September 11, 2018; Situation Report: The Middle East Today and Tomorrow

Precise dates or timing is subject to unknown political and military calculations and is impossible to call; however the trends appear as follows;  Russia and Syria are determined to liberate Idlib province from the thousands of Islamic Terrorists in that province.  Russia’s interest lies in the fact that nearly 15,000 of the Islamic fighters are“foreign […]

Trump and Central Asia

Trump provokes extreme anti US sentiment in Pakistan.  Pakistan moving towards China  Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary met China’s special envoy on Afghan affairs on Monday, a foreign office spokesman said, a day after Islamabad canceled a scheduled visit by a top U.S. official. The decision by Pakistan to postpone the visit of Alice Wells, acting assistant […]

Israel War Evacuation Plans

Israel has now completed updating plans and facilities to move tens of thousands from the Coastal Plain into evacuation centers in the Shomron mountain area of occupied Samaria. Evacuation Centers are now ready and when war breaks out; children, the elderly and the incapacitated will be evacuated first, then others will quickly follow. The mass evacuation […]

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