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Post Exilic History

It is important to refresh ourselves regarding the history of the Post Exilic period and the conditions leading up to and during the life of Christ.  Very many people are unaware of this history; and of the fact that the Mosaic Pharisees [surviving as the Scribes (Karaites) today] were NOT the same as the Hellenic Pharisees who […]

04 The Great Fourth Century Falling Away

Many in today’s Assemblies misdate the ten year persecution of Smyrna claiming that it occurred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. There was indeed a great persecution in the reign of Diocletian which seems to have lasted about nine years, but Diocletian’s persecution covered the entire Roman Empire and was not limited to […]

03 The Viet Nam War Explained

It is important to read the first two history articles to understand the world situation in the 20th century.  The Annamese civilization is very ancient with many dynasties interspersed with periods of Chinese dominance. After Nguyễn Ánh established the Nguyễn dynasty in 1802, Jesuit missionaries introduced Catholicism and French Europeans in his court as advisors. His successors […]

01 A Modern History of the Anglo American People to 1900

Early History of Europeans in North America- The recorded settlement of Iceland has conventionally been dated back to 874, although archaeological evidence indicates Gaelic monks from Ireland, known as Papar according to sagas, had settled Iceland before that date.  Two Icelandic sagas, commonly called the Saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the Red, describe the experiences […]